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    1. evil apple, practice, moderation

      by , 10-29-2019 at 06:00 AM
      I tried to apply advice from my mentor and it workout out well I think. I slept better than usual. And although the dream in the middle wasn't that peaceful, the dreams that sandwiched it had this kind of calm serene feeling.

      I wasn't lucid in my dreams. Maybe semi. Well I did get practice for AP/WILD inside the dream either way so I should be happy about that I think; As I recall a dream yoga book saying how "meditation in dream is 7 times more powerful," so by that logic practicing in dream should also be 7 times more powerful!

      Aping in class
      I was in a classroom, it was a Japanese classroom for sure. I felt like this was a high-school or middle school. Anyways I was not me in this dream. I was a guy who was somewhat a deliquent or something but I was also the class rep. I remember having an updo or something. The dream began sometimes in the afternoon after we finished school activities and I was ready to head back. But my class decided to do a sleep over or something inside the class and people just slept on their desk face down on the desk. As the class rep I had to watch over them and make sure everyone was okay. After checking on everyone else and making sure they were sound asleep I decided to sleep in class. My seat was to the front and left. I wanted to... do an AP/WILD there. I knew that I could do it so I laid my head down and quickly began to feel the vibrations. I left my body a little then I came back. I left and came back.. 2 or 3 times.

      One of the girls in the class wakes up and her parents came over to check up on her. Her mom was on the floor below and ws flexing her biceps like the ad of the working women in USA during the WW2. She put an onion atop her bicep to make it look like she had big biceps to show off. The girl and her dad was embarrassed by what she was doing.

      Evil apple jail

      I had thoughts about apple products before falling asleep and I dreamt about it. I'd given up on apple years back and switched to android but wondered if I should give it another chance. I think the dream was immediately influenced by this.

      I was in what looked like Y's house. But apparently it was my house according to the dream plot. Jack and little ones came over to play. We played VR stuff. We go outside after a while once we get bored. Arriving at a business buildling. It was a building of a tech company. Appeared to be facebook or apple. Looked more like apple since they had that white colored tech products. I find my friend Wolf there. We hang out and explore the building, they had some R&D stuff going on I think. Wolf had to go somewhere though, he said he'd come pick me up after. I thought ok and decided to go to the souvenir shop on the first floor and buy some stuff.

      I was picking out some buff and had bags of items. I checked the time and I still had some time before Wolf'd be back to I decided to look around more. I walked somewhere near the entrance and the staff thought I was stealing so they decided to apprehend me. They took me upstairs into the cells. They put some kind of transparent gear-mask that was white all over except for the parts around the face that was made of clear glass or plastic. They tied me up with similarly apple product colored cuffs and what not. I looked around the cell and there were others who were also captured unresonably. I asked them what happend and they were also captured unjustly in a similar manner. It was all too suspicious and it was kind of like we were being kidnapped to be used for experiments later. I'm noticing my breath and it's uncomfortable having my breath press against the plastic cover, the warmth of my breath and all reflecting back to me was unbearable.

      Suddenly there was an explosion or something that destabilizes the stuff that kept their electric doors and cuffs online. I tell the others this is a chance but they were afraid to move out. So I decided to go by myself. I remove my shackles and head out the fortified glass cell doors. I turn to the right hall. There was some kind of mysterious technology there, I forget. It was something top secret though. I am noticed by security and aroudn here I find X there. He was among the security officers here and they were out to get me. An explosion? My flesh is scorched away and so are my skin. With only a little flesh surrounding my skull I appeared like a skelton, like an undead. I keep proceeding and I beat X so I can proceed further, and get out of this place.

      I am outside and find Wolf there. We drive away on the highway for about 30 minutes. But someone was chasing us.

      Older Jap classmates, Moderation

      I'd worked on the uneasiness I felt before this dream and it appears that I'm back in a similar location of the first dream.

      I was in a Japanese school. There were some classmates from back in elementry and they'd gotten older now. It wasn't the same school but somewhere nearby. I was hanging out and playing with the other students since the class had just ended and did not start yet. The teacher did not come so I decided to keep on playing. We get a call to the phone inside the classroom. A girl who was one of the more responsible out of us decided to pick it up and the call was telling us to head to a class 2 floors below since the one we were in was now cancelled.

      We head down and I find a round donut like table that went around a cylindrical pillar that supported the structure. It was about half a meter in diameter, while the table around it donut-ed around it another half a meter. The class had not started yet so I decided to rest at this table for a bit. There were some blank papers and stuff there and I realized I didn't have any paper or binders to take notes for the class. Some of the girls whom I were acquainted from elementry, whom were now a bit older were kind enough to share me a binder and some paper. Relieved.

      I decided the it would be the perfect time to AP or something and I closed my eyes. I got some vibrations and left my body. I practiced it for a bit. And the class was now beginning.

      We entered a classroom that no longer appeared like a Japanese school now. More western. The classroom was liek a lab and a chemistry class. My dad was apparently teaching this class now. I sat beside one of the girlfriends from earlier. They were curious, and asked me how I'd done my AP. I just told them it was easy. I had trouble finding sheets of paper again and got some more from the girl next to me. My dad had left and we were now having another teacher as the class began.

      Our teacher was a dark haired russian woman who was an expert at LD subjects. She began to teach the class. I was doodling pictures in my notebook. The topic began with something about male anatomy and stuff. She handed pictures around for the class to see. I took a look at the photos and handed it to the boys to the right. After a while she begins to talk about a new topic. She wrote some sorts on the blackboard. She wrote meditation and some vegetables and stuff on the board. She asked the class what was the common denominator of all the things she'd wrote. I thought I knew it and I raised my hand here. Some people in front of me did too. Oh yeah my seat was at the very back, a few seats from the most left.

      She picked me! So I just stated simply that everything she wrote made your mind too active if you did or ate too much. As the vegetable, I forget what it was now, was abundant in vitamin b6. She agreed with me. So my teacher now tells me in a tone as if to remind me...

      meditation shouldn't be over 50 minutes... and etc about other stuff

      Maybe she was subtly hinting me moderation. Moderation is key.

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    2. a better week.

      by , 10-29-2019 at 03:11 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie Dreams

      First one. The dream is entirely white. In a white bedroom and Jamie visits and reassures me that everything is okay and she's still around.

      Later in the week I dream i go to visit her, but she treats me like a stranger. She has a completely different look and basically tells me to get lost... hmmm.

      almost lucid

      Just with a group of people outside on a street during daytime. Everything feels fake and I announce this is a dream. everyone around me scoffs at the idea but we keep going about our business which I forget what it was.

      C again

      Something to do with C wanting to talk to me. I forget what it was about.


      Was hanging with D from work. We were in a crowd of people I had to make some excuse to leave. But D didn't believe me and started following me home. We walked and wound up at some park that is similar to one I remember in chilliwack. We start doing something with a branch of tree which makes sense to us at the time I guess.


      I just woke up from this one but it's freshness is gone. I was staying with someone in olds, A girl was there but can't remember who it was. Something about not being able to smoke in the house. We are both waiting around for... I don't know what. eventually we have to leave, and walk around olds for a bit.

      I wind up in some classroom or something with lots of children playing strange games. I one there are 5 sections of kids seated in a few rows of chairs. One kid is given something like a bright coloured shoe horn or something. the kid with the thing is supposed to get up and walk around until he/she picks someone and then hands them the object. So I get picked, at first i wonder why I'm an adult playing this game, but just go along with it. I go a section over and give some girl the object and then sit in her place. I don't really see the point in the game.
      Tags: chelsea, dawal, game, jamie