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    1. Another supercell dream | [03.08.2019]

      by , 08-05-2019 at 01:39 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I only remember that I see a shelf cloud and that some stuff involving the supercell happens throughout the dream in multiple locations.

      Didn't really feel motivated to document my dreams lately. Had a lot of dreams that I didn't want to share.

      By the way, I should probably do a reality check every time I think about, hear or see a supercell, shouldn't I?
    2. Thursday, March 28

      by , 03-30-2019 at 06:27 PM
      I am outside somewhere with whom I am pretty sure is Scott from work. The area looks like stereotypical Nevada scenery - gentle hills, dirt, and sagebrush. I am chewing on what seems to be a few tiny pieces of bone, separating any meat left on them. As I listen to Scott talk, I spit the pieces completely devoid of meat. He is telling me about Nathaniel’s girlfriend and how she goes somewhere or has access to somewhere (due to wealth, family, etc.). We’re apparently going to use her connections to go there as well. I picture her, think about telling him I know her, then tell him “Kevin, I mean Nathaniel, is one of my old best friends.”

      I am with one or two employees at work (it is not really work, but seems more like a multiple level shopping center or hotel). I think Hunter is one of them. We’re each carrying a stack of jeans and when we walk past a man one of us gets the idea to say something that makes it sound like we’re trying to steal these. The man falls for it and starts following us. We end up down on the ground floor and outside or in an outdoor entryway area, right outside the elevator. I think we’ve left the jeans elsewhere, and the man is gone too. I’m looking at the gap between the elevator and the floor that is exposed by the open doors. I shine my phone’s flashlight into it, tentatively, afraid of dropping my phone down it. I contemplate what happens to things that are dropped down there. I can’t see the bottom.
    3. Huge Progress

      by , 05-16-2015 at 11:09 PM (My Dream Goals)
      Although it is too unclear in memory to thoroughly journal it, last night I had a lucid dream that completed not 1, not 2, but THREE tasks that I had previously set. In the dream, I was outside (TOTNLD Go Outside), picked up and uprooted a very large tree (TOTM Develop a Supernatural Power), AND when picking it up and dropping it, sunk a couple feet into the ground due to the weight and threw tons of dirt into the air, respectively. (TOTW, Dig a Hole). On top of that, I almost completed half of my TOTY by almost being able to swing the tree over my back and onto a house (TOTY part 1 Commit a Crime with a Supernatural Power). Also, I would like to share my strategy for developing super strength in dreams, at least for the use of lifting a heavy object. I first grab the object (as for the tree, I had to hug it to grab a large enough part), close my eyes, try to lift, and then as soon as I feel a lifting sensation I open my eyes and due to momentum, I am now able to lift the object.

      Task 1: Pick up a tree again, Develop better clarity.
      Task 2: Punch someone out with no effort.
      Task 3: Destroy a large statue with my bare hands.


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    4. Tales from the Dream Realm

      by , 08-10-2014 at 08:32 PM

      Chapter I: Three Travelers
      I don’t remember the events preceding but somehow some friends and I had come across three hikers in the snow. We were in a forest in the middle of winter. The forest was somewhat thin. The hikers were injured critically and were suffering from hypothermia. They had amnesia and had no idea what had happened or where they even were. Somehow we were able to surmise that there had been an avalanche and they were caught in it. We got them back to my apartment and took care of them. I do not remember how the hikers looked but I do remember talking with one of them. A young woman (probably mid to late 20s). I think she and I had an engaging conversation. I have a feeling that she shared with me aspects of her life that were of importance to her. I remember feeling particularly bad for her because her injuries were much more severe. I left her wondering if we would get a chance to speak again…we didn’t. She died the next morning.

      Chapter II: Necromancy
      There once was a man who believed in ghosts
      “I know them, I hear them, I see them,” he’d boast
      I worked with this man, I knew him well
      How this came to be, I couldn’t tell
      He came one day and shouted, “Come look!”
      “Look what I have! A magical book!”
      “This book is special,” he said to me.
      “Open this book and ghosts you will see.”
      The book was black, a green skull on the front
      It looked rather trite if I could be blunt
      “How does it work?” I asked this guy
      “Open the book, it will blow your mind!”
      “There’s a portal! A portal! A portal inside!”
      “That allows you to meet those who have died!”
      So I opened the book and so there was
      A window inside to ghosts abuzz
      The ghosts were green and had red eyes
      Then I heard a voice, “Have you lost your minds??”
      I look and I see, a woman is there
      I don’t recall her looks, not even her hair.
      The woman came up and then she said.
      “What is your problem? Are you sick in the head?”
      “Now listen here and listen you,”
      “Those ghosts are hostile. They’ll rip you in two!”
      What happens next, I cannot recall.
      So our chapter ends here. That is all.

      Chapter III: Zero-G
      It was a normal work day in the backroom at Walmart. It was the latter part of my shift and by this time I was doing picks. I was going to speak with coworker, Sean, about something when suddenly I saw him lift off of the ground. Soon after, I was off the ground too. We, along with several others there, were floating towards the ceiling.
      “God damn it!” Sean exclaimed, “Some idiot turned off the gravity again!” Fuck ups were commonplace at the store I worked but until now I had no idea that there was gravity plating beneath the floors of the backroom. I questioned the need for such a thing in a place like this and who on earth would have been stupid enough to reverse the gravity plates (which we apparently have)? I began to consider the consequences of what would happen should I break though one of the skylights. I began to panic at the thought of floating out into space and being lost forever. Anxious, I began to claw at the shelving just beneath me. My fears were unfounded as the gravity plates were set right and we all floated back down. I was embarrassed for panicking the way I did.

      Chapter IV: Night Ride
      For some reason, my car was out of commission so I had no other alternative but to ride my bike to work. The moon shone brightly in the sky as I rode through the commercial district of one of the small towns. Before I knew it there was a whole line of bikes ahead of me and behind me along with a few cars. I loved riding in this makeshift convoy. But my bike was uncomfortable because the handle bars were low so I pulled over onto the median, making sure to stay out of the way of the other riders, and pulled the handle bars as high as I could. So I rode on but the handle bars were still too low for me and it was very uncomfortable to ride. At the next light, I lowered my seats and was very grateful to the people behind me for their patience as the light had turned green as I was adjusting. They were all very cool about it and didn’t say a word. So I rode on and now I was comfortable. I vaguely remember making friends with a girl who was riding with us but I don’t remember much of the details behind that.
      I got to work and was ready to start unloading the truck. My heart race when I thought I heard my supervisor say that we had a 7000 piece truck to unload. I asked him again and I was sure he had said 7046 this time! Which was odd because I could see inside the truck and it didn’t look like that much. I walked up to him and asked how much we had to unload that day and I clearly heard him say 1746. A sigh of relief left as we started to unload the truck. I had a good feeling about tonight. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good night.

      Chapter V: The Machine
      There was a scientist who had managed to set up shop in the back rooms of Walmart. He was trying to work a machine that could open up portals to other worlds. His attempts were futile as the machine had never worked. But perhaps now it would. You see, this man had an ace up his sleeve. A young boy probably around thirteen or fourteen. This boy was his a assistant.
      He turned to this boy and said: “You there! You will be the one to power this machine! The power to make this work will come from you!” The man pulled out a small empty plastic box that was connected to the machine with a couple of wires. The boy stepped in and sat down in the box without saying a word. The man then activated the machine. Exact details of what happened next I cannot recall, I just vaguely remember sporadic bolts of electricity and the ultimate failure of his machine followed by curses from an angry scientist.
      “Damn! Damn! Damn!” He shouted, “Why didn’t it work!? Damn it, Boy! Why didn’t it work? Why didn’t my machine work!?” But the boy did not answer. He was dead.
    5. How to know you're lucid dreaming out in nature?

      by , 10-29-2012 at 12:38 PM
      This time I was out in a big valley with a few people, they were friends but acting hostile.

      When I found myself running and the repeating thing of feeling like running through molasses occurred. I asked myself 'am I dreaming?'

      I looked up to find anything that would tell me that I am e.g., some writing or a clock but being in the outdoors with no urban signs around there were none.

      Instead, upon looking around I decided this scene felt & looked so (beautifully) real that I couldn't have been dreaming.

      My bladder (or alarm?) woke me up. Upon returning to sleep, I think I returned briefly to the dream but didn't recognise it so never stopped to check if I was dreaming again.

      How do I check if I'm dreaming when in the great outdoors??
    6. Hatching of the triops/big guy, little car

      by , 07-12-2012 at 07:43 PM
      I am leaning over my triops tank and as I look in the grayish hatching dish I see triops, that have just hatched but are already somehow about half in. Long, I decide to feed them so I pick up the pipet wich already has some good mixture and I slowly drop some of it into the water.
      (in another dream)
      I am outdoors somewhere walking and talking , I say "I don't get the battle exe, it takes 2 hits to kill a creeper and it takes 5 diamonds, a diamond sward takes 3 hits but only uses 2 diamonds." then we walk up to a minivan and open the door, about 8 ft. From us we see a person pull up in a standard go cart on the dirt road, a large man who resembles shaqu gets in the back seat and they take off. My friend and I then get in the minivan and find a sit in the seats, prpareing to go to sleep. (the dream then fades out and I slowly wake
    7. Central America and Video Games

      by , 04-11-2012 at 03:50 PM (Night Time Musings of Shadowclaw)
      Dream # 1:

      I am in a helicopter with several students, one of my professors, and Juan, a nature guide I had met while in Belize (IRL). I am not sure of what country we are in, but I know we are in Central America. We are flying over a river in a valley, and there are many large rock formations jutting out of the river like tall islands. We fly quickly, and I can feel the wind on my face as it flows in through an open window. We fly over the rock formations and I hold onto the seat in front of me. It is exhilerating, and the valley below is so beautiful.

      We land and have the opportunity to look around. The leaves on the trees are a dark green, and the folliage is very thick. We walk on one of the rock islands, and the sun shines brightly in a cloudless sky. Now, we have to leave, and return to the helicopter. We fly over a water park that combines a natural river and waterfalls with water slides and pools. I watch as children go down the slides and people jump into the pools. I remember being here before, but at a time when no one was there. I am surprised at how many people are here now.

      We land, and are going to go to our final destination on land. However, I need to use the restroom. So I walk into a restaurant at the edge of the park and go into the restroom. I have a strange feeling in my left breast, so I lift my shirt and look. A snake is slowing coming out, like a parasite. It doesn't hurt, but I am afraid that the snake ispoisonous. As it got longer, it starts to bite me, and now it does hurt.

      I hurry out of the restroom, but I am intercepted by a coworker. She is waiting tables a the restaurant. I do not question why she is a waitress in Central America, but I am annoyed with her because she called off from work over the weekend and now I find her working another job. She starts talking to me, but I don't have time, and I run out the door.

      Everyone is gone, but I know that they took the train. So I walk along the train tracks, and they lead into the forest. Eventually, they lead to a hotel, and I find the train outside of it. I enter the building, and everyone is inside at a table, waiting for dinner. I see Juan at the end of the table, and I tell him that I need to see him in private immediately. At this point, I wake up. I look at the clock, and it is only 8:00 AM, so I close my eyes and will myself to return to the dream.

      I return, but I have gone back in time and have not asked Juan to come with me yet. This time, I ask both Juan and my professor to come to the restroom with me. As we walk to restroom, I have difficulty staying in the dream. I keep fading in and out of sleep. We get to the restroom, and I show them the snake. I then wake up again, and give up on trying to continue the dream.

      Dream # 2:

      I am driving somewhere in my car, a red Pontiac G5. I am supposed to be on streets that I know, but they look nothing like they do in real life. I want to get downtown. I pull up next to some parked cars, and they are all red convertables. The drivers are all playing some sort of video game, although there are no screens. They all have Atari controllers in their hands.

      I climb into the backseat of one of the convertibles and pick up a controller. I am transported into the game. It is a driving game, and I am in a red convertible. I begin to drive. The road is long and winding, and to the left is a large lake or perhaps the ocean. The road is lined with trees, and I notice how all of the leaves have finally come out for summer. I drive faster and faster, and I am almost to the end and will win soon. Then, I come to a one-lane bridge and someone is coming from the other direction. I hit the brakes and the car goes sideways. I come to a stop in the middle of the bridge. I did not hit anything, but I lost the game because I stopped.

      I leave the game and am returned to the car. The driver of the convertible has also left his game and is looking at me. I throw down my controller and say, "F--- this!" and he laughs. I get out of the car and back into mine. I start to drive away and I wake up.

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    8. Exploring Central America

      by , 04-11-2012 at 05:55 AM (Night Time Musings of Shadowclaw)
      I am in Central America. I am not sure what country, but there are rainforests. I am there on a research trip with several classmates. We had been to Belize in March (in real life), and we have now returned to Central America for another expedition. We are in the rainforest. It is lush and green, and birds are calling all around us. There are red flowers growing everywhere. It is time to return to our hotel for lunch, so we get on bicycles and ride to the nearest road.

      The bicycles are the same kind I rode while in Belize. Simple bikes that require you to back pedal to brake. I find riding the bicycle to be very easy, even while going uphill. Juan, a handsome Costa Rican graduate student who was our nature guide in Belize, is riding behind me. We are on a main road now in a town, heading for the hotel. I am not paying attention to where I am going and I miss the turn to the hotel. Juan follows me and we turn around in a parking lot. We bike up the hill to the hotel, and I don't even break a sweat.

      We all place our bikes along the front of the hotel and go inside. We enter the dining room and sit at a large table. Our meal is brought to us, but I don't remember what it was. We eat quickly and return to our rooms. We have the afternoon free to do anything we want. I go up to my room, and realize that Juan is my room mate. He is not in the room, however, and I take a shower. When I come out of the shower, several of the girls are in my room to use the three computers that are in the room. I am annoyed because I want to get changed. I repeatedly tell them to hurry up.

      They eventually leave and I decide to put on a black velvet dress with gold trim. The dress has three zippers. One on each side and one in the back. As I put it on and look in the mirror, I realize that I have lost a lot of weight and look really good in the dress. However, I realize that a velvet dress is a strange choice to wear in Central America, since it is always very warm. Nevertheless, I keep it on, and I struggle to zip the back zipper. At this moment, Juan enters the room. He tells me that it is almost dinner time, and I wonder what happened to the afternoon. I get the back zipper closed and turn to look at him. He smiles at me and tells me that the dress looks good on me. I smile and realize why I decided to put on the black dress. I wanted to impress him. I had been overweight while in Belize, and now I had the opportunity to show off my new good looks.

      We go down to the dining room to eat dinner, but the scene shifts to the night time. We are back in the room, and I am in my pajamas. There are two full beds in the room, with white bedspreads that have little pink flowers on them. Juan is in bed already, reading a book. I walk to the empty bed and am about to climb into it when Juan tells me that we can share a bed if I'd like. He is extremely good looking and I want nothing more than to be close to him, so I climb into bed next to him. He puts his book down and turns out the lights. We get close to each other, and he is warm, but we don't actually touch each other except for our feet.

      As I drift off into sleep, I wake up from the dream. A sound outside the room woke me up. I am still a bit groggy and want to return to the dream. I haven't seen Juan since March, and I won't see him again until I go to Costa Rica in November. Not that we are romantically involved or anything like that, but I miss him and sometimes I wish we were together somehow, because he is an amazing person. I close my eyes and will myself to return to the dream.

      I return to the dream, and I am in bed next to Juan. I know that it is a dream, and it is difficult to keep myself there. The dream fades and I wake up, but I manage to return again. I want Juan to put his arms around me and he does. I place my hands on his arms and enjoy the moment, but it is fleeting and the dream slips from my grasp. I wake up and give up on trying to stay in the dream.
    9. An Alien World Full of Flowers

      by , 04-11-2012 at 05:20 AM (Night Time Musings of Shadowclaw)
      I am in a wooden building with one large room in it. It is octagon-shaped. There are several cots in the room, covered with white sheets and navy blue blankets. The cots are against the walls, and on a sort of platform that goes around the edge of the room. Towards the center, I am sitting on the edge of the platform, along with several of my classmates from school. We are prisoners. We don't know how we got here, and we are afraid to try to escape.

      A door opens and two women enter. They are not quite human, something about their faces is wrong, but they dress and behave as humans do. They have come to collect our laundry to wash for us. So we give them our laundry bags, and they give us some food. I suddenly come to the realization that these strangers will not hurt us, and there is nothing keeping us locked inside the building. Only our fear of leaving has kept us locked up.

      So I follow the women out the door, and I am greeted by warm sunlight. There are trees and plants everywhere, and it is positively beautiful. I walk forward, and I can see a giant meadow completely filled with tall wildflowers. They appear to be Phloxes in different shades of pink, purple, and blue, and they create swirling designs with their colors througout the meadow. In the center is an octagon-shaped pavillion, and I walk through the flowers towards it. More of these strange people are sitting on chairs in it, and I sit down beside them.

      One of the women tells me that they arrived on this world just as we did, and that we don't have to be afraid of them. As she talks to me, I see several of my classmates walking out of our building and exploring the rich outdoor world. I begin to feel better about being trapped on what I assume is an alien world. It is beautiful, and the people are friendly. Suddenly, however, there is an explosion. A grove of trees suddenly bursts into flames, and the fire begins to travel. The woman tells me that we are safe inside the pavillion and any other buildings. I see a classmate running through the flowers, and a portal suddenly appears. A strange machine comes out. It resembles a snake or a dragon, but it is all metal. It has a flexible neck and an oblong head with some sort of eye on top. It takes aim at the classmate and sucks her into the portal.

      I am afraid and I do not know what to do. The machine returns, but no one is in the open anymore. It looks around, and the woman tells me that the machine takes people to another place and they never return. That is the purpose of bringing us all to this world. We are some sort of food for an alien race. Yet we are safe as long as we remain indoors or under the pavillion when they come. They will not enter the living spaces. As I watch the fire burn and the machine prowl for another victim, I slowly wake up.
    10. Rock Out

      by , 11-18-2011 at 02:46 AM
      -Rock Out-

      I Am At An Outdoor Concert.It Is Also At Night.Throughout The Dream I'm With Various Friends.Alright,At First I'm With One Of My Best Friends,Caleb.Were Up On A Mountain Watching The Concert From Afar. I Later Leave And Meet Up With Another Group Of People.We Are In The Back Row Of The Concert .I Believe The Performer To Be Be,"Skrillex."(A Famous Dubstep Artist) Were All Jumping Around Singing.

      -End Of Dream-
    11. I am not meant to be a waiter

      by , 10-12-2011 at 09:08 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I got a job in a restaurant where all the tables are outside. It was my first time being a waiter, and no one gave me any kind of training. Luckily, the first table I had to take orders from was my grandma's. She brought John and some of her friends. When I got to the table I pulled out a pen and a notepad. I asked each of them what they wanted, but the only ones I can remember were a salad and for some reason cereal. John said "I'll do Brooklyn a favor and have the special cereal," whatever that means. But as I was writing the orders down, my pen kept snapping at the tip, making it increasingly harder to write. I managed to get everything written down and went back inside.

      There was a kitchen are that looked like a home's kitchen, with an island in the middle. There were no chefs, so I wondered if I had to cook everything myself. A man who worked there came up behind me and told me I needed to put the order into a machine and it cooked for you. I slipped the paper in next to a rubber chicken and the machine turned on. I could see through the glass that the machine was working, however it was taking a very long time. 3 hours passed and I rushed out of the kitchen with the food. I placed the plates down and apologized for the wait. It was even dark out now, while it was bright daylight before. I expected everyone to be mad, but they seemed like they weren't. It was almost as if I was on time.
    12. The Outside TV, Stupid Mother

      by , 09-02-2011 at 11:06 AM (A's Night Lives)
      1. Me and one of my girlfriends moved a giant tv out into the back yard. We then moved an old couch outside and watched the television. After a few minutes I realized the tv was not plugged in, yet still able to play. I came to the conclusion that there must be enough electricity floating around in the area to power the tv.

      2. Me and some friends went to a playground to hang out. I walked over to the stream running along the south end of the park. A a young mother came over and tried to convince me to keep her son. I looked down at the little boy and felt sorry that he had such a stupid and unloving parent. I told her to take him to child protection. She walked away angry, dragging the boy behind her.

      3. I was at school. Everyone kept moving the desks around. They claimed they could not work unless the desks were arranged in a precise way. I took mental note of the classwork scribbled on the board and went outside to work. I ran into an old friend. He had become a theif and needed me to refurbish computers he was in the business of stealing. I told him I'd think about it. He kept following me, promising me a cut of the profits if I worked with him.

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    13. Forgotten clear dream

      by , 07-08-2010 at 11:53 AM
      I remember waking in the middle of the night irl remembering a dream. I tried to force myself to get up, grab a pen and write it down but I was too lazy. D: I think I even fell asleep briefly dreaming that I had a pen in my hand to write it down with but i awoke from it fast. Then I fell asleep for real and now I don't remember much of it. This is what I can recall:

      It took place mainly outside. I remember that the seasons changed very rapidly. It started out as spring with small buds on the trees. The more the dream progressed, the more the seasons progressed. At some point when the leaves had turn all orange and yellow starting to fall down, it started rain and I ran in the rain. It felt very nice and fresh. I put out my arms and just ran.

      There was more to this dream as well. I have vague memories of interacting with people but I can't recall any of it now. :/ It is a shame because I feel that this dream was extraordinary in its clarity.
    14. Rabbits and Warlocks

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:33 AM
      I was in a snowy forest with a bunch of people. It was a few people that I knew but a lot of people I didn't know. Not much happened but I remember a few feet down the hill there were two animals: one was a bunny and one was an animal that looked like warlock. The bunny was on its hind legs and it was facing the warlock. They seemed to be talking and whispering something to each other. At this point, everyone was quiet and were watching the animals. Then they stopped whispering and kissed! And that is how the dream ended. Even though there were a bunch of people there, the only ones I remember were Tyler and Blair.
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