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    1. Summoned monster, trial of mages

      by , 10-26-2019 at 06:07 PM
      I'm going to add info if the dream triggers some memory. I think it helped a lot before so I'll do it again.

      I think I should do RC or something on each awakening. Should help.

      Ebay, root selling
      It was about some investors buying up p root farm and to make some cash. Their wives were taking care of the crop fields and they decided to lease the land out to someone else on month-to month basis but the renter decided to scam them by selling the land while they didn't notice.

      ~The land appeared to be somewhere in southern states or mexico. I remember being in that location before in a dream on a roadtrip dream. A journey to my ex's place or something in a farmland and I just hanged there for a couple of days.

      * Maybe I'd dreamed about ebay and the stuff since I've been looking at ebay. The dream about the crop field might be from a desire to own a durian farm.

      I was on the bed. I got a very faint amount of noise or induced it myself, I forget which. I focused on the noise and decided to move my eyes around. It worked and I went outside. I wasn't too sure if I was awake or not; I looked around and it was snowing and there were some snow under my feet outside. I decided to do a handstand for some reason and I was pretty sure I was dreaming since I can't do handstands. I saw lights on a house to the right, was someone looking at me?

      *maybe saw snow since it's cold outside.

      Back on bed. Noise. Tried again, moving eyes around but no cigar.

      Lucid a little,

      I was with my friend Y and Mike at the entrance of an amusement park where you'd buy tickets or they'd check for tickets. I lost my wallet and was looking around for it. There were some small tables and chairs outside like a cafe or a lunch place. I found my wallet on a chair, it was black.

      ~This was an old wallet I used years back.
      *I think I was looking for my wallet since I was looking for it 3 days ago. I found it but I guess the desire to find it carried on to this dream. I guess I found my old black wallet while looking for my wallet so maybe that's why it showed up in this dream.

      I went to grab my wallet and someone tries to grab the wallet as well. They claimed that the wallet was theirs but I said I know the name of the ID inside the wallet. I stated the name and we opened it up. It was weird and the wallet did have my info but IDs of other people as well. It was strange and an officer came over to check what was up. They were suspicious of me for some reason and began questioning me or something.

      I was on one of the outdoor lunch tables with Y and Steven. Waiting for it all to be over with. I was kind of suspicious of the environment though, wondered if I was dreaming or something. Somehow I kind of knew. I told Y and Steven that it was a dream and that I could prove it. I told them to hold my hand and I'd show them; I looked across the street on the other side. I wanted to teleport us somewhere and I thought it'd be easier to teleport where I could see. I couldn't see very far away into the dream so I decided to teleport to the street across, to the right.

      *The road was like a road down to a certain small plaza that had a bus stop.

      They grab my hand and I closed my eyes and believed that I can teleport. And we did. We were on that street and threaded further forward in the direction of that street. Steven was trying to be the first one so he ran a little to get into the front. I closed my eyes and teleported in front of him immediately though. We walk a little more and he tells me he's having trouble with women but I interject and argue how he's surrounded by girls though.

      *dream influenced by memory. I recall a memory of Y, telling me that Steven was a player, perhaps dream is a shadow of that memory.

      Perhaps an awakening here or scene just changes

      Festive temple

      We get to a some kind of Asian festival at a Japanese temple like place. It looked like Japanese temple but felt like a Chinese event at the moment of the dream. There's a high rise to the left and I enter it. I find my cousin living there on one of the upper floors.

      *may have visited this kind of temple in Japan

      She and I hang out and stuff. I look out the window and the area below was super crowded so I was wondering how I was going to get through. I decided to throw bombs down there like bomberman. It just displaced people by the force of explosion didn't hurt anyone really, not sure if it was a real bomb or just some kind of wind producing bomb. Streets got cleared a little and I thought I'd be able to get through now.

      *Haven't seen my cousin in a while. I do recall hearing about her so maybe.

      School fake Laptop
      I was in a classroom and there were some delinquents there. There was a kid there with a laptop but it was fake or something. He was being bullied or something so I decided to help him out.

      * I recently got a chromebook and maybe the laptop but not laptop thing was a chromebook that manifested into this dream.

      Something else happens I think but I forget. The dream does go on longer.

      May have awoken

      Magical school, summoned Evil
      I am in a Magical school now. Maybe I was here the while time since before, but just figured it out now that it was a magical school. There was an evil force or something trying to take over here, some kind of necromancer or something summoning a monster of sorts. Just going around the school, exploring. There's lime a coming of age or initiating ceremony for newbies and I was suppose to attend that a little later with the other new students.

      There was an evil summoned being I had to defeat first though. I think it was kind of like a big eyeball with a kind of fuzzy trail that followed its directions. I grabbed a bunch of friends from this school to fight it. It did not die; I tried casting magic and it would split into more monsters. It split into thousands of bugs and whatnot as we cast spells on it. I told everyone else to get away as I was alone with the being in a narrow corridor. I cast some frost magic to freeze it temporarily. Did I defeat it? I forget. I remember it taking advantage by trying to attack me while I was preoccupied trying to save someone but it worked out OK. I think I remember finding some kind of ritual spot or summoning circle inside a cave and maybe that was the source of it.

      Trial, Fly
      I went outside the school. We are in some kind of empty garden or yard and there was a little girl there. I guess it's the school yard. I recall her dressed like a witch or something. I was suppose to go to that trial from earlier with her, so I grab her and we fly up the sky and towards the ceremony. Open skies maybe some big creature in the sky that we had to get past.

      * I think I flew because I had desires to fly the other day, the day before or the day before that. I just visualized flying for a few min.

      We get to the trial. It was in some kind of forest, there was a river there. We had to fight against others there as it was some sort of survival event and only the survivors would be worthy.

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    2. Archive: two dreams from 20+ years ago

      by , 10-26-2019 at 05:37 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Wrote these in a thread so may as well paste here. Old dreams: I have had a bunch. I experience what seems to me to be actual travel to other realities. Figure this means, I believe I sometimes astral travel and run into DCs who I believe are real conscious entities. I mention this because my belief makes the events more frightening. In one I was held in place as if I was stuck to a wall with spider webs. Someone I felt was more than a DC started examining me closely. I tried to see past the visuals my mind provided to understand what the thing was. I kind of pierced some veil of illusion and the being looked right into my face and was clearly very alien and sci-fi looking. I struggled in fear and felt I had no choice but to wake my body as an escape.
      In another I was trying to navigate (decades ago when all this was new) and discovered the medium in which stable areas/realm were connected was visualized by me as water. I assumed treating it like water was a place to start. I had been in a set of caves and had just had my first experience of a long calm conversation with things that visually came across human, but could not grasp the meaning of what had been discussed. They had shown me the liquid in a kind of tube/pool. I dove in and planned on swimming, but was swept under and away. Lots of swirling helplessness until I surfaced in kind of a lake. It was in a giant cavern and I saw buildings on the shore. I left the liquid near the buildings. They were not normal structures but similar in a sense. Suddenly some sort of alarm and commotion starts. It becomes obvious I am the cause as small creepy aliens sort of like Star Wars Jahwas pour out of the buildings and surround me. They are hostile and I struggle to get away. I decide this sucks and attempt to change the scene through dream control but nothing I do mentally effects anything. I feel a intense presence coming through some building as if the thing radiated energy. I am effectively captured now. Around a corner comes something many times bigger than me, perhaps the size of a school bus. It was visualized by me as perhaps a robot monster. It has me now and I decide to end the dream. However, I am unable to end the dream. Luckily all it does is throw me back into the lake and I am swept under and away.
    3. Foggy

      by , 10-26-2019 at 04:09 AM
      Foggy memory. Slept few hrs in the beginning was awake, felt body fall asleep but still just lay there and arms hurt from not moving, felt refreshed though.

      Vague memories of aliens and being molested or something. Was somewhat pleasant though.

      Happy birthday to me! omnilucidity!