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    1. Felt like posting some dreams

      by , 10-01-2016 at 08:46 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'll start this post with a few dream fragments from past week...or two:

      -I saw a huge fiery space rock falling down, lighting up the evening sky. My vision jumped to space. I saw the fireball fly around the planet twice, then it escaped Earth's gravity and disappeared.

      -Thanos and Avengers were fighting on a distant planet over the green infinity stone. Thanos got the stone. My vision jumped to space. I saw a black and gray planet, like it was made of metal. It had a small moon as well. The planet and it's moon teleported, as Thanos used the stone.

      - I ran into a tall woman in some sort of barn or whatever. Somehow I knew she was a monster, like I had met her before. "I know what you are." I told her. Her expression changed. I shouldn't have said anything. I tried to run past her as she was transforming. Her legs and arms grew longer and she grabbed me with one hand. She lifted me up against the wall as her pretty human face turned into a disgusting maw. Then she screamed. It was the loudest freaking screech. It was painful to hear it.

      Dreams from today

      Exploring another alien planet

      I was on an alien planet, in a massive city with humans, inside a research facility. I was hungry, and found vending machine with something resembling pink and white pudding. I wondered if it was safe to eat. I tried to read the ingredients from the side. First of all, the ingredients were in an alien language. I couldn't read it. I kept looking at the cup as I walked through the empty corridors. I found a lab with three researchers growing bacteria. Two of them was my age, one of them was a girl. The oldest guy was leading the study and clearly busy. As he ran around the room, I still tried to read my pudding cup. There was a part that was in Finnish now, but all the ingredients were alien to me. I don't know what I was expecting. The female researcher told me it was safe to eat. She had straight black hair.

      I left the research facility with the girl. A wide street was full of people. We walked past a Quidditch arena. The city was clean and futuristic. I tried to talk with the girl. I asked her name, but she didn't give it at first. After asking a couple of times, she turned towards me and told me her name, but all sounds were muffled as she told it. I couldn't hear it.

      Somehow we end up in water. We are going to her friends house that's in some water filled cave apparently. As we dive, this extremely strong current carries us into complete darkness. I HATE it. I summon a glow stick or something, but it barely provides any light. I see small glimmers of light as the group of people I dived with pass by me. There are some ruins in the cave that we are surging through incredibly fast. I spot these structures when I get really close. I'm spinning out of control as the current keeps carrying me.

      We end up in a large air pocket in the cave. There are houses built above the water and it's still very dark. I crawl out of the water, onto a wooden walkway in front of the houses. The group is exploring the place. I hear growling. There is a monster dog here. One guy from the group know the dog and I get the idea that the dog is friendly. I summon a flashlight so I can see the dog. Very alien looking dog, but seems chill around the other guys. Tentacles reach forward from my flashlight and scratch the dog. He seems to enjoy it. Dream ends.

      Mice Village

      I was in a snow covered farm-like area. There was a large group of people behind me, some I recognized as old schoolmates. The place doesn't look even remotely familiar. The winding path leads to a pond that's partly frozen. I see a cat on the other side of the pond. I jump towards the cat. I make it over easily. I look back and signal one of my friends to jump there. The pond looks a lot larger from this side, no human can make that jump.

      I continue forward. The outdoor area starts changing into a building progressively. Wooden crates, large shelves, floor panels...and suddenly there's walls and a ceiling, I'm inside a building. The group follows. Among the crates we find tiny houses. Then we see mice. We are all suddenly tiny, mouse-sized. It becomes a bit hazy, but we climb the shelves and meet with some talking mice. We don't trust them. We arm ourselves with weapons found in the area: tiny golden sawed-off shotguns and stuff like that. The shelves are separating two rooms, behind them is a human-sized toilet and a lionman in sitting on it, reading a book or a magazine.

      I wander off as a disembodied observer and find Cartman. Then I find the rest of the South Park crew and the creators Matt and Trey. Matt and Trey acknowledge that they are inside the world they created and that it's weird.
    2. Some dreams I've had in the past week

      by , 09-16-2016 at 08:23 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      -I was chatting on IRC in the dream. I recognized two nicks to be from DV: Centroid and Machanic. (I don't think I've seen Machanic, Centroid I have.)

      -There was a hospital in the middle of a desert. I was outside. A man wanted to put restrains on me. He looked scared. I agreed to this, because I had some supernatural condition where I lost my mind randomly and transformed into a monster. I could feel my sanity fading and I think I summoned a sandstorm in the area.

      -I'm at the bottom of some sea. It's dark and I'm swimming away from a shark. I hate it. Then a huge maw rises from the darkness and opens up. It's some sort of massive monster squid. It sucks a lot of water in, and I can't escape. I yell, die and wake up.


      -Two dreams where women were way too friendly towards me. Semi-lucid due to that. I had some awareness.


      Lucid dream: I was in a really gloomy house. Wooden, dark, broken house with two floors. There was some sort of bad guy there. I think I was hunted and then tortured. The dream ended badly and started from the beginning. I realized that and wondered, if it's safe to stop the normal progression of the dream and do my own thing. The surrounding gloomy room now looked more like my grandma's house. Still dark and broken down. I wanted to summon someone. I imagined pulling someone up from nothing, like pulling a rabbit from a hat. Only a square shaped head appeared. I visualized a person and the head grew a body in front of me. I had visualized my brother, so the squarehead was now my brother, even though he looked nothing like him. I tried to talk to him. He barely said anything. I wandered the house with him and encountered my mom. Lucidity faded away and I continued to dream non-lucidly for several hours.


      -I was on an island. I was alone, no signs of life. There was some forest and green hills. I feel like something great happened in the dream, but I only recall wandering on that island.

      -The Avengers were in their base. Ironman was heading off on some mission. Thor's actor was playing a SHIELD agent. The elevators were weird high tech things. I manifested a body. I had a large 6 sided die. It was black with a lot of dark gray symbols in it. The symbols were barely visible, but some of them started glowing if you looked from the right angle. Ironman came to look at it too. It was a message. "It's her..." was the first part of the message. I can't recall the whole thing. The dream skipped to some temple ruins far away. Ozymandias from Watchmen was fighting Joker on a huge stone staircase leading deep underground. Both sides had a ton of knives. Dream jumped again. I was underwater, a glacier was melting. I surfaced and saw Firestorm (DC Comics hero). I was thinking about the glaciers melting and what that meant, what it would lead to.

      -I was living in some mansion. My mom told me about my famous relative Aku. (fiction, I have no such relative) Outside the mansion there was a field and some school kids playing. The teacher started making some food. Suddenly there was a large table full of food and everyone was eating. I recall eating pancakes and some toffee/chocolate dessert that was rose flavored? The rose chocolate toffee was on a stick and shaped like a fish. Tasted good. I wasn't that hungry though. I talked with the teacher and told her my home was 16km away. I believed to be in Pori, it looks like.

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    3. D.C. & Marvel Team Up?!

      by , 08-24-2016 at 06:41 PM
      (First Person Point of view)
      I remember waking up on the couch of Bruce Wayne's library, I looked around and notice Alfred carrying tea and about to go through the clock to the Batcave. I checked my self in a nearby mirror and I was in my uniform and looked the way I always make myself look in the dream. I caught up with Alfred and he looked at me happy. "Miss Cross, your awake." He Said. "Alfred, I told you before, jut call me Alma. Anywhoo, what are you doing? Where's Bruce?" I asked. "He's in the Batcave with some guests." He said while pressing buttons on the elevator. I was kinda confused and thought to myself, 'Bruce has guests? In the Batcave? Who would he possibly have?' Then it hit me, the Justice League! Alfred and I went down the clock elevator, we came to the Batcave and I rushed out and started to run down the stairs yelling, "Guuuyyss!" They all looked at me with smiling faces(except Batman, but that's normal with his in uniform) I ran face first into Superman's chest. "I missed you guys, y'all never visit" I said as I hugged Superman. "Alma! Good to see you!" he said as I hugged the other Justice League members. Barry picked me up and skinned me around, fast. "How's my niece?" He asked while laughing. "I'm good uncle Barry! Now put me down, I'm getting dizzy!" I yelled. I heard Batman grumble, "When did she become your niece?" "Well your like her guardian so I made her my niece." Barry said. "Same here." said Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. "Fine." Batman Said. I smiled, "So why are y'all here?" I asked. "We got a warning, something about a Doomsday." Superman Said. I stopped to think, I've heard that somewhere before. Then I remembered about the creature Doomsday that was stronger then Superman and ended up killing him. "Oh no no no no no." I mumbled. Batman put a hand on my shoulder, "Alma, what's wrong?" He asked. "Doomsday!" I yelled. They all gave me confused faces. I rolled my eyes, "Doomsday is a huge creature/person that is far more stronger then Superman, he was created to kill Superman!" I Continued. "Even with all of y'all together, you won't be able to stop him." Batman looked at me, "Alma, how do you know all of this?" he asked. "I-I don't know, I just do! I saw all of y'alls deaths!" I said. They started to talk amongst them selfs. I needed a plan, they couldn't stop Doomsday, I needed to get help. Not just anyone, hero's who are sting as batman, who are quick and tough. Then I got an idea. If Superman is the strongest in this dimension, I can go to another. "Okay, I got it!" I yelled. They all looked at me. "Okay before you freak out, and I'm talking to you Batman, y'all can't take on Doomsday by y'alls self so what if I go and get more hero's who are as strong as y'all? Y'all can team up and beat Doomsday and no one will die!" I finished. "where are you going to get more people?" Batman said folding his arms. "In another dimension." I said frankly. "What?" They all said at the same time. "I have the powers to travel to different dimensions, its not weird. Uncle Barry can travel through time!" I said. "And I'm friends with some powerful heros." I continued. "Yeah right, like there's hero's more powerful then us." Green Lantern said while scoffing. "Well... yeah, they could be." I mumbled. The next thing i know im in some city leading Spiderman, Thor, The Hulk, Black Panther, Vision, and Iron Man(Even though i said no) Into my portal that went back to the DC universe. Then i remember introducing the Avengers to the Justice league, then even though i said we had two weeks until Doomsday came, he was already here, so we all fought him(even though Batman told me to stay out of it) It was a hard battle but we beat him, with no casualties. ^-^ Everyone said their goodbyes and thanks and such and i took back the Avengers to their universe and went back to the DC universe. The last thing i remember before i woke up was Green Lantern saying "Alright, they could probably kick my ass if they wanted too."

      I really liked this dream because i saw DC and Marvel characters together and i was even fangirling in my dream. It was funny to see them interact with each other. Well until next dream. Bye~
      P.s.-Pictures are me in my dream world, I have finally perfected the way I want to look in my world, so yea that's how I usually look in my dreams.(I know cause I look at my self in the mirror, in the dream)
      lucid , memorable
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails French proposal at reunion-screenshot_2016-08-24-12-29-19.jpg   French proposal at reunion-screenshot_2016-08-24-12-29-21.jpg   French proposal at reunion-screenshot_2016-08-24-12-29-16.jpg   French proposal at reunion-screenshot_2016-08-24-12-29-33.jpg  
    4. Teleportation Practice

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:40 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Teleportation Practice part 1 (DILD)


      I am at my college at night and want to go to sleep because I vaguely know that I was trying to WILD but the rational parts of my brain aren't working i guess. I try to find a place to sleep but can't. The dream changes and I am in my mom's office helping her with something. I randomly do a nose plug RC and realize I'm dreaming. I fly out the window before I consider my goals. I am in a difference building and city than my mom's real office. I land on a roof and feel the roof to stabilize. That's right, my goal is to practice teleporting. I close my eyes and picture my bed room because that should be my most familiar place. When I open my eyes there is nothing and I can tell I'm waking up. I try and feel the carpet of my room but feel my bed sheets instead. I wake for a short WBTB. I tag this dream and try WILD again.

      Teleportation Practice Part 2 (DILD)


      I am in some sort of bizarro sandbox world where I can make what ever I want. There is infinite flat grass to the horizon. There is a bunch of random technicolor stuff built around me like if someone was building with lego but didn't have enough to not use random colors. I am working on the colors of some furtniture. I have an eye dropper that is more like the size of a turkey baster to copy the colors from one place to a another. I am making a bed have blue bedsheets and remember that I am in bed. I remember that my goal is to practice teleporting so I give it a try. I think about teleporting home but based on the previous dream that might just lead to a FA or destabilization. I close my eyes and imagine the ally way in a neighborhood near my apartment. I should be able to train there without any DCs around. The ally way appears and flys in beneath my feet. Everything on the left looks right but on my right there is a soccer field behind a chainlink fence with DCs playing. There is also some DCs talking in the ally. I practice some telekinesis on a rock but deside against it because of the DCs and that I should keep training teleporting. I up in the air and remember I want to talk to Androx. I yell,"Androx, I summon you." Wait didn't I want to go to LA and see if I can find the DHL headquarters and I start flying in that direction. "Wait, wasn't the whole point to teleport?" I get a bit overwelmed with different goals. If I can fly as fast as last time I should be able to get there in less than a second. I think as I start to fly over some mountains. I hit some fog though and loose my vision.

      The dream changes to me in a tunnel under the mountains. A guy in a green robot suit is attacking some cars. Suddenly, Iron Man flys into him and pushes him into a room connected to the tunnel. I run in and see Iron Man get blasted in the corner. "Oh so you brought your friends? I will take care of them too." the titanium man looking guy says and shoots some sort of energy beam at me. It deflects off my body and I start throwing random things at him to taunt him. "Grah" he says and throws a sticky bomb at me. I TK a wooden palate into the bomb and fling it away. I pick him up with TK and fling him into a trash compactor in the corner and pull the lever with TK. I hear a crunch and think he is dead but I hear him say, "I can still breath. Help!" I guess it broke his suit but it protected him from death. Iron Man steps out of the rubble in the corner and takes off his suit which turns into a brief case. He asks who I am and I explain that I am part of a new superhero team from a different timeline. I think he would actually make a useful ally for the Dream Hero League. "Your timeline is about to get really bad. Come with me to my timeline where you can make a difference. If you really want to go back after I can teleport you to right before I came here." Tony and I walk while he considers it. Hawkeye and Captain America run into the room. I pat them on the shoulders as I walk by and whisper to Tony "We don't need people like them. Only powerful people like you. Oh and Thor. We should find Thor." I consider Hulk but I think he is to much of a loose trigger to be helpful. This is pre Age of Ultron Tony so Vision and Scarlet Witch aren't around yet either. While we walk down the tunnel Black Widow and Nick Fury jump out and hold guns to me. They tell Tony not to listen to me and I might be an enemy. I say to Tony, "About that teleport." I grab his arm and close my eyes. I have never tried teleporting someone with me before but it's good practice. I imagine the DHL headquarters and teleport us.

      I open my eyes and I am in some sort of government building. Tony is no longer Tony but a handsome but average looking man. Teleporting has made me loose track of my goals again. I think I am trying to insert this man in the FBI as my spy. There is a guard at the door checking if we have clearance. The spies name is John. Wow what an average person. He has clearance. The guard looks at me suspiciously and say "Your guest needs clearance too." And starts looking through his paperwork. I punch him in the jaw and he drops to the floor. I look through the paperwork and sure enough my name isn't on there. John and I run inside. It looks like a plain office. "Wow this place is so boring." John says with a British accent. "Oh, yea, I guess this is the FBI in the default dream timeline. They pretty much don't do much exciting stuff in real life. Maybe the CIA in the James Bond timeline would be more your speed." I see a really bored looking woman in a cubicle. I say to her," Hey, want to go on an adventure?" She says yes and looks excited to do something actually cool. The guard runs into the room holding his jaw. He looks furious. I grab John and the womans arms and we run through a door. We a few floors up on a balcony over looking the loby. I jump over the banister and pull the DCs with me. Here goes. I close my eyes and picture myself landing on solid ground without falling.

      My feet touch ground right away. That means we teleported. I think the feat of falling makes it more effective. I open my eyes and we are at the bottom of a staircase. The banister is now pat of the staircase. There are people in suits and dresses mingling. I pull them into the staircase and find a place where we are alone. "You are both in the CIA in this timeline now. Tell me your names so I can find you when I need information." Wait, wasn't I trying to find the DHL headquarters? Why am I infiltrating the CIA. I think I need to be more careful to hold onto my awarness when teleporting. The woman says her name is Rosa something or another. I touch her shoulder and repeat her name. I turn to John to ask his last name but wake up right away. I try to DEILD and get close but it feels a bit to late in the dream.

      I am pretty happy that I did my goal and learned a lot about teleporting. It should be a much more reliable way of traveling if I can maintain lucidity and my goals. Now I have to decide what my next goal should be. Should I try and teleport to the DHL headquarters and fight the armed men. Or should I summon Androx and ask him about my dream world and dream guide. He might give me new powers too. Write in the comments what you think I should do.
    5. Level Up (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-22-2014 at 07:57 AM
      I was walking around with one of my friends (who we'll call Elise) around my first primary school + some random school. Then out of nowhere came a bunch of twelve/thriteen year olds and they were talking about a new trend, similar to YOLO but it was #Disconnect. No idea what that was about. Elise soon left my side because she was arguing with two guys about something Marvel related.

      I then came across this dark dungeon and I soon discovered it was some sort of game arena. You had to go through the underground cavern, fight something and then you would level up. In one of the games I did I became a small dragon (I keep doing my LD goals in non LDs, what's up with that?) and had to fight another small dragon. The only thing that bothered me about this was that we were moving EXTREMELY slow as if we were in slow motion the entire time. I somehow managed to break through that and defeat the opposing dragon.

      Later I was being bothered by some guy from my school who annoys me a lot, he kept trying to hit on me and grab my hand (in the dream), so I turned around and kicked him in the balls. That didn't send him the message, so I got inside some house and then it went into a Sim game edit mode and I built a wall around my house, plus two staircases, one led to the 'level up' game and the other lead to the ground thousands of ft below.

      After that I was in my school, except it was a lot bigger and I went to have a shower. Then someone from outside the shower demanded that we had to get out of there ASAP. I peeked through the door and I saw someone taking my towel and clothes. I didn't want to walk out naked, so I asked if someone could get me a towel. I soon got one, but I had to step out naked to get it. I then had to walk around in a towel and underwear. I got downstairs in this building and saw a girl from my school with my clothes and towel. She gave me my clothes, but I only had a shirt, so I hid behind a table stacked with clothes, put the shirt on, removed my underwear and put on pants (totally logical, well done me).

      Somewhere in the dream I went to do a RC (not because I questioned my dream state, just out of habit) but I woke up just before I did and my arm was moving to do it in real life so I ended up doing the RC whilst awake .
    6. Megaman

      by , 02-01-2012 at 07:18 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm out with a bunch of super hero's, and we're fighting a shit load of Dr. WIley's robots. Land, sea, air, you name it. I'm not sure exactly who I'm with, but there was this one girl who reminded me of catwoman. She was wearing a skin-tight suit, and she had a black mask. When we were almost finished with everything (huge freaking war going on....only think there were a few scattered skirmishes going on) she went into this hut.

      I followed her, and she got out these medallions with symbols on them. I couldn't read them, but they reminded me of kanji. I don't know the exact number of them, but when she bought them out they started glowing green, and floating evenly out in the room. For some reason I knew what she was going to do, and said "you're going to summon Mephistopheles aren't you"!? She said she needed to change the past, and I told her that things may even be worst off. I asked her if she gained any new powers since the war, and before she could answer me, he entered through a white portal. He was short, almost reptilian looking. She told him what she wanted, and he granted the wish before I could intervene.

      Now I'm back in the water, and there are natural animals there thriving. No psychopathic robots there to kill me....no more heroes either. Then I heard in sort of a voice over that the Krogan race had been spared.
    7. I can shoot fireballs!

      by , 10-22-2011 at 06:34 AM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      I can shoot fireballs!

      I just had my 40th LD through a DILD. What I originally did is I WBTB then attempted to WILD, but instead of SP kicking in, I fell asleep. But the good news is, I had a DILD. I really can't remember how the hell I became Lucid or Aware in the dream, but all I know is: I'm in a dream. It was dark, and I was in this open parking lot surrounded by a lot of buildings. I wondered to myself what would I do. I tried to fly, and I flied with out a problem. I flied like Iron man with my 2 hands thrusting fire to the ground. Though I wasn't actually in an armored suit. After a couple of seconds of flying, I thought to myself to try my fire powers. So I aimed my palm in this one spot and boom:
      A fireball came out of my palm. I was proud of myself. I settled myself at the top of this very tall building. I decided to summon Jarvis. Jarvis is the robot voice inside Iron Man's suit and Jarvis is the HUD(heads up display) itself. The program that's like: Warning, enemy fire detected or enemy location: South East. Here's an example of a HUD to give you an idea:

      I was able to summon Jarvis back then, and it was awesome. Jarvis warned me when the dream's destabilizing, and there's a meter of that shows me how much vivid my dream is. But as I was saying, I tried to summon Jarvis, but things didn't go well this time. I screamed: "Jarvis!". A HUD appeared in my own point of view, but suddenly, the dream started destabilized. Everything turned black. What happened next was a mystery. I was only able to recall this dream when I was having breakfast.

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    8. Hulk Smash!

      by , 06-04-2011 at 09:23 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So, I'm at this random location, and I have this ticket that I'm so sure that will be a winner, and I'm telling someone about it. I checked my pockets a few moments later, and it's gone. I start telling my friends to search for it, and one of them isn't there anymore.

      Some cop guy comes up and tells me if he were in my shoes he would just kill the guy who stole my winning ticket. During this time I can hear over the radio that the winning amount will be doubled. I'm kinda mad, but I start thinking "well maybe I didn't deserve this money anyway".

      Just then I hear an explosion, and incredible hulk bursts through a wall into the room I'm in. Right now It looks like we're in some sort of restaurant because of the number of tables around, but there are a lot of walls. He's trying to kill me in the same manner as the berserkers in gears of war do. I'm making last second left turns so he ends up running past me, as he smashes through several walls.

      I found huge gun and I was going to use it on him, but I found out it had a delay. He rushed at me again, knocking tables everywhere and smashing through other walls. I held down the trigger, and ran from him during his third rush....as soon as he came to a stop, I had the gun pointed at his head, and I heard an explosion, and I ducked behind the next wall.
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