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    1. xli.

      by , 09-25-2018 at 12:13 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Had a few non-lucids, mostly only remember the details for one sequence, since I didn't come to write on the journal straight away.

      I was in a game and I fought two girls that were teamed up, over a wooden planks bridge or something like that; the landscape was pretty blocky in general as I remember it, and these girls had picked/were characters that were really strong together, due to the way their abilities synergised with each other. I mostly struggled to deal significant damage to them, as they recovered or blocked it and eventually I remember falling in a low pit and getting cornered and killed. I don't remember what kind of abilities or weapons I was using.

      I was in the same game, and with this dream I remember the format more clearly: it was a player-versus-player online game. It was night but very clear as there was a bright moon light, and many of us, the players, were on a rocky slope upward toward a castle. The castle had a gate, and it was going to open when the game began.

      This time I had a power armour (Enclave-type) like from the Fallout series, and I remember I "pressed" esc and was looking at the armour's details on a menu. The menu was very plain, and was mostly just drop-down menus. The dominant colour was a cyan-ish blue, not unlike a fluoroscan.

      I remember my eldest sibling being out of scene in the dream but commenting about the game and asking me what it was like. At this point, I do remember seeing the "screen" as I was pointing at something, but other than that, the entirety of the dream takes place "inside" the game. I replied something in conversation while still looking at the armour details, when I found some sliders and options I could adjust for abilities.

      I noticed there was a little face icon with a number in front of it, 4300, my interpretation of which was that this was how many points I had left to spend (and some abilities took 100,1000,2000, etc). I noticed a regeneration ability that I really wanted to pick (tends to be a personal favourite in games) but then when I was looking for it again, I couldn't find it. I tweaked some other settings I don't recall, such as my max health ability but then the match was starting while I was still looking at the menu, and very quickly, someone else killed me.

      Later I respawned or something, somewhere in the map, and I was trying to be sneaky through some dark areas, which remind me now of the Kuva Fortress in Warframe, and ended up running into a few different people; they didn't attack me immediately so I didn't attack them either, and one of them also had a power armour and she (a pretty faced black woman, I saw, as she didn't have the power helmet on) was asking me how I'd managed to configure certain abilities for the armour. She commented on the fact that I was killed at the start while looking at the menu and that whoever had done it was distasteful for doing so. I appreciated her comment.

      I remember giving her some advice on the armour abilities, though I don't remember the details. She and a few others, a mix of young (teens?) boys and girls, were at the top landing of a small staircase, to which I walked up to as well; there was a doorway to the right, though I have a vague memory of what was through it; I can't remember it other than being a room with wooden floorboards.

      • There was some other dream fragment I initially remembered, but ended up forgetting while remembering the big dream sequence.
      • The two girls that killed me in the game in the first fragment had a cheeky playful attitude and sort of taunted me as they fought.
      • The castle doesn't remind me of any particular place, but it had an Unreal Tournament feel to it.
      • The transition from being inside the game, to being outside but playing and then back into being inside again was something rare, as that's not really happened before very much.
      • The death while in the menu felt a bit too sudden/random; I don't remember hearing a projectile or a weapon firing, but it seemed like I got hit by a one-hit-kill explosion. And I thought the starting area would be safe until left.
      • The black woman in power armour seemed to have some sort of strong motivation for being there that wasn't directly related to the game itself, she just had a sort of serious look on her face like she was looking for something in particular.
      • I'm making note that while maybe it's not directly related, she was black and had a very meaningful interaction via conversation with me in the dream, and recently in my last DJ entry I've had a lot of black (but the actual colour) dream signs. Oddly enough, it is of some contrast to the last entry that the bit where we stood and talked was brightly lit by a single light from above, and I think the walls were a bright yellow, but it was otherwise dark. But generally speaking, this dream was not even half as dark as the one in my last entry anyway.
    2. Dream - Frantic Farm

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:58 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 13 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 177 - Frantic Farm

      I don't remember what exactly happened for the majority of this dream. From where I do remember, I was at some random farm with my mum and brother. We were visiting someone but I forgot who it was. My mum and brother went inside the house but I was still outside. I was running around the block of land but saw no entrance into the house. After a few laps, I started thinking about Dreamy WB for some reason but never got to calling her. I never found an entrance into the house.

      The dream scene shifted to me browsing on Instagram. I went to WB's page and saw heaps of junk posts on there, she even posted some pictures of Jeffy from SML. Then I was in my sitting room and there was this parcel from Logan and Chilly. I opened it and found that it was these cucumbers and zucchinis chopped up in an interesting way. Apparently Logan and Chilly wrote that I could use the veggies to put into a salad. After that, I was in front of the fireplace and was singing to a soundtrack song from Spyro The Eternal Night. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    3. Dream - Seeking Solace

      by , 06-21-2017 at 11:17 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 21 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 138 - Seeking Solace

      I don't remember the exact sequence of events in this dream. The first thing I remember is being at this unknown place, like the outside of crown casino and there I was with my family and saw a large number of Killester girls with all the PE teachers. I remember the top part of the girls' uniforms were there sports clothes but they were wearing their winter skirts on the bottom. Apparently the excuse is that they were actually netball skirts. Then my parents said something like, “there's your friend” but I didn't know who they were talking about.

      The dream scene then changed to me standing in some empty residence with a beautiful sunset in the horizon. I was on my phone and logged onto Facebook in order to message WB. The dream had portrayed that I was in some emotional distress and it was more hidden rather than specified. I remember typing the message, saying something like “WB I need help, please talk to me”. I waited for a while but never got a reply. I do remember her profile picture was distorted in comparison to real life. Her hair was so straight compared to its usual nature and her face was very thin and pointy with her eyes being close to each other, only separated by this tiny but long pointy nose.

      After a few short minutes of waiting, the dream scene shifted to some event at another completely unknown place. There was this sort of council festival. I could mostly remember that there were all these people in a massive pool having fun. I had a go in the pool as well and at a certain part, these big waves were pushing me across like a slide which felt really fun and enjoyable. There were other things that happened at this event but I can't really remember them. After that, the dream scene had played another variation of the messaging scene but with the same intention and concept.

      The third scene then played and my grandparents from my dad's side were driving in this shopping centre carpark. Their car was about to enter a really big lift and so I started freaking out. My grandma then said that they weren't going in there and instead, were driving to the Knox car park from the Dandenong Plaza car park. I did know that they were entering the Knox car park because I recognized the blue coloured poles from Knox in a previous dream. I did actually somehow remember the appearance of Knox from a previous dream although there was no lucidity involved in any way. I think this was the last scene of the dream and then I woke up. I forgot whether the messaging scene played again or not.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      Tags: message, online, shops
    4. Dormitory Retreat

      by , 12-20-2012 at 03:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~12:20 am - sleep, breath zhine, 9 purif
      ~6:30 am - wakeup

      I was in a dorm. I was there because of a retreat. There were several double- or triple-decker beds. It seems men and women are in the same room. We were planning something. I remember seeing RP and LR there. There was a plastic bottle of twinkly stuff there that we opened (accidentally?), and it spread. It's hard to put into the bag. I also remember seeing my crush RS, but he doesn't look the same. Also, he looks smaller. Or maybe that's he's actual height, and not seeing him for a long time made me forget. I also recall one guy who spit on the bed. MY bed, to be specific.

      I entered a bathroom after three people went out. It was one man and two women. I entered, and the place looks so backward. The bathroom was big enough, but it simply looks so dank, the walls and floors not even tiled, although thankfully the toilet looks clean enough. Also, the "shower" is nothing more than a busted pipe flowing water down from the ceiling. The funny thing is that it seems automatic, in the sense that it turns on automatically when I'm close enough, and turns off when I'm away. Then there's a metal drum about stomach height filled with water that I assume I would use to bathe, if in case the shower doesn't work.

      I also remember being online, searching for something. And there's a sex act going on, with the woman on top. She was complaining to me that I don't include lesbians in my website. This kind of confused me because it doesn't look like she's a lesbian when she's doing it with a guy. They were so close in view, too.

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    5. August 23, 2012 - "My Article"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:43 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      My article. Online. It shows owned by someone else. I woke up with almost no recall of dream.

      NOTE: lemon incense. Candle. Subliminal 1.0. M3x.
      Tags: article, online
    6. The littlebigplanet creation station

      by , 07-25-2011 at 02:35 PM (Shooting from the Sun: Solarflare)
      I was in the littlebigplanet create mode. I was playing a level in create mode online and i had to reach all the people in the level and then create my own part to it for them to create. I soon went through the twisty craves and such and i reached them. instead of making my own level, i quit and went to create mode and chose a background. There were tons, but there was a big, med, small version for 1. I clicked small. There were pink trees. Soon it led to a neighbourhood. So i quit. Med led to orange trees.

      I dont remember the rest
    7. Tuesday, July 20, 2010

      by , 07-20-2010 at 02:58 PM (Lucid Dreaming.)
      Dreamt about arguing with Ruchi online. This is most likely from the ending of the phone call at night where she got upset. I was IM'ing her online while watching some other game trailer or something, she got upset and I still kept watching the video until she signed off.

      Can't remember anything else?