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    1. Playing Guitar for a Break Room Crowd

      by , 06-15-2018 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of June 15, 2018. Friday.

      I am carrying an acoustic guitar, walking around in an unknown large room of equidistant picnic tables, similar to the break room of the factory (Northern Engraving) I worked at in the 1980s. The lighting is dim but it is clear enough to see. At first, I am mostly lazily strumming an up and down series of chord progressions that are not musically interrelated; C, D, E, D, C (in Majors). The chords are not fingered correctly even though the guitar is perceived as having the standard tuning. I mostly move my left hand, fingers all in a row, down and up the neck, leaving the second string open, which would not result in a proper sequence of chords either by fingering or by more desirable musical progressions. What I am playing would, for example, imply a C Major chord being F#, B, E, A, B, F# which is incorrect.

      Danny Trejo sits with others, facing me, and watches me from another part of the room. He looks at me as if he is very annoyed by my activity. I start moving my left hand closer to the sound hole to create chords of a higher pitch, sometimes playing only the first four strings, though with the same unrelated down and up sequences of three Major chords. Eventually, it seems to sound better and takes on more of a song-like quality.

      I find myself walking near another group of tables and playing both rhythms and melodies. There is a fuller sound, but of which would not be possible in real life, as the melodies and rhythms are simultaneous. A girl unknown to my dream self (though meant to be a rendering of Lucille Starr as in 1965) is soon walking to my right, having stood up from a nearby picnic table. She starts singing very harmoniously in French. (“Quand le Soleil Dit Bonjour aux Montagnes” / “When the Sun Says ‘Good Day’ to the Mountains”.) I continue to walk around playing intriguing melodic patterns as the singing continues, until my dream fades.

      Autosymbolic threads of the dreaming and waking process: Other than the transformation of the preconscious personification in the waking transition (by way of non-lucid dream control) to the emergent consciousness factor as Lucille Starr (who represented my subliminal memory of Zsuzsanna as I woke), most of this dream is based on literal factors and literally focused awareness (rather than the typical autosymbolic focused awareness).

      Literal threads of dreaming and waking process (dream state indicators): The song itself (“When the Sun Says 'Good Day’ to the Mountains” as a waking process reference and “Je suis seul avec mes reves sur la montagne”, sang in English as “I’m alone with my dreams on the hilltop”.)

      Non-lucid dream control evidenced by: Transformation of the preconscious waking autosymbolism from Danny Trejo being annoyed to Lucille Starr singing joyfully on my right. (Waking orientation is typically autosymbolically rendered as to my right as I sleep on my left side, which is less exposed to the real environment.)

      Present real-life-related literal threads: I follow Danny Trejo on Twitter but we do not post to each other. I am joyful in being married and with a loving family for over twenty years.

      Past real-life-related literal threads: I produce music, but I do not play acoustic guitar as much as when I was younger. The Lucille Starr song was one shared between Zsuzsanna and me before we met (as well as being a song from my childhood) and is very nostalgic for me. She sent a copy to me on cassette.

      Abridged and simplified on Friday, 15 June 2018. I offer thanks to the casual reader for their time and interest.

    2. Meeting With Metallica, Tower on Fire

      by , 09-06-2017 at 04:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-05

      Meeting With Metallica

      I am at my old school campus. This is the ITT Tech building, but I know that school closed up. The building is not being used as a school right now. There something else going on. I think I have won a contest maybe, and I am here to collect my prize. There are a lot of people at the school, we are all going between rooms as if on a tour. There are various things set up in each room. Some of them have food available, and others have music displays. In one of the rooms I pick up piece of chocolate pie. The feeling is thick enough that I can just pick it up with my hand. I do that. There is regular crust, chocolate filling, and chocolate slivers on top. It is tasty.

      In another one of the room is the main prize. The band Metallica is there. I have won a meeting with them. This is really cool. I meet with the band and we chat for a while about different music that we like. They said something about a new album coming out soon. I can't wait for it. Then the band presents me with a surprise part of the prize. It is a custom made guitar. It doesn't look quite like most of the others I see, but it looks really cool. All of the band members signed the guitar. That is so cool. I can't tell them enough how much I like it.

      I see now I will have to get to guitar lessons to learn how to play it. I get my first lesson ever from Kirk Hammett. That is so awesome! They only have time to show me some basics, but it is still awesome. I start practicing what they showed me right away. This guitar is so cool that it even makes me sound good. I go outside the school. I guess my mother brought me, because she is out there. She wants to see the guitar. I said this has been so awesome. We are getting ready to head home, but I wake up.

      Tower on Fire

      I am in an apartment. I have the feeling it is my apartment, even though I don't live in an apartment in my waking life. I also have the feeling I just moved in recently. I am still trying to get things organized where I want them. I am getting it set up pretty well. It is night time out, but I see a strange light through the window. I go over to the window and look out. I have a nice patio area outside. I am on one of the upper floors, though I'm not sure which floor. But it is close to the top of the building. As I look outside, I see that there is a building on fire. It looks like the building across the street is on fire.

      I should call the fire department, but for some reason I go outside instead. It is when I get outside that I realize it is actually another part of my own building on fire. I look down off of my patio at the building below me. I see that is on fire, too. My first reaction is to be annoyed that my apartment and my stuff will get destroyed this soon after moving in. Then I think about my kitties. I am worried that I may not be able to get my kitties out in time. I am not sure what to do. First thing, I need to call the fire department. But instead I am looking for my kitties. I have lots of kitties. I find one of them sitting on the couch. This one is a silver tabby cat. I pick up the kitty and pet her as she purrs. I am wondering where the others are, I don’t have much time to find them. But I wake up at this point.
    3. Captured.

      by , 05-24-2017 at 02:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a dream of arriving at a casino to play a poker tournament. some players I know from lethbridge were there.


      I'm in some out door rooftop. I'm tied to a chair and so are two other women. There is some government hired swat team guarding us. I fall over in my chair and try to crouch run by a short wall. I feel it's safe if I just wait and see what happens. Someone else is fighting the swat team and gasses them. They all begin to fall over. I get free by untying myself somehow. I notice my companion (Can't tell who it is exactly since I never see her. I just know her.) Has a black knife in her hands and is cutting herself free.

      The other woman stands up and revealed she wasn't really tied. she was supposed to interrogate us. I ask the other woman to hand me the knife for a second. She gets scared and drops the knife. I pick it up and stab the other woman and she vanishes as soon As I stab her. The other woman gets free and we run and wind up on a street.

      We go into a Burger King, but my friend coworker J is there, and he's in his mcdonald's uniform. I talk to him for a bit and he comments on the woman I am with. I go yeah whatever. We leave the restaurant to find a motel to sleep, but halfway there the woman vanishes. Soon after I wake up.


      Dream of standing outside of standing outside some townhouses apperently close to where I live. I am playing a 12 strng guitar trying to figure out a song by ear.
      Tags: captured, guitar
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Music Theme

      by , 01-23-2017 at 05:55 AM
      I remember a couple fragments of music themed dreams.

      First I was standing with a group of people playing guitars. I was playing some kind of digital guitar stick. We were all playing together. My guitar stick could sound like an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

      Later, I was talking with the female lead singer of an amateur rock band. They played an outside gig in a city and virtually no one attended. I tried to give her encouragement and suggestions. I also helped her and her band load equipment into their vehicle.

      Later, I believe I was riding in that same vehicle, a van. There was a commode sitting in the middle and I used it because I had to poop. But then I was embarrassed because I stunk up the van and I apologized.
    5. Cohesive Guitar Playing and Darth, son of Gorgon

      by , 09-18-2016 at 08:42 AM
      Morning of September 18, 2016. Sunday.

      I seem to be outside at a fair in an unknown location (though it may be the Bundaberg Showgrounds) though there are not that many people. It seems to be late morning. I am playing an electric guitar in an unusual way, though it does not seem to be connected to an amplifier. I seem to be sitting on the ground and crouched down, though in actuality, in order to get the perspective I maintain here, I would have to be lying on my stomach. The guitar is lying on its back, its headstock pointing southward based on the Bundaberg Showgrounds orientation. I am mostly using an unrealistically large plectrum (pick) that is a little like a banjo pick but flatter. It seems to be broken near the middle but not completely. The crack or “crease” allows it to fold over my finger at times without it being that problematic. I use it differently at different points, including possibly upside-down or backwards.

      At one point, an unfamiliar female looks on. My music sounds very cohesive and interesting (though somewhat harp-like) and I am actually aware of each note in each series even though my focus and playing is based on distance between notes (such as thirds and fifths relative to the frets, which would be the case anyway if I were using a capo though which I am not) rather than a direct focus on the notes themselves. Still, the sounds seem to be very precise. (It is quite unusual to have such a clear awareness over what is being played relative to use of both hands simultaneously and with the sound seeming correct. I believe that this is the first time such clarity and precision has occurred in this way.) Nothing unexpected or unlikely happens; that is, the guitar itself seems to not be problematic in any way or have loose strings as is often the case in such dreams.

      I eventually stand up and walk to another area which is mostly undefined. This unfamiliar and unknown area seems to be inside in a large featureless room even though I had not gone through a doorway.

      Soon, a miniature Darth Vader who seems like a child in a costume is present. It first seems that the guitar may have been his but this soon seems to not be the case. Although I get the impression that he is a teenager of perhaps sixteen or seventeen his size and demeanor is more like that of a six-year-old and there is somewhat of a sketchy cartoon essence about him. Since he is dressed like Darth Vader I do not see his face at any point.

      Soon, I hear guitar playing that sounds like rapid heavy metal riffs. A very tall chubby male (about three times the height of little Darth Vader and perhaps a foot taller than me) with curly white hair comes in. He is playing the guitar as he is walking towards us but his right hand is moving very unrealistically as he is playing, almost like he is continuously and quickly doing karate chops, though with all the tips of his fingers aligned towards himself, palm up. It looks very odd and it would not be possible to play a guitar like this in reality. He is dressed in a weird costume (almost like a woman’s ball gown in some ways) and reminds me of Melvin Belli as he appeared as the Gorgon in “Star Trek” in the “And the Children Shall Lead” episode. (Although our youngest son was Darth Vader at a “Star Wars” event at the mall and has shown an interest in playing the guitar, there does not seem to be any relevant connections here at all curiously enough.)

      He starts complaining about the miniature Darth Vader (who is possibly his son though this is not certain). He claims that “Darth” had damaged the guitar by “bending its spine”. This does not really make any sense. The guitar’s “spine” is implied to be the entire length of the back of the guitar (including the neck). Even though I sense that the little Darth Vader is an obnoxious brat (who reminds me of a neighbor from when we lived in Brisbane), it also seems the Gorgon may not understand guitars all that well and as such, the guitar may not be damaged (even though I had thought it might have been me that caused the damage, though I do not actually see any damage).

      As Darth Vader and the Gorgon both relate to space flight on one level, I have included the relevant flight symbol tags. Still, sometimes I seriously wonder how my dreams come up with this weird stuff. Although the Gorgon appears as the last dream character, he does not seem to have any essence of the otherwise common preconscious personification, especially as my dream becomes much duller at this point rather than much clearer (which does not happen very often).

    6. August 23, 2016

      by , 08-25-2016 at 06:46 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)

      It's the middle of the night and I'm in my bedroom. I hear Dad in the kitchen and I assume he's making himself some two minute noodles (as he does sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night). I roll over in my bed and check PokeFast, a live Pokemon tracking map for Android for nearby Pokemon in my area and spot things out of the ordinary - dinosaur-looking Pokemon!
      I had certainly never seen those 'Pokemon' nor caught them before. I start to dress to go out hunting for them. My brother walks in to the room with a drink bottle in hand and asks me what I'm doing. I picture him in the passenger seat of my car spinning Pokestops and catching Pokemon for me while I drive us around. I ask if he wants to come catch Pokemon with me.

      Japanese Magazines

      I'm in Japan and there is some sort of craze going around. Like, literal craze. People's minds turning into Zombie-mush craze. I'm suddenly running in to one of the street convenience stores with a big group and stop at the magazine sections. Stopping to look around, I think about how bizarre this is.
      I'm on a rooftop looking down to the street at a swarm of crazed people about to flock in on a girl. Poor girl.. She's a goner.

      Running with a bunch of people behind me, ninja jumping from rooftop to rooftop. My legs are pumping, trying to maximise each crouch for explosiveness There's a sense of urgency, as if we're being chased.
      I'm suddenly standing in a doorway, waving my group inside. We've been caught. We bundle in the corner, huddling together, trying as to magically shrink ourselves so we wouldn't be seen.
      Slowly, they converge on us. It was as if what we were running from was an army. The lower ranking soldiers filed in first, with their commanders trailing behind. They didn't seem to be able to detect us until they got extremely close - almost touching distance. One of the low-ranking pawns was getting close to a child... This was extremely bad for us.
      I make eye contact with one of the commanders. How could he see me when none of the others could? In the brief moment of which our eyes made contact, there was some sort of... acknowledgement and respect. I turn my attention back at the pawn and reach out, waving my hand as to perform a jedi mind trick :gun: He looks confused and walks around to the other side of the room.

      But This Is Your Crib

      I'm in the passenger seat of the car, driving around a neighbourhood with a few friends. The shops which we're driving past look nice, up class and new. They were styled like 1960s shops with very bright colours. We're trying to find our way back to our rented house in this neighbourhood, the same neighbourhood which one of the guys in the car apparently lives in.
      "I think this was your neighbourhood," I joked with him.
      He grumbles something incoherent at me.
      We'd finally made our way back and it had gotten dark. Walking in the streets under the streetlights with no purpose in particular, other than to explore and enjoy the company of our friends. We pass a man playing guitar on the side of the street, singing his heart out to a large company of dogs. They were his children and he loved them all dearly.
    7. Assorted Live Events

      by , 04-06-2016 at 05:34 AM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      I'm in a subway tunnel, It could be Central Station. I'm with a bunch of other people in the middle of a sea of people, playing my guitar. We're apparently putting on a show. Things are going well, we've got a small crowd starting to form around us. A woman dancing closer to me catches my eye and I notice a big bald muscular guy shove her and step in front of her. I point at him and he just takes off. I wink at the woman and continue playing. Damn I'm smooth.


      We're playing another gig, in this crazy looking house. There are hanging plants hanging from the ceiling, which is made of glass, and the floor underneath us is also glass, showing a coral reef beneath us. We're playing when suddenly I forget how to play the next song completely, and take the guitar strap off my shoulder and hand my grey guitar to my bandmate who is also a guitarist and ask her to cover for me. The rest of the band is still playing, and I raise my eyebrows quickly and make the praying sign with my hands then smile. Before we get to continue the house seems to drop away, and somehow I know we're drifting in the ocean. I walk outside and there are people in the water, holding onto some beams connected to the house. I walk across one and see someone I know in waking life. She looks up and says "The only thing we have in common is music and now we're stuck in the middle of no-where. What am I going to do now?" I hand her a bottle of olive oil and wake up. Cool.
    8. [Non-Lucid] The Special For Today Is Live Turtle

      by , 03-24-2016 at 01:08 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      In this dream I was with an ex-friend from High School. We were on a bus, traveling around a town that resembled my home town. I had a little clear cased camera hung from my neck and I was using it to document our journey. The bus came to a stop suddenly, and I got off with my broken guitar. Apparently there was a place nearby that had a nice restaurant and a place to get my guitar repaired. For some reason everyone on the bus tried to stop me from leaving, almost begging me to stay on the bus. They tried this with my former friend too but I finally managed to convince him to come with, while recording what was taking place on my camera that was somehow now strapped to my bag and recording hands-free. He eventually did and got a terrible looking beat up guitar from someone on the bus as he got off. We walked through a courtyard and into a fancy restaurant with tables and chairs set up in rows, and took a seat. An Asian woman came up to us and asked if we were in a band, but then decided we were just reporters and left us alone. I think someone took our names and used a fake one for some reason, then someone came over to take a group photo. The lady returned and placed a snapping turtle at my feet, which bit both my big toes. I screamed and then began laughing, convinced making a scene about the turtle would get us kicked out and it was worth enduring. Haha.


      I was with the two guys I used to hang out with in the mountains west of my city, smoking weed. It was night for the majority of the dream.

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    9. [13-02-2016]

      by , 02-13-2016 at 10:50 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall a short fragment. First I was at school, in the cloakroom. I was thinking about getting an electrical guitar and learning how to play it. Then I was in my house, playing it.
      Tags: guitar, school
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    10. Mexican Classical

      by , 01-05-2016 at 01:35 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Wow I've been in a bit of a slump and haven't had very many lucids due to my hectic work/life schedule that's been causing me sleep deprivation. I think it's calming down now, so I need to catch up on the DJ especially after this morning. It's not that I've been totally dry, just really slow on the LD's. I've actually had several lucid moments the past month, but they are hardly worth mentioning now.

      #481 - DILD - 4:00am (December 14, 2015)

      There is something about a dude dying his hair then the scene morphs into me standing in a street in my underwear in some suburban area. There is a man talking on the phone with me as I watch a car park on the street with it's headlights lighting up the night. The man on the phone is saying something about a Japanese ghost. I feel some fear so I go into the house I am standing in front of. The phone conversations gets really weird and I hear a third voice talking. Something feels off and I tell them about it on the phone. No one answers and I begin to wonder if I am the ghost. No, that's not it. I now realize that I am actually dreaming.

      I look around the house. There is an open floor plan for the living room and kitchen divided by a bar/island and dining table behind that. I wonder into the kitchen and see the back wall is huge pane glass with a sliding glass patio door. It's too dark outside but I see the interior of the house reflecting back at me. I see a man pass by and disappear into the hallway on the opposite side. Also there is Tonya, a coworker from waking life, standing there looking at me. For some reason I turn around and randomly start doing dishes as I try to think what I want to do. I notice this but don't mind since it's preventing the dream from becoming stagnant and crashing. However, doing dishes in a lucid dream is really boring. Just do something cool.

      I look to the opposite wall and see a huge mirror. I immediately charge over there and effortlessly phase through it into a different house. It looks like a mostly white bedroom, including the walls, carpet and bedspread. There is an acoustic guitar on a stand in the corner of the room. I pick it up and start strumming and figuring the few chords I know. The song is a beautiful Mexican classical and I just play away until I wake up.
      lucid , memorable
    11. 011115: X-Files on VHS, Jurassic Park Mayhem, Eating Canned People

      by , 11-01-2015 at 10:22 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: X-Files Taped on VHS
      The first episode of the new season of X-Files is on. I try to get to the living room of the old apartment from my childhood but I'm somehow stuck in my old bunk bed. It's dark outside. I'm missing it! Somehow I get up and I see that my mom is watching it on VHS, she taped it. I see the episode, it's in amazingly high quality, no distortion to speak of. I look at the VHS player, it's pretty new. That must be the reason. Mulder by the edge of a forest at night. I try to rewind it to the beginning but my mom says she wants to watch it to the end since she started. Using the rewind and fast forward features are hard. It goes back but then forward all of a sudden. It starts to speed forward out of control, what am I going to do? I try to stop it but it stops in a stomach-lurching crash, that sounded like it wasn't good for the tape. Now I can see distortions in the tape as it plays back. Now since I've seen the whole video is rewind it's like I've seen the episode and there are no surprises anymore.

      Dream 2: Dinosaurs on the Loose in Jurassic Park
      I'm in Jurassic park, it's been renewed and looks new like in the Jurassic World movies. I'm in an area that looks like a modern airport terminal, lots of windows. Outside where one would usually see the tarmac of the runway there is thick jungle, the sky is dark like a storm is brewing. There seems to be some problem, an emergency and staff try to cram people out into a safer area. There is however a group of rich tourists who refuse to move, having paid a great deal to get to the park. A fat tourist guide like Dennis Nedry sides with the rich tourists and tries to come up with a tour on the spot. As they start to get together to move I see dinosaurs outside are getting agitated, the sky is getting darker than it was, lighting is striking making the dinosaurs even more upset. Nedry says that usually they let tourists take pictures during thunderstorms, the pictures are way more impressive. He can't give an answer as to why the rest of the staff doesn't want them to now.

      The dinosaurs rush the terminal. Pandemonium breaks out. People are running around, dinosaurs are running down the halls. I first try to run to one end of the terminal but Nedry yells that there's a T-Rex there. I run in the opposite direction. I see large dinosaurs running down the hall that looks like the malls that can be found in many airports. Some of the dinosaurs are still skeletons, running down with massive amounts of energy. Where am I going to go?

      I run into the women's bathroom, I hope no one is in there. It's a cramped toilet, my head almost hits the ceiling and my shoulders scrape on the metal walls of the stalls. I run into one stall to hide, maybe I'll be safe here. I try to duck down so women who enter the bathroom won't see I'm here. I see Jerry Seinfeld in the stall in front of mine, the walls of the stalls are so low I can see over them. Another guy enters, I wasn't the only one to have this idea. The bathroom is so claustrophobic and cramped I begin thinking that being outside is the better option.

      I'm in a dark room, trying to remember a dream. I start writing it into my journal?!

      Dream 3: Performing with Friends
      I'm in a small venue, it's dark and windowless like a basement. I'm going to perform with two of my friends. There are a lot of bands lined up to play before and after us. I talk to a woman about getting her bass amp working. It's a "virtual" amp and can be used as a program or as a holographic projection, I pull the amp out of thin air. (???) After some talk with my friend about what we are going to play and talking to some of the patrons we get up on stage. We start to play and it's going really well, really getting into the vibe of it, we get a a good beat going. I play a solo that goes really well, but gets a little crummy to the end. After the first song I realize my guitar isn't plugged in. I try to put it into the amp behind me. As I try to play there is some kind of distortion like a song is playing in the amp that isn't in synch with the song we are playing. Is is radio distortion. I see on the face of the amp that a video image is playing like a TV, how do I turn this off? I ask my friend who is in front of me and we try to pluig my guitar into the other amp. It also is playing the same TV program on the face of the amp, two people walking in a yellow field on a grey day like a documentary on rural life in the UK.

      After our set I see that one band made of girls has drawn little cute female characters in colored pencil on paper, it's on the table. Someone submerges the paper into water for the effect of the characters swimming in the water, they shine. This angers the band, the drawing is ruined. I think it looks pretty cool.

      Dream 4: Eating Canned People
      I'm a a friend's place. She is there with her husband and oldest son. I'm playing withe kid as the two of them are sitting on the sofa by the window of the balcony. (not its usual place). She talks to me about the stuff I'm learning, maintenance and fixing things. She and her husband start fighting when he mentions that learning to fix things is useless since everything breaks at some point anyway. I try to remove some of the pressure of the argument by saying that it's precisely that things break that I want to learn how to fix them. Despite this, my friend is still angry with him.

      On a sofa across from them, I take out a small can that has a person inside. It looks like a sardine can and I ask their son if he's interested in trying some. The person is small and smooshed into the can, the head and face take a lot of room, and the face is all messed up. I pull out a piece, and despite my trepidation about eating something I've never tried, I try the piece I tore off, just to show a good example to the kid. It's always good to try new things. He looks nervous but takes a piece anyway. I begin to wonder, isn't cannibalism taboo?

      I go outside to check on my motorbike, it's cold, dark and snow is on the ground. It looks like where my grandparents lived up north. The bike was my grandfather's from the war. When I get to it I see it has been stripped for parts, the motor stolen. The saddle, like a bicycle's, is balanced on the top of the frame. I'm really angry and sad, how did this happen? It wasn't out for a very long time. How am I going to break the news to my grandfather, I'm sure I locked it. I'm about to go inside but I'm scared to break the news to him.

      I pace outside, now I can't even leave this place, that bike was my only way out of here. I'm really upset about the whole thing. I wake up feeling some relief.
    12. #139 - compliment / awesome dad

      by , 10-25-2015 at 09:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      My flatmate had a random burst of energy and offered if I wanted to go to the gym with him at 9:30pm. I ended up managing to get into bed around 11:30pm so my sleep wasn't that great. Interestingly though I decided to meditate before going to bed, and for the first time that I can remember, I actually felt myself falling asleep.. I think meditating in bed before I go to sleep might be good for me so I'll trial it again. I also had a whole bunch of WILD visions, where I could see the dream forming. It was pretty cool, it happened several times and each time it would dissipate (probably because of inexperience and because it was too early in the night). I woke up at 3am for a WBTB and decided I'd try meditating again. I did a mindfulness practice on my body, starting from the feet and working my way to the head until I held my whole body in awareness. Unfortunately I became too aware and lay in bed in a sort of borderline-sleep state from 3:30-6:00, bored as f*ck... I managed to recall two dreams (one from earlier in the night and another from 6:30-7:30).

      Dream 1 - Compliment
      More of a dream fragment, I was sitting in the lounge in my flat playing guitar and watching TV. No one was supposed to be home so I just decided to start singing. I love to sing but I REALLY suck lol, so I was just enjoying it . Then my flatmate Olly walks past and looks at me a bit surprised. I look up at him from the relaxed position I'm in as I sit on the couch. I don't seem to stop singing, I kind of keep going, trying to finish the verse I'm singing. It takes a few seconds and then he's like "Hey maybe your singing voice isn't as bad as you thought". Damn that felt nice hearing him say that ^_^

      Dream 2 - Awesome dad
      I remember being with my dad and he was driving us away from my university. We were heading to the university that he worked at (he doesn't in RL). It's not as prestigious as my own university, its reputation is that some of the people are a bit dumb . We arrive and enter through a white archway front entrance and rolled into a small courtyard with parking all over the place. There's a narrow road with diagonal parking spaces but they're all filled up, we drive down there anyways hoping to find a space at the end. It feels so vivid it's unbelievable. Like I can remember lots of random details... The sky was bright blue, I remember the clothing that some people wore (kind of artsy looking students, upon looking at them I thought they had some kind of school uniform too). I can remember the main building and how the windows looked (far too hard to explain), and I remember peering outside of the window to my left and spotting some cute looking girls looking my way . I thought to myself that this university would have been cool to go to, the whole place felt alive. I was still in the car with my dad driving down that narrow road looking for a park, but we reached the end and nothing. He then starts backing up the car and just goes so fast, he's looking behind us as he drives and looks so comfortable driving. I think to myself how good at driving he must be, especially since the road was so narrow. It really blew my mind. I notice also how damn long the road seems to be, was it always this long? We've been reversing for ages. I know that the road wasn't this long when we first went down it (low level awareness but I didn't get lucid). We're finally out and he turns the car around. "How come you didn't send me to this university?" I ask
      "Because I worked too damn hard" he replies (or something along those lines). He wanted me to go to a good university, though in RL he had no influence on my choice ^_^.
      I have to go back to my university now, so we both step out of the car. The place around us is quite active, there's a lot of people walking around since it's the middle of the day at a university. I run around the car and give my dad a big hug, "Love you dad!" I say with a profound sense of affection. I felt like my dad was just awesome . I wasn't even the slightest bit embarrassed about all the people that were looking at us. I head to the front entrance of the university by myself so I can catch a taxi home. The end.
    13. #135 - Running and cats

      by , 10-22-2015 at 01:45 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream Fragment - I remember having a dream where I was playing guitar and I seemed to have broken a guitar string. The 6th string E (the top one). I noticed when I was playing that the sound stopped in a string and upon closer inspection it came off.

      Dream 1 - Running and Cats
      This dream seems so fragmented in places and I feel like it may have been 2-3 dreams but I just can't figure out the boundary between them. The first one is where I'm running around a lot. It's my main mode of transportation (walking and running in RL) and I use it to run up road to the top of a grassy hill. There's a barn-like building somewhere around. I remember looking across to the valley ahead and knowing that I would run up there as it's apparently a shortcut. It's a steep ascent but I should be fine. It seems to skip further ahead into the dream (or I just forgot everything) and I've arrived at the top of the hill again. This time an old residential hall friend called Luka was there. He seemed like he had matured a lot. I haven't got a clue what we talked about, but he's going the way I just came and I was going to take the shortcut. I notice that the place is a lot busier than it used to be, it's summer or something and a bunch of campers have come here. As I turn around and head to the shortcut the bottom of the hill becomes visible (it goes downslope and then back up across the valley side). The usual empty barn place is full with people around putting up tents. God damn it. I can't go that way anymore since I'm not technically allowed to travel this way and I don't want to get caught. I decide I'll run and catch up with Luka again, he can't have gone far. I sprint my way after him, but wow there are a lot of tents. Suddenly I find myself just leaping around dodging over the lines holding tents up. There's an outrageous amount of them... I make it to the dirt road I usually use to get up the hill. I'm still sprinting + jumping acrobatically around, there's a bunch of lines that increase in density along this road. I end up just doing these insane spinning flips all over the place O_O. Seems like I'm a professional acrobat in my dreams .

      I don't know what happened next, but I'm somehow in a school-like gym which has running lanes for 50m. I think I run against an old classmate from high school who was ridiculously fit and pretty damn fast. I seem to outrun him now though, my speed is extraordinary.

      I have no in what order this part occurred in within this dream, but I'm in a vehicle/room which has a row of seats on each 2 sides facing each other. They're packed with people chatting casually amongst themselves. The walls are white-metallic I think, I must be near the front I think (which is to my left, meaning I must be sitting on the left side of the vehicle). 3-4 metres to my right would be where the back exit for the vehicle is I think. I think I talk to someone on my left who is standing slightly. After our conversation he goes back to where he was supposed to be seat but my mom (who is sitting on the opposite side about 2 metres to my right) talks to him. I perk up my ears and try to consciously listen into the conversation. She says something like "Oh he's just hard to deal with because he is used to the personalities from game characters and stuff". O_O geeze mom, thanks. I talk loudly enough so they can hear me and say "Hey you know I can hear you right?", and I think she replies saying something "Oh now don't be like that". God damn it.

      I'm in my house now in the family room, there's some kind of theme going on with cats. We seem to own maybe 2-3 cats in this house (in RL only 1, because 2 passed away nearly a year ago). Strangely there are a bunch of stray cats in our house though. There are also a few dream characters but I just can't picture who they were. There was a pair of girls and I think one was meant to be a cousin (I don't know any cousins), there was maybe a younger kid playing on the floor. I think maybe my mom was around too. These characters just seemed so hazy even in the dream, like they were barely existing and didn't have any background to them. One stray cat is a scrawny shaking ginger cat that has some similarities to the one we own in RL. The other stray was this crazy looking tomcat that was under the couch, it jumps at my hand and I literally spent a minute in dream time trying to pry its teeth and claws out of my hand. In the end it rips a chunk of flesh of and has these rip marks in its mouth. I think to myself that it must be rabid. At this point I realize I have to put these cats down and hack them apart (this scene was omitted in my dream, they kind of just ended up like that... Phew). There seemed to be a couple strays before that had left and it had made the pair of girls go searching for them, one was crying. I put the dead cats into a paper bag and know that I can't let the girls see them because it would just upset them. I decide to go round to the back of the house in order to bury them. I make my way to another room in order to sneak out but run into a new character, another girl. She pulls out a stray cat from underneath a couch. It has the ugliest snubby face ever and its fur is completely white and really fluffy. She's holding it by the scruff of its neck and it's pissed off and hissing at her, though not really able to resist. She says that they're keeping it, and in reaction to it hissing she said "it's just scared of the rain".. Huh? It's not even raining. It's hissing because it doesn't like you holding it -.-. I feel a little bit of regret for killing the cats even though one was rabid, but I question myself about why I killed the other one. Why DID I kill it? I couldn't think of an answer at all, it was just a scrawny malnourished cat
    14. Guitars

      by , 06-11-2015 at 04:01 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #443 - DILD - 5:01AM

      This dream was from Monday morning...

      I'm enjoying keeping my entries short and to the point with less detail. It makes it easier for lazy slugs like me to read. Not much happened in this dream anyway. I've really got to get a high level LD soon.

      I find some acoustic guitars in a church. My mom tells me to take one since they aren't being used. I chose one and begin to play. It feels random, but sound amazing. Everyone claps for me.

      I recognize the dream sign and become lucid. I almost lose the dream but I manage to concentrate and reenter. My memory gets foggy and all I can recall is looking at some colorful gift bags thinking on goals. For some reason I think that I was to trace something in the air. I make some shape in the air with my finger and I see a silver trail of light follow and then vanish. Someone looks at me with a knowing look. I think I am doing the wrong task and I wake up.

      I later dream non lucid about being a traveling businessman with way too many sexual hookups. I keep telling the women that I love them, but I seem to just want to "hit it and quit it". There was some drama on an airplane with some woman.
    15. Fixing a wire

      by , 03-18-2015 at 05:31 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my home. I took my laptop from the shelf, and went to the living room. I turned it one, and suddenly I felt hungry. I went to the kitchen, made myself a meal and went back to eat. After I have finished eating, I saw something wrong aboutt the wire of the charger.

      It looked as if something bitten it, and made it useless. I took the charger with the laptop as well, and showed the wire to my father. He told me to bring isolation tape. I entered the room, and father yelled to me that I should bring him a tool for guitar tunings instead.

      I looked in the boxes placed under the shelves, but couldn't find it. I went to my father, and saw that instead of my laptop and the charger, he was holding a guitar. I looked at the wire, and saw that it was fixed. I took my laptop to the living room, connected with the network and surfed the net.
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