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    1. 12 Nov: Department store and false awakening

      by , 11-12-2019 at 03:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a department store. Going through different sections, checking clothes, then latest electronics and end up in the music and film area. Not looking for anything specific, but remember to take a look for Björk albums, since I don't buy cds for years. I find a cd which I didn't know, and check the inlay booklet. Looks nice, but I think it is one of those Björk albums which I don't particularly like and I wonder if I am willing to pay whatever it costs. But there is no price tag, so I need to go to the check-out with it.

      Then I have a FA and think I am in my bedroom. It is very dark, but once again I see this little purplish orb moving around the room. It is beautiful, but it also makes me feel uneasy. Since last time my teacher told me to swallow it, my first instinct was to do so again. So when it got near the bed, I opened my mouth widely and swallowed it. It went totally dark and then I woke up or entered a dream, I am not sure.
    2. 16 Jan: Entering the Matrix and weird school

      by , 01-16-2019 at 08:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I have a FA in Riverstone's room. It's dark and I can't find any lights, There is a flashlight but also does not work. I hear scary monster sounds. I go check what it is,
      I get lucid, but still feel a bit scared. I see a dark figure, think it is the monster, hit it with the flashlight. Light comes up and no monster, just kittens all over, even coming from inside the walls.

      Mom picks me up, there's a job opening for plant expert at some small company in our hometown. I need to fill an application. Some kids come by. One steals some documents that were on the table.

      Me and some others enter the Matrix with Neo. I think we formed some kind of army to free others. Entering the matrix was fun and psychedelic, like riding a roller coaster while swallowing matrix code. Once inside, we have really cool looks, but not all black like in the movies. We are wearing mostly shades of blue. I have a dress with a balloon skirt, but a bit too short and later I find some fabrics to use as an extra skirt and feel more comfortable. When we enter we find ourselves on some kind of crosswalk on top of buildings, like a suspended terrace and there is a sort of giant wave wall to our right that looks like a tsunami coming to hit us but that never does. It is mesmerizing.

      Then we go to some kind of school to train us and it was very posh, looks like an opera house. Even the bathrooms are so very fancy and vintage-y. There are some true geniuses among us. One black kid, seems as young as six, presents us with a music piece he had composed and although it wasn't entirely original and innovative, it was incredible anyway. I could recognize influences of Vangelis, the Blade Runner OST and some other electronic artist. Nobody else thought so, but the kid confirmed. I told him, it is so very well composed, but because it doesn't sound original, it is not amazing. "You have to find your own sound and then you will blow our minds". I wanted to be honest but still encourage him. He felt both pleased and ego hurt, which is normal.
      Some people don't like me much, maybe because I am some teacher's favorite and it always feels awkward when I enter a class late and the teacher acknowledged my presence instead of letting me quietly sit like with everyone else. Even when they seemed to be reprimanding me, everybody could feel they were actually happy to see me.
      Last day of school and we're packing clothes to go home. My dog Bernardo appears out of nowhere and he has one eye out gouged and I freak out. Then he starts making weird electronic sounds and I see his eye is bionic. I find a way to open up the side of his head and fix the wires to put back is eye in place.
    3. xiii.

      by , 07-31-2018 at 08:54 AM
      Non-dream stuff: A very long non-lucid dream. I only remember one part of it, that I held on to loosely as I was quickly forgetting everything, deciding this was the most important part to remember.

      Dream sequence:

      I was in my native country, in the dream context it had been explained why I think but I can't remember it. I was in a small town and it was day, looking to soon be sunset, as everything looked a bit orange.

      This was just a typical town and I was wandering around and there was an old brown-stone church, with one of its doors wide open. I walked in, and I remember I was looking at the floor just before doing so and seeing a roach type bug, but small. In the dream context there was something about going to visit local landmarks. When I entered it wasn't like a church at all, but a community centre of some kind. It was deserted. All the lights were on, but there were many many webs... and spiders, weird ones, some almost as big as my hand. I was very wary, but something compelled me to continue and I kept my instinctive fear in check, wondering why I was fearing them, they were just stood there on their webs, undisturbed for years, clearly.

      I wandered through the first two rooms, and the second room was at the "back" and had large modern glass windows that were letting the sunset light in. Everything had that orange light bath, as expected. I used my boot to clear away some webs I just couldn't avoid if I wanted to move further. After having a look around in this room, where there had been some displays of some kind, I turn back a bit and again have to carefully remove some webs from the way, feeling extremely wary of the spiders on it. I remember being in a room or common hall that connected other rooms and there was a bag of some kind on a swivel office chair. On topof the bag was a black leather wallet. Everything was absolutely covered in webs and I looked at the wallet with the intent of seeing what was inside and taking it, but I saw a slightly open door and could sense something. It was a very small room, a cupboard of some kind, and I couldn't fully open the door in, because of an object inside. The light inside the tiny room was also on, oddly. I reached with my left arm into the room and felt something stony and as I touched it, I saw the wallet and bag disappear and heard a female voice saying "You have resisted temptation. You are blessed with protection." I could "see" an interface icon showing a "buff" as in a game, but the context of the dream felt all too real.

      I remember exploring a little more but there were some areas taht didn't have lights on and were getting on for darkness. It is implied in the dream that I went into these areas, as next I remember being at a doorway in the same building and walking into my the room my mom uses as an office at home in waking life, except the view through the windows was part of the dream context. I found it odd to find this room, but didn't question it much. I looked at her computer screen. It was on, something about this feels emotional though I have no idea now what was on the screen, other than the fact that on some timestamp it said the date was "2013". It was 2018, I knew this in the dream context. I took a photograph with my phone of the screen, and I thought something but I can't remember what. I seem to remember that at some point before this in the dream I'd found something else pertaining to my mom, from the past also. Even in the dream I couldn't help but wonder, are these things I'm finding related to her mental health?

      I know I went out of that room but I cannot remember more details, even though the dream sequence didn't end there.

      Some notes (spread out because they'd be too dense to read otherwise):
      • The sunset is a dream-sign. I hadn't realised this before. It is distinctly different from all other times of day, and in my dreams it always represents "the end" (of time, in some way).

      • Even in the dream I thought everything in that light looked beautiful.

      • As I saw all those spiders, I was about to react instinctively and let out some reaction of fear, but the fact that in the dream I had strongly intended to go into this building and that I somehow felt compelled to go further in, made me remember my practice of trying to keep my fear in check. This is the first time in a dream that I have truly supressed such a basic and intense fear, as far "consciously" as my dream mind would allow. Keep in context that I have been an arachnophobe almost all of my life until very recently, and that in dreams basic fears and instincts are much, much stronger in my behaviour.

      • In the dream context I remember being told by someone to look at the local points of interest and landmarks because I could be interested in them and because they needed people to do some tourism around here. That's the context I had for the "church".

      • The bag/purse under the wallet was magenta. The office chair was a deep blue, I think.

      • All I can remember seeing on that computer screen was a few different windows open, and maybe an image as one of the windows, which is what had the timestamp. In my dream, I knew that my mom had not been in this office for a long time. It looked just as the rest of the community centre.

      • I do not know why even out of the dream now I feel some strong emotion thinking about the date and the screen. As far as I remember, 2013 was no different for my mom, if anything, her mental health has improved greatly since then. But considering it now, it was also when I moved to where I live now, away from my native country.

      • At some point in the dream I understood the sunset feeling like "end", though I'm still not certain what about.

      • The community centre (which was actually the church, after all) corridors and rooms looked, actually, much more like a very stereotypical office building and some doctors offices I've been to.

      • As for the context of my mom's mental health, she suffers from bipolar or something the like, but has it very well controlled by medication these days.

      Updated 07-31-2018 at 09:00 AM by 95293 (Butchered the list a bit to make it more readable instead of it being all condensed.)

      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment , side notes
    4. To Help Ghosts…

      by , 06-18-2018 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of June 18, 2018. Monday.

      Subliminal awareness of the autosymbolic nature of the waking process begins. My unconscious mind is personified as an unknown female despite the fact my non-lucid dream self does not possess viable access to my unconscious mind at this level of REM sleep. Errors and distortions abound. She is a subliminal thread of my wife Zsuzsanna, of which my non-lucid dream self does not yet possess viable memory of or contact with my current conscious self identity. She has a daughter who literally but subliminally represents our oldest daughter at a younger age.

      I am sitting on the floor in a unique erroneous version of the King Street mansion. The house is mirror imaged to its real-life layout, flipped east to west. I am in the downstairs antechamber while the female mostly remains in the living room on the other side of the doorway. She seems annoyed in building a small structure on the floor in about the middle of the living room, mainly from a set of small blocks of different solid colors, mostly blue, yellow, red, and green. They are about the size of baby blocks, but with a feature on all six sides that is like the knobs of a Lego brick, though there are four knobs on each side of each cube in a two by two pattern. A couple times, as the blocks do not fit into each other, stacks of about seven high topple over. There is a row of about eight stacks at various heights. (This is autosymbolism for failure to initiate viable conscious awareness.)

      I am puzzled and somewhat annoyed, though not angry, in trying to rebuild the staircase that goes to the second floor (where I had lived in real life though not been since 1990), which supposedly is to be the real staircase. This is an extreme failure of thinking skills as I am solely working with small triangular pieces of wood. The pieces are only about two inches thick. The two stacks I had made this far are only about six inches high in two rows of about eight pieces each. I cannot seem to arrange the pieces in the correct orientation regarding which edge should face upward. I have several together, but they do not display the form of a set of steps. This indicates that my subconscious self is having difficulty in reaching my conscious self identity during the waking process.

      Subliminal anticipation of the waking process continues but increases. This is after the subliminal recognition of a staircase being autosymbolism for the waking process despite its miniaturization in a setting that represents the liminal space of the process, the antechamber (what my landlady called a “vestibule” in real life). Vestibular system correlation personifies, which causes my dream to jump to a new setting, though in the same King Street mansion, still mirrored east to west.

      I find myself on the second floor. I develop an ambiguous awareness where I start to become partly aware of my married status and erroneously perceive the house, though vaguely, as the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane (where we have not lived in years), though that was only a one-storey house and was nothing like the King Street house. Vestibular system correlation personifies as Glenn, one of our landlords from Stadcor Street. He has never lived in America, but my dream self does not consider this error. I have a vague awareness he is married to my landlady (only vaguely recalled as Zsuzsanna at this point, but this does not trigger the realization of my erroneous associations) even though in reality he had a male partner.

      A vague thread of dream state awareness is present at this point, though no threads of viable lucidity. Because of vestibular system correlation personifying as Glenn, who seems very cheerful, I walk through the doorway of the upstairs kitchen, which opens to the porch’s roof. This is from vague recall that a porch can be used to vivify a dream, as it is autosymbolic of a specific level of dream state consciousness of which I had used many times in the past, since early childhood, to vivify my dream or “step into” a more vivid offset dream. This process developed from walking outside by way of the porch’s doorway. Here though, I am somewhat puzzled from being on the roof of the porch, as there is no additional doorway to intensify my dream or trigger viable lucidity (as the option to jump off the roof to fly does not occur to me). Glenn looks up at me from the public sidewalk in front of the house.

      “You’ll have to use the catwalk,” he says happily.

      I get the impression he had used the so-called catwalk and jumped to the ground from the outer edge of the roof. I study the roof and see a precarious narrow section of wood that is separate from the rest of the roof, which puzzles me. I stand on it, but consider that I cannot get to the rest of the roof (which has some building materials and tools sitting about) even though all I would have to do is step onto it from this supposed catwalk. Even after fifty years, my dream self fails to remember the dream sign of a cat being a “witness” to liminal space and typically near doorways (for the purpose of inducing lucidity in some cases), though the association had been distorted into the word “catwalk” in this case. (No cat is present and my dream self does not think about cats even upon hearing “cat” as part of “catwalk”.) The association with a “cat always landing on its feet” is not present (regarding the vestibular system dynamics of the waking process, which is often a falling sensation, based solely on biology, not “meaning” as “interpreters” falsely propagate).

      My dream shifts into a different scenario as a result of considering the nature of the King Street roof (still erroneously associated with the Stadcor Street house) and subliminal anticipation of the falling sensation of the waking process, which does not occur as a result of this shift. Now it is a typical non-lucidly forced “haunting” scenario. I am downstairs again, but this time the setting is an ambiguous composite of the Stadcor Street house and the Cubitis house. I am now more aware of Zsuzsanna as my wife, though it is still not a complete recognition. She still seems to serve the role as landlady.

      “How long has…it…been in this house?” I ask her this dramatically, speaking of the haunting, which is mainly nonthreatening. We talk briefly, but I become distracted. I find myself in a dark room with an unknown female. There is talk about ghosts and seeing physical evidence of ghosts in this house. I tell her, “This is the only house I have ever lived in where there is the physical presence of ghosts.” On one level, I know ghosts are not real, but on another level, I have achieved non-lucid dream control and revivification at this point to entertain myself. The old writing desk that Zsuzsanna used to have is present, which results in an increase of thinking skills correlation. Near the opposite side of the desk from where the unknown female is standing, another female slowly appears. It is a ghost. “Can you see her?” I ask the female. She tells me that she cannot see anyone there.

      The ghost is a realistic version, as a “real” human, of Velma Dinkley (of the Scooby-Doo franchise), though about twelve years of age. She seems puzzled and very shy and uncertain. “Who are you?” I ask her. “I’m a goddess,” she whispers. I am puzzled and ask her again about five times. Each time, she softly says, “I’m a goddess”. I want to help her come to terms with her death. (This is a vague influence of “Show Yourself” from 2016, seen just prior to sleep, where I expected Travis to hug the ghost of Paul near the end, though he did not). I hug her, place my right hand on the small of her back, and move it up to the middle of her back. As a result, the palm of my hand begins to glow with white light, rays shining into other areas of the room. (I do not recall the association with Zsuzsanna having been born on September 13, though this was exactly one year before “Scooby-Doo” first aired, therefore Velma in this case is a subliminal representation of Zsuzsanna.)

      The palm of my right hand continues to glow as I find myself walking south through the Cubitis hallway. I stand in the doorway of the Cubitis southwest bedroom looking into the semidarkness. Several unfamiliar people, both men and women, are sitting on couches that are against the west and north walls. (This is an erroneous setup, as the north wall held the sliding doors of a large closet in reality.) I hold up my right hand and the light spreads into the room somewhat. The others are puzzled. I step through the doorway and wake. (This is a vague association with a security system reading a handprint to allow entry, or, in this case, to exit the dream state.)

      With this entry, I have attempted to explain the dreaming and waking process as best I could for this dream. (This is difficult in a society where most people have no viable understanding of dreams, many still believing in “interpretation” and “symbolism” in the popular sense, neither of which is real.) The bedroom is a literal thread of final recognition that I am dreaming, and so I choose to wake. The light represents attaining consciousness as a willingness to accept daybreak and intelligence of which only the conscious self possesses in waking life.

    5. Dream - The Great Case

      by , 05-08-2017 at 10:02 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 8 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 109 - The Great Case

      My mum was talking to me somewhere but I don't know where it was exactly. I was going somewhere and so she said to me to take the lift to the bottom floor of Reading Cinemas in Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre and meet her there. I was then in the carpark of shopping centre talking to three random boys but I forgot what the conversation was about. I then told them I had to go and meet my mum. They followed me but left when Reading Cinemas was in my sight. I thought the entrance to Reading Cinemas was on the top floor, so I went up the stairs nearby but when I was about ¾ way up, I noticed that there was in fact an entrance on the bottom floor and so I think to myself, “Yay! I don't have to take the lift!” and turn back.

      When I enter, I enter into this room that looks sort of like the inside of the church and my mum is standing to one side. In the background was all this really bright light, almost as if you were looking into the sun. I walked through this white light with four companions resembling characters from video games, the only companion I remember is Super Mario. We are then outside somewhere and we see this vehicle which is halfway between a ute and a roofless car. Inside is a strange old man who I thought at first had no business. But then from inside the vehicle, this news story was playing that there was some sort of suspect and the person who could find him would be rewarded $250,000. I spoke to this old man and actually discovered that he was the suspect. I then woke up.
    6. Walk in the dark

      by , 05-07-2017 at 09:22 PM
      I was taking a walk in the night,
      it was very dark but the street lights kept my way light for the most part.
      After a while I found myself in front of a dark path with no lights, it was long and pitch black,
      you couldn't see anything but there were some people around and I did what all
      of them were doing, taking my phone out and use it to light my way and keep walking.
      There were some other people walking through there too, but I just walked pass them.
      Right in the middle of this dark path, there was this woman walking while holding a little kid/baby in
      her arms with a bunch of other kids around her, there wasn't anyone holding a light for
      her and she just used the light of the people passing by to guide her steps.
      I decided to slow my pace and light her way for the rest of the darkness.
      I remember exchanging a couple of words with her while walking but I don't remember which
      ones exactly.
      When we finally came out of the dark path I decided just to put my phone back and keep walking,
      but she called me and told me to wait, she had left the kid/baby behind with the other kids and
      started walking at alongside me, I remember saying something like "so it wasn't yours?", she just
      smiled and replied "no, it wasn't."
      All that I remember about her looks is that her lips were scarlet-red tempting, clean white teeth with a perfect
      smile. Her skin had a goldish tone to it. She was wearing black pants with a black blouse and a small red cardigan on top
      of all of it. Her hair was also black but I don't remember how she had it fixed.
      When she approached me, she asked "where are we walking tonight?"
      I just answered "Nowhere, I sometimes just walk until I get tired and then go back."
      then she smiled and said "we are going nowhere tonight then"
      I didn't ask where she was going but I remember having some other conversations but don't remember
      the topics in specific.
      I remember walking through a campus/university environment with her (which was really active for what I assume
      was the middle of the night) and just entered random classrooms in our way, bothering the attendants and professors
      alike and then just leaving just to pick another class to disrupt.
      Last thing I remember is entering to this packed classroom and walking between people excusing ourselves (like trying
      to get to your sit in the middle of a theater in a full night), she entered first and managed to somehow get a sit
      in the first row, I was just walking between rows until I got near to her. Sitting next to her was this middle aged guy
      that seemed to be giving a lecture in japanese and said something about what we were doing being disrespectful, I just
      said 'sumimasen' (lol), I left the classroom, walked a couple of steps and looked behind, but she hadn't come out yet.
      Just when I was about to turn my back and keep walking she leaves the classroom with a big smile, and ask me to
      wait for her and we just keep walking through the night..
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. The travel of consciousness.

      by , 03-29-2017 at 08:09 AM
      I was lying down in my bed, descending deeper and deeper into concentration, then meditation. I observed various snippets of dreams and dismissing them - I was not planning to try shared dream tonight. No, my target was OBE. I felt that my other body is restless, pushing away from boundaries of physical body... Yet I descended deeper, allowing myself to find how deep in meditation I can go down without loosing myself in it. I saw white and black flashes... I heard mumbling and growling from time to time... I lost feeling of my physical body... then I heard sound as if very high note was played and it ended with something like BZUIIING! and what was left was roaring silence. Everything stopped, no flashes, no sound... nothing left. After some time I allowed myself to float my other body out of physical one smoothly, without feeling of any restraint.
      I was above my physical body in my bedroom. It was dark night. I saw things shining in red light. I floated slowly around without the feeling of any gravity, there was no up or down for me. Nothing was out of ordinary... but nothing was touchable. I floated slowly through the wall of my house into night... the surrounding faded away into darkness. I felt very relaxed and in peace. I experimented how far can I go without loosing consciousness. From darkness some angelic looking beings glowing in bluish light became visible... and I only observed. There was temptation to come after them... and I didn't care the temptation. Those angelic looking beings slowly morphed into demonic ones, glowing in red light. Yet I didn't care. I only observed them. I felt a malicious intent from them. I felt that I should fear. I wondered what is a fear, how to feel it. I wondered whether I should try to preach. Yet, I was able to do none of that. I floated and observed them to attack and dissipate as they touched my nonphysical body. I was alone, again. The body became nonexistent and slowly coalesced into bluish ball of light. I shined in the darkness softly and observed my surroundings. Surrounding of nothingness. My consciousness dissolved after some time afterwards.

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      Tags: darkness, light, obe
    8. Water power

      by , 12-20-2016 at 06:35 PM
      I dream I was taking a spiritual class and was lined up in a room with a load of other people. The whole place was all white tiles and glass. There was the light from the water thrown onto the walls, illuminated.
      The teacher was a lady in a long brown dress with hair pulled back.
      Our first class we would have submerge ourselves beneath the water. I was determined to do well.
      Tags: light, teacher, water
    9. [01-12-2016: ToTM DILD]

      by , 12-01-2016 at 10:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in my room. It was completely dark all around. I left it and thought that this may be a dream. I made a nose plug RC and it succeeded. I was lucid. I thought "Lights on" and light turned on in most of rooms, however some of them remained dark. I recalled a ToTM basic task about igniting a house. I went to my kitchen and flied into a window, phasing outisde through the glass. It was early morning, still dark. I flied towards neighbor's house, trying to set it on fire mid-air with a gesture, but it didn't worked. I landed on the road and started rubbing my hands while focusing on some potted flowers. They instantly set ablaze. With more rubbing and focusing I set some trees around the house on fire and watched as it spread on the house. Then I moved along the road, trying to fly again but for some reason I couldn't do it. I recalled an advanced task with car lifting. There was another house with a garage. I phased through fence and it's walls and found an old Fiat 126p car. I lifted it up and phased back to the road. Then I placed it one the road and entered it, turned the engine on and drove. I drove along a completely ruined road with huge holes in it. I lost lucidity. I drove to my school, entered a classroom and sat by a table. Again I thought that this might be a dream and made the RC. I became lucid again. Teacher - a redhead woman in late forties asked me "What makes you think this might be unreal?" I didn't responded, instead I tried to phase out through the wall. I doubted that I might be able to do that and failed, then lost lucidity again. I found myself back in my home village. There was some big ceremony coming. I was wearing a black suit. I left my old school and moved to a bus stop. There was a huge bus, my friend went out of it and I greeted him.
    10. It started like regular OBE

      by , 10-28-2016 at 09:11 AM
      After routine relaxation and concentration exercise before sleeping I felt my spiritual body to free itself off of physical body a little therefore I allowed myself to stand up from it. It was very easy. My surrounding was greyish but not dark as usually when I travel at night. I saw the inner light of things unusually bright. I walked through my house finding it empty. Then I left out right through the wall to the empty street. And I walked for some time observing my surrounding, feeling it. I felt deep sadness but at the same time I was well balanced, therefore the OBE felt stable.

      I came to the city and it too was empty. The lighting was stronger, the sun was up on the sky, yet everything, every colour was greyish. I saw gravel down to sand size very sharply, each piece of grain, each rock... and I came to the big bridge over the river.

      I saw there an angel, who I instinctively knew as angel of death. He brought an unknown young woman with dark bushy hair there and pushed her under the bridge into darkness. I felt pang of great sadness and love toward that woman. And I came closer wanting to come after her. The angel of death looked like he wanted to stop me, telling me that that woman deserves to suffer for eternity because she took her life. That nothing would help her. And I went toward him nevertheless... And angel ran away. I turned and went under the bridge.

      There was darkness under the bridge. It was as if I stepped through a border between day and night. Light was not penetrating under the bridge as it normally would. But it was possible to see on the other side to the light. There were people there, maybe 15-20 of them. Many of them looked like homeless people. And there was sitting that girl between them, tears were dropping constantly from her eyes. I stepped toward her, and my inner light repulsed those people away from me. That girl too tried to go away, but I lifted her onto my arms like child, and I started to cradle her while I was walking slowly to the light. It was like she weighed nothing. She wept constantly, and she was trying to free herself from my embrace, but I was holding her fast. After short while she stopped to struggle with my embrace. I crossed the border between dark and light and she started to cry as if it was hurting her. So I went back to darkness with her. I tried to ease her, I was filled with unconditional love which I tried to infuse into the woman. And I was cradling her while I was walking through the mud and filthy water under the bridge. For some reason I called her with the name of my first love even if she didn't look like her. I persuaded her that she is loved, that she doesn't have to suffer... And I was carrying her closer to light for short time and then back to darkness so she would be able to accustom to it slowly. At last, I managed to bring her out to the light for good, but she was holding me and looked scared of light. She was heavier and heavier for some reason. Nevertheless, even if she was growing more heavy I held her fast in my embrace and I walked away from darkness to stronger and stronger light till I lost connection with astral world.

      This OBE felt great... but sad. I needed to write it out of my system. Even now that sadness is lingering around me... I don't know in this state of consciousness how can one feel so deep sadness and love at once and yet to be unattached to those feelings, but it was how I was feeling there.

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    11. Three Vials (NLD)

      by , 10-22-2016 at 04:16 PM
      Ritual: Ongoing dry spell. I'm not sure what caused my focus and motivation to diminish so drastically, but neither has been sufficient in months to deliberately achieve lucidity. Even when I thought I've been motivated, I haven't been able to concentrate properly, or pay sufficient attention to the stages of sleep. Less attention to dreaming in general means that even my NLDs have become intolerably drab and dull for the most part, and since I've been journaling less my ability to remember dreams has also dwindled. However, this morning I woke up with a dream that I found interesting enough to write down, and I'm posting it here to try to help get my head back in the game.

      NLD, "Three Vials": The container in my hand consisted of three conjoined steel vials closed with screwcaps. Each one held a different substance that would change me in some way. I was in a militarized compound full of soldiers and agents of some secretive organization; I was their experiment. Evidently one of their high level people, an old man with grey shoulder-length hair, had decided that it was time for my transformation. I began unscrewing the top of one of the vials while remembering the prophecy:

      His breath is the wind.

      The method of ingestion seemed straightforward. Breath? Wind? I held the end of the vial to my mouth and inhaled. It did feel like a great wind coursing into me. When the turmoil had settled and I spoke, my voice was changed. It was no longer a human voice, but impossibly deep and resonant.

      There were things going on around me but I don't remember the details. I saw a news briefing of some sort; apparently the nation was in a state of emergency. I was being transformed so that I could go do battle, perhaps with another creature similar to what I was becoming. I decided to use the second vial. I had a vague anxiety that I should consume all three vials before someone stopped me: the old man had wanted to go through with the procedure, but I could tell that a lot of the others did not think this was a good idea. I should finish the transformation before someone decided to organize the opposition and restrain me. I recalled another line of the prophecy:

      Sunlight fills his heart.

      I opened the second vial. At first I habitually started bringing the container to my mouth, but the prophecy suggested that it contained light, so I diverted it to my eyes instead. White light filled them, blinding me. When I could see again, I went to look at myself in a mirror. My eyes were white now, but not an undifferentiated white. The pupils were tiny little pinpricks at the center, literally no larger than if the tip of a pin pricked a hole in a piece of paper. I thought that made sense, given that pupils contract in the light, and they had just been exposed to more light than ever before. The irises were still differentiated, but they were an ivory white and glowed as if with inner light around the inside of their circular rims. The whites of my eyes were now pure white.

      I also noticed that my skin had turned white, but not smoothly or evenly, instead it left a mottled appearance, prompting me to comment wryly: "I hope the last vial contains a pore cleanser." No one laughed at my joke. The dream ended before I ever found out what was actually in the final vial.

      Notes: There are some straightforward influences, though the dream transformed them into an original scenario. But the concept of putting things to my eyes and mouth clearly derives from the Vive VR game "Accounting," which I played last night. (It was brief and hilarious, I totally recommend it!) Then before bed I was playing Witcher II and noticed how cool Geralt's eyes looked. (I recently finished Witcher I, since I wanted to play all three in order, and just started on II. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the first one.) Having the Witcher series fresh in mind probably also contributed to the concept of drinking potions to achieve transformational mutations.

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    12. Light and dark

      by , 07-24-2016 at 01:18 PM
      D1 - I am looking at a third person view of a youth with long dark hair and sunglasses is leant against a wall in the dark, it is a split screen view of the same youth sitting in the blinding sunlight.
      On one side the youth has made good choices and has good intentions on the other the opposite.
      I am trying to choose between the two as they continually add choices.

      D2 - In a large wharehouse style Art gallery/ exhibition centre.
      The walls are all painted black and the lighting is diffuse from the high ceilings. I am talking with a group of artists but I feel they do not have proper motives and are trying to deceive others. They see me as a threat and I am chased through corridors of the exhibition. Running through the ground floor with windows onto a courtyard, in heavy sun. I run between their artwork, which is being resprayed from nozzles on the ceiling. The artwork is everchanging to create a moving painting, sprayed in a circular fashion.

      D3 - At college a student is trying to cash in a credit payment. But is having trouble. I inspect the note and see that it is in fact an record form showing that they infact are not enrolled and owe fees. Everyone else is oivious to qhat the problem is.
      I go into a dark room with lots of big old computer screens.
      Tags: art, dark, deception, light
    13. [05-07-2016]

      by , 07-05-2016 at 07:15 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was driving a car with my father. We were driving through a forest, looking for something or someone. We were driving in our second car, a black Audi. Changing from several levels was somehow stiff. First we drove into the forest and next to the right, then we backtracked and turned left. But we've drove in wrong direction and I had to reverse again. When we finally got on proper road, we had an obstacle on our way - a tractor. It moved to the side and we were able to drive away.

      Later when I was in home, mother told me that somehow they found money to buy me a new laptop. I wanted to find a work so I could get it, but now it wasn't necessary. I asked her about specification, and she told me that it's a strong rig. Then my brother arrived and asked me about lending him some clothes. I went to nearby room and turned on the lights - first the light bulb was blinking, then glowing faintly. I called mother to report that to her. Then with brother we checked my wardrobe.
    14. Work dream and Wake back to bed

      by , 05-21-2016 at 02:27 PM
      D1 - Annoying boss is trying to fool me into doing some work, complaining that my work is not up to standard. She is sitting side saddle on a desk, talking total crap (no change there) to a trainee. I ignore her comments and walk off.

      I try wake back to bed, focusing on last nights dream, about being in a large house
      D2 - I see the white kitchen door in my dream. The paint on the door starts to flake as if time is speeded up or under the heat of a flame gun. The bumps and undulations of the flakes turn into folds of fabric, transforming the door into a light emerald green almost see through fabric. It is now a door but also a green blouse being worn by a lady, with long black hair. There is a brightness, from within maybe causing the see through state of the blouse. The door is now a double door and swings open as I am filled with joy, as it is the persons chest and heart opening to me.

      I awake with the vision still in my head, feeling very emotional. I try to get back to sleep but am now wide awake, it is about 4am.

      I pulled these tarot cards today, which are relevant to yesterday's dream and possibly this one.

      The embrace card has a plant growing from deep underground!
      and the manifest card as a snake like white energy

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      non-lucid , memorable
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-clarity-beliefa.jpg   Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-psychic-tarot-heart-embrace-200x300.jpg   Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-1-manifesta.jpg  
    15. Back to work

      by , 05-07-2016 at 07:30 PM
      Dreamt I had old boss and we were at work, but then something happened and we all had to go down a lift shaft of a building that was a very narrow tower with lift at its centre (had a dream about that before).
      We went underground, all that was there was lots of wooden crates. It was weird what were we supposed to do?
      We had no work to do. What would our new roles be? It seemed that we were unable to adept to our new situation...

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