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    1. I hate school! also tea towel pelvis anime owo

      by , 01-28-2019 at 12:29 AM
      Hola Senoritas and Senors, heres tonights dream, I was highly scared that I forgot the entirety of my dream last night! but then it came back to me.

      So, in tonights dream... I was on my phone looking at someones instagram, then I noticed that the stuff in their room appeared in my room, I got my little brother to look at all. We noticed that most of the items in there were items we already had then I said 'I guess we can't take items we don't have already.' but we took everything we could get, then the person that we were taking the stuff from came in, and put all the stuff back. i looked back on it again, and she was pretending to be a baby and all that stuff and I was just like what the hell?.

      after that, I left the house and went to school at 4 am on sunday, then I noticed everyone started coming and I was freaking out, apparently i checked the time and it was already Thursday! what!. Thankfully, my social worker picked me up then took me to this place to just talk to me and stuff, then she took me to this room in this building and it had these 3 guys in it and her,

      I'm pretty sure one of the guys was from my daydream life, to elaborate: I'm always daydreaming, even now I am, and I usually imagine I live in this house with these people in it and we're all friends and stuff, though I don't really control it it just kinda happens y'know?, So it's just a second life happening in the background, anyways other than my craziness..

      they were playing this game, it was like a 3D anime game, and they were choosing their characters, and one of them was this 3D anime girl with long black hair and a japanese swimsuit, then they decided it'd be funny to add a tea towel on the front of her pelvis, then we all laughed hysterically at this tea towel that was placed on her pelvis. After this I left with my social worker, and it was like 9 pm.

      This guy came with me too, not sure who it was, I have a feeling it might've been my internet friend Gavin again but not too sure, and we went to the backyard and it was snowing and everything and it was amazing, I got some ice skates and told them to put it on and told them ''if you put these on you can skate across the snow'', we happily did so then I woke up.


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    2. Relatively Normal Day

      by , 03-11-2014 at 01:21 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      This dream was pretty close to real life, aside from some minor discrepancies. Not much out of the ordinary here.
      I went to a new house to babysit my little cousin for the day. My grandpa gave me the tour of the house, which was still being worked on. This relates to my aunt's new house in real life, but the house in the dream did not look the same (one of the discrepancies I mentioned). Throughout the day, it was mainly just me following and playing with my cousin, or watching those educational cartoons with her. At one point, I ended up spending the night there, though my memory as to why is pretty hazy. I also walked in on my girlfriend watching a strange TV program based on Bioshock Infinite??!
      There WAS a moment where I thought 'am I dreaming?' and performed a reality check, BUT...I'm pretty sure I was too close to being awake for this to work, so it didn't count. Still, that's progress if it was my dream self thinking that and not my waking self.
    3. 12/5/12 The second night

      by , 12-09-2012 at 08:24 AM
      Throughout the entire night i had quite a few dreams, although none of them were lucid. The first dream i had that night was about some guys trying to rob me. In real life, i take martial arts and i was trying to fight the guys off of me and i did. After that i woke up. Then feel back to sleep and dreamed something about a guy working on a powerline and i watched him get electrocuted and fall off of the thing he was on and he hit the ground. I woke up again and the way things went during this night I beleive I went though all my REM stages and remembered all my dreams from this night. When i feel back to sleep again, I dreamed I was at my ex-girlfiends house(I should have used reality checks here, but like an idiot I didn't). Some things went on there that you guys can guess on your own lol. Then finally I woke up before the last dream and it was still pretty early. So I dirfted off into a similar situation as the first dream. I think that there was water in the enviroment I was in and I was fighting with many opponents in martial arts. This was the most vivid of them all during the night. The difference in the last dream and the first was i did not feel thretened by guys in the second one. I beleive we were only sparring.
    4. A couple of non-lucid dreams

      by , 12-04-2011 at 10:06 PM
      The first normal dream was with me participating in a running contest around a track, and it was pretty fun. I took first place.

      In the second dream, me and my uncle were in a car, I was driving. We were on a road trip to Britain. It was a really cool dream, so many sights to see. Once we reached Britain I had to switch my car to the wrong side of the road, silly English laws. Soon after we ended up going to Iceland, and there we saw a sign "8km to Indonesia" so we went there. We passed great mountains and huge waterfalls.
      In Indonesia, I saw a bar. We both went inside and I ordered a shot of whiskey and the "bar's special tart" which was a small pastry filled with whipped cream and berries. It cost 50€.
      The bar's owner left and ran to a nearby hill, where he met up with some guerrillas who outfitted two cars with miniguns and rocket launchers. They came back together and told us that we were hostages.
      The bar was at the edge of a lake. Two helicopters came flying towards us on the lake, they wanted to save us from the Indonesian guerrillas. The bartender said "Minigun #1, aim and fire!" One of the miniguns turned and started blasting the helicopters, I saw the co-pilot take a hit and die, and the helicopters also fired at the guerrillas. Both helicopters ended up crashing in the lake and one of the minigun jeeps was destroyed.
      Then one of the guerrillas shouted, "Is that a P-51?" I looked at the sky and there was a P-51 fighting with a jet aircraft, it was really vivid too like the rest of the dream. They did loops and turns and scissors and barrel rolls trying to shoot eachother down, eventually the jet fighter (looked like a P-38 with jets instead of propellors) managed to shoot the P-51 as it stalled.
      And I woke up.
    5. Jungle to Ice Pit

      by , 09-20-2011 at 08:25 PM (Insane Kid's wacky dreams)
      NOTE: Replaced the names of my siblings with just the first letter of their names/nicknames.

      Jungle to Ice pit (Non-lucid)


      So this dream has many pieces that I recall, but they are scattered throughout. Meaning, I caught many pieces of the dream, but they do not exactly flow smoothly.

      It was N, B, and I exploring in dad's dodge. N and I were in the bed, standing up, as B drove. Our current location was in what seemed like a more open jungle. There were areas with tall trees, and areas where the trees only reached up to around the top of the cab. The land was prety bumpy, and it was slow going, but the nice weather and warm temperature made up for the lack of progress.

      We were looking for the tree, the huge tree that housed 1000's of sentient apes. We had been there before, and I could recall certain areas and shops located on various branches of the tree. In fact, the tree was so huge that I recalled I would often forget I was even on a tree. it had primitive elevators, stores, places to stay, and anything that was expected of a somewhat primitive civilization. Since there was absolutely no human settlements or towns, this was our only hope. However, we were having trouble finding it.

      At one point, we catch a glimpse of it in the distance over the shorter trees, but the thick jungle blocked our passage and so we turn around to find another rout. B speeds up a bit, making the ride rather bumpy and is driving around trying to find which direction the tree was in, but we lost it a while ago and can no longer find it.

      We recall that the apes view of humans has changed, and so we would be unwelcome and likely thrown out once we were spotted. With this in mind, we think of this ice cave underground that leads directly to the tree. If we could get inside without them noticing at first, then perhaps those who remembered us from our last visit could help us out.

      At this point there is now snow on the ground, and N and I are the ones trying to enter the cave. We start scaling down this huge hole, about 100ft in diameter, walled by ice and snow shelves, descending 100's of more feet below. At the base is a tunnel walled with ice that goes underground right to the tree. N and I both land on this snow-ledge, probably around 30-40ft below the top. The edge starts to crack, and suddenly breaks as we both plummet downwards.

      At this point, I know there is no way we will survive the fall, and it is going to be certain death. I decide I will simply enjoy the fall since it is the last thin I will experience. I can feel my speed increasing, the woosh of the air, and the pressure building up around my body. Even though I was plummeting to my death, it was a really cool feeling. I see the ground, hear a loud "thump" and everything goes gray.

      I "wake up" and pop out of the snow. I am still at the bottom of the hole, and there is now a man there with me.
      This man apparently was supposed to be N, and in the dream it changed so we had been working together forever and the army sent us. Even so, the mission to find the apes was the same, and consisted of the same reasoning. The man informs me that we were preserved in the cold snow, because it froze us. He also tells me that we have been unconscious for close to 8,000 years. I am extremely startled at this news, and he also showed me this alarm clock-like device that went off, waking him up by mistake. Lucky break. I ask about the apes, and he explains that they populated so much, and refused to expand from the tree, so the tree eventually broke and tipped over killing every single one of them. As a result, apes didn't exist on the planet at all anymore.

      At some point, I actually enter the cave, which turns out to be full of death traps and mechanical devices that try to prohibit progress.
      I don't remember much of this, so I will stop there.
    6. Ari's Return, and also some fighting.

      , 02-22-2011 at 10:48 PM
      Well, I'm back after a long while, with this gem of a dream.

      Normal Dream

      As the previous, unrecalled dream fades, I'm thrust into a scene of action. In this empty parking-lot-esque space is not only me, but four others; a boy of about 11, carrying a knife, a boy of about 15, with a huge knife and a smaller one, a man with an axe, and a weaponless Scott Shelby (from the game Heavy Rain). Realising that I also have no weapon, my first instinct is to kick the 15-year-old in the stomach, steal the larger knife and jump back, anticipating the next move. I block something from the kid, push him away, and somehow get Scott Shelby at knifepoint, ready to drive the huge weapon into his back. After a minute, I realise that the damn thing won't go in! And more importantly, the 15-year-old is approaching me with the knife I left on him, ready to kill me. I leave Scott Shelby alone for the moment, instead going for the kid and shearing off some of his hair, not to mention a lot of his scalp. He screams in agony, rolling backwards, and I back up only to see that he's going for me again. "Shelby, fight for me! Or die!" I command, eyes fixed on my soon-to-be-attacker. "I'll die anyway," he responded, just barely ducking a swing from the axe guy. I successfully disable the 15-year-old and, feeling sorry for the poor kid, start to get him off the ground, where he'd somehow been tied. "You know," I said, "It's funny how I can cut scalps, be completely ready to stab a guy in the back, and stand all sorts of blood, but the second I see a medical show on I change the channel."

      I wake up.
    7. .. It was all a dreaam??

      by , 01-21-2011 at 05:25 AM
      Dream number 9

      This was only very short, and was on a MILD attempted night. I woke up one hour later for WBTB.

      I remember mum being pissed off with me, and I was in my pajamas cooking the barbecue. I looked at my pocket watch, and I had 10 minutes until we were supposed to be there, and anywhere is a 10 minute drive for us. I thought "Mum's gonna be pissed!", so I walked inside, but as I did I crossed her on the cement.

      This dream was very subtle in the way it wasn't too out there, had common elements from my usual life, and usual reactions from Dream Characters.*
      I was using an isochronic tone on my speaker, a brainstorming/creativity one, which mimics the brain inlucid dreaming by bringing it to theta, dropping to alpha and switching back and forth.*

      My MILD's scenario that I'm focusing on is this:
      I find myself on Kate's lounge in her old house. I then realize I am lucid, and as I open the door the scene changes to a vivid circus.

      NOTE: I got to sleep using a WILD, and having this simple yet complex scenario did wonders for the wild, smelling the air change from stuffy to the smell of popcorn, the feel of the lounge fabric, the audience around me in the circus etc.
    8. Just starting

      by , 08-27-2010 at 03:05 AM
      I'm new here, and just got into lucid dreams. Here's one i had a while ago (non-lucid) and weirdly normal

      Me and my old friends were walking down a street i didn't recognize and we went into a shop. then we left. It's the most normal dream i ever had.
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