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    1. Incense Snack and Goodie Hunt

      by , 02-04-2017 at 11:56 AM
      2 fragments.

      Dreamt that I purchased a snack that came like sticks, perhaps Slim Jims. But when I bit into one I realized that I had purchased incense by mistake.

      Dreamt that someone had hidden treats, bags of coffee, small appliances, and other small prizes throughout a house. I along with a few other people participated in a competition, similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, where we raced throughout the house trying to find as many good prizes as we could. Many were chocolate sweets and seemed to be craving dark chocolate.
    2. The Dream where I was Asked to Teach Maths

      by , 01-18-2012 at 08:55 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream where I was Asked to Teach Maths (Non-lucid)


      I'm an English teacher. In this dream I was sent to a high school and told I had to replace my housemate, who was a maths teacher and was himself a substitute for a Mr. Grec or Brac or something like that. He's a biology teacher IRL. The principal and some other guy walked me to the class of senior students and I told her that the last maths I'd done was in high school. She said I'd do fine, and as I was about to refuse some emergency came and the principal and the man had to leave. I was stuck in class because I didn't want to leave the students unsupervised.
      I noticed their were "special" students, doing coloring or beadwork instead of actual schoolwork.
    3. Damp Towel with a Wristwatch

      by , 04-19-2011 at 10:40 PM

      From the night before last
      *This is a veeeery rough draft that I may or may not get around to cleaning up*

      A Boy to Include?

      a blond boy joined us
      cheap necklace/pendant
      I had one in the same symbol too
      (on reflection, i don't recognize it)
      ashamed? that mine was a weak metal
      it looked somewhat interesting though
      I didn’t mean to make a wet towel hanging high on a hook on the wall fall. caught it and the wrist watch that had been laid atop it, tried to put them back as they were.
      I wondered at the dampness near the watch

      I was 13-17
      the boy was maybe 11
      we debated over if he was too young
    4. 4/2/11

      by , 04-02-2011 at 04:52 PM
      DILD + SP

      what an amazing night. I swear I recalled each dream from seam to seam as they transitioned. In the middle if the night I had a dream where I was walking through my school. The school didn't look the same, and there was an unusual amount of light streaming in from all of the windows. This is the second time I've been in my school, which makes me want to start maping it out after reading dreamviews recent cartography thread. Anyways, I decided I might as well reality check, and found I was in a dream. I turned to go down a hallway and saw a friend at the end (Tabitha) I ran down to go see her and was deciding what to do first when my dream sort of melted away. I had dreams after this that I remember well, almost like when I have valerian root capsules before I go to bed. In one of these dreams I was jogging through a cool dark humid forest, watching red and yellow light stream in through the woods at a distance, I'm not sure if I technically gained awareness here because I felt a certain amount of awareness in all of my dreams tonight. It was at this point I decided to admit to myself I was dreaming, and weirdly enough, entered sleep paralysis from there which was awesome. I wanted to get into a deeper state before I tried to move or roll out of my body, but slowly over time I was being dumb and worked my way out of it *facepalm.

      On a side note, I won't grade my short lucid dreams on clarity lucidity ect.

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    5. 12/13/10 Shattered Memories

      by , 12-15-2010 at 12:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Plans: I didn't have any specific plans tonight, MoSh said he had plans to challenge Draco Malfoy to a duel, so I had thought I might be there to see what happened. It turned out that I wasn't focused enough to get my usual WILD, and my recall for the night seriously sucked… all I remember are these fragments.

      Wizard Duel
      I am at Hogwarts, though I am not actually lucid, it is seeming completely normal to me. I am walking across the grounds, not thinking of anything in particular, when I hear there is something going on not far away. I follow the sound to see what is going on over there. I come around a corner of the castle so I can now see the source of the noise, and there are people standing around, two of them look like they're getting ready to attack each other. I get a little closer and then I see that the two people threatening each other are MoSh and Draco! WTF?! Dammit, Draco, I am thinking as I go over to the group of people, I guess maybe I was just retarded to think there was any chance of Draco keeping his word not to try to get back at MoSh in some way, well, now I will just have to put a stop to it before the idiot finds out that I'm not the only one currently at Hogwarts with abilities never before seen in their world… (Note: Even though I was thinking about having special dream powers, and about MoSh having dream powers, and even remembering some events of previous dreams, I never once considered doing a RC! >.< Damn, I can be sooooo thick headed when I'm not lucid!) So I go over to the group of people standing around Draco and MoSh, I am wondering why no one does anything, it is just like a fight in school… everyone just watches a couple people beat the shit out of each other, well not me. I step out in between them, successfully getting hit by some random curse thrown out by Draco… which has absolutely no effect on me at all… and I tell them to cut it out. Draco and MoSh are both staring at me as if I am nuts, but I don't really notice. I am annoyed at Draco, who obviously didn't keep his word not to do something stupid by trying to get back at MoSh, I tell him I should have known better than to believe a single word he says, he promises one thing, and as soon as I turn my back, there he is doing what he had promised not to do. Everyone around us is staring at me now, Draco is trying to say something about MoSh, he's saying MoSh started it? Yeah, right, like I am going to believe that… MoSh is talking to me now, he is asking me what I'm doing, he says he challenged Draco to a match… they're having a duel, nothing more. I look over at Draco, then at MoSh, I think my face was turning bright red… A duel? Yup, Draco and MoSh both confirm that, as do several of the people who had come to watch… I look at the group around, mostly made up of Gryffindor and Slytherin students, probably came to cheer on the participant from their own house… um… right… a duel… now I feel really stupid…

      Dream in a Dream: More Fish in the Sea
      I am outside in a forest area, I am in an area of soft dirt and I am drawing in it, I am trying to figure out some symbols that might serve to help me make magic work on this plane. I have started by drawing a circle around myself, I continue drawing symbols around the circle, though I'm not even sure what I am trying to accomplish. I see there is someone else there, I look up and I see there is a man there watching me… is that what I am trying to do? Attract someone who will love me and treat me right? He's kinda cute, but that's not my main concern, I am looking at his energy, which looks good, it looks welcoming, caring. I stand up and smile at him, he smiles back… really? I have to get the nerve to say hi to him… but then that falls apart… a woman comes over and they start kissing, a thin woman, one chin, a pretty face, younger than me… great… There are men out there, good ones, but that is no benefit to me. Are there more "fish in the sea" after breaking up with my ex boyfriend? Sure… too bad I don't have any bait! ,u_u, The scene fades out to reveal I have been dreaming, and now I find I am in bed… leading to the next dream…

      Don't Look at Me
      I am now at Hogwarts, in bed, I am in the hospital wing… but why am I in the hospital wing? How did I get here, and what do they think is wrong with me that they brought me here? I open my eyes, and I see Madam Palmphrey standing beside my bed, she says she sees I have finally woken up. I ask her what happened, she says I had a fit of some kind down on the dueling field, accused Draco of lying about something and attacking MoSh, accused MoSh of provoking Draco to attack… then passed out… I say I don't remember doing any of that, and I really don't remember any of that, so I have no idea what she is talking about. I sit up in bed, I feel fine now, and I look around the room… MoSh is there! He is sitting off to my right, just a bit beyond Madam Palmphrey… my mind is still a bit fuzzy, I want to go hug MoSh, I see Asuka there beside him… a woman, perfect face, perfect body… I am remembering the previous dream… no bait, I'd almost let myself forget. I turn my face away from MoSh, I really don't want my face to be showing. When I look in the other direction, I find I am looking at Draco Malfoy?! What is he doing in here? I pull the covers over my head, telling them to not look at me… I'm ugly…

      Ghost Cats
      I am at school, though it is not my normal school, it reminds me more of the local community college. I am outside the school, right at the edge of the school grounds, where there is an entrance to a hiking trail that is used for exercise for students and also as a relaxing place to walk for anyone who decides to. It is late afternoon right now, and I start walking down the trail following a cat I saw disappear down there. I see the cat disappear around the next turn in the trail, and I keep following. I come to the end of the trail where there is a small trailer home, a very small one. The cat is sitting in front of the trailer, licking its paw. I move towards the cat, the cat becomes transparent and moves off into the trees like a ghost. It is suddenly night time, the door to the trailer is open and I see movement inside, something is drawing me inside. I go to the door and I see some strange things in there, a lot of semi-transparent cats, and a strange feeling that makes my hair stand on end… without even realizing it, I have taken a couple steps into the trailer. The door closes behind me, and the trailer goes completely dark except for the fact the cats, the semi-transparent cats, are glowing faintly in the darkness. In spite of being surrounded by ghosts, I do not feel afraid, I feel a sense of sadness from the cats, as if they are trapped there. I go over to one of the ghost cats and pet it, though there is no substance to the cat, it arches its back as if it is being stroked, purrs loudly… then turns into a mist and flows out the window. I hear a fading purr from outside the trailer. Now the other cats are surrounding me, meowing eagerly… and each cat I stroke purrs, then turns to mist and floats out the window. After I pet the last cat, the trailer door opens and I look outside… I see glowing cats playing in the sky.
    6. Oblivious to a zombie apocalypse

      by , 12-11-2010 at 01:47 PM
      The dream starts with me sitting on the edge of a bed at night in what looks like a maze as there was high hedge walls all around me. There were flame lit torches at the different pathways. I heard voices from one of the pathways so i went towards it. My dream skipped to me actually finding the people since i felt relieved since I'd eventually found them. There was one guy and three girls. They all looked really familiar but i cant place them. After some talking they led through a part of the maze to another opening, but this one looked like it an exit, onto a pier made of bamboo. It was getting close to dawn now as the sky was getting slightly brighter. There was no there land insight and the water was placid with small patches of mist on it. Out of nowhere the guy and one if the girls started arguing then the girls pushed the guy into the water and walked back into the maze, with the other girls in tow. I stayed looking towards the east for the sunrise, the guy was just getting out of the water. After he did he walked into the maze aswell. Again i stayed watching to the east. I heard some more arguing then one of the girls came to me and told me we got to go now. Then the dream skipped again and it was morning now and I was walking in a town that was a bit messy, I didn't know why. Then i noticed odd things like a crashed helicopter and some abandoned cars but the girl took no notice of them. I checked the girl out when she was walking in front of me. She had an amazing figure with an ass you could bounce a pound off and you get a twenty lol. She was a brunette with her hair tied up in a loose knot at the back of her heard, it looked messy but so damn hot at the same time. I definitely knew this girl but still couldn't place her. She was wearing a denim mini skirt but not whore mini, more acceptable summer mini. Her legs were what really made me slap myself trying to place her, they were the most perfect let of legs I've seen, the kind you cant get with just toning, these things where a gift from god! She was wearing a zipper/hoody thing but she still looked pretty hot. ANYWAY back to the dream. We kept walking and we didn't seed a single living thing. Then we got to a big plane, an airbus probably since it was massive, and i saw what looked like the pilot milling around at the hatch area. The girl told me to stopped and she looked as she was cautious and scared at the same time. The pilot disappeared behind some stuff and we hurried for the hatch. There was a ladder Close by, the girl instructed me to get it as she looked about for the pilot. I thought we were breaking in or something so i was trying to be as quiet as possible. We managed to get into the hull of the plane eventually, then my dream made no sense because to get to the plane i had to crawl through some sort of plastic tunnel as if i was where the engine was. The planing was moving now at a decent speed. And the pilot was running pretty fast up beside the plastic tunnel. Then i realized he was a zombie! His face was bloody and he was trying to claw at the plastic tunnel but he couldn't reach. I knew hat when i got onto the tunnel it would sag and he could reach me but the girl was hurting me so i just ran for it. If I kept moving the zombie couldn't reach me so I was stumbling forward as fast as I could. Once or twice I felt the zombie claw at my foot but i kept going. I got to the other side and I was trying to get in but after i stuck my upper half in I realized there must be a zip or something to let u out of the tunnel but i couldn't find it so i was pushing and clawing trying to rip the exit open. At the same time the zombie was doing the exact same thing, pulling bits of plastic off ripping the tunnel apart. I was shitting myself, the girl was screaming and crying at the other side since she couldn't get to this side now. The tunnel was in two pieces now and i still hadn't made it through. The zombie grabbed on to my leg and was trying to climb it's way up my back. I got angry now and started smashing my heel into it's face but it kept coming. I knew where she was taking me was probably a safe house so i didn't want to jeopardize it so I let go and fell onto a runway of sorts without the zombie. We crashed into the ground rolling to a stop. The zombie had let go but it had also got up faster and was running towards me at a ridiculous speed. I got up and ran in the opposite direction towards a hanger. As i got closer I could see more zombies so i thought I'd have a better chance fighting this one on it's own. I switched back and ran past a swinging zombie ,narrowly missing my face, towards a baggage cart. I was so tired and my lungs were burning but I couldn't stop because i could hear the growls of the persistent zombie the whole way. When i got there i say a big wrench so i picked it up and swung as i was turning, i smashed the zombie square in the jaw, his head was a bloody mess, more than usual anyway. He lay still, i was relived i sat on a pile of bags and then lay back trying to catch my breath. Looking at the sky thinking "what the fuck is going on?!" at that exact moment a zombie head popped into my field of vision. We where face to face but he was upside down ( imagine scene from spiderman when he kisses the chick hanging upside down, but in this case I'm about to become food) It happened so quickly i couldnt movie out the way in time. It was the same fucking zombie I'd smashed without the wrench. As he tore into my throat i thought of how stupid i was for not checking if it was dead.

      I woke up after i faded into darkness in the dream. This has been one of the most detailed dreams I've remembered, it was amazing. It felt so real even thigh i wasn't lucid. I wish i was coz i wanted a piece of that chick so bad! Lol