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    1. 25/10/19

      by , 10-25-2019 at 08:10 AM
      woke up JUST in time time for fajr today after many days and plus had an interesting dream so i might as well write dream journal about it.
      so me and arham are just walking around school and then muminah start walking pretty close to us. arham and i go up to some toilets in which there is a drinking fountain. arham drinks water and finishes and then i go to drink. and then i see muminah is there in the toilets. i say "well well well look who it is, its muminah...in the boys toilets". then zakaria ali ibrahim(the somali one) shows up in the toilets aswell and well and then i start telling him how he had come in my dream yesterday. altho technically he had come in my dream day before yesterday on 23/10/19 in which my dream was that i was in the hall talking to muminah and arham was like to me to stop because i was taking the mick and then i started talking to zakaria from outside the assembly hall to end of school gates.
      anyways zakaria and muminah didnt seem interested in how i had dreamt about them "yesterday" and then just made weird faces and looked at me like i was a weirdo. then we started walking downstairs and at this points it started to look like we were in a mosque. and zakria had taken my 15 cm ruler. he thre it down a few stairs. i told him to go get it and he threw it down a few more and then i threatened him and he kept throwing it. unttil i got really pissed and then takedowns started. arham and zakaria started playing takedowns. then me and zakaria played. zakaria got absolutely demolishes and then we saw that some teacher is coming so we had to leg it upstairs. arham picked up zakaria who was absolutely demolishes and ssrated running up with him. i went to pick up my ruler and them muminah picked me up and started running up the stairs with me. and as we climed our second flight of stairs, maria came out of the thirs flight of stairs and we rushed maria into a a near by room and told her that she had seen nothing. i said it to her in some weird french accent. we were all laughing at the situation. then we went up and saw ther jamaat that was here, we had jessica, maria and some kid who looked exactely like gaurav. then maria turned very short and muminah held her of the top banister and i satretd screaming so much thinking she would fall so muminah pulled her back. maria was like 1 metre tall in my dream at this point.
      later i also dreamt i saw divdeep when i was walking past kings spice and i talked with him a little, he looked way older and he was getting home schooled.
    2. October 24, 2019 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-25-2019 at 05:17 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was with a bunch of people, everything was a bit purple and dimly lit. We were fighting a boss and the boss was pennywise. I was going to be going through the tough part of the fight while everyone was fighting as well. We're in this cube shaped room and the fight is about to begin. Pennywise is more of this thing warping, he warps next to me and explains what is about to happen and what I need to do, then the fight starts. The cube is bouncy and everyone is on the ground. My part in the fight is dodging pennywise as he morphs into these smaller little blobs of himself that are bouncing around the room. Every time a blob of him gets near me I'm supposed to dodge it, so I'm trying to time where I'm going to jump next to avoid the blobs, a few times they get really close to me but I dodge, at some point a blob starts to expand really close to me but contracts as it gets in my face. At some point I witness this guy decked out in gear killing pennywise's true form as he looked like some sort of demon.

      The dream turned to what seemed like the end of a movie involving pennywise. My view is flying in the air looking at this empty forest with hills and possibly a cave, I see pennywise's head in the forest and I wave towards him, his head slightly looks at me. There's no music involved but more of an ambient wind and I hear this faint laugh which meant pennywise was never killed. The movie was supposed to end but I felt like I was sort of trapped in that dream and what would happen next would be him returning so I was panicking to get out of the dream before that happened.

      Another scene was this free space where people could create things, there were these tall structures and someone was creating this rollercoaster or maybe a water slide.
    3. Rough nights

      by , 10-25-2019 at 03:32 AM
      Internal turmoil... Resolved?

      I want to be better at meditation. Thanks skipper.

      I want to be more loving and lucid. In both realities.

      I want to 'know'.

      Kindly nudge me awake if you see me sleeping in dream world.

      Be lucid now! Right now!

      Rough notes:

      Oct 22

      Did not sleep too well.

      I was in old mansion with Jack's and my family. there's a tornado there's a tornado or something going on and we had inside a mansion . the first years and stuff starts to get blown away towards us and I'm blocking some of them. But Jack's mother gets hit in the head. She said she need to get somewhere. House breaking apart. Furnitures, big rectangular takes keep flying I'm blocking but house comes apart. We're sent flying in the air. I grab my mom and hug and cover her with my body. There are cars on the road driving, other houses were stripped bare by the wind . We're circling around and I don't let go. I land head first and felt my nose break and taste the blood through my nose, it keeps on rushing out of my head as I'm spun around. I'm dying. I accept my death and begin to let go of my life, I truly felt a sense of ease of death but I still hold on to my mother. Maybe she could still live. I keep getting pushed by the wind slowly losing my consciousness and hit my head against the pavement. My nose hurt even after I was wide awake. It hurt for a good 15 minutes until I decided to rub/crack it a little.

      Oct 23

      Rich family raided by police shut in hot away some family died. On track to get family back. Some siblings spy.tapped house spider bots. Sister helping. Her seat to the secret room but raided by
      *minipool* squatters. Shot and other ppl come shoot. House. value down. Grandpa helping to rebuild family. Rival family trying to host dinner. Not as good. They may be culprit. Guy learning law to get back home.

      Words transform to pictures better learning then Transform to women spiral subliminal learning.

      Hanging with people they want to go to party. Girl didn't want to go. She was popular and others wanted her to go. I tell her I might give her a chance at making love if she comes and she decides to go. Orange vodka.

      Oct 24

      Slept 1 hr

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