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    1. bird resurrection, page 1

      by , 10-18-2019 at 01:08 PM
      Friday, 18 October 2019

      Reading time: 3 min 20 sec.

      Here, I will explain the essential decoding of entries that will eventually include “bird resurrection” in the title. The original entries will remain in my online journal.

      Something coming to life, reviving, or waking from sleep in the last part of a dream is simply the subliminal, liminal, or supraliminal anticipatory autosymbolism of waking up, the preconscious precursor of gaining control of the physical body and the emergence of consciousness and valid personal identity. That is what most final dream segments include (more so with instinctual and lucid modulation), though with an infinite variety of content. Ultimately, the most common indicator of this process for me is a bird of any number of species from dream to dream.

      The foundation of this process has occurred every sleep cycle since early childhood, though I have only thus far included some of the more interesting dreaming experiences online.

      Qebehsenuef Canopic Jar (October 18, 2019). A mummified parrot in an Egyptian falcon canopic jar (Qebehsenuef) comes to life, and the bird vibrates in my hands with pleasing sensations.

      The most recent mental activity before this had been in slow-wave sleep (virtual mummification). I am lucidly modulating liminal space (anticipating the drop, but it does not occur). I had intestinal pain before (and during) sleep. (A Qebehsenuef canopic jar holds the intestines.) Note that any container typically represents how the dream self cannot arouse the physical body until consciousness emergence.

      Decayed Fence and Strange Weather (July 7, 2015). At the end of this dream, Ava Gardner is in a lacey black dress. She is on the floor near a couch on her elbows, with her knees up. As I grab her heels, she transforms into a Tweety Bird foil balloon of about three feet in length. I strike it against the floor while holding the bottom edge, but it remains as it is. (It was similar to “Unconvincing Resurrection” from October 18, 2016, when I tried to resurrect a dream character from his skull in a bucket of water, but out came a novelty balloon with a skeleton print.)

      That dream segment (the last part of a much longer dream) is probably more ridiculous than most other examples. Balloons and birds both correlate with drop anticipation, though balloons additionally relate to a subliminal, liminal, or supraliminal focus on breathing while sleeping.

      One Quail into Three (September 26, 2014). There is a tall thin paper sack with a rectangular bottom that contains a sickly quail on its side. There is a vivid vibration as I hold the paper bag. Eventually, there are inexplicably three quail in it, two healthy, one sickly. Zsuzsanna is about to sell the sack of quail to an unknown woman who arrives at our door (lesser wall mediation with doorway waking autosymbolism). I wake as she talks to her.

      That dream indicates the same process and with the same modulation as the first example, though instinctually rather than lucidly. However, enigmatic space (not a dreaming process) also became a factor here. Years later, in real life, our oldest daughter took an interest in raising quail (with Zsuzsanna helping her). When selling a few in town, the buyer complained about one of them being unhealthy, though it was not; it only had one feather out of place. Thus, my dream’s scenario was also literal, but years before real-life correlation. (One quail of a small hatching as here died in another instance.)

      Baby Bird (May 4, 2014). We have a baby bird (possibly a wild finch) that fell out of its nest and is living inside my makeshift terrarium outside. It is weak and sickly, seemingly injured. By feeding it small pieces of rubber cut from a bicycle inner tube, it grows and becomes healthier in a short time. Later, after feeding it potato chips, it ceases to exist.

      That dream might seem bizarre to people who do not understand the co-occurrence of dreaming and waking processes. Bicycles are a more grounded form of vestibular correlation anticipation than flight is (with less expectation of the drop), so this is instinctual modulation to correlate emerging physical preparedness as much dream content is. Next, come potato chips. As they crumble easily, I associate them with the dream state losing cohesion (and the bird and anticipatory factors dissipate as a result).

      The Hummingbird Power (January 2, 2007). In this dream, a hummingbird had gotten into our house, and I do not want it to become weak over time or injure itself. Holding it creates an extreme sense of compressed weight as well as pleasing powerful vibrations. Although it seems to have gotten squashed when I absentmindedly close our front door, it seems invulnerable and flies back into our house for a time.

      Ceramic Chicken (from 1963) is one of my oldest validated dreams from before I could write. A statue coming to life is the anticipation of waking (cortical arousal).

      Hopefully, this entry should serve as a partial foundation for idiot-proofing my online dream journal when it comes to this type of content.

    2. exploding lab, Jin

      by , 10-18-2019 at 06:32 AM
      Beta testing VR

      I found myself in an underground facility among many others. We were here to test out the new vr headset.I saw M. Zberg leading this project. We were testing a new VR game that was an MMORPG and I was finding some special items of sorts. We were just going through the tutorial section of it, digging our way through a large boulder with a modded weapon. The weapon was the first weapon we got and we crafted to make it resistant to being used as a shovel to dig through these boulders.

      I secretly custom crafted my own weapon, though I remember it not being so good.

      I guess the dream felt like 3 hours?


      I was a house. Similar to home. I was eating with family and a maid. She had black I think short hair and she ate with us. She sat in front of me.

      Behind in Class

      I was in a classroom and I was just having trouble with the stuff they were teaching. Not sure if it was due to my own laziness or something. I just felt not so hot. But the good thing was that the teacher was nice. I remember she was pretty tall and had blonde hair, had kind eyes. She did her best to help me catch up.

      Fight by stairs

      I might have awoken a bit. I'm walking down the staircase in the same school from before. It felt like structurally built like the japanese school. I was just minding my own business when X comes along and tries to fight me. I'm fighting him off and get away. I was with a couple of friends here and I get lucid. I tell them to hold on to me so I can teleport us out of this mess. I hold their hands and close my eyes to mass teleport.

      *maybe a memory of X trying to push me down staircase. I balanced back and tried to push him back. He already ran away like a coward that he was, and there was only the door with the fortified windows. I broke through the windows with my palm. I remember feeling the metallic mesh that bent around my palm like butter and the annoying pain of shattered glass cutting my palm. I guess maybe this dream could be related to that memory.

      I guess the thing, or the lesson from the memory could be to trust my instincts. First impression of people were always right.

      University Exploding Lab, Jin

      I think it's continuation of last dream. We were teleported to somewhere else.

      I was in a car riding with my mom and some others. We were headed to the university lab to meet up for something. There was a guy that stood out here. He hair short black hair that shot up in the air and light brown skin. He was a young pretty good looking charismatic brown man. he had some special powers and were helping me out or following me for some reason. He wasn't human. I think he was a Djinn or something. Like a genie sort of being and he was just taking that form for now. Let's call him Jin for now then.

      Anyways we get to the university and inside the lab. Just walking around. There were some girls here that were from the previous dream that teleported with me while we were going to meet up with the others (around 4-5 of them). Why were we meeting up anyways? I remember a picnic scene. We head back.

      We're going to the same lab again, in the same car. After a while we get to the same university and we head into the lab. I am with Jin inside the lab. But this time the lab was getting flooded. There were water spurting from everywhere, perhaps the plumbing system was messed up. Got pretty worried about the safety of the place, with it getting flooded and all. It appeared to be a chemistry lab. I begin to talk to Jin to address my concerns regarding our safety here and before you know it- *BOOM*

      The entire place explodes. I see white light. I make it alive somehow but I was worried about the others. We were gathering in a spot where the casualties were being collected. They were put into tiny cells of structures that looked like beehives. I suppose beehive structure since it's the most efficient shape in terms of surface area of material being used to build this thing. I find a couple of companions from earlier here. A few were missing though, including my mom and Jin. I was a bit worried since I could cast revive to bring them back to life if they were dead, but how could I do that if their bodies couldn't be located? Perhaps I am lucid or somewhat lucid here. I see some kind of tablet like device playing a video though, it was a video call from my mom. She was visiting some relatives or friends earlier so she was away from the explosion as I saw her friends just casually talking to each other. I saw them in 3rd person for a second before I was back. I was relieved about that so I decided to head back to the scene of the explosion to find others.

      First I went back to the lab area. The lab was the right most unit that protruded out of the university building so I decided to head to the room or the hall ot the immediate left. There in among the beat up building I hear Jin's voice. He calls out to me but I can't see him. I look around and I find some kind of box. I wasn't exactly sure how to describe the long rectangular box so I googled it- optimum square prism.

      The box was black with bits of yellow along the edges. It had a wooden like texture. Jin was in there. He said that he was safe in there during the explosion. Like a real genie he put himself into some kind of container. I was just analyzing the situation and he got a bit upset, and told me to hurry up and get him out of the box.


      I felt really bad on awakening before the ld. Felt like I wasn't progressing with LD, I realized that it was negative self talk eventually and dealt with it with shadow work/mindfulness.

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    3. Qebehsenuef Canopic Jar (see also “bird resurrection”)

      by , 10-18-2019 at 06:20 AM
      Morning of October 18, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,296-12. Reading time: 34 sec.

      In the dryad stage, there is liminal ambiguity. The sign of movement and discernment of white (as with a nymph’s elaborate dress) seems to be a misperception. There is no one sitting on the low branch of a big tree in an otherwise open area.

      As a result, I walk through the sparse ruins of an unknown town, signifying the dream state is slowly losing cohesion. There is a more clearly defined warehouse (liminal space) I enter.

      I find an Egyptian falcon canopic jar (Qebehsenuef). It contains a mummified parrot that comes to life when I hold it. I vividly feel the movement as I hold onto it, even a subtle, pleasing vibration as if from a mild electrical current.

      See also “bird resurrection” (for the explanation of this process) that will follow this entry and have the date of October 18, 2019.

    4. Surgery Dream #2 Brain Broke.

      by , 10-18-2019 at 04:46 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I am being prepared for surgeryThere is something wrong inside my head and it must be fixed. They administer the drugs to knock me out. I come to before the surgery is finished and somehow wander off while still on the drugs. I am now outside and realize I must get back to surgery but the dream is shifting and I assume the effects of the drugs are making it so I am getting lost. I try to ask for help but my words come out mixed up I am afraid.
    5. Surgery Dream #1 Snake

      by , 10-18-2019 at 04:41 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      10/17/19 I just recently had a major surgery on my left arm/shoulder and am wearing a bulky protective sling 24/7. I just started P.T.
      In this dream I am talking to a female therapist (IRL it is a male) and she tells me she is going to put a snake on my chest. I get nervous. She brings in a 5 foot long rattle snake that is fat like it swallowed a couple cats. She puts it on me and it is very heavy, almost suffocatingly so. It starts slowly moving around as I lay on the table. I am worried it will bite me. She assures me that it will infact bite me, but not to worry. It bites my thigh but I am numb.