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    1. Find the one without a mask

      by , 10-13-2018 at 11:05 PM
      Find the one without a mask

      There were a lot of people everywhere, they were all around my age. So in their early 20s basically. What I noticed was that they all had animal masks on, covering their faces. The masks looked really terrifying and I couldn’t help but to feel very uncomfortable when looking around. The swine mask seemed very popular which also happened to be the most scary one. I was the only one without any mask and therefore felt very scared and alone. As I kept looking around, I noticed a guy standing in a corner staring down at the ground, without a mask. Suddenly I felt so relieved and walked up to him to say hello. When I came closer I saw that it was Jay. He was really shy and as he spoke, I could easily tell english wasn’t his first language but I already knew about that. He even tried to speak spanish but it went hilariously wrong and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I told him that he could sit down since he seemed so nervous because of the other people with the masks. He smiled and we kept talking.

      Note: Jay is from a Kpop group, iKON.

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    2. I was Captured!

      by , 01-30-2016 at 10:48 PM
      This was a very short but frightening Dream....
      When my Dream started I had woken up (In my Dream) in a large cage made up of what looked like bamboo and rope. I wasn't hand cuffed or tied to anything. I was really scared and didn't know what to do, It looked like it was getting really dark outside and i heard a bunch of people arguing and screaming at each other. They were speaking a language I could not recognize. I wanted to scream for help to see if anyone would help me but I would probably grab the attention of my attacker.
      All around me were other large bamboo cages, I was surrounded by what looked like a Jungle. I looked closely at the other cages and noticed that every other cage had a man/women from the U.S. Navy/marine corps. They were all tied to the sides of the cages except me, I didn't understand what was going on and tried to get their attention but they all looked dead or unconscious.
      A few Minutes after walking back in fourth in the cage panicking I finally woke up from my Phone Alarm.
    3. White Demon

      by , 09-23-2013 at 08:38 AM
      This was a very short dream, or probably just another moment of sleep paralysis.

      It happened around 5:00 AM in the morning, usually the best time of day for me to go through sleep paralysis. I woke up for a few minutes, and very tiredly, sat up to see if there were any monsters around my bed(what I always do). I didn't see anything but I heard the television playing in the next room. I heard my niece and father. I felt so tired I didn't even want to get up and prepare for the day. So I went back to sleep.

      As soon as I feel asleep, I fell in to a dream(one of those dreams where I appeared lost some where in the wilderness in Alaska or some other forest-consumed land). I woke up and automatically opened my eyes. It didn't feel like sleep paralysis but I do remember being inside my room. I was able to move a few parts of body. Not knowing that I was in sleep paralysis(not sure if it's a false awakening either), I saw a tall, skinny figure standing towards the left side of my bed. It had no clothes on, pure white skin, and no hair! It wasn't chasing after me, so I wasn't sure if I should of felt scared or sexually aroused. After a few minutes, I decided to close my eyes.
    4. One of the strangest nightmares I've had in a while.

      by , 02-23-2013 at 01:13 AM
      I am with my father, and we are driving to his new house that he recently bought. Although it is in the middle of the day, there is absolutely no one else to be seen. I keep on thinking in my head "Maybe I can stay here when my father is at his other house", and this makes me very excited.

      We arrive and it is a very standard house. We both go inside and once again, very standard. My father goes into another room, and I start examining his pad. As I am going through the rooms, I trip over a pile of books laying on the floor. My father is agitated and tells me off. As I am putting the books back together, I look through them and find that they're about monsters. Not scary or hideous monsters, but the very strange and actually kind of funny kind, like you would see in Yu-Gi-Oh. One of the monsters was called a "Side-Mouther", and all it was, was a pair of ordinary looking teeth with electric probes sticking out on either side.

      We are sitting down in the living, when suddenly I start to hear strange noises that my father is completely oblivious to. At first I thought of it as nothing, but then I ask him: "Are we being robbed?". We look out on the driveway and we see a white van pull away with two cocky men inside. Another car is set to follow and infuriated, my father yells profanities to the driver. The driver who is angered by this, starts approaching the front door with a machete. My little sister appears out of nowhere, and I tell her: "Quick, hide!". My father quickly picks up a hammer, and starts hitting the door in an attempt to scare the yob away. This makes the yob even angrier, and he starts hacking away at the door with his machete. The hits are very accurate and nearly hit my father. I am able to block some of his attacks, but one lands squarely on the head of my father.

      End of dream.
    5. Old dream - Telekenesis 10/11/04

      by , 04-05-2012 at 05:42 PM
      I was using telekenesis in my dream to move small objects around. I tried it on a bigger object but I couldn't get it to move. After each time I did it though, an evil spirit attacked me. It frightened me, especially because I didn't know where the spirit was lurking. I moved from the room I was in up a flight of stairs and a cat came to the stairs and hissed at the evil spirit and then I knew where it was. So I quit trying to do my telekenesis.
    6. The travels of a sleepy pirate.

      by , 04-05-2012 at 03:33 PM
      I find my self at a convince store. Its small with a check out desk in the center and a bit of room in the back. Inside there is me walking by the back of the counter, my best friend looking at something in the back of the store along side a random customer who is doing the same, and lastly there is a cute blond girl behind the counter. I for a moment walk to the corner of the counter just randomly walking about and then turn around. My best friend has vanished and the random customer as well! I turn to the clerk girl and she has dreary look on her face. She says to me " You know, early today I saw a whole school of kids disappear." Ats at this moment I remember/know (its always weird how u just know about things in ur dreams.) that my friend had thought he had seen two people just disappear in front of him, even had the same look of dread but lessened by doubt. Its at this point I start to wig out a bit. People are just disappearing and my best friend is gone! I grab the clerk girl by the shoulders looking down straight into her eyes. I begin to blubber out in a panic. O no my best friend is gone! We have to stick together! We cant leave each others site! Shes scared by my panic and the grip I have on her. During all this her eyes shift color for a moment to red. I suddenly feel that she must be the one responsible for this! Its people around her that are disappearing. A take a step back wondering if this is true? If it is are we still the only ones around? If not who else is left? It at this point my dream begins to break down as like to put it. The setting of the convince store simply becomes blackness with a light source somewhere far away and the clerk girl has become, well she became something very similar to alien. Its at this point that I'm not so much dreaming but just thinking about the dream. It a shame that clerk girl had to go all alien on me, she was quite cute.

      So there it is, my first DJ here. Hope some of you enjoy it.