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    1. Lemonade Explosion

      by , 10-27-2019 at 01:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #532- DILD

      Cutting through a field on foot. I'm looking for a fishing hole but I only have a shovel. I hear something like a lawn mower. I see a guy on a small riding mower doing the fence line. I don't want to be seen because I am trespassing. I turn another direction cut across open grass. My son is following me. I come to a barbwire fence. I have to move logs and random boards. I feel really strong. The ease of it makes me realize it's a dream. I realize the mower sound is probably the fan in the bedroom and my worry of getting caught dissolves.

      I decide to try flying but it's like my mind cant generate the view and I get stuck and come down. I around and see and old farm house. I decide jumping on top of the house would give me a good visual. When my feet hit the roof and push off again. I am able to Hoover a bit several yards above the house. I notice how the sun is glinting off metal parts of the drip edge and roof vents. I see a forest in the distance but I cant seem to control my flying. I settle back down on the roof. There is a girl in yard looking up at me. I tell her In flying. She just watches me. Then I see 3 girls at a lemonade stand. I jump down to the ground to investigate. I get a fun idea. I run full speed and drive into the girls and lemonade stand. Ice and water from the ice chest and lemonade from several pitchers explode all over the girls and myself. We all laugh. One of then runs to a large fridge that's sitting in the yard. She goes all the way in then comes out with a half full pitcher of pink lemonade. Shes going to pour on me but I wake up at that moment.

    2. 10/26/19

      by , 10-27-2019 at 04:27 AM
      I am in what appears to be an alleyway. It is kind of dark and dimly lit with street lights. I am here with about three other people. I am here with two strangers and my girlfriend in the dream named Kiara. Kiara is petite and of japanese descent. She has a bubbly and energetic personality. Anyway, the two other people and I have been informed that we have been accepted into medical school. We received a bag of supplies that we will need during our simulations in school. The bag was a black messenger bag with a vinyl case in which you can see the supplies that are within. There are a bunch of needles, bandages, and suture equipment, as well as several bottles that resemble vape juice bottles that contain various medicine like insulin. As we are all opening and inspecting our bags, we try on our uniforms. It comes with a sash, kind of like one you would see on a swat agent except it held medical supplies. A sense of awe came over me as I couldn't believe that I was here. My girlfriend then begins to rifle through the bag saying something about big money.