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    1. [Non-Lucid] Onions and Alligators

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:18 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I'm with a guy, apparently my boyfriend(?) , at the train station/prison hybrid where he is being kept prisoner. I'm pretty sure I'm there to ask him about alcohol to take with me out with my friends, since I'm fairly broke and haven't got enough money to buy my own and It's a necessity if I'm not going to feel uncomfortable the whole night. He tells me there's some in his apartment and I go upstairs, there are scumbag inmates all over the place calling to me, mocking me and whatnot.

      "Hey, what room was yours?" I call down to him over the railing of the upper floor.
      "It's 505!" He shouts back.

      A woman slides up beside me and opens the door slightly, presumably to demonstrate that It's unlocked.
      "Does he always leave his door open like that?" I ask her, and wonder if she even knows him.

      She shrugs, and I push open the door. There are no drinks any-where, I look over counter tops and inside a bedside table before determining that they must be under his bed for some reason. Surely enough I'm right, and I pick up a small flask of vodka, a larger bottle of whiskey and some absinthe and stuff them into my bag. I leave the apartment, but now I have a new problem. On the ground floor, right next to my boyfriend and the staircase down, there's a warden patrolling. I walk low, and try to descend the staircase without drawing any attention to myself. It's no use, and I am caught. He rummages through my bag, not seeming to care that I don't belong here, and finds a tube of skin cream. He accuses us of using it to get drunk, which we vehemently deny. He takes it away, and sentences me to prison with the rest of them. I jump down off the platform and onto the train tracks, stretching out ahead of me is a dark tunnel. I begin running down the tunnel, the warden screams at his officers to capture me, but I manage to evade most of them
      I run as far as I can before I can't run any further, two officers blocking my path, a nasty looking woman and another man.

      "Make sure you close the door up ahead, the one that's unlocked. We wouldn't want him reaching the last gate and getting free."

      I am dragged off to a separate section, which is for some reason a patch of outside, like a park or something. I go inside, and there are other prisoners there, none that I have previously met or know in reality. I sit down on a park bench, and notice there are horses and alligators everywhere. I talk to the other prisoners, I think there's a woman, a larger man and one or two other people with no distinguishing features. The warden of this section of the "prison" talks to us, and begins throwing out different colored pieces of garlic, which attracts all the alligators to us. I sit on the very back of the park bench and put my feet up, there's the female inmate beside me and she does the same. I ask the warden how long I'm going to be here for.

      "Thirty years." She replies bluntly, throwing a purple onion my way.
      "Thirty years?!" I ask in disbelief, and she nods.
      "That's right, you're not getting out here until you're one hundred and thirty."

      So apparently I was already one hundred years old but looked and felt like I was in my twenties. I became friends with the inmates around me, but felt very upset at the prospect of being stuck in this place. As far as I can tell I woke up soon after.

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    2. Vampire Protection

      by , 06-22-2014 at 03:49 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      At the grocery store I work at (a combination of both stores I work at now), there is a bit mountain of cardboard boxes that are used instead of grocery bags. Inside this pile, lives several vampires. My job is to grab a few boxes, and pretend to shop to discourage someone from stealing, but I am nervous about being attacked by the vampires. I think about how fast they are, but then decide that I'm pretty fast too, and could punch them, probably knocking one out if I had to. Since there are several, I fill my mind and body with love for everyone as protection, and go to grab some boxes. I feel energy inside me, like bright sunshine, glowing through every part of my being. This seems to offer the best protection against vampires, and they leave me alone.

      Following a suspected shoplifter around, I put in my cart what she puts in her cart. She grabs the last of the carrots, and now I don't know how to continue like this, so I wander off until one of my co-workers asks me about these new white onions they got in. I tell him we've always had them, they're just the regular white onions. Another girl comes by and confirms that they're not new, and their PLU is 4166.
      Tags: onions, vampires
    3. 3/24/13 - A Planet and Onions

      by , 03-25-2013 at 03:29 AM
      I'm in Grandma's kitchen and looking out the window at the night sky. After a few minutes, the sky starts spinning and changing. When it stops, I'm amazed at the sight. The sky is brighter and more colorful. It reminds me of the Northern Lights, but a million times better. I run to grab my phone so that I can take a picture. I'm about to take a picture when a massive, rainbow marbled planet appears. It's beautiful. I snap a picture. Suddenly, I'm transported to a desolate place, like ruins in a desert. I get a bad feeling and I know something terrible has happened. Then out of nowhere, an army of faceless soldiers march toward me.

      Dream Fragment: A school councilor is telling me that keeping a container of onions is good and will wake me up. A small container of onions appears and starts singing, "I'm full of onions, please keep me near. I bet you won't let me kick you in the rear."
    4. Onion People?

      by , 01-13-2011 at 10:11 PM
      so i had this dream last night, and i feel like i should post it before i forget about it. (again, please ignore all typing errors...)

      so my friend laura and i were in school, and we were going from lunch to ap psych class. while we were walking the bell rang, so we were late, but neither of us seemed to care. instead of going to the ap psych classroom, we walked to my japanese classroom. but oddly enough, the class we were going to was gym (which we dont even have senior year), taught by my freshman year gym teacher (lets call him mr. j). when we got inside the classroom, there were no desks, but a dirt floor, and the students were playing football. mr. j yelled at us for being late, but didnt give us a dt or anything. instead he told us to join a team and play. so we played football in the classroom until mr. j decided it was time to take notes on how to play football instead. desks sort of faded in, but in the dream it was like they were always there. we sat down and started taking notes.

      suddenly i heard a noise behind me. i turned around and noticed a little onion person (who apparently was a student) having a hiccup attack. the onion person was probably about two feet tall, with an onion for a head and a body made out of an oniony material. after hiccuping for a while, the onion person flew out of its seat and dropped dead to the floor. "god damn it all, there goes another one of thosr onion people!" mr. j proclaimed. he called up a janitor to get rid of the onion persons body on his cell phone, then went over to the body. "hey, you kids want to see what an onion person heart looks like?" he reached into the onion persons layers and pulled out what looked like... an onion (no surprise there). then he peeled it open to reveal that on the inside was a lot of brownish juice, i guess what would be its "blood", but really it looked like rotten veggie puree. mr. j procedes to explain to the class that "all onion people have hearts like this since they come from zedden. thats spelled h-k-x-w." i was about to ask how the hell he came up with that spelling when i woke up.

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