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    1. First projection into desired location, and probably an hour of back to back lucids.

      by , 04-02-2018 at 12:12 AM
      Today I had my first lucid dream/out of body projection into a desired location - my home in Bangalore.

      Wall of text coming up. Keeping it succint, and the info useful and mainly discuss how I get into it, dream stabilisation techniques I used, and how I moved from one environment into another for those of you who want to get into what I feel is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life - being completely 'awake' and aware in dream world.

      It was a mixture of feelings of joy, accomplishment, elation, amazement, wonder to move from one completely 'real' and solid dream environment to another one in my Bangalore home (on a side note, I realise that I don't call it my parent's place, but Home).

      I started reading Jurgen Ziewe's Multidimensional Man yesterday. So that got me hankering for lucid dreaming again. I've also been a bit cut up about the fact that a lot of people count lucid dreaming, and OBE as separate, but Jurgen was clear that he felt they were both the same. This ties into the zeitgeist on the dream views forums where they class all lucidity in the dream world as lucid dreams, and not OBE's. As I felt that OBE's are out of body projections into consensus realities i.e. 'real' worlds, as opposed to dream worlds. Good to know someone Jurgen confirm they were the same. Then again, he can see his body in his dream in OBE, but probably wouldn't in a lucid dream - ahh, who knows. But we ramble, and somebody promised they wouldn't do that .

      My usual habit is to get back into lucid dreaming is to start dream journaling, but I hit upon a quicker more effective solution - I voice recorded my dream journal yesterday.

      It takes a few days of dream journaling to get into dream awareness to recall more than a few chunks of it. And that dream awareness making me recall more than a few chunks of it, also helps me more aware that I am dreaming in a dream, and allows me to get lucid.

      I had about an hour of pretty much continuous back to back lucid dreams, and whilst this was my longest stretch of lucids, it's also my usual pattern that I do get back to back lucids, around 3-4 of them at a time. Mainly because once I'm lucid in one dream world, I can retain that lucidity into the next 3-4 dream environments.

      I won't bore you with individual details of my dreams, but share what's relevant to those of you who want to try it. Mainly how I get lucid in a dream, and dream stabilisation techniques I was using and how I 'projected' to a different environment.

      Journaling makes me retain slightly more awareness in a dream world. I thought of making a song that says if I'm flying, in a strange place, outside my home, traveling, meeting friends, or FLYING, that I'm in a dream world. So it's basically flying that gets me to realise I'm in a dream world, or strange situations that I'm not supposed to be in, like Minnesota the last time around.

      So last night, I was flying in a dream, and showing off my flying skills, to people and realised, hey, I can only do this in a dream, and got lucid in the dream, but it dissolved.

      The next dream, ditto - realise I'm flying, so must be in a dream, but it dissolved.

      In my next dream, I find some tapestry before me and start feeling the intricacies in the tapestry, looking at them in fine detail, and I go in and out of lucidity though the dream stays relatively stable in that environment.

      I then do a cross brain (Psych-K) belief change posture in my dream, and change the belief that I can't stabilise a dream world, into a belief that I can stabilise a dream world.

      I'm then in a bed, where I wake up and step out of my bed, and it's a half formed, dark dream world, and I just keep my hands on the walls, and walk from room to room, up and down stairs, never taking my hands off the walls. And I'm able to extend lucidity for a fair bit.

      Then come a whole series of back to back fully lucid dreams for about the next 30-45 minutes.

      At the end of them, I think, okay, lets project to a different dream environment, and I think about my Bangalore home. I imagine the door, and how it would look like. I look down, and I see a part of the gate, and think it's part of the home, and then see the house and stumble into it. I'm so excited by this, instead of waiting to stand and look around, or see if I can meet my folks, I just try and 'project' into the next place I can think of, and the dream dissolves and I finally wake up.

      Points to ponder:
      1. Audio recording more effective, and easier than typing it out. I record it on a whatsapp message to a 'dead' contact.
      2. Dream stabilisation techniques as a priority in the dream. Use all senses, touch, sight, smell, temperature, to get immersed in the dream environment. If the dream starts to dissolve, I bend down, feel the dirt, or the walls as I walk.
      3. No sudden moves in the dream or it destabilises. Slow and steady work the stabilisation in.
      4. Once stabilisation settled in, then attempt to project to a different dream environment by imagining parts of it. The brain fills the rest in, and I'm immediately transported there.
    2. Stalked

      by , 03-21-2018 at 08:43 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was stalked by L, I was going home ,and she followed me around with a camera , made pictures of me from the corners. I was pretty surprised , but not creeped for I thought that she can't physically hurt me , she is just a petite girl (I was weirded out a bit to be honest). So I decided to confront her if she follows me home to my house, which she did, and she literally just stopped in front of my house and kept clickin her camera, like what the fuf? Really? Don't you feel yourself a little bit in danger? On my property? Then I just decided to go out . I first just looked through the window and see that she sees that I see her and got scared so she ran behind a corner. I went out like " what the heck are you doing " and she seemed to be all confused and conflicted and angry and started to back off , she thought I'm gonna attack her. Then I just opened the door and waved to come in and told her that I wont hurt her, that I want to talk to her and then she came in. We talked for a bit but I don't remember a single detail of our conversation. Then at a point I was in her house, wooden floor, and old staircase ,and a white wall I think(?) , somehow I knew that her father is abusive(dream memory), and that if he sees me here he'll definitely be hostile.
      Then I woke up.
    3. 4 days of Lucid Dreaming over the past week or so.

      by , 02-19-2018 at 01:02 PM
      4 different days of LD's combined to catch up.

      Can't recall much from the first few, they were dark / black and grey type of LD's that came from the roll over technique of being partially aware that my body is tricked into thinking i'm asleep but I ended up rolling out of my body into my room each time and had very little to no control in the Dream state for some reason..

      2nd day which was about 3 or 4 days ago I believe I became lucid while in an airport. I was putting things into my duffel bag and I put away my Toiletry bag and then I ended up putting away a second Toiletry bag and that made me realize something was up. I knew that I only owned one of those so when I started putting a second one away it made me think I may be dreaming. I did a RC and checked my fingers and had 5 fingers on each hand which was odd but I could feel I was in the dream universe and checked again and I had little heads of different people on the end of each of my finger tips on my left hand which confirmed that I was indeed dreaming.

      From that point I decided to go have some fun, I flew off out of the terminal showing off my flying skills which was funny because some of my dream characters seemed impressed I could fly, most of the time they don't really pay much attention but this time they were watching in awe. I flew around and hovered and had great control and then flew upwards by a building. I wanted to try to walk up the building like in inception vertically and after a few tries I was successful and was able to walk vertically up the building which was really cool. After that I let my body fly down towards the ground while people were watching and decided to do some fun front flips on the way down before landing on the ground and that caused me to wake up for some reason.

      The next LD I had was a couple of days ago, I was in a room and I don't recall much about it but something made me realize I was dreaming because of the walls or the room itself. I recall doing a RC and had 5 fingers on both hands until I rechecked my right hand and noticed 6 fingers confirming I was dreaming. I'm starting to notice my RC with my hands are starting to more often show normal sets of fingers which has never been the case int he past which is very stranger. I recall busting through walls to get outside as I was inside a building and remember flying off to feel that amazing feeling I love of flying. I also was doing some TK with some items and objects around me and tried on some people and I notice that with items I can easily use my TK powers but with people it's much harder for some reason but still possible just not with great success. I wanted to try some different things I hadn't tried in a while so I tried shooting a energy ball like "Ryu" from street fighter in a way and it worked fine but there was nothing spectacular about it. I then finally remembered to try out a couple of my dream goals which were 1 create a delorean time machine from back to the future and go travel to the future to the year 14,000 or some great distant future and also to Draw a door and make it open and travel to a destination i'm thinking of as a different way to try to teleport to new places. I was successful at creating a car that looked similar to a delorean but unfortunately when I went over to it to check it out it was like a huge mess of random wires and gadgets and seemed like a messed up version of what I was trying to create so it didn't workout completely. I don't recall what woke me up but that's the last I remember from that LD.

      Yesterday I had another LD. I was in a building up high in what seemed like some really unstable top story building on the beach and went to get some sort of drink from it and had feelings of it's unstable issues. Something about that or about me being worried about being hurt or dying from this caused me to realize this was a dream. I decided to go a long with the dream for a bit before going onto other tasks I wanted to do and drank out of the bottle to see what it tasted like and it had a really good nectar type taste which I enjoyed. It had a weird bandage like top to open up which was strange but I remember drinking out of it twice and really liking the taste which was cool. My vision began to fade out and I just went with it and then somehow tried to make it back and I was there again. I don't recall much after that but I was ready to go do some fun things and explore but I can't recall what I did or what happened but I believe I woke up shortly after looking around the environment and enjoying some of the senses I was feeling of the ocean breeze and smells.

      I'm starting to think that when i'm in situations that make me worried about being hurt or dying from a building or being in a odd situation that I wouldn't normally put myself into is helping me become Lucid.

      I think i'm hitting in the mid 200's for LD's now. I don't really count many that are brief that don't have much substance to them and the past few months I've been having natural LD's a couple of times weekly without trying my usual WILD or WBTB techniques which have been great as that has always been my long term goal to have consistent weekly LD's .
    4. first lucid since back -2 May TOTMīs

      by , 05-26-2017 at 10:50 AM
      i finally managed to get lucid in a low effort way since i am back from india. the last days i even had problems remembering dreams at all...
      even tho the lucid was nothing too special it felt like coming back. "wow i can do everything again, what to pick...?!"

      after several awakings this morning where i was struggling with recall i finally had a short clear dreamlet after waking with which i could work. i evaluated the dream and what was odd and where i should have become lucid and felt asleep again:

      i find myself in a car ride. the driver uses a headset that is connected to something similar like a walkman but more futuristic and fancy. i assume he is learning a new language and listening to lectures. but he doesnt repeat or say anything. we park in a garage and i ask him what language he is learning. he tells me the name and i dont know the language at all. i talk to someone else? who tells me it is exactly the same language like English? or something. i move away and find myself in a building.
      i pass a Pinboard and notice our workplan. i pin it off the wall and wonder why it is here because i am in a unknown place in a different city or something? i approach a guy and talk shortly about the piece of paper i hold in my hands. he says something odd and goes away. this triggers my lucidity and i do a nosepinch. i turn around and have the TOTMS immediately in my head.
      first i want to find my smartphone. i move around a corner and expect the phone to be there. just 2 feet away from the first place i look i notice my phone on the floor. i pick it up and do the standard waking move: turn on the display to see the time. the display turns on and it looks like my typical background but where normally the clock would be there is just empty space. it doesnt bother me. now i need someone to call me. i shortly hold it in my hands and see if someone calls but i dont try hard enough because three girls approach me. for some reason i just ask one of the girls if they could call me. she nods. but then the thought strikes me... "you need my number right?" i take her phone and dial my number. at the end there is no button call but continue. i hit that button and give her phone back. at that point i already think that this might not be the right approach to get the task done but i go with the flow now.
      i feel like it would be stupid to stand next to her so i walk away around a corner into a room. on the way i notice some other rooms. they look like offices but for some reason there is a lot of women cloths like bras and underwear and stuff. so i move into a normal looking room and then hold the phone to my ear. i hear no ringing. for some reason i feel like jumping of the balcony head first straight down to the ground. i enjoy the feeling of acceleration. i still hold the phone to my ear and suddenly hear a voice. we talk shortly some nonsense like: "hey whats up" and "i come back to you". i start flying and fly up back to the balcony. i enter the building again and now one girl is standing around. i cant tell if she is one of the three from before. we walk back and i ask or tell her that i found it weird that there is so much cloths stuff in those offices? we approach one and there is a hot babydoll. i ask her if she could wear it and she agrees in general. i think that it might need to long to change her cloth that i would loose precious dreamtime but on the other hand there probably would be a shortcut for this. for some reason we agree on not changing cloths and i remind the other task i want to get done.
      i tell her i look for my glasses and start looking around on the ground. i also put one hand in her pocket to see if it is maybe there. i see something similar like my glasses on the ground but its just a pattern of the floor what i find interesting because it looks like a optical illusion. i continue looking around and shortly after i find my waking life glasses on the ground. i notice that i already wear a pair of glasses (i can see a light frame around my visual field) i put on the glasses and i have slightly the feeling of seeing a litte sharper than before but the effect is maginal. [sadly i expected this effect already because i wear glasses in waking life so for me glasses make me see better. i might test this with a different pair of glasses like sunglasses or a "special" pair of glasses] . i see a guy standing on a closet. he says something. i approach him and intend to push him thru the wall behind him. i push him and he phases thru the wall the feet still on our side. i explain to the girl that it was nothing bad and that it didnt hurt him. that is cool i can not only phase myself thru stuff but also others, good to know.
      now there are no goals left. so what to do? i find myself on a street. i think about to visit a desert and some pyramids. i had some medium success with flying and phasing thru several buildings and with this "teleport" or change the dreamscenery completely. i think about if i really need to want to visit a special place or if i just can make one up and fly there. i look around and see a plane. i remember some old TOTMS and decide to fly in direction of the plane. i pass thru some trees with not too much space in between them and i worry what might be behind them. and fair enough behind the trees there is only dense fog and nothing to see. i decide to fly straight to the ground and fly through the earth and come out on the opposite side. i cant see anything so i concentrate on the sound of acceleration and the feeling. everything gets darker and at some point i feel like i should be through and flying "up" again and suddenly i see some buildings around me. i walk shortly and decide to fly on a balcony. while i start flying and feel slightly problems with flying i feel like waking up but i dont fight it
      and just awake happy with my latest lucid dream that hooked me again to invest a little more effort in getting lucid and doing cool goals.
      Tags: fly, teleport
      lucid , task of the month
    5. AFK Farm, Teleport Hunt

      by , 04-28-2017 at 04:00 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Something about a gas station and MC. There was an auto food farm that only worked if a player stood right next to it.
      -2-A guy was trying to hunt me down with a gun, which was silly because I had teleport pads. I could just teleport to different parts of the city from Kirby Air Ride. I forgot everything else.
    6. Splendid Comp. Day 3 - finally a lucid, and a decent one

      by , 01-16-2017 at 10:46 AM
      i think this one was a WILD but i am not 100 % sure because i didnt initiated a WILD so maybe it was a DEILD from a nonlucid.

      i lay in my bed and imagine how i run down a street. at the beginning my movement is way off and i cant see anything but after some time it feels more and more like real running and i start to have visuals. i find myself in a street that where on my way back from school in those days i went to school. while running i rub my hands too. i smash against something that gives a boost in stability. after turning right i have the feeling that the dream is stable enough. i have good visuals and bodycontrol.
      i approach a flower and look in detail. it moves a bit and it looks pretty nice. i turn around and i see a cherry tree that seem to be in the phase it normally is in springtime. i see small pink flowers. i fly up and look at it. then i land again and think about what to do.
      "okay Three step task no 1: phasing."
      i move to a garage and think to just phase thru but i decide different and draw a portal on it. the drawing is white like made of dust. hm so how to open it. i push but i already know it wont work.
      "it would be to small anyways."
      i draw a bigger one and this time i pull at a little edge. it moves and i see pure blackness behind. i say out loud: "to pandora". i even turn around and repeat it another time but again my expectation is not too high plus i didnt imagine anything while saying pandora so fair enough i jump into the void of pure blackness.
      i find it funny and start making somersaults by flapping my arms in circles. i can feel the movement distinct. visuals come back and i find myself in a apartment.
      "okay three step task now."
      i phase thru the kitchen wall forth and back. then i move into a room that looks like a workroom with a lot of books stapled everywhere. "Mass TK."
      in my foggy lucid head i think for Mass TK i need more then 10 things simultaneously in the air. i wave my hands around and some books start to levitate. i manage to make 2 times 4-5 books in small groups fly around but its difficult to count if its actually 10 items so i decide to do it differently.
      i jump phase out of the window and accelerate down to the ground. i dont mind slowing down and smash feet first on the ground.
      "so Mass TK is also things bigger than human. a car should do."
      i choose which one i want to lift. not too big but not a small one neither. i start to concentrate on it and at the beginning nothing happens. "ah right i need to imagine how it starts float and not just stare strained on it." and the car starts floating. first the front then the whole car. i cant control it too good where it floats. it turns and crashes into the ground. i lift it again and again it smashes.
      "good enough now step three. element manipulation."
      without thinking to much i start throwing my arms around like throwing fireballs on the car. the car btw changed and is now a way smaller car of the size of a child. it is on the ground and instead of throwing fireballs it seems like i throw very small pieces of i dont know Bolognese? i concentrate a little more pull my hand back wait and focus some energy in it until i see it starts burning and i throw a big fireball into a passing car. nothing happens even tho i thought maybe it explodes?
      suddenly a coworker and friend approaches me with some stuff in his hands. we start talking but there is the voice of our boss thru some speakers out of a building. he says something like "K are you coming? how long do i have to wait, this is working time" we stop our convo and he pushes me the things he carry into my hands and hurrys away.
      i walk back into the apartment with the stuff in my hands. i reconsider to not drift away:
      "i dont need that stuff its random and i have better things to do."
      i get the idea that i want to throw this stuff into the wall. i throw the first pieces but they just smash against the wall and fall down. okay i want it to stack in the wall like darts in cork. i throw again and they go half thru and into the wall and stuck there. i am satisfied and push myself thru the wall and out of the house again. i float a small round thinking what to do.
      "ah next to the three step tasks there are personal tasks. i could summon my cat."
      i kneel down next to a pickup truck and move my fingers like i would have something in it and call my cat like i would in WL. not a second and i see a cat approaching me from under the truck. "thats not my cat!"
      i keep looking around and 2 more cats from the left side are coming. not my cat neither. i call him again and look up front where he just appears and approaches me. he looks slightly different but it is him. i pet him shortly. i really wanted to do this longer and soak in some details but suddenly my mother appears telling me something like
      "you guys are old enough so that i can leave for half a year and work in swizerland for a catering company. i need to talk to the guy whos doing this blabla."
      for some reason it makes me feel not good and i loose lucidty and visuals like when i cant be sure if i still dream or am awake and hear my mum talking. i decide to just stand up and walk around. i also rub my hands and it works. the dream gets more clearly again and i can assure myself that i am still in control.
      "okay what else can i do? it dont make sense to do another personal goal... what would give some more points? ah i could try to get invisible."
      i cant to this so far so i tell my girlfriend that seem to morphed out of my mum that i want to get invisible but i want to put on a ring that helps. i start looking in my pockets and ask her to look into hers. i find something that feels like a ring in my right backpocket. i get it out and it looks different then it felt in my pocket. it is black and looks similar to a knucks. i try to put it on but i need to find out the right orientation. after putting it on i ask her if i am invisible but i can see myself still clearly and she shakes her head.
      shortly after i feel like waking up and decide it is time to write all that down.

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    7. [04-01-2017: Thunderstorm, Sky observations and swimming pool]

      by , 01-04-2017 at 09:30 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I left my house and stopped at the entrance stairs, staring at the grim and heavy clouded sky. The wind was blowing wildly, clouds were moving really quickly. I saw my sister walking around the backyard. I moved to the backyard, it was getting darker and darker. Then a powerful thunderstorm started! Lightnings shot all across the sky and hit buildings at my backyard several times. The lightnings were red and everything they stroke went instantly ablaze with strong and bright fires. I saw other sisters walking around a hill behind our barn, I tried to warn them. I ran back to entrance. My sister I saw earlier ran to a shed and sounded a siren to warn us, I called her to get back home. She ran to me and entered the house after warning everyone.

      Sky observations, swimming pool

      A green mist spread around some park in a city and disappeared. It teleported me and some other people to that city. It was a sunny day, the sky was clear. There were coconut palms in that park. I called for some horse and it appeared, then other people did the same and we drove on, watching as the sky changed from day to night, looking at the stars. We drove through desert, to some meadows which were disconnected with a cliff. Some rocks floating in the air were forming a path to the other side, but we had a better idea - fall down the cliff. Doing that teleported us to an aquapark. I entered it and changed my clothes, then jumped to swimming pools and just swam. I kinda learned swimming, but also enjoyed it. Starting with a safe pool with lesser depth and then going to a deeper one. I swam with some heavilly scarred and burnt man. He told about demon summoning and how resist demons saved his life. I lied on my back in the water, slowly submerging. I closed my eyes and submerged further.
    8. Visiting Candyland - kind of... oh and jesus of course

      by , 11-16-2016 at 02:32 PM
      this morning lucid was really enjoyable. i am pretty bad at inducing fantasy stuff so for me it was kind of a big success and a good educational experience.

      i have a wbtb of around 30min because my GF has to get up to work. we talk shortly, i get up for toilet and put on my sleepingmask and my earplugs [wax --> very comfy and silent enough when tight]. i lay on my back and decide to do some progressive relaxation (i normaly dont do) i see that my mind is not too focused but i continue as good as i can. i then start doing SSILD. since i like the idea of tactile senses i decide to mix it with SSILD. i do some short SSILD cycles. first watching then hearing and followed by "feeling" but this time i do some imaginary movement with my hands. then i continue with watch etc. after the short ones i do long ones. after some time i just do tactile movements and it feels pretty good but i dont know if this is enough to success a WILD and to be honest i cant imagine how to fall asleep like this and....

      ... i stand in my old child room. i feel super stoned and wonder how come that its so early and i feel like this and what to do with the rest of the day. i go to the window and see my reflection. At the hairline i have super light skin where in the rest of my face the skin is darker. i wonder why so? did i cut my hair recently? i am at the verge to lucidity but i seem unconsciously to decide to wake up because i notice that i fall asleep.

      i wake up and my body feels very heavy. i could go from here but i decide to turn to my side to have a look at my clock because i have an appointment later in the midmorning and i dont want to oversleep it. okay i have around 1,5h. this should be enough. i concentrate very lightly on sight i think and fall asleep very fast...

      ...i am outside with someone? [damn i should have journal earlier...] we go to a buildingentrance and a mail delivery girl comes. i hold her the door open and take something from her to help her. i tell her its no problem i can carry it up with her so we move up some floors and we talk about jobs and the earnings. i go down again and this time there is a moving stairway. for some reason one stair dont work appropriate and there are sparks and all. the broken stair moves into the floor and one can see that this is not good. i start running because i dont wanne know if it might explode or something.

      outside i get lucid and i meet my GF (that turns later to a friend A.) and the mail girl. i tell them "okay listen i have two goals: 1. visit candyland and 2. let me teach by somebody how to do short distance teleportation. what do you wanne do?`" both girls decide for candyland and so i go with it and "candyland it is! how do we get there?"
      we take each others hands and stand in a circle. i look down to the ground and we wave our hands once. for a short instance i start seeing some colorful things on the ground that might be some candy but instantly my rational mind kicks in "hey we didnt even teleport or changed location whatsoever..." and everything looks mundane again. we move around and the girls are in a good mood talking alot and jumping around. i still look out for some candy and instead of candy i see colorfull lights sparkling here and there on the ground. i try to hold the thought that we ARE in candyland already and all i have to do is find the right corner. i tell them "hey here is no candy..." and they answer "not yet..." and we keep going. we past by a christmas tree with some colored lights. the girls talk about some school stuff from the past i think. there is some not too pleasant metal/punk music in the background.
      i remember a DV-Thread where they talked about expectation and the example of sivasion with the summon of a banana. okay so i pretend to see some candy on the ground and pick it up and put it in my mouth. as expected i see feel and taste nothing... nevermind i chew and chew and dont stop chewing and imagine chewing some chocolate and after about 10-15 seconds i suddenly taste sweet and "candyland" or my version of it appears. i start seeing some egg formed foiled chocolates inbetween some grass [more like eastern-themed]. and not only one or two but now a lot of candy on the ground. i move around and see chocolate easter-bunnys and little santa clauses and several more sweets. i taste some and feel super happy about it.
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-240_f_17881072_sksc8k7ofq0zcq3pwleokavc63obsswb.jpgUnofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-bunte-ostereier-aus-schokolade-zu-ostern-enyawf.jpg

      next to a building there is a big table and while i want to follow the girls into the building i notice the table and at the head of it Jesus sits there with some (2-4) people next to him. i smile big because now my "fantasy-Schema"-drawer seems to be opened. i jump over a chair and Jesus approaches me. i give him a high five and i think we exchange some words.
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-959a9ed0624216336e8d253aceb89e2b.jpg
      but nothing religious i turn around and another guy with a big beard is there that remembers me of someone but we dont talk and i enter the building , phasing thru the door.
      and i awe again because this time two aliens approach me and past me. the one has purple and the other green skin. both have no hair and a little bigger and broader head. i smile around and move down some stairs. i approach a girl and say something to her but notice that its someone else. i turn around and see my two girls next to a showcase. while i move to them i think about how stable this dream is and that they still are here around. i hear them talking about some stone that are inside the showcase. something about if it is good or bad to take or use this kind of stones. i have a good mood and while they still debate about it i just phase thru the showcase and pick a stone on a chain outside. one of the girls that was against using the stone starts complaining and i phase my hand thru the showcase again and put the stone back. i look at them in detail. they look something like this:
      Unofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-1609charo1a_m.jpgUnofficial Dreamviews Buttons (yay!)-kiesel_1.jpg
      with some chains or mountings and adornments.
      i think about if i might use them as items for performing short distance teleportation? i say "hey girls listen stop this discussion i want to practice short distance teleportation. lets say i want to go there to the xY [i look around and try to find a pregnant location and point at something]" the girls laugh because i pointed on something else or called it wrong or something? "oh come on you know what i mean i want to get there how may i teleport there easy who can show me?" i think about my recall and how bad it would be if i lose something from it
      and instantly i wake up [damn it!]

      nevertheless it was a very very funny and enjoyable lucid from which i can learn alot about expectation and that a typical "teleportation" is not necessary to change the dreamscene. and that if you once open a drawer with the right schema everything will work on its own! i would love to experiment more with it. maybe my excitement will endure long enough to make a smart setup how to practice and experiment with it in future lucids!

      Updated 11-16-2016 at 02:43 PM by 87116

      lucid , memorable , task of the month
    9. Spooky Comp. Day 20 - big deja vu, fighting ninjas

      by , 11-03-2016 at 04:34 PM
      i move around and i want to get somewhere and want to take a shortcut? i move into something like a backyard. i "remember" strongly that i was here before already and i feel like i should go because this is not a good place to be. while i turn around and leaving i get lucid, confirming with a nosepinch, and thinking to myself "oh no hopefully there are no ninjas again" "remembering" that i met them here already. while i try to let this thought go i already see some ninja like shadows behind me. i turn around and i really dont want to have another lucid where i fight and flee all the lucid. so the first ninja that jumps right infront of me i offer him him my friendship telling him its in both our interest. he agrees but only a second later another ninja jumps on him and squeezes him into the ground. "okay it is on" i think, lifting him with TK and smashing him left and right and left and right several times. i let him smash against some wall and he doesnt get up. i turn around and start running while thinking about something different and goals to prevent more ninjas to come and change the theme. i stop waiting and notice that there is no hostile situation. nice. i thinking about to do a short distance teleport but wake up trying.

      Updated 11-03-2016 at 04:46 PM by 87116

    10. garden shed teleport

      by , 10-19-2016 at 06:46 PM
      I dreamt my parents were retiring to a greek island they go to every year, I imagined getting a holiday home in corfu so I could help them out when they get older.
      Anyway I decided instead to rig up there shed so that it could be used as a teleport. Anything inside once the doors shut would be zapped to their house in greece.
      Also some guy tried to get in the way of my plans so I fed him to the fishes of corfu.
    11. #268 - Ripping through reality

      by , 09-07-2016 at 08:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I woke up during the night, rolled over and checked my phone, 4:50. My alarm goes off at 6.. I wasn't sure if I'd get a full sleep cycle in but rolled over and headed back to sleep... I was kind of horny though, images started forming and I was just imagining things - then all of sudden I noticed the slightest sensation as if I could feel something. I decided that I'd turn this into a lucid, and promptly did. I WILDed into my room and reality check, sweet it worked . It's quite dark here though.. Darkness in my lucids tends to mean a weak or unstable lucid, so I attempt to stabilize. Me and my dream buddy Emnition have a challenge atm to see who can make a lucid last 5 minutes and I was really keen to try. I do something similar to the method I used in my last lucid, teleporting to a more stable place. I decide to make the 'portal' and reach out to pull apart the fabric of reality (imagine trying to pull apart elevator doors). The darkness splits, a tear cracking through the space in front of me to reveal a bright light shining through. I leap into the light and appear back in my room, it's light but it rapidly fades to darkness, then I wake up.
    12. Summer Comp. Day 3 - no recall but cool lucid: summon/unsummon building, morph color, teleport

      by , 08-01-2016 at 10:30 AM
      since i had a bicycle day yesterday i was occupied the whole day and got late to bed (around 2 am), i woke up for the first time at 7:30 with only a fragment of the whole night and felt tired. got to the toilet and was torn back and forth to just go back to bed and sleep some more or try to induce a lucid. i decided to try it. lay on my back started with relaxation, incubated my goals again and did some SSILD cycles. i felt for a WILD but felt way to alert and awake. i turn on the side and try to fall asleep. but even now i felt to awake i turned 2 times and fall asleep and woke up with a nice Lucid in my pocket

      [some more NLD i cant recall] ... move down the street in company of a woman and a older man. while walking a super tiny thought of 'when this is a dream' pops up. my awareness rises instantaniously and i am fully lucid. i do a nosepinch and its difficult to breath thru but i know i am dreaming. those two move infront of me and i tell them to go without me i will catch up. "but wait a sec" i say and pull a stone with telekinesis from a building site next to me and give it to the woman. she looks confused and like i want to shit her and she throws the stone away. [i did this to score some points maybe not fully lucid yet ]
      i look behind me to the horizon. it is night and i see two buildings on the left and the right side. in the middle i can see the sky. i turn to the woman and tell her: "you see? behind me? there is no building but now you can see the tall building? in the middle? you can see it right?" i turn around and see the building i have summoned. it worked like a charm. i stand next to her and we look both at the building now.
      I tell her: "now, since everything is just a picture, an image in my head i can make this building disappear just like that" i hold up my hand and move it slightly in front of the building. at the beginning not much happen but then i just imagine some more sky instead of the skyscraper and it disappears. i smile to her and she smiles too and seems to be a little impressed and not thinking that i want to kid her anymore. "now do you want to accompany me a little?" i think shortly... originally i wanted to summon a skyscraper to climb it up like spiderman but now that i unsummoned it i dont feel like put in more effort and dream time to make myself a suitable building.
      i look up front and see an old not to high house. this will do i think and "my next goal is to climb up this house like spiderman" while i say so we approach the house and i imagine micro hair on my finger tips [like in the movie ] and start to touch the wall. the woman and the man seem a little confused but do as i do. at the beginning i have some problems and hold myself at edges of the house but then i dont need anything to hold on and climb purely the wall like spiderman. i climb up and for whatever reason there is a roof/ceiling there and i climb up side down. it feels a little weird and i dont know exactly what to do now. i push myself away from the ceiling and land on my feet standing in a room now.
      i am in a kitchen. i think about what to do and pull a rubber ball with TK into my hand i look to the man and tell him "i will change the color of the ball." the ball is blue? now i look at it and will it to change the color to green. after a sec the color starts changing and the man screams up with enjoyment. i stop - but wait the ball turned white. i will a little more and now it changes in green. i feel satisfied.
      i want to mass TK and pick up three items. the ball and two little tomatoes i try to make them levitate at the same time but have some problems with it. i dont try hard enough but instead i change the color of the two tomatoes. because of schemas they turn green like unripe ones, but i want them to be purple i look at them concentrated and it changes and changes to black and then purple. nice!
      so i cant lift enough objects at a time but i could lift something very heavy. i use TK to lift up the water boiler and smash it around. the DCīs around scare up and feel a little uncomfortable but i dont care and start to find it funny to demolish the kitchen. i lift up the stove. i rip and tug around until the cables rip of with some sparks and smash it against the wall. i turn around and lift the refrigerator and throw it across the livingroom (that wasnt there before). i feel like this was enough. i lift a book and throw it a guy against his head and enter the living room.
      i think around what to do and think i could teleport. i approach the window to jump out but on half the way i think it would be smarter to phase thru the wall. i turn left and run straight to the wall. for a part of a second i think about if it would be smarter to do it slowly and static but i decide to jump right thru will work fine. and i phase thru it without a problem [in opposite to some other encounters] and find myself in mid air over a street, as it seems at the height of the 5th floor or something... i am surprised because i didnt expected this and i start falling with waggy arms. while falling i reflect on my situation and tell myself i am invulnerable and my falling gets controlled and i land safely on my feet.
      now it is after dusk, the street is a little wet and it smells wet and fresh. its silent like it should be in the morning hours. i draw a portal with my feet but it looks shitty so i kneel down write with my finger 'My room' draw a portal right beneath it. stand up look at it and try to push my hands in a "handstand" into the portal. nothing happens at the beginning but after some seconds i feel like my finger start to sink in like into wet mud i embrace this feeling and start to sink in completely. i am in the void but still feel like a part of me is inbetween the locations. i give it a last push and feel a litte falling and now am completely in the void. i do some tactile movements to be sure not to wake up. i see some white noise while i think about a sentence i have read some days ago from sageous or sivason or someone: "the void is like a loading screen, like the construct of your head [or something]" i think about it and it makes sense. i finish this thought and feel like beeing long enough here so i start to visualize my room. a homescreen (like in windows) appears with two users. [again schema because thinking of a "loading screen?] i "click" it (but without doing anything...) and stand in my room. i decide to wake up because i am scared i would loose the beginning.

      this was a very pleasing lucid. i didnt believe i would get lucid because it didnt felt that way but it was a long and stable one. too bad i didnt remember to summon a teammate and let him accompany me (that way i would have had about 30-40 points more...) but used the woman that was already there... but i dont care and am happy about getting lucid again.

      from today on my GF is in town again and we will see how lucky i get when sleeping not alone anymore.
    13. #256 - X-Men, youtube babes

      by , 07-17-2016 at 01:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - X-Men
      I have a dream about x-men, it's dark and we're on top of a building, it feels like I'm watching a movie. Wolverine and Storm are there, maybe someone else. There's a helicopter too, and the weather is stormy. Wolverine had the best hair I've ever seen, it was long and flowing, black with brown and gold highlights. Storm had lightning flashing around her, and she walked up to wolverine and the lightning engulfed them both in a wicked display of effects, teleporting them somewhere else. I remember thinking "That's bullshit, she shouldn't be allowed to teleport with her power" as if she had cheated in a game or something. It was a pretty epic dream and there's a lot more to it, but this dream was like a week ago. Also it occurred during my 3rd sleep cycle which was unusual since I've been slack with my dream journaling lately and would usually only remember the last dream of the night.

      Dream 2 - Youtube Babes
      I remember a dream where I was at my laptop and I was fighting the urge to fap (since I've recently started up 'No PMO' again). I was on Youtube and saw a music video that had hot chicks in it, and I thought "Hmm well it's only Youtube". I watched the video which had lots of hot chicks in tight and revealing clothing dancing around each other, I had the feeling like it would lead to me searching for porn after but then I woke up.
    14. Skating adventure

      by , 11-06-2015 at 08:30 PM
      Sat up for a 5am Wbtb this morning inspired by recent threads about Deild's with great advice - I sat up and quietly in bed and inwardly said my mantra and reminding myself from time to time I am going to teleport

      " remember I am dreaming" over and over

      I could still feel the sleepiness as I laid back down and knew I would be asleep soon but felt some awarenes too -" knowing "I laid down for a possible Wild/ Dild

      Not sure how I got there so Dild ; skating along happy and fast " I know I am dreaming " skating is so much fun jumping up on benches with my skates grinding along like a young expert - exellent!

      - after some fun skating about ~ doing huge jumps across big bodies of water and grinds along benches ....wahoo

      I attempted a teleport - remembering my goal I closed my eyes to teleport and couldnt open them again... they felt all glued together... then as I squeezed them open and expected the beach scene I felt myself waking up Lucidity going astray .. It was a FA - it was such a memorable experience too though because I was being licked all over my face including my lips which I was trying to squeeze shut by a very happy to see me dog...which I immediately felt was my dog ... I felt pretty yucky with that episode but soon forgave him as one does ones own dog( lucidity was waining now as I don't have a dog in WL

      Turns NL where the bed is then covered in about 6 or 7 little dogs jumping around for my attention- how sweet!!! Next my brothers and sisters came in to join us( never met them in waking life tho We all chatted then made food together🌺

      Very Enjoyable
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    15. Into The Wormhole

      by , 04-26-2015 at 04:46 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #433 - DILD - 5:18AM

      I am traveling with a group of people. An old pastor from a very long time ago was leading us. He kept saying something about getting to Atlantic City. My wife's cousin is talking about winning a lot of cash at the casino and wanted to go his own way and meet up with us later. I interrupt, "Atlantic City? Is that in Georgia?" The pastor said it's actually in another galaxy. I get excited about this idea.

      The next thing I recall is I need to change my clothes. My wife is in the room with me and as I grab a pair of jeans she tells me this is all a dream. I pause feeling unsure about it, but noticing how wavy and blurry my jeans look. She goes on, "Yeah. You should totally try changing your clothes in a dream. It would make a cool task." I look up and see myself in a mirror on a dresser and my face is highly distorted. Ok I believe her. Wow, that really cool my wife told I was dreaming! I decide I may as well try her lucid task suggestion and slowly and meticulously put my jeans on. I think about cheating with dream control, but I really want to get this. I pull my shirt off and put on a new one with some difficulty but manage to get it done.

      I follow my wife around checking out the dream environment and talking to people for what feel like a very long time. However, nothing super interesting happens here and I forget most of it.

      I see my plant manager at some point and decide to show off some dream control to him. I tell him I can levitate, but he gives me an uncharacteristically animated look of disgust when I cant do it. I see some dice on a wire rack next to us. I say, "OK then watch me juggle." I get the same look when my dice float of in various directions not matching my hand movements. I try again, "OK FINE. TK!" There are some boxes of cereal now in the wire rack. With great effort I get them to fall over. Just then, I hear a loud siren and my wife yelling at me, "It's time to go!" Startled and without thinking, I turn around and run toward her.

      We are outside now with other people, my wife is standing to my right. I am told we are about to board the space ship, but as I look at the sky I see a very bright and colorful sunset behind large fluffy clouds. I look at in it awe and the clouds fade away reveling a wormhole. I see now that It's not a sunset at all but the light emanating from the anomaly itself. My wife is saying something about entering it to Atlantic City, but I don't pay her attention. I am way to transfixed by the beauty of the thing in the sky. I ask myself why I don't just fly in there right now as I begin to levitate. I put my hands in front of me expecting to fly, but I can't move. Instead I focus on being close and I teleport to the wormhole up close. I sort of get the image of look at a digital picture up close and can almost see pixelation. I ignore this and fall in head first.

      I drift silently in a void and hope that I'm not actually waking up. I feel myself weightless and slowly flipping end over end in a fetal position. I enjoy the feeling and stay frosty like it's just another OBE episode. I keep thinking of when Cooper entered the black-hole in Interstellar, hoping for a similar experience. I really hadn't thought of a destination and now I just rely on my subC to bring me out anyplace I can. I get a brief visual of some man looking down. I don't notice now, but later I'll realize it was Cooper himself. The visual returns in flashes alternating to dark void. I focus on seeing intensely and quickly find myself laying on a floor next to a crying baby. Cooper is there tending to another identical baby. I just want the baby to quiet down so I can think and find a bottle. The baby doesn't want the bottle at first so I try it myself. The milk tastes good. My father instincts kick in and I cuddle the baby close to me and try the bottle once more. The baby seems content now. I wake up.
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