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    1. Museum Rave, Mom's death, Mass Effect

      by , 02-18-2017 at 06:53 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I usually just share one dream per night, but this time all of them were somewhat interesting.

      Rave inside a museum
      There was a party in a massive museum. The museum was like a city in itself and nothing looked familiar. It was dark, techno music played in a distant dance floor, flashing colored lights occasionally shone some light where I was. People were doing drugs. There were disoriented cats around. Looked like the pets had done drugs too. After I had wandered far enough, I found a throne room full of people. There was a ceremony going on. No one minded me checking the place out. I saw some military people, generals and what not. There was confusing item with flags on it. European flags that changed every time I looked at it. DCs thought it was weird too, but they tried to explain it.

      Mother's death
      I was a small child, about 10 years old. My mom had straight long brown hair and a wide striped top. We lived in a rural area, though my mom was not always around, since she was a time traveler.

      I was in the forest with a man with short dark hair. It was a summer night, so we could still see outside. He wrapped a magic spell in his jacket so he could move it around without harming himself. The spell was a tar-like mass that was writhing like it was alive. It was dissolving the jacket. I followed him back to our house. Young birch trees were growing near it. Behind our house, next to the forest, my mom was lying on the ground. There was another DC, a woman watching over her.

      "Do you have to do this?" I asked. The man said "Yes, in order to preserve the timeline we have to kill her. She doesn't belong here." I was sad, but I believed him. I don't think my mom was forced into this, she realized it was necessary. The man placed the tar on my mom and it consumed her body. Nothing was left of the spell or my mom.

      The dream them skips to certain scenes of my future. Due to her ability, I met my mom years later. This was a younger version of her, one that I hadn't met before. I didn't mention her death. Last scene of the dream is a far future where I'm old and alone. I wake up in a boat and see a storm outside. I realize that I won't see my mom again, she never traveled further than this. I watch the raging sea and grieve.

      Paragon and Rogue
      I'm in a game world, feels like Mass Effect. The planet has metallic platforms, vast lava pools, huge gate that I need to open and a boss. I decide to fight the boss. I'm a woman with short blond hair. I have a sword on my back. The blade is short, but wide. This class is Paragon. I have abilities like Charge, where I harness dark energy to basically teleport a short distance. I also have a flamethrower, some rifle and my sword.

      The boss is flying and...some sort of small tank? The cannon fires a blue beam that I try to dodge while firing my rifle. The beam hits me and feels warm, but that's about it. The boss is constantly flying over lava so my charge and sword are useless. I go to the edge of the platform and try to burn the tank with my flamethrower. It doesn't have enough range, but I notice green UI over the boss. The tank has some sort of shield and I see it regenerating quickly. I can't deal enough damage to deplete it. The battle goes on forever.

      I make a mistake and suddenly I travel back in time. "What was that?" I also look different. I have red hair and looked like female Shepard from the Mass Effect games. False memories told me this was another class: Rogue. I was slower, but I had a bigger arsenal. I start the boss fight again and when I make a mistake, time immediately turns back and I'm Paragon again. This keeps happening and I realize someone is reloading different save files over and over until I kill the boss without mistakes. I eventually do it as Rogue. I then move on to opening the massive gate.
    2. from karaoke to spaceport salloon

      by , 07-27-2013 at 05:43 PM
      last night I ended up into Karaoke restaurant in Kualu Lumpur. It was a high standars place were they didn't look all to well at hanging outside the tabbles or disturbing the singers. Restaurant came haunting me in my dreams

      first fragment that I recall is me sitting in Karaoke bar that didn't look a bit like Malaysian restaurants. Customers were European looking or American ones. I thought I was on vacation and wondered was I in states or Paris. I wondered the absence of black people. There were some steampunk cosplayers and I tried to make my way towards them but ended up talking with punch girl soccer players.

      Only Karaoke piece that I recall was "Power of Love"... how neat

      after a while I recalled the lost steampunk gang but at this point I was deep in dreaming. I wasn't looking for cosplayers but some steampunk gang with all too reasonable explanations and worldviews. I was in some kind of danger. Then Akari came chrashing in. I was in some kind of mixture of steampunk karaoke bar and spaceport salloon. Name of the place was really: Club Afterlife...
      I remember it from Mass Effect

      Rest of the dream was like adventure / thriller scifi movie but I'm unable to move any real happenings. Just the atmosphere, two locations (computer gamelike) and feeling of important mission while being hunted
    3. frag

      by , 12-27-2012 at 09:35 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Someone was talking to me about the new mass effect. They were saying that the throw animations in the game were really difficult to make. Time travel was also involved. I also remember some girl calling me up and talking about skating.
    4. Reaper invasion

      by , 07-25-2012 at 11:47 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at a base on earth that vaguely reminds me of a futuristic version of my grandma's house, and I get word from an Asari that the reapers have just arrived....actually that's the only race that happens to be in here. I happen to be one myself, but I don't get that many details like rank or anything, but I know it's up there a little bit because people a reporting to me. Canibals attack the base quickly and start taking hostages and claiming lives. I head out the side exit and I can see a few muraders and a brute escorting people into a transport. Damnit, why didn't these people prepare more. I don't have any weapons so I can't save them. I got to thinking as I headed through a wooded area. I didn't completely know I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn't myself. I decided to try and wake up.

      I'm in bed and I can make out a figure in the darkness. It's saying "hulk don't want to smash". WTF...pretty sure it's nothing. I open my eyes again and this time things are more clear. Hulk has one arm raised and is about to kill me. I spring out of bed moments before he obliterates my bed into pieces. Someone asks me "are you alright Peter" I tell them yeah. (thinking back to this, I wonder why I never dream of being Deadpool....oh well). I head into another area and Dr P. is there. Ge tells me that Hulk has been indoctrinated by the reapers. We figure it's because his mind isn't all there during the transformation. I'm in the middle of the desert and the reapers are already here? WTF, I thought they would be working on major cities first or something. We head to this cafe that gives me the impression were near area 51. Inside it has all these "UFO" pictures, but they were taken days ago. I recognize them. The reapers are here.

      I had another dream about going to church and I want to say something involving my car and a random girl, but I don't remember. Oddly it was my last dream of the night.
    5. Got lucid

      by , 06-04-2012 at 07:31 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember seeing some guy jum from telephone pole to pole and seein my grandma and my cousin. Next dream was a DEILD, and I remember thing getting extra black. I flew a little bit and fell. And I also remember touching and eating a bunch of clovers to stay lucid.

      I also remember being a quarian infiltrator.
    6. Waste of a lucid

      by , 04-29-2012 at 05:16 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      This had to be low level. I remember I was playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and instead of a controller I was using toy guns instead. I spent a while crafting an ak47 and pulling several guns out of my dirty clothes hamper. Some needed batteries so I made some of those as well.
    7. Megaman

      by , 02-01-2012 at 07:18 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm out with a bunch of super hero's, and we're fighting a shit load of Dr. WIley's robots. Land, sea, air, you name it. I'm not sure exactly who I'm with, but there was this one girl who reminded me of catwoman. She was wearing a skin-tight suit, and she had a black mask. When we were almost finished with everything (huge freaking war going on....only think there were a few scattered skirmishes going on) she went into this hut.

      I followed her, and she got out these medallions with symbols on them. I couldn't read them, but they reminded me of kanji. I don't know the exact number of them, but when she bought them out they started glowing green, and floating evenly out in the room. For some reason I knew what she was going to do, and said "you're going to summon Mephistopheles aren't you"!? She said she needed to change the past, and I told her that things may even be worst off. I asked her if she gained any new powers since the war, and before she could answer me, he entered through a white portal. He was short, almost reptilian looking. She told him what she wanted, and he granted the wish before I could intervene.

      Now I'm back in the water, and there are natural animals there thriving. No psychopathic robots there to kill me....no more heroes either. Then I heard in sort of a voice over that the Krogan race had been spared.
    8. you're all going to be okay

      by , 11-30-2011 at 07:19 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at this base station. On who knows what planet with Commander Sheppard. We were making our escape out of it. I don't know why they held us captive, but I do know that there was a bigger threat looming about. There was going to be a major attack on the planet, and we were there to get them ready.

      The only person who believed us was this one woman who was native to the planet. She was brown, and she looked really close to being human. She had this thick northern European accent. She was the one who lead us out. I think the people who had us captured, were working for the people who were planning to attack....so that's why the held us up.

      Anyway, we ended up breaking out, and and killing a lot of people along the way, and just before we got into our shuttle, she told us to remember to visit there. I told her greatest weakness that the planet had was the fact that it didn't know it was capable of defending itself. She gave both Shepard and myself a kiss on the cheek, and I said "how about one on the lips if you really want to see us again". Then she gave me a kiss on the lips, and we headed out.

      In the shuttle, I was talking to Sheppard saying my version of this world may be totally different, and that these guys (including that girl) might have been completely hostile to me.
    9. Gears effect

      by , 09-16-2011 at 08:28 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I think I was in a real life mission. I remember some vehicle that looked like an open monorail. There was lava everywhere......recall gets blurry

      I'm playing a version of gears of war with my friend D. It's a side scrolling game like contra, but I know it's gears because they have chain saw bayonets. We were at the last boss, and we died. D said he was going to give up, and I was kinda upset about it. I told him all we needed to do is stand in the middle of the screen and keep everything that comes on the outside clear.

      I don't think he was trying to hear me. Jack walked and she started playing with J's kid for a bit. She looked almost like her video game counterpart if she aged, grew out her hair, and died it. She was still tatted up and everything else. She ended up picking up the controller, and we started playing until the dream ended.
    10. Wednesday, August 18, 2010

      by , 08-18-2010 at 04:37 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)

      I remembered to set my WBTB alarm...but I forgot to actually turn it on...so of course I didn't wake up at the appropriate time to make a WILD attempt. Oh well...at least I was able to remember a couple dreams, and this time after I had already gotten up and things were against me remembering them at all!

      Dream 1: I was in a mix of Bioshock and Mass Effect. Geth were attacking (I guess I should be giving them more validity as a dream sign if the buggers are going to keep showing up...I haven't even played Mass Effect in a while, but for some reason Geth have been everywhere lately!) and everyone in the facility was defenseless. I was being chased by one of the machines when I dove around a corner and hid behind a pile of crates. The Geth fired at me as I fled, but missed and instead took out one of the crates on the top of the pile. I covered my head as debris and the objects inside the crate came crashing down, but managed to remain silent, so the Geth moved on down the hallway without noticing my hiding place.

      Once I had opened my eyes again, I saw what had fallen out of the broken crate: plasmids. I picked up the first one and saw the Electro Bolt symbol on it, then took a deep breath and injected it into my arm. It felt very realistic...and the DNA re-writing process felt weird, too. A rush of body heat, increased clarity of vision...and finally, a lot of little lightning bolts coming from my left hand. Encouraged, I also grabbed an Incinerate and stuck it in my pocket, but didn't inject it.

      The Geth that had tried to kill me was still in sight down the hall a ways, so I jumped out of my hiding place and with a yell I let out a bolt of lightning right on the blasted thing. Being mechanical, the electricity instantly shorted out the Geth's hardware and made it fall to the ground, useless.

      Unfortunately, I had been a bit too quick to jump out and attack. Now everyone knew where I was, and a million Geth began slowly advancing down the hallway from the opposite direction. I tried to shoot out lightning once again, but this time it only flickered faintly in my hand; I couldn't produce a real bolt. I desperately pulled out the Incinerate plasmid as I backed down the hallway one step at a time. I tried to use pyrokinesis, but I barely generated enough heat to create viscosity in the air.

      "Uh oh."

      I turned and ran back for the crates then as a million bullets flew at me. Somehow I managed to reach safety before any of them hit.

      "Hypo, hypo, where's an EVE hypo?!" I said to myself as I searched through the other crates.

      Finally I found one, stuck it in my arm, and I was able to emit a burst of flames from my hand. I jumped out from hiding and began spraying fire at every Geth I could see. The realism of the fire was awesome; the hallway and Geth were all made of metal, and they appropriately blackened or glowed orange-hot, not to mention the light simply reflected in a very accurate and detailed way.

      I woke up sometime around then.

      Dream 2: I'm low on time, so I'll have to keep this one short. I was basically seeing a replay of a memory from one of my filming jobs. At first things were accurate, but then the wrong music started to play in the background.

      "Wait a minute, that's not right..." I thought to myself. "I didn't choose this music!"

      I didn't go lucid, though, I just figured someone else had made a last-minute change. But then other things started being different than they were supposed to be, and I couldn't ignore them as easily.

      "This just isn't right! What's going on here?"

      Then someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get ready, because we would all have to leave in 18 minutes.

      I started to head out and get my things together, but I kept an eye over my shoulder, wondering what was going on. Then...SMACK! I ran right into the doorframe because of my carelessness.

      I woke up with my nose bleeding...probably coincidence. This isn't the Matrix, after all.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. ARCHIVE: Thursday, April 22, 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 02:14 AM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Quote Originally Posted by LiveInTheDream View Post
      I had no dream recall yesterday, which is why there was no entry.

      Today, I've only got a bit better recall. I think I just keep falling too deep into sleep because I've been up later than usual.

      In my notes I have written that the dream was like a mixture of Mass Effect and Monsters Inc., but I have absolutely no idea what that is supposed to mean. Don't remember Monsters Inc. being involved at all...but here's what I do remember.

      (for those of you unfamiliar with Mass Effect, I've linked to key game elements so you can get an idea of what was going on in the context of the game)

      Everyone was on the Presidium level of the Citadel from Mass Effect. The place was still a huge mess from Sovereign and Saren's attack, and I was on a team of people cleaning up a part of the financial district.

      The dream was incredibly clear; like the detail of a lucid dream without the lucidity. I put on fingerless leather gloves to get to work, and the little bumps on the leather looked and felt as they would in real life. As I worked to pick things up and clean debris away, I felt muscular exertion, as if I really was doing hard work.

      Even though there was a ton of work to be done, it really wasn't that bad to have to do it. Everyone was just happy for the Geth War to be drawn to somewhat of an end and for the Reaper to have been destroyed. Plus, I was doing all the work with friends (some from real life, others aliens from the game, namely a Salarian and an Asari) which kept our spirits up, since we could talk and make jokes the whole time.

      But the entire day was not to go so well. After finishing up our assigned area on the financial district, we were sent down into the Wards...to help fix up Chora's Den.

      There was a group of shady characters on the other side of the place, supposedly also cleaning things up. But they were arguing the whole time, apparently on a racial basis. There were a few humans and one Krogan, and I suppose having the majority made them feel confident enough to oppose the alien. But it was still foolish, as eventually they angered the Krogan enough to make him fire a weapon at them, and (big surprise) they had the weapons to fight back.

      Misfires proceeded to take out my team, although we attempted to hide. They hit everyone aside from me and one other person. But the Salarian and Asari were completely riddled with holes. Angered, I pulled out a pistol and promptly took down the one surviving human from the other side of the room. Blood was everywhere; my friend had to run off to avoid throwing up on the spot.

      Then something strange happened. A bunch of mice ran out from the debris and began to climb into the bullet holes on the dead Asari. Somehow they reanimated her and she stood up, now bent on my destruction.

      The dream then went into third person and followed me as if the whole thing were just a video game. I tried to run away from the Asari, but it seemed everywhere I went I would reach a dead end and get caught, which would cause the dream to 'load the autosave' from when the Asari was transformed. I'd watch the mice all over again and then try to run away, but get stuck in a dead end. This went on for five or six more tries before I finally found a passage that had been partially blocked by debris, preventing me from seeing it in the past. I managed to take that passage without getting slowed down to the point of being caught by the Asari, and this time got far enough away for her to lose my trail.

      Then I hid and waited for her to come my way. When she did, I pulled out my pistol again and shot her in the head. She completely exploded, sending mice flying everywhere before they scattered and ran.

      I woke up shortly after that.
      Tags: epic, mass effect