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    1. Being Skeptical of a Spiritual Healing Store, Murder?, and Topless/Carrying Kids/Real Life League

      by , 10-05-2014 at 02:26 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at the mall with I think my friend Ashley. She had gone off to do her own thing. I was thinking about coloring my hair something crazy, like light blue or pink. I "remembered" when my hair had been very short and straight and a bunch of different colors at once, like in vertical stripes. I remember pink and light blue being two of the colors. I thought my hair had looked quite cute that short.

      I then was in this place where the people there did some sort of spiritual healing ritual. It was very expensive, and I felt like the things they were saying to the customers were generic and recycled; it had no meaning, therefore it held no weight. I didn't want to try it, but they talked me into it. The main person doing it was a man. He said something about my aura being purple. He was using this machine/crystal thing that had a purple glow to concentrate my energy. As it was happening, I felt different, but I wasn't sure if the thing was working or it was just the power of suggestion. When it was over, I didn't want to pay as much money as they were asking so they gave me a discount. I don't remember paying or the amount I paid.

      Something about me getting left at the mall. I believe Ashley had left because we had been there for so long.


      The store from the last dream that did the spiritual healing was somehow a suspect in the disappearance and death of a girl. I was at my friend Grace's house with some other people. The people from the store had brought all the stuff from the store to her house in the living room. We were going to question them. We were then in the kitchen and Grace was pouring us all a glass of milk. I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't drink milk. She was getting glasses out of a cupboard that was very high up. She left a small thing of chocolate milk up there with a tall glass. Everyone else had gone in the other room but me. I opened the cupboard to get the milk out and take the glass, but I then remembered that Grace is picky and was probably putting it up there so no one else would take it. I left it there.

      We were then in the other room with the store people and all their stuff. I think we were trying to play it off like we weren't questioning them or anything, just having a house call or whatever. I felt nervous about it though because I didn't want them to play the game back. I didn't stay in the room for much of the dream.


      I was inside of this pen outside with some other people. It was like it was my job, though I'm not sure what we were doing. There were other pens around as well. I was topless. I hoped no customers saw, but I'm sure they did. I finally put on a light blue t-shirt that I own IWL. I did not put on a bra, however. I then put on the white button up I usually wear to work IWL, though in the dream, it was a much tighter version. I stepped into the shirt instead of unbuttoning it to put it on. I thought I had slid my arms into the sleeves. I then had a jacket or something on over all of that, and I could see that the white work shirt was crooked. I took the jacket off and saw that I hadn't put my arms in the sleeves. I started to do so, and the damn shirt felt so uncomfortably tight around my tummy! I commented about the tightness of the shirt. I put the jacket back on and it was less crooked now, but still kind of crooked. I kept trying to straighten it. You could also see these black circles/stars from the blue shirt (that aren't on the IWL version) peeking out the top of the work shirt.

      I then was in a pen with some little kids (the pens seemed to be segregated by age). One wanted me to pick him up, and I awkwardly did. I was holding him in the middle of my body. I couldn't see while holding him, but I carried him around the pen. After putting that one down at some point, I picked up a smaller, younger little boy. He was probably only a toddler. I decided to try to pick him up another way, the way I usually see people carrying children: On their hip. So I picked him up and carried him on my right side. It was much easier, and the right way to do it. I could see and everything. I carried the child around the pen and gave him to his mom. I then noticed that his mom had one arm and a small stump mid arm for her other arm, as if her arm hadn't fully developed. I then noticed that the child had a leg like that. I hadn't noticed at all. I was proud of myself for not noticing and looking past physical deformity.

      I then wanted to play League of Legends...in real time, though it was much different than real LoL. I watched these kids running around a pen playing it. It was nighttime and dark. The kids all had a light blue spark following/around their heads. I heard this crazy monster noise and one of the kids was attacked and "died". Something happened to the blue spark, though I can't quite recall what. It moved. I didn't see this part, but I knew the kids would respawn. I was then "remembering" the death/respawning happening to me. I couldn't remember what it felt like to be "dead". I wanted to play with the kids, but only certain age groups could play together; I would have to play with adults.
    2. The Pen is Mightier than the Spear (LD #93)

      by , 06-22-2014 at 02:47 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Okay, so another dream about graduation. This time I get to choose teachers to give this special award to. And it's basically the worst thing you could ever imagine trying to do in a dream: Filling out a chart. Yeah, that's right so in order to give one of my teachers the award I have to sign their names nine times as some kind of formality.
      Doing this in a non lucid dream took forever as every time I looked away, the names would change all over the place, boxes would go blank or get filled in on their own. After like half an hour of dream time had ticked by, I finally had the chart filled out. A woman came in, asked me if I was done, and took me to find my teachers.
      She leads me into the back. I follow a maze of hallways and rooms. At one point, I come to a set of stairs with a sign posted at the top: This way to Nuclear Reactor. If I had been lucid at this point I would have gone and checked it out, but being non lucid, I just thought 'Well, that can't be the right place...'
      We continue walking and then
      lucidity hits me like a sack of bricks. I don't want to instantly break the flow of the dream. I run my hand along the brick wall as we walk picking up some stability. I begin to think of how I could alter this dream to better suit me. I think that my dream guide is sort of a teacher. What if I could nudge the dream so that we were going to see her rather than my waking life teachers.
      Turns out it's neither of the above. We arrive and the woman who led me here (almost as if she is scared) runs off. There is simply a small boy who is dressed like a teacher, and spinning a pen around on his finger. The boy turns to me and gives me this evil grin. I focus in on his face and forget about the environment. He begins to distort and transform in a freakish way and becomes a horribly ugly middle aged man.
      He then throws the pen at me and mid-flight the pen becomes a spear.
      I snap away from looking at him and realize that we are now in a meadow. There are trees in the distance, but this looks like a very large arena-like meadow. I turn to one side and the spear flies past my face. (I don't know why I was dodging the spears. I've already done regeneration before. I could surely have regenerated from any wound that I received.) The dream character pulls more pens from his pocket. I dodge several of the spears and try to get in close. The DC runs away with almost superhuman speed and heads up a large hill. I jump and begin flying as I chase him.
      When I get to the top of the hill. I see him there. He throws two more spears, and I dodge both of them while hovering in the air. I see my sketchbook on the hill. I get an idea to use my sketchbook to get me something to defeat him. I tell myself that whatever appears on the page when I open it will be how I defeat this dream character.
      I open it and it is a picture of my friend S. When I look at it, I think about a lucid dream S told me about where he was a human-animal hybrid with a blue Tasmanian Devil that had blue fir and Ice powers (Sounds like an awesome dream.) That would be perfect. I tell myself that S will appear and help me face the dream character.
      A giant ice comet crashes down in the valley below me, forming a large crater. S stands up, and he is a blue human-animal hybrid just like he described in his lucid dream. I grab the evil dream character and lift him into the air with me. I look at S and tell him to hit the character. I then throw the evil dream character right at S. But rather than hitting the character back at me, he just stands there like a deer in headlights until the villain character hits him. There is a large explosion and I wake up.

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    3. 1/24/14 - candy and water bottle pen

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:23 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and some girl are standing in someones front yard, I have never seen it before. The girl is on her knees doing something. I walk up to her to see what she is doing, I see her tugging at some huge candy gummy works from the ground. One is a sour powder covered one, and the other two are normal gummy ones. I decide to help her and pull at the gummy worms and then they pop out and land on the grass. We stand up and stare at them, then they shake and turn into a big rubbery pen, and a water bottle pen, you can drink water from it but it also has a pen at top. I think that it is stupid and must be one of those things you can win at an elementary school for selling shit. But me and the girl decide to pick who gets what she grabs the rubber pen so I'm stuck with the pen water bottle.
    4. Rebmevon

      by , 11-16-2012 at 06:26 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm flying through a large, rectangular, exhibit-hall-like space with an entryway connected to one end of it. Every time I make a complete loop through the exhibit hall, out into the entryway, and then back into the exhibit hall again, the scenery and displays in the hall have changed. While I'm flying through the entryway after a couple of iterations of this, I catch on to the fact that I'm dreaming.

      I remember that I need to stabilize and ground myself in the dream, so I will myself to go down. I sink straight down, in an upright position, until I'm standing on the floor. I immediately walk over, reach out, and touch one of the walls, then squat down to touch the carpet. The thought of licking the floor to bring in that sense crosses my mind.
      [I was reading a thread on DV before I went to bed that mentioned engaging all five of your senses in a dream.] I decide not to, but thinking of things you should do in a dream brings to mind the current Task of the Month: spell “November” backwards.

      While still squatting down, I start tracing the shapes of the letters on the carpet with my finger. R...e...b...m...e...v...o...n. I get all the way through it, and feel very proud and pleased with myself. I feel just as alert and self-aware as I do in waking life, but I notice that it's slightly more difficult to keep track of the letters and what order they go in than it would be if I were awake. Then, I suddenly find that I have a ballpoint pen in my hand
      [a plain black Bic pen with a grip, the exact same kind I'd just been using in real life to do my homework for a class]. I take the pen and print “Rebmevon” on the wallpaper on the nearest wall. It's still a little hard to focus on spelling. At first, I write an “e” in place of the last “o,” but then I cross it out and correct it. I write it a second time [I think] because I can, but then I think, Okay, now you're just doing it to be a smartass.

      [There was more, but I only have time to write the part that has to do with the Task of the Month right now.]

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    5. Sexy time; Another Pen Dream

      by , 06-08-2012 at 10:56 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Sexy Time

      I was licking a girl. It was pink and nice.

      Another Pen Dream

      I had a different pen dream last night.

      In this dream, I had a twist pen that I have IWL. It was evidence that I was involved in a crime.

      Journaling so late, I can't remember more of the dream, but it was disturbing.
      Tags: crime, pen, sex
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. I am not meant to be a waiter

      by , 10-12-2011 at 09:08 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I got a job in a restaurant where all the tables are outside. It was my first time being a waiter, and no one gave me any kind of training. Luckily, the first table I had to take orders from was my grandma's. She brought John and some of her friends. When I got to the table I pulled out a pen and a notepad. I asked each of them what they wanted, but the only ones I can remember were a salad and for some reason cereal. John said "I'll do Brooklyn a favor and have the special cereal," whatever that means. But as I was writing the orders down, my pen kept snapping at the tip, making it increasingly harder to write. I managed to get everything written down and went back inside.

      There was a kitchen are that looked like a home's kitchen, with an island in the middle. There were no chefs, so I wondered if I had to cook everything myself. A man who worked there came up behind me and told me I needed to put the order into a machine and it cooked for you. I slipped the paper in next to a rubber chicken and the machine turned on. I could see through the glass that the machine was working, however it was taking a very long time. 3 hours passed and I rushed out of the kitchen with the food. I placed the plates down and apologized for the wait. It was even dark out now, while it was bright daylight before. I expected everyone to be mad, but they seemed like they weren't. It was almost as if I was on time.