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    1. Saving My Cousin (February 24, 2012)

      by , 03-06-2012 at 10:44 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Saving My Cousin

      I was standing in the middle of a parking with a bunch of family members. We were all standing around a coffin and holding a funeral in the parking lot. I wasn't sure who the funeral was for because my grandmother was standing next to me. My cousin Brent then said something about having to leave early for work. He walked over to his car and I waved goodbye. Right when he opened the door though, I heard a loud boom and saw him fall to the ground. Me and a few other quickly ran over to him to see if he was okay. He was dead and had a bullet wound in his head, so it's safe to say he was sniped.

      As everyone was panicking and calling 911, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. There were 2 guys on the sidewalk holding a man in a body bag. I could tell that the man in the bag was Brent, and that he was still alive. This really confused me because his dead body was right next to me. A truck came speeding down the road and the 2 men threw my cousin in front of it. Right when I saw him get run over, me and my mother ran to him as fast as we could. We lifted him up together and pulled him out of the road. My mother tried to open the body bag to check if he was okay, but seemed to have trouble. I then heard the sound of rolling wheels behind me. I turned around and saw Brent being carried on a stretcher by the same 2 men that had just killed him. I quickly looked towards the parking lot and saw that his body was still there, and I turned back around to see that his other dead body was still on the side walk. Because the one on the stretcher was still alive, I wanted to chase after him so that I could protect him.

      "Should I stay here with Brent or can I go chase after Brent?" I asked my mother.
      "I have things under control here. Go find brent." She said.
      "Okay, I'll be back soon." I said.

      I became partially lucid and chased after the stretcher down the sidewalk. The men realized I was chasing after them and they started running faster. We started running through some outdoor market. They tossed crates and carts of food in front of me to try and slow me down. I just jumped over them and kept running. There were a few barrels standing next to a building as a we came out of the market. One of the men pulled out a gun and shot the barrels as I ran by them. I transformed into a dragon right as it exploded and flew out of the flames. As they went around the corner, I flew onto the roof of the building. They crossed the street and entered what looked like a research facility. I followed them inside.

      When I ran inside I saw 3 different stretchers go down 3 different hallways. I ran down the first hall way in front of me. I saw the stretcher go into a room, but when I entered the room, it was empty. I ran back towards the 3 hallways and went left this time. There was some sort of pit trap hidden in this hallway and I nearly fell in it. I didn't find any sign of him in this hallway either. I ran back down the last hallway and found Brent still tied to the stretcher. When I ran towards him, one of those men from before stepped out of a room with a gun. He aimed it at my cousin and shot him. He then looked at me and gave a short laugh.

      This made me really angry. I wanted to kill him and all of the people in the building that worked with him. I started charging a purple energy around me. I intended to release it all at once and blast the building to pieces. Right as I was about to do it though, I heard a shout from behind me.

      "Stop! Joke over! Don't blow us up!" The voice said.

      I turned around and looked to see who it was. It was my cousin. Somehow he was still alive again.

      "What? How the hell are you still alive?" I asked him.
      "It was just a joke." He said.
      "This was all just one big joke to make me think you died 3 times???" I asked him.
      "Don't worry, no one was actually hurt. It was all fake."

      I was then a little mad and a little happy. I can't remember what exactly happened next, but I think I threw him through a wall before waking up.

    2. Draflam War, Teaching Dream Control, Lucid Fragment (February 19, 2012)

      by , 02-28-2012 at 05:31 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      I should probably mention that I used Daydream Awareness again. I don't feel like going into detail about my daydreams anymore though.

      Draflam War

      The dream started off with me standing inside the void with Claire. She was talking about the Aranians and Draflams while I was playing with a little ball of light. I think she mentioned something about being a rouge Draflam and the stupid war between two kingdoms. I was too distracted by the floating light to absorb most of the conversation. She saw that I wasn't paying attention and slapped me in the back of the head. I started paying attention and became lucid after realizing that standing inside the void isn't an everyday thing.

      "Hey! Pay attention!" She yelled at me.
      "What?" I asked.
      "We need a dragonborn. You're our secret weapon." She said.
      "Alright, teleport us to the battlefield." I said.

      Claire then took the little ball of light away from me. She focused it between her hands and expanded it until we were both sucked into it. I fell onto my back and was staring at a dark cloudy sky. I got up and looked at my surroundings. I was in the middle of a large grassy field next to a hill in the middle. Far in the distance behind me was an army of medieval style soldiers marching towards the field. They were the Aranians. In front of me I could see several groups of men in red robes getting into defensive positions. They were the Draflams. I saw a few of the red guys run behind the hill.

      "I'll go kill them!" I shouted before turning into a dragon.
      "No! Wait!" Claire yelled.

      I kind of ignored her and ran behind the hill with fire in my claws. I stopped when I saw a huge mass of red in front of me. There were like 50 Draflams just standing there. I stared at them for a moment and they stared at me. Then they all pulled out these weird short swords and started charging them with magic. I quickly turned around and started running back towards the hill. They chased after me and started shooting some explosive spells at me.

      "Holy shit! Claire, kill them!" I screamed.

      I looked at the top of the hill and saw that Claire was already shooting lightning bolts at them. I realized that this battle was going to be a bloody mess for us if I didn't use my powers. I then remembered that I can summon dragons and that Claire can ride them. I held my one hand out and pointed it at the hill and I pointed the other at the sky. I started thinking about a fire dragon and an ice dragon.

      "Summon dragons!" I yelled.

      A red dragon then jumped over the hill and landed in front of me. He breathed fire on the Draflams that were chasing me and started to attack them. When they were all dead, Claire jumped on the dragon and flew towards the other Draflams. I looked up at the sky to see where the other dragon was. I saw a white dragon dive down from the clouds and land in front of me. She waited for me to give her a command. I saw the Aranian army run by me. They had giant fireballs and flaming arrows flying towards them.

      "Go and help the Aranians. Defend them as much as you can."

      The dragon nodded and flew above the army. I watched her to see if she would do a good job. A giant fireball flew towards them, but the dragon froze it with her ice breath and smashed it with her tail. To deal with the arrows, she would blow them away by flapping her wings. My attention then switched to a stone fortress on the other side of the hill. I figured that was our main objective. I saw Chris in an Aranian uniform trying to break the door of a tower open. I decided to run over there to help him out.

      "Why do we need in here?" I asked him.
      "We need to take out those ballistas so Claire can attack." He said.
      "Alright, let's do this." I said.

      We both charged at the door and busted it open. A Draflam tried to stab Chris from behind, but I swiped him with my tail blade. A couple more ran towards us and Chris pulled out his sword and killed them. We climbed up the spiral staircase together and had to fight many more Draflams. We got hurt a few times on the way up, but I don't feel like going into detail. When we reached the top I saw a lot ballistae at the top of the tower shooting at Claire and the fire dragon. I was sick of killing those Draflams and felt like taking them down with one attack.

      "Chris, duck." I said.
      "Oh crap." He said before diving onto the floor.

      I charged a huge amount of electricity in me until I felt like I had enough. I then held out my hands and released a wave of lightning in all directions. When they were all dead Claire flew back towards us with the dragon. Me and Chris jumped off just before the dragon shot a fireball at the tower. I grabbed Chris and flew us down to the ground safely. Claire jumped off of the dragon and landed on one of the fortress walls.

      "What now?" I asked Chris.
      "I'll go clear out another tower. You should destroy that gun over there." He said.
      "Okay." I said.

      I looked across the field to see some huge turret shooting at the Aranians. I saw a row of tanks on the other side of the field past the turret. I knew that if I could just get in that tank I could destroy the turret. I ran across the field and hoped that the gun wouldn't target me. Of course it still started shooting at me anyways. I used that purple energy thing as a shield without thinking about as I ran across. When the gunner realized he couldn't shoot through my shield he just started shooting the tanks. He managed to blow up all but one tank. I got in the tank and started shooting at turret. It blew up after 3 shots. That's the last thing I remember before walking up.

      Teaching Dream Control

      I was talking to a girl over AJAX chat about lucid dreaming. I became lucid pretty early in the conversation, but I can't remember many details. The girl I was talking to was the same one from the Lucid Contract dream. From our chat on AJAX I learned that her name is in fact Molly. When I became lucid I got a little excited and told her that we were both dreaming. She denied it at first, but she then said she did a successful reality check. We started talking even more about our lucid dream and about dream control. I remember that we even started reffering to me as a dream guide. She said something about dream control being impossible for her and I started to argue with her on that.

      "If it's so easy then why don't you tell me how to do it?" She asked.
      "I'm not good at explaining things." I said.
      "I bet that means you can't do it either."
      "Oh I can do it. Want me to show you?" I asked.
      "Go ahead and try to prove it Mr. Dream Guide."

      Challenge accepted. I pushed my chair out of the way and stepped back a few feet. I ran foward and jumped into the computer screen. I ended up teleporting outside of Molly's computer just like I wanted. I scared the crap out of her when I came out of the computer and landed on her. I got up off the ground and laughed at how much fun it was to teleport through a computer.

      "Is that proof enough for you?" I asked her.
      "How did you jump out of my computer???" She asked me.
      "It's called teleportation. You should learn it sometime." I said.
      "What else can you do?" She asked.
      "Well I can fly." I said.

      I took a few steps back and then levitated into the air. I flew around the room for a while. I can't really remember the rest of the dream.

      Lucid Fragment

      I was in some half destroyed city that was experiencing a war. I was wearing one of those fancy nano suits from Crysis. I had a pistol and I was running towards someone who had their back to me. I was planning on using a sneak attack. When I got close to him he quickly turned around and fired his shotgun at me. I slowed down time and bent backwards, just barely dodging bullets. I became lucid right after doing that. I knocked the shotgun out of his hands and he ran away. I activated my suit's super speed function and chased him down. When I caught up to him, I jumped into the air, and kicked him in the back of the head. I didn't bother doing anything else to him since he was already knocked out.

      I ran back to the spot I encountered him and took his shotgun. I saw girl lying under truck with an LMG shooting all of my guys. I got on the ground and started crawling towards her from behind. When I got close enough, I started "firing" my shotgun at her. It must have been out of ammo or something. She noticed me and pulled out a pistol. I jumped on top of her and tried to keep the gun pointed away from me. I eventually got hold of the gun and pointed it at her. I was about to shoot her, but then I decided not to. For some reason it felt too evil to do. She then kicked me in the groin and I woke up.

    3. Tunnel of Spiders, Flying Over Stormreach, A Lucid Contract (February 17, 2012)

      by , 02-19-2012 at 07:53 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Once again I didn't daydream about anything in particular. I just wanted to become lucid. That may have influenced the last dream. It's also possible that I may have had spiders on my mind at one point.

      Tunnel of Spiders

      I'm really not sure how to describe this dreamscape. I guess it was sort of like a Colorado dessert with all of the giant rocks and crap. I was walking around the lower area of a mountain with Claire. We were walking along a set of railroad tracks for some time just talking about something. It was probably something important that I really wanted to know. Somewhere in this I either became lucid because of the conversation or because I remembered Claire is a dream guide.

      The tracks led towards a tunnel that was blocked by some really tough spider webs. There was a small cave to our left with a huge brown spider standing in it. Not really huge, but it was like bigger than my foot. It just sat there watching our every move.

      Claire pointed her sword at it and said, "Go kill it."
      "What? Why?" I asked.
      "Those webs won't disappear unless it dies." She said.
      "Why do I have to do it though?" I asked her.
      "Because you're dragonborn!" She yelled.
      "There is no way I'm dealing with anymore dream spiders!" I shouted.

      As I said this the spider from the cave behind me started running towards me. My danger sense alerted me and I started running from it. I kept running in circles as it kept trying to bite my ass. Claire nearly killed me a few times while trying to slash it with her sword. Eventually the spider did jump on me. I grabbed it and threw it on the ground before it could bite me. Claire then stabbed it with her sword repeatedly until the spider stopped twitching. I crawled onto the ground and curled into a ball.

      "I hate spiders, I hate spiders, I hate spiders..." I kept repeating.
      "Don't be such a baby." Claire said.
      "It tried to eat me!" I screamed.
      "Get off the ground already. We have a job to do." She ordered me.

      As I got up, I heard a rumbling sound. I looked down the tracks and saw a train coming. The train slowed down until it stopped in front of the tunnel. Chris stuck his head out the window and waved to us. Apparently he was driving the train.

      "All aboard!" Chris yelled to us.
      "What's with the train?" I asked him.
      "You want to make it through the tunnel alive don't you?" He asked me.

      Claire climbed the ladder onto the top of the train and I followed her. Once I reached the top, the train blew its whistle and started moving again. As It moved towards the tunnel I saw hundreds and hundreds of those giant brown spiders along the tunnel ways.

      "Oh F***..." I said staring at all of them.
      "Don't worry, we'll be fine." Claire said trying to build my confidence.
      "Nope, I'm out of here." I said walking back towards the caboose.

      Claire grabbed my hand and pulled me back. She then forced me into a battle stance as the train went into the tunnel. Claire started charging her lightning magic in her one hand to create a light source. I could now see thousands of spiders swarming around the tunnel. A few of them tried jumping at Claire, but she slashed them with her sword. A few of them jumped at me and I just slapped them away. My heart was racing and I couldn't really think clearly out of fear. 10 or more of them soon surrounded me in my confusion. Claire then jumped between me and them and started defending me. Each time one tried to jump at me she would rush in and slash it with her sword.

      "Calm down, I won't let anything bad happen to you." Claire told me.
      "Okay." I said.

      Seeing her slash spiders to pieces and saying that to me calmed me down some. I could still only punch and slap spiders though. I wasn't thinking about using any of my powers. Claire did a really awesome move with her lightning. She threw a ball of lightning at some spiders and it exploded into bunch of lightning bolts that killed many spiders.I looked at Claire and saw that she was getting exhausted. An extra big one snuck behind her an jumped at her. She turned around and tried to slash it, but she was too late. It held her down and started clawing at her (these spiders had claws).

      This really angered me and I gave myself dragon hands. I gripped the spider's stomach with my claws and lifted it off of Claire. I ripped the spider's stomach open and threw it off of the train. Claires blood seemed to have attracted hundreds of other spiders who were previously docile. I tried to get Claire back up, but she could barely move. As the spiders moved closer I realized it was up to me to protect her this time.

      I stood above Claire and created a shield of fire around us. It burned every spider that touched it, but they were starting to overpower it. I was really starting to struggle to keep the shield up. Claire then started to wake up a little.

      "Release your fury..." She said.
      "What?" I asked confused.
      "Do it." She said before passing out again.

      I really started to get angrier at this point and sort of understood what she meant. My whole body started glowing with a purple energy and my fire shield grew more poweful. I slowly let this power build up inside me. When it was full, I let out a powerful draconic roar and shot the flames out in both directions. I felt much more calm and relaxed after releasing my fury. Unfortunately this was a really long tunnel and there was another wave of spiders coming. I looked down at Claire to see how she was doing. She was more awake now and she took a drink of what looked like a healing potion. Her cuts started to heal and she sat up. She wasn't capable of standing anymore though, so I still had to fight alone.

      I suddenly remembered Neji from Naruto using the 16 triagrams 128 palm thing on over a hundred spiders. I decided to mimic this with my fire element. I charged fire magic into my hands and got into the stance. All of the spiders started swarming in towards me. I rappidly hit all of them with my fire hands while circling around Claire. My main goal until we got out of the tunnel was to protect her. A bunch of them then jumped at me from all angles. I spun around and created a wave of fire in all directions to kill them. After all of this the train finally exited the tunnel. After getting a good distance away from the tunnel, Chris stopped the train.

      I carried Claire on my back and climbed down the ladder. I walked to the front of the train to see what all of this trouble was worth. In the distance from the mountain I could see a bunch of floating islands. They were hidden in the clouds and had a bunch of dragons flying around them. I got too excited after this and woke up.

      Flying Over Stormreach

      A pretty short lucid dream (because I forgot most of it). I had just grown dragon wings and was flying above the ocean. I was flying towards Stormreach's harbor off in the distance. I flew over the city and was amazed by it. Some general guy then started yelling at me something about having to go one a mission with a bunch of other soldiers. I just ignored him and went looking for some friends to quest with instead. I flew over a gate and landed in a street. I saw a horse carriage running full speed down the street at some guy who wasn't paying attention. For some reason I recognized this guy as Colton/Coolb3rt. I jumped in and grabbed Colton. I used my shadow magic to turn both of us into shadows so that we would phase through the carriage. I know a lot more happened in this dream, but I just can't seem to remember.

      A Lucid Contract

      I was in a school like place called the "Lucid Academy". I most likely became lucid due to the name of the place. For the most part it looked like a normal highschool, but you would see kids practicing magic, summoning things, and flying all over the place. I was walking down the hall and talking to Chris about something before we bumped into some girl. She looked completely confused about everything that was happening.

      "Where am I? What's happening here?" She asked.
      "You're dreaming." I told her.
      "I am?"
      "This is the Lucid Academy." Chris told her.
      "I don't want to lucid dream!" She yelled.
      "What? Why wouldn't you want to lucid dream?" Chris asked.
      "Because it's scary!" She said.
      "Okay, let's get this straight. In a lucid dream you can do ANYTHING you want!" I said.
      "Yeah, it's really fun." Chris said.

      Chris then summoned a large piece of paper. He mentioned something about signing a "lucid contract" and training the girl. Oddly he wasn't going to sign it, but wanted me and the girl to sign it. He handed me the blank paper and a marker to sign. I handed it back to Chris and he examined it as if he was checking to see if it was legitimate. I watched the girl write her name on it. It was hard for me to read, but I think it was either Carly or Molly written on it. She handed it back to Chris and he examined it again.

      "Alright, it's official! You will make her become lucid every night from now on." Chris said.
      "Wait what?" I asked confused.
      "Oh you didn't know?" Chris asked me.
      There was a long pause before I asked the girl, "So are you lucid yet?"

      She just sat there motionless wiith a blank expressionless stare. I waved my hand in front of her face to try to get her attention. With no response I could only assume she woke up or something.

      "I don't do that everytime I wake up do I?" I asked Chris.

      He laughed, but didn't give me a clear response. I spent the last minute of the dream trying to get the girl's attention.


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    4. 8/10/11 Assortment of dream scenes

      by , 10-13-2011 at 03:55 AM

      I was in a dark room sitting on my bunk bed. I was talking on my computer to a mother on drugs with young kid. She was asking me for advice. She sent to my laptop a picture of a white, fluffy ragdoll cat sitting on the sand at the beach.

      The scene changed and I was at small shop with James and Claire, my 9 year old brother and 13 year old sister. It was still night time. There were different teams of kids attacking me. Each wore different colours to signify what team they were in (white/black striped, pure black, ect.). There was lots of yelling and shouting, but I realised very quickly that they were just playing. I scrambled to hide in the kitchen area against the counter, but it was not a good hiding place. I was spotted instantly and shot by some kids. However, the bullets were not real and did not harm me.

      The scene changed again. I was at some kind of strange airport on a runway. For unknown reasons, I grabbed a trailer that was on the runway and dragged it at an impossibly fast speed. I felt as if I was going faster than I have ever travelled in my life. But I couldn’t stop. Fear built up in my chest as I put my feet to the ground in attempt to slow myself. The trailer and I had not slowed in the slightest. All of a sudden, I swung the trailer around on its side with impossible strength. I had saved myself just in time.

      The scene changed once more. I was about to enter a pool resort with my hockey team. My hockey coach told me that I had to have the first ice bath and gave me a bobby pin made out of white cotton to signify this (at my previous hockey tournament we had to take ice-baths after each game. I always dreaded these). My coach (Emma), said that I had to have the first ice bath because she noticed on the last day of the hockey tournament that I looked at her and then pretended I didn’t see her because I didn’t want an ice bath. When we entered the pool resort, I noticed that the whole ground was covered in pools of different sizes and shapes. However, all were the same light blue pool colour. They seemed to be mostly undercover because there were shade tents permanently strung up above the pool. There were a couple of ice baths floating in the pool area. They were very strange white buckets that seemed to already be filled with pool water because they were mostly submerged. I looked around, but when I looked at the ice bath I wanted to go in, there were suddenly many guys surrounding it. I wanted to be with my hockey team, so I looked around for a different ice bath. Sighting one near my team, I swam over to it and hopped in. I was quite surprised when it was not cold in the slightest. I realised that it had been in the sun and all the ice had melted and turned into warm water. It was almost like a spa. My hockey manager (Katrina) came along with a glass of red cordial. I let it rest in the pool water and the pool water filled the cup.

      The scene changed again. I was at a Woolworths store (grocery store) and I entered through the side door near the back. In front of me there was a flour packet that was labelled strangely. For some reason, I knew in contained some kind of illegal drug so I opened it and tipped it out into the bin. Then I picked up a newspaper and placed it in a red Woolworths basket with the empty flour packet. Suddenly, a grouchy Woolworths employee came along and asked what I did. I confessed, thinking that I would be congratulated, but he gave me a piece of paper that meant I was to be fined $1. I didn’t pay it, instead I ran out of the shop.

      The scene changed into some kind of starry room or theatre. I suddenly realised that I might be dreaming and I attempted to jump off the ground. However, the ground wouldn’t let me and instead it made me become heavier and I got a sinking feeling. It felt a little bit like trying to jump on a trampoline when somebody else is jumping in a different rhythm. My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of ‘oh I have to make sure I don’t lose lucidity and stay focused’, but I still got distracted easily.

      The scene changed once more. I was in this huge U shaped area with two round sections on either side with a joining at the bottom. There were all these curtains and holes in the wall around. I knew that this was a bad place. The fear did not creep up on my slowly, instead it hit me instantly. There were these alien/evil tentacle things that were slowly braiding themselves into plaits from the holes in the wall. Somehow all the DCs around me and I had seen this dream or situation before and we knew that we had to find the right plait and pull it from the hole. But the plait we thought was correct was in fact, incorrect. It was a risk to pull the plaits because you didn’t know what would come out the other end. Although most of the plaits led to nothing, there were some that lead to not-so-nice things. But we didn’t realise this until later. It was also difficult to pull the plaits as they were heavy. But I was quite strong, sometimes pulling three at once. It was then that we realised that some plaits had very bad creatures at the end called Furies. They were very large witches/hags that came in different colours. I same a splotchy turquoise one and a deep pink one. Once we realised we were pulling a Fury, we stopped pulling and backed away. However, the Fury still inched slowly forward, and eventually it would be free of the curtain. We had to find the right plait before it was too late.

      Side note: I suspect that this wasn't all one long, continuous dream. It was probably several dreams, but I wrote this in the morning when I woke up so I could not distinguish where one dream ended and the next began. I am quite impressed with my dream recall for this night. I am going to continue to copy and paste my entries from previous dreams until I catch up to the present.

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    5. 8/27/11 Dungeons, Magic, and Lucidity

      by , 08-28-2011 at 07:51 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      Now that I think about, I spent a good amount of yesterday reading things on DnD. That may have influenced my dreams... Interesting. I may try to take advantage of that.

      1) Dungeon like setting. I was chasing after a medium sized fairy, through the stone hallways of the complex. I used telekinesis to stop her then shocked her with electricity.

      2) LUCID. I decide to go ask for general advice from my dreams about my waking life. I am in a bookstore, which I recall is a relatively common place for my dreams. I head into a room, expecting to see a representation of my subconscious inside. If anyone has seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, the scene looked like the steam house scene at the start. A tattooed, bald, and bearded asian man rose from a hot bath in the middle of the room, and started to speak to me. "What you need is time." is the only thing I can remember from what he said.

      3) SEMI-LUCID (In my definitions, this means I am aware that is a dream on some level. Normally, this means I play along with the dream and take on whatever character I am as real and true, but without realizing I am. So I am the character, not the player behind him in my words.) I am a dangerous and powerful man. Telekinesis, magic. And enemies seek to prevent me from causing destruction. Earlier in this period, I had avoided killing, even the soldiers trying to capture me. But something changes... A friend of mine (who was a talking dauschaund...) was injured and dying from one of the fights. Despairing, I absorbed him into myself, to prevent any possible suffering from him. The absorption only works in stages though, and in the end I use fire to put him out of his misery.

      I am now on a road, furious and loo king for blood. Troops of enemies (I do not recall seeing them actually armed, so troops in the minions sense of the word) are around. Using my mind, I pick up a big rig truck and "hold" it next to me. My hands are in a position like I'm holding a minigun, both clenched into fists about a foot apart in front of me. I fling it off down the road, exploding it as it approaches the men (pulling my hands quickly apart to cause it).

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