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    1. 28/10/19

      by , 10-28-2019 at 09:36 AM
      had a dream that my mum wanted to go hajj. then later while talking to my dad he told me that she had left. then i said, in a shaky, almost crying voice that why hadn't she said bye at least. then i ran in to the toilet and some weird stuff happened. i looked in the mirror and then some green goblin appeared. i got so scared. then more weird stuff came up in the mirror then i decided to try put my finger through my palm and i forced it to happen and it did happen. so then i found myself inside water with a whole bunch of fishes just trying to stay calm so i don't go out of this supposed lucid dream. then i tried to change the dream and make some hot woman appear. not happy at all about that since one of the main reasons i decided to not learn lucid dreaming many years ago when i first heard about it was because i thought it wasn't right to just imagine girls and start doing inappropriate stuff. oh well.
    2. Bad area, flying ship, name

      by , 10-28-2019 at 04:15 AM

      Should practice a stabilization technique

      maybe the theme about ID, or names is that I have trouble identifying who I am.

      drawing comic
      2 guys and 1 girl were drawing some kind of comic. One of them was really good at drawing, an expert!

      *I think maybe I dreamt this because I was trying to draw stuff

      Exploring, Fusion
      Have trouble recalling dreams because my first thoughts upon awakenings were to go the bathroom and pee. I do recall exploring and people fusing into 1, was I part of the fusion? I don't think so.

      *I think the dream topic about fusion was inspired by DBZ

      Bad Area
      I was on the road on university. I think I was near that specific part of the road with 7-11 and an autoshop. I was walking down there and a black kid with dreads show up in front of me. He's pretty young, maybe 11? He throws something above me and my eyes follow the object by reflex and I already realized I screwed up. Part of me slightly aware. I knew the knife was coming after he caught my attention. And my thoughts did manifest immediately, he held his knife against my neck to the left and wanted my wallet.

      I told him that I'll give him whatever cash's in it but leave my IDs and stuff since they are such pain in the ass to reapply. I take a look inside the wallet and he takes it. He walks down the sidewalk and I remind him to leave my IDs! He drops my wallet to the side and leaves. I go and pick up my wallet and he didn't take anything really. There was everything in there and most of the money was there too.

      *Had pain in the butt renewing ID while wake

      I head down south to one of the house apartment I lived in university there. I am there and am greeted by some delinquent guys. They start beating me with sticks lol. And their senior or boss or something shows up in a moment. I beat them.

      ~Maybe an FA here

      I switch to a different body. I was in a brunette girl's body as I entered the house that appeared to be their home base. I decided to exact my revenge from not too long ago. I enter inside and- eventually end up in the backyard. I was planting some flowers and strawberries grew there and forgot about the revenge.

      I noticed sync - I don't know or forgot what this means, just a note.

      *I met the dreads kid before in another dream; he stabbed me in a dream that was in New york, also near a 7-11 where he stabbed me through under my left rib and got me there. I remember it felt hot, I was being robbed and I died not too long after. He didn't stab me this time though.
      *IDs and wallets theme continues from recent dreams
      *The did dream of the house there before. I think there was someone selling.

      More Fights

      Just more fights. Perhaps related to fights from previous dream.

      Library, Picking out names

      I was inside a library, or was my awareness was within the library. I forgot the earlier part of the dream atm, but eventually it's the library scene.

      There was a girl and 2 guys there sitting on a library table. They were facing eachother and discussing something. The girl there was apparently the protagonist of this particular story. She had long black hair and appeared to have a genuine set of eyes. Apparently she was also rich according to the plot. Anyways they were discussing and trying to come up with a name. What name? I don't know. My new name, or dream name.

      AP fails
      Failed some ap. I guess AP rather than wild, since it did not transition into a dream scene immediately. 2-3 times.

      Got some vibrations, tried to leave bed. I did leave the bed by the right side, but I didn't have vision. Just felt my legs touching the floor below as I walked.

      Back to body.

      I try again. To the left this time, before I get-

      Back to body

      I try once more, to the left this time. I was in some kind of apartment now and looked out the window. I had doubts whether the experience would last any long and I lost focus.

      DJing on TECH

      Train, president, flying ship
      It began in some kind of a large building. It had wide halls and there were some vips meeting there. I had a friend there, I forgot who it was. I'm just exploring the building and I met a lady who was a guide there. She was dressed like a stewardess. I am heading down the hall and in one of the smaller halls down there I meet some old man. He had short white hair and was a bit chubby but he carried a very friendly aura. I got the impression that he was an old US president or something similar. An already deceased one likely. I'm not sure who exactly though. I hit it off with Mr. President and we are just buddy buddy now.

      Head outside the room. I was suppose to meet up with my friend and pres somewhere. I looked for them and had a little trouble finding them. The building was like a dome, like a baseball dome or a stadium. I am walking and end up at the docks, at the very last and edge of the dock were the 2 I been looking for. I was greeted and then was invited by the president to ride on this ship.

      * I'll just call the president bill now, since he kind of looks like bill clinton but is kind of different but I'll do it for the sake of convenience for now.

      Anyways I look at Bill and he had a pretty wholesome amount of people around him. They were dressed like mechanics or blacksmiths kinda folks from the olden days and they were the crew of his ship. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to ride the ship since it would be a slow travel. The location I was currently in from how I felt, was in Japan. And to get back to home it would take forever, and we'd probably be visiting the nearby countries. But I thought why not... what do I have to lose anyways? So I take up on his offer. My friend is riding too.

      We set sail on the ship and it's dark now. It's been dark since the earlier scene. All the crews are there and forward we went. Eventually we end up somewhere in China. The ship! It flew. Bill had now explained to me it was a flying ship. and We ended up somewhere that felt like in the middle of the mountains or the country side, nowhere near the sea.

      I saw a beautiful scenery though. It looked more like Japan but the dream told me it was China. It was somewhere far from the city and the air was pretty nice. The sky was clear and not foggy- was the air clean and without smog here? There were bright lush green grass and beautiful white stone pavements on the ground. It was beautiful and I was in awe for a bit. Where was this really? We keep going forward and arrive at a train station. We were to ride the train here now.

      Pretty large train station. Looked like an airport inside. I head to the bathroom. I did that since I felt the urge to pee in waking. I find myself in a strange bathroom. I head inside and pee or something. A guy challenged me after I finished going to the bathroom. He thought I looked weak so he challenged me. I took up his challenge; I pushed him with ease against the wall and I won. It was a sort of gambling thing they did there and whoever that won would take the other's money. The atm or bank machine behind him spat out money for me to take. I was also taking a picture there since we needed to get an ID or visa here before we could ride the train. I also take that guy's pictures and stuff.

      I walk across some bridge. I needed to find my picture that I took earlier so I can proceed further. But I'd won so many times from previous events that my wallet or purse or whatever I'd carried was full of pictures. I took out the bunch of photos one by one but I had trouble finding mine. People around were looking at me. I guess I'd been too greedy. I wondered if Bill and my friend was still waiting for me at the train stop...

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