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    1. 9/7/17 - 3 Guns and a Schedule

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:19 PM
      I'm walking around a school campus. It's palms. I'm late and walking towards a portable classroom with a group of people. I pass by a statue of scooby-doo. I stop in front of a ramp and there's a group of kids blocking the entrance. I shove my way in. When I enter I say "Excuse me" and the teacher, a male, looks up and tells me I needn't be so polite. I smile and ask him if he can help me. He starts looking for my seat but I tell him I'm not in his class. I ask him if he thinks that the office will print me a new schedule since I accidentally left my backpack as home. He smiles and says that shouldn't be a problem. I smile back and thank him. I turn to leave and notice that the door is block again by students. I walk to the door and the kids are swarmed around another student. He's popular and a group of girls are the ones blocking me so that they can stare at him. I get annoyed and shoe them out of the way. As I'm walking down the ramp and about to leave, the girls come up behind me and try to pick a fight. I turn around and a girl hands me a gun. I smile at it because I know its the good one. Shes holding two more but they aren't the best ones. Then the teacher comes out and acts surprised that the girl let me have the good one. I smile and say it's because she trusts me. I then hand the gun back to the girl and walk away.
    2. Disturbing Children and Hanna Barbera? Really creepy dream

      by , 06-22-2016 at 03:26 AM
      I'm a child, and I'm going to a large city park with a group of friends and oir parents. There's a big playground and grassy field, all near the city library. A comfortable place overall.
      We eventually start playing games like tag and manhunt, and begin to split up. Before I know it, I'm in this grassy area with small, dilapidated houses, shipping containers and toppled buses acting as shelters and tunnels. Most of them are charred black, and there's lots of splintered wood and corrugated metal. It feels like a shantytown, but it still seems to be in the park and viewed as safe.
      I'm playing alone and trying to avoid the others, but I feel an overwhelming sense of hostility and paranoia growing in the air, and become more fearful as I engage in the activities children do.
      I'm entering the houses and containers, and at a couple points I see candy lying around and take it. I can feel the other children looking for me as I do this, but they've grown into something more... sinister.
      At one point I have to crawl through a small, dark tin tunnel with a dog that alternates between whimpering and growling at something behind us, in the house. I crawl to the end toward the house's exit and hug the dog, but I'm pretty sure it gets caught by whatever is hunting us.
      The dream now has a Silent Hill vibe. I'm not sure if it's still a game. I somehow find out how the other kids have been dying. They get their heads ripped off and replaced with a baby doll's head, or their head gets put on an animal or another person. Then they become sinister.
      I grow increasingly terrified, and though I can't find anyone, I know that I'm surrounded by pieces of their corpses.
      The playground is now empty, cloudy and plagued by weeds. I find two adults and we go back to the houses and tins as they demand to know who caused all this chaos, as if they think we're still kids. We wander to a dead end and there are dark, open windows all around us. I'm waiting for someone to reach out from one and grab them, dragging them into the window. I'm not sure if it happens.

      The last part of the dream show the Scooby Doo gang from the original cartoons, standing and making plans to investigate that area. The sound is fuzzy, as if I'm watching them on an old TV. It seems like a normal episode, happy like it seemed with me, but it will definitely become dark and depressing.
      The title tune--the one that plays when they display the name of the episode--is playing fuzzily in the background, and I know they're going to die.
    3. 7/22/14 - A jumbled recollection

      by , 07-22-2014 at 07:00 PM (Exterminate)
      Ever have those dreams where you wake up and just can't remember it in full? So much happens that you just forget how things happen.

      The whole dream, or set of dreams, centered on this group of friends. I believe it started when we were driving past this group of people walking along the side of the road. We decided to turn around and walk with these people to see what they were up to. There was 2 people leading the others, with around 4 people in back. It was in a countryside. I saw a forest on one side of the road and open fields and crops on the other. We walked for some time, but I tried catching up to the people in front. I don't think I ever made it.
      There was this hotel that I visited a few times. It had this special elevator in it that went to a secret base if you knew how to properly activate it. This was the group's base of operations I think. It had this professor inside who I went to for information a few times. I think the elevator came from me wanting to do the TOTM. I sadly do not recall much about this professor though. He may have been someone like Albert Einstein or master splinter, I just do not remember. The dream may have involved time travel. I remember there being a girl that I really liked, and she liked me back. She had red hair and was really pretty. We spent as much time as we could together, but at one point I was turned into a child for reasons I can't remember. We still spent time together, but we couldn't be as close.
      There was another scene that had this huge pit of gunk. It was the nastiest water you could ever think of. It went down a long way, but it had something special at the bottom. I think it was an instant death crystal or something. I remember seeing this pit twice. Once full of water and once empty. It was a circular pit full of mystery, but too dangerous to go near no matter how full it was. My dream mother (who I think was actually Emma from Once Upon a Time) was looking into this pit with the van parked next to it. We were allowed to look into mysteries, kind of like the scooby doo gang, but our leader was quite strict. I believe our leader was the same guy from the elevator part. There was this little girl (Looked like Wendy from Once Upon a time) who only had one chance to be part of this group, and if she screwed it up then she was out. My dream mom had two chances. There was this second van driving over to us which had the leader in it and the little girl who was in the passenger seat decided to drive the car out of the way of the other van. My dream mom got mad at her and told her it was not acceptable to drive the car. She was party on edge since the car almost knocked her into the pit. The professor got angry at my mom and said she was in the wrong for correcting the girl, and told her she is on her last chance. There was one final part of the dream that involved one of the group's grandfather being poisoned. We went into the creepy house and saw him lying on the ground almost dead. There was a sign there with 5 Bonk! Atomic Punches from TF2 that said we must drink the blood if he is to survive. We all drank, and it made us all crumble to the ground with how gross it tasted. A few of us even threw some of it back up. We got word of another incident, and we went across the street to check it out. The same thing had happened to another family, but we weren't about to repeat what we had just done.
      The last thing I remember was seeing a group of friends just like us that were still around the neighborhood from when they used to be the go to people 50 years ago. They were very old and creepy though, and they were talking abut magic and how they wanted our youth and power. I think they were the ones behind this mystery.

      I remembered a lot, but don't know the order or many specifics. Oh well, there will be more dreams.
    4. 25/June/2014 - Masks in a drawer

      by , 06-25-2014 at 04:34 PM
      I saw Kurt Cobain numerous times in this set of dreams. Somehow I think he's alive although people think he's dead - He even went into a long explanation regarding the band Nirvana in another dream I had.

      I saw cartoon characters from 2013 and Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were there, Someone also made a huge sandwich for Shaggy.

      I saw drawers and in them there were masks. One was of Ian Curtis (Who was the singer of Joy Division) and it was rotten like a corpse. There were other masks too but that one pops out in memory.
    5. haunted house

      by , 08-01-2013 at 02:57 PM
      i just started taking b6,b12,melatonin, and DMAE to help with vividness and dream recall ,i usually have pretty weird dreams but this one was extra messed up and very detailed (although i left a lot of detail out because there was a lot going on) this is only one of my dreams from last nigt but its the one i could remember the most details about

      I was standing in the middle of the room talking to someone (I think shaggy from Scooby doo) about how to make the fog thicker. the room has cobwebs all over ,it has wood floors and walls and two huge and elaborate doors at one end (there closed)Then I look around and there are these tracks on the floor and notice another room with some surprise trap doors and animatronics, a small coffin shaped car comes out on the tracks and then a another boxed shaped car with 2 seats after that, my mom keeps saying “I aint riding that” ,I walk into the other room , first I see a furnace(like one of those wood furnaces at floor level) covered in cobwebs and moving slime next there’s a coo coo clock (covered in cobwebs) on the wall and a burnt up looking scull pops out, then one of the cars shoots up one of the walls and over the clock back onto the floor ,and mam says something like “you’re not getting me on that thing” then I see grama walking over to the box cart and pick up her slime monster/pet (its green with small black eyes and somewhat has the shape of a like a ditto from Pokémon) I go back to the big room and there’s a skeleton with 60’s style military cloths and a bazooka aimed at me ,I dodge it then grab his arms (hes on the ground now) and bend his elbows back till they snap then flip him over and do the same to his knee caps I look around and the two big doors fly open ,the entire mystery gang is standing there (they may be tied up) with a huge white ghost floating over them with its arms spread wide (it looks like it’s made of fog bit it’s also flowing like torn cloth, it also has a somewhat pointed head) then I wake up

      also it somewhat inspired this https://soundcloud.com/datura-x/spooky-ghosts

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    6. 2009, Dec. 5; 6; 7 and 8 - Monday to Thursday

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:08 AM
      All of these are what I wrote at the time.

      Dec. 5th - I remember dreaming up some guitar riff that I liked but can't remember.

      Dec. 6th - I can't remember much except that at one point an Xbox Live friend (Who removed me from her friends list) Was suddenly on my friends list again. I'll try to remember more.

      December 7, 2009

      The earliest part I remember is where I was punching Andy Partridge of the band XTC for whatever reason. I can't imagine why other than to get attention from him. Anyway, Two of his band mates (One who's name was Roger, Who doesn't exist but may have been a stand in for Dave Gregory because my dad's name is Dave, The other who I assume was Colin Moulding) Helped him out and started attacking me. Then Roger threw an explosive soda pop can (I read the manual for Zombies Ate My Neighbors before I fell asleep) And I went to stand on it but it didn't blow up. Then Andy gave me an offer to go for a drive with him and I took up the offer, Hoping to pick up my best friend on the way (Who got me into the band XTC in the first place and who lives several states away from me in reality) And I started talking about Andy's music, How my best friend got me into XTC and how I'm glad he did and how I'm going to get six more XTC albums this Christmas. Then, All of a sudden Andy turned into my dad by the next time I looked at him and details start getting a bit fuzzy around here. Our car went flying past an intersection once, Almost hitting a bus which was driving on the wrong side of the road. After we stopped past the intersection we came to the conclusion that we couldn't have stopped in time for the intersection. Maybe WE were driving on the wrong side though because Andy Partridge lives in the UK? Anyway, Other than driving around this part of the dream ends here.

      Part 2

      This turned into a Left 4 Dead 2 style dream. In a Swamp Fever style area I ended up being the last survivor, Who seemed to be similar to Ellis and Nick. My teammates died, I got away from a zombie horde and I'm guessing that I was going to rescue the survivors from a closet or something but instead I was holding a cheeseburger on a plate, Then there was a picture of the burger on the plate and it was the last thing I saw before I woke up.

      Dec. 7th - Dec. 8th

      The earliest part I remember is when my dad and I were in a trailer court. The reason for this is likely because earlier this year we found a guy's wallet and returned it to him and he lived in a trailer court. Anyway, IWe may have been there to return the wallet in my dream but the earliest pert I definitely remember is when we went to visit some woman in a one room trailer that had windows all over every wall. There was also a mattress or two, Maybe three on the floor and all her stuff was on the floor since she had nowhere else to put it. I don't think there was a door, it was just always open. Anyway, After I left it turned into a Modern Warfare 2 meets Zombies Ate My Neighbors style game, Only instead of there being a bunch of monsters there were just chainsaw guys. So we're in this trailer park meets scrapyard level place and I'm just playing the game... And that's it for this part of the dream.

      Part 2

      This was a Scooby Doo on Zombie Island style dream. I can't remember much about it except maybe being outside for a bit then going to the sacrifice room, Then going to the staircase that has a passage underneath it that leads to the sacrifice room... And then maybe seeing the Scooby Doo gang in there...

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    7. [Scooby-Doo and The Hammer Clown]

      by , 10-10-2012 at 11:32 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, October 8th, 2012]
      Being chased by a muscular clown with a hammer. We were inside a spooky mansion with Alex, Nathan, and Scooby and the Gang. We were
      playing a game (we were being forced to) where the clown would chased us and try to hammer the shit out of us. We take turns- first up is Fred.
      He's terrified, but we all watch as the Clown chases him off. I hold a paper in my hand. It shows a list of everyone in the house. Fred's name is lit
      up. After awhile, it becomes crossed off. Suddenly, another person's name lights up and it starts again. I notice there is a door out of the room I'm
      in and I sneak off with a few other people. There's a tall chain-link fenced backyard here- I climb up to the top to show everyone a way to get out.
      No one is behind me now; I walk back inside and there's Shaggy and Scooby!

      The paper was shining again, this time with Shaggy and Scooby's names lit up. The clown is coming for us- "COME ON GUYS, FOLLOW ME!"
      We all somehow make it up the fence pretty fast and drop down. We sneak to the front yard where Shaggy and Scooby for some apparently
      reason re-enter the house. "They're gonners..." I think to myself. I run to a bush to hide for awhile and I look around. We're in Arizona- the desert.
      The setting reminds me of Congress. Just then the paper goes dark again. But my name isn't lighting up. I walk back to the house, confused, when
      suddenly it lights up again. The front door opens wide and the clown walks out smiling, a sledgehammer on his shoulder. I sprint for the backyard
      fence to try and climb it. I have abnormally high reflexes and speed and can move on the fence faster than humanly possible. I try to trick the
      clown by pretending to drop into the backyard, and instead running back to the front yard but he sees my manuever. He compliments me, "AHH,
      that's a smart move! Too bad though!"

      <My dream ends before the clown can hit me.>
    8. Zombie Aunt May

      by , 09-29-2011 at 07:28 AM
      So, a murder has happened, in a house where Aunt May lives (the one from Spiderman the animated). Me and the scooby doo gang has t investigate, and we soon find a horrible secret. It turns out that Aunt May, IS A ZOMBIEEEEE. And her best friend from spiderman (the other old lady), is ALSO a zombie. Now we gotta flee, I quickly decide that the best way to be safe, is to find a neighbor and ask them for help. So I run out f the house, and look for help. I get over to the closest house and start banging on the door. But before the door opens, I wake up.
    9. January 28 - Extreme Racing

      by , 01-28-2011 at 06:01 PM
      The dreams starts off with a bunch of people there. I don't recognize most of them, but there's one guy who is one of my friends who is on my racing team, and then a girl. The only other people besides these two that I know are the members of the Scooby Doo gang who are, of course, racing in their Mystery Machine. I was very excited because somehow my friends and I had managed to befriend a dragon to be our racing machine. Somebody starts the race and we begin racing across various parts of the world, including a long, low wooden bridge built over very murky water, and a large area of forest.

      Most of the dream consists of just as racing. My group was in first place until we got back to the bridge area, which was the last stretch. Somehow our dragon had hurt its wing and we ended up crashing into the water. I saw my dragon race away back to where it came from under the water and I waved goodbye to it before I sunk to the bottom of the liquid. It was strange what I saw. Lined up along the edge right before the area ended were what looked like seriously freaky garden gnomes all the way across. As soon as I touched the bottom, one came at me and grabbed me, saying something about how because I had come to some Otherworld, my soul would have to be taken from my body. I grabbed a Skeleton that was at the bottom of the water and managed to trick the Gnome into thinking that the soul of this already deceased person was much better than mine, and I swam away back to the surface. I woke up just as I began to climb back onto the dock and I saw that our team had still won first place.
    10. September 18 2010: duel, and scooby doo?

      by , 10-11-2010 at 11:13 PM
      I was dueling dan fino, and david k. but we were shooting paper targets that were next to each person. and I think I saw shaggy and scooby at one point in this dream.
    11. TV Sequene Dream saying "contuined" on "Dream Screen" and Voice-Over "Anne's Dream"

      by , 08-05-2010 at 11:01 PM
      My dream started where it left off with the Scooby gang except now Daphne, Fred and Shaggy +me are on the same side of the door as Velma &Scooby in the basement/cellar of the grocery store. I joked to Daphne about the danger-prone business. I said: "Daphne with all these danger-prone incidents in these dreams of mine, I could easily qualify for a honurary member of the Blake family." Daphne (and the others, and I ) just laughed then Daphne said "We will do that after the 'Mystery, Inc' gang finds the monster for today." I than asked them what monster they were after this time. They had forgotten. Than I started to talk about what I knew about Scooby-Doo shows (mostly about how Daphne's role had some development over the years). Somehow when I was talking I got up and sat on a pinic table. I noticed when I was half-done talking when I notice the Scooby gang were in their "frightened" poses.

      The "dream camera" than switched perspectives so I could see what the gang was seeing (except through nobody's eyes) and there was Frankstien's monster coming out of nowhere behind the pinic table which I am on.

      So I took a remote out of my back pocket (I have no idea how the remote got there) and pressed "pause" on it so I could finish talking.

      I just finished talking and was just about to press "play' when two things happen:

      1) a voice over saying "What will happen next time in Anne's Dream?"
      2) Next Time Contuined............. on the "dream screen".