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    1. Sharing meals, making wine, washing a nightmare

      by , 02-11-2015 at 10:25 PM
      Somewhere in South Asia some centuries ago where I'm visibly a foreigner, I'm leaving the docks after making some arrangements for my departure. Thinking about how to dispose of the belongings that I don't want to bring with me, I've just offered to give some rare type of food to the man who's walking with me, a human who works for me. He's shocked - he completely refuses. It's important that he and I don't share meals, and apparently this is close enough to count. I apologize, but point out to him that we've shared more than that. He asks me not to talk about this in public.

      Talking about differing customs as we walk, we get onto the subject of my own homeland. I describe it as very far to the north, very isolated from the rest of the world, not a place he's likely to have heard of. I'm being deliberately evasive, obscuring how long ago it was that I left, among other things. I have a mental image of a place that's always covered in snow, and a need to retreat.

      Thinking of my people causes me to mentally tune in to two of them who are relatively nearby, a man and a woman who I think of as something like a brother and sister to me. Her, I keep in close contact with through letters on a regular basis. Mentally brushing against her now feels sort of like a friendly wave from a distance. Him, on the other hand - last I heard from him, he'd been doing his best to ignore my existence entirely. By accidentally tuning in to him now, I'm surprised to find he was already aware of my presence in this region and has secretly been keeping tabs on me. I'm amused, particularly since he's now pretending not to notice this mental contact.

      I get lost in thought for a bit about connections and different eras, and the scene changes. I'm in Europe, speaking Spanish with a woman in the 1700s or so - I think of her as being in a sort of religious seclusion, though my speaking with her now isn't a problem. She's telling me how much she enjoyed the piece Dieter published recently about winemaking techniques, and I tell her I'll pass that along. The observer side of me considers whether or not this short scene is something to bother recording for when I wake up.

      In my IRL home, a demon's joined me in the shower. She's in the form of a beautiful naked woman and she's talking to me like we're old friends, but the scene has the feel of a nightmare. She's talking about working together in a way that I'd probably be interested in discussing under other circumstances. But with that nightmare feel, I'm only thinking about avoiding being controlled by others.

      I give her the fuck-off-out-of-my-dream variety of exorcism. This doesn't work; if anything, the feel of a nightmare intensifies with the sense of a contest of wills. She's still trying to convince me to come work with her.

      Second try: I take a look at the demon's name. It begins and ends with A, so I cover up the middle portion, rewrite it as Athena, and chant an invocation, intending to remove the nightmare by transforming the demon into a goddess. Her features shift, but then shift back. We go back and forth a little bit, but eventually I give up on this method too. She's stopped trying to convince me to come work with her and is now just enjoying this contest for its own sake.

      Being as we're in the shower, I take a look at the soap and think of cleansing/purification methods of exorcism. Worth a shot. I start washing her, starting at the top and working my way down. She's intrigued - she clearly doesn't consider this a threat, and the contact is pleasant and similar enough to sexual that she considers this a form of me giving in to her. I'm curious myself whether this scene will end up following her sexual expectations or my cleansing intention. When I kneel down before her, I kiss her just below her navel, and she makes it clear how she expects this to play out from there; but I just move on to washing her legs. When I've finished her second foot, kissing the top of it before putting it down, the sense of nightmare is completely gone. I'm able to cause the scene to transition, continuing with a series of IRL-based scenes.
    2. Korean Ice Cream

      by , 08-01-2013 at 01:37 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a trip or a retreat of sorts. There were people of other nationalities. I remember getting an ice cream from a Korean shop, with two Korean women. Dad was there somewhere.

      I sat down by grocery area.
    3. Dormitory Retreat

      by , 12-20-2012 at 03:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~12:20 am - sleep, breath zhine, 9 purif
      ~6:30 am - wakeup

      I was in a dorm. I was there because of a retreat. There were several double- or triple-decker beds. It seems men and women are in the same room. We were planning something. I remember seeing RP and LR there. There was a plastic bottle of twinkly stuff there that we opened (accidentally?), and it spread. It's hard to put into the bag. I also remember seeing my crush RS, but he doesn't look the same. Also, he looks smaller. Or maybe that's he's actual height, and not seeing him for a long time made me forget. I also recall one guy who spit on the bed. MY bed, to be specific.

      I entered a bathroom after three people went out. It was one man and two women. I entered, and the place looks so backward. The bathroom was big enough, but it simply looks so dank, the walls and floors not even tiled, although thankfully the toilet looks clean enough. Also, the "shower" is nothing more than a busted pipe flowing water down from the ceiling. The funny thing is that it seems automatic, in the sense that it turns on automatically when I'm close enough, and turns off when I'm away. Then there's a metal drum about stomach height filled with water that I assume I would use to bathe, if in case the shower doesn't work.

      I also remember being online, searching for something. And there's a sex act going on, with the woman on top. She was complaining to me that I don't include lesbians in my website. This kind of confused me because it doesn't look like she's a lesbian when she's doing it with a guy. They were so close in view, too.

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    4. Mens Retreat, Sexual Activity, Magazine Interpretation

      by , 05-31-2012 at 08:14 PM
      Okay, so this is my first journal entry here on the DV website. I've been awake for 8 1/2 hours (1:30 now, woke up at 5am) so I don't know how my recall will be affected, although I feel as though the memory is pretty strong after all this time. Mainly because I've already written out this post once, but due to my clumsy-assed sausage fingers, lost the post completely.

      So the dream is that I'm a sort of men's retreat. No women in sight, and a kind of friendly, fraternal vibe in the air. The first thing I remember of the "scene" is myself sitting on a bed in a kind of bunkhouse. It's a large,rustic, open building, much like what you'd find at a summer camp, with beds lined down both walls, like a barraks. I'm sitting on one of the beds talking to another, fairly handome guy. Like myself, he's not overly handsome, but neither is he ugly. We're having a friendly conversation, the specifics of which I do not remember, and after a minute or two of this, I notice that I'm aroused and begin imgagining being on the receiving end of some nice, slow fellatio. Moments after this thought, the guy across from me seems to get the same vibe, and it begins to happen. (It should be noted here, that I am a heterosexual, and happily so. And although I'm "freaking out" over this scene, I am curious about what it means, as I know that scenes in dream are rarely supposed to be taken at face value and are symbolic

      Scene shifts to myself and four or five other guys seated around a large, rectangular "dinner"table, in the same kind of building as before. And again, there's a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and we're just having a normal conversation about your typical mundane topics. Again I don't recall specifics of this conversation, but I strongly remember the gist of it.

      As we talk, I look down at the table and see a magazine there. It's a kind of men's fitness/style type magazine like GQ or something like that, and I notice that it's open to an article about food. Again, I don't recall the details of the article, but I do remember there being a picture of food. Specifically peach slices on a plate with mint leaves for garnish.

      After looking at the article, I look back up and while looking at the leader of our little conversation group, who is an employee there or guidance counselor, if you will, I put the first two fingers of my left hand on the page of the ,magazine, open to the article I'd read and begin moving the magazine back and forth on the table, sliding along, trying to subtly get the attention of the "counselor", and I succeed. He looks down and picks up the magazine and after a brief read, he says

      "So it says here that John Melancamp can bench press 135 pounds for seven reps." I think it was seven, anyway. At which point I say "Well, that's not too bad considering he's in his sixties, or something.."

      That's it. All I remember.

      Feel free to interpret and or discuss.

      More to come.

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    5. Retreat

      by , 04-21-2012 at 02:58 PM

      I'm at what is apparently a retreat center, it's clearly religious and in the middle of a forest. However there is a grocery store with food and candy. I think I returned to this dream a couple of times and start at the grocery store both times, looking for chocolate on the second time. I share a room with someone else.

      There is a priest training going on at the same time and N is one of the trainees. There is a ceremony with a sermon and after that the trainees are officially priests. I go out of the ceremony early, trough a back door, and N follows me and says something. I say something about her new official powers.


      I'm reading an issue Donald Duck that I apparently borrowed from my dad when I was visiting. He's there and says something about it.
    6. Enchanted Retreat

      by , 05-28-2010 at 04:37 AM
      5/27/10 - Enchanted Retreat

      Dream Non-Dream Lucid

      I was on a class trip of some sort to a week-long retreat. It wasn't anything to do with school; this retreat was to help us learn magic. The building reminded me of a boarding school without classrooms, if that makes sense. It also had a pool out back and was near a beach and some marsh.

      The girls and boys were split up. There were about ten in each group. I don't know where the boys went, but the girls just went on a random walk on the beach.

      On our way back from the beach, I noticed some black sand. One girl explained that it was black because a giant squid had exploded.

      The next day, we learned to fly. All of the girls were standing around the pool with broomsticks. We were supposed to concentrate on hovering.

      Hardly anyone could get it right. Mary and I were somehow able to fly around a bit. Apparently we were "talented."

      I was so excited that I started flying around the marsh, dipping down low and then flying high. It was difficult but I somehow managed.... until I landed. When I got back to the pool, my broom snapped. Whoops. Apparently, it had been given to me by a kind neighbor of Hannah's.

      Oh well.

      On the third day, the entire class just hung out by the pool while we waited for our parents to come pick us up. When mine arrived, they wanted to see what I'd learned.

      I went to the broom closet and found a new broom. When I came out, I noticed Mary showing off her skill and smirked. I could do better. I pushed off the ground hard and flew high over the marsh. I circled a few times before landing in front of my parents. They looked impressed, but not entirely shocked. I guess they've seen flying broomsticks before.

      I woke as we were driving home.

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