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    1. cliii. European Aztecs (Museum) and Race with an Assassin

      by , 09-09-2020 at 04:33 PM
      Been having motivational issues around dreaming because of how mornings (and days in general) have been lately, but really need to finish catching up my DJ. Will also try to give this some relevant title...

      22nd August 2020 (DFLN thread)


      Something about being in a town and visiting a cultural centre thing with a group of people, like a field trip (from how I remember them at school).

      There were some little statuette things atop a doorway bit at the entrance of a museum area? The statuettes were the legacy of an Aztec culture that (in the dream) had existed in Europe until the 800s.

      I remember some people in the group were old classmates of mine. Many of them were simply messing around and some of them got some chairs to try and reach up to the statuettes to touch them. The statues had some visual resemblance to football players? Or to table football figurines. The statuettes were very blocky and maybe made of some kind of painted terracotta.

      I was completely uninterested in messing around like them and so went for a walk. I remember the inside of the museum looked dark, no lights were on inside since it was daytime. I think I went with one of the teachers around the area. There were gardens of some kind and it was sunny. There was a little artificial water feature, like a mini concrete pond.

      Then I had walked a really long way. Eventually I'm jogging or running? And then there's a guy along the pavement and I sort of prompt him to race with me. It's night time now but bright from moonlight (I vaguely recall a sunset transition as I walked); we're in a suburban type of area, reminds me of North American suburbs.

      I don't quite remember how, but eventually we're very high up, we climbed or ran up some thick steel cabling to get here. We're higher than some of the tallest buildings' rooftops in the area. This is some kind of construction site. Then a thunderstorm begins and this guy I raced with tells me about some villain he has to assassinate, like I'd earned his trust or something? I somehow have a focused zoom-view looking straight down from the girders we're on an I see what I can only describe as a convertible white limo. The villain steps out and he looks like King Pin.

      I use some kind of oversized (comically?) rocket launcher, featuring a red colour scheme. I shoot straight down at the limo, I don't remember exactly what happened but the dream went on for a while, but at this point recall had faded too much.


      - The area the museum was in was very much like the areas around my old home, but more so of the town next over from mine (Bran).
    2. cxli.

      by , 08-19-2020 at 08:01 PM
      7th July 2020

      Dream (somewhat fragmented):

      Some mix of walking and racing around a city. There was a long track that lapped at a military train station of some kind and looped around through a somewhat futuristic city and some mountains and sea side cliffs. I think I lapped around a couple of times at least. The track was a mix of dirt and train tracks along the non-city parts, so the car would transform or something as it went on and off the rail tracks. The moments during which I was driving were all in third person view.

      (recall gap)

      At some point I was driving a tank past the check point where the race track supposedly lapped, somewhere in the city. A group of rebels appeared and melded out from the cheering crowds gathered around the city race track. The group of people had guns and they clung to me and demanded "the truth" (not of me, it was their chant?). I was not their ally but not their enemy either. I carried on moving forward and some point I'm me and not in the tank anymore, and I'm going through this cramped and small hall of a sci-fi, neon-lit mall. It's kind of dark but the neon signs made a stark contrast.

      (at some point there's a transition, maybe not instant but gradual, though my recall of it has faded)

      The rather large group of rebels was much smaller now. I was now in a giant cavern and this much smaller (less than ten people in total) group of rebels and their children had been following me for a while now after what I think had been quite some time walking; some of the kids kept holding on to me (in fear?) or clinging but I found this annoying at times since I was trying to move forward.

      In the huge cave there was this giant reptilian alien creature and it was fighting or attacking something. I remember running past its large open mouth and throwing a small nuclear bomb inside. Somehow I made it keep its mouth closed as I moved towards its tail.

      The bomb went off at this point and the light shone right through the scaly skin; there was a certain iridescence to the effect and there were plenty of vivid colour. Because I was at the back at this point, I remember making note that it was a female (based on the genitals) and the creature began to feel weak and was sort of hanging on its knees.

      Then I remember being the same size as it; I sort of rolled it over on its back and then it was a (friendly) dog. I was trying to be careful because some of those people were still nearby and now they were tiny. I gave the dog some kind of pill like a tranquillising medicine, without too much resistance; the giant dog began to look a bit out of it and happy. Then there was some kind of interface to choose how to reset or reprogram the creature's behaviour. There were two columns with a few options each.

      The dream ended shortly after this.

      - Even only after waking up I thought that the general setting of this dream was very interesting. The sci-fi type city and the scenic landscapes are generally appealing and come to think of it, are both subjects I'd like to be better at portraying artistically.
      -- I remember some picturesque sunset views at some point, around the seaside cliff areas.
      - This was one of those dreams that felt quite long, where I feel there are many parts of the dream that I did experience but simply could not recall solidly once awake.
      - The whole thing with the rebels and the city makes me think of the Hunger Games for some reason, though I don't think I'd rewatched it recently at the time of this dream.
      -- I don't remember clearly anymore what was the general emotional state of the rebels and their children when we were in the cave, but my mind says "fear" at the moment; but the way the children were hanging on to me was more playful, in the same way that as when I was a child I might have done when being playful with my parents.
      - The nuclear bomb and the shiny effect were probably in part brought on by playing Borderlands 3 and using a character skill that enables miniaturised nuclear warheads to be fired, and in part probably by Fallout and its Fatman too.
      - Rolling over the creature (dog at that point) was very akin to my experience of having to give my dog medication, though in this case there was actually more willingness to receive the medication.

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    3. A Doomed Encounter; Your Turn

      by , 02-12-2018 at 10:48 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      A meeting is taking place beside a river between a knight and a woman. His name is Gawain. Her name is Lotus. It seems like the beginning of a relationship between them. But she can see into the future, and she knows that one day, he will kill her. And yet, she doesn't attempt to break things off.

      I am seeing things from his perspective and from hers, and also from somewhere outside of it, where I don’t like the way things are going. And so I pull the scene apart, untangling all the little mental streams that are contributing to it and recombining them into three separate bundles. It will be easier to work with this way, I figure. Now I am in the kitchen of my old house in M--- with my mother, preparing a meal. I’m making the salads. But as I tear the lettuce into smaller pieces, I can still see the river there, and a little point of red light shining in the grass beside it. It’s easy to see and easy to avoid, but it still makes me uneasy.

      In a different dream, I’m in a grocery store, although the building seems to be serving multiple functions. I’m there shopping with Saimi’s little sister, who seems to be around seven years old. After a while, I figure I’ll let her take care of a few things. She gets to do something all on her own, I get to read for a little bit—it seems like a pretty good arrangement. I tell her to pick out some plums—maybe three, whatever kind looks nice—and I sit down at a table there with my book of Rilke’s poetry, which I apparently have with me. She goes off and comes back a few minutes later with a single plum in a plastic bag. She places it on the table and then leaves again. A few minutes later, she’s back with another plum in a bag. Kids. You know there’s got to be some sort of weird logic behind this.

      But now something else seems to be happening: there’s going to be a horse race here, inside the building, and Saimi’s little sister is participating, along with three other people. But the horse she’s on is a rather strange one: it seems to be made of some embroidered red material with yellow patterns in it, while still behaving like a living horse. But the race doesn’t begin immediately, and I awaken before it actually takes place.
    4. 9/4/17 | Snow Forecast, Race to Canada

      by , 09-04-2017 at 03:13 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-There was a weather forecast on for snow in Washington. In the northern islands closer to Canada, the TV meteorologist had no idea what was going to happen, as apparently 60-80 inches of snow had once been recorded there.
      -2-There was a challenge to drive on every road in Washington. This eventually turned into a race to somewhere in southern Canada, starting from Kansas. We had to check certain homes and evacuate them. Some of them were extremely hostile, even getting their dogs to attack me. There was another person that tried to steal my car. That didn’t work without the key.
      Tags: race, snow
    5. January 17-23, 2014 (L)x5 | Charizard TF, Aperture Science, Top Gear

      by , 07-11-2017 at 03:36 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      1/17/14 | Charizard TF
      I was watching my older sister draw some sackgirl with a super long electric tail. Next, I was in my room on a Sunday morning. [TF Start] Two bony structures grew from the back of my head as I observed them. Later, wings formed as my skin turned orange and my clothes ripped off. My legs started to resemble those of a Charizard. This was about as far as the TF progressed, because I didn’t remember what the full anatomy of a Charizard was at the time.

      1/20/14 (L)x3 L2(x3) | Aperture | DILDx3
      1,2,3 – forgotten.
      4—Starting with playing Portal-style game. I could take two paths, one into another chamber, another going outside. I got outside by momentum. later, I had to wear a certain type of glasses so I would remain undetected when I went back into the building to retrieve stuff. Later, someone killed GLaDOS.
      Time: 15-60 seconds

      1/22/14 (L)x2 L1- L1 | Evil Cop, Walmart, Driving, Shoelaces | DEILDx2
      -3-Some evil cop guy was trying to follow me and arrest me for nothing, so I ran as fast as I could (hey, I could properly this time) into the woods. I ran at top speed for about 60 seconds before I emerged on the other side, to the left of a Walmart. The police guy showed up in the car again. Upon seeing him, I quickly hid behind what should have been a freeway divider. When he gave up and left, I entered a room inside Walmart with a Pavlov ASR to protect a group of people on a staircase.
      [New Scene]
      I was learning how to drive. Everything was messed up and against me, so it was incredibly difficult to even stay on the road period. Next, I looped back to the beginning; this time in third-person. The speedometer reading showed values that were 180°b of what they should have been.
      [New Scene]
      I was in a very very short race on roller skates down that same road. Strangely, 90% of the racers crashed into each other and ended up 8ft off the ground, all hanging from their shoelaces.

      -I won a launch PS3 from a youtuber. Interestingly, I was replaying TP on it.
      Time: 10-40 seconds

      1/23/14 (L) L1+ DILD | Top Gear, Movie, Bomb
      -1-First, Top Gear was on. They were in a special, and Hammond said something along the of “James, what are you doing?” Later, narrator Clarkson said something like, “We looked at the values and first decided to travel 44°N and 75°W. However, this location was over 9,000 miles away, so we figured it was an elevation marker. I was lucid for a few moments.
      -2-Dad and I watched inaccurate 2x speed replays of me walking about my grandparents' house. A few seconds in, it transitioned into a movie. Some guys brought explosives to blow up a floating building. While the 3 mean were escaping, <cliché>one of them stopped to stare at the bombs for 2-3 seconds. </cliché>
      Time: 10-30 seconds

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    6. Surreal Race to the Waking Transition

      by , 01-17-2017 at 07:17 AM
      Morning of January 17, 2017. Tuesday.

      In my goal to strengthen my online journal against the fallacy of “dream interpretation”, I have, to the best of my ability, clarified this entry and recompiled the underlying meaning and root influences.

      I am alone in an unfamiliar car in late morning, though which is implied to be my dream self’s car. I am parked near the center of the parking lot of Skogen’s IGA in La Crosse, logically facing south towards the store’s entrance. Although I am in America, the driver’s side is on the right. There are several other parked cars around, all with people in them. (Both the driver’s side being on the wrong side and all the cars in the parking lot illogically having people in them are dream-state indicators. Erroneous dream-state indicators of this type are so common, it seems to be a natural dividing mechanism to separate dream-state memory from real-life memory).

      After a few minutes of looking around as I am seated behind the steering wheel (with no backstory as to whether there was intent to go into the store or to leave and drive elsewhere), an unknown male erratically drives a car around in the parking lot. There is machine gun fire from the car and someone (in the car) is hollering about a race. In the car are two males who are dressed as 1920s gangsters. It seems that everyone is being challenged to get away and to apparently hide somewhere. I am not sure if there is a literal finish line.

      I decide to drive away as quickly as possible. I go down an alley which is seemingly the one behind the Loomis Street house. I drive into a large garage and get out of the car though sit near it in the semidarkness. It seems I may be safe here.

      After a time, there is activity just outside in the alley. The gangsters are looking for the people who had driven away from the parking lot. I hear objects falling over just outside the garage but I remain still. I do not think they will find me.

      Eventually, I look up and see a large circular hole in the ceiling of the garage and a giant human eye, atypically rendered in black and white, peers down through the hole. The eye and its movement has somewhat of a slight blurry effect as if a giant television was just above the hole in the ceiling, facing downwards. There are even a couple lines of “static” as the eye moves side to side as if in REM sleep, though it remains open, unblinking. I am not sure if I will be seen but I do not feel afraid. This surreal situation does not trigger any sense of it being impossible.

      Step-by-step explanation for the inexperienced:

      In my dreams, sitting in a car in a parking lot (or simply being in a parking lot) is a biological indicator of being in bed and typically represents the last stage of a sleep cycle, the subliminal “waiting period” for the increase in beta neural activity (13–30 Hz). This has been validated from the study of hundreds of parallel examples since early childhood. There is no reason to assume that the parking lot is “symbolic” of anything in real life, which does not even make any sense other than perhaps to people falling prey to the Barnum effect of “dream interpretation”.

      My dream self typically runs away simply out of the lack of enthusiasm over waking up (more obvious in this case as I subliminally knew what being in the parking lot meant even though my dream self did not), though which is random and completely unrelated to how I view sleep or waking in general (and after all, every day is different). My dream self typically runs away from the more dominant preconscious (until the emergent consciousness is linked and activated), which most often has absolutely nothing in common with me or of any relevance to my waking life. It is not known whether the noise outside the garage, another form of liminal space, was based on real environmental noise, but it seems likely, especially as the REM symbolism was activated right afterwards.

      The very last scene, an intriguing indicator of being in REM sleep, was directly influenced by the “Don’t Open Till Doomsday” episode of “The Outer Limits” television series, which I had not seen in years and first watched as a child while I drifted in and out of sleep and lucid and semi-lucid dream states. (This was a major influence that heightened my interest in various levels of consciousness.) The episode, on one level, is a perfect metaphor for the conscious self subliminally “watching” the fictional dream self. In fact, my dream even included the black-and-white television imagery from the original show, even including the static.

      Finally, there is another layer of meaning. In this case, it is almost like an analogy to my life. In order to viably clarify it, I must quote part of an original summary of the episode: “In 1929, a pair of young newlyweds receives a mysterious box-like object wrapped as a wedding gift with a cryptic label reading ‘Don’t Open Till Doomsday’. Unbeknownst to his bride, the bridegroom is zapped by a beam of light emanating from this object when he removed it from the wrapping, and seemingly disappears out of existence. In 1964, an eloping couple arrives at the house in the hopes of using it as a honeymoon spot, now a half-derelict mansion owned by Mrs. Kry, an eccentric old woman who turns out to be the aforesaid bride, driven to insanity after her husband disappeared. After the younger bride herself disappears inside the box, it is revealed that Mrs. Kry has been luring young couples to her house, in the hope of 'trading’ them for her lost bridegroom, with an alien intelligence residing inside the box.”

      How does this relate to me and my life? The box represents the fictional and contained form of a dream limited by a total lack of understanding of dreams (that nearly all “interpreters” exhibit), or believing that a dream relates only to current real-life status. This is like an alternate timeline (in metaphor) of what could have happened if I (or Zsuzsanna) had believed in “interpretation” (“receiving the box”) when I was growing up. That is, I would not have ultimately learned that the “mystery girl” of my dreams, rather than being “symbolic” or of solely being another aspect of myself, was actually literally precognitive of my eventual joining with my “mystery girl” Zsuzsanna. This is pure truth.

      Curious marker: This dream was on the morning of January 17, 2017. The episode of “The Outer Limits” that influenced it was from season 1, episode 17.

    7. [26-09-2016]

      by , 09-26-2016 at 07:22 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a really dark night - everything was pitch black. I was driving on pal's motorcycle to house, seeing as far as motor's lights allowed me to. For some reason I decided to stop in a smaller village close to my home village. A girl living in my neighborhood was there, riding on her motorbike. She asked me if we could make a race, then some huge dude on his motorbike joined us and we drove on. It became slightly lighter when we reached my backyard - this was the start. After everyone took places, we started the race. The road led up a hill. I quickly left them behind, even though my motorcycle turned into a destroyed bike halfway through. Then I heard someone shouting to me that I should drive to the side - I looked back and saw my mother on a bicycle, she said that she's driving to take my sister from a bus stop and that I should pick up some debris from the ground. I stopped my motorcycle/mangled bicycle and started collecting rocks and pebbles all around, then drove with them to house instead of continuing race, as there were no chances to win after that time.
    8. #253 - Beach / Motor cross

      by , 06-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm on the beach, there's been some sort of accident or phenomenon causing sea life to wash up on the shores. Sharks and jellyfish are being washed up by the waves, everyone is panicking and trying to put them back in the water... The sharks have weird teeth too, the teeth are all connected as if it were just one big serrated tooth. My family are there, bustling around like everyone else. I remember the sharks snapping at my feet, ungrateful bastards. I also remember a jellyfish jimmying around the shore which made me think it looked a little dopey.

      Motor Cross
      This dream was pretty enjoyable, I was on a motorbike driving on a circuit in a race. It was kind of dark and pouring with rain... The road was slippery as hell, cars and motorbikes were zooming around so fast. I was on a dirt bike, I remember thinking that if I wanted to win then I would have to up my game. I was behind by too much to take it easy, so I did some risky things. I start hugging the corners tighter, taking the turns at faster speeds, driving across dirt patches.. There were others taking similar risks too. I remember other motorbikes smashing brutally, taking the risks I was taking but not succeeding. It was scary, because I knew how close it was for me too.. It happened a few times, and eventually I slipped up. The crash was minor but my bike was too cracked to be of use anymore.
    9. Race Ending With a Peaceful Drowning

      by , 11-08-2015 at 08:32 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I know I had a super short lucid sometime last night but don't remember one bit of it.

      Most of this dream was about events leading up to the race and I woke up/got up and when I fell back asleep I was having another race dream so this is just the whole thing kinda blended together.

      I was at this race, which was supposed to be a cross country running race, which a friend. Before the race, I stopped in this classroom in my old HS to get some things we needed and saw a popular girl there from when I was in HS. I was wondering why she was still there.. she would have had to be held back FOUR years to still be in HS. Anyway, she was making fun of me and so was some guy. I was more surprised than annoyed, and I didn't want to be bothered by it, so before I left the room, I turned to the girl and curtsied at her. She looked surprised. Then I left.

      There was lots of diddly daddling and thinking I was gonna be late for the race because my race was supposed to start at 4:30 am, and I looked at the clock once and it said 4:30am.

      To get to the start of the race, I look this hay-ride type vehicle with some of the contestants(and my dad was there for some reason). When we got there, I was with Sydney. I realized it was a triathlon,starting with surfing. I was annoyed that I didn't know this and had not prepared for this. I have never surfed in my life(including RL).

      Me and the other contestants get in the ocean with our surf boards and paddle out and right away, there come big waves, bigger than I would have thought(in RL I live no where near the ocean so I'm not used to big waves). Everyone missed the first wave, then the second wave came and everyone missed that too. Then the third wave came, which was huge. It knocked me off my board and my board floated way. I tried to grab it but it kept getting further and further away and I was exhausted and realized I wasn't going to make it. So I just gave in and let myself drown. Even though I didn't know I was dreaming, I knew I would be okay(drowning is a re-occurring dream of mine). So I went underneath the surface and it felt quite peaceful, and I
      woke up(FA?).

      The race turned into a singing contestant and the contestants were awful. I looked to see what the prizes were for the winners, which were kept in a yellow paper bag, and I found this gold(fake) box. I opened it and there was a pocket watch inside, cheaply made, with a cartoon character on it. The other prizes were other cheap plastic kid's toys. One kid saw me looking at the prizes and was got mad at me.
    10. #13: Chickens / High little brother / Race / Gathering

      by , 10-17-2015 at 11:11 AM

      Dream 1: Chickens
      I'm sitting in what seems like a windowsill with my girlfriend and another girl. My girlfriend leaves for a moment and the girl asks me what I see in my girlfriend. I don't know. She then says that maybe I should be satisfied and shouldn't chase after perfection. My girlfriend comes back. The girl mentions something about having fed her livestock. I can't remember the specific animal. Shit! I have to feed mine too. One type of animal can go a bit longer without food because they've somewhat recently been fed, but I haven't fed my chickens since I got them. The girl tells me to hurry, cause the place where we keep our animals closes at 9pm. I have about 5 minutes left. I jump up, do something at a white (kitchen)counter and leave.

      Apparently I was at my mom's place. The animals are in the next flat. I'm laying on the grassfield in between the two, behind a sort of bamboo fence that givea me some cover to hide myself (barely though). To get to my chickens I have to enter the apartment of a young woman who lives on the 6th floor. I'm not sure how to enter unseen from the front and from the back it would mean climbing 6 floors of balconies. That seems like too much effort. My girlfriend is already on the walkway of the 6th floor with the woman, about to enter her apartment. She is to distract her. If it takes too long this might involve having sex with her. My girlfriend's sister is walking across the grassfield in my general direction. I call her over. I need her to stay here for just a second so that if the woman looks over she thinks that I'm here with my girlfriend. Her sister really looks a lot like her (but not in real life). The woman spots me easily and recognises the ruse. She makes a sound and a great number of cats appear to scare me off.

      Dream 2: High little brother
      I'm in my mom's house, walking from the hallway, through the living room to the kitchen. As I'm almost entering the kitchen my little brother comes crawling to the living room. He's high as hell and can't walk right now. He may have been meowing.

      I watched a programme on NatGeo just before going to bed. It was about PCP and mentioned that people get really high and might amongst others start to bark like a dog.

      Dream 3: Race!
      There's a race in which I'm participating. Part running, part swimming. I recall seeing some beautiful tropical islands from a birds eye view. I end up in a big old timey house. We have to discover the correct way out to continue. There are a number of rooms, floors and stairs and I recall seeing only one other contestant. An overweight Chinese guy I believe. I discover a somewhat hidden passage. I need to pull away two pieces of wood and some piano-ish string. I enter and turn 90 degrees right. There's a passage. Just as I'm about to continue a hand passing through an opening in the wall. It's the butler. Lunch time. It's something that involves tomatoes. Damn. The Chinese guy was watching me, so he'll probably take this passage and get ahead of me if I go for lunch now. But I might not have enough energy for the final leg of the race if I don't eat. I go for lunch.

      I'm outside with my Ghanese classmate. We finished the race and we have a single sheet, with amongst others a mark at the top, depending on how well we did. I got a 3.something and he a 4.something. Man that's bad. That means I gotta get a 9 or something on the exam to average a 5.5, which is a passing grade here (apparently I also suck at math).

      Dream 4: Gathering
      I enter my old timey house with a friend. There are multiple stairs that take you to different floors and sometimes the same floor but to the other side. I want to go up a set of stairs but have to pass the toilet which my Japanese housemate is using (we lived in the same dormitory in Indonesia). He waits with opening the door and when he comes out, shakes my friend's hand. Before washing his hands? Blegh.

      I'm in my room now, which is really big. Also old timey. I have an enormous elliptical table that could fit 20 people and an entire kitchen area. More and more people join. Classmates apparently. Funny, I invited only 1. I don't mind though, it's fun. I don't know from where, but someone got food. People are also enjoying tea. I apologise for not having milk or sugar, cause I never put that in my tea.
    11. Injustice, Mazikeen

      by , 09-06-2015 at 06:35 PM
      As mostly my IRL self, I'm following a news story about a court case. The girl on trial is a minor, but the people involved in the case keep talking about her as if she's an adult; there's racial connotations. Her outlook is not good. As not-exactly-my-IRL-self, I'm thinking this is an injustice. I've allowed them long enough to work this out themselves, they've had their chance; I'm going to step in and remove her from this ridiculous trial. There's a connotation here that this means dropping everything going on in my life. I'm nearly out the door when IRL-self stops to wonder exactly what I think I can do.

      I'm standing in a dimly-lit, brown-toned library where I'm meeting Mazikeen for the first time in a long time. The dreamer part of me is critiquing the way the dream is representing her half-alive half-dead status; the parts of her without skin are tinged green, and it crosses over her body, so that her left arm and right leg are dead. I think of this as a clumsy representation of the life/death mix. The character part of me is remembering seeing her a long time ago, when she'd just been made immortal and she'd been elated about it, saying that she'll be able to continue to serve as long as I need her. I'm wondering whether she'll think what I'm doing now is worth serving - or rather, what I'm not doing now; I've abandoned certain ambitions.

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    12. Returning from another hiatus; Details and short dream journal inside

      by , 04-16-2015 at 01:43 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Hey Dream Views! So I've gone on yet another hiatus from lucid dreaming and the site, but I am back at it once again. I'm attempting to do a mixture of ADA and DEILDing this time around(and DEILDs are a bitch!), and I'm really hoping for some success. To make things short with why I've been jumping on and off, I will simply say that I'm going through a very hectic time in my life; I'm on the final stretch of senior year, and there is a lot I have on my shoulders right now. I have not had a lucid dream in a couple months, and I blame it on my stress and lack of effort, but mainly the stress. I could still pull one per month without trying(I've been practicing lucid dreaming for five years, so I assume they come naturally every once in while now).

      However, last night things turned around. I found some new desire to return to one of my favorite hobbies after having a long discussion with a friend about lucid dreaming. I forget how it came up, but she didn't know much about it, and I gave her "the rundown." She is now wanting to explore the great world of lucid dreaming, and after our discussion I had the biggest nostalgia rush I've had in awhile. This inspired me to fully return to this practice, and have some good fun for old time's sake. I had a short discussion with a fellow lucid dreamer also on hiatus today who feels the same way now that our mutual friend is trying to come into this.

      Nonetheless, there will be some bridges to cross. My stress level is over 9000 right now, and I have also been losing a lot of sleep. Over the past month I've slowly been trying to DEILD, but with no success. I'm determined to try harder now however, and I've also taken up an old method I used called All-Day Awareness(ADA). And as I'm about to do in this same entry, I will try my hardest to log my dream recall to my best ability. Sadly, my recall is less than desired too, but patience will hopefully win this battle. Bottom line, I'm back and ready to give this another go.

      TL;DR I'm back.

      Now for the actual dreams I recall from last night:

      Entry 1

      There isn't much to say here, just some notes. I recall being in some sort of public building with some friends, and then there was a tornado warning issued. We took shelter, and sadly that's about all I remember.

      Entry 2

      Not too much here either. I recall being in Florida, and it is the end of my spring break(dreaming about the end of spring break was almost as sad as it actually ending). My friend Matt volunteers to drive me home, as long as I agree to make a pit stop at some fast food restaurant(that doesn't exist IRL). I agree, and as we're packing up, our friends begin setting up to have a drag race of some sort. All of them pull up one at a time, coming around a dirt road at really high speeds to show off before the race. My friend even ended up hijacking a school bus for the race! Just as things are setting up for the race, my memory cuts off. Not sure if it was the end of the dream, or if I just forgot the end.
    13. Racing with Friends

      by , 03-08-2015 at 07:17 PM
      Me and several other students were on a race track preparing for a long, competitive race. It was about a whole classroom of students scattered around the starting line. The race track wasn't your typical dirt themed one, but it was one covered with air compressed pillows. It went all the way to the finish line. It was indoors and outdoors. The race was just about to begin.

      The race started right as soon as the first person started running. The whole set of students began hopping from one section of pillows to another. Most of them were left off in the middle, with only a few of them up front. I was stuck behind the middle ones. I wasn't how the game worked at first, so I observed some of the other races before I decided to actually give it a try. It turned out, everybody was hopping to get ahead of the game. After noticing this, I started to take my way past the middle races.

      Eventually, after making it through the indoor part of the race, we reached the outside world. I continued hopping as best as I could to try and win. At this point, I was just about getting on the line with the really good hoppers. I also observed the environment surrounding me. We were all what now seems to be a huge racing stadium, though most of it being taken up by empty fields of grass and small buildings. There were also no barricades on the sides of the pillows, meaning there was no protection if any of us fell by accident.

      After a while of hopping, I notice this girl hopping up next to me, seemingly trying to catch a glimpse of who I was. I spent little bit attention to this person until I took a quick stare at them and noticed who they were. It was Quynh, the same girl who went to piano class with me in high school and the same girl I thought a lot for three years. She was still wearing that same green sweater she'd almost always wear to school. Quynh and me were the only racers closer to the finish line.

      Quynh wanted to win just as much as me. For a moment, I even noticed her trying to push me off the track because of her facial expressions she had while staring back at me. I did not intend to lose. If she pushed me, I thought, I'd have to counter it and make her fall off the pillows instead. Fortunately, she never did. Instead, the two of us were in first place, desperately trying to jump over a large gap from one large set of pillows to another.

      When we finally reached the finale of the race track, both of us took a long hop over a bottom layer of grass floor. As me and Quynh were both making the jump, my only thoughts were, "I have to win!" We both landed on the set of pillows, seemingly at the same time. We both stopped ourselves from hitting the wall in front of us and took a moment to notice each other. I stared at Quynh and she was staring at me. What seemed to be an outrageously, long conflict between us, one that lasted for so long, it finally felt like we were on agreeing terms to give each other one more chance at friendship.
    14. Racing through income traffic in my car

      by , 01-29-2015 at 11:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Racing through income traffic in my car (Non-lucid)


      Full Dream (+1 pts)

      I was driving and got to some stangle town where there was a ton of people. It was night and there were some heavily tuned up cars with flashy colors. Some of them, appeared to be extremely fancy and with a massive horse power.

      I was in my car, which is a more than excellent car, but not for racing. However, I had a friend who was my copilot and he spawned out of nowhere next to me.

      My car suddenly started to run at a massive speed. I did not even needed to change gears, as it accelerated and changed gears on its own. I believe I was not even stepping on the gas while the car was running.

      Driving down the street, suddely I went into income traffic, but I did not crash into any single car, it was pretty amazing and scary at the same time, as I did not want to total my car.

      Tags: car, friend, race, tune up
    15. #45 - Poetic Racing/Geology Field Camp/Airport

      by , 11-03-2014 at 09:50 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Couldn't write this up yesterday, had trouble getting onto DV.

      The whole night of dreaming felt stressful, like there was just some part of each dream that made me stressed out.

      Dream 1 - Poetic Racing
      Intensely sporadic images of random animated over-the-top car racing, similar to the movie 'Redline' (which I had watched before going to bed). Insanely nonsensical, there was poetry too that felt unfinished. Like the sentences had been started but were left hanging.

      Dream 2 - Geology Field Camp
      Out in the paddock there's something like 50+ tents full of students. We're camping out on farmland for the 2 week field trip as part of a university paper. I get up during the night to go take a leak, but I just couldn't find a good place to go. I ended up going further than I needed to, and I must have woken some of the other students up. They came up to me and asked me where I was going and I told them I was looking for a good place to go, they joked around a bit saying stuff like 'why'd you walk out so far man' and I agreed, since I thought it was dumb and odd too (possibly an inkling of the feeling I may be dreaming). I then head back to find a closer place to go, they kick a shovel my way that I can use to dig a hole or something, and I whistle back in thanks. Unfortunately, my whistling triggers a super loud alarm which wakes everyone up! "Oh come on Alex! Jesus what the hell man", I just feel super stressed out, like 'oh god...' I just knew it was going to piss everyone off and they'd be talking shit about be for ages.

      Dream Fragment
      Somewhere at school, my friends showed up but it was really awkward due to an old 'love triangle' we used to have. The guy was dating the girl and we nearly had a fight because of the history.

      Dream 3 - Airport
      Me and my mum are driving to the airport, crazy random stuff starts happening to some of stuff the in the scenery, it just changes each time I look. The planes at the airport change into words, the change into vibrant colours, they stretch out, shrink, flatten, enlarge, and move to random places. The then change into beautiful retarded white horses, one of which was walking backwards with its head on the ground. We arrive at the airport and try to find a parking space, but they're all taken. We see a car back out and move in to try take the space, but we're outside the car now and the car has shrunken to the size of a book. I position it in the parking space which just feels to narrow, and there is an Indian man with his daughter sitting in a trolley, he's texting and is oblivious to our efforts of parking. He also happens to be quite close and when I finally manage to re-enlarge the car (first I had tried to wet it by rubbing saliva on it. Weird. Then I threw it on the ground) it nearly clipped the daughter in the trolley. The Indian man had a rant off at me and I had to remind him it was his fault, since he was texting and should have being paying attention (Sounds pretty harsh, but he wasn't very nice). Me and my mum continue into the airport, which appears to be more like a supermarket. I tell my mum that we should check out the horses and see if its safe to show to my daughter, we head over there but now they've changed AGAIN. One of them looks like a unicorn, one of them has a rhino horn. Some of them have long blonde flowing hair. Some of them look like rhinos, one had a fake rhino nose and long blonde hair. There was also a pygmy horse with stumpy little legs galloping around, all of the horses + rhinos had white fur. My dad shows up with my daughter and she's had her hair done, my mum is impressed and asks if he did it but he said no, it was her other grandma that did it.

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