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    1. Dream where I was in a car driving to the mountains with college aged couples

      by , 10-30-2020 at 03:17 AM
      I had a dream last night where I was riding in an old Jeep Wagoneer like my parents had when I was a child with 3 girls and 2 guys who were all in their early 20’s. I am not sure if we were wrapping-up our time in college or if we had already graduated and were getting away for the weekend.

      When the dream started, I was in the middle of the front seat riding between a tall girl with shoulder length dark brown hair who was driving and a short girl with long red hair who was riding by the window. I remember both girls were wearing jeans, brown knee boots, and leather jackets. In the back seat were two tall guys who were each riding by the window and a shorter girl riding between them right behind me. I had a 24 ounce can of beer between my legs that I was sipping on as was everyone one else in the Jeep except the dark hair girl that was driving us. We are driving down the interstate and mountains are in view in the windshield.

      As we are getting closer to the mountains, the driver turns off of the interstate and then pulls into a gas station. The guy sitting behind the driver seat gets out to pump gas and the girl driving gets out to be with him, while the guy sitting on the passenger side and the girl sitting in the middle go into get some beer and snacks. I start to undo my seatbelt to get out as well, but the redhead sitting on my right puts her arm around me and says I am staying with her. I figure the driver and guy sitting behind her must be a couple because they are hugging on each other and the guy behind her and the girl next to him must be a couple as well since they are walking arm and arm. I have never seen any of them before, but figure the redhead invited me on the trip since she seems to know everyone else and is trying to snuggle with me. While we are in the Wagoneer by ourselves, she is keeping her arm around me and wanting to snuggle. I can tell by the way she is talking that she is starting to get a little tipsy and can smell the beer on her breath when she cuddles with me. As we wait, she starts getting more and more flirty and is grabbing onto me stronger as she keeps cuddling with me.

      The guy and girl that went into the store come back first with a few cases of beer and a few bags of snacks. After the are in, the girl reaches her hand into a bag and pulls out two 24 ounce beers and says we look thirsty as she hands them to me and the redhead. I put mine between my legs and quickly finish off the last few sips of the open one I was working on. About the time I finish, the driver and her boyfriend are opening their doors and getting back in. As she is sitting down in the driver seat, she sees the redhead and I both have empty beer cans and grabs them from us and gets back out to throw them away. She then asks he boyfriend if they have any empties and then takes the empty cans from him and throws them away before getting back in the driver seat and starting up the Wagoneer and pulling away from the gas pump.

      As we are getting close to the mountains, I can see that it is fall as the leaves have turned and are in peak color. The redhead puts her arm around me and pulls me towards her with a really strong grip and tells me how beautiful she the trees look as I can smell the beer on her breath. She lets go of me to take a few sips of beer and I open the fresh can between my legs and take a few sips as the dark haired girl pays attention to the road while the redhead puts her head on my shoulder.

      Soon we are climbing up the mountain and the road is getting windy. The road makes a sharp left turn, the redhead falls on me and shouts Opportunity Corner and then grabs me tight and cuddles with me. Then the road makes a sharp right turn and my body falls on the redhead and she shouts Opportunity Corner again and grabs me tight and snuggles with me again. As we continue to drive up the mountain anytime we make a sharp turn, the redhead shouts Opportunity Corner and the grabs me and cuddles with me.

      As we keep driving up the mountain, the redhead keep grabbing me with an increasingly stronger grip and cuddling longer each time we go around a curve as she is getting more and more tipsy. While her opportunity corner game was cute at first, it is getting more annoying each time we go around a curve and she does it. I look over at the dark haired girl in the driver seat to my left and can tell she is also stating to get annoyed with having to listen to the redhead scream each time we go around a curve. I try to tell the redhead that maybe she should stop playing this game, but she grabs me and pulls me towards her and says she loves cuddling with me. I eventually woke up from this dream while we were still driving up the mountain on a never ending road and the redhead was cuddling with me anytime we went around a curve and getting on everyone’s nerves including mine.
    2. Sunday, 14th of the 6th, 2020

      by , 06-14-2020 at 08:02 PM
      Dream 1: Driving
      I was supposed to get to Rosamond, I think to meet Dad for something. I pulled up the map, and accidentally tapped the wrong town, whose name started with a “B,” that was right next to my destination. The map was completely fictional – The land mass I was on was a large island, and the surrounding towns were all in their own little sections of the map. Rosamond was to the southeast of me, and the GPS had me taking a highway that went south and then out east to the town. I set my destination and started driving.
      The freeways were crazy – they all had ridiculous hills and steep, sharp drops. I felt myself going too fast at times, but when I went to slow down the freeway would smooth out and I’d be back to going 70-75 mph as I usually do. At one point I took the wrong exit; instead of the one that was labelled for my path to the left, I took the exit to the right labelled “Superman,” and took an almost 90-degree drop. My car started to flip over, but the scene switched into a third-person perspective, and I was able to right my angle to land all four wheels before the road started to flatten.
      The dream scene changed as I made it to my destination. It was a big city, reminiscent of Chicago, but it was supposed to be San Diego. The freeway had one more giant hill and drop, but there was too much traffic to get up to it. It was easier just to take the elevator up to the top of the building the freeway connected to, then drive one of the rental cars off the top. So, I got out, met a friend of mine, then we waited in line. The scene changed and ended before I got up to the top.

      Dream 2: Dinner
      Before this begins, I am now not too sure of myself – is this a separate dream, or just a change of scenery?
      I met my family at an Italian restaurant called Rigatony’s, in San Diego. It was rather small and busy inside. This was the kind of place that the locals would eat at. The walls were decorated with these façades of Italian buildings, so it was supposed to feel like we were eating in an alleyway, or in the middle of the street. There was a family a few tables across from us, who had a baby that wouldn’t stop crying. My Dad said this was a pretty popular place, and I asked him how that could be if it was so small. He pointed to one of the doors of the façade, a screen door with frosted glass, and I noticed there were some lights behind it. He told me that door opened up to a whole ‘nother section of the restaurant just like the one we were in. the dream faded out as R2-D2 from star wars was trying to scoot past our table.


      Here I would like to describe the feeling of the decoration in this restaurant. I would describe it as an indoor space trying to seem like an outdoor one. It gives me a strange, otherworldly feeling – like it is completely fake, and I can see that I’m inside if I look closely enough. But if I decide to ignore the details, then I can be immersed and feel like I am outside. Once place in waking life that gives me this feeling is the Venetian in Las Vegas. Look up some pictures of the inside and you’ll see what I mean. The ceiling is painted and lighted to look like the sky, with clouds and sunlight, and if you don’t look closely enough you may be fooled.
    3. Tuesday, 9th of the 6th, 2020

      by , 06-09-2020 at 06:48 PM
      Dream 1:
      I was on a month-long road trip with my brother, around the U.S. Every night, we would stop in a different town and get dinner. In one town, there was a giant party going on, and I saw some guy dancing on the outside edge of a banister on the second story of a strip club before he promptly fell off. Clearly he was drunk, because despite falling 15 feet to the ground, he got right back up and continued dancing.
      A few nights later, we met up with our parents who were also on a trip. My Mom had decided to invite my ex-girlfriend to go with them. Very awkward, considering I had invited my girlfriend to meet me there. I forgot exactly what had happened, but I don't think there was a giant confrontation.
      After me and my brother got home, I made a remark about "surviving for an entire month in the wilderness" and he said, "Yeah, except I bought us dinner almost every night."

      Dream 2 - fragment:
      In my backyard at my house, we have a new pool. It's huge, and takes up basically the entire yard. There's a hot tub too, however it's half of the total pool area, so it's extremely big for a hot tub.
    4. Thursday, February 20

      by , 02-24-2020 at 10:31 PM
      I am either going on or planning a road trip. I am seeing a section of a map that looks like the very northwest states. I think I’ll be travelling through a few states, all the way to the coast. There is something about it not taking that long, but when I really look at the states I think about how long it will really take.
      Tags: road trip
    5. Monday, August 26

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:16 PM
      I am on a road trip with Dad and Makayla, with Dad driving. We are going to Texas, and I see that we’re currently driving through a corner of Utah. It is like I am seeing a satellite map of a moment, and I notice that there is snowfall on the ground right above where we are and will be travelling. It zooms and pans to the right a bit. We pass by many lakes in a short amount of time. They are all fairly small, but they are beautiful. The water is clear enough to see the bottom of an entire lake as well as all the light colored and large rocks within.

      I am in a store with Sage when I grab off of a shelf at about eye level a bottle of Lagunitas beer. I think I had been looking for it and am excited to have found it. I tell Sage how good it is as I open it up. I grab a glass from the shelf and pour the beer fairly vigorously into it, producing only a small, snow white head. The beer has the appearance of carbonated white grape juice and smells of the same. I take a sip and it is good. I pronounce Lagunitas funny and kind of laugh about it. Now, I am parking on the side of a residential street behind another car. Dad is on the lawn of this front/side yard, faced away from me; I have come to meet up with him. I think I have brought the full glass and the remainder in the bottle, each in a cup holder. I get out and start talking with him. I ask if he’d be offended if I just stayed at Mom’s while I’m going to school. He hesitates, almost as if taken aback, and then replies, “no, of course not.” He says I can do whatever I need to focus on school. I notice we’re under a large oak? tree that splits near the bottom. I’m now in the house here (Dad’s?), I think with Mom and Makayla. There is indication of past activity, though no one is currently here. There are two boxes of Panda Express open on the counter, each with a glass of white wine sitting too near the edge. I notice about five of the Lagunitas beers, all opened and partially finished. It makes me a little mad because he all of them without asking
    6. Tuesday, July 30

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:44 PM
      I am going on a road trip with Brittney and I think Melissa also. I think that wherever we are going is around eight hours away. I think Brittney is going to drive the whole way, though I think about offering to help since we drive the same car. There is a sense of this being last minute, but not negatively so. Somewhere along the way we stop at a Jack in the Box? I order a number seven - some kind of cheeseburger. I think I initially said small, but the employee asks what size. I start to say large, but he remembers I said small, and it somehow gets brought to medium. Now we are waiting quite a while for our food to come out.

      I’m in what feels like the backseat of a car, sitting next to Melissa. I think Brooke and someone else are in the front seats (Brooke in the passenger seat), which seem way too close. Melissa has taken my penis out and is playing with it, I think going down on it once. A flight attendant? squeezes past in front of us, and I put my leg up, trying to hide the hardness against it.
    7. Disregard the Law Enforcement

      by , 10-11-2016 at 09:05 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am an assassin, like one from Hitman. I have coworkers with me, and we have killed an old, caucasian man who looks somewhat like Colonel Sanders, in a dark khaki suit. We put his body in our car and drive. We discuss how to prevent his body from being found, and we decide that we will put him in a wooden coffin and put him in the Morgue, and then spread news to those who might be looking for his body as evidence that his body is elsewhere.

      My dream transitions to me playing a videogame, the graphics and feel is like Deus Ex. I have never played Deus Ex, only its more modern prequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In the game, I have an SMG, and the police is converging on me and I fight them.

      I recall vague memories of being on a road trip.
    8. Lucid and Flew into the Mountains

      by , 06-27-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I was at a mechanics to get my car fixed. A song came on the radio (some old R&B or funk song) that I liked, and I felt happy. I told someone that my Dad used to love this song. I started flowing around the parking lot. Realized I was dreaming and became lucid. I flew into the sky and saw 3 blue jays flying near me. I decided to fly next to them, but one of them looked wary of me so I sped up and flew really fast towards the mountains in the distance. I was high up, and there were clouds, and it was beautiful. I landed on the highest peak of the mountain, and I discovered a small room just inside of the rock I landed on. It had a small branch carved into the stone and an olive-green cushion to make the seat more comfortable. There were 2 windows carved into the stone as well, and I looked back out towards the area I flew from.

      As I climbed down I lost lucidity. I walked past a house that was partially open (missing outside walls) and I saw an area with lots of shelves and interesting [nature-based?] art. All I can really remember about these objects is that I saw leaves and wood.

      I needed to take a shower before a road trip. I had trouble deciding which shower I would use. I knew I had hours until I needed to leave so there was no rush.

      I was living in an apartment complex and driving home through the parking lot. I knew I needed to pay my rent but the office was closed. I saw who I thought was the office manager outside talking to another person and I briefly thought maybe I would just walk down and pay the rent to her. But when I parked near the office I saw that there were designated slots to put your rent check in after hours and I decided I would do that. My last name was completely different than my maiden or married name: Polley. First name was the same.

      I have no idea. I have been getting good sleep the last few nights. The lucid dream wasn’t the most lucid I’ve been. I will have to think about these for a while.
    9. Road Trip and Snake Venom

      by , 12-22-2015 at 04:21 AM
      I am going on a road trip across the country. I am in the backseat of a car with my youngest niece and maybe someone else because it is really cramped and uncomfortable. My parents are in the front. We stop somewhere and when we get back in the car it is less cramped in the back. I hope we didn't leave my niece. Maybe she decided to switch cars and ride with someone else. We are almost halfway there and my dad has been driving the whole way without sleeping. I wonder when he is going to ask me to drive or if I should offer to drive the rest of the way.

      In the forest there is a man squeezing white snake venom out of a giant snake into a container and talking about how harmful the venom is. Kitty just jumped into the snake venom and she's playing in it. She seems fine though.
    10. Road Trip and Kayaking Expedition

      by , 12-17-2015 at 08:47 PM
      The tv weather station started reporting strange news, that there was a 200 ft. lizard stuck in the wall of someone's house, among other things. (IRL the tv was on a weather station with a weather radar map and a robot-sounding voice reporting the weather.) I went into the kitchen and stood in front of the microwave as I ate some ice cream.

      Then I very briefly woke up in bed, thinking that if I hear strange news being reported again I will know that I am dreaming because the weather station only reports weather, not news. I fell asleep again.

      Then I convinced a bunch of people to go on a road trip to Colorado with me, among them some former classmates and teachers. They weren't friends, but just random people who wanted to go and then I convinced them to definitely go. I usually don't like big groups but I was planning an expedition so I needed a group.

      We all drove to the meeting place. Everyone showed up with their kayaks like they were supposed to. Awesome. Then we are all kayaking on the river in a very pretty place. It is like a canyon with gray, jagged rock walls and a lot of evergreen trees.

      The next thing I remember we are all sitting in a circle on the grass passing around a lighter and burning a hole in our clothes. The guy beside me burned a hole in his blue t-shirt so that his nipple would poke out. I was wearing an old denim jacket that was too big that my mom bought from a charity sale or something so I didn't care about burning it. I burned a hole in the left sleeve near my wrist. The denim was thick so I had to hold the lighter to it for a while to get a hole and it made my arm really hot. I finally got a little hole but it ripped into a bigger hole but I thought it was cool and I felt really fashionable.

      Then we are all near a road surrounded by trees. Everyone got into vehicles but I didn't have a vehicle so I was walking on the road trying to catch up. Then there were tree branches in the road that I had to duck under and there were zombies. I had to kill a zombie that was in my way. I had to hit it three times for it to fall down and then stomp it in the face two times for it to die. Somehow a few people on the expedition died.

      I finally found the others. A woman was in her truck on her cell phone telling someone that she was with dangerous people. Then an army tank showed up and people started getting into it.
    11. N3: I recorded 3 dreams :D

      by , 08-11-2015 at 09:36 PM
      (I got ready for a mild but then I felt a tingling on my nose. "Oh, my body's just sending signals to see if my brain's awake". I ended up opening my eyes, and guess what I saw? A HUGE F***ING COCKROACH CLIMBING ONTO MY NOSE. I did a reality check. "Crap, it was real!")

      So first, I was going on a road trip with a couple of random other kids. We were driving on a windy road, and I was nervous because at a couple of points we were about to drive of a cliff. I don't even know when or where we got there.

      Then, I had a dream that my baby brother turned into a zombie. Apparently, something made him age... a lot. So I ended up walking around, following a 16-year-old "good" zombie, making sure he stays the only one infected.

      In my last dream, I dreamed that Malcolm's (from Malcom in the Middle) family and I went to a "theme park" based on the safari. Hehe, It was more of a mixture between a county fair and an arcade. Everyone seemed to be annoyed by me, but Lois was surprisingly polite.
    12. Floriday

      by , 07-11-2015 at 06:00 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #448 - DILD - 9:28AM

      Just a short and sweet entry here... I got to get caught up on some sleep and hit on lucidity. I had actually woke up around 1am and tried sleeping in the recliner to induce lighters sleep, but I seemed to have been too tried to make and difference. Around 5AM the sunlight woke me and I moved back to bed with a sleep mask. I recalled several dreams throughout the night.

      I am on a bus trip. I see a hotel and stadium with the word "Floriday". I suddenly remember that I was dreaming and do the eye movements practice. The dream quickly falls apart and I try to stabilize. I am fooled by a FA that turns sexual.
      I was on a bus ride with several other young men. I felt like I was in high school and recalled my mom said something about letting her know when I'll be back so she can pick me up. We ride through a down town area that I thought might be Madison, Wisconsin, but I become confused when I see a hotel with the word "Floriday" on it. Later we pass a stadium that reads: "Floriday Panthers" in purple and yellow. I wonder if I am in Floria and I try to take a quick picture of the stadium sign, but we are moving too fast. We then pass a city bus stopped on the road and the enter a more wooded area. I suddenly become lucid like I had briefly forgot that I was dreaming and came back. Oh yeah I was dreaming! I am not sure if I had been lucid, lost it, then recovered it, but it sure feels like it. The outside of the bus begins to darken and I quickly search my mind for goals. I recall the first thing was to practice eye movements for a later experiment. As I do it, I realize that I went right-left vs. left-right, but figure it doesn't matter. As I look both ways twice the dream severely distorts and I find myself in a bardo. I try not to wake up and begin clapping and rubbing my hands. After a while I am fooled by a false awakening.

      I am next to some alternate version of my wife clapping my hands. I have woke her up and she asks what I am doing. I tell her that I did it (the lucid task). She begins to talk a lot and I tell her to let me try to reenter the dream. She gets quiet, but cuddles to me and I realize she is naked waste down. I'm really focused on DEILD, but she quickly convinces me to have sex. I wake up just as we get started.
    13. Road Trip; The Answer To Everything

      by , 11-21-2013 at 11:20 PM
      Original journal entry dated July 14, 2002:

      I dreamed I was on a road-trip with my aunt and uncle, except that it was like a video-game in that I could save at certain points and then "play" from my last save-point. My cat, Abby, was with us, and she fell out the window, but they refused to stop the car so I could go and get her, even though she was in the middle of traffic. So I screamed at the top of my lungs until they stopped the car. Miraculously, my cat had not been flattened and seemed perfectly fine, though I wondered if maybe she actually HAD gotten hit and seemed ok but was bleeding internally. Then I vaguely remember what was possibly a different dream, there was a lot of art involved, paint and colors and rainbows and stuff, and something about silk.

      Original journal entry dated July 15, 2002:

      It was sort of a waking-dream, a daydream, as I unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep. All I could manage was a light snooze. All the same, I imagined that I was leafing through my old Bible.
      I don't consider myself a religious person; all the same, it had significance for me. I hated that old Bible because it was such an ugly teal color, and because the vinyl was cracked, and because it was dog-leafed from being studied and being in my backpack. I flipped through the pages and saw where they had been highlighted. There were a lot of highlighted passages, stuff that I was supposed to study for class. My old Bible was heavily highlighted, mostly in yellow, and I always hated how the pages were so thin that the yellow marker leaked through them and then you could see the black on the other side, and it made them so hard to read. In any case, I really hated that Bible.
      I had to buy it for class - the King James version. And I hated it because my mother had had to buy the cheapest one in the store. I think I was looking for one verse - one particular verse - that would answer everything, every question I had ever had, and it wasn't there. All of the passages in smudgy black ink on cheap paper, highlighted in yellow, that I had had to study for so many hours for my classes, didn't hold the answers. The verse that I was looking for just didn't exist.
    14. Totally failed road trip.

      by , 06-24-2013 at 09:43 PM
      Me and my friend decided we were going to go on a road trip. So, we were driving down the highway, and my friend was driving. When I looked over at her, I realized that she was asleep. I panicked, and grabbed the steering wheel. I tried my best to keep the car in the right lane, but I was also trying to find some way to get the break, and she wasn't waking up. So, eventually, I lost focus of steering, and when I looked up, there was a red transport coming for us. I was too shocked to try to steer out of the way, so it hit us head on. Somehow, I wasn't injured, but I noticed the car was on fire, so I got out. I wanted to try to get my friend out, but I didn't know if she was okay, and if she was, she was still asleep. So, I ran away from the car. Once I was at a safe distance, I heard a loud boom, and turned around to see that the car had exploded.

      Right when I thought my dreams were getting normal again, this happened xD I guess that's what happens
    15. Stuff from last night

      by , 05-02-2013 at 05:40 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember walking through a caravan of seemingly connected motor homes...the really super expensive ones. We arrived at a stop, and I think everyone started playing basketball. D was there....we talked, but not that much. Eventually I decided to explore a bit.

      I found myself in a waiting area. Some sort of office...maybe school hospital. It could have been anything. There was this one girl there.....

      The scene changed...I was in the car with her. Pretty sure her kid was in the back seat. Pretty sure she wanted to fuck me. We kissed (usually this serves as a great RC, but everything felt real. other than how the scene changes slightly or how I notice things when my eyes close and open, I can't really explain it) I went for the gusto and and started caressing her right breast. I'd say she was like at 32 B...ugh so perfect. I grabbed her hand and moved it directly to my crotch. Her hands traveled the length of it, and she gave it a squeeze once she reached the tip. She made a comment about how big it was. And I told her that she'll really find out later. Thoughts kept running through my head....I wanted her. Right now, not later....where could we go. When does this kid leave....wtf. Woke up
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