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    1. Mini Sports Car Joy Ride

      by , 01-25-2017 at 12:56 AM
      I was apparently at some sort of store where somebody was planning to steal a tiny miniature sports car about the size of a skateboard. They were going to cause a distraction and then steal it. But somehow, the distraction was caused but I ended up stealing it. I went out the back way, sat on the car and sped off and drove for a few blocks, pretty fast, low to the ground. Then I turned it around and drove back. When I returned to the store I tossed it to a friend who was there. I believe he took a ride on it too. I did not get in trouble.

      There was a mob meeting that I attended. We all wore different sorts of masks. Somebody was trying to say that I had done something bad like ratted on somebody and I was saying that I had not.
    2. The artist in the arena

      by , 01-11-2017 at 08:41 AM
      I'm talking to a man, a great inventor or artist of some kind, who's been given an arena to work in. The structure is very white and the sky is very wide and very blue, and the arena's filled with shadowy figures he's been given to work for him, something like automatons, not alive. Human-shaped, but when I focus on them they look a bit like something that's been burned to charcoal, flaking at the edges, except for their teeth, which are white and sharp; inactive right now.

      Until this moment I had a lot of contempt for this man. But he's saying to me, "I'm not an idiot," and that he knows he's already made his last great work. Though he's currently working on a project, and though his masters who gave him this arena have great expectations of him, he doesn't expect to live to complete it. His bitterness makes me think a little more highly of him.

      Working for these things was a mistake. I don't say this to him out loud. There are a couple floating hooded figures with white masks in the arena, and we're both putting on something of an act for them. They're not his bosses, or guards, exactly, but they are effectively monitoring him at the moment. Something more like citizens, as opposed to slaves like him, however honored a slave he might be. He turns off the music he's been listening to while he works, and he's trying to give the impression that he's simply stopping work for now and going to bed as usual, that there's nothing wrong.
    3. A four-sided mask

      by , 12-24-2016 at 05:08 PM
      I enter a lecture hall and speak to the man who I believed summoned me, dressed in black with a small white owl on his shoulder, but it turns out the owl is the one that called me; this is news to the man in black, and he's not pleased about it. The owl speaks in a pleasant woman's voice and changes into the shape of a four-sided mask, one face for each direction; three of them are simple stylized masks made of wood or similar, but the fourth is an actual face - it moves, it has eyes - just in cartoonishly distorted proportions. She's been sealed/trapped/stuck/reduced to this. She introduces herself as Loki Laufeyjarson, which is not the name I was expecting her to say but I roll with it.

      She talks about each of her masks - in the one that resembles an actual face, she says she'd taken this form and scorned high heels (meaning an artificial way of gaining the height she feels she should have had anyway - 'height' is not really the issue she's talking about). In one of the wooden masks, she talks about using this form for dealings with a magician, and she suspects that magician of having a hand in her current unfortunate circumstances.

      She returns to the form of the owl sitting on the man in black's shoulder, and we're now in a yard behind an estate, surrounded by partygoers. The man speaks of my payment and I dismiss the small amount of money he offers; I tell him I expect him to provide me with food and lodgings, pea soup and three packs of smokes a day. (Neither of those are things I'd want IRL, but I wasn't being my IRL self here.) I'm already leaving, stepping over an ornamental pond; it's a demand, not a negotiation. He's irritated, but she accepts immediately. I walk off into the trees along the border of the property.

      In earlier scenes, symbols of eyes and blue lotuses above the entrance to a cave, and drinking a polar bear's blood from a glass while wondering about parasites.
    4. Fragment

      by , 11-10-2016 at 01:05 AM
      A man confronts me at my IRL home, having tracked me down, holding me responsible for something that happened long ago. I hear a memory of something he'd said to me then - "The rule of kings is over. We will take our place among free nations." The scene shifts to show the beginning of the thing he blames me for. A procession through a city, passing by a river, soldiers in silver-colored armor, rows and rows of lances in the sunlight, the king and myself in tall masked helmets and long robes, at the corner of my vision I'm aware of a ship moving along the river with sails and oars and something golden about it, and it's all a striking image, but I'm thinking of something like Cosa Nostra.
    5. #208 - Through windows, Masks lucid, Cricket and chickens, Tiger cat

      by , 03-12-2016 at 07:03 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Through windows
      I'm out running with a dog (I don't have a dog irl) and I'm at the corner of the bottom of the road towards the intermediate school I used to go to. I spot a red car passing by and glance my friends sister, I don't get time to wave though. It's such a pain when that happens... >_<.
      I'm home now and I'm in the bathroom looking in the mirror. I mumble something about how I always seem to see her through windows.. "Hello!" she says, *jump scared and turns around*. I can see her through the crack of the open window, she's next to the front door. She says something about how we always see each other through windows, I then say something about it which makes her laugh and I head to the front door.
      Stepping outside I greet her with a hug, but it kind of lingers with my hands on her thighs and her hands on my arms. My hearts beating fast for some reason, what the hell? We talk a bit and she steps back so we're not awkwardly touching anymore. I was pretty relieved by this, it seemed a little weird.

      Dream 2 - Masks lucid
      I didn't bother remembering much about this one but it was lucid. I remember just realizing I was dreaming and reached out to a person and patted him on his shoulder, as some kind of lucidity confirming action. I was in a dull grey building made of stone, like a cheap place to rent for a large party. I turned and walked out, stopped, stabilized the dream and continued. I don't remember much that I did other than walk for like 20 + seconds, but every single person I saw had these creepy masks on. I remember two people that passed by wearing a mask the resembled a messed up dobby and the other with a mask like gollum... I didn't remember to do any dream goals or tasks.

      Dream 3 - Cricket and chickens
      I remember being in a room where my ex gf and her family (+ and apparently some chickens) were staying. I think we just got the kid(s) to sleep and my ex was off in the kitchen doing something. I went in and saw that she had been watching cricket on TV, it bugged me quite a bit because I never even knew she liked cricket (she doesn't like cricket and doesn't even really watch TV lol).
      "When did you start watching cricket?" I ask, feeling like there was so much she never told me. She responded about something else, not really noticing that I was a bit annoyed and seamlessly skirting the question so that it would 'become a big deal' if I asked again. A chicken scuttled past me, shit, they're not supposed to get in the kitchen. There was a black feathered one and a much larger ginger one that was the biggest in the coop. I remember the big one being difficult as heck to catch.

      Dream 4 - Tiger cat
      I remember being in the family room sitting down and writing stuff at a small square table. I remember having a jumper on and thinking that it was cold, so I put another jumper over it... Previously in the dream we had acquired or saved a couple kittens, one of which was actually a tiger. I remember the tiger was getting older now so we had to do something about it, otherwise it would probably kill us. I talked to my mum about it, it was kind of hard because we were attached to the new addition to the family, but we knew we had to send it somewhere else.
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. A stone gate in the air; plants growing in a cave, repeated

      by , 01-11-2015 at 11:38 PM
      I'm flying over a river, and although I don't remember what I was flying on, in effect it's essentially a flying carpet - a small, flat surface carrying several people. Someone else is 'driving' it, I'm just along for the ride. We're taken over a waterfall, with several clouds beneath us, and among the clouds I see a huge gate hanging in the air, supported by pillars on either end. It turns out to be the first in a series of three gates, the entrance to a country - the first is very modern, with images like a billboard; the second somewhat less modern; and the third is very old and very beautiful, more like a decorative lattice made of stone and covered in moss, as tall as maybe a three-story building. I turn back to look at it as we pass overhead. On the other side, we land. I find that I'm excited, much more so than I'd expected to be, about traveling somewhere new. Less jaded than I thought apparently.

      I'm surprised - although we've just entered a new country, there don't seem to be any customs to pass through, no guards. We've landed outside of a building, and I understand there are some procedures to be gone through inside; but there isn't anyone around out here, no one to stop us from just wandering off into the country. I intend to go inside, I just took note of it as something odd. There's what seems to be a giant bell planted in the ground, although it's so covered with moss it's hard to tell what's underneath. As I and the other people from the 'carpet' walk around outside, I notice several stone statues. There's a plaque underneath one of them that I read - this is part of the entrance procedure. We're meant to pay our respects by bowing before each of these statues. I do so, pointing this out to one of the other people from the 'carpet' to give them a heads up. The first three statues I come to are divine figures and legendary heroes, I bow before each of them; but then the fourth statue I find is an odd creature in a mask, labeled as a nightmare called Home Eater. I don't see why I should have to bow before my own kind.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There was a scene in which someone was causing plants to grow rapidly among some stone ruins in a cave, and someone else saying to them, horrified, "What have you done?"

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Lost Boys, as David I'm watching Michael drop out of the tree and run away from the killing. This was not the plan. He was supposed to kill someone, not run away. I don't like giving the new ones too much time to think - just do it, make a clean break, then explain what's happened to them. It's easier that way.

      Back in the cave with Star, I'm standing off to one side and watching her. She's standing in front of a bunch of pots for plants covering a table. Most of them look empty, although I know she's planted seeds in each of them, and she's been trying to do something with them. But the one she's holding her hands over now is growing right before our eyes, responding to her somehow, like magic. Whatever she's been trying to do, it's working on this one. The other boys come back then, they all exclaim over what Star's doing, gathering around the plant and looking as excited about this as she is - except Michael. He's hanging back and looking at Star with this expression - not exactly betrayal, but close; like he'd thought she was someone he could trust, and now he believes he was wrong about that.

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    7. Ambiguous RCs and False Memories (NLD)

      by , 01-08-2015 at 04:38 AM
      I was stressed about work. How am I going to complete all the obligations piling up this month, which is already getting shorter? I figured it would be best to prioritize. I should be able to finish the map in an afternoon if I get the right materials together. I thought about what I would need to finish it, and came up with vellum and archival paper. Fortunately I knew I already had these somewhere and was pretty sure where I had last put them, in a box in the storage area. I could see it in my mind's eye. I had woken up early and wanted to go retrieve them, but the rest of my family was still asleep.

      My mother, brother, and father were all staying with me in the house and I didn't want to disturb them by walking through the building and rummaging around in boxes. I decided to go outside for a walk instead. I walked down the stairs, which were littered with all the discarded santa masks. This struck me as odd at first, but I reasoned we must have had a holiday party yesterday.

      Outside it felt like early morning, and there was a narrow stream of clear water nearby. Next to the stream was a small building of naturally weathered wood, a sort of shed. Just after I entered it, it occurred to me that even though I know I'm awake, I should practice some RCs to instill good habits. No one else was around and there was no reason not to do a blatant one, so I jumped. Yes, just as I thought, it's obvious I'm awake, because that felt perfectly normal. But just for good measure I should do it a few more times in order to internalize the feeling of what a proper jump feels like in waking life.

      So I jumped in the air several times in succession, concentrating on that critical moment at the apex, when the upward motion reverses and gravity takes over. I knew that I would be able to tell if I were dreaming because the timing would be off, that moment would feel drawn out slightly, extended. Hmmm.... it isn't, is it? Was that a touch of hesitation at the top? No, I'm pretty sure this is natural. I've just never concentrated on it sufficiently before, my attention is making it seem more pronounced.

      And yet... it does seem a trifle too long. Could it be...? What if...? I had just begun to seriously consider the possibility that I might be dreaming after all, when I woke up in bed. Only very slowly did I come back to myself and realize that all the things I had taken as evidence that I was awake were wrong or askew, signs of false memory. The building and surroundings that seemed so familiar at the time were pure dream space, unlike any place I know in waking life. It made sense at the time that my whole family was there, but the only accurate part is that I'm currently sharing a hotel room with my mother. The anxiety about work is real enough, but it was only well after I had written down my initial notes that I realized that in the dream I had felt responsible for an additional project that didn't exist in WL, in addition to the real ones. Finally, as I initially lay in bed reviewing the dream, I didn't even notice how I slipped back briefly from genuine waking into an FA, and briefly found myself another place entirely, which only transitioned again to lying back in bed once I reached the point where I felt I had enough grasp of the memory to get up and write.
    8. Avoiding a cell, a cloud of bats, a gold mask

      by , 10-10-2014 at 11:57 PM

      I'm a man trying to calm a situation down so that I won't wind up in a cell. It would be for a minor charge, but my situation's complicated. There's this woman I made a deal with a long time ago - I brought her to this world ('this world' is for all intents and purposes the same as IRL), and she freed me from the curse that had locked me up back in our own world. But there's a catch - if I'm locked up in a cell even for one night, that old curse will find me again, I'll be trapped again. I think of that as her 'winning' - we help each other often but I don't like her much. I'm afraid of being trapped, but I'm also afraid because if I'm trapped I won't be able to keep up the illusion that makes me look human.


      A woman and I had been standing in the middle of a road surrounded by trees, discussing something - a car comes, the driver sees us, he swerves, he crashes. I'm irritated at the interruption, but I go over to the car so I can get a meal out of this before emergency services arrives. The scene changes abruptly - one moment I'm walking towards the car, the next moment time has passed, emergency services have already come and there's a crowd of people around. The woman and I leave and transform into a cloud of bats. In all my vampire dreams this has never happened before, and I pause to enjoy the novelty and absurdity. My perception's different. The sky is a brilliant saturated blue with something shimmering about it, and the air gives me the impression of containing new angles, like unseen tunnels.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I and a group of other people, all of us foreigners in this place, had been talking to a group of women on a small 'island' - just a heap of stones really. We're very frustrated. We're trying to get them to do something for their own good, and they're not cooperating. They end negotiations and vanish into thin air.

      Still as the POV character from that last scene, I'm walking around the grounds of some large estate on a hill, with a gated entrance visible not too far away. I'm speaking to a woman all in pale gold - everything's pale gold, her robes, her hair, her skin, the mask that she wears that covers her whole face something like a welder's mask, only revealing one eye. She has her own issues with the people from that 'island' - she's saying they're against her and her plan simply because of her mental illness. She resents them.

      I'm sitting on a wooden throne and talking to a man who's going through a bout of existential despair, and he's asking me about coping with vast spaces of time, with immortality - how do you do it? I find this hilariously awful - you're asking me?
    9. 9/21/14 - ninja turtle paper towels

      by , 09-21-2014 at 06:25 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am at my old house, while walking up the street towards my house I see a new roll of paper towels on the side walk. I look to the house nearest and see no one but here scuffing in their garage. I turned back to the paper towels and realize there are colorful things printed on them, so I pick it up and unroll some of it to see what is on it. Each single paper towel has the face of one of the teen age mutant ninja turtles on it with the eye part cut out so kids could use it as a shitty mask. I want to wear one so bad, so I keep unrolling it until I find the one with the blue mask, and after like ten paper towels length I find the blue one, but then I realized I was wearing a shitty cotton ninja turtle top that look like their body and it has red bracelets, and I got irritated because now I can't wear the blue mask because I have the red masked ones body so I found the red mask and ripped it off the roll and put it to my face and it stayed there somehow. Then I ran up into my yard and into my house where the bathroom has been re-arranged for some reason and has all new stuff like the toilet. For some reason the toilet can twist in place like as if a computer chair had no wheels but the seat part could still go in circles. After messing around with all the new bathroom stuff I went into the garage were some man kept rushing me to get ready faster because I have to get back to school before the bell rings, but my paper towel got messed up so I told him to wait which annoyed him, then I ran back into the street where the paper towels were but they weren't there anymore so I came back and had to repair my mask and somehow I did and it looked brand new. Then I wore it to school and I was boss as shit.
    10. An Expected Journey

      by , 08-28-2014 at 08:29 PM
      Type: Paranoia/Evasion
      Perspective: Mixed (initially Self, transforming to Character, male hobbit)

      NLD: The dream began with a long complicated plot set in a futuristic world. The antagonist was trying to find me and some other people; I had the codes to some device of his that would frustrate his plans. At this point my dream character was still me, I know this because enemy agents were using my name and even showing around a picture of me. (The prevalence of this "paranoia/conspiracy" theme in dreams is one of the reasons I suspect—pure speculation—that schizophrenia in waking life is a condition related to dreaming.)

      Enemy forces had located us, were closing in, we knew we had to run. We decided to split into two groups that would flee separately. I was with a group that was going to go on a very long journey. There was no perceptible shift in the dream or narrative, but by the end of the dream this was all entirely a group of male hobbits, and I, going with them, was also a male hobbit. There was no precise "moment" when the shift took place though, the dream narrative was continuous, and the transformation imperceptible: I was still "me' before the start of the journey then woke up remembering that I was one of the hobbits.

      I had anticipated that we would need to flee and already packed a backpack, so while the two group leaders were waiting for the rest of us to prep and join them, I went and grabbed it. I checked inside first to make sure I had the right bag. I saw lots of warm clothes—that was good, I'm always inclined to get cold. I grabbed a few more things from my pile: a fleece jacket, a wide-brimmed hat. I was already wearing a leather pouch around my neck with my ring in it. When I had noticed this earlier I had wondered why my ring was in the bag instead of on my finger; I assumed I had to hide it for some reason. (Source: the dream played out with an increasing LOTR theme, so this could be a nod to the way Frodo carries the One Ring; it could also be day residue, as the other day I had taken off my ring for a long time for some task.)

      On the table with the gear I was choosing from was a sort of talisman made of a round disk of leather, as well as a few masks which I grabbed at the last minute—they weighed almost nothing and might come in handy. I considered the options: should I put on a mask before we left? If I needed to conceal my identity from those who would recognize me it could be useful, but if we were trying to pass incognito among people who wouldn't already recognize me, wearing a mask might draw too much attention and be a disadvantage. But better to have the option than not.

      I was the third one to gather around the group leader, a male hobbit, and we were waiting on about three others. While we were waiting I went through the masks I had grabbed at the last minute to make a more careful selection, trying them on in a mirror. A couple were cheap plastic full-face masks, and I wasn't sure if they would stand up to the rigors of travel, so I set them aside. I kept one, though, because it gave me a scary monster face and I thought it might be handy if we needed to play a trick and scare someone. I kept a plain black eye mask and another one that was just a single sheet of light brown translucent plastic—it weighed nothing and could serve as sunglasses, I figured. For now, I decided to wear the simple black eye mask. When I put it on, I noticed that I was strapping it over the glasses I was wearing: they had huge round lenses. I didn't remember owning glasses like this, but that was just one of many, many clues that should have alerted me to the fact that I was dreaming—I had not an inkling of it.

      When our full group had assembled, the leader then instructed us to get rid of a lot of stuff that he figured we had probably packed. He had a list of very specific things we were supposed to give up, unnecessary objects that he said were a result of "emotional packing." Already on the table were a lot of little boxed games, like dice and tile games (source: Scrabble on Colbert last night). I worried that our long journey would get dull and depressing if we didn't even have a few games with us, but I understood his reasoning—we needed our packs to be as light as possible if we were to outrun our pursuers—so I reluctantly gave up some things as well.

      There was one item that I wasn't sure about, so I went to consult the leader. It was a boxed set (I hadn't opened it yet) containing a special kind of saw blade that could function as a lathe, cutting wood into round or shaped dowels. The leader and I opened the box and inspected it. I felt a tool like this might be useful at some point, though I couldn't think of a precise situation in which I would need to lathe a dowel to survive. The only problem was that the tool was made out of solid metal, a complex shaped piece about eight by eight inches, and it was extremely heavy. "It's about as heavy as a two-liter bottle of water," I estimated aloud. This decided it: the leader reasoned that water was more essential, so if the tool cut down on the amount we could carry, it would have to go. I reluctantly left it behind. Later as we began our journey, I thought back and regretted this: I realized that dowel-shaped wood might be very useful in making traps, and moreover that even if we had only brought the tool with us to sell, we could probably get up to 50,000gp for it, because it was an object from our futuristic world that would be completely unique in the fantasy world where we were going.

      I realized that we were pushing the limits of the time we had left and needed to leave right away. But as the leader and I stepped out from the room where we'd consulted about the saw blade, something caught my eye. It was a tiny fluffy grey kitten sleeping cozily on its back, lying in the hallway against to the wall on our right. "Wait—just two seconds," I said to the leader, "Look!" And we knelt down and tousled the kitten's belly. I explained, "It reminds me of something Sam said: this is what we're fighting for." I was remembering the line late in LOTR where Frodo is losing heart and Sam reminds him "That there's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for." Naturally my version involved kittens.

      We then rejoin the rest of our group—which was more diverse in the beginning but by this point consisted of the full set of LOTR hobbits plus me as a random male one—and started down a lane. No sooner had we set out then I look behind us and see a group of fierce orcs, at least eight of them, less than fifty yards behind us and moving faster than we are, already closing in. Did we waste too much time with our preparations, losing our head start? I needed to act now, or our journey would be cut off before it began. Fortunately I recalled that I knew Ars Magica magic (all that practice in LDs paying off!)

      Twisting to look back while still running at full tilt, I held out my hand and blasted a frost effect at the group of orcs: it created a slippery ice slick on the ground where they were running and also iced their bodies directly, covering them with a pale layer of frost and slowing them considerably. I knew it wouldn't last forever so I was already trying to decide what my next trick should be. A grease trap on the ground might be useful: the lane was narrow and walled on both sides, so they wouldn't be able to bypass it. Then I was trying to remember the mechanics of Ars Magica spells: were they limited by a specific pre-set quantity (like in D&D) or could they be chosen freely but the rate was restricted by a mana pool, or could they cast at will but it was just really hard to succeed at the roll? Around this time the dream must have despaired of my ability to transform even a thrilling adventure chase scene into tedious decision-making and option-weighing, and I woke up.

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    11. 25/June/2014 - Masks in a drawer

      by , 06-25-2014 at 04:34 PM
      I saw Kurt Cobain numerous times in this set of dreams. Somehow I think he's alive although people think he's dead - He even went into a long explanation regarding the band Nirvana in another dream I had.

      I saw cartoon characters from 2013 and Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were there, Someone also made a huge sandwich for Shaggy.

      I saw drawers and in them there were masks. One was of Ian Curtis (Who was the singer of Joy Division) and it was rotten like a corpse. There were other masks too but that one pops out in memory.
    12. An iron mask and a censored broadcast

      by , 02-05-2014 at 01:19 AM
      I'm in a store that sells various forms of blades, among other things, and my attention's caught by an iron mask with a strangely curved dagger set into it, removable. (After I woke up I realized the dagger's shape was inspired by F/SN.) The mask's face seems very narrow, but I believe that the mask's features will fit themselves to the wearer. The eyes are particularly narrow and I don't see any holes to look out of. There's a long and narrow stylized beard that reminds me of ancient Egyptian art, which would cover the wearer's neck, and the mouth is designed to look as if it's been sewn shut. I like it.

      I'm distracted by the sound of more people arriving outside. There's a brief confrontation but they dismiss me and the people I'm with as not threatening, which irritates me. There's some debate over whether this post-apocalyptic, breakdown-of-society situation we're in will last, or whether things will return to normal in a few days.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are three astronauts who've said or done something that their bosses wouldn't approve of, and they've ceased broadcasting in a way that implies they're dead or soon will be. But when I talk to someone who wasn't watching their broadcast live, I find she's got a different impression of events, she believes everything's fine, and some reasonable-sounding excuse has been given for why the astronauts are no longer broadcasting. Their previous broadcast has been censored or changed.

      I'm playing a piano, using sheet music for a jazz tune I'd never heard before. The sun's going down, and the light gradually darkens until I can't make out the sheet music in front of me.

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    13. Chases: Zombies Everywhere

      by , 10-26-2013 at 01:59 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Remembered three different dreams last night.
      I went to a party at a house I didn't recognize. A guy I know took my hat and started tossing it back and forth with another girl. I snatched the hat out of the air and they gave me disappointed looks.
      This next one I recalled in a lot more detail.
      I went to an old friend's apartment for a reason I can't remember. Upon arriving, I discovered none other than the plant dad from Goosebumps. I suppose we got in a fight, because soon after I was running down the stairs trying to get away, but I realized I forgot my phone, which I desperately needed. I ran back up and suddenly had a small brown block in my hand, which I used to tackle the plant dad to the ground and beat his head in, hoping he would stay down. He did not, much to my horror. And turns out my phone was in my pocket the whole time.
      I ran down the stairs as quick as I could, the plant dad following close behind me. When I reached the bottom, I sadly discovered that the door had an electronic code lock. The plant dad was behind me, but instead of attacking me, he pushed me aside, opened the door, ran out into the garage of my own house, and stole our car. He drove away smiling and waving at me.
      I then re-visited the same apartment during the daytime, and decided to watch TV with a group of people. Suddenly, we discovered one of them was a zombie. We freaked out and rushed to the car outside, but when we got in it, we discovered a zombie inside! I grabbed a pencil that happened to be in my jacket pocket and stabbed the zombie in the face, but it bit me before I could get my hand away. I started feeling a stinging sensation in my hand, and felt funny. All the zombies began looking like normal people. My dad was suddenly next to me, so I told him what I was seeing. I woke up.
      I presume I died and turned into a zombie. May that version of dream-me rest in peace.
      I was at a baseball game. For some reason, I was selling these multi-colored masks that just covered the nose and eyes of a person's face. I handed them out, and apparently the masks were turning people into zombies!
      I finally woke up a second time, and wondered why all my dreams were involving zombies.
    14. like dis if u cry everytim

      by , 09-04-2012 at 03:03 AM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I was on some website that was selling replicas of masks from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Interestingly, the site looked like an IRC client. They were selling masks one at a time, kind of like an auction without the bidding. All of the masks they were selling were the same, at least at the moment I'm not sure which one it was, but my mom and I had supposedly made one already. They were all really expensive selling for over $100 or even $200... until I saw one for $17.

      I'm not sure how the next scene is relevant in any way,. I saw a building with a sign that said "like dis if u cry everytim", and a boy complained about always finishing something in 0:07 (as in 7 seconds) instead of 0:06. For some strange reason, instead of saying it out loud, it appeared in a text box at the top of the "screen"/field of vision. Also, I somehow knew it was a young boy (probably around 8-11) speaking even though I couldn't see or hear him.

      Next (or possibly earlier, I don't remember) was a fragment involving playing something that was a cross between a kazoo and a train whistle.

      I also had one other dream I remember from last night. Many of us were sitting in a circle in our living room, which was much bigger than it is IWL. We were playing spin the bottle, though it was a little different than usual; whoever's turn it was had to spin the bottle three times, then get kissed by the three people it pointed to in order. When it was my turn, the first spin stopped on a little girl, the second on Jonathan, a friend from church, and the third on someone I can't remember now.

      The girl kissed me on the forehead, then Jonathan kissed me on the cheek. He had been playing his DS and was still holding it; after he kissed me, the guy on screen said something about how we were 8% compatible with each other, then went on to say something long and completely unrelated, only to repeat it in Spanish before I woke up.