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    1. Creepy dream

      by , 11-15-2019 at 09:40 AM (Deep Travels)
      I just woke up from one of the creepiest dreams I've ever had to date

      but don't worry, it was amazing

      Like .im just browsing YouTube...the creepiest fucking face ever pops up..im talking like a black clown, black eyes, creepy grin, very realistic...staring at me..i stop and stare at it...

      Then a voice announces in my head creepily...
      "LOOK AT THE FACE......O_O.........LOOK AT THE FACE.......O_O"
      like an echo over and over again each time i try to scroll away from it, then outside my room i hear something walking...
      Im fucking praying at this point, yet....inside of me there was nothing but peace and stillness....
      That's what made it so good.

      I don't consider this a nightmare, cause i had some lucidity in this dreamscape and also i didn't wake up in terror, i woke up in peace lol

      Note to self: ALWAYS REMAIN AS THE SELF
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. Robotic spider, Regenerating arm

      by , 11-15-2019 at 04:50 AM
      Sect leader

      Dreamt about a guy being a sect leader. It was a temple like building. Forgot what I did.

      Robo spider, Regenerating arm

      It was side of a cliff,mountain. Recall a guy climbing up obstacles, a bot called him a cheater. He was the initial protagonist. 3rd view.

      I remember a graveyard or something.

      There was a fight here. Me and some guy. I remember he had long beautiful hair or something. It was Rocky cliff like area with a staircase.

      Entered a building. Science lab like. Some obstacle courses. I was a skinny girl with dark hair. I found her mentor figure or old boss inside. She /I was on a dark forces side after breaking away from the side he was on.

      He warns that there's some greater evil. A robotic insect. Spat acid or dissolving green liquid. perished her /my arm, just gone. Regenerated and grew it back though. Struck it before it could do more. Perhaps it's time to work together to defeat greater evil.

      Apparently the place was swarmed with these robotic, maybe spider like bugs.

      The teacher tried to sell me a burger. 6000$ drinks are free. Now it's 6000000 from inflation. Small discount after.

      Notes : need to meditate more. Meditate!

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