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    1. Fragments

      by , 01-06-2017 at 12:27 AM
      Escaped from my IRL home onto my IRL street and went lucid when I crossed that boundary line. Started flying, admired some views of Christmas lights, getting less and less realistic as I went on, culminating in a castle with turrets completely covered in white lights.

      Memory gap, crossed a lake by a natural rock bridge and entered a cavern on the other side, memory gap again, and then I'm semi-lucid again in a room with three sleeping people I recognize, including Julia. I try to leave without disturbing any of them, fail in this. Mary Jane wakes up, the closest to the exit, and we speak for a while; although we seem to know each other, I'm aware that Mary Jane is wholly imaginary, and that's the point of her in this scene, that she's imaginary. Julia is in the bed across from hers, and eventually wakes up - that's what I wanted to avoid most. I can feel the sensation of pressure from her hand, which stands out - it's the first time I've used that sense in tonight's dreams. Her face has started to resemble Mary Jane's, which is sad but not a surprise; but I think "her name is still her own," which is a surprise and a relief. (This whole scene is about mental associations.)
    2. Phantom images

      by , 12-04-2014 at 09:07 PM
      There's a woman being haunted by phantom images of a man who'd once hurt her in reality. (The dream reality, that is - no IRL-based characters here.) She's just started flailing around on her bed, surrounded by two or three images of him like white smoke, they merge and blend into each other. I rush in, expecting the phantom images to vanish when I touch them, but they don't. I hold her down to stop her from hurting herself, and I realize that since I'd been around when that man hurt her in reality and hadn't stopped him, of course she wouldn't see me as able to dispel his phantom now. But I persist, and gradually the phantoms disappear.

      But she's still flailing around, thrashing her head from side to side. I realize it's my own presence she's reacting to now. Disturbed, I back off and call for one of the women in the house, and a woman in an apron immediately rushes in and holds her down. The moment I back away, those phantom images return. It doesn't seem to make much difference to the haunted woman either way.

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    3. A black door

      by , 11-04-2014 at 08:18 PM
      I'm listening to a man die while I remain in hiding. I'm thinking that maybe I should have moved sooner and saved him, even though I'd have risked being seen - but I don't have any particular emotion about this, except maybe a little irritation at myself. I've been sent into this old stone ruin of a fortress, and I'd intended for only five particular men to be spared. Now I'm down to four. It's not ideal, but I'll have to live with it.

      I couldn't hear her very clearly from my hiding place under their bed, but the woman who stabbed him said something to the effect that he should have recognized her. Some personal revenge thing - none of my business. Now I'm seeing the sort of smoke haze of colors passing before my eyes that I associate with life leaving a body. I watch it dissipate in the air, and I'm irritated at the waste. Waiting around is pointless now - and the woman should be directly above me. I stab up through the mattress.

      When she dies, my perspective shifts. I'm floating in the void, with this massive black slab of a door in front of me, as wide as it is tall, some kind of geometric symbol across it. It's standing on this sort of grid far below, like a chess board where all the squares are black, with the door as a line across the center of the board. There's a few gravestones occupying some of the squares of the grid - that's new. I realize immediately they represent the previous targets the door sent me after - one of them must represent that woman whose death brought me back here. The door's saying something in my head about bringing it wisdom for the dead.
    4. Blue sky and owls

      by , 10-03-2013 at 10:35 PM
      3rd person, this image of vast blue sky and white clouds, even on the ground, which is perfectly flat and reflective, reminds me of salt flats, and in the distance there's a bed with a body lying on it, and a figure walking towards it. The dream zooms in to follow the figure, a middle-aged man here to return his lover's soul to his body, the man in the bed, 20's/30's ish, curly blonde hair. There's a second body on the bed, a naked woman, and unexpectedly, when the man revives and sits up, the woman sits up too.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      While reading an article on the internet, I start thinking about the symbolism of owls as messengers or representatives of wisdom, and that the information they deliver is always reliable even without knowing the source. After some more internet browsing, ending up looking at TV listings, I decide I need to get away from the tv/internet, I should go meditate, clear my head. (Disappointed I didn't actually get around to meditating before I woke up, I'm curious how that would have gone.)
    5. (Not) My Room

      by , 08-27-2013 at 10:52 PM (Nelzi's DJ)
      The first is a dream about 'my room' from last night. The second is a fragment about cats and the third is a false awakening fragment.

      • I find myself in 'my' room. I have had some friends visiting me, but now they are gone. Only one of them is still here, I think he is going to sleep here. It feels like it has been a nice evening together and we are tired and ready to go to bed.

        I start cleaning up the mess that the others have left behind, there are so many small things and pieces all over the place. I decide to just put it all onto my ironing board and then to just put away the ironing board. There are some beautiful group photos of me with my friends among the things, they evoke nice memories, so I handle them with care, while I do the rest of the cleaning very fast and sloppily.

        I look over to the couch and see my friend sleeping already. He lies on my big, red pillow. I wake him up and tell him that I want to fold out the couch, so that there is space for both of us. I begin to prepare our bed, and as I turn around for one second, it suddenly is already finished and he is sleeping. Peaceful, delighting sight.

        I walk around in the room. I tell myself that this is my room, so of course it is familiar to me, including everything in it. In one corner there are ~10 paintings from my mother. I think 'She is getting really good, I like her paintings'. I feel thankful for having the paintings here with me, they are very colorful. I put them aside to make a little space in the room. In another corner there are two empty beds, I recognize them as the beds I and my brother had, when we were children. I think it's funny that they are still around and I wonder why. Then I walk over to the couch with my friend and go to bed.

        My dream logic did not even consider using the beds for sleeping. I had never seen this room in waking life before, but in the dream it felt so familiar and it was clear to me that it was my room. There was something from every room I ever had in my life in that dream room.

      • There is a wooden bed. It has no mattress, it is only hard wood, but somehow it feels comfortable to sit on it. I lay down a blanket and put a neat little kitty on it. I pet the little grey kitty and it seems to enjoy it very much. It stretches out and I pet it's stomach.

        I grew up with cats, but I have not had a cat since I live at my current place. I would love to have a cat.

      • I 'wake up'. It is my bed, it must be late in the morning, it is already bright outside. The air is fresh and cold, because the window was open during the night. I hear the birds twittering outside. Suddenly there is a small bird in my bed. I am surprised, but very delighted. It hops around in the bed, trying to catch a fly. Eventually it succeeds and it looks proud of itself with the insect hanging out of it's beak.

        I like false awakenings, they are always funny in some way. I have had quite a few of them recently, I should remember to RC when I wake up, it seems to me that I forget that very often.

    6. Dormitory Retreat

      by , 12-20-2012 at 03:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~12:20 am - sleep, breath zhine, 9 purif
      ~6:30 am - wakeup

      I was in a dorm. I was there because of a retreat. There were several double- or triple-decker beds. It seems men and women are in the same room. We were planning something. I remember seeing RP and LR there. There was a plastic bottle of twinkly stuff there that we opened (accidentally?), and it spread. It's hard to put into the bag. I also remember seeing my crush RS, but he doesn't look the same. Also, he looks smaller. Or maybe that's he's actual height, and not seeing him for a long time made me forget. I also recall one guy who spit on the bed. MY bed, to be specific.

      I entered a bathroom after three people went out. It was one man and two women. I entered, and the place looks so backward. The bathroom was big enough, but it simply looks so dank, the walls and floors not even tiled, although thankfully the toilet looks clean enough. Also, the "shower" is nothing more than a busted pipe flowing water down from the ceiling. The funny thing is that it seems automatic, in the sense that it turns on automatically when I'm close enough, and turns off when I'm away. Then there's a metal drum about stomach height filled with water that I assume I would use to bathe, if in case the shower doesn't work.

      I also remember being online, searching for something. And there's a sex act going on, with the woman on top. She was complaining to me that I don't include lesbians in my website. This kind of confused me because it doesn't look like she's a lesbian when she's doing it with a guy. They were so close in view, too.

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    7. Huge, Comfy Dorm and A Subway Conversation

      by , 08-17-2012 at 01:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some kind of large, darker beige-colored, dorm-like room, (it looked like the yellow color you'd associate with aging paper or paint) trying to locate my bed. There were a lot of beds in the room. I walked around until I saw mine, denoted by a name tag, and I approached it.

      The area looked comfortable; it felt cozy and and homey. It was a little messy, but that contributed to the coziness. My bed area was located with my friends Caitlin and Katie, though they weren't there (I was actually completely alone in the dorm). The beds were moved to kind of be in a circle, and mine was across from Caitlin's and Katie's beds. I wondered if they'd keep me up all the time talking.

      Then, there was a bar. It was dark and the surfaces were wooden. It was like a video recording that kept showing/recording clips of a woman singing. It would show her at different angles and at different parts of the bar.

      Then, someone, a guy I think, was talking to me about talking to the owner of all the Subway restaurants in my area on the phone about his work schedule. The owner said to him
      "Saturday, yes. Friday, we'll see."
      He was referring to when he would be able to schedule him according to his availability. Apparently, the person I was talking to wanted to work weekends.

      Then, I was laying in the bottom of a bunk bed, topless...something about my nipples?

      Then I woke up with a Radiohead song in my head, something from their album "The Bends". I kept hearing Thom Yorke sing the word "geometry", though I'm pretty sure there's not a song on that album with the word "geometry" in it.

      This happens to me sometimes, where I'll wake up with a song in my head that sounds like a song I know, but some of the words are weird. This has actually happened when I've DEILDed; I'll be waking from a dream and I won't move, and if I do it correctly, I'll feel the SP tingles, see crazy hypnogogia, and I'll hear vivid music, sometimes with lyrics, sometimes just instrumental. It's so vivid, in fact, that I'll think it's playing in waking life and that I need to turn it down so it doesn't leak into my dreams, but then I remember that it's in my head. The music then fades as I enter the dream. A little off-topic, but maybe those two phenomena are related? It seems likely that they are.

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    8. My new sister, the minecraft gods

      by , 05-18-2012 at 11:10 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My new sister

      I was in a very distorted version of my room. I can remember it being very dark and very big. The only light came from the door that was open just a crack. The entire floor was covered with random clutter, most notably, dirty clothes. I can also remember my bed being sort of sunken into the floor.
      I had false awoken because I had heard a strange noise. I got up and cautiously made my way across the room. I opened the door and found myself in a distorted version of my parent's bedroom. The only detail I can remember specifically was the fact that their wall was brown, and the room sort of had a lodge style.
      There was nobody in there, and believing that it was safe, I started to make my way back to bed. I was about halfway back when a small girl ran past my legs screaming.
      I sort of had an odd explanation put into my head, that this dream character was my sister. She was three or four years old and her name was Ebe.
      I can remember very specifically that she looked sort of odd. She had a medium tone skin and yellow hair in braids. She had on a white tee shirt and shorts.
      Although I was originally sort of frightened by her, I eventually got past it. She got into bed with me and I started reading her a bedtime story. After the story, we just sort of sat and talked about life. She gave me some good advice and seemed really wise. Unfortunately I can't remember what her advice was.
      My dream recall sort of cut out at this point but I then remember arriving at some kind of hospital. Specifically it was a large hallway with a depressed floor in the middle, so there was a kind of elevated floor along the edges. Periodically , there were ramps up onto the elevated floor but most of it was bordered by a metal rail.
      Beds were lined up along the lower edge of the rail on both sides of the hallway, about four beds between each ramp. In every bed, there were people shaking as if they were having seizures. They were also bleeding very badly.
      A doctor explained to me that Ebe had given everyone some horrible disease and that almost everyone in my family would be dead soon. I can remember the doctor was a young woman, and she tried to comfort me, even though I was not particularly upset.

      The Minecraft gods

      Once agian, I found myself in the game Minecraft. I can remember that I had just finished building my house when this farmer character appeared. Soon after, a female character appeared also. I can't remember their intentions.
      I decided to go mining, I set out to find a cave. Eventually, I found one. I went down deep inside where I found every mineral recourse in one spot. I was in a large, open cave.
      Some of the mineral resources were glitched and they had lava in them or something. When I tried to mine them, I triggered something unexpected.
      In the bottom of the cave were two pools, one filled with water, the other with lava. Each one sprouted into a large form. The water formed a female who's hair was tiny streams of flowing water. The lava formed a male figure with spiked hair. Both of these creatures were almost as high as the cave, though the water creature was bigger.
      They engaged in some sort of duel. From what I could make out, the lava creature was friendly, while the water creature wanted to kill me. I started to weave my way between their feet as they fought.
      I was almost away when the water being sprayed a mist causing the lava being to freeze into solid rock. At first, I thought he was defeated, but he broke out of the rocks and was still ok.
      The duel continued for a while longer. I was still trying to get out of the cave when both of the beasts did a powerful attack and caused a massive explosion.
      I was blown free of the cave entirely and landed a ways away from the now huge canyon in the surface. I decided to head back to my house. When I got back, I found that the farmer and the female had built all of these random structures. I was very angry at them for doing so and I told them that this was my Minecraft and nobody was allowed to build here but me. I eventually quit the game.

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    9. Puke and Scratched Watches

      by , 02-11-2012 at 09:17 AM
      fri February 10th 2012

      It's been way too long... I figured after my exams I would be able to focus on lucid dreaming again. Nope. Dream recall was completely gone for about a week, now it's tarting to come back. So I guess I'm at square one again.

      I'd like to share a weird dream state I was in prior to my last exam. I was extremely nervous (it was oral), got sick to the stomach and couldn't fall asleep. On top of that Scumbag Brain started playing tricks on me. I assume it was a form of lucidity, but not the kind I would expect. I kept picturing parts of the material as gibberish latin terms and solving schemes that weren't real (not sure if that makes any sence to you, it didn't to me at the time either). So I freaked out thinking I didn't study these parts, which made me even more nervous preventing me from falling asleep.

      Back to last night. Couple mantra's.
      We're in a sleeping hall, I'm lying in my bed. In this room there are a couple of other filled bunks. Across the room, there she is: the reason I got into lucid dreaming.
      I'm wearing all sorts of jewelery on me, one of it is a watch. It's hers and I scratched it, she's mad at me. But for some reason I'm standing by her side and she's now pointing her anger to someone else.

      I go to the bathroom and there are kids (11-13 maybe) puking everywhere. There seems to be a club downstairs where they got drunk. My old schoolpal is at that club, similar to a dream I've already had (yey for pattern developments!).

      Back in the sleeping hall a video is projected onto the ceiling. It's about wild animals fighting. At some point they show crocodiles and I feel like they're all over me. Not quite biting, but crawling over me with the anticipation of bites.
      Then there's a part where Gangplank is fighting with Tryndamere and GP wins. I need to cut down on my League of Legends play time, it's leaking into my dreamworld...
    10. Can't think of a proper title for this.

      by , 10-20-2011 at 01:04 PM
      I was with my friend Melissa and we were laying in some bed, in this huuuuge room; there were other beds, and people in those as well. Behind us on this stand thing were some guys I reconize from my school, and they were just...watching us.

      Melissa had some kind of food, it was in a tub like ice cream would be but it wasn't ice cream. And then suddenly this was MY basement, all the other beds were gone.

      Apparently I needed to fix my toilet, so I went over to the toilet. It was..weird. I don't know how to explain it. There was a gutter behind it so you could see what you flushed go down, it was really big too. So I flush the toilet then throw this capsule thing down which was apparently supposed to fix it. The capsule looked like a bolt.

      Then, the toilet started to flood. Now instead of actually being shaped like a toilet it was shaped like a bath tub, which was really messed up. Above it was a sink now.

      So I'm naked in a towel now, for no exact reason. Melissa comes in and says "I'M GONNA PUKE..". She starts to make these weird noises and starts spitting blood in to the sink, and along with that comes these..weird shaped clot things. They looked like organs.

      That's all I remember, it was weird
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    11. School?

      by , 06-23-2011 at 06:14 PM (Dreams of Dawn)
      I don't remember all of it well but I'll write down the parts that I know.
      So it kinda seems that we're on a field trip and I'm with my friends. It's an overnight field trip so we're kind of in a hotel with a bunch of beds in one big room and the chaperons are telling us to sleep, I guess. Some of us had to share a bed and I remember looking to my side and seeing Spencer from Pretty Little Liars asleep next to me and me saying something to my friend beside me about her, but it wasn't a good thing to say. I don't remember which friend it was or what I said but I said it. Next, me and that same friend wrote on the wall with crayon or something about Spencer and someone told us that the owner doesn't like it when people write on the walls. This seems pretty stupid so far, but it's what I remember.
      Next the dream seems to jump to a high school. (I'm going to high school next year.) I'm with my friend and the high school is almost like a tower type thing. It seems pretty modern with glass windows and when you look inside it is very white and there is a black staircase leading to the classrooms or something. We appear in a classroom and a teacher that I know of named Mr. Scoville is teaching there. He isn't teaching there, he was just sitting at his desk telling us to be quiet but we never do. My friend Kylie is there. We were bored so we took this box and the box seems familiar. Now, I'm starting to remember that a teacher there quit or something and Mr. Scoville took over and rearranged the classroom and we recognize the box near us. We took the box and we looked inside. I can't remember what was inside but we laughed at it and joked around like we usually do when we're actually at school. Now I remember my friend Sam being there. Kylie and Sam are best friends.

      That's about it. Some of it doesn't even make sense but it's worth writing down.
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