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    1. 2 short lucids

      by , 12-17-2018 at 09:16 PM
      I'll make it short... I got lucid twice this night. One was from a wild and the other was from a dild.

      I did a wbtb, and shortly after fell asleep. I woke from the first dream, and was laying totally still. I tried wilding. Normally I don't wild, since I haven't had much luck with it. However this time, it worked. I felt like my hole body was a sleep, and I was focusing on my breathing and my throat area. Normally I start hearing weird noises when successfully wilding, however this time I started seen weird stuff. Images of random grey stuff appeared. And I knew it was time to wild. I have only had success once with directly entering a dream scape when wilding. Normally I just sit up in my bed and then RC. And that was also what i did this time. The content don't matter, since I was only lucid for about a minute....

      In the second dream, I got ćucod because I was waiting for a bus, but the bus didn't stop at the bus stop. I got lucid while driving a car, and thinking back on the bus incident. I tried flying through the windshield. But not after reality checking 3 times, just to be 100% certain I was dream lol. I went through the windshield, but woke up just after.

      Short lucids. But I'll take it. The recognition part in dilds are pretty cool. And wilding is definitely cool to. I will try entering a dreamscape next time, instead of sitting up in my bed.
    2. Lucid Chain and Other Dreams - December 16-17

      , 12-17-2018 at 04:57 PM (ZAD's DJ)

      Nothing pre-WBTB
      Dream: FA where red foxes come into the backyard, dog is scared, then more foxes come over hill covering fence.
      Dream: FA where I'm rehearsing a lucid in bed - visualization skills were amazing because I was in a dream (I think).
      Lucid #78: In 9 backyard, become lucid, run out towards birdhouse with dog, turn him into a fox from earlier dream, fly.
      Lucid #79: In attic, become lucid, do weird finger-through-wood-through-finger RC, walk around, beginning of plot of #80 (grey hair black eyeliner pale woman is introduced as a revolutionary/collaborator?)
      Lucid #80: In a modern-looking guggenheimish place, kept myself stable for a long time (maybe 5 mins total dream length?). Got lucid almost immediately but went with plot of lucid. I'm a woman in this one, running away and spying on behalf of the woman from before. I remember feeling my feet when I was running. I run through an atrium/lobby area while it's still empty and find a good place to duck behind (it's an attached area to the circular lobby and staircase that's recessed a few feet into the floor). When I climb/drop down into this small hiding place, I feel the gravity/physical sensations in vivid detail even though it's a movie-style acrobatic move. I duck pretty low (but not low enough) and watch as maybe a hundred people come down the staircase. I start looking at their faces and they're so detailed. They're all adults, most dressed in business clothes or their sunday best. Suddenly there are three or four older women and men wearing long powder blue robes and white hoods/masks, and they look right at me. I jump out of my hiding spot, across the staircase and to the lobby (where all of the people are now. I stand on a table and am soon followed by the pale white-haired black eyeliner girl, who starts monologing about why we're there. After a bit of this (I wish I remembered what she said) I wake up.
      It was a long lucid chain so I had other lucids but don't remember enough to write them down or count them. Lucid fragment: transformed myself.
      Fragment: Grandpa?
      Dream: FA where I write down/tell all of my dreams

      3x1 + 1x.5 +
      10 (first lucid) + 5 (DILD) + 2 (WBTB) +
      5 (RC) + 2x5 (other lucids)
      = +35.5 => 138.5


      Dream: Watching an RPG like Chrono Trigger or Oracle of Seasons (those eras) play out in front of me; it's taking place in a large castle with small raised platforms along the walls of an open section. At first there are people (sprites) there, but ss I approach each time they fade quickl. Possibly due to a curse? I think tomyself during the dream that the sprites sould be replaced with a "..."?
      Fragment: Trying to find a shirt in the dryer for F's cousin, they're all too small though.
      Fragment: Something about a carrot wrapped in plastic (Easter).
      Dream: Overhead view of google maps/earth, I'm watching third-person my car drive down a road. I have to direct it with my touch/gestures from above, and it become a little unstable a few times. I am sort of an entity within the third-person camera doing the gestures, if that makes sense. Eventually I just start driving like crazy and crash into cars, hop over them, am kicking up dust. There's one section of the road that curves in two places, I have to zoom in to decide. Then I kick up dust all around and I'm pretty much just figure-8-ing the car around the desert. There's a humongous cardboard box which I run into.

      2x1 + 2x.5 = +3 => 141.5

      Updated 12-17-2018 at 06:15 PM by 95458

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    3. 12/17/18: Girl power...featuring James Lafferty -- AGAIN?!

      by , 12-17-2018 at 01:10 PM
      12/15/18: Seeing that I was working on my writing project that has taken me 23 years (yes, 1995 at age nine) to get perfect after getting skills in 2003 and improving on them, the "writing-project-discussion" dreams returned after a seemingly long hiatus.

      Saturday's dream was split into three parts, in which the other two didn't make much sense. The first part had me looking for what appeared to be journal pages just like one of the first drafts I tried to write when the main character I had, Number 25, was female. The dream took place in either Raleigh or Cary, North Carolina, leading me to believe it was the latter. Like dreams I had in 1993 in Maryland (age six or seven), late 1995 (age nine) and last year, the skies were overcast and took place either in the afternoon or evening, but there were no computer screens nearby. I did, however, see a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes, though. I tried to wave at her, but she didn't pay attention.

      I have a feeling this was the same girl in dreams I had between 1993 and 2015. Her last appearances before this were on October 8, 2012, March 14, 2013, November 2, 2014 and December 17, 2015. The one on March 14th, 2013 didn't make any sense, as she appeared near what appeared to be a malfunctioning waterfall (again, with overcast skies) with a cardboard sign above her head, in black ink and in sentence case, reading "James Lafferty". I think I got that dream as it may have been something I did online before going to bed that day at age 26 (I'm 32 now). Like the last four dreams before this one, she also had no spoken lines here, either.

      The building was a cross between the top floor of one of the two story classrooms at Adams Elementary I remember going to in 1994-95, the final year for me to attend said school (sadly, nowadays, Adams is no longer a traditional school; instead, it has been converted to a year-round school) and the top floor of classrooms at Wake Technical Community College, where I went for class my first and second semesters (2005-07). All I remember was saying, "We don't call them that!", possibly in reference to the missing journal pages, which did something unremarkable like the Chaos Emeralds in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games, usually found in Special Stages.

      12/16/18: This time, I found myself at a house eerily resembling the one my late grandmother used to own in Magnolia, North Carolina in Duplin County before it was sold, that I last visited in 2011 on my 25th birthday.

      I see a girl driving a BMW M3 convertible, chassis code E36, colored in a shade of blue trying to cut the grass before apparently speeding off, giving up. I see what appears to be a family of all girls, going inside to see a picture of a couple from Salinas, California after talking to a woman with green eyes and blonde hair, middle-aged, apparently talking to me about her daughters, who apparently were pretty attractive. I had a feeling they came to North Carolina from California, which is exactly what my parents did (returned) when they had me 32 years ago. Another girl tried to cut the grass with a bicycle, but punctured the big tire, which made no sense whatsoever.

      I've been receiving writing project suggestion dreams since 2017, and some of them are helping while some just aren't. Either way, I'm going to be busy, as writing young adult fiction is no walk in the park. WM86/DFW signing off.
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    4. A Cryptic Newspaper Headline

      by , 12-17-2018 at 09:24 AM
      Morning of December 17, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,991-04. Reading time: 1 min 22 sec. Readability score: 72.

      I am at a distorted variation of the Loomis Street house in late morning, in the living room. There is an unknown dark-haired female present of whom is likely meant to represent Zsuzsanna, as my conscious self identity is not extant. Mostly, I look at a newspaper. There are details about the Green Bay Packers, including random letters that supposedly relate to the status of their wins and losses. (I do not follow sports in real life.)

      I get into a conversation about the Green Bay Packers regarding their status. I inform the unknown girl when she asks about the football team that they are presently an “A.” After a short time, I am uncertain of this even though I had read about it. I look again at the newspaper. The headlines display “M, O, N, U.” I then tell the girl that they are a “U.”

      Reading is one of my most common activities in dreams, though sometimes unstable, such as letters or words changing, though this dream was stable. Since childhood, I have used it as a way to hone thinking skills and awareness while dreaming. However, the results have been surprising. Reading and discerning, as in this dream, seems to take priority over conscious self recall. That is, I can see the writing and read it, though I have no waking life memory of my current conscious self. I know of the Green Bay Packers, but do not recall I live in Australia or that I had not been to the Loomis Street house in over 20 years. That is how incredibly skewed and faulty dreams are.

      Still, there is something to learn here. The avatar seems to be the interconsciousness rather than the preconscious (as the simulacrum was not domineering as the preconscious typically is). I say that the team is “U.” So, I may be calling the transpersonal avatar “you.” The form would exist between man and mind. M, O, N, (mon or man), U, and the missing part is “mental,” as dreaming is within the mind. Monumental.