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    1. Prison Escape

      by , 07-11-2019 at 11:58 PM
      I'm inside a prison where we are all kept outside under the sun in intense heat. I just arrived and one of the other inmates tells me that if I survive through this day, then I should just kill myself. Everyone's sitting around in the dust when I see one of the other inmates being let out through a couple doors, apparently getting set free. I rush to the doors and slam into one of the guards knocking him over. There are many more in the vicinity, so I grab the cop's gun and run for the next set of doors. I have no idea where I'm going, just trying to get away from the other guards. At another set of doors, I turn around and fire some shots from the pistol. It feels like I'm aiming straight at a few targets but nothing happens to them. They open fire as well and I'm forced to duck under the railing next to the doors while opening them and slip through. I run through a few hallways before finding a set of stairs that lead down. I take them and unlock a secure door that has a lever instead of a handle. It opens into a training obstacle course and I'm concerned it might be a dead end until I see a closed ventilation door to the side. Operated by the same lever- type contraption, I open this one as well only to find that it opens in slits, similar to blinds on a window. I force myself through one of the small openings and eventually make it through. The tights squeeze made me lose my clothes somehow and I'm now just in my underwear. I consider leaving my pile of clothes where they are, but looking around, I find myself in the middle of a nice looking neighborhood, so I take them with me to eventually put back on. I run down the streets trying to find the smaller ones and hide out in one of the backstreet houses. It's easy to run from one street to another as the neighborhood has no fences for all the yards. I find a large metal tub in the front yard of one house, probably for putting flowers in, but is empty now. I climb in with my clothes, the tub being a perfect length to lay flat on my back. Suddenly, a cop car drives along the street and parks in the driveway. In what feels like a comedy skit, they mistake me for some kind of dummy and remark how lifelike I look. I'm wearing sunglasses at this point and feel like I can pull off staying completely still, but a bee buzzes in my ear, freaking me out, and gives me away.
    2. Jail sentence

      by , 04-22-2018 at 09:33 PM (Exterminate)
      I was convicted of a sex crime and dealt 3 weeks in prison based on flimsy charges and an unfair trial (Just a dream, nothing like this happened irl). The dream started right as I arrived at my cell. My mother was tearfully accompanying me to my cell and she lingered for a bit before the staff made her leave. It wasn't really a prison, and it wasn't really a jail. It looked and felt more like a mental institution to me. My cell was located right behind the front office of the building, behind a bulletproof glass and the front desk employee. The cell was fairly large, with an open door to the other cells, a bathtub, and a chair. Quite unusual indeed. The floors were carpet and the only wall was padded. The was a few children in the area, as well as a few elderly folk, and one or two people in their forties who seemed to be checked out of reality. The kids were playing, the old folk were chatting away as old friends, and I was sitting in a chair moping about how unfair the trial was, and how I didn't even get to change my clothes. I was only going to be here for 3 weeks, but I so didn't deserve to be here. I thought I'd focus on my dreams during this time and dream of the freedom that was soon to come.

      A few days passed, and a good friend of mine decided to visit. I don't know him in my waking life, but we sure knew each other in this dream. He was a black man with a goatee and dreadlocks. He was very kind and honest, and he had a passion for music. He agreed that the trial was not just, and he wanted me to know it by singing me a song he had written about me. He started with some beatboxing, and I tried to talk him out of it. His singing would surely get the two of us in trouble for disturbing the environment. As he started the song I stopped protesting. He sang a familiar tune, but it is not one I recognize whilst awake. However, he had the words changed to reflect my situation and used my name in the chorus, so that was neat. As expected though, he did get caught and was evicted by the staff. He was banned from the building for a total of 3 weeks plus fines for "damages" and "crimes."

      I reflected on what had happened, while sitting again in my chair moping about my life (how depressing..). Those aforementioned kids mentioned earlier started taking and playing with some toys I had sitting on a table in front of me. I protested at first, but then realized I really didn't need them anymore and I let them have the toys. Fast forward to an evening that I am not sure is that one or a later one. I was alone in my cell. Everyone else was asleep, nobody was near. I was soaking in the bathtub still in my clothes. The water was draining, and I looked to my right to see my dog lying next to the tub. I thought it quite peculiar that they let me have my dog with me in prison. The tub then changed appearance. The side of the tub became the back of a sofa. The dog had then gotten soaked by the draining water from the tub, and then made a scene that caused the staff to come check out what was going on. I was afraid my dog had caused me to get a longer sentence, but after some explaining they seemed to buy the idea that it wasn't my fault.

      Fast forward to the next morning, where my dogs were no longer present and a nurse brought me a small bowl. I first thought it was a bowl full of meds that was being passed to everyone, but before I could really question it the nurse stuck something in my mouth and pressed it against my gums. It had a very distinct taste. I asked the nurse what it was, and what purpose it served as I tried to keep it pressed against my gums. She said it was just a ginger lolipop to act as a breath mint since my breath really smelled...I knew the taste was familiar! I didn't protest to the bad breath and explained to her my poor dental hygiene is an issue that builds on itself. If you aren't in the habit, then your teeth start to rot, then it hurts to get in the habit until you get the teeth worked on, which in turn hurts and costs money, etc.

      The scene shifted to another evening. It shouldn't be long now before my sentence would be over I thought, as I sought out a bathroom to relieve myself. The other prisoners, or patients as it seemed, were all getting ready for a dinner that was being served in the other room. The thought came across my mind that maybe my sentence was not 3 weeks and maybe this wasn't a prison at all. Maybe it really was a psych ward and I would be trapped here for the foreseeable future. I quickly dismissed the thought until I heard a ruckus from the other room. There was a discussion on television between Billy Graham and another person of importance about my particular situation. It got quite heated and very political, and somehow it escalated all the way to the United Nations. I walked out of the bathroom and when I went outside it was a different building I was in. There was 3 stories and it was very open with many windows. I took a seat at a long conference table as I listened to those in the room discussing the situation. The original patients were all gone now, and I was surrounded by people in business suits. Someone had declared that this issue was to be taken seriously, and to defend against those who would argue in the negative. A group of assassins entered the building and I associated them with the group Talon from Overwatch. A fight broke out and I saw a massive Roadhog appear by me to protect me. He had to have been at least 8 feet in stature, and very wide. He was so realistic I was paralyzed in awe. He used his hook to grab hold of an enemy and I woke up.
    3. The demon in the TV

      by , 02-18-2018 at 09:58 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I was in a sunlit room in someone's house, but I was imprisoned.

      Someone came to try and free me. In retrospect, I actually don't remember if I was the one imprisoned, or if I was doing the freeing.

      But one of us pulled out a certain "safe container", which I can only imagine was supposed to protect us from something. It was a piece of Styrofoam in the shape of a triangular prism. I have a little sketch of it in my physical dream journal.

      Then some sort of terrifying creature appeared on the TV. However, it popped out of the TV somewhat, because the creature was real (in the dream world, anyway); it was simply broadcasting itself through the TV. It looked kinda like the Mummy at Universal Studios, but the one from the advertisements, not the real LED-lit one.

      It screamed at us in a creepy voice, telling me that I would not be free because it was always watching, or something. No lucidity on my part. Suffice it to say that I was glad to wake up from this one.
      Tags: creepy, mummy, prison
    4. Feeding Prisoners

      by , 08-18-2017 at 01:14 PM
      Morning of August 18, 2017. Friday.

      I become aware that I am some sort of informal prison guard, yet I also apparently live with the prisoners, though atop a mostly featureless vertically-oriented rectangular prism with only a large mattress present.

      The size-orientation relating to perspective is oddly distorted, as the prisoners seem only about one-fourth the size they should be relative to distance. I do not really consider this distortion as such while in my dream.

      It is apparently my job, or at least my turn, to feed the prisoners who begin to gather far below. I have a large bag of chocolate Chex cereal. I throw down the pieces in small amounts as the prisoners gather to eat with their hands (as there are no bowls or silverware visible).

      Looking around, I notice a prisoner casually walking out a main door into a hall. I do not call out or say anything, though I am not fully sure of the situation. An unfamiliar female guard notices this but does not get to them in time, so I assume that the prisoner has escaped. This seems to happen again later with a different prisoner who goes through a door in another area, perpendicular to the first.

      In the last scene, a couple other prisoners are somehow atop the prism near me. I seem to be ready to sleep now. I feel the other male is a bit too close to me, but I do not say anything. He does not seem a threat, but his physical presence is somewhat intrusive.

      This seems partly based on our youngest daughter accidentally spilling part of a bowl of Coco Pops Chex cereal onto Zsuzsanna from above and behind prior to sleeping. Zsuzsanna immediately got up to have a shower and there were Coco Pops Chex pieces here and there on the way to the bathroom and in the bathroom. Still, an additional association may be because they are somewhat cushion-shaped (as a subliminal dream state indicator). There may also be some sort of connection between “prism” and “prison”, as they sound similar.

      Atypically, the personified unconscious seems to be the female prison guard - which is the opposite of the preconscious (though the unconscious does not usually appear to deliberately hold a dreamer in the dream state, which seems rather strange to me other than for circadian rhythms factors). This dream seems to otherwise move towards typical doorway waking symbolism (as did another dream of this date though also atypically), except that my emergent consciousness seems to be projected from a distance (“escaping” twice) due to my direct perspective (as the personified subconscious aka dream self) already perceiving that I am in bed and lying down atop the prism. Ambiguous multiplicity has occurred a number of times before in waking symbolism.

      This is certainly not the first time I have been elevated above the rest of my dream’s setting, which simply means that I am closer to waking in a rendering of liminal space (often with increased physical awareness as in this case). In this case, it is even more obvious as I am already “back in bed”.

    5. Day In Prison

      by , 04-27-2017 at 10:43 PM
      Well the first thing i remember is being in a bathroom stall, i looked down at my hands and i was holding onto a small cellphone, then i noticed what i was wearing, some sort of a khakis uniform that looked really familiar but couldn't figure out where i seen the before. I looked back at the cell phone i was holding, i opened it and read the messaged that was on it.

      "I'm coming for you tonight, be ready. -J"

      I closed it and thought, 'Shit. its one of those dreams, okay lets play then.' I put the phone in my bra, and stepped out of the stall, i looked around and pretended to wash my hands in one of the sinks. I looked up into the mirror and the way i looked scared me, i had my normal long purple dream hair, i was paler then usual, and i had scars starting from both sides of my mouth leading up on both of my cheeks. I looked away fast, i finally knew that i would have to act like the Jokers daughter, i was curious where this dream would lead me so i didn't mind going along with it.

      I walked out of the restroom and when i saw other girls in the hallways with khakis i finally snapped where i was, i was in the orange is the new black prison, i smiled big when i caught on, i have been binge watching the show for the past 2 weeks and i was waiting to dream this, but i never thought i would have to play as the jokers daughter. oh well. "What are you smiling about inmate?!" a guard in special uniform asked me. "Nothing, jeez cant i smile?!" i said back sarcastically. He looked at me angrily, "Do you want a shot?!" he yelled. I raised my hands in protest and shook my head. He walked away and i sighed with relief, "3 seasons and i still don't fully know what a shot is." i said with a chuckle.

      The next thing i know, i am sitting on my bed and Piper Chapman is talking to me about some panty business and how she wants me to wear them and then give them back to her, apparently she is my bunk buddy cause after saying no to her panty business she went back to her bed and started to text on a cell phone. I was really starting to get bored so i attempted to use my bending to try to excite things up. I tried to make a small flame in my hand and when i felt the heat to rise something shocked me hard on my neck. I jumped with more of surprise then pain. "What the -" i begin to say. "Inmate Cross, that's 2 shot, try it again and i shock you to sleep." The guard from before said. He was holding up a small remote device in his hands and he was smiling at me.

      I felt around my neck and notice i was wearing a large metal brace, 'These assholes' i thought. I figured that i was being restrained to use my powers in this dream so i didnt really fight it, i sat back and pouted. Piper sat next to me and i looked at her weird, "Can i help you?" i asked. "Is it true that you have powers? And how did you get those nasty scars on your cheeks?" she asked back. i rolled my eyes, "If you dont get off my bed im going to punch you in the face." i said harshly. She quickly got up and went back to her bed. I laid down and closed my eyes, it was black for a bit then when i opened them i saw a clown mask in front of my face. I screamed and punched it as hard as i could.

      "Agh! you stupid girl its me!" Joker's voice said. I got up from my bed and hugged him, "Dad! finally, i was getting bored here." i said happily. I looked around and saw jokers goons shooting in every direction, all the inmates where hiding underneath their beds while guards tried to fight off jokers goons. "Hurry up, make a uh- hole in the wall." joker said to me. "I cant, duh!" i said while pointing to the brace on my neck. He growled and shoved a gun in my hand, "Lets go." he said. He ran out of my bunk and i looked at piper under the bed, "Hey you can come with us if you want?" i asked sincerely. she turned to me with tears in her eyes, "With freaks like you and your dad?! i rather rot in here." she spit back. I sighed and pointed the gun at her, "Suit your self!" i said with a smile, i shot the gun at her but the bullet only went in her arm, she screamed and i laughed as i followed behind joker.

      The next thing i know were running through the yard and i reached to touch the brace on my neck but it wasn't there anymore, "What are you waiting for stupid?! They're coming!" Joker yelled at me, i looked behind me and saw so many guard running towards us. i panicked and raised both of my hands forcefully which cause a huge wall of earth to come up from the ground, it towered high. I knew the guards where on the other side so with one big push i made the wall fall onto the guards, it made a loud crash as it fell. then it was quiet. We stopped running and just looked to where the guards once were, and Inmates in orange and khaki ran out from the building and just ran passed us to freedom.

      I turned around back to joker and he was laughing hysterically and i couldnt help but laugh as well, we were walking until we heard a gunshot. we stopped and joker looked at me scared, i had never seen joker scared in my dreams before so this was new. I was going to say something but when i tried to speak, liquid came out instead. I touched it and it was blood. I realized i was the one who got shot, i turned around and saw piper holding onto a gun that was pointed at me. She was bleeding from her arm and was struggling to stand. I smiled at her and raised both of my arms. The last thing i remember was hearing her say, "Dont fuck with me."

      Damn this was intense for me, but it was fun to play along. Sucks i couldnt kick pipers ass but oh well, hopefully i dream of Orange is the new black, without joker being involved. Once again if you have an questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    6. 5 days of DJ's due to Ice Storm issue & one DJ will make you roll w/ laughter!

      by , 01-16-2017 at 06:42 PM
      Thursday January 12, Non-Lucid: My childhood friend Shannon & I & some other friends of ours were in some sort of picture posing contest. At the end we submitted the photos that we had taken at a checkout counter which was of course odd. There were rows & rows of candy.

      Friday January 13, D1: Non-Lucid: I was staying w/ others at what looked kind of like a bed & bread & breakfast but it was actually a huge house w/ many several kitchens, floors, rooms & no sharing of bathrooms. It was very old but not run down. On the contrary that is what made it very beautiful. It had recessed panels in the walls which are something you might see an older library or very old home owned by someone wealthy. There was a creepy man running the "Inn". It felt like there were people in the walls which made me uneasy. It all felt like a very sinister situation which caused me to wake up. I snuggled up to Mike before I went back to sleep because I felt so uneasy.

      Friday January 13, D2: In & out of lucidity: I unfortunately chained right back into the dream. This time me & the mans son who was also there found a dead woman in one of the walls in a kitchen. Me & the other guests weren't being allowed to leave now. I was pleading w/ the man's son that we wouldn't tell anyone if he could just help us escape but he was terrified of his father. The son was a grown man in his 20's so it seemed as though this more young man had seen many horrors for quite some time. Me & the other guests had many failed escapes which only made the owner even angrier. I finally just woke up out of fear.

      Saturday January 14, Non-Lucid: I was in a minimum security prison but not sure why. I was in a class w/ Dana Carvey the actor/comedian. I was drawing a plan to escape but I'm not much of an artist. He said he'd give it some thought. Another day we came into another classroom much like the first & I sat in the chair that the "Top Dog" of the prison usually sat at. She was angry when she came in but finally let me sit there because I needed to sit there to see out the windows & out of door while I was sketching more ideas for an escape. Later she was very impressed by a fuse system I had developed to help us escape. My wbtb went off but I couldn't fall back asleep because I had to get up & check out the weather again. We have been doing this sense yesterday due to the ice storm warnings.

      Sunday January 15, Non-Lucid: My childhood friend Bobby & I were at a water park. I really wanted to stay asleep because I haven't seen him in a crazy amount of yrs. But of course I did anyway. The dream was pleasant & just a typical dream of having fun at a water park.

      Monday January 16, Non-lucid: This dream is funny but graphic so I need it to have a spoiler for ADULT CONTENT>

      Spoiler for ADULT CONTENT:
    7. #218: Goblok anjing / Prison / Tornado / Shower / Police

      by , 11-27-2016 at 02:49 AM
      Goblok anjing
      I have arrived at my friend Andy's house at 2am. He's got a big house. I'm outside on the patio. It's dark outside. Andy isn't expecting me. I forgot for which purpose I came here. I'm also not sure anymore if I was willing to wake Andy up, or if I was going to have a look to see if he was still awake. There are 2 dogs on the patio. I assume them to be guard dogs, cause they start barking at me. They are both of a different breed, though I don't know which. One of them gets really close to me and is slightly frightening me. I know I should remain calm for the dog to be calm as well. The barking of the dog is starting to sound like words. It sounds as if (s)he is saying 'goblok anjing' [Indonesian swearwords]. I find it incredulous and fumble with my phone, which is old and slow, to get a video of it as proof. Meanwhile I hold my left hand out to keep the dog at bay a bit. It's got no respect for personal space. Eventually the dog takes my left hand into its mouth and starts biting lightly. I pull out.

      People start appearing from the house. Andy, other Andy, Rei.. Rei? What's he doing here? He tells me he is sleeping here. There's also a woman that I don't know. I explain the situation, which turns into social conversation. I tell Andy about his dog saying goblok anjing and he tells me he's aware of that. Someone looks at my (ring?) finger and discovers that there's a small wound on it from the dog. Damn. I have to go to the hospital. Well I don't need to go right away.. right?

      I'm in prison. I think I'm in for smuggling drugs, though I got framed. I assume someone put something in my big backpack. I'm in together with Hafiz and Bryan. There's a desk with a dude behind it. It's from the embassy of their country. Damn. I would really like one of those for my country right about now. I know I'm innocent and so far prison hasn't been that bad actually, but still...

      I'm out with my friend San somewhere. We're in a city and it's raining quite hard. We're trying to get from one place to another, mostly trying to take a route that puts a roof over our head. This is not always possible. At some point I have a yolo moment and just dash out to the next spot. Eventually we're taking shelter somewhere and see a tornado passing by fast. Ok. Staying in. There's not being a little bitch and there's not being an idiot. It's amazing to me that I just saw this happen. The tornado eventually becomes quite small (a few metres) and starts to terrorise the area that we are occupying right now.

      I'm in a room, which is supposed to be my room. I wanna take a shower, but my friend Linh is being annoying. My door can be opened quite easily, even when it's locked. He keeps on opening the door. Eventually Achmed walks by and.. idk. The scene changes a bit and it's now 3.. rugby (?) playing dudes who are in the same situation. Their coach walks by and the dude wanting to shower mentions the thing to the coach. I wonder how this is gonna go down. As expected, the coach expects his player to toughen up a bit.

      The scene has totally changed. There's some kind of dance routine going on I believe. The coach is lying down on the ground and has taken of his shirt, revealing a big beer belly and a very hairy body. He's shaved his upper body hair into the shape of a wifebeater. It looks slightly disturbing.

      I'm with Rei in the car. He just parked. Somehow I'm on the right side of the car and he is on the left side, even though he was driving. Either the steering wheel is on the wrong side or we're in the backseat now. I think the latter. A parking guy comes up to us asking for money. Rei gives it to him. Then there's a police officer with a tiny ugly mustache. He has a police id badge around his neck. He's asking for money too, but it's pure extortion. First he gets a bit of money, then he takes Rei's wallet out and takes IDR 100.000 from it. Damn. I've got my black backpack on my lap. Someone starts to open up my zipper to grab for my wallet. I wanna do something, but I can't really. The situation feels kinda rape-ish. I'm close to just handing my wallet over to end it, but the person can't find it and withdraws. Nice. We get out of the car and walk away, ready to cross the road. Rei gets called again by the cop, who wants more money. Rei tells me he stopped giving money cause he doesn't have that much. We start crossing the 2 lane road. Whoops, more traffic than I thought at first. We do make it safely to the other side.

      We come to the hostel, which is called Seven People Inn, but now has a temporary name sign, changing it to Five People Inn. Ah that means Tommie left? But what the hell? He was a guest. Are they gonna change the name every time they get new guests or they leave?

    8. 3 Nov. 2016 - Prison Escape!

      by , 11-04-2016 at 03:10 AM
      >Dreamed of possibly being someone else then escaping a prison somehow. No one at all noticed! There was a part like in the PS2 game "The Great Escape" where a person cut away a grate in a prison cell then went to the next cell which was unlocked. Later on after leaving (among the many people nearby going in and out) I went back to some residence.

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      Tags: escape, prison
    9. 16-08-12 Prison Escape, Hanging Out With Shadow Self

      by , 08-12-2016 at 02:44 PM
      A very profound dream, but unfortunately another "non-lucid lucid".

      It all started quite normally. My character was in a prison cell behind bars. It all had a somewhat medieval feel to it. The place was NOT on ground level, it as at least several floors up in a fairly high building in the city. In the hallway there was a lot of commotion. A fight of some kind. During the chaos, the barred cell doors opened, allowing us to escape. I vaguely remember a small crossbow? There was so much more to this dream that I forgot.

      I somehow got out of the building on ground level, and found myself in the city. It was night, and it was raining. Fortunately all the cars, buildings, street lights and colorful shops lit up the place quite well. I ran, and jumped to take off. I somewhat floated, then transitioned into flight. I was afraid it wouldn't work for a second. I flew through the city rather aimlessly. I was wearing my long, black leather coat and I notice how badass it looked during flight. I was trying to show off to someone on the ground. They didn't look at all surprised to see someone fly. I somehow KNEW this was because they were DC's, yet I wasn't lucid. I kept flying until I caught a glimpse of another person flying at a lower altitude below me. He was dressed just like me. I followed him and landed next to him (actually, I think we were bot hanging on to the side of a building). I immediately saw that he was me. I somehow understood that he was the manifestation of my subconscious, the ultimate dream guide. I said that he didn't look as ugly as I thought, and that this conversation wasn't as awkward as I had expected (I hate myself). We compared abilities, and he could do everything I could do and vice versa. At one point, we were standing at a table (still outside). I stared forward, and saw him to my left in my peripheral vision. I figured that if he is my subconscious, he should be able to hear my thoughts. I focused my thoughts on him (while still ignoring him, he didn't know about the experiment), and thought "if you can hear me, tap your fingers on the table three times". It took a while, and I had to repeat the thought several times, but eventually he did it- he tapped his fingers on the table as I had asked. We exchanged a knowing look, and left (now that I'm awake, I realize he didn't hear my thoughts, he was a DC, and as dreamer I made him obey by focusing what I wanted to happen). Later, we found ourselves seated in a little restaurant. The place was once again located pretty high up in a tall building in the city. The waiter came and served us our french fries.

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    10. Prison dream and terrible assault..!

      by , 08-08-2016 at 12:36 AM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments


      So I found myself in prison one again, I was on the landing just hanging around and wasting time when a guy came up to me, it was Chris Taylor, a lad I went to school with, but as a man..! He was agitated about something, but wouldn't say what, I figured out that he was pissed off 'cos it was my release date and Joy was coming to get me, he apparently had a thing for Joy..! All of a sudden for no reason and with no questioning from myself, the scene changed to a bar-b-q in a very large garden..! It was still in the prison, though it was more like a gated community than a prison..! Someone had made a makeshift fire in a compost bag, with bricks round the outer edge and the coals in the centre..! Suddenly three hefty black guys came along and started shouting about who had stolen their compost..! Brazen as you like, the guy next to me owned up and when they asked why, he said 'well I had a bag of sand to make it in, but I wanted a black bar-b-q'..! They reached over the fence and dragged him over, it was spiked at the top, so this did him no favours, one had a ball hammer and one had a sledge hammer, they took him over the road to a space of waste land where we could all see..! Everyone assumed they were going to hit him with the hammers, but what happened next beggars belief..! They forced him down onto all fours, took the ball hammer, spun it round and placed the but end of the hammer between his arse cheeks and took a swing with the sledge hammer..! They made contact, but not fully and so they tried again, once more they missed, but in the act of trying they were hurting him none the less..! I got up to leave and realised I was still imprisoned, but wanted no more of what was happening, I knew though that if they saw me try to leave that they would then start on me..! I walked to a clear spot, checked no one was watching, then I looked to the sky and took off..! Much in the same was Neo does at the end of the movie..!

      I think then that I feel into sleep proper as I didn't wake immediately or at least I don't remember waking..! The next thing I know is the dog waking me for the toilet..!

      Prison will now be added to my dream signs..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!
    11. The Prison and The Box

      by , 07-23-2016 at 07:30 PM
      I have been starting to remember dreams quite a lot lately, despite no attempt at a dream journal. Heres one dream I literally just had, and will probably never forget.

      I remember it starting as I was on the inner part of the field of my old elementary school, walking along with this guy a little older than me. He was tall and lanky, but cute in a weird way, even if he was really awkward. We were flirting it up, walking along as we came up to one the little "cell block" things they had, which was right next to the courtyard and disconnected from he school. I didn't notice it, but the he turned into a she (still cute, thank god i'm bi) and got this stick and decided to use it as a crowbar to take off one of the vents underneath the cell block thing. I knew for a fact I would get into a shit ton of trouble if she was caught and I was around, so I started fast walking away and put my hands up as a cop was running towards me (even if i've never been to anything close to prison, i knew how not to piss off a cop). The cop ran right past me and I saw her getting arrested, rather forcifully actually, but I was in no room to start talking about police brutality. Their was a package she threw in my direction though, it was a small amazon box, and she said it meant a lot to her. I snatched it real quick before the guards noticed it, and went back to my regular shit.

      I don't know when this part happened, but I think its safe to assume it was right after the box incident. I was in a classroom with kids ranging from my age (14) to like 17 years old. I knew in the dream this was my new school though, which might be related to the fact that I recently moved from Washington to Michigan in real life. I was laughing to a kid who I guess went to my old school that our language arts teacher looked like a offbrand of our old language arts teacher. We were joking about this shit for awhile. Then I remember, it was end of class or something, I don't know, it was fuzzy. I walked out of the cell block thing, thinking it was still recess (who thought to keep those unlocked) and I noticed their was no one around. I knew I couldnt get back inside, so my only choice was to get the attention of a guard to bring me back inside and hopefully he would believe it was an accident. I walked towards the right part of the building, as I noticed this random couple (i noticed from a mile away their was something off with em) said "Here he is." to something behind them, which I assumed was a guard, and was confirmed as a guard starting jogging towards me. As he got to me, instead of putting me in handcuffs or something, he took this big ass metal bike lock thing and said "You know I could do a lot with this thing, he he." The couple was joking around with him too, and honestly I was starting to get scared for my life. The stupid guard let the bike lock slipped though, and it fell on the womens neck, pinning her to the ground and crushing her neck. I helped get it off, but I knew that I know had my handprints on it, the guard wore gloves, and the man didnt do jackshit. I said "please, please don't blame this on me. I wont tell on you guys" multiple times, and the women said "You have two choices, fucker, either run while everything is quiet and try to escape, or wait to see yourself get a bigger sentence." Stupid panicked me picked the former, my logic was that the judges might favor a guard and a couple over a young inmate and I would probably been in prison for life at that point for attempted murder. I started running, and I looked back and realized that the box was in my direction. I ran back and tried to grab it, but it seems the couple wanted it to, but I finally got a good grip on it, and bolted out of there.

      Somehow I made it out with little resistance, and suddenly it was nighttime. I had just escaped and was just in the general area of the prison. I was going through backyards and shit, trying to find a route deeper into somewhere so i could make an easier escape, but in the end my only choice was to get back on the main road. I tried to walk to the side, in the shadier part, but I knew I was going to get fucked. Their was cop cars coming from both directions for some reason, and their was checkpoints everywhere. I decided to stop running, and try to explain my side to the judge. I was tired of running. I couldn't get the box to her/him, which made me really sad. I stepped over this this cliff thing (it was nearly pitch black, could barely see) and noticed their was a beach not that far down. I slid down, and said on a rock. I noticed a few red dots on my legs, but I knew if I didn't resist I wouldn't get shot. I heard some yelling and saw the snipers laughing and dancing. I was sobbing the whole time. I woke up shortly after.
    12. #148: Library / Prison

      by , 05-17-2016 at 07:33 AM
      Bed: ~23.00
      Wake up: 08.00
      Now: 08.15

      I'm at what seems to be the university library. There's a rap video being played or being recorded. Either way, it's happening right there and the people who are in the video are also there. It starts out in a language that I can't remember. It's a collaboration of European rappers. Eventually it's the turn of some Dutch rappers. Man this is quite cool. The fact that Dutch rappers were deemed important enough for this.. The video is an old one though. It has to be at least 10 years ago. This makes me wonder why I've never seen it before. I remember recognising one of the rappers, but right now I don't remember who it was.

      At another moment in the library, I'm out in the hallway. There are some people sitting on chairs and some people standing. I'm trying to mingle a bit, but I feel quite excluded. I'm not taking part in any conversation really.

      Another moment again. I'm talking with some classmates. One of them is telling the group that his thesis is going really well and that he will fly towards whatever country soon to do his research. I know there was more to this dream, but I can't recall it.

      I'm somewhere inside I think. I'm sitting at a table which has a bench on both sides, sort of like a picknick table.. or a prison table. There are at least 2 guys sitting at the same table with me; one in front of me, one to my right. One of them is telling me/us about him needing his wisdom tooth extracted soon. Only problem is, he lives in Groningen and on the day of the extraction, he'll need to get to Schiphol for his flight. I suggest to him to get his tooth extracted at the Slotervaart hospital, or better yet, the VU hospital. That way he can still catch his flight afterwards. He tells me the system doesn't work that way. He can't just go to whatever hospital he pleases. I tell him that he just needs to get a letter from his dentist for that hospital.

      The conversation continues to another topic. It's about prison. I tell them that I have been in prison once. The prison was shaped like a narrow rectangular strip, just like the tiny strip of paper that I'm holding. In the mean time I get soup. It's Chinese [something] soup. The liquid is yellowish and quite clear. It looks great. Suddenly I say: ow forgot to mention, I was in prison in a dream.
    13. Implementing a New Method

      by , 05-09-2016 at 09:11 PM
      I began a new method in hopes of having more vivid and memorable dreams. So far, I can remember one of the dreams I had pretty well since starting this a couple days ago. I usually have been able to get up around 9 or 10 during the week, seeing as how I don't really have any early morning classes this quarter. But I realized I would probably be able to better remember my dreams if I woke myself up around 6 or 7 in the morning, when I would still be in a fairly deep sleep. So the first night i tried this, I remembered a dream I had in which I was thrown in jail for robbing a convenience store. I can't remember much else from this, apart from the fact that I nearly went mad in just the first few minutes of being behind bars (I wonder if this could be any indication of how I would be able to handle, or not handle, prison in real life). I hope to have somewhat more powerful and exciting dreams while putting this new method into use. Last night, in addition to setting my alarm for 7am, I also consumed a substantial amount of apple juice before drifting off to sleep. I used to do this on occasion in high school, and it would make for some pretty vivid dreams. However, it did not really seem to work this time. Well, I suppose it might have, and I may have just not remembered; also, I may have not woken myself up early enough. I think the particular brand of apple juice I used may not have been as effective as the ones I used in high school. Anyway, today I'll try to get my hands on some of the good stuff (Ha! Can you imagine someone referring to apple juice like this?), and I'll also set my alarm a little earlier (maybe 5:30am or so). In addition, I bought the new Radiohead album last night, and boy, I imagine listening to it before bed could make for some pretty interesting dreams. I'll add that to my method this evening too.
    14. [Non-Lucid] Onions and Alligators

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:18 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I'm with a guy, apparently my boyfriend(?) , at the train station/prison hybrid where he is being kept prisoner. I'm pretty sure I'm there to ask him about alcohol to take with me out with my friends, since I'm fairly broke and haven't got enough money to buy my own and It's a necessity if I'm not going to feel uncomfortable the whole night. He tells me there's some in his apartment and I go upstairs, there are scumbag inmates all over the place calling to me, mocking me and whatnot.

      "Hey, what room was yours?" I call down to him over the railing of the upper floor.
      "It's 505!" He shouts back.

      A woman slides up beside me and opens the door slightly, presumably to demonstrate that It's unlocked.
      "Does he always leave his door open like that?" I ask her, and wonder if she even knows him.

      She shrugs, and I push open the door. There are no drinks any-where, I look over counter tops and inside a bedside table before determining that they must be under his bed for some reason. Surely enough I'm right, and I pick up a small flask of vodka, a larger bottle of whiskey and some absinthe and stuff them into my bag. I leave the apartment, but now I have a new problem. On the ground floor, right next to my boyfriend and the staircase down, there's a warden patrolling. I walk low, and try to descend the staircase without drawing any attention to myself. It's no use, and I am caught. He rummages through my bag, not seeming to care that I don't belong here, and finds a tube of skin cream. He accuses us of using it to get drunk, which we vehemently deny. He takes it away, and sentences me to prison with the rest of them. I jump down off the platform and onto the train tracks, stretching out ahead of me is a dark tunnel. I begin running down the tunnel, the warden screams at his officers to capture me, but I manage to evade most of them
      I run as far as I can before I can't run any further, two officers blocking my path, a nasty looking woman and another man.

      "Make sure you close the door up ahead, the one that's unlocked. We wouldn't want him reaching the last gate and getting free."

      I am dragged off to a separate section, which is for some reason a patch of outside, like a park or something. I go inside, and there are other prisoners there, none that I have previously met or know in reality. I sit down on a park bench, and notice there are horses and alligators everywhere. I talk to the other prisoners, I think there's a woman, a larger man and one or two other people with no distinguishing features. The warden of this section of the "prison" talks to us, and begins throwing out different colored pieces of garlic, which attracts all the alligators to us. I sit on the very back of the park bench and put my feet up, there's the female inmate beside me and she does the same. I ask the warden how long I'm going to be here for.

      "Thirty years." She replies bluntly, throwing a purple onion my way.
      "Thirty years?!" I ask in disbelief, and she nods.
      "That's right, you're not getting out here until you're one hundred and thirty."

      So apparently I was already one hundred years old but looked and felt like I was in my twenties. I became friends with the inmates around me, but felt very upset at the prospect of being stuck in this place. As far as I can tell I woke up soon after.

      Updated 03-03-2016 at 02:00 AM by 36360

    15. Florida Beaches, trampolines and a question for you!

      by , 02-07-2016 at 06:17 AM (My Dream Journal)
      Absolutely CRAZY dream recall last night!!!! The one unfortunate thing that happened last night was my WBTB. I had the perfect opportunity for one last night, but when I got up I was too lazy. But, at least my recall was awesome!
      My brother, dad and I are planning a trip to New Hampshire. There is something in this dream about a parade, but this was the only dream of the night that I don't remember in detail.
      I am at a table eating dinner with President Obama and some other people. Obama says something that is funny because he is the president, and we all laugh at it. JSYK, there is someone underneath the table holding it up. using suction cups.
      At this point I'm pretty sure I do my failed WBTB.
      I am at a political event, sitting in one of the front rows. I turn around, and see my friend sitting next to the Bratayley family. She is motioning for me to go over, so I do. i talk to them for a bit and we get a picture together. There are several other people with us in the picture, but I don't know them.
      My family and I are on a beach in Florida at night. It must be some really famous beach, because I am telling my sister how cool it is to be there. Then the waves are growing higher, and dad tells us that we should go back to the hotel before a storm starts. I remember thinking that he was going to say that there was a hurricane. We turn to the left and walk down a path away from the beach. There is a little tower like thing that I decide to walk up. When I get to the top, there is basically a giant trampoline lined with a wooden deck. On my way back down, there are several kids there that won't move. I finally get them to budge so I can get through, but we keep throwing nasty remarks at each other. My last remark to them is "I have hair too!"
      I am in gym class, playing hockey on a giant trampoline. I remember feeling sad that one of my friends is not in that class with me.
      I am still in Florida, this time by the "run off water" of some sort of amusement park slide. My family tells me that they have to leave to look for something, and I should be the look out. All of a sudden I am at my house again. I am watching something going on in my backyard. My family has discovered jello out there! I start eating some jello, and it tastes really good. I tell my brother, and all of a sudden we are in a prison like thing. There is a woman(our mom?) with her hands tied together. A security guard gives me a remote control and phone, and tells me that they might be useful for me to escape with. I hide them in my scarf, and me and my brother escape from the prison. We are running up hill, faster than we ever have before. My dad is running close behind us, trying to persuade us to stop running. Finally we do. We turn back around, and suddenly we are on a nice family hike. My sister is taking pictures and we are sitting near creeks eating candy. Then suddenly I am back at my house in the bathroom. Katie, the mom from Bratayley is there saying that she is going to show us how Hayley overcame her fear of water. I get out of the bathtub so she can film.
      I am back at the beach in Florida, the same one, and my brother tells me that we aren't going to spend any more time there. I am angry at him, but we walk away, down the same path as before. As a I am walking away I can hear my grandma talking with an Asian person. We reach the tower, but this time I have to have a rope climbing competition with someone to make it to the top. As we are climbing the rope we have to answer questions about politicians. When me and my competitor make it to the top, I sit down with another girl on the giant trampoline. We start talking about Caleb and Bratayley. We then start using special crayons to draw pictures of memories with Caleb on the "trampoline wall."
      I typed this pretty quick and late, so I am sorry for any errors, And I probably forgot some extra dream fragments, but I'll add those later if I remember any more.
      Question!!!! Are Wisconsinites the only people that call physical education class gym class? Just wondering.
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