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    1. [Non-Lucid] Onions and Alligators

      by , 03-02-2016 at 10:18 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I'm with a guy, apparently my boyfriend(?) , at the train station/prison hybrid where he is being kept prisoner. I'm pretty sure I'm there to ask him about alcohol to take with me out with my friends, since I'm fairly broke and haven't got enough money to buy my own and It's a necessity if I'm not going to feel uncomfortable the whole night. He tells me there's some in his apartment and I go upstairs, there are scumbag inmates all over the place calling to me, mocking me and whatnot.

      "Hey, what room was yours?" I call down to him over the railing of the upper floor.
      "It's 505!" He shouts back.

      A woman slides up beside me and opens the door slightly, presumably to demonstrate that It's unlocked.
      "Does he always leave his door open like that?" I ask her, and wonder if she even knows him.

      She shrugs, and I push open the door. There are no drinks any-where, I look over counter tops and inside a bedside table before determining that they must be under his bed for some reason. Surely enough I'm right, and I pick up a small flask of vodka, a larger bottle of whiskey and some absinthe and stuff them into my bag. I leave the apartment, but now I have a new problem. On the ground floor, right next to my boyfriend and the staircase down, there's a warden patrolling. I walk low, and try to descend the staircase without drawing any attention to myself. It's no use, and I am caught. He rummages through my bag, not seeming to care that I don't belong here, and finds a tube of skin cream. He accuses us of using it to get drunk, which we vehemently deny. He takes it away, and sentences me to prison with the rest of them. I jump down off the platform and onto the train tracks, stretching out ahead of me is a dark tunnel. I begin running down the tunnel, the warden screams at his officers to capture me, but I manage to evade most of them
      I run as far as I can before I can't run any further, two officers blocking my path, a nasty looking woman and another man.

      "Make sure you close the door up ahead, the one that's unlocked. We wouldn't want him reaching the last gate and getting free."

      I am dragged off to a separate section, which is for some reason a patch of outside, like a park or something. I go inside, and there are other prisoners there, none that I have previously met or know in reality. I sit down on a park bench, and notice there are horses and alligators everywhere. I talk to the other prisoners, I think there's a woman, a larger man and one or two other people with no distinguishing features. The warden of this section of the "prison" talks to us, and begins throwing out different colored pieces of garlic, which attracts all the alligators to us. I sit on the very back of the park bench and put my feet up, there's the female inmate beside me and she does the same. I ask the warden how long I'm going to be here for.

      "Thirty years." She replies bluntly, throwing a purple onion my way.
      "Thirty years?!" I ask in disbelief, and she nods.
      "That's right, you're not getting out here until you're one hundred and thirty."

      So apparently I was already one hundred years old but looked and felt like I was in my twenties. I became friends with the inmates around me, but felt very upset at the prospect of being stuck in this place. As far as I can tell I woke up soon after.

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    2. Watching Dinosaurs and Playing Around With My Own Skeleton

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:39 AM
      Morning of October 10, 2015. Saturday.

      This is a set of three shorter dreams in which one shifted into the other with only partial wakefulness.

      The first involves being at an unknown location near a river bank. My wife Zsuzsanna and I are watching alligators swim through the water every now and then, just under the surface. A few other people are walking around. The alligators do not really seem threatening. Eventually I notice how a few of them look very different from normal alligators, though mostly around the head. I point out that it seems someone is apparently doing strange experiments with dinosaur DNA or possibly even living dinosaurs and alligators, as each alligator seems to have minor features from a known dinosaur, one having a head somewhat like a Tyrannosaurus, the other like a Styracosaurus, though flatter and more alligator-like. I even manage to pull the Styracosaurus alligator out of the water and partly onto the bank so that I can show people what I mean.

      After a partial awakening and back into sleep, my wife and children and I are back on Barolin Street, except that all of the houses north of ours (as in reality) are gone and the area is replaced by a large field of mostly short grass and which is bordered by a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. Only a few other people are around farther to the north.

      An unnaturally large Tyrannosaurus, probably about twice as large as any real one ever was, is walking about in the field as if being kept there by the small fence, which is only about the height of an average human waist. I see another Tyrannosaurus nearby, about three lots beyond the first one. In the back of my mind, I sense a part of myself contemplating how I will change my dream from an uneventful one into one where we are chased by the dinosaurs. (This vague awareness of making my dream in real time which also occurs with clearer awareness in indescribable abstract dreams has occurred since early childhood, though there is no hint of lucidity otherwise.)

      The Tyrannosaurus moves his head down, leaning forward, and smashes down the tiny fence with his head, as if the tiny fence was somehow keeping him in the field when all he needed to do was just step over it without even noticing. I find this scene somewhat comedic, pondering the seeming low intelligence of the creature. I tell everyone that we need to go back to our house, as the dinosaur is now loose. It is soon moving very fast in our direction though the other one seems to be considering which direction to go (as there are more unknown people to the north). We go onto our porch, though the door to the main entrance and hallway is locked. From here, I non-lucidly manipulate my dream by rewinding it, pausing it, and jumping about in terms of sections of previous events.

      In my next dream, we are inside the Barolin Street house, in the living room, I think. I am near the center of the room sitting on the floor. For some reason, I am practicing my firing of projectiles, which are actually finger bones from my hand. I somehow pop them out from my skeletal hand and fire them across the room (with a force that carries them to the wall, a few hitting a desk). I do this at least twelve times with all twelve of the phalanges of my right hand (not counting my thumb). I somehow continue with my left hand (not realizing it would not be possible as my right fingers are all gone). Looking down at my own skeleton, I see that I must have also already used some of my ribs at an earlier date. It is no problem, as I will eventually probably snap all my bones back into place later on.

      (This may have something to do with the difficulty we had in snapping together the life-sized Billy Bones model kit a few months ago.)
    3. "I love alligators!", First LD- LUCID

      by , 08-15-2015 at 01:28 PM (DreamLab Njegere)
      So I did a WBTB WILD last night (meditated while waiting to go back to bed), but it didn't work. I tried the WILD three times, and each time I would get the vibrations, but I never really lost the sense of my body. Oh, well, it ended up not mattering because my RCs and MILD mantra kicked in and saved the night. Lucid in only five days since I started? Not bad.

      I'm in my room, in the dark, looking at my monitor. One of my speakers is to the right. I hear singing from it. It is in another language. I think its Welsh. I know that it is coming from down stairs and that it must be my dad, who sings all the time (he does this IWL, and yes, some of the songs are in Welsh). I'm not sure why, but I go to the bathroom, maybe with the idea of taking a shower and getting up. The makeup of the house is completely different from my WL house, but I don't notice this. The light is on in the bathroom. I look in the mirror. I look normal, except my hair is sticking out on all sides so it looks like I have a saucer around my head. The top of my head, my crown, is also shaved, like a Christian monk. This triggers a reality check. The light in the bathroom must have gone off, because I performed the RC in the dark. I plug my nose and try to breathe. I still can! I become semi-lucid, but I'm so surprised at being able to breathe through closed nostrils that I perform the RC again. I thought my fingers might have slipped and half-opened a nostril. I'm excited, so I run out into the hall, where everything is dark. I whisper "Turn on the lights," or something like that, but nothing happens. I'm whispering because I have a crazy idea that my dad is downstairs, and I don't want him to know I'm lucid dreaming (I get secretive about weird stuff IWL, and this is why I figured this dream was not completely lucid). I find a switch and flick it. The lights come on. I run towards a balcony. Steps lead downstairs to a wall full of large windows. The steps are tiled with wood and the banister beside them is of some exotic wood. I can see that outside it is that time before dawn when everything is gray or deep shades of blue. As I run down the stairs, the sun comes up and by the time I make it outside it is morning. The sky is a brilliant shade of denim blue, without a cloud in the sky.

      I am in a cheery neighborhood with comfortable looking homes, most of them ranch style. For some reason the neighborhood reminds me of Norther California. It is definitely not my own WL neck of suburbia. There are paths leading to other houses, and the spaces between the paths are mulched with red cedar.

      Everything looks a bit blurry, so I shout "Clarify!". Nothing happens, but it must have worked because the last scene in the dream is very vivid. I remember that if I get too excited I will wake up, so I think stabilizing would be a good idea. I try to rub my hands together, but I am wearing these large red oven mits. I take off the mits and rub my hands together. I don't feel more grounded or anything. I have an idea that it might be a good idea to twirl for further stabilization. But I remember that turning around can also teleport you somewhere else, so I don't end up doing it. I want to explore the neighborhood first.

      I look for something to do. I see a dream character across the road, checking her mail. She's this girl I knew from a farm in Northern California when I hitchhiked down the West Coast from Seattle. She has a cute coffee-cream brown face with a sprinkling of freckles on her nose. Her eyes are the color of brown autumn leaves, and her chocolate hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She is wearing blue sweatpants. I forget what she was wearing for her top. I run over to her, and she backs up into the siding of her house. She looks pretty calm, nevertheless, to see a strange fat guy sprinting towards her.

      "Do you want the table?" she asks when I arrive. I don't remember if there was a table nearby she could give me, but I certainly didn't want it.

      "No," I reply with crazy enthusiasm. "I want to tell you a story!"

      I don't know what story I had in mind, but she says something I can't quite recall, but that ends with "alligators."

      "I love alligators!" I cry.

      I wake up.

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    4. Alligators

      by , 06-20-2015 at 08:00 AM
      Morning of June 20, 2015. Saturday.

      My wife and children and I are again living on Barolin Street where we have not lived since March 2008. There is a fictional body of water in the backyard which first seems like a river (in a similar orientation as a fictional feature in my dreams about Cubitis where it replaces the railroad track area) but is later a swimming pool that is much closer to the back of the house. My dream “resets” a few times, and it is as if I am creating or forcing the drama at a background level. This is one of those dreams of a type I have not felt in some time, which is a strange type of sleep paralysis but not full to where it is lucid or as blissfully enjoyable, where my legs have a strange sensation all over the skin that is hard to describe - along with a bizarre anticipatory feeling or the nerves in my legs having been augmented to an almost overwhelming level. This happens on and off after waking several times and quickly going back into the same dream as a “reset” (usually with a slightly different sequence). Thus there are at least four or five versions of this dream within the same time period (though a more common event when I was younger). This dream also seems to have more “immediately reset and replay” scenes than usual.

      In the primary version and main outcome, I notice a huge alligator head that had emerged from the surface of the water behind our house. At first it seems amusing, though over time, a part of myself seems to force elements of my dream for dramatic effect. A few times, I typically am aware I am creating my dream, but yet am not lucid or self-aware at my dream-self level. This is a common state I have never really read about in all the dream literature I have seen and yet is my most common “normal” way of dreaming.

      There is a scene where I am describing the alligator to two unknown males who had been in a canoe on the river. I say how its head was about as large as half the living room though I realize that is an exaggeration.

      There is a scene where two cats (one being our real black-and-white cat Franco, the other unknown) fall into the water of which is now of a swimming pool. I am looking out a fictional back window from what would otherwise be the kitchen area. An alligator head emerges and swallows the same cat a few times (in “resets”) and I feel upset and also realize my children will be very upset though I do tell them in most versions though it ends up to where the cats were not swallowed or eaten at all.

      We still have to abandon the house and leave the area to the alligators. At one point, there is a fictional male that seems tiny and he falls down the front staircase (with a strangely cheerful manner), which are much bigger and with more steps than in reality. I do not regard his miniature nature at all. I only know we all have to leave to avoid being eaten by the alligators, of which there are perhaps six or seven.

      My dream continues to jump back and forth with “resets” and replays in somewhat random and completely incongruous sequences (even for a dream) even though I retain all the main dream scenes after waking. Long ago, I decided this was some sort of “practice” function of dreams, which may be why some people cannot remember or resolve their dreams in the manner I usually do in that, because so many different versions of a scene or outcome resulted, the dream becomes muddled or uncertain in singular details (which do not exist due to there being several versions of the “same” event). This may also explain in-dream deja vu, where your dream-self had forgotten the first version of a dream sequence while still in the dream.

      Most of the events seem to occur at night, though the cat scene was well-lit (though possibly with outside lights on the eaves of the back porch). We “escape from our home and do not return” a few times in a row. Each time after the “reset”, the setup becomes more and more ludicrous. There is one bizarre scene where I am aware of an alligator having put a ladder against our house to climb up and enter through the window like a person. (In fact, it is as if my dream-self is trying to force this to happen - though it never does.) In this case, the living room extends to that side of the house where the bathroom would otherwise be. Also, the (one-storey) house seems a bit higher up. (In reality it was on stumps, but the first floor not at what would be perceived as second-floor level when compared to a normal house.) I become vaguely aware I am creating my dream at this point, though with no lucidity. There is also an idea they will start coming in from the south end of the house (which has a fictional layout including a hall rather then the outside side staircase entrance leading directly into the living room).

      My wife also had alligators in her dream at the same time, with no real-life prompts (other than her seeing something I did not in a children’s book from the library); a type of partially shared dreaming that has been happening continuously for a few years - though often based on something my wife was thinking while awake that I could not have known about.
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    5. 1/24/14 - tribal tyrant

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:35 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm and african man in this drream, i'm sitting next to some other tribes people. It looks like we are in africa. The tribes leader comes to the crow infuriated and says he wants me and my friend dead, so me and the man run. This pisses the tribe leader off and he gets on this canopy covered machine that sways when it walks, and he chases us with it. We hide in a group and he can't see us, he never really got a good look at us to begin with. Now he's using this huge flame thrower and burning everyone who won't move, everyone in his path. I see people trying to climb a fence but getting burned down and so we all run towards the swamp where the trees and rocks are. we all gather there because we can't cross it because there are alligators in there and the green crap on top you can't see where they are. Then the tribe leader comes and decides to make a game of it, he forces us one by one to run jump or swim across the swamp, so he pushes the first man, and he makes it even though and alligator jumped at him and almost got him. This infuriates the tribe leader. Then he sends this woman to go, she jumps but then falls in and swim's fast enough but gets bit on the back of her neck. The tribe l;leader laughs at her. Then he sends a rather skinny fellow, her tries to jump from rock to rock but and alligator trips him with its tail and he falls in head first and he never comes back up after we see a struggle and alligator tails flailing, we all hang our heads in sorrow while the tribe leader laughs even louder. Now he sends me, I try to run across as fast as possible but then I fall into a very deep part of the swamp and I struggle to swim I know the gators are every where but someone drags me out from the other side and I hear the tribe leader scream in anger, then I run some more to get away from the swamp I feel the gators will come out and get me.
    6. The Bravest Littlest Knight

      by , 12-17-2013 at 09:49 PM
      Date: 12/17/2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (Fail )
      Total Sleep Time: 8 (ish) hours

      Welp...I tried to duplicate my success from yesterday by planning all day with intent to WILD and doing my WBTB for at least 45 minutes. So would someone please tell me why the hell my job called telling me they needed something emailed to them within the hour (and the job would take me 2 hours to do) ???!!! By the time I got finish with the work there was no way in hell that I was able to go back to sleep. Oh well, there is always tomorrow...

      Dream 1

      I was surrounded by alligators and I decided that I would eat them so I started skinning their hide and removing their guts to make a soup. There were all sizes and shapes of alligators, but I wasn't afraid. I told myself the more the merrier for my alligator soup .

      Dream 2

      I saw a baby in a woman's uterus and I was able to see this with my naked eye. It was so vivid...his facial features were so clear to me. I saw that the baby was holding a miniature sword in his hand and smiling...like he was going to be a knight. Even though this was a very short dream I must admit, I believe this one was one of my favorites because the baby looked so confident and brave .
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    7. Beautiful Mountain

      by , 10-11-2013 at 05:14 PM
      Night before last: I dreamed I was in Louisiana for some reason in a place that didn't have a lot of dry land. In the dry spots, there were houses and a few old, rusted campers and vehicles. I had to swim and wade through neck-deep water to reach wherever it was I was going. I got to my destination and turned around to realize that the water I had just come through is full of alligators, and I'm lucky I didn't get eaten. Now I don't know how I'm going to get back.

      New dream: Extremely vivid, though I can't recall much of it. I was visiting a distant cousin in Utah (never been there). Her home is next to a beautiful mountain. I stick my head out her back door and am wowed by what I see. There is no yard - just a gentle, treeless slope leading to the base of the mountain, which, although enormous, isn't too high to climb without equipment. It's not high enough to have a snow cap. It's partially covered in grass, and partially raw dirt with a few small rivulets where water has run down. It reminds me of the Scottish Highlands. Higher up, there are some large boulders and rocky ledges, but I see places where someone could hike around them. I tell my cousin that the next time I come visit, I'm going to walk right out her back door and see how high I can hike up there. Right now it's just beginning to snow a little. If I only I could snap a picture of this image in my mind and post it on the dream journal! There was so much vivid detail, and I remember it clearly.

      Last night: Slept very fitfully, which helped me to recall lots of dreams and fragments. (Very tired this morning.) In one, I'm with my fiance in an unfamiliar street scene. It's night time in a very suburban environment containing eateries and grocery stores and such. The Rapture is coming at 11:55 p.m., and somehow we know it. We decide that we want to be having dinner when it occurs, but the only place open is something like a Chic-Fil-A. It's full of people expecting to be raptured, and you can't get inside. The drive-through is also full of cars. I tell my finace that I'm going to kill some time (I have no idea where or doing what) while we wait to see if the crowd dies down. I leave him there. We are both expecting to be raptured. Suddenly I'm back from wherever I went, and the crowd is almost completely gone. There are a few empty cars parked at odd angles, and my fiance is still there waiting for me. Did we miss it? I don't know what time it is now.

      In a fragment, I'm in a rush to move to St. Louis. (Years ago in real life, I was in a rush to move from St. Louis to Houston after my job at the time unexpectedly transferred me and gave me less than a week to get set up.) My ex is with me for some reason and seems to be helping me move. I have to run, hurry, hurry! Oh my God where's my rent check? I'll need it as soon as I get there! I find it in a drawer, suddenly remembering that I prepared it in advance. I'm relieved that I had the forethought to do that.

      In yet another dream, I'm in a home with lots of hardwood that I've never seen before, but it feels familiar in the dream as if I live there. Night time. It's a nice place, and the bright wood is well-varnished. A dream character that I've never met in real life but feels like a close friend in the dream comes in from outside through French doors that match the wood in the rest of the room. We've been somewhere together earlier in the evevning. He's complaining that almost no one showed up. There were 52 people invited, and if only they'd all turned out, it would have been something else. I don't know exactly what the event was, but I think it involved seeing a movie or attending a play. I'm getting ready for bed now, and I walk to the back of what must be the living room. The back half is actually a hospital room, and there's an old man in a hospital bed. Somehow he's my roommate in this fusion of hospital and residential home. He can't walk, and his feet are lost in a dark alcove built over part of the reclining bed that he's lying in. He asks me to help him check his foot. He tells me there's a small rechargeable light mounted on the wall just inside the alcove, and I pick it up to shine it on his foot for him, which he lifts up to see better. Parts of it are black. Other parts are oozing blood. It's about what he expected to see. Suddenly I feel a drop of blood land on my arm, and I'm quietly horrified. I move quickly to wipe it off with a nearby towel and hope that the man doesn't notice, as I'm afraid he'll be offended by this for some reason. I'm uncharacteristically rude with him, as I really don't want to be burdened by needs that would be better attended by the hospital staff.
    8. Swimming Through Layers

      by , 02-14-2013 at 09:38 PM
      It was a partly cloudy day, the air was thick, and I was in a swamp. I stood in front of a stream of water, and I had to get to the other side. I jumped in the water and became completely submerged. The water was green but clear, enough for me to see about 20 to 30 feet ahead of me and wasn't tainted, so I swam. As I continued swimming all was normal, fish were swimming by me going with the flow of the water, was clear. I swam further and reached a part of the water where crocodiles were relaxing. I felt no fear for none were paying attention to me so why bother them. I continued to swim, as I was swimming one humungous crocodile swam really fast, chewed up a smaller crocodile and dragged it away, "HOLY SHIT!" I thought to myself.

      After leaving that area of water snakes were swimming by me, there were many. So many that as I was swimming in front of them, they were bumping into me as they were swimming by. I thought quickly as they were going to slow me down. I covered my head and spun my body like a drill so the snakes would swim around me like Hydrodynamics. After I was past the snakes, next came shit. Shit was now flowing through the stream of water, the water was still clear but there were many large long clumps of shit going by. At this point I became very disgusted, I thought to my self "Fuck this!" and started to swim to the surface. I wasn't drowning nor was I struggling I just didn't want to swim through shit. As I reached the surface I was met by a bright light, then I awakened.
    9. Alligators and Thugs.

      by , 10-16-2012 at 05:02 PM (You can't dream this stuff up.)
      Randy and I are at Tanya's daughters apartment. It looks like a huge kitchen store with multi colored utensils hanging all over the walls. We are all inside the living room, there are 3 old console tv's with 4 tv's stacked on top and several other smaller tv's scattered around the room. Lots of people are there... The boys are gaming the girls are just sitting next to the boys. It's time to leave. We parked in the front, but have to leave in the back. The back exit has a small moat about 6 ft wide with 2 alligators. We have to try to get through the deep water to the other side without getting bit. There are pieces of newspaper you can step on, and a couple floating sponges. Randy has long enough legs to get across without hardly getting wet. I do not. I have to step on a sponge that dips deep into the water. You can see the alligator tails thrashing and their heads would pop out from time to time with their mouths open. Everyone seemed to think this was normal... I was terrified but needed go. I tried to run across the water as fast as I could, it was waist high. I made it across. We were about to leave and remembered something we forgot. Went back in a normal door, but then had to cross the alligator moat again when we left and was so mad. We got through it again.
      Trying to find our car, there was a building that looked like an old warehouse. There were a lot of guys standing around by it. I didn't like the feel of the place. I was about to tell Randy that and he was gone. Someone said, "This place is bad, never go inside, you won't come out". I panic because I can't find Randy and I know how curious he is... I see him walking through the people and inside the building. I scream at him to stop, but he can't hear me. I run into the building and try to find him. There are thugs and people with guns guarding the door. They don't let me in, I scream to Randy inside to come out. They shove me out the door and slam it shut. Now I'm outside and no one is there. It's dark and I'm in a bad neighborhood alone and Randy is gone. After sometime I find a car and tell them my fiance is inside the building. They tell me they've been monitoring the building for drug activity. They raid the building, everyone comes out running, shouting and shooting their guns. I am looking for Randy in the chaos. I see him, but his hair is all crazy and he has a black leather jacket on. He looks weird to me... I run to him and he is disoriented and looks at me like he doesn't know me... I grab his arm, he pulls away. One of the thugs yells something and points a gun at Randy and fires ... I scream NOOOO and jump in front of the bullet. Next I remember being in the backseat of a cop car with Randy. I am bleeding and he smells like weed and paint and still has no idea who I am. That's when I woke up hearing a noise in my sons room. It was 7:32 am.
    10. Lots of dreams, and a crappy lucid. And one of my favourite dreams ever :)

      by , 01-08-2012 at 07:08 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I haven't got to write this down till like 10 hours since I woke up because of work.

      I'm in a room with two middle aged men, I'm holding a cotton bud. The man knocks it out of my hand, and the begin advancing on me (for some reason I know that because it was knocked out of my hand last, they want to hurt me) I shove the cotton bud into one of the two men's hands, and then knock it out. They begin fighting. I make a break for the door, when one of the men trys to stop me. I shove him forward forcefully, and open the door and find myself in the reception. The lady knows what's happend, but doesn't went the other people waiting to know, so she says sarcastically "seeing you had such a GREAT time, how about I book you in again for next friday?" I reply witfully with "How about you go f- yourself."
      I pick up one of the phamlets of the table infront of her, and throw one at her like a ninja star to hold her back while I run for the door. I get out safely.

      Next dream: I find myself at a table sitting down, and see a cane toad jumping around. I stand up, run towards it, and kick it. I see another one, that's facing me, and run up to kick that one too. I kick it, but I feel a burning sensation on me, and look down to see it's sprayed poison on me. That's when I realise I'm dreaming. I'm in one of those lame lucid's when you know you're dreaming, but you don't really think straight, and are not very aware. I try to stabalise by doing a reality check (face palm) and then shout "Lucidity, stablize." Everything is still blurry. I wonder what to do, I decide to drive a car. I jump into a car, and then it goes into third person view and I watch as the car continues forward. I wake up. (how gay)

      Next dream: This one I don't remember very well. I'm at school, and I walk around for a fare while talking to people and stuff, and then I see my friend Jesse and say hey. Then I wake up. (It was longer than described, but I'm not to sure what happend )

      Next dream: I don't remember this very well either, (this is irritating, I had perfect memory of them this morning..)
      Something about a giant pirannah.. it chases me around in the water for a while, not sure if I killed it, or if I died or something..

      Next dream: There's a shoe inside a shoe on my bed (Shoeception ;P)
      I realise it has lots of money all over it! (all coins) I begin to take the money and put it in my pockets, more and more appears) I wake up..

      Final dream: This one I remember pretty well, it's one of my favourites I've ever had
      I'm walking through my school again, with these girls I've never met, they're all very attractive. I'm flirting with one of them. Two guys try to follow me and hit on the girls, but I stare at them and shoo them away. I realise I should have let them come because it might get awkward with just me and five girls, it's not like I'm going to get off with all of them. And the girl I'm with will be more content to go with it if her friends are doing the same thing. However, there's nothing I can do now. We come to a lake at the end of the school, and we all climb down the rocks carefully and go into the water. The two guys I told to go away earlier are here now (which I don't mind) and we all swim through the lake, towards the other side. However, we realise it's filled with alligators, and begin swimming to the other side as fast as we can to survive. We make it to the other end all safe, when one of them comes onto land. I remember reading somewhere (in real life) (I should have realised I was dreaming here.) that alligators can outrun humans in short distance, so when the alligator locked it's eyes onto me, I began running around the shed that was there to get away from it. Thankfully I managed to climb a ladder, and the alligator admitted defeat, and sauntered back into the water, apparently not intrested in the others. (Because clearly, it's a racist alligator) I jump down from the ladder, and put my arms around the cute girl I was flirting with. "Do I get a kiss for saving your life?" She laughs, and leans in closer towards me. "No way!" She jokes. I look around, and see everyone else making out. "Why not?" I tease back "everyone else is doing it, you're supposed to succumb to peer pressure!" She laughs again, and we're just about to kiss as she pushes me back. I wonder what's wrong, and then I realise we're standing next to a garbage bin with a foul smell and flys buzzing all around it. The smell has made her sick. I watch as the the extremely attractive girl who I was just about to kiss, begins vomiting into the alligator infested water beneath us. "You've got to be kidding me..." I mumble.
      I wake up.
    11. Staying Places

      by , 10-19-2011 at 09:47 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was at home, in my room. Somebody else was also sleeping there. A boarder? I went out.

      I was in mom's room. I was somebody else. A rich guy. I walked into the room, but it looked more like a small marsh, with water and furniture for logs. When I stepped in, the white alligators grew active and tried to bring me down. I jumped from log to log (or furniture to furniture), but I was obviously going down.

      I clung to the window, and then a monkey passed by and saved me. My roommate moved the bed into the room to "catch" me. No more animals, logs or water. I was grateful, but as he slept, I noticed that the pull-out bed under it was facing the wall, so I can't pull it out and sleep.

      School. We were chasing someone. Or being chased? A farm (Knott Berry?) of horrors. Morphing. Trying to escape.

      We went home to school (Lasalle). My companion stays there, but I don't. I checked the time, and it's 11 p.m. I told him I gotta go home. I saw the guard closing the gate, but I also saw a person about to go out.

      Next, I worried if my roommate is still awake so he can open up the gate and door for me. I worried if he'll get angry for waking him up.
    12. Deleted

      by , 02-12-2011 at 10:47 PM (Torra)
    13. #98. Alligators

      by , 07-03-2010 at 09:03 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Saturday, July 3, 2010

      I'm attacked by alligators. Then I try to figure out why I'm still in high school.

      I have to swim through a swamp. On the edges are various plants and animals, frozen by the cold, black goo that touched them. I stay in the center of the slow-moving creek. Something feels off.

      I see an alligator, panic for a moment. I realize that it's frozen, too. I turn away, relieved.

      There's another one before me. It's alive. I can't out-swim it. I can't get to shore fast enough.

      It charges, and I let it swim straight through my submerged stomach. Teeth tear into my flesh and the water turns red, but I don't feel it. The alligator is distracted now. I latch onto its back and hold on. The alligator thrashes underwater, submerging us both.

      I step out of the water some time later. My mom comes rushing over, wanting to know if I'm all right.

      I assure her that I am, and lift up the fabric of my shirt to see that the wound has healed over entirely, leaving no scars.


      A dream takes me from Ixburg to Halifax and back again. I'm in high school and university at the same time, and my kindergarten teacher is very disappointed when I miss my driving lessons.

      "What, you want me to fly home for the weekend?" I ask my mom incredulously.

      She does.

      I hide out in my studio with my brother and Matt, who ask why I wasn't at (high) school today.

      "Cough. Cough. I'm sick." I say flatly.

      Alligators. Scare Factor: 3.

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