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    1. 7-26-14 All this stuff is MINE??

      by , 07-30-2014 at 07:43 PM
      I dreamed I was driving through Colorado or something and there were these majestic snow-peaked mountains all around. I was down in a valley. I must have been speeding or something, because a police officer put his lights on behind me. There was no shoulder and I wasn't in a town, so I pulled into someone's driveway. I don't really remember the police officer or what he said. He might have just driven past me for all I know.

      I decided to park the car and go up to the house. I walked in. The house was strangely quiet. As I looked around, a man walked up to me. He was a hillbilly and had a crazed look about him. He was carrying a suitcase and seemed in a great hurry. He told me he couldn't stay in his house anymore, and urged me, even begged me to take it. He said I could have it for free. Before I could answer, he was gone and out the door, leaving me to deal with his house and belongings. He might have driven off in my car. It wouldn't surprise me if he did.

      I wandered about his house. The house wasn't very nice. In fact, it was very trashy. But he had the neatest stuff! Like a bottle that you would build a ship in, only filled with hundreds of other tiny bottles. Or a smart phone with tons of songs from the Matrix movie soundtrack. But the strangest thing was a set of toy soldiers, only the two opposing kings were missing. That disappointed me, because I wanted the complete set.
    2. Ascension and then war

      by , 11-04-2013 at 11:47 AM
      This was a really big dream , what you'd get here is a fragment.

      So, our family is going to a hill station , in a fantasy world. Scenario changes to another one where I am besieging a city square bazaar , here people are really packed , we are waiting , for the people to get done of the preparations we need to live in the central building as our headquarters . Here we keep ordering stuff to the people. So , finally we move in the building . Father tells that he chose this because it is in the densest population areas and if we were to be attacked , it would take a lot of time for people to come and we can then escape through the secret route .
      Now , the scenario changes back to my family trip. We are almost near the town we wanted to reach . We move in to a small floor in a rented house in the middle of the town , I don't know why but we're wanted by some people. I roam around the town for a while figuring out something , I come across a woman , who was my family's enemy . She chases me towards a dead end hill (note that we're not running on streets but jumping from rooftop to rooftop , there are houses with slanting roofs) . Finally , I get tired of running and I fire an energy wave at her , which makes her badly injured. At that time my mom comes and says " good that you pawned her. Now we can live in her house while she in rotting in the prison." The pixie opens a door into her house , but it is too small , so I make the door bigger by merging few cells in it. We move in , our butler takes care of all the needs .
      Now the scenario changes again, this time I am a prince , my father and a king residing in one of my towns, decide to host a race . I would be on a horse and I'd be racing through the town , while behind be there are three men (hired ninja's) who would have to catch me. The winner decides the kingdoms fate, I start galloping on my horse while there are three disheveled men behind me. I take turns , trying to have them lose my track. I jumped over food stalls in the bazaar , take turns into alleyways , I see only two of them behind me. I hop over a stall , creating a jam on the alleyway , one of them breaks down , panting. I gallop my horse and make it spin in between of a fork road , it appears like i am going straight but I turn , making the second guy crash into a stall. I go to the finish line and find a crowd waiting for me just before the finish line.
      Scenario changes again , this time there is a prince standing few feet from me and I am in disheveled clothing. I have the chance to win the race , just by touching the prince who is proudly addressing his victory , but then I stop , I don't do it and the prince wins the race. Scenario changes again , I am now looking at a map with 4 icons , men who are fighting for the throne , the kings didn't follow what they had said regarding the race. The prince is badly injured while his father dies , the prince runs away.

      I wake up. I learn't how to change the DC i control along with subconscious flying. The dream was semi-lucid , I was like living through a story.
    3. 5/15/2011 - Lions, Disks, Snakes, and King

      by , 05-16-2011 at 04:39 AM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      A group of 3 lions and I attack a group of 6 or 7 lionesses. They don't put up much of a fight, and so now we are the leaders of their pack. All of the lions go on ahead to somewhere and leave me, a lioness, and another lion behind. The other lion goes somewhere and the lioness and I realize that we knew each other as cubs. We sneak off after the other lions, which are far far away now, and at some point we think we hear 2 lion cubs mewing, but instead I see a deadly looking scorpion. Suddenly, from behind the scorpion, a strange kind of animal that doesn't exist in RL leapt at me in slow-mo from where. It had 3 parts, two circular spiked disks attached by what looked like a snake's body without the head or tail (something like this: 0~0 ). Then, as if the scorpion and other creature were working together, the scorpion leapt at me as the creature landed. I managed to kill the scorpion in midair by slashing it with my paw, and it exploded into dust. Then the creature split into 3 parts (two disks and one full size snake with a head and a tail), and the disks started spinning. I swiped at the snake and it exploded into dust. Then one of the disks, now spinning extremely fast, launched into the air at my chest level. On instinct, I dropped to the ground, and a spray of needlelike bones shot out of the disk where my head just was. Before the other could do the same, I stomped on the now empty disk, and killed the other. The lioness had gone ahead after the rest of the pack, so I followed their trail into a tunnel. At this point in time, everyone has now morphed into red or blue disk type things (black disks whose circumference had a band of light encircling it. The lions that had taken over had blue bands, and the lionesses and I had red ones. The disks travel by rolling.) As I roll farther into the tunnel (and I'm rolling about as fast as a race car) the tunnel becomes more and more man made looking, going from clay walls to finally steel with fluorescent lighting. After I almost catch up to the lioness and the rest of the lion pack, the lion who stayed behind with me (now a disk also) saw me, realized that I had joined the lionesses' side, and somehow forcibly changed my color back to blue. It went along ahead. As I neared the final bend that would bring me out of the tunnel and into full view of the entire pack, my colors started flickering out, more and more frequently, until they went out altogether. Suddenly, they turned back on, now back to my previous red color, except brighter this time. I rounded the bend and entered a room that was some sort of arena (note: I am now just a regular human). The lioness snow also in human form. She tells me that we've been taken captive and the only way that they'll let us live is to perform for the audience our "epic hoverdisk skillz". The arena is filled with ramps and other types of things, and is encased in heavy duty black netting to keep us from escaping. The only entrance is a viewing balcony about 50 meters above us. [dream skip] We are about to try to escape by hitting a ramp at full speed to catapult us into the viewing balcony. I mount my hoverdisk and my friend does the same (the lioness). The hoverdisks are just like the disk I had previously been, except I stood on top of it and it was parallel to the ground this time, not perpendicular. We hit the ramp and almost make it, but drop just short. The security guards rush out and punish us. [Dream skip] were trying to escape again, but this time aim at the netting. We hit the netting ten feet below the balcony and start to climb. The guards start to shoot at us with arrows and yell at us to halt, but instead we climb faster. We enter the balcony and a guy who looks like prince Humperdinck's dad from The Princess Bride enters the room. He's wearing a crown, and when he sees us he runs away shouting "Guards! Guards!". We run down a different hallway that's walls are pink and there are strange portraits on the walls. It looked like what a palace might look like if it was from Alice In Wonderland. The guards are chasing us, and suddenly we realize we are in a corridor that dead ends at a maintenance closet. We sprint towards it, get inside, and lock it from the inside. The guards start to try to break the door down, and we climb up into an air-conditioning vent in the ceiling. We pick up some heavy candlesticks and then the guards break the door down. Both of us swing the candlesticks as hard as we can at the first person we see that enters the door. We hear a clatter and a scream, and then we shut the vent. I look through the grilles and all I see is a pool of blood and a golden crown. I crawl as fast as I can back to my friend, and five seconds later we hear a mournful cry from the maintenance room: "The king is dead! The king is dead!"
      At some point in this dream, I woke up, but it was so cool that instead of re-entering the dream lucidly, I decided to reenter it nonlucidly to not interrupt it's plot. I know this post is pretty much impossible to understand, but that's just because the dream itself was impossible to understand. The dream time for this was probably around 2.5 hours.

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