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    1. Bride of Swamp Thing

      by , 11-08-2019 at 06:58 AM
      Morning of November 8, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,317-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      I am sitting at a big counter in an unknown room. There is a mix of technology and ambiguous features. For example, a web page full of thumbnail images covers the left side as if it is a normal rendering, but I soon realize it is a set of small pockets on a sheet of thin plastic, each containing many slides. Each top slide represents a thumbnail image as is currently present on the real web page as on the Internet. The ones underneath are of images that no longer exist on the web page as on the Internet. I am happy to realize this.

      Beyond the front of my counter, an unknown woman walks by to my right. I tell her not to walk so close to my work area. She remains cheerful and moves away. At this point, it seems I am in a public building, but I know everything on the big counter is mine. I pick up a black-and-white sketch of Swamp Thing’s face (a DC comic book character).

      I walk into a room where Zsuzsanna is sitting at a desk. Also present, seated a few feet apart in chairs facing the desk, are two people. I hold up the drawing of Swamp Thing’s face, saying how weird it is.

      I now notice both “people” look like Swamp Thing. I hope I have not angered them. One is male, and one is female, the female on the left, closest to where I am standing. They do not seem angry.

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    2. Letting go, feeling bad

      by , 11-08-2019 at 02:15 AM
      Thoughts & Stuff
      Slept without pillow. I guess I'm getting better. Let go of trying. Letting go of need to meditate or doing it in a specific way. Instead just be meditating.

      The question is whether if it's better to push through things even if they are boring. Or to vary it a little to keep it fresh. I'm just pondering the difference between two conflicting mindsets: one view is based on consistent practice daily, while the other belief is that taking breaks gives you time for self reflection and refill motivation. I think maybe it's somewhere in the middle, but also just being instead of thinking. If you have fun doing it, does it really matter?

      Wondering... Pondering... meandering.

      Is it MILD? Being aware?

      Also a little pot. Recall was about the same. Honestly could be why I felt so stupid in my dream, but i also could have been more aware than the last couple of days. However it did help me process my thoughts and stopped me from over thinking for a little. It helped with self reflection. It helped me remember... Deeper states of mediation. In moderation perhaps it is a good tool.

      ***While I was in the deep state, it made me remember. It's the exact same feeling of complete lucidity in dreams. Or very close to it- And I suppose I had easier time in the summer, because I was this state more often while meditating outdoors, greeted by the honest rays of the warm summer sun; brilliantly illuminating- it was clearing the clouds both within and without. I remember it was easy. Even though it's cold now, it can still be easy. And it is easy... right?

      Everything I've said, or wondered is perhaps all useless. Completely useless thoughts masquerading as useful, distracting me from practice. Am I aware enough to realize?

      I guess in short, it's... Living it, instead of practicing it.

      Dreams and stuff
      Did not DJ every dream.

      Heading to sleep, was close to wild as the HI was getting clear and real, decided to move though to get comfortable. This stopped it.

      I was in the kitchen and saw bananas. And a lot more ripe ones in the next room. A lot of bananas.
      *ate bananas

      Was in a house. Drove to supermarket. Parked there. When I was out had uneasy feeling. Realized I parked diagonally and on handicap spot. People berating. ..

      I was glad I didn't drive anymore. In high rise apartment. There was vr hologram.

      I knew something was amiss but I couldn't figure it out. I felt tortured. I felt stupid. Felt like I wanted to die. Awareness present, but not enough to be lucid, semi, perhaps.

      Actions, died a little. This caused me to wake.

      *this dream was close to lucid nightmare. Not lucid but I know the feeling of lucid nightmares. I guess it didn't turn into one because I ended the dream. could be a good sign?
      * I remembered the exact feeling was that of a need. The wanting of things to end. It's the exact feeling of the lucid nightmare where the dream ended into another dream into another. The feeling was there but not as lucid.

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