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    1. Game of Dreams - A Fall and A Healing Touch

      by , 08-08-2017 at 06:43 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-07

      Game of Dreams - A Fall and A Healing Touch

      Bran: I am playing a virtual reality game of Assassin’s Creed. I am in a medieval setting and I know my goal is to make it to the top of a broken tower. I climb a tree to reach the roof. I make my way across the rooftops, jumping and climbing with ease. I reach a stretch with a row of stone gargoyles just perfectly placed to swing from one to the next like on a child’s jungle gym. I swing from one to the next and then I hear voices from what I’d thought was an empty part of the castle. I get closer and hear a man and a woman talking about getting rid of the hand of the king, I immediately think they’re talking about my father! I swing to the gargoyle over the window and hang upside down to see who the culprits are, I’ll need to know who they are when I tell my father. When I peek in the two of them are making out. I remember hearing the man call the woman “sweet sister” so that means brother and sister are making out… I make an involuntary sound of disgust. The man looks over and I recognize the queen! The man comes towards me, I try to climb back up but the gargoyle breaks and I fall, grabbing the ledge by the window. The man reaches for me and says to take his hand. Not a chance! I’m sure they don’t want this secret getting out! I try to move away from the window but I’m too slow… the man grabs me and pushes me out into open air, I fall into my bed and wake.

      Tyrion: I am in a library. It is an old fashioned looking library with old leather bound books. I get up and leave the library. There’s a stairway going down outside. I hear people below talking about a boy who got hurt. A man calls the other as a prince, the prince sounds like a boy. The man says he wishes the injured kid would hurry up and die. The prince says it’s the wolf he can’t stand, the howling kept him up all night. The man says he could put the wolf down. The prince says there’s so many that the Starks would never notice. What a couple of assholes! I go the rest of the way over to them and respond to the boy’s comment that no one would notice the missing wolf. I say I’m quite sure the Starks can count to six, unlike some princes I could mention. It then occurs to me that the boy should go give his sympathies to the parents of the hurt boy. He calls me his uncle and says he doesn’t care about that boy! What an asshole! Someone should slap him in his ugly mug… so I do. He looks stunned then whines that he’s going to tell his mom! So I slap him again, making his cheeks a matching red. I tell him he can tell his mom all he wants, but first go tell the boy’s parents how sorry he is that their boy is hurt and emphasize if they need anything at all, the boy is glad to help. He runs off, I’m feeling quite satisfied as everything fades.

      John: I am in a stairway that seems to be leading up a medieval castle tower. I am going up to say goodbye to my brother, he has been hurt. I also know that he is actually my half-brother, and his mother doesn’t want me there. But I want to see my brother before I have to leave. I climb up the stairs more quickly and when I get to a door at the top I open it slowly. The woman is sitting in a chair beside a bed where my brother lies, unresponsive. The woman asks what I’m doing here, I say I’m going to say goodbye to Bran. She says I should leave. She gives me a dirty look that could curdle milk. I ignore her look and walk over beside the bed, on the other side from the woman. She says she’ll call the guards. I tell her to go ahead, I have every right to say goodbye to my brother. I go over and take Bran’s hand. He is so very skinny, almost skeletal. I see under the covers that his legs look like they’re bent wrong… didn’t anyone even bother to set the bones? I know it’s a medieval setting without a lot of medical knowledge, but really? I wish I could do something, something to heal him. I am focusing on healing him as I hold his hand. There’s movement under the covers. The woman gets excited and looks, but the movement stops. The legs look better now. The woman is talking. She says she prayed for this… she prayed to the seven that Bran could stay with her, that Ned would change his mind… she’s crying. I don’t know what else to do, so I say this isn’t her fault, she didn’t want him to stay with her like this… She gets mad at me and says she doesn’t need my absolution. I say of course she doesn’t… but she needs her own absolution, don’t blame yourself. Before she can respond I leave the room and everything fades.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Game of Dreams

      by , 08-07-2017 at 04:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-05

      Game of Dreams

      John: I am in a large room full of tables and a lot of people. There is a procession of what look like VIPs going down the center aisle towards a raised table at the front of the room. First a stressed looking man with a distracted looking woman, then another woman with a really fat man, followed by a little kid on his own then two more pairs of kids, two boys and two girls. Next comes a nice looking man standing alongside a short guy that looks more like a dwarf than a human. But I don’t see any other races around so I assume he is a short human. And then a feast begins. I am eating various meats and breads and drinking a sweet wine when something brushes my leg. There is a wolf pup down there so I give the pup some of the meats. A man comes over and we start chatting about various details we have noticed. The name Uncle Ben comes to mind. He says they can use observational skills like mine in the Knight’s Watch. This idea immediately appeals to me, but in spite of the fact Ben is the one who brought it up, he keeps saying I can’t do it because I am just a boy. If I am too young then why did he suggest it in the first place? I get mad and then realize I’m making a scene and that gets me even more upset so I run outside. I see the short man from the procession earlier and he says he drank too much wine and it’s considered rude to vomit on your brother. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now so I keep going and then everything fades.

      Catelyn: I am in a bedroom of what looks like it might be a medieval period. I am a woman, and I spot that immediately because I am naked. I am lying in bed naked while a man in the room is standing by an open window and apparently enjoying a cool breeze that is blowing in. He says he doesn’t want to leave Winterfell. I tell him if he doesn’t want to go just say so. A man knocks on the door with an urgent message, or so he says. The message is for me. I open it and at first it looks like gibberish, but when I look at it in a slightly different way I can see what it means. Ned’s (my husband) friend is dead, but he was murdered by the Lannisters. I tell Ned that is another reason not to go. He says this letter changes everything, now he has to go south with Robert to find out the truth of what happened to his friend. He says Robert may even be in danger. There is a bit more talk about where the kids will stay, he is expecting I will stay behind to run Winterfell while he’s away. I’m not feeling good about the conclusions we reach, but then everything fades to black.

      Arya: I am in a classroom working on arts and crafts. I look at my work I am not pleased. For some reason I have been sewing a very crooked line of stitches. I hear a group of girls not far from me whispering… about me? They say they were talking about a Prince who is so handsome and gallant. There is another group of girls with the teacher. I am sitting by myself as happened throughout my actual school years. The teacher comes over and looks at my stitching. She says it will never do. She says I have the hands of a blacksmith. The other girls are all staring, some are laughing… even my sister looks amused. I am embarrassed. I want to leave. I get up and head for the door. The teacher asks where I think I’m going. I’m mad about the blacksmith comment and I tell her I have to shoe a horse. I leave the room and slam the door behind me. I go down some stairs and find my wolf pup at the bottom of the stairs tied up. I untie her and decide to look around. I walk for a while and find a covered bridge with a boy gazing through a window into the combat training yard. I look there and see some kids practicing with wooden swords. One boy is saying he wants to use live steel, and another boy is saying to bring it on, but the instructor won’t allow it. I am still watching when everything fades.
    3. #271 - Friends

      by , 09-27-2016 at 09:28 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1
      I had a dream about my friend John back from when we studied at uni. I can't remember the specifics but we were hanging out and I think it was a nice dream. His dog Banjo was with us I think.

      Dream 2
      Another dream about some mates, it included my friend Dylan. I think he was having a smoke or something and we were outside a brick house, it kind of reminded me of a school court next to the brick classroom.
      Tags: banjo, dylan, john
    4. #149 - seds exam / goddess nightmare (5/11/2015)

      by , 11-05-2015 at 10:26 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - seds exam
      Me and my friend John are in a car and driving around for part of a field trip related to the sedimentology paper we're studying. I remember being near the coastline and seeing some calm water while we're on a dirt road nearby under the canopy of some pine trees. I think we're pissy about something. We're back in the paleosed lab in our geology department studying for the exam now which is related to the field trip we've just been on. John tells me that the other people studying have placed the 'backshore' zone *here* (he shows me somehow, maybe with a picture). I get annoyed, "dude they're doing it wrong. Look at this" I start illustrating the beach and shoreface zones in their entirety and start teaching him about everything. "Well damn mister sedimontologist huhuhu" he says jokingly (kind of an inside joke where he's saying I'm a smartass ).

      Dream 2 - Goddess Nightmare
      This dream was a little weird. I remember being on a boat, surrounded by water. I know that in the direction behind me is land somewhere but I can't see it. There are other people on the boat but I don't recall seeing them. There's internal dialogue going on, I'm just.. Thinking?
      "The beginning of the world was due to the contact between the gods and goddesses" (this is similar to Greek mythos I think, Oranos the sky father and Gaia the earth mother). I'm in the water now, the boat is non existant and the dream is showing the distance between gods. I represent a god that is wading in the water, while in the distance I know there is another god but she's only just visible and is wading in the water. It's supposed to be impossible to contact one another, but the dream story says that we do and that is how everything begins.

      It is now a different time, the 'present'. Mankind has to be careful of the gods and goddesses because they walk among us in disguise. They require constant sacrifices every day. Some seduce their prey and kill them in their houses. I think a hot woman picks me up and we head to her house. She's actually a goddess (surprised?)... I think she goes into another room to get change and tells me to wait here (in the living room I guess). I think I somehow discover she's a goddess as I seem to see her on her bed in a red fishnet body dress thing. She was doing erotic stuff and I was like "oh shit she's going to kill me" so I ran and hid. Another person turns up and she kills him instead. I'm hiding in her closet but it's full of 'skins'. Like body suits she can wear to disguise herself. Behind them all is another door which takes me into another bedroom. She's still after me so I think I bolt out the window and onto the grass outside. I run downhill on the lawn towards the main road and manage to escape but the whole time I was terrified. Like she could get ahead of me somehow and come around some corner with an axe like they do in the horror movies O_O. I decided I wanted to wake up so I did.
    5. #147 - Poison caterpillars / Family Guy / FA / Trippiest dream ever

      by , 11-02-2015 at 10:21 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Set up a DEILD alarm for 1:30, 3:20 and 5:10 last night, trying different alarm tones for each. I found that the 'rooster' sound woke me up but the others didn't. After kind of putting off dedicating effort into DEILD I decided last night that I'd give it a proper try, so when I woke up I actually managed to lie completely still with my eyes closed. I remember reading some advice somewhere that you should focus on a point, so I focused on the centre of my forehead. It kind of felt like meditating in a way. I decided that it was a good enough attempt for the night just knowing that I could do that if I wanted to, then I got up for a WBTB.

      Dream 1 - Poison caterpillars
      This dream was pretty interesting, I woke to the 3:20 DEILD alarm and tried cementing it to memory which I found a bit easier than I would if I had moved around. I was in a room at night time, my friend John was here too and we seemed to be in a survival kind of scenario. We had to go to sleep for the night so we each had our own floor mattress and bedding. I lay down to go to sleep but at some point in the night a friend from back home called Fraser showed up. He was the guy we were trying to survive against. He placed these caterpillar-worms on us that were tiny at first (~1cm long), but soon grew to be maybe 7cm long. They poison you just by touch and have these alternating purple to green bands along their body. I remember one crawling on me and thinking that the touch of it was stinging. Fraser came in and took the grown up caterpillars, like it was supposed to be every ones goal to get them (like a quest item?). I was pretending to be dead I think so he wouldn't notice I was still alive despite being poisoned.

      Dream fragment - anime artist?
      I remember a group of people on a sunny day walking down a pathway by the road and they were somehow related to anime/manga. Possibly the artists who make it

      Dream 2 - Family guy
      I remember having a dream where I think I might have been Bryan from Family Guy. The dream was telling the story of how Stewy and Bryan met and how they came to become a part of the Griffin family. Apparently Stewy was adopted alongside Bryan it seems. I think I (Bryan, who at the time I called Mike because I forgot his actual name) went to a one-off job. I met Stewy there who I seemed to hit it off really well with, we ended up become tight comrades and somehow headed off on a journey together in a car (feels like third person during this so I don't think I'm Bryan anymore). They end up getting adopted into the Griffin family which I find weird because I thought Stewy was born as a Griffin.

      FA - I seemed to remember writing 'Stewy and Mike' into my phone so I could recall the dream later, but when I woke up later on and I looked at my phone... there was nothing! Dun dun dun!

      Dream 3 - Trippiest Dream Ever
      I'm lying in bed in the middle of the night surfing the internet on my phone. It's the first time looking at a screen in a dream where it isn't actually in 'full screen'. I think I come across some music website. Basically it has an artistic anime-style kind of epic drawing. The whole background has this intense vividness to it, which was hued in a surreal purple colour. It has this anime girl that looks like she's jumped forward and reaching out for something with a smile. The art style really impressed me and caught my eye. The website plays music, but for some reason I was too quick to click on the next link and skipped to a new page. Damn. I backspace and head to the previous window. Huh? The background has changed?? It's now a new drawing in the same epic style, a different girl (different clothes, face, haircut, etc) with a different colour hue (possibly orange this time). I refresh the page -- it changes again. Now it's like a steel grey. I think the girl on this one might have had a short fringe with silvery hair. Wow this is all pretty cool, but I really wanted to see the one from the first page. I keep refreshing a couple more times cycling through the art, some of which comes up multiple times. I end up talking to the person who apparently makes it all, the artist herself. I'm not sure how we're communicating, it's like she's communicating through the screen. I'm also sitting at my desk with my laptop in front of me instead of being on my iPhone. I can't remember what we were talking about, possibly about who she is and how she may or may not be the artist? Shit gets crazy as we talk though. Like... absolutely chaotic. She shows me the art on her website and it's no longer static. Some of which is video clips but they flash past my eyes so fast. One clip is from Bakemonogatari (an anime) as a hint, suggesting that she is the artist who draws it (which in my head explains why her art is so amazing). But it just gets so crazy because it's all so vivid and fast, the next part there's an image of an anime girl who mimics the artists words. Her movements come in a strobe-like fashion, the screen flickers rapidly, her face appearing to tilt right while her smile broadens into this insane toothy grin with wide eyes. What the f*ck is going on? Everything is so colourful and vivid with so much change in the lighting. Orange, green, blue, purple, black, white. It's quite beautiful. Next scene she sends me porn which I try to ignore, then realize that it's still open on my browser. I have to close it down manually. I open up a screen which shows all my active apps and try delete it, only to find that there's an endless stream of porn videos open on my phone/laptop. How the hell did this happen?? If someone saw this they'd think I was a pervert. There's just too much and I don't even know what happens but I wake up, realizing that I'm now in my room for real. It was just so realistic though.

      On my 20th day of no PMO using the Brainbuddy app. Safe to say that it definitely affected my last dream O_O. My dream recall improved last night too (the 2 nights before my exam yesterday were below my average by quite a bit). From today onwards I have a lot of spare time until I head back to the North Island. I'll be dedicating a lot more time to my dream practices I think from now on (i.e. ADA, DEILD, meditation, + other related stuff like reading ETWOLD)
    6. #146 - Museum expedition

      by , 11-02-2015 at 01:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Had to write this in the afternoon after my exam so my brain is fried and I can't recall it too clearly anymore. On the upside: no more uni!

      Dream - Museum expedition
      This was quite a vivid dream, I was wandering around a museum with my friend John. He was off somewhere else while I was looking at some bronze weapons and jewellery. It transitions to a different museum now and I walk off to an area I was interested in looking at: more bronze jewellery and weapons. There were also plates and other bronze-age ancient look equipment. I saw everything in hyper detail, everything was displayed on a wall (all the walls were modern and white looking). A pretty blonde girl walks past which I notice, the dream world has been very realistic and mundane at this point but starts to take a more abnormal turn. John comes over and we turn to our right and go further into the museum. A huge mining equipment that looks more like ancient siege equipment is in front of us. It's in front of an old mine shaft that's absolutely huge (like 15m high?) so that the miner thing can get inside and, well, mine... The rock it was used to mine is malachite, a type of copper mineral that's distinctly blue-green. The outcrop is rough looking and I spot some pyrite ores in it too when I look at it close up (once again in intense detail). A professor at the museum shows up by chance and invites me and John to come check out the interior a bit and we end up on a mini expedition. I remember thinking how there could be treasure buried around here like rare items or something (is this an RPG?). The professor has 2 assistants, one is a guy and one is a girl. I get the impression that the guy has a crush on the girl. The girl is apparently somewhere getting us tools I think, so me, John, the professor and the guy assistant head off. In terms of the dreamscape we literally just walked next to the mine-siege-thing and turned left onto some stairs that seemed to circle around it. Then we climbed off the stairs next to the mine-siege-thing on to a dark mound that had a black-sludge pool in the centre. This is where the treasure is supposed to be it seems. We set to work trying to dig it up, I remember there being some kind of dish-shaped thing we used to scoop the sludge away. At one point the guy assistant got too close to the edge with his back turned while he was squatting and talking to the professor, I tried helped him but he fell in and seemed a little annoyed. The girl assistant comes back around and the guy assistant is a little flustered.

      There were quite a few moments where there was a lot of detail, I think this relates to ADA making me pay more attention.
    7. #140 - Gym / The law

      by , 10-26-2015 at 08:58 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Gym
      I remember being on the pathway near the gym and looking out over the nearby green grass rugby field. There are the typical huge trees that are spaced alongside the walkway, but I don't recall actually doing anything

      Dream 2 - The law
      I forgot the better part of the dream and only remember the ending. I seem to be running after someone in the mall. I think I might be a girl? O_O. There is someone who is with me and while we're on the chase we pass through a clothing store. The store clerk is a young person who does something rude (like purposely gets in our way or pushes us).. This pisses me off, there are apparently laws against people like me hitting people like him (possibly sexism related?). My partner thinks we should just leave but I get this sudden 'I ain't taking shit from you' attitude . "Let's get him for that" I say, and trip up another young guy (he had a surfer kind of blonde afro hairstyle and a few pimples) who was just walking into the store. The guy stumbles forward and slams into the store clerk. The store clerk is on the ground in front of a changing room so I step over and casually open the door, slamming it into his face brutal. Apparently if a shop door hits someone then it isn't the fault of the customer, it's the store clerks fault ^_^ there are some weird rules in this dream. I seem to be a guy again (phew) and I need to go toilet. I'm with a few friends (John, Dave and another guy called Fraser) and I tell them I'm going to the restroom. I use the urinal and the others decided they need to go to, they all come and take a leak. For some reason I keep on going for ages, I started first and finished last ^^ such a weird dream.

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    8. #130 - skydiving / pool party

      by , 10-14-2015 at 10:14 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment - Skydiving
      I remember jumping off from something in the sky (probably a plane but I don't know). It was so high up, when I jumped there was a plane in the air somewhere below me so I swooped down near it. I wasn't the only one jumping either, and it was more like I was flying than actually falling. I remember circling around the cockpit and looking inside, the pilots were stunned to see me. I then let myself fly near the wing, the suction from the turbine seemed to be pulling me in but I managed to push myself away from it with willpower. I think I skydived about 3 times?

      Dream - Pool Party
      I wake up in a building, it seems like some sort of residential hall or lodging. The floor is wooden and I think I was sleeping on it in a sleeping bag. I remember seeing my friend John, the time was about 8-9 so he decided to go ahead of me and head to class at uni because we didn't have karate practice today. Karate? I seem to have signed up for the karate club and now I know it's also supposed to be the first day of school. I look around and pack my bag, but I notice the instructor for the karate club actually getting ready for something so I realize there is club activities today.. And for some reason in the area that I originally woke up in? I walk over and stand on the yoga mat. Putting down my stuff and trying to shift my sleeping bag, bowl and 2 spoons out of the way for some space (apparently I had breakfast unknowingly). We start with some aerobics stuff which really disappoints me, I was really looking forward to sparring because in the dream I seem to be a skilled fighter . Some music turns on and the karate teacher starts moving around doing some dance that we all follow, I try to keep up but I have no clue what to do and end up doing everything slightly behind everyone else. I'm not wearing any shoes or socks and I feel like there's crumbs all over the damn ground too. I try to kick it away while dancing and end up shifting it onto another persons mat by accident. The dance thing kind of ends and some kind of poncy pool party happens. Yes, there is now a pool in my room O_O. We get complimentary omurice-pancakes, which are actually just normal pancakes that are really bland. I recognize some of the people as having similar faces to some old friends in high school, the girls are quite pretty and seem to have a really upper-class vibe. Most of them are in bikinis and board shorts. There's a lady from the karate club going around and offering these incredible looking melted chocolate balls. They look so good but you have to pay for them. I realize that there's no point wasting money on them so I just ignore them. I spot one of the characters from the Home and Away TV show cast (just googled it, his name is Luke Mitchell or 'Romeo Smith' on the show). He's encouraging people to dance to the music but I pat him on the back and politely excuse myself, I have to get to class. My class starts at 10 and it's nearly 9. I can't quite recall if it was part of this dream but I remember driving/being driven down a road in my home town (it felt like it happened earlier but the dream logic would mean it happened last?).
    9. 1 Scrap Metal

      by , 12-10-2014 at 11:00 PM
      Before sleeping i said

      "Our Dreaming Mind, give me a dream about kadie's week 1 target"

      I just woke out of a dream

      It is (6:30 am Thursday 11-Dec) where I live and
      It is (12pm Wednesday 10-Dec) where kadie lives.


      I woke-up slowely in a bed with another.
      I knew I had to steal that persons bag of metal parts.
      Keeping my head on my pillow I kept putting my hand in the bag, grabbing a handfull of spare-parts and placing the spare parts betweem their head and mine, between our pillows.

      The other person opened their eyes.
      I thought I was sprung (caught in the act of stealing) but they nodded and went back to sleep.

      I got up, put my booty in a small bag, covered the parts of a Data or C3PO-like robot with a small thin tea-towel. (Edit: two and then three antennas were poking-up and I was afraid the protruding antennas would get me caught) I went outside. I needed to escape. I was mostly relaxed. Two or 3 girls came to me to confirm the way off the nice prison premises.

      But they said that I mustn't try to leave yet. I need to see John.

      I walk through an office door and a 40-50 year old heavy-set, kind looking man, stood-up from his desk (with lots of work on it) and gently greeted me.

      It felt like his job was to help the many, many inmates of this nice prison to escape. End of dream (eod)

      Soooo o o o

      My guess is that the 1st kadie target is a pile of ... er... metal junk ... that can be assembled into a Star War's C3PO or a Star Trek's Data.


      I think I have to lean how to assemble it to get out of this nice prison.

      Here is the thread hat inspired my "above" dream.



    10. #31 - Bad Drivers/Lucid #3/Talking to friends

      by , 10-16-2014 at 10:57 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Note: There were a lot of friends that know, used to know, or haven't seen in a while. Through out all these dreams I seemed to see a whole bunch of them.

      Dream 1 - Bad Drivers (before 05 00 - birds started chirping about 30 minutes after I woke so it's a rough estimate).
      I am in my university, heading to field (the field is much larger, and has a dirt wall on the left) to meet someone. I remember that my old biol group is meeting too, and I don't want to meet them so I consider running up the side of the dirt wall to get past them. This train of thought is interrupted, as I'm walking I see a crowd of people and a truck just speeds towards them. I SWEAR this truck hit a person, but when is passed there was no one who was injured... I look off to the left and see a bus speeding towards me and the crowd! We all scatter to avoid it, I turn around heading towards a construction area where they're setting new pavement. I remember walking back knowing that the bus has passed, I seem to somehow be talking to a construction worker, I talk weirdly, as if I had a foreign accent... Haziness ensues until I'm walking down the ramp inside the cafeteria building (I remember that it seemed more club-esque style, black walls and dimmed lights etc). I am utterly shocked, because at the bottom of the ramp is my best friend D! He's looking at his phone, I haven't seen him for about a year so I just run towards him and bear hug him . He's apparently gay too, and I hug his boyfriend so he feels welcomed or something.

      Dream 2 - Lucid #3 (07 00ish)
      I'm in my high school walking along beside a bus (I used to bus back and forth from school). I see ahead of me my old friends, and M who I used to be really tight with but he moved away. I'm overwhelmed with the same happiness I had when I had seen D in the previous dream, I start running to tackle-hug him, but I stop. The feeling spurs a déjà vu effect, I realize instantly that I'm dreaming. I don't even do a reality check, I start to float and fly away (this has happened at the start of every lucid I've had). I stop myself, telling myself to stabilize the dream first, I'm rubbing my hands together but I can't really feel it. The same thing that happened in my last lucid happened again, I seemed to have my eyes closed, and I knew that once I open them I'd be awake. Bam. Ruined it again somehow.

      Note: Stoked to have my 3rd lucid, but I need to learn to make them last and make them stable.

      Dream 3 - Talking to friends (08 30)
      I seem to be walking the usual route I take to university, talking to J1 who I don't usually walk with. I tell him that I had my 3rd lucid dream last night, he is impressed and then another friend walks past and asks us what we're talking about. I tell J1 not to say anything, I feel embarrassed about sharing it now (this is probably related to when some people walked in as I was showing J1 some poetry junk I was working on). I see J2 and I'm happy to see him (he used to get bullied and I used to stick up for him in high school), we start talking and I tell him we should go meet with J1 who's standing on the bridge looking into the river (still in the uni, this is all pretty accurately place for the dream world).
    11. Past weeks dreams

      by , 05-14-2012 at 05:18 PM (Shiranui's Dreamscape Adventures)
      Here are some memorable dreams from the past week, excluding today. From today onward I will try to be more organized.

      Surprise visit.

      I was in my apartment. (I live in a flatshare with 3 other people.) Suddenly John shows up, I have seriously mixed feelings about seeing him. He has a friend with him too, but she just stays quiet and in the background. He says he is in a hurry, that he was just passing by and has to go. I follow him back to the train station.

      It's autumn out, really beautiful - red and orange leaves fall all around. There is snow on the ground. We walk in a weird sort of silence, i try to resist the urge to hug him and tell him how much i've missed him. I've tried to forget him for such a long time, i've repaired my life without him. He suddenly says he has missed me. I don't know if it's sincere. I feel so weird, I don't think I answered him. I try to muster up a feeling of aloofness and even hate, but I can't. Now when I see him everything just hurts.

      When we arrive at the station he climbs onto a metal fence-thingy, I lean against it next to him. The metal is really cold.
      "So," I say, starting up the awkward small-talk and avoiding anything and everything important with betrayal, addictions, life fracturing into tiny little pieces and exploding and whatnot. i don't care. Totally. Cool.
      "Where do you live now?"
      "King's street 14"
      (A real place in the city where we live.)
      "great that you moved out of that flatshare. It sounded naasty."
      He smiles. "Yeah."
      "But damn! That is like really central. How much is the rent?"
      "8400 crowns."
      "What?! Ohmygood. How do you manage?!"
      "Took a part-time job at mcdonalds."

      "Oh" I reply, "That's great ..."
      He mumbles something in agreement. The train arrives and we say goodbye.
      I don't hug him.

      While walking back to my house I try as hard as I can to just push him away in my mind. I think about how far i've come in rebuilding my life, and that I did it alone.

      (We have a quite complicated past, our relationship is pretty much ruined.)


      This is just a fragment. I'm on a plane that crashes, we jump out of the plane with a parachute just in time. I make some awkward smalltalk with the other passengers while we wait for the plane to be repaired. When we get on the second time, I don't get on quite in time and is forced to hang onto the plane with just one hand.

      Castle Adventure Time with secret rooms, maidens and executions. Oh my!

      I was in a castle, a real medieval one. A battle was raging outside. Both sides wanted a girl that had some mystical magic powers. Both sides knew she was hidden in the castle and was looking for her, her powers would be the key to winning the war.

      I was a young knight (male!) employed on the side that currently had control over the castle. Everybody was running around, both trying to fight off the other forces and searching for the girl. I had a feeling we had had control of the castle for at least a few weeks.

      And then ... I happened to stumble onto the secret room. You needed a missing wallbrick, which I found. I entered the room. A girl around 15-17 was there. She had long red hair and a dark green, really pretty dress. She started to cry. Poor thing was so scared, she had been hunted all her life for her powers which hurt when she used them + they dried her lifespan. I don't know what her powers were, but they were destructive and only used for war, while she was so harmless and fragile. It was like a curse, I felt so much compassion with her.

      Anyway, we became friends. Some time passed, I think. But somehow they figured out that I knew where she was. I fled the castle, but was caught by the opposing side.

      (Here the dream becomes really vivid.)

      I am staring up at the castlewall where my former allies are. While trying not to get the opposing side to kill me they sort of reveal that I know where the girl is. Those who have captured me refuse to hand me back (of course) since I possess this information.

      My former allies aim a bow at me.

      “Hand him back, or we will shoot.”

      This is really a batman gambit of them, trying to make them hand me back or the information dies with me. This is such a tense moment. Everybody holds their breath, not knowing how this will play out. If my capturers hand me back, they might get a shot at finding me later or retrieving the information somehow. But at the same time, they haven’t even breached the outer wall and they might be too late.

      I stand right under the wall in clear sight, no one will have time to protect me if they fire. I just stare straight ahead, listening to the whispers around me. Then I hear a bow getting “loaded” just a few inches to my right, the string being pulled. I understand that my fate has been sealed and my heart leaps.
      To my right I hear someone saying “kneel”.

      I kneel, staring down at the ground, my heart trying to beat its way out of my chest.
      Thoughts about how I die for a cause run through my head, I also feel weirdly turned on almost, reality really sharp and clear and I really think this is the last thing I’ll experience. I just wait and wait and wait for someone to fire an arrow.

      It’s never fired, the dream ends there.

      Short lucid.

      I am talking to Cornelia in our kitchen, when I realize she is shorter than me. This makes me instantly lucid. Wow, I just started getting interested in this again yesterday! This is going fast. Way too fast. I get scared, and wake myself up. I was just soooo surprised to be lucid dreaming that the dreamscape felt way to sudden and surreal. I wasn’t prepared.

      Another short lucid.

      The second time during the same night i got lucid. I don't remember what happened before this, or what triggered lucidity. I stabilized the dream by looking at my hands, the right one looked normal, the left one had one finger missing. I am in a sort of rocky area, just lots of rocks and stony grounds.

      A black dog suddenly shows up from behind a rock, we stare at eachother for a few seconds. it looks like a labrador, slightly larger than normal though. I think about how cool it is that the dog doesn't exist for real.

      It suddenly growls and looks like it's going to attack. I feel a spike of fear; pain is often really vivid in my dreams ... I try to wake myself up by closing and quickly opening my eyes. Doesn't work.

      I will myself to morph into a wolf. It doesn't quite work since the dog attacks before I am finished morphing. We jump around eachother, just me trying to avoid his attacks. A paw scratches my side, it isn't that sharp a pain and I feel a little calmer and not as afraid. I see an opening and lunge towards his throat, but as I bite down I don't get that strong a grip since i've forgotten to morph my mouth/nuzzle. I morph while biting, I get a much stronger grip and bite down. As I do, my vision gets all grey and fuzzy-static like, then the dream fades.
    12. I am not meant to be a waiter

      by , 10-12-2011 at 09:08 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I got a job in a restaurant where all the tables are outside. It was my first time being a waiter, and no one gave me any kind of training. Luckily, the first table I had to take orders from was my grandma's. She brought John and some of her friends. When I got to the table I pulled out a pen and a notepad. I asked each of them what they wanted, but the only ones I can remember were a salad and for some reason cereal. John said "I'll do Brooklyn a favor and have the special cereal," whatever that means. But as I was writing the orders down, my pen kept snapping at the tip, making it increasingly harder to write. I managed to get everything written down and went back inside.

      There was a kitchen are that looked like a home's kitchen, with an island in the middle. There were no chefs, so I wondered if I had to cook everything myself. A man who worked there came up behind me and told me I needed to put the order into a machine and it cooked for you. I slipped the paper in next to a rubber chicken and the machine turned on. I could see through the glass that the machine was working, however it was taking a very long time. 3 hours passed and I rushed out of the kitchen with the food. I placed the plates down and apologized for the wait. It was even dark out now, while it was bright daylight before. I expected everyone to be mad, but they seemed like they weren't. It was almost as if I was on time.
    13. Festival Fragment

      by , 09-03-2011 at 10:40 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      I am at a festival with friends, my so called friend John is with me.
      I ask to lend his speaker, he lets me.
      Later on I ask to lend his speaker again, he starts attacking me.
    14. Hangin' out wif Koreyyyy, home makeover

      by , 03-24-2011 at 11:21 PM
      okayyyy great recall last night! nonlucids
      any color except black=dream Lucid

      dream 1: I find myself at an outdoor Skillet concert. John, Korey, and Jen were onstage. It is midday and it is very hot. I am on the right side of the crowd, near the front. John stands in the middle, Korey on the left, and Jen in back. Ben is no where to be seen. The concert is over very soon and I appear in their tour bus.
      It is very large on the inside, almost like a condo, and I talk to Korey. I don't remeber what we said. Jen comes in wearing a short-sleeved gray shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. She sits next to Korey and me on the peach colored couch and we talk.
      (Time skip)
      John is standing next to a mirror and he is fixing his hair. I tell him,"You should do that mohawk thing." he looks at me and shrugs.
      I finally find Ben and I go over to him. I find that I am almost as tall as him. He has bangs that sweep down the right side of his face. I rub the top of his head to mess up his hair and he asks me why. I shrug and walk away. I find John and Korey's kids, Alex and Xavier. We play a little bit in a tiny playhouse like thing. They look older then they really are.
      I look around for Ben and Jen and I find them sitting on the couch. I think to myself It'd be cute if they'd kiss. or something similar. Ben and Jen are talking, too low for me to hear. Jen leans on Ben's shoulder and sighs. Ben puts an arm around her and sighs also. He is wearing a vest, tie, normal jeans, and some sort of shoes. His hair is still kinda boring looking. Jen looks up and they lean with their lips VERY close to each other: like this [---------------] far apart. Jen gets this *woah* look in her eyes and they kiss each other, a little passionate.
      (time skip)
      I am talking to Jen. Korey walks up and smiles at her. Ben is staring out the window like he can't believe what happened, and John is drinking Dr. Pepper like always. By the way, John took my advice and did the little mohawk thing.


      DREAM2: I arrive at home to find the carpet and walls covered in orange paint. I know that I can't touch the paint so I leap really far and barely miss the paint. I go to my room and find my grandma sitting at my computer desk. I find that I feel really tired and can hardly move or focus on anything. My grandmother hands me a headset and I think it is cool.
      I watch my mom try to hook te headset up to the internet so I can video chat and voice chat with people online. She looks confused and I now find that I cannot open my left eye. I don't freak out. I feel tired again and it feels like everything is "carnival mirror" like. I look around in confusion and shrug.
      (more fuzzy)
      I am in the dining room and my mom has a bunch of stuff on the table. It is just a bunch of old toys that my grandma used to use. I grumble and walk away in boredom. My sister and brother are in their room and I say hi then walk away. I feel sooo tired and everything is fuzzy and unclear. I still cannot open my left eye. I am irritated.


      Yup, my major dream sign is hanging out with Skillet
      I think another one is feeling tired and/or not being able to open my left eye
    15. 12/08/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 12-11-2010 at 05:33 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: Challenge one of the tournament tonight at the Hogwarts where I am a student with MoSh. It looks like I'll be working with Draco, though, since we're in the same house. MoSh will be working with Harry and Hermione since they're all in Gryffindor. This sucks.

      Tour of the Castle
      I am in a bedroom at Hogwarts and I'm not lucid. I really need to RC every time I'm in a bedroom that isn't my own... So I leave the bedroom and enter an office of some kind, there is a big ornate wooden desk, there isn't much in the room, it looks like it isn't in use right now. I look around for a bit, not sure what I'm supposed to be doing in there. I was still pondering that when there was a knock at the door, I open the door to reveal Professor McGonagall waiting at the door. I let her inside, she says she has come to help me get acquainted with the castle. So now I follow McGonagall down the hall. I notice there are two exits from the living area / office, one of them leads to the main hallway while the other leads directly to a classroom, it's the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. I follow McGonagall to the main hallway and then we go around the school, meeting an assortment of people. Filched greeted me with a grunt and a glare until I say he has an adorable kitty, after which I pick up a surprised Mrs. Norris and then give her cause to purr, and she purrs very loud indeed! I comment to Filch that I love anything feline, I am a hopeless cat lover. Mrs. Norris clearly likes me, so Filch soon calms down. He had been a bit upset when I had first scooped Mrs. Norris into my arms. McGonagall says we need to keep going, so I set Mrs. Norris down and follow McGonagall. We are seeing where all of the classrooms are, meeting all of the teachers and others that work there, for the most part I get a friendly welcome.

      There are a couple people there who seem less than thrilled to see me. And those are actually people I have already met, I am sure of that. Somewhere along this tour I have become lucid, so I am now aware I am dreaming. Snape greets me with a grunt and a dirty look, I know he wanted to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I am figuring he voted me in only because, when choosing between Umbridge and me, I am the obvious choice. Lucius is in the halls, I wonder how much time Lucius is at Hogwarts. As McGonagall is introducing me to people, she is saying the role they play at Hogwarts. It turns out the heads of the houses aren't the same as in the book. In fact, McGonagall introduces Arthur Weasley as the head of Gryffindor, I say I thought that was McGonagall. McGonagall says no, seems surprised, then says there would be far too much room for bias if the heads of the houses were also teachers. She says Snape would never flunk anyone in his house. She says Arthur Weasley is head of Gryffindor, Xenophilius Lovegood is head of Ravenclaw, I have never heard the name of the person who is head of Hufflepuff, and Lucius Malfoy is the head of Slytherin.

      Speaking of Lucius Malfoy, McGonagall meet up with him in one of the halls. He doesn't seem too happy to see me, but at least he is making an effort to hide that. He McGonagall has something she needs to attend to, and she needs me to wait. Right there with Lucius? Don't take too long... So there I am in the hallway with Lucius, and it seems a bit awkward, so I just wait there silently while Lucius is giving me a strange look. While I am standing there thinking the situation rather sucks, someone even worse comes along. Dolores Umbridge comes along down the hall. She is still not pleased to see me, but it seems she is currently more angry a Lucius for some reason. She walks right over to Lucius and says she should curse him into next week for that trick. She says it took her hours to find the proper counter-curse to get rid of that obscenity from her forehead. I remember the word BITCH being tattooed on her face, I look to see if it is really gone. Lucius is also looking, he says it's good she cleared up that label... the word BITCH didn't properly describe Umbridge. I look and now the words UGLY BITCH are displayed on her forehead, glowing and changing color constantly. I say Lucius is right on this one, Umbridge's forehead looks much better now, then I turn away quickly because I think I might start laughing. McGonagall comes out of the room where she had gone, she looks at Umbridge and gasps. She is staring, all she can say is, "Dolores! Your face! It's..." I interrupt McGonagall and say her face sure does look a lot better. McGonagall is about to say something else when Umbridge takes a look at me, gives a huff, then says I shouldn't get too comfortable since I won't be at the school for long. She leaves in a huff. McGonagall makes no further attempt to stop her, but she does want to know who put it there. I say I didn't do it, but I think it was Q. Q has a sense of humor and would no doubt find that amusing. From the closed door of a women's restroom a bit farther up the hall comes, "Lucius Malfoy!!!" There are a few other sounds, then Umbridge comes out of the bathroom and storms over to Lucius. I notice that, unfortunately, her forehead is now clear of writing. Damn. She got rid of it. She points at her forehead and tells Lucius that she has countered how curse. As I am watching, however, the words DUMB UGLY BITCH appear on her forehead in neon pink. I snort a bit of laughter, turning it into a cough, though it still gets Umbridge's attention. She heads off in a huff again.

      I follow McGonagall through the rest of the tour of the castle, though nothing more worth noting takes place. I am thinking it would be sooooo easy to get lost in there that it isn't even funny. I wonder how the students manage to find their classes at all. I guess it is something they get used to, but it seems the setup would lead to a lot of tardy first years, at least for a while. The tour ends back where we started, back in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. McGonagall says again that everyone, or most everyone, is glad to have me aboard. So don't pay any attention to Umbridge, she is all talk and there really is nothing she can do now that I have been voted in by a majority of the board members at Hogwarts. Speaking of Umbridge, she storms into the room and demands to know where Lucius Malfoy is, I see her forehead now sports only one word, and that is FUCKTARD. Q must have heard Tigress use that word. McGonagall says that is really immature, but she seems to be snickering a bit, too. I wonder what it will say next... I was fortunately able to wait until McGonagall left the room before I woke up.

      Concert Shirt Swap
      I am in a large room, it is an auditorium, and there are people coming into the room and taking seats, it looks like there is going to be a concert going on soon. I am thinking I somehow got in without a ticket, and I am hoping I don't get caught... because the ticket price is outrageously expensive, there's no way I could afford one. I am trying to remember who is playing, is it even worth that kind of money? Well, no matter, I got in free, so I'm happy. It turns out that they are even giving out free t-shirts, one of the employees gives me one, so I look at the shirt, and it displays the names of the bands to be playing. There are a couple opening acts I don't recognize, but the headlining groups are Metallica and Disturbed, awesome! I take my shirt off right there in front of everyone, not really being concerned about the people who are around me to see. I put on my shirt but then I realize I have a big hole in it! That really pissed me off, so I switched back to my own shirt. I look around and I see that some people have laid their shirts around, I figure I will make a swap. Bit when I try, someone calls me on it, I say I thought it was mine... Sorry. The music starts, it's Metallica playing, I am hoping I haven't missed Disturbed. Of course now the place is darker, so I am able to swap my shirt with another. Then I make my way towards the front of the crowd to get closer to the band. It's Metallica, but I don't recognize the songs.

      A River Runs Through It
      There is a river running through our yard, across the driveway, blocks the driveway. The water is rancid. Oil in it. Can't get out, worried about dogs... what if they drink this crap??? They can't reach. Not an issue. What if it erodes and grows wider? We need a bridge. Mom talking to my brother, John about the bridge. I follow the river to see where it comes from, can it be diverted? Somehow I become lucid... that's John! I don't want to lose him again... I hug him, I don't want to let him go, he wants to know what brought that on...

      I am in my own bedroom, I get up off the bed and go out into the living room. I haven't been sleeping, I have been lying in there relaxing, but now I think it is time to get doing something. I go outside to get a bit of fresh air, but there is something weird about the yard. It takes me a bit to recognize what is wrong with the yard, but I finally see that there is a river running through it! I see my mother out there talking to someone, I go over to see what is going on, because I know there isn't supposed to be a river in the yard. The river flows across the driveway, so it is impossible to get our cars out of the driveway. I find it is my brother John that my mom is talking to, I also get a closer look at the water. The water is disgusting. There is a lot of oil and crap in the water, and it also smells bad. My mother is talking to John about leaving the river there and building a bridge... but why would she want to keep the river stench going through the yard?! I follow the river to the west to see if I can find out where the river is coming from and maybe it can be diverted. Somewhere as I'm following the river I become lucid, though I can't identify exactly where.

      Now that I'm lucid I head back to where my mom is talking to John still, but now I realize it's a dream and that as soon as I wake up John will be gone again. This realization makes me sad, I miss my brother. I decide to take advantage of the time I have with him. I run over to John and I throw my arms around him in a great big bear hug. He seems a bit surprised, but he returns the hug. I keep hugging him, I really don't want to let go. It seems almost as if, by holding on to him tightly enough, I can pull him from the dream into waking life. Of course that isn't possible, but I hold on to him tightly just the same. I am still holding him when I wake up, and of course he isn't there.

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