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    1. Watching old photos with William. Biking, children, Subway. Gustav scams me.

      by , 11-03-2020 at 04:48 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in a line with smaller children. There is a leader that is calling us out one by one. The leader says "Oxygen, hydrogen... What comes next?". I am supposed to answer the question after I have run the obstacle course. I run to the course and have to go on small hinders. It seems pretty easy but I have a really bad sense of balance and almost fall all the time. When I am at the end of the course I sit down with William and watch some photos of us. There is a beautiful photo of me and William when we sit under the apple tree by the front door of Det RŲda Huset in SturkŲ. William is leaning against the tree and I am sitting closer to the camera and is watching up on the leaves. The leaves are really close to the ground and I could easily touch them if I streached my hand up when I sat down on the picture. The light is magical and is giving us a living feeling on the photo.

      Notes: I have encountered photos of different things a lot in my past dreams. Me and my family watched some old photos of us some weeks ago.

      I'm biking by SaltŲ to town but I'm lying with my stomach on the seat without my hands on the bicycle handlebars. It is hard to steer the bike and I almost crash with some cars because I can't follow the curves of the road very good. A kid bikes next to me and he is talking about something. We come to a playground site and there are a lot of kids playing there. It reminds me a lot of the Rosenfeldt playground. I walk into Subway that is in the place where the school actually is. There is a note on the wall that says that I have to do a cleaning task. I feel my energy disappear and I want to disappear too. I think about how I shouldn't have a cleaning task because I don't work this week. I walk out and there are Diego and Lisa (HŚkansson's cousin). Lisa is jumping and is happy. I meet a monster that looks like a human but he is green and furry. He wants to hug me and I feel fear. I become semi lucid. I think to myself that if I think that he will tickle me he is going to tickle me. I can't resist the thought and he tickles me. I try to wake myself up but I jump in and out of the dream instead. I come in and out of his grip.

      Notes: I saw a video of a man biking like I did a year ago.

      I have a pillow that makes time go faster. Apparently it's Gustav's invention and David says that I can buy it. I say that I want to buy it and David says it costs 120 000 kr (13 500 USD). I feel bad because now I don't have any money left. I think to myself that it is worth it because this invention is amazing. I walk around and see Gustav in a room, he plays Minecraft. I think to myself that he will use my money so he doesn't need to work and that he is lazy. I walk to a factory and Klaus is there. I see some inflatable pillows and I get to know that they are wrongly designed. I notice that my pillow is one of the wrongly invented ones. I get to know that my pillow doesn't make time go faster, it is broken and sends electricity throughout your body so it feels like time goes faster. My inflatable pillow grows and attaches on me. I feel the electricity and it is painful.

      Notes: I wonder what all the deceit means. Nobody has lied to me recently. 120 000 kr is important because it is the sum of my mission cost.

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    2. Saturday, June 1

      by , 06-21-2019 at 08:30 PM
      I am entering a public bathroom. It is made of what looks like tan stone and is very large. I believe itís a menís bathroom, as thatís why I entered it and I do see urinals. There is a row of toilets, pretty close together, with no stalls around them. There are two girls sitting, right next to each other, apparently sensing no lack of privacy. I can see down into the water in the bowl and it looks very dark and murky. Now, I am looking for a shooter? I think someone has sent me to do this. I am looking in a pretty large playground. I am now inside somewhere and I think I see him and/or he sees me. There may be some interaction even, but he doesnít know my intent. We are now on some sort of small section of tiered seating, him directly in front of me. I grab his arms and twist them behind his back, holding tight so he cannot move. I notice that Iím wearing a tie dye Grateful Dead shirt and that a Slipknot song is playing. I wonder if itís his music and about the dynamic between it and him being a shooter.
    3. getting back into it

      by , 05-02-2019 at 07:16 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I keep getting back into lucid dreaming and then falling out of it whenever things get too busy. This is bad. I am really trying to be more consistent from here on out.

      I used to have such good recall. last night was faint, and I recall two nightmares: I had a dream about a creepy guy and his daughter, apparently. Then, I had another dream, this one about a playground for all ages including adults that was haunted/menacing. It was loosely similar to the current horror novel I'm writing. It's cool to have nightmares about your creative work; hopefully that means I'm actually creating something spooky. (:
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. PlayGround DILD

      by , 02-17-2019 at 03:20 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Currently at an abandon facility where I met up with a co-worker and observe the area. I notice a playground not too far away and decide that me and her should check it out. There was a button to press to make the playground become active. I press it without realizing that she was on it nor did I realize it would spin that fast. I first start panicking ad looking for where the screams were coming from. But then it finally hit me that I should turn the machine off first and then search for her.

      As I did this and climb up one of the ladders, I see her hurt and bruised as the side she was on began to fall down. I ran to the edge and had my hand out so that I could pull her up. I made it in time as the other side fell down. I became lucid once realizing this and said that was a close one. My co-worker thank me and I decide to wake up.
      Tags: playground, stdc
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Thursday, December 27

      by , 01-19-2019 at 10:34 PM
      I am somewhere outside (Hawaii?), walking down the sidewalk along a small two way street. There are storefronts and shops all close together (reminiscent of Virginia City or maybe even Lahaina). I have a kid with me whom I am watching (Adrian?). I think Melissa is with me too. I think weíre looking for ice cream, so Iím not sure why weíve just passed an ice cream shop. We may be looking for another option. This shop has a large open window type front, but the opening is filled with shelves. The wood shelves hold little tiki containers of ice cream. I think there are also other shapes, like coconuts. One of the tikis has a Stealie etched and colored into it. I see a few different types of chocolate with different names. We continue on, and on the other side of the street there is a fairly large and simple stage in the shade. Weíre passing by it, and I start nodding my head to the music. I notice that the rhythm guitar player is playing the smoke on the water riff over this bandís song. Now Sage is here for a second? She says that Deep Purple only knows how to play fast (as if they wouldnít know how to play slow). I jokingly ask her if sheís ever seen a Deep Purple acoustic album, then say no because they couldnít make one or something. Now, Melissa, the boy, and I have reached a stretch of beach that ends in a calm body of water. I have my arm over the kidís shoulders, in a fatherly sort of way. He is bigger than a toddler, probably closer to 5 or 6. I donít think he is Adrian anymore. The kid feels like a family friend or someone close enough to where I can casually put my arm over him. I jokingly say something about Melissa and him getting in the water (like itís going to be really cold). I let them go ahead, and they actually do get in the water. I didnít think they would, but now I have to follow. I step in with my bare feet and find out that itís really not that cold. Iím wearing shorts and a tie dye? tank top. I see a thick, white worm or caterpillar with a ribbed body clinging to some debris right under the surface. I then see another. Theyíre slightly gross. I now submerge myself, and we all swim for a bit. There is a playground structure rising out of the water; we all climb onto it. From up here, I see a cop car parked under some trees a ways off (it is dark out). I think he puts his lights on, but he start coming over here. He watches us, but I think he canít get over here because of the water. I tell Melissa not to talk to the police. I also imagine talking to him and telling him I have the right to remain silent and not answer questions. Now when I look around it seems to be daylight, there is ground (with wood chips) under the structure, and quite a few other kids here, playing. Keeganís mom is now up here, on top of a slide. She is worried about the police being here. Sheís worried about her son (who is now Adrian again - I see him playing with other kids down below) and thinks itís because heís left alone or too alone. I look down at him, and he puts on a face like this is actually true, which irritates me because the exact opposite is true. Iím just about to tell her that Iíve actually been with him all day, but she slides down the slide.

      I am with Dad, Makayla, and Lily at Dadís? house. Iím talking to them about something. I now have Lily lay down: I'm going to give her a guided meditation (for OBE?). I was going to have her lay on her back, but she lays on her side and says itís comfortable enough. I think that itíll still work.

      I am sport climbing with another guy. It must be a multi-pitch, as weíre currently anchored next to each other up here. It also must only be the first pitch, as itís not too high up. The rock is a dark and fairly coarse granite. There is something about the possibility of a hold breaking? I get to thinking about it and think that a whole slab of the face could fall off. Iím sketched out about this, and Iím glad Iím not the first person that had to climb this. I think the other guy wants to fall?
    6. Tornado!

      by , 05-06-2018 at 09:52 AM
      Morning of September 13, 1970. Sunday.

      Preparatory RAS mediation begins as a result of liminal anticipation of vestibular system correlation, taking autosymbolic form as my dream. This is one of my favorite dreams from childhood.

      In my dreamís backstory, a tornado is approaching the town of Arcadia from the south. I do not perceive it as a potential threat to my home in Cubitis, which is about five miles north of Arcadia. It seems to remain late morning throughout my dream.

      An unknown dark-haired male of about thirty has a small information station set up as a public service, which mostly only features an elevated podium and a large easel to his left (my right in viewing the scene from my roomís west jalousie windows). The location is in the same area in front of Kenny and Karenís home, at the end of their driveway, where Highway Seventeen runs perpendicularly to it. This is where we had waited for the school bus during some semesters. There are about a dozen people, all adults, standing and facing west. The man (facing my direction with his head and shoulders about three feet above the heads of the small group he is speaking to) is showing and discussing the details of a ďtornadoĒ of which the easel is displaying, but the image of which is solely a series of sparsely drawn black horizontal lines on a plain white background, each line being longer from bottom to top. I am only vaguely puzzled by how this arrangement of lines does not really look like a tornado other than as a suggestion of a tornadoís general shape. I remain in my room as this presentation continues on the other side of the highway.

      My focus eventually shifts to Brenda (schoolmate, neighbor, and close friend), and this thought creates a new setting. I am then in my primary schoolís playground in morning daylight. The tornado is arriving from the southwest, somehow without any implication of wind, though still perceived as a danger to my schoolmates, yet not me. I am on the south side of the hexagonal merry-go-round and I perceive that I need to save my schoolmates.

      I take hold of a metal bar of the merry-go-round and begin running in a circle to counteract the tornado, by turning the merry-go-round in the opposite direction of which the tornado is spinning. At this point, despite my young age, I am vaguely aware of ďvestibular system equilibriumĒ, though I am only liminally lucid.

      In knowing the cause of the autosymbolism of this dream, my dream self experienced liminal dream control and modulation over the transpersonal band of the preconscious, which as a result, softened the waking experience rather than resulting in a hypnopompic waking start such as a falling sensation, hypnopompic kick, or a more dramatic rendering of dream self cessation as is quite common and is otherwise just a biological factor of the waking transition. The main purpose of a dream is to resolve the waking stage itself and to correlate the illusory dream self with the conscious self identity.

      What are reasons for some of the other autosymbolism of which did not seem to be a result of the vestibular system correlation in the final scene? The ďteacherĒ discussing the ďanatomyĒ of a tornado was in a location where I usually wait for the bus to go to school. I do not go to school on Sunday, so this rendering of the personified unconscious seemed like a logical choice to establish this status, especially as the viewpoint was from my bed (bed dream state indicator). (I still ended up in my schoolís playground in the last scene, though, by liminal choice.) As I was the liminal essence of the dream state itself, there was no perceived threat (against me), even by a tornado.

      On a spiritual level, I was also creating the model of a Merkaba, which I will not go into here as it would require too many additional paragraphs. Aside from the typical vestibular system correlation of the dream state itself, I additionally consider this dream as having a prescient marker due to the date (Zsuzsannaís birthday), my rescue of her validated ďstand-inĒ (Brenda), and the Merkaba model.

    7. Lucid Tower Meditation

      by , 06-28-2017 at 06:12 AM
      I'm outdoors on a lush, green landscape. It's like a park that is being gradually infiltrated by warehouses, factories, barns, and public buildings.

      Everything is very vivid. The light has a strange, beautiful quality, as if the light itself is full of possibility.

      I know that I'm dreaming.

      In the middle of the landscape is what might be a children's playground or what's left of an industrial plant. It's hard to tell, but I swing on a horizontal bar like an athlete, having fun.

      I drop down to the ground, thinking that I was supposed to do something the next time I was lucid, but I can't remember what it was. I don't want to waste the entire dream trying to remember, so I decide to fly. Predictible, yes, but a great feeling and not only is it less effort than ever with more control, but I also feel no anxiety as I rush up into the air.

      Ahead, there is a green hill with a tunnel going into it. Now there is some anxiety, as I wonder it was going to come out of the entrance.

      A large bus/short train comes speeding out and I jump high into the air to avoid it. It is yellow and reminiscent of a child's drawing of a bus/train. It has passengers.

      Then I recall that I was thinking about meditating in a lucid dream, which I've done once before and had a great experience.

      I close my eyes and I feel that I'm inside a tower. Opening my eyes intermittently, I see the translucent skeleton of the building's internal framework.

      Eyes closed, I rise up through the tower, hovering up what feels like about 40 floors. Hovering in the middle of this semi-visible building, I enter a deep meditation.

      I feel myself in bed, lying beneath the covers.

      I feel myself standing in the dream.

      I feel myself hovering in the middle of the building.

      I am the building too. I'm the structure, the beams and frames, stretching up and surrounding myself.

      When I hear footsteps, I open my eyes and my friend is quietly entering a kitchen in a fluffy white dressing gown.

      "I'm just making myself a drink," she says. "I can't sleep. You want one?"

      "No," I say and close my eyes.

      I stay in the dream, lucid, deeply meditating and just experiencing the various states at once for what feels like a few minutes, until my 'in bed' state feels very uncomfortable - I feel like all my weight is on one arm - and I wake myself up enough to turn over.
    8. Dream - The Kitten Craze

      by , 06-01-2017 at 02:20 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 1 JUN

      Dream No. 123 - The Kitten Craze

      All of the dream took place in my old house. I was in my bed with a giant Super Mario and giant Dr. Neo Cortex plush toy. While trying to give them equal amounts of affection, I heard my mum yelling at my brother somewhere else in the house. As I was in bed, I was planning what I was going to say to my mum in defence. I eventually got out of bed, swung the bedroom door open and jumped out of the bedroom while shouting ďengarde!Ē. When I question my mum, she denied yelling at NB but I threatened her with something, I forgot what though, and she gave up on denying. I then went back into my bedroom to pick some clothes to wear. I had a range of clothes in my wardrobe but what's weird is that some of the ones I picked were size 26.

      I then was in the kitchen and our cat Geej was there. I look over to the Christmas tree in the sitting and the grey cat is sitting under it. I then came to the conclusion the Geej and the grey cat had kittens, five of them. I eventually got to see what these kittens looked like. They were all mostly white with just tiny patches of grey and ginger. Apparently there was going to be some sort of welcome ceremony held for these kittens. This ceremony was set up in the kitchen, with these kittens being in a tub of greeny-bluey looking, jelly-like water. One part of the ceremony is where my dad's friend GC was going to read a bible passage. On the completion of him reading it, my dad complains from the couch, saying he would have rather preferred a Christian passage than a Jewish passage.

      My mum went up to take the bible from GC and I followed. At the end, I ended up having the bible and reading the passage. I do remember that this passage was distinguishing between goodness and badness. The bible had more of a layout like a children's storybook with some very good artwork in there. I remember enjoying reading the passage. When I was done, Gavin was amazed and made the comment that he wanted to get me on TV. The dream then skipped to my mum saying that some of the kittens had to be put up for adoption and I was a bit sad about this. Apparently five young stranger girls came and took a kitten each out the front door.

      The dream scene then changed to something unimaginable. Both my grandma and Ms D were playing together in a playground! I came up to my grandma and was returning her sunglasses to her. Then my mum made a big fuss about how I was being so nice by giving them back. I don't remember if anything else happened in this dream.
    9. October 17 2016 Dreams

      by , 10-18-2016 at 01:39 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Frag: Something to do with a giant pirate themed place, walking on wooden rickety bridges, ships in various locations.

      Frag: Over at this playground which is lakeview playground IRL, there with a group of people my age. We're on the playground and then on the other side of a chain crossed fence. I was talking to a girl named X and now I had my arm around Dana talking about something, I could see X behind Dana glaring at her jealous.

      I'm in a class group in some sort of mansion that doesn't really contain any walls. The teacher is asking us to pair up so I'm looking around at people, everyone seems to be getting partners but I'm all alone. The teacher asks where Hayden T is and I check my phone to see he texted me telling me he wasn't going to class. It appears to me that I'm sorta in a Mario game, specifically Super Mario 64 in the castle level where you slide down the red carpet. On the opposite side of where you'd go to the carpet is a staircase which leads to blackness on some sides except the middle which has a swirling portal kinda like an instance portal from WoW and maybe some boosting portals before it. We start to go down the other side and the path is not a red carpet but a snowy slope. I'm still looking around for a partner when I see Hayden behind us. Everyone in the class group is now sliding down this snowy slope. I'm sliding on my butt up small hills and off of jumps, grabbing onto overhanging tree branches to do tricks, trying to impress the teacher and landing perfectly down sloping angles so it doesn't hurt. My alarm wakes me up while I'm mid-air.
    10. Disturbing Children and Hanna Barbera? Really creepy dream

      by , 06-22-2016 at 03:26 AM
      I'm a child, and I'm going to a large city park with a group of friends and oir parents. There's a big playground and grassy field, all near the city library. A comfortable place overall.
      We eventually start playing games like tag and manhunt, and begin to split up. Before I know it, I'm in this grassy area with small, dilapidated houses, shipping containers and toppled buses acting as shelters and tunnels. Most of them are charred black, and there's lots of splintered wood and corrugated metal. It feels like a shantytown, but it still seems to be in the park and viewed as safe.
      I'm playing alone and trying to avoid the others, but I feel an overwhelming sense of hostility and paranoia growing in the air, and become more fearful as I engage in the activities children do.
      I'm entering the houses and containers, and at a couple points I see candy lying around and take it. I can feel the other children looking for me as I do this, but they've grown into something more... sinister.
      At one point I have to crawl through a small, dark tin tunnel with a dog that alternates between whimpering and growling at something behind us, in the house. I crawl to the end toward the house's exit and hug the dog, but I'm pretty sure it gets caught by whatever is hunting us.
      The dream now has a Silent Hill vibe. I'm not sure if it's still a game. I somehow find out how the other kids have been dying. They get their heads ripped off and replaced with a baby doll's head, or their head gets put on an animal or another person. Then they become sinister.
      I grow increasingly terrified, and though I can't find anyone, I know that I'm surrounded by pieces of their corpses.
      The playground is now empty, cloudy and plagued by weeds. I find two adults and we go back to the houses and tins as they demand to know who caused all this chaos, as if they think we're still kids. We wander to a dead end and there are dark, open windows all around us. I'm waiting for someone to reach out from one and grab them, dragging them into the window. I'm not sure if it happens.

      The last part of the dream show the Scooby Doo gang from the original cartoons, standing and making plans to investigate that area. The sound is fuzzy, as if I'm watching them on an old TV. It seems like a normal episode, happy like it seemed with me, but it will definitely become dark and depressing.
      The title tune--the one that plays when they display the name of the episode--is playing fuzzily in the background, and I know they're going to die.
    11. #230 - Cafe Playground / Star Wars office

      by , 04-15-2016 at 09:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I've been thinking lately about something a friend said to me, apparently if you stay properly hydrated during the day then your body will need 30% less sleep during the night. This is because keeping hydrated allows it to function better during the day so you don't need to recover as much while sleeping. I started paying attention to how hydrated I've been and noticed that the days where I stay extremely well hydrated result in the nights being more vivid with a higher chance of lucidity. I had 2 lucids last night which was unexpected, especially since the activities I spent time on doing yesterday usually result in me being less aware (reading, gaming, watching shows, exercising). My awareness has also just been generally gobshite over the past few days, despite meditating every night. I also didn't meditate last night since I was too tired, but I did consume a massive amount of liquids throughout the day. The only variable I can think of was that I drank like 3 different kinds of tea which I usually don't drink at all. Other than that my diet was completely the same as always.
      I think staying hydrated could be a key condition for myself getting lucid at night, so I'll keep paying attention to it for now.

      Dream 1 - Cafe Playground
      I remember being with my daughter inside a playground (like the ones in McDonald's). She was much younger than she is now so I was helping her out a lot. I remember being able to see her mother/family outside the playground, we decide to head down a slide and go see them. We get down safely and go sit in the cafe that we appeared in. Next to me is someone from the family but I can't recognize who. I order a smoothie, it must be blueberry (guessing from the blue colour). I think I get up to go pay or something and I realize the baby isn't on me, so I turn around and go pick her up but I realize I'm dreaming. I wander past the cafe (it's like a small cafe they in the middle of the mall) and look around. The area seems similar to the mall near where I live, I think about what to do and come to a decision. In 1 of my previous lucids I was able to enter a VIP area by the elevator and wanted to see if I could get in there again. I find an elevator and press the button a few times. Geeze I feel like it's not working, eventually I wake up. The dream was pretty standard for my lucids, about 30-60 seconds.

      Dream 2 - Star Wars office
      It was like I was in a star wars video game (like jedi academy), I was doing a mission in an enemy base. The corridors were all metal and there was an opened gateway to my right. Past the gateway was a rocky cliff that seemed to end in an endless abyss, but there was another gateway on the other side. I'm sprinting along as I see this gateway, the doors on both sides are slowly closing, I do a huge leap over the abyss and tumble under the gateway on the other side. It was really close but I managed to make it before the door closed. I then enter the stars wars galactic government room, with all those floating things the politicians talk from. I remembered that in a video I watched a while ago the race E.T. was from was part of the galactic government, for some reason I really felt like looking around for them. After not being able to see them (though there were definitely a whole variety of alien species around) I had the awareness to become lucid. I decided that, unlike in my last lucid earlier in the night, I would reality check and attempt to stabilize a bit and then pursue a dream goal. I pushed my thumb into the palm of my hand, stretching it and confirming the dream state. Next I decided that I'd continue my search for a dream guide, the area I was in was more like a business work floor now. I remember seeing a girl walk past so I tried asking her if she was my dream guide, she kept moving away too fast and I couldn't catch up. She was only walking at a normal pace and I was running, she should have been a metre apart but eventually the distance increased to several metres and she disappeared. I got too caught up in the chase and ended up waking up.
    12. #166 - School trippin'

      by , 11-28-2015 at 03:44 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Went to bed later again as I was exposed to TV for the first time in a long while.. Where does time even go?
      I'll have to restart my dream recall goal (3 dreams every night for 3 days in a row).

      Dream - School trippin'
      I was on a school bus, we were going on a field trip somewhere. I had a lot of bags (these were the bags that I had left in my flat to be picked up by a moving truck) and I remember unloading them from the bus storage. So many bags, I can't possibly move them in one go... I pick up 2 bags and follow along with everyone else, deciding to make a couple trips to get everything to wherever we're headed. I distinctly recall there being a very realistic sexy big breasted (she had a boob job) brunette woman (in her thirties?) at some point who was guiding me. I don't think she appeared to me in person, but may have been an image on my phone. She had no shirt or bra either . There was also another girl that was the same age as me, she was a strikingly beautiful voluptuous blonde. She gets replaced suddenly by a feminine looking guy with short brown hair... Wait a second... Is that a wig? I think to myself that I think it's actually the girl in disguise. I continue to a playground train which we're supposed to climb onto. It's literally a playground, yet it's somehow a train? I climb up the bar ladder on to the wooden platform, Katie tells me that I shouldn't hog all the space because of how many bags I have. I say that I won't... So bossy. I dump my bags into a corner and climb back down to the bark ground, Katie comes up to me again with 2 of my other bags. Huh? She went and brought my bags for me? "Thanks, how many bags are left?" I say, she responds by telling me there's 3 left (she says it in a way that makes me think she's feigning that she doesn't care, though it's really nice of her to help me out). I think to myself that 3 can't be right.. I should only have 2 more bags? I don't stop to think about this properly. I look at my phone and I see that sexy big breasted brunette woman again, she's in a .gif with the brown haired guy. The woman has her breasts bouncing left to right (they're huge ( . Y . )), the gif is pretty well-made but I can see where the frame resets, the guy isn't doing much except trying to look cool. I notice that there are 3 loops in the .gif, they each play twice before seamlessly switching to the next one. WHOA! Suddenly it switches again... I notice that the guy has turned back into that beautiful blonde, I knew it was a wig! She's in tight-fitting gym clothes with her stomach showing and she's swinging her hips from side to side. It's incredibly hot . The entire scene of seeing this .gif on my phone wasn't very long but it was very vivid and very intense. The end

      Dream experience: 8 (pretty standard dream but the girls were incredibly vivid and the experience was quite intensive and has been on my mind most of the day)
      Dream awareness: 2-3 (Not aware enough to be lucid, but I was aware of inconsistencies during the dream. Awareness reached ~3 during the .gif part due to vividness and emotions)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. #142 -Walking around town / Survival / Balloons

      by , 10-28-2015 at 08:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment - Walking around town
      I just remember waking up from my first dream cycle and thinking that I had 2 separate dreams. I was walking around my home town, near the roundabout but not really sure what happened. There seemed to be a large gap and then I was in a new dream.

      Dream 1 - Survival
      Imagine those crypts in Skyrim that are dome-like with the opening in the top, I jumped into one of those and the interior was really dark. It had a similar atmosphere to something like 'Doom' or 'Quake', and there were there rectangle flesh aliens attached to the ground. Roughly an arms length, maybe 20cm wide and 5cm high, they were everywhere kind of just radiating out from the centre. They attack you by lurching one side up and slamming onto you. Their 'flesh' is like a bundle of red sinew that when attacking, will become fibrous and latch around its victim. When I fell into the room there was so much of it and it was grabbing at me. I don't know how but I seemed to kill a whole bunch of them, the 'don't know how' part was interesting because I seemed to have no memory of how anything works. I watched a video on Youtube by Cracked called 'The Stumbling Dead' which is a joke about how the Walking Dead can all understand each other but they have no idea what the f*ck is going on . I seemed to be in that kind of mindset, my hair was ragged and really long, my skin was dirtied and the only clothing I had was a rag around my waist. I tried getting away from the alien things, there appeared to be a tunnel leading out of the dome room on one side which I felt like I had been down before. At this point it was almost like the dream had a game-like theme to it, where if you failed you could retry which was why I thought I had been down the tunnel...

      Dream 2 - Balloons
      I seemed to be dungeon crawling with a few friends, I had been through the dungeon before (was some kind of game world) and was advising them on certain things. It was pretty stereotypical for a dungeon, stone brick walls with high ceilings etc. We turned up in a room which apparently just has a tonne of enemies spawn and the easiest thing to do is just bypass everything by running to the exit. I tell my friends about this but the look in their eyes tells me that they want to grind some experience.. "*sigh*, okay then we'll do that" . We head down the stairs next to the entrance when suddenly I realize there's some stupid event going on. A plethora of freakin' balloons surges up in front of us. 'Ugh god damn it why now?', the aim is to pop as many balloons or a special balloon which gives you heaps of points. I spot the special balloon (which is blue and white) and take a whack at it with some kind of whip-like sword, it smashes against it but the balloon doesn't pop. It seems to be a lot harder to pop than other balloons :/. I chase after it and whack at it a few times but nothing happens. A guy called Chris from my geology class shows up, he's hitting other contenders to earn points. There seems to be a lot of people competing now, in the distance about 20m away I see the announcer of the game narrating the points people are earning. He's wearing a suit and holding a microphone. Chris pokes me in the stomach with a long stick. "1 point to Chris!" the narrator shouts. "God that's cheap" I say, he isn't even trying to get balloons -.-... Chris stabs at me again with his stick which is more like a really long staff. It's pissing me off now, stop it dude. I grab his stick and take it off him, then snap it in half. I know this is against the rules but damn he was annoying. I walk past him and leave, taking the broken stick with me. I notice that he now has a new stick "Ugh what a douche". I enter a passageway leading to another part of the large room the competition is being held in. The place is so colourful now, there's even a colourful playground nearby. I remember thinking about how the whole stick thing was typical behaviour for a friend of mine called Matt. When we'd play Jedi Academy on LAN he would pick the longest lightsabers and then just do flips all over the place that one-hit everyone. And because they were so long you couldn't do anything about it .
    14. Old Dream: Printing with Light

      by , 10-26-2015 at 06:10 PM
      Feb. 26, 2003:

      I had a dream I was back in R__ near my aunt's old house, and I thought I could get back to her house from there, only everything was all different and the city just wasn't the same any more. It was like a maze, and every time I turned around, the streets change. So I couldn't get to her house; in fact, I got completely lost! Then I wound up going through this weird carnival type thing that I don't remember much about, only that it was weird. Only it wasn't a carnival, it was this crazy art exhibition, and people were doing all sorts of weird displays and performance art and stuff, except it was sort of scary in a way. And then I went through a playground only it was a really shoddy one and everything was all broken down (actually, that does sound quite like my aunt's old neighborhood...). Then I got to this one tenement that had never been there before, near where the old hardware store used to be, and it was all run-down and broken down. I met my old art teacher Mrs. D___ there and she said there was some guy there that I needed to meet, because she thought I'd be interested in the stuff he'd done and what he had to say. Turns out he was some great printer or something but everyone had completely forgotten about him in his old age, and I'd barely even heard of him myself. However, I went up there anyway, and he was waiting in his apartment... it was a real slum... he was just this shrunken, emaciated old guy with white hair and bleary blue eyes, he didn't seem like much, he was a hermit of sorts and never really went out, never talked to people or interacted with them, and sort of cranky, but once I started talking to him he actually seemed like he was a pretty nice guy, just really antisocial. I guess never going out and talking to people... they sort of forgot he was there, or that he'd done anything important. I felt bad for him.

      So he asked me to show him some of my work, and I did. He looked at it and said it had potential, and told me not to give up, that art and the printed medium in particular could be discouraging but to just keep trying. Then he showed me some printing techniques. I don't remember very much about those, only that it looked like some sort of silk-screen but when you drew your finger across it, it made light, and you could actually etch these really neat luminous designs in it this way. So we sat and drew designs together, and then I heard Mrs. D___ calling me and telling me that I'd talked to him enough now and didn't need to be there any more, and then I woke up.
    15. N5: Playgrounds and textbooks -_-

      by , 08-13-2015 at 08:36 PM
      I can't remember most of this...

      So... Apparently, Sabrina Collins from Raising hope was at a playground... She was blonde, and was holding a game show... It was an obstacle course for little kids XD
      Then I dreamt that my 7-year-old neighbor was writing a book in the style of a school textbook.
      There was more to both the dreams, but I forgot.
      I think that at some point I dreamt about a stone.
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