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    1. Oh my god ;n;

      by , 10-09-2015 at 06:46 PM
      Okay. So it started out like a normal dream- I was on a minecraft server, checking out my friend (pinknate4)'s builds. However, he wasn't there, so I just explored them with a different friend. Then I saw what Nate called his "Ultimate build". It was huge- Like a haunted mansion, but bigger. A while later, Nate and I met up on the server, so he could show me the big, black Ultimate Build. My mom was nervous, because this was the first time I had been over at a friends house (at this point, everything was irl (not iwl)) The bottom few floors were simple- places to hang out, and talk. But then, we went to the next couple of floors. He explained that we had to get through the next two floors and back down, and out of the building within 30 minutes- or it'd vaporize all living things in the entire house. It was totally like cube. In the next room, we were climbing in an attic. I think there was something we had to avoid... Well, anyways, We made our way back down alive. My mom was waiting outside. Later, I decided I wanted to explore it with Nate again. There was another, extra room added before the attic. Nate and I were- were- Toddlers! I was being pushed in a stroller, all the while being offered sweets. Nope, I know what they're trying to do. Anyways, the stroller makes its way into the kitchen. I crawl onto the counter before the old ladies realize what I'm trying to do- Plug in the three cords! First, I plugged in the first cord, into the right outlet above the stove. The old ladies realized it- and lemme tell you, they could kick some butt. They kept unplugging the cord right after I had plugged it in, going for the next one. It was frustrating. At one point, I finally plugged in the second one, and waited for the vent above the cupboards above the stove to open. But then I realized I'd plugged in the wrong cord. quickly pulled it out, plugging in the other one, which had an outlet on the ... What's it called? Base? Oh well, IDK, anyways, I plugged in the last cord, and heard the vent. I yelled for Nate, telling him I'd got the vent open, and then I started squeezing through the tiny vent. I realized I'd changed to the age/figure of a senior in high school, and that Nate had changed to an 8th grader. Or vice versa. Anyways, we got through, and found ourselves back outside. We were happy, and at this point, it was still a nice, adventurous dream. But then an MMD looking girl whose long, golden blonde hair formed a halo approached me. I knew she was an angel. In an airy voice, Like Fluttershy's, she said, "You should stop going into that house, it's possessed by demons" or something like that. I panicked. I couldn't believe I had been spending so much time in a demon house. Nate, not knowing it was possessed, invited a group of friends to explore the house with us. Except the 30 minute timer had started as soon as they walked in. "NO!! PLEASE, NO!" I tried to say, but no words came out of my mouth. NOO!! I was terrified- but then I appeared in a room with a whole bunch of blonde girls. My eyes skimmed the area, searching for the angel girl, but it was no use. She was gone. I saw a woman resembling my science teacher. She had trapped us in this pit. She didn't want us to escape or socialize, so she turned the pit into something that resembled one of those babies' motor skills toys- With rope going from side to side, diagonally, EVERYWHERE! There were small little areas, without any strings, that the woman held us in. I squeezed through a few strings to talk to an old couple. The old woman's passion was cooking, and she was holding a carton of Half-and-Half. We talked a bit. Then I tried to squeeze up a bit through some more rope to escape. But then the woman holding us here realized I wasn't where I was supposed to be, and got mad that I kept escaping. So she put a metal chain around my left foot, and chained the other part to a string. Luckily, before she noticed, I smuggled a whole bunch of tiny, 1cmx1cm papers. I think they were tickets. I struggled to escape, but I knew I was no match for the strength of the metal. I asked the woman what the tickets were. "Noo!" She said, "No, Give me those! Those are what give me my magic!" Or something like that. I hid them in my pants (lol). I found a way to remove the shackle, and squeezed up and away from the woman, through the ropes. It was too far away for the woman to see. There was an open window, and it was huge. There were a few other people, standing on the windowsill. They were staring down, at the ocean waves. But rather than crashing into the building we were in, they... is ramped a word? Well the waves "ramped" up the building (I hope that was correct grammar ). We kinda slid down the side of the building until we got to the wave. Then we let go, and let the wave carry us. Once I got to shore, I was gonna warn everyone. BUT I was also pretty hungry... So I went to a small place where you could buy ramen. By small, I mean like 3ft x 2ft at the most. "What do you want?" the man asked. "And make me look good, my boss is here". He pointed to a chubby guy sitting on a folding chair outside. Idk what I said, but it pissed him off, and he wanted to kill me. I ran to the ramen place next door, this one was bigger. I ran into the girls' bathroom. But the guy still followed me. We finally made peace, and I went to warn the town about the evil woman... Yeah. It was a long dream, and there were probably a couple of things that I missed, but that was most of it.
    2. N20: Sorry I haven't been on in so long!

      by , 08-28-2015 at 09:45 PM
      Okay, so first I was in a zombie apocalypse, and I realized there was a good zombie. I realized I was safe from him. Then I somehow found a witch's house and drove the witch away. I remember that there was a sock that if I put it on my right foot, it would signal someone or something. I had a false memory that I had been there before, and looked under a rug to see a trapdoor to the basement. I wanted to go down there, but I didn't wanna fall. I looked to the right to see a little play area. There were a lot of rooms and to get to the next room, you had to complete a task. When I got to the room, I realized the room was now at Disneyworld. At some point I became lucid, but I don't remember when.. The rooms vaguely reminded me of the horror movie Cube. I saw my friend Irie, who's a lot shorter than me, but I made her taller than me (idk why). I made it to the top room (after some science experiments XD) and tried to imagine there was a nice penthouse on top of the rooms. I tried to break the ceiling Minecraft style but I got an error saying I couldn't. I decided to go on a couple of rides. Then I had a couple of false awakenings and did a reality check with both of them, but didn't have any control. but then I woke up for real.
    3. School and Flood

      by , 08-31-2013 at 02:10 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school or building, 2nd or 3rd floor. It was a sunny day. We noticed that the nearby river is starting to rise. I ran like hell immediately, but others didn't seem to understand that it's about to flood. I told everyone to run as well, but I think I was the only one to leave. Everyone else didn't know better.

      The water suddenly retreated, and next came the heavy rain. The sunny sky suddenly turned gray. I was running along a path that looked like a dried-up river. Then in front of me, I saw water rolling in like a wave from the sea. I was in a playground by then. I thought it's too low. There's a set of cube blocks forming a pyramid near a building. I climbed up. I found there are two people (kids? teens?) up there, holding each other to keep warm. I held tightly to them to keep warm as well. They didn't seem to mind.
    4. 30 Aug: Helping a friend

      by , 08-30-2013 at 12:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I meet a girl who is struggling with cancer. She is a concerned that she is getting too thin no matter what she eats. I try to help her recover her self-esteem. Somehow I feel she is redirecting her anger and frustration with being sick, to how she looks. I tell her it's normal to loose weight due to the treatments and the consequent lack of appetite. I tell her about my friend who died of cancer and the things she went through. Not so cheerful, I know, but then I offer to help her with her diet to see if she can get back to the weight where she feels comfortable. She actually gets a bit too fat, but still her frustration continues. One day, I'm taking her to my beach house to relax, but people are being evacuated from the beach because the ocean is a bit rough and also there is a giant shark close to the shore. She decides is the perfect opportunitty to put an end to her life by jumping from my balcony to the ocean. The waves reach the balcony and we risk being dragged by the next wave coming, the shark is just below, but I decide going after her and bringing her in. She calms down and apparently all goes well from then on.
      This beach house is amazing, like a glass cube, but not so much privacy unless I keep the curtains close. But on the next day after the storm, I enjoy the radiant sun with all my curtains open and forget about it. Decide to do some workout fully naked. Bad mistake. After a while I realize there's some 2 or 3 guys watching me from a nearby location and having the time of their lives. I feel so embarassed, I grab the first piece of clothing I see around and run away. It is my pijama and when I notice, I'm on the elevator to the outside. Not a well thought decision. I find myself in the middle of a crowd in my pijama.

      Then I wake up, but I feel I am lingering between sleep and awakefulness and attempt to WILD. I have the strangest experience, because I start seeing people, I realize, I'm back in the dream, but I am also moving my body on the bed but unlike other times in which this is enough to stop the dreaming, this time I could continue consciously dreaming with my eyes closed, while I was fully awake and moving my body. This has started to happen since I was able to have what it feels like REM during sitting meditation. Somehow it's like I turned on the ability to REM and dream while awake. Or maybe it's called hallucination
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    5. "Hey, I feel like I'm spinning..."

      by , 05-24-2012 at 01:11 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      I recalled a handful of dreams last night, but upon being awake for too long, could only remember this one. Anyways.
      Me, my friends Pasqual and Brent, and my Aunt Mindy were all headed to this strange place a place that I can't remember the name of to go get something that was very similar to gasoline.
      I hopped in the backseat of the car with my aunt while my two friends took the front seats. As we were riding, I started to have this really odd, strange sensation. Suddenly, it felt like I was spinning in circles in the back seat of the car.
      Not like, spinning in place. Like, I was basically floating up and down and around the back seat. I tried to push a hand or a foot out to touch something, anything, to stop the odd sensation. It worked, and everything returned to normal. My aunt was staring at me like I was a lunatic. I explained,
      "I think I just had sleep paralysis!"
      Okay, that's just silly. SP in a dream? I think I know why dream-me came to this conclusion. Before I went to bed IRL that night, I felt a really odd tingly sensation in my hands and feet, and after a few minutes of this, my foot jerked and slammed down on the bed, and I heard loud breathing and footsteps. This made me think of SP, which probably carried over to the dream.
      "Yeah, that must be it," Aunt Mindy said. I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or not.
      We arrived at this odd place to get that gasoline-like thing. As we walked in, an old man hobbled over to me carrying a large, spiky chunk of wood, and something that looked like a deformed chisel. He handed me both, laughed, and said, "Alright, sonny, now make a perfect cube out of that." I looked up in disbelief, thinking, I can't do this! I looked around and noticed his old friends were watching me, expecting me to do it.
      I sort of forget what I did here, but, After working with the odd chisel device, a severely scarred and deformed cube was the result of my hard work. I showed it to the old ladies watching, and laughed, saying, "It's something, right?" They laughed with me. The old guy turned me around and berated me for not being able to make the perfect cube, and he then snatched away the two items. From that point, I was extremely sad till I woke up.
    6. 2 Dreams 1 Megan Fox Frag

      by , 09-20-2011 at 08:00 AM
      Dream 1

      I was walking home from college because my lesson wasn't till 1.00pm then my friends came and told me that my lesson was at 9.00am. I thought I missed my lesson.

      Dream 2
      Some one was saying that Ice Cube was gay. As in they didn't like him that much.

      Megan Fox with brown hair in my bed. I pulled out her hair extensions out.
    7. Extreme indecisiveness

      by , 07-22-2011 at 02:00 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      My dad got me something from CVS. It was a green cube shaped thing that was supposed to help me get better at guitar. It had a hole in it, so I went to exchange it. I did, but I wanted to buy a piece of candy while I was there. I picked out green tootsie-rolls, which were actually gum, and twizzlers. When I got to the counter the lady told me how much everything was. All of it was ridiculously expensive. I didn't want my dad to be mad that I spent so much so I was trying to decide what to put back. Somehow ice cream got added to the pile along with a bag of chex mix. I couldn't decide what to put back. It seemed like about an hour of standing there. I would up not getting anything at all. As I was walking out I passed a huge arcade game in the middle of the store. On the screen were two dinosaurs/monsters fighting. By the exit of the store there were two crane games. A girl about 9 years old was trying to win something. As I walked out of the store I saw my dad. He asked if they let me return the broken cube thing. I said yes and showed him the new, orange cube. He gave a maniacal laugh and we left.
    8. March 23, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:17 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Different Tests:
      I started this dream out as lucid, unfortunately, I can’t remember how I became lucid. I think I was in some fantasy land, just have that feeling because I can’t exactly remember the land, etc…. but I decided that I wanted to fly. At this time, it was dark and I had a friend nearby, so, I told them to look up at the sky. I could see the moon in a crescent shape and it was rising up pretty rapidly into the sky. At this point, I decided that I wanted to see the sun so that when I fly, I can see the landscape and just didn't like the dark in general. Suddenly, rays of yellow sunlight penetrated the air from behind us. It was kinda odd having the sun and the moon at the same time but I never turned around to see the sun itself, just saw the rays. I think I got distracted a bit, because, I ended up deciding to try some elemental attacks. There was a metallic cube with a circle in it that was floating infront of it which I decided to try some attacks on. I started with electricity and I pointed my finger at the cube. It didn’t work at first but then I said “this is my dream” and tried again. I could seem blue sparks come out at the end of my finger. Since I was mostly interested in seeing it work, I was satisfied and decided to try fire next. Again, my fingers were pointed at the cube and the circle and it’s surroundings were engulfed by the flames. Finally, I tried to freeze it and it froze, since, I could see the ice, bubbles in it, reflections, etc…. I wanted to get somewhere and wanted to teleport but decided again it in fears of the dream ending, since, I lost my lucidity in my last LD, so, I decided to fly.

      I decided to try and float at first, so, I sat in the lotus position and concentrated hard and could feel a strange tickling sensation in my feet but nothing happened. Then I decided to go buy a flying pill. I went to some large store, but, don’t remember how I got there. I didn’t have any money, so, I picked up what looked like a penny sized object from a nearby slot. When the previous customer left, I walked beside them and somehow acquired 2 coins which looked slightly bigger than my penny. Funny enough, I think the cash opened on my side since I remember walking and it just came out and hit me, so, I put it in. I asked the guy(I think it was him) on the counter about flying pills and if they had them and he said that they ran out. He was also wearing a blue uniform similar to walmart but it was only the top portion and no writing on it. I was suspicious and felt like he was hiding them from me, so, I went to the next counter which was conveniently placed around a corner. Between the two counters, there was some shelves behind some glass which had purchasable items on it such as food, etc…. I looked back at the first counter to make sure that he wasn't looking this way since he was doing some something at the back and then looked at her. I think she was wearing glasses but that’s all I can recall. I asked her for some flying pills but she also said that they ran out(must be really famous pills). I started to ask if any of their other stores have some and pointed at another store which was in the same plaza across from us. I think she mentioned that it was also sold out as well, so, I asked if any other stores had some, but, before she could answer, I told her that I’ll look around. I returned home and I recall just walking from the store as if it was near my house(I think it was across from it).

      I was a bit disappointed but noticed a black guy who was wearing a grey t-shirt in his early 20s follow me. I knew him in the dream and I think he was one of my roommates. Anyways, I walked back home and went upstairs. The walls were colored light purple which interesting enough looked nice and just seemed to fit. The stairway was on the narrow side and seemed a bit cramped but would fit two people easily. After walking upstairs, I decided to walk back down and meet him on the stairs since I knew what he had with him(call it dream psychic). He told me about the flying pill and gave me two things, a pouch(I think it was that, can’t exactly remember what it was) and a sleeping pill which looked like a small pill which had a grey metallic color and had two wings on each side. I thanked him a lot and got the feeling he didn’t want me to lose my mind(what a great DC, lol). I went outside and ended up doing something first(distracted again I guess) but I lost the pill and started to look around for it in the grass. I couldn’t find it and was disappointed yet again. At this point, I remembered that I didn’t need the pill, so, I went back inside my house to create some wings. I sat down, possibly on a box in the dark and concentrated on imagining them and how I would look with them on as well as possible. The wings were to be large, grey, similar to what I’ve always seen wings appear like in movies, anime, etc…. After a while, my shoulder area felt a bit strange as if something was growing and then I started to feel like there was a good amount of pressure there and that I needed to do some pushing of my own. I was thinking of looking into a mirror after they were fully grown but never got the chance.

      Thoughts: Well, my third LD and I was definitely more conscious than my second one, can't really compare to first since that was too long ago. This LD was soooo long, even within the LD, I remarked to myself "This LD is really long, I don't think I'll remember it all" and I was right. It took a good amount of time to recall and piece together the different events and I got distracted a couple of times, kinda makes sense since I've been reading about people being distracted from their specific goals. I think this occurred in my 4th or 5th REM cycle, thus, the length

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    9. March 18, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:07 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      The Comet and the Cube:
      I was in a really vivid dream, probably one of the most vivid ones I can recall. It started with me finding out I am working with some of my colleague at my current job. We were working outside at nighttime in a place near my house. The night sky was very beautiful, dark but there were a lot of bright starts which gave it a nice glow. Supposedly, I finished my shift and walked past two colleagues which my mind interpreted as being new ones, since, I don’t recall seeing them before. I walked past them and into the middle of the store which had no walls and I ended up hearing a colleague asking me about what sauce I would like. At this point, I turn to her and ask why and she looks at me, laughs and agrees. I noticed a comet moving west across the sky. It was in the shape of a very bright rod with sparks coming out in front of it and large circles that were touching its front as if trailing it. I immediately notify my colleagues to look up at the comet. Afterwards, an object which was said to be a galaxy was moving south and as it moved, it became larger where eventually it took the shape of a cube with a ps3 game controller pattern on the top side and with two circles, possibly more surrounding it. This cube was huge, it was taking up a good part of POV and took me completely by surprise.

      Thoughts: Interesting dream, again didn't catch the no wall thing, but, the dream was sooo vivid, not lucid but was still a nice one. Would love to get another one that is THAT vivid.

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