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    1. c.

      by , 03-18-2020 at 07:08 PM
      Dreams from 14th, 17th and 18th. Mostly just copied directly from any morning notes I made for each day. Some notes in-line with the entries.


      Dream Fragment:

      First dream? Some Egyptian place, a big outdoor temple. I remember detailed stone and all the shapes I normally associate with ancient Egyptian architecture. I remember night time but also day time. It was a fairly long dream.

      It was a game like world or something. I was Link from Legend of Zelda? I remember fighting winged obsidian statues (likely "borrowed" from WoW). I remember the feel of a controller in my hands though. Maybe a Gamecube or Nintendo 64 controller, but could have just been a Wii one, since the joysticks have remained fairly similar over the years.

      Dream Fragment:

      A dream I'd travelled to my native country but with my high school class, and some other classmates from childhood. I remember we were in a coastal area visiting something. I forget all the details. This black I knew, Milt, was messing around some exhibit area? And then we were burying smoe ancient and withered corpse that had not received any funereal service. We then surrounded him with rocks and then placed larger boulders on top of him. The corpse was on a small dirt incline, about 20 or 30 degrees steep.

      Then I remember a room, indoors but nearby. It was dark inside, but I can't remember what happened there.

      Dream Fragment:

      Last dream that I woke up with, a WoW dream. Was playing rogue as usual and I was together with a raid group in Orgrimmar. We were in a different version of Thrall's throne room, it was more like a mix of Stormwind in a way because there was a lot of white stone and it was well lit.

      We were all bunched up in a corner, waiting for Horde players to come. I remember we didn't want to attack Thrall until we'd dealt with most of the nuisance players that would appear. We had already attacked Thrall before? I remember feeling surprise at the fact that none of the Alliance players from the raid group were messing around.



      Something about trains? Vaguely recall the dream took place outside and that it was day.



      The dream was a bit of a mix of Freelancer and other space games I've played over the years. I was avoiding some large blocky asteroids while flying a ship, and when I got clear of the asteroids I noticed a planet in the distance. I kept my course which was already on approach to it and noticed a gas cloud/small nebula formation appear. It was a green-ish dark mustard colour and mostly surrounded the planet. Like a smog coming off the planet.

      I remember the descent down into the atmosphere in some detail. There was some virtual interface element somewhere that, combined with the structures I saw, made me understand that the planet was mostly covered by factories and dense cities comprised mostly of narrow but tall skyscrapers. It looked like most of the surface area was being maximised for industrial output space, not for living. I landed somewhere and went to a bar of sorts, typical of Freelancer-like gameplay.

      People didn't look well off. There was a stereotypical North American "Trucker" feel to the place and there was an overall air that this entire place existed in a state of bare subsistence. I remember talking to some of these people but I don't remember exactly about what. It was night time both through the descent and while I was at the bar place.

      Dream Fragment:

      Some underground place, very well lit. There was a feel to the dream like some of the more dark and serious anime type stuff, such as full film-type productions. There were policemen with gas masks and they threw some sort of stunning gas grenades. I try to escape with two other people. We were doing a heist or something? The police looked like the Secreta from E.Y.E. but with typical blue and white colours instead of gold and black.

      Some transition or outside? A rail track of some sort. The dream was quite long but I was a bit too tired and I've forgotten most details. I remember two groups of people, and Auron from FFX. There was some cart carriage thing that went on the rail track...
    2. August 13, 2015 | Gardevoir used Charm, TARDIS, Pluto

      by , 01-29-2018 at 03:09 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Dad went to bed before finishing a crucial project required for a trip the next day. He was doing a parody of my sister and I because we were lazy and were “getting it done” by doing nothing. Also, the garage lights inside were all warm instead of white.
      -2-Ok, so I was in the woods on a trail. It was daytime in the woods, which had an unrealistic color to them—they looked like they had sunlight or something shining on them—there were no shadows anywhere. The woods themselves were covered in brush. There was a clean, blue pond about 30ft ahead on other trail. I ‘saw’ a Gardevoir. It looked nothing like one, but that didn’t matter, because my mind thought it was a Gardevoir, which it was. After I walk up to her, I kiss her right on the mouth. I had not intended to do this before seeing her, so there I was, seduced by a Pokemon.
      [New Scene]
      I was back at the old house again, doing unimportant stuff on a couch. Mom was on the computer and said, “[…]for baby Melissa!” At first, I was thinking, (Who) the f*** is Melissa? Suddenly, I realized that I had mated with that Gardevoir. Wat.
      -3-Mom and I, at an old house, watched the trailer for the Doctor Who series 9 finale. I don’t remember the single-word name. This coming episode was a take on Little Red Riding Hood. The TARDIS had a cushioned wall next to the front door. The Doctor pressed four buttons in this way: [E->S->W->N] Once the last (top) button was pressed, the neon EXIT sign lit up, and the TARDIS door opened. Once he was outside, the camera views him from a low angle to his right. The Doctor here had a wolf costume on. He then sighed and had a ‘gotta do this’ look on his face.
      -4-I was on this space ship with my sister and someone from the future. Every panel was lightly colored, and mostly white. This guy showed us ugly aliens that looked like humans. He said that they were from Uranus. I went *badum tss*. The guy was like, “Huh?” and I said that I thought it was funny because they were from Uranus and they were ugly.
      [New Scene]
      Apparently Grandpa was counting the number of people around—23. Suddenly, my sister and I were teleported to Pluto, which had snow on it. The landscape and the ground had a blue tint. There was zero atmosphere, even though we were breathing it. With the temperature quickly dropping, we were desperate to get on the tiny ship nearby. First, I tried what looked like a small vent that I couldn’t fit through. Then, I found the rock pit, enclosed with zipped plastic. My sister and I quickly unzipped it, jumped in and zipped it back up. I said, “Good, we’ll cool down slower in here. Make sure you zip both layers up.”
    3. October 26-27, 2014 | Hot/Cold Planet, Sun Filter, The Doctor, Shuttle, Bomb, Goldeneye

      by , 08-06-2017 at 07:19 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      10/26/14 | Square House Lot, Trees
      I moved into a house with a rather uncommon lot; it consisted of one line of trees for each side of a rectangle, arranged like the following figure. Surrounding the trees were miles of plains. If one could stand near the house and look around, they would see that all of the sky to the west was blocked by trees, most overhanging at the top so that 50% of the total view of the sky was obstructed.

      10/27/14 | Hot/Cold Planet, Sun Filter, The Doctor, Shuttle, Bomb, Goldeneye
      I was on a planet that used to be super hot until the sun was filtered by something. Then, the temperature rapidly dropped. Luckily, I isolated myself within four rooms of ice before the temperature reached levels of -100°F. Once that stopped, the temperature was disregarded, as I punched all the ice doors down and got out.
      [New Scene]
      Rory was suddenly already stuck on the planet for 3 years and was always leaving behind tons of paper with notes on othem. [from here, the Scene repeatedly flips between the planet and a highly populated building on Earth.] Inside this large building, I did some random stuff like talk to random people, and eventually my older sister. Back on the planet, the 11th doctor showed a planetary map with two parallel canyons that used to be the hottest place, now the coldest. With that, somehow the sun filter was shut down, and the planet became hot again.

      Somewhere else on the planet, local aliens were enjoying recreation in the hot weather, although they weren’t allowed to touch the ground, because of its abnormally high temperature compared to the surrounding air. Three juvenile blue aliens were using a plastic recreational tool. After one used it, he ran away on the hot ground. The others didn’t seem to pay any attention to him or the deer-like creatures walking into the scene. These looked rather like deer, except their fur seemed like that of a wolf’s, and their heads were closer to those of a velociraptor. On its head was this colored tool that seemed to be affected by temperature. Suddenly, this creature tripped and knocked its head into the superheated ground, making its head red and steamy. As a result, the tool on the creature’s head turned light blue, and began shooting out cold air, which apparently cooled its head down.

      Anyway, the scene changed into a tropical, high-density vegetation area. There was a path with some paper left by Rory. Later, we suddenly had a ship (a small ship more like a small shuttle) and some kind of bomb. [End Scene flips] The bomb said something like, “19 Seconds,” so The Doctor, my younger sister, Amy and I sprinted to the shuttle and flew out just in time. Too bad these two tiny, orange dudes fell out.
      [New Scene]
      My older brother and I were playing Goldeneye N64. The controls were surprisingly consistent for a dream. C-up was jump, C-down =crouch, B=sprint, Z=shoot. I didn’t have a gun, while he carried an RC-P90. All I could do was run up to him and use slap. Strangely, he ran away and through a new map we were playing on. For a moment, I looked at the radar(which had a 007 Legends look) before waking up.
    4. Nature rules

      by , 11-26-2016 at 11:34 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I was on a train, and the train doors randomly opened and closed. I lost valuables. M is causing it.

      I am on a street. It is dark. There are only black crows. I realise the sun and planets had been banished. They discover I am on the planet's side and I am thrown into a dungeon with them. The sun tells me he was discovered as a 'planet' during a solar eclipse.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Water Bending in a Water Planet

      by , 10-29-2016 at 03:10 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I had a "Fake WILD", a WILD within a dream. This has happened to me before, but I forget if I usually consider it a DILD or a WILD. I think I'll consider it a DILD this time.

      I was in a hotel with my girlfriend. We went to bed and for some reason I knew I would have a lucid dream. I closed my eyes and right away felt SP set in. Vibrations were not as strong as they usually are, but they were there. I waited a few seconds and then sat up in my bed. I was not in my dream bedroom, but rather in the hotel bed. I stood up and did a reality check by plugging my nose and breathing. Air didn't get in as easily as it usually does, but I figured it was just a bit stuffed. I rubbed my hands to stabilize and read something on the wall. I remembered the Task of the Month. I put both my hands in my pockets and pulled out a slingy from my left pocket, and a pair of dice from the right pocket. I laughed and then jumped through the window, I phased through it. I started flying towards space.
      For a second I thought I was in the void, but then I saw stars everywhere. I started flying as fast as I could and they became distorted. I stopped and saw a blue planet, I knew it wasn't Earth. I flew towards it and entered its stratosphere and then decided to take away my flying, see if I could make myself invincible. I was falling fast but could sorta glide using my body position. There were several beautiful green islands before me, scattered in a deep blue ocean. I aimed towards one of them and at this point I was falling so fast that it became bigger and bigger exponentially. I landed on my feet, and there was an empty *POP* sound as I landed. I left a crater at the landing site of about 10 meters in diameter, I was unharmed.
      I walked to the shore, and looked towards the endless ocean, into the horizon. The sky was a mix of blue, and purpleish vanilla. I put my hands stretched out in front of me, and started waterbending. I made swirls in the air, made the shape of a dragon and had it dance in the air. Then I shot a big stream of water straight up in the air and made it explode, it was beautiful. I thought of what I should do next, and had a FA.
      The dream continued non-lucidly.
    6. Taken captive on 2 different planets

      by , 09-29-2016 at 11:47 PM
      I was with a bunch of other people on some unknown planet. We had been taken captive & were frantically bouncing ideas back & forth. All adults no children. Then they transported us yet again to another planet where we started all over again with arguing about how to get the hell out.

      I don't remember having a dream before that I was on another planet, let alone two of them.
    7. Another side of the planet

      , 08-28-2016 at 12:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 9:15pm - 3:30am

      Dream around 1am:

      I'm on some planet. I live on one side which is highly evolved. Somehow I end up on the other side.

      I'm being chased by some young guy. At first I'm in a house with some others. Then I start running back to my side. Going through buildings, stores, corridors, escalators. A busy city with many buildings. I dive into doors, shops, hide behind counters and furniture. But there are glass features everywhere. Walls, doors. I always peak out at them and they always see me. I keep running.

      Finally get to some place underground. Like a wide road tunnel. The road forks here. I feel a bit more safe, because it's close to the border and some female from the "good side" is there directing people.

      She sends me to Immigration lane 2. I tell her I am citizen, I don't need lane 2. But she says they can admit me there too. So I hop on the escalator behind another woman and the sign above me says Immigration 2.

      I get "back home". Talking to some family at the dinner table. I mention the "wrong side" but they correct me that they are just the "other side", not wrong or bad.

      I have a feeling they had a chance to evolve with us, but they chose to remain less evolved so they can keep more freedom.
      Tags: planet
    8. [Non-Lucid] Sci-fi Adventure With Cedric (From The Mars Volta)

      by , 02-27-2016 at 09:12 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      So in this dream I'm out the the front of my house throwing a party, watching Cedric Bixler-Zavala or at least someone that looks like him walk around the yard and kind of hang out. Suddenly I'm thrown into a full blown adventure again. There are these warp switches that warp you to what I assume are different worlds, and we're sent off onto a desert one, feeling oddly melodramatic. It's a dusty red sand desert with nothing around for miles except dunes and the odd building littered around, we seem to be on a hill and there's an unusual structure (looks similar to a Trojan horse) in front of this old multi-story dilapidated workshop type building, with some mechanics working on it. Cedric and I hang out, climbing around in order to get up to the top of the formation. We finally reach the top and flip down a ladder or slide or something that makes getting down to the ground very fast, since the very top is fairly high. We notice a commotion breaking out down the dunes and a little far away from us, explosions and lots of people running about with what could be guns. We immediately raise the alarm, since apparently there are people who don't look favorably on us or our mechanic crew. We immediately try to get everyone off the planet and through the warp system, closing it behind us, since we're vastly outnumbered. Unfortunately as we're yelling at two of our crew to get out of here "before they get killed" both of them are blasted by these weird energy guns. There's no time to mourn however, because we're both forced to fight off the initial enemies that swarm our workshop. I have two pistols and Cedric has some kind of AR looking weapon. I can't remember much more, I think I wake up shortly after, perhaps I make it to a transporter.

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    9. [14-02-2016]

      by , 02-14-2016 at 10:17 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      With pals we took a rocket and flewn to a distant planet. We had to wear protective suits as the air was filled with toxic gasses. We went out and moved up a hill, and then we saw enemies - huge, muscular humanoids in the distance. I took out a rifle and started shooting to them. At first I couldn't land a hit, but then I shot one of them, presumably their leader as when it died, others took his body and escaped. We had to go back to rocket, to refill our air tanks.
    10. Vampire ate my friend, Devil at the cemetery

      by , 11-07-2015 at 10:48 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Midnight, the moon was bright, giving some light to the city. It was really cold. I was driving a car in a Central District, following main road and then driving off to an alleys between skyscrapers. I parked the car, and went outside. Suddenly another car appeared and parked in the darkness. Then four persons came closer to me - they were my friends. All of them wearing black hoodies with dark trousers.

      - What's the plan?
      - We'll wait in the shadows. The vampire would arrive shortly.
      - Sounds good.

      We have hidden, and then another car parked in the darkness. Then a monstrosity - a tall humanoid with gray skin, sunken eyes and bat-like wings. We charged at the beast, but then it just swallowed one of my friends in his entirety. Next the vampire started to climb up a skyscraper, and tried to fly away. Suddenly I became a giant, and catched the vampire in my hand. I just thrown him down, and he hit the ground with force so strong, that vampires head just flied away from the corpse. Then my friend just scrambled out of the body. I became normal-sized again. We drove away to the docks, to throw the corpse into water. Next we were sitting near a fireplace and talked about getting a boat and crew.

      Second dream

      It was in another planet. It had breathable atmosphere and Earth-like gravity. I was in some sort of settlement. The main hall was really crowded. There was a teleport specialist post in the middle of the hall, a huge archway teleporter to the right, and a way outside to the left. I followed the hallway, and entered a locker room. I took a key, and opened a 182 locker. There was a bag with food rations, water and a hunting knife inside. I took it, and then went outside, as teleports were out of order for some reason.

      The whole planet was a rocky wasteland. There were little to none vegetation, and no animals. The planet was swarming with some sort of creatures with distorted bodies, attacking anyone at sight. Many explorers were slain by them, but I kept fighting, going through Rocky Wasteland, Dark Valley and other regions, until I appeared at Red Mountain - a huge volcano. There was a raging ash storm, but I couldn't go back, I've gone too far to retreat now. There were other explorers here, but no one was cooperating. It was a race - the person who reaches abandoned cemetery first and retrieves family memorabilia for a rich man, gets the prize.

      I was finally reaching the cemetery, but I stopped. Looking further, I saw that a wall of fire, and clouds of smoke and ash appeared. The rubble was flying all around. Finally something moved out of the clouds - it was devil himself, sending rays of destruction and death to anyone who might come. At first he was of more demonic appearance, but for some moments he looked like a corpse with glowing white, sunken eyes and gray hair.

      This is where the teleporters at main settlement became active again. I found a teleporting stone in my bag, and used it. There was a siege, everyone had to evacuate. People were running to Earth through the archway teleporter. I decided to go deeper into the base, and look for some things I could've left. There were none, and I ran towards the main hall.

      Last people were going through teleporter. Suddenly a portal appeared, and demons - bald people with gray skin, wearing bracers made of brown metal, and brown ragged trousers were going out of it. They had white, glowing and sunken eyes.

      I had to choose - running to Earth, or going to cemetery, to fight devil. I've chosen the latter, and went to teleport specialist, so he could teleport me to cemetery. She said "Perhaps you're the one to fight devil. You may be our last hope." She made a mistake however, and I ended too far from it. I went back through teleport - demons won, the building was ruined, all portals inactive. The teleporting specialist was still alive, and her friend appeared.

      I decided to go on foot again. Everyhting was gray and distorted. The sky was plain black, and there was only a green moon visible. I haven't went too far, getting weaker and weaker. In the end I just fallen on the ground. Suddenly everything get blurred, the time was moving backwards. I had to choose again, but this time I went to Earth. I appeared in an upper floor of old mansion. I went downstairs.
    11. Kyte and Fronz, A lucid from awhile ago (#249)

      by , 09-03-2015 at 12:48 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Kyte is a volcanic moon orbiting far from a large reddish brown gas planet with an apperance not unlike Jupiter, only it is larger and has a higher percentage of heavy elements. Only the planet is closer to its parent star. The parent star is an orange dwarf with a little less than half the mass of our sun. It is a part of a binary system with a red dwarf, but the red dwarf orbits far out and is barely visible in the daytime sky. However, at night, it is quite visible, meaning that there is a sort of "twilight day" when the smaller and more distant star has risen but not the primary star.

      The moon is much smaller than earth. 0.22 earth masses and fairly low gravity. There is an atmosphere with a high amount of noble gasses. Notably argon and xenon. The atmosphere is a snowy grayish color at sunset and sunrise and has a slight purplish tint during the day. There are clouds but they are often very thin and wispy. At the lowest points the atmospheric pressure is about 0.7 atm.

      The terrain varies little, though the entire surface of the planet is black and gray, due to very high carbon content. There are a few deep canyons and impact craters. Though most of the planet is relatively flat and sandy. Sand is carried by the strong winds and occasional storms that blow through and made into dunes.

      Though the moons' most notable feature are the large volcanoes spread out across the surface. They are concentrated near the equator but are present nearly everywhere. They have an unusual sweeping shape, beginning with a shallow slope and sweeping upward to nearly vertical chimneys miles tall. Most of these volcanoes are dormant or extinct but a few are quietly erupting small amounts of magma in deep channels running down the side.

      The planet generates anomalies in the magnetic feild of the parent gas planet. This coupled with tidal heating and heat from the sun ensures that the moon is rather warm. Due to its dark color, it has a very low albedo and surface temperatures range from 80-150 degrees.

      The moon has its own sub-satellite, an asteroid known as Nobal. It is only a few miles across and spins too fast for gravity alone to be keeping it together. It is theorized that it is one single rock being held together by chemical bonds.

      Fronz is another moon in a very close orbit around the gas planet. Due to its orbit, it is believed that in a few million years, it will pass the roche limit and be torn apart by its parent planet.

      It is much larger than kyte, about .43 earth masses, but still small. The moon is made mostly of water-ice with trace amounts of ammonia and oxygen in the atmosphere. Though the moon is mostly covered in ice, near the equator the ice melts resulting in a narrow band of water. The moon has complex weather patterns including snowstorms and snow-hurricanes.

      There is a third major moon orbiting the gas planet between Kyte and Fronz, but no information is given, though it has importance. There are also dozens of smaller bodies, presumably captured asteroids. Kyte and Fronz are very important because together, they posses all of the necessary resources for long term habitation. Bases will be set up on both moons, but a large orbital habitat will be constructed between the orbits of Kyte and the unnamed large moon. Supplies will be mined from these moons and shuttled to the orbital habitat.

      I close my laptop and abandon the project. It is something akin to Kerbal space program with is somehow also 'real' at the same time, and I feel very frustrated/sad that I have abandoned it. I 'remember' having worked on it for a very long time. I have to go to the store to look at quartz crystals with my mom. Should have become lucid. Space/planets dream sign.


      I was on a beach with Manei. Same beach that my first LD took place on. She gives me one of those 'broken heat' necklaces that light up when the two halves are put together. She has the other half.

      I ask her why. This seems like a really cheap/gimmicky thing to show love or friendship. I'm generally bothered by this and ask her what her reasoning was, and to be honest I'm still walking a tightrope on the whole 'being in love with a dream character' thing for reasons too complex to go into detail here. She explains that I should ignore the physical aspect of it and focus on the meaning behind the object. Oftentimes, objects with little or no monetary value can have great personal value and vice versa.

      Okay. Makes enough sense. I then commented on how I like the fact that my dreams do seem to periodically explore new morals and themes, and sometimes offering differing perspectives on old ones. I also like the fact that I am not always the fool when these morals are taught, and am sometimes the teacher rather than the student.

      I think the necklace had some kind of voice recording that would play when the two halves were put together. I can't remember. This dream was very faded, and I recall their being much more to it. It may be getting mixed up with a fake lucid dream I wrote for the sake of visualization set in the same location. I feel as though I actually had it about two weeks ago but only recalled now, as if it were buried in my mind somehow.
    12. The Duel At Cloud City

      by , 07-07-2015 at 03:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #447 - ? - 4:44AM

      Quote Originally Posted by tl;dr
      I was somehow lucid in the void and decided to have a lightsaber battle as Darth Vader. I started in a TIE fighter but ended dueling on some small floating platform over cloud city. The battle seemed planned and I got bored so I killed the Jedi.Another Jedi surprises me with an attack to my ankle. The pain wakes me up.
      I am at a low level of lucidity while floating in the dream bardo (void). For whatever reason, I have Star Wars on my mind and I seriously want a light saber battle. I am not sure how to get it started so I just say the mantra, "I am Darth Vader.", until something takes shape. First I am in the cockpit of a TIE fighter in a low orbit over some very cloudy planet. For the briefest moment, I marvel the curved horizon, but tell myself not to get lost in the details because, I know that space flight can get very tricky when I worry too much about visuals. Next, I get some imagery of myself morphing from Lord Vader to a Stormtrooper and It becomes very confusing. Luckily, I am able to shake it off as I focus on descending to the surface of the unknown planet.

      As my view tilts downward, I am suddenly out of the spacecraft and floating on a type of saucer-shaped, floating platform just big enough to stand on. I am above a very thick and infinite cloud barrier expecting to battle and I quickly search out a Jedi to attack. There is on that looks similar to my Co-Worker B on another floating platform. I move into attack as I flick my wrist and blind summon a lightsaber. I briefly heard the signature sound and see a red beam, then it vanishes. Again, I remember this is normal for me and I remind myself not to get caught up on the eye candy. The feeling of the lightsaber is very vivid in my hand as I swing to attack the man from behind. He turns to parry my attack just in time. I make several efforts to hit, but each one it deflected with ease. Both of our light sabers seem invisible until me make contact. Then, and only then, are our weapons visible and bright with the appropriate sound effects. I am disappointed with the battle and I get the sense of dueling my shadow. Each attack feels forced and each parry feels planned. I quickly tire of this and maneuver my feet back and out , aking an arching motion, causing me to spin around the Jedi and allowing me to quickly thrust my lightsaber into his left shoulder blade. There is some hesitation of the visual, but I force this one wanting to see my energy blade push out his chest. His sword arm relaxes and I catch his lightsaber, quickly pocketing it like some souvenir that I'll never get to appreciate.

      Before I have another thought, a second and identical Jedi attacks from my left. He zooms past me and deftly stabs a large hole in my right ankle. There isn't any sensation until he unexpectedly puts two fingers into my wound and lets his weight hang on my leg. An agonizing dull ache shoots up my leg and causes me to wake up.

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    13. Jogging / Portable Hole / Space (DILD)

      by , 04-14-2015 at 07:06 AM
      Ritual: WTB 2am, woke 9am with dream. Recall: 9/10. April had so far been a dryspell, but after my hot streak in early March I hadn't worried too much about it. I've noticed that my streaks and dryspells often seem to operate cyclically. I was distressed in early April when even my dream recall was inexplicably poor, but for the past week that had been improving. I had been continuing daytime RCs but to no discernible effect, and hadn't made any serious LD attempts all month.

      Last night was no exception, but since I was stressed and annoyed over work obligations, I let myself drink rather heavily with dinner. The consequence of this was that I slept poorly, having to cycle lots of water and wake up even more frequently than usual. This didn't bother me either, as I'd slept plenty in the last few days and didn't feel especially tired. I also enjoyed that I was dreaming heavily all night, with decent recall, though the dreams themselves were not interesting enough to sacrifice more sleep to record them. As morning approached, the line between sleeping and waking started to blur, to the point where I found myself in a long dream where I seemed to be lying half-awake in my bed, but talking and interacting with DCs who were in the room with me. Even before the dream ended it occurred to me that it had involved some semi-lucid intervals, so I realized I should get up and take some notes. I was in the process of doing so when I began to suspect I was still dreaming. My first instinct was to wake myself up so I could record the dream properly, but then I realized that I shouldn't squander this unexpected opportunity!

      DILD: In my living room. Don't think I'm awake yet. Could wake myself up, of course. Hang on—that would be a waste. Must be at least an hour before I have to get up. What were those tasks again?

      Jogging will be easy enough. I start running even before I leave the house. Suddenly my feet feel heavy and I notice I am wearing my old black leather combat boots. Grin—if there was any doubt I was dreaming it has cleared up now. [For the record, I was never in the military, I just had a distinctive fashion sense in my youth.] Go outside the door and jog away. Immediately nothing like my backyard, though it does still resemble the region I live in. Look around: in the distance see a woman pushing a stroller. "Woman pushing a stroller," I say to myself, to fix the details. I'm running across a parking lot, and where it ends I pass an unusual tree whose thick branches are armed with long thorns. "Thorn tree," I state for the record. Find myself at the edge of a steep hill and run straight down. Gravity isn't a problem, I stay perpendicular to the ground I am covering, which means I am pitched forward at a 45 degree angle and would fall flat onto my stomach if gravity were operative, but it isn't. I can feel my body being gently buoyed up into this position, and my speed doesn't become too great. Say, "Steep hill." As I'm running down the hill, looking around, I see something stranger. The earth is almost barren, with dry scrubby vegetation in patches, but looking to my left, I see razors sticking up out of the ground as if someone has planted them there, dozens of them, several inches apart, covering a large patch of ground. "Razors planted in the ground," I say, adding, "Disposable razors." And they're not just any brand, but I recognize them: distinctive yellow handles, white heads... "Bic razors," I think.

      At the bottom of the hill the ground levels out. I notice that the act of jogging doesn't feel at all realistic, which is interesting because I actually do jog in WL on a semi-regular basis, so it is not that my dreaming mind lacks sensations to draw upon. In what respect is it unrealistic? Well, there's no need for real effort, no sense of real weight. And now, unbidden, my arms are dangling and dragging through the dry dirt of the ground, I can feel it sifting through my fingers. My arms do not feel any longer than normal, and my legs do not feel any shorter than normal, yet my fingers are trailing the ground alongside me as I run. I notice a small mushroom lying on the dirt and pick it up, saying "Mushroom." It is a fleshy beige tube-shaped stem without a distinct cap, and I recognize the type from the grocery store—it is a small eryngii mushroom.

      Previously I had passed highways at the base of the hill, but now I'm approaching a smaller local street, buildings tightly packed together on the side of the street across from me. I decide to move on to another task. When the April TOTMs were posted I had worked out a plan whereby I would use the portable hole to portal myself into space and do the bonus task. I note an ideal location in the street—there's a manhole cover there or some other kind of circular mark that seems the ideal place to set down the hole. I notice three guys on this side of the road are getting into a parked car and feel instinctive momentary caution about running in front of it, but remind myself that this is a dream, there's no way to be harmed if the car hits me, and anyway I should use it as motivation to succeed quickly in the hole task. In retrospect, I note that the direction they're about to drive suggests either that this must be a one-way street, or else that the traffic flow is the opposite of what it normally is in the US.

      I had planned my strategy as I was jogging up, so once I got to the spot I had designated, I promptly used my right hand to reach into my "pocket" (to avoid overcomplicating things I deliberately didn't bother to take notice of what I was wearing or make sure it had a pocket, I just let assumption carry the day), pulled out my portable hole and dropped it. Nothing happened, but the problem was easily diagnosed: my hand had come up empty from my pocket, so I had only been pretending to drop the hole. Apparently, in dreams, there can somehow still be a distinction (however nuanced) between "pretending" to do something and "actually" doing it.

      "You actually have to pull something out," I murmured to myself reprovingly, and reached into my pocket again. This time my hand closed around a folded piece of very thin black cloth. I recall the texture of the cloth made it feel like a synthetic fiber, smooth and slightly shiny. I unfolded it and dropped it on the pavement. It was circular, perfectly sized to fit over the manhole-cover spot in the street, but I had thrown it so casually that it had fallen in a bunched up and wrinkled way, so I kneeled down to gently smooth it flat. Then I stood back up and stepped on the cloth, intending to sink through it and find myself in space. Of course the first time, it felt no different than stepping onto a layer of cloth that had been set onto the pavement, and I didn't go anywhere. This didn't surprise me, since I knew my expectations might have been conditioned by some of the early TOTM reports I had read in this month's thread. So I patiently tried again, knowing I could make this work. I hopped in place and focused on the sensation of sinking. The second try was still a dud. I hopped again, maintaining my focus and emphasizing the idea of falling through the hole. It worked, though instead of falling suddenly, as one might through a real hole, I was sinking slowly and gently downward. I used this extra time to build my image of where I wanted to end up: space.

      After I sank beneath the surface of the pavement, I was floating in a pitch black, unconstructed space. This was more promising than disorienting—after all, outer space has very similar qualities. However, I knew I should be seeing stars, so I firmed my resolve to be in space, specifically "outer space," not just unconstructed space. The dream complied, and filling my field of view to the front and right was a sudden glimpse of a great starry disk, fully round as if I was looking at it head on. "Galaxy," I murmured, impressed by how beautiful it was, how awe-inspiring, even if it had been generated entirely by my own mind. But the task required me to observe a sunrise over Earth, so I focused my intention using keywords: "Space. Sunrise."

      The beautiful galaxy disappeared, replaced with a vision much less inspiring. From photographs I have the impression that seeing the actual Earth from space is visually stunning, but despite the loveliness of my galaxy, my model of Earth was rather dull and unconvincing. What made it so underwhelming was that I didn't feel like the distances were right: even though I was still floating in "space," I felt like I was only a few feet away from the planet, which resembled a large globe about six feet in diameter. It was dark, because I was looking at the night side, and as I willed the "sunrise" to occur, the light creeping around the edge of the planet illuminated something unexpected: the whole planet seemed fenced in by structures built over and around it, and they were covered with corporate logos! Actually it seemed very appropriate metaphor for the current state of affairs. The structures definitely didn't look like the sorts of things that could exist in space, though, since they consisted of large interlocking beams that crowded and dwarfed the planet itself. As I examined this structure, the "space" in which I was floating stabilized into the interior of a large, dimly lit room, the earth and the structures around it becoming mere models. It resembled the lobby of a planetarium or space museum.

      "Space. Sunrise." I said again firmly, trying to restore the scene to the one I had intended. I temporarily succeeded in making the room fade away so that I was again floating in darkness in front of the Earth, but when I tried to re-do the sunrise, the growing light illuminated the walls of the same room that I had just banished, and now the light was almost aggressively bright. This, I figured, was actual light from WL—during my earlier wakings I had noticed that it was a very bright morning, and my curtains can only do so much to keep light out of the bedroom. I managed to ignore the light and hold onto the dream a little bit longer, but I was still wrestling to turn the room's interior back into outer space when I woke up.

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    14. Seeding a planet

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Seeding a planet (Non-lucid)


      I traveled back and forth to a new planet. It was much alike Earth, but much larger and not populated. I had to seed this planet alongside other ET beings.

      We were creating animals. I could see that this planet looked like the Earth even the layout of the continents, but it was green and clean, it was amazing, air was pure. There were some super sonic planes that traveled from the US to Europe in seconds (remember, the planet was larger than Earth, so US-Europe distance is much larger)

      Some guy wanted to implement money in this planet, but myself being the highest authority I said no... money only brought corruption. I flew above this planet a lot to check out how it was going. I saw some massive buildings, up the clouds and realized it was once populated.
    15. Low Gravity

      by , 03-30-2015 at 10:01 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Daytime/Afternoon and night. I and some others are literally jumping from island to island in some kind of world/planet. The place has lighter gravity than earth, and we (three of us) were always being blown away when the winds are strong. We were in the forests and other places. We were avoiding meeting other residents of the planet. I think they're aggressive.

      Morning. I was in a dorm of some kind. There were a lot of beds in one room that is shared. My name was there. I thought that it was a place rented by our company for us, but I didn't get to use the place since I have my own place. I thought it's a good backup plan though. I checked the bathroom, I think.

      Night. I was outside a hotel. I was ordering food. For some reason, they gave me a slip, maybe to pay it later. I was planning to pay it on the spot, but oh well.

      I went inside the bathroom. It was very small.


      - Slept at around 2 p.m.
      - Woke up at around 4:17 p.m.
      - Very tired.
      - No alarm
      - I'm thinking of the rent-to-own units sometime during the day
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