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    1. Meeting With Metallica, Tower on Fire

      by , 09-06-2017 at 04:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-05

      Meeting With Metallica

      I am at my old school campus. This is the ITT Tech building, but I know that school closed up. The building is not being used as a school right now. There something else going on. I think I have won a contest maybe, and I am here to collect my prize. There are a lot of people at the school, we are all going between rooms as if on a tour. There are various things set up in each room. Some of them have food available, and others have music displays. In one of the rooms I pick up piece of chocolate pie. The feeling is thick enough that I can just pick it up with my hand. I do that. There is regular crust, chocolate filling, and chocolate slivers on top. It is tasty.

      In another one of the room is the main prize. The band Metallica is there. I have won a meeting with them. This is really cool. I meet with the band and we chat for a while about different music that we like. They said something about a new album coming out soon. I can't wait for it. Then the band presents me with a surprise part of the prize. It is a custom made guitar. It doesn't look quite like most of the others I see, but it looks really cool. All of the band members signed the guitar. That is so cool. I can't tell them enough how much I like it.

      I see now I will have to get to guitar lessons to learn how to play it. I get my first lesson ever from Kirk Hammett. That is so awesome! They only have time to show me some basics, but it is still awesome. I start practicing what they showed me right away. This guitar is so cool that it even makes me sound good. I go outside the school. I guess my mother brought me, because she is out there. She wants to see the guitar. I said this has been so awesome. We are getting ready to head home, but I wake up.

      Tower on Fire

      I am in an apartment. I have the feeling it is my apartment, even though I don't live in an apartment in my waking life. I also have the feeling I just moved in recently. I am still trying to get things organized where I want them. I am getting it set up pretty well. It is night time out, but I see a strange light through the window. I go over to the window and look out. I have a nice patio area outside. I am on one of the upper floors, though I'm not sure which floor. But it is close to the top of the building. As I look outside, I see that there is a building on fire. It looks like the building across the street is on fire.

      I should call the fire department, but for some reason I go outside instead. It is when I get outside that I realize it is actually another part of my own building on fire. I look down off of my patio at the building below me. I see that is on fire, too. My first reaction is to be annoyed that my apartment and my stuff will get destroyed this soon after moving in. Then I think about my kitties. I am worried that I may not be able to get my kitties out in time. I am not sure what to do. First thing, I need to call the fire department. But instead I am looking for my kitties. I have lots of kitties. I find one of them sitting on the couch. This one is a silver tabby cat. I pick up the kitty and pet her as she purrs. I am wondering where the others are, I don’t have much time to find them. But I wake up at this point.
    2. Incense Snack and Goodie Hunt

      by , 02-04-2017 at 11:56 AM
      2 fragments.

      Dreamt that I purchased a snack that came like sticks, perhaps Slim Jims. But when I bit into one I realized that I had purchased incense by mistake.

      Dreamt that someone had hidden treats, bags of coffee, small appliances, and other small prizes throughout a house. I along with a few other people participated in a competition, similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, where we raced throughout the house trying to find as many good prizes as we could. Many were chocolate sweets and seemed to be craving dark chocolate.
    3. Fragment: Stage Magician

      by , 08-22-2014 at 06:44 PM
      NLD: I was a stage magician, a white male in late middle age. I have the impression that my character looked and talked a bit like the actor Bill Nighy. I had been doing a really long show -- it started at 6, now it was 9pm, I had just taken a break and had to perform one more brief act before I could wrap up and call it a night. I realized I should streamline the show, this was exhausting, and the audience was probably almost as weary as I was.

      I was trying to find my way back to the place where the theatre was located in a huge new building that had been recently constructed for my show, but I took a wrong turn and found myself on the roof. Up there I ran into a colleague who resembled (or was supposed to be?) Gary Gygax, and we commiserated, "We're getting too old for this shit." I retraced my steps, passing a teenager who I asked about something, but his answer was unhelpful.

      As I made my way back to the theatre I was carrying a large bag of stiffened canvas printed with a cheerful decorative pattern. I had picked this bag up from the room where I had gone on break. It held a nested series of ever-smaller bags made from the same material. I was planning to give these away as prizes at the end of the show, like we always did, based on calling out random ticket numbers. I wondered if I should give away the largest outer bag as well, or save it to carry the smaller bags again next time. I examined it closely and realized that it had some discoloration around the handle and decided that it wouldn't make a very nice prize because it wasn't in new condition.
    4. 2/25/14 - casino

      by , 02-25-2014 at 09:43 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in this massive hotel/casino. I'm running through hallways and I know the security are walkie talkieing each other trying to find me. I turn a corner and see a security guard far down that hall so I make a turn the other way and find a elevator and the door for it is already open so I sprint in and quickly hits floor button 9. While the elevator goes I think about what floor 9 will be and whether it will be full of security, I hope it to be a casino gaming floor but I remember that floor 2 and lobby were the casino and game floor. When the elevator door opens it turns out it is a casino floor only for big adult business men in fancy suits, so I sneak passed them all to the back because the men are to preoccupied with those electronic table games. I get to the back and see a kid, I ask what she's doping here, she says she's hiding. I stand there and watch her play this electronic ping pong football game thing. The little football players in the table keep trying to catch the orange ping pong ball that the girl keeps hitting at them with a ping pong paddle and the little football guys looks super realistic. I point out to her that she's one a ticket on the side of the table, it's a beige ticket. Then suddenly the table zooms to the football stadium crowd and theirs this woman pissed at the girl and yelling at her to go over there and some how she does and everyone in the table are screaming so I just walk away with the orange ping pong ball farther back to other games. I see these 4 games all next to each other and they all say on it 5 quarters for one hour of play, or 1 hour per 1 quarter from 5 or something confusing as that. The games looked really fun because you could win prizes instead of tickets like all the other ones. I feel in my pocket and I only have 5 quarters, so I decide to walk on, but the last machine of the four starts talking to me telling me wouldn't I like a rubber spider and I was like not really but it through one at me, then it said wouldn't you like a furry pig and I was like kinda, so it threw one at me, and it asked if I wanted these weird hybrid animals and each time before I could answer it was throwing prizes at me and I worried that cameras would see or someone would walk up and see and accuse me of stealing, but then it stopped and I heard someone nearing so I took a backpack off my back and started putting them in my backpack, then a blonde boy with long hair asked me for help and I felt I got caught so I told him I won the pig, but he didn't care about that so I just said sure and followed him. We went around the wall that was behind me while the games was flinging shit at me. It lead to an opening of grass and sky outside I didn't question it. He told me he needed me to sit on the doom chair so he could play the game. I see all these huge games in a row and they need two people, one in it and one playing, like the one where someone sits on the seat above water in a tank while other people throws stuff at a target to knock em in the water, but this one is a electronic quiz game and every time an answer is wrong something happens, and above the seat is a sign with lightning lettering saying "Ah Hell No". So I walk up the ramp to the seat and get ready to strap myself in it, but I ask first what will happen and he says that each time an answer is wrong the seat will go higher and higher, I freak out and run down the ramp yelling ah hell no! And the boy looks at me sad but I don't care. Then some other boy gets in the chair and straps up and they begin the game, and the chair pulls him up high then flips him upside down and I watch shocked that its worse than that dick told me, now the kids just sitting there upside down and each time answer is wrong it whiplashes him up 5 feet and side to side.
    5. 08/02/2011 Space Games and Zombies

      by , 08-03-2011 at 05:11 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      To Infinity… and Beyond
      I am flying a space ship in outer space as in EVE online, though I am not flying one of the many EVE ships, I am flying my own Fire Valkyrie. I am flying through asteroid belts hunting pirates. I decide that the pirates I am finding in this belt are far too easy, so I need to go into a lower security zone. What zone am I in now? I push a couple buttons on my control panel and see it is a 0.8 zone, so it is really no wonder that the pirates here are easy. I decide to head into low security space, so I pull up a map that shows the surrounding solar systems. One of them is a 0.3 system, so I decide to go there. I locate the nearest jump gate and head over to the 0.3 space solar system, plotting a course to an asteroid belt as soon as I come out of warp. I ignore the usual warning from Concord saying they can't guarantee my safety in a 0.3 security space… When I reach the asteroid belt I am immediately greeted by the transmissions of pirates, and there are quite a few of them. One of them is a big one, yay! A fight starts, it turns out the smaller ones are still very easy to destroy… only the largest one takes any effort to get rid of. I fight the pirates and destroy all of them, then it is time to gather my loot. But I'm in my Fire Valkyrie… where am I supposed to put the loot? Fire Valkyries aren't chosen for their cargo space… I figure I'll take a look at what the loot is and figure out what to do with it. I check the large enemy first and see there are several pieces of expensive loot in there… I will make a load of isk off of this! Yay!

      Game On
      I am in an arcade, but the arcade is also a casino of sorts. There is a contest going on, and the jackpot is to be won by the first person to play a series of ten video games and not lose any of them. I decide I am going to accept the challenge, so I start off playing the games. It seems most of them are games I am able to play easily, though they aren't games I particularly like. I am on a winning streak, however, and there are only two games left… and they are both games I should have no problem with! The first one looks a lot like EVE Online, though it is a single player game. I get on the game and start shooting down the enemy ships. There is a kid standing next to me, the kid says I need to move and give him a turn on the game. I say I will in just a bit, I just need to score 100,000 points. The kid leaves and comes back with a woman who is an employee of the arcade. She says it is the kid's turn now, move. I ask if that means I won't be able to win the contest. She says the contest isn't won unless I win on each game in a row, so if I quit, I lose. I say I'll finish the round then, and then the kid can play. She says no, leave now or get thrown out. They're cheating! They're not letting anyone win the contest! I am annoyed at that. I step away from the game and lose, I am going to lodge a complaint. I'm not sure who to complain to… I am trying to figure that out when I wake up.

      Zombie Stomp
      I am at Alicia's house, and I know I need to get going home so I can get some stuff done. I can't remember what it was that I need to get done… but if I don't get to a computer soon, time is being wasted. For some reason she doesn't want me to leave until another of her friends arrives. Her friend is already late… I wish she would hurry up and come before it is too late. Finally we decide we need to go out and find Alicia's friend. We go out and get in my car, though we have to go back in the house for a few more items before we actually leave. I don't think anything strange about the fact one of the things we get is weapons. I select a katana that is particularly sharp, it will do perfectly. We go out and start looking for Alicia's friend. It is dark out, so I am having problems searching. We drive down an alley and find her friend surrounded by zombies. I do a double take at that and then I realize what the sword is for. Alicia's friend is up on a large dumpster trying to keep away from the zombies. I attack the zombies, though I think I am the only one who fights… but it is not difficult. These zombies are the slow moving dumb kind, and they have soon been relieved of their heads. I am trying to get Alicia's friend back to the car now, I want to go home and do something productive. She is being difficult, apparently traumatized from her encounter with zombies…