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    1. Riots and Mirror Universes

      by , 05-08-2022 at 08:58 PM
      I dreamt about a price-gouging resort that had a bunch of computers, it also had its own currency (like "limbra pounds", "l£") eventually after getting into a spat about fall damage with the owner, I started a revolution and riot with the unhappy guests. There was also a lot of computers lying about, a lot of them had old windows 95 games on them. There was also one of my friends being possesed by a shapeshifting reptillian, and a vending machine that dispensed old grape fanta that had a promotion from the 2000s on them.

      I also dreamt about Deltarune, there was a "Mirror" universe everyone found themselves in. Everything was flipped, and after the party found themselves in trouble, they found Frisk, who appeared to be able to shapeshift in and out of a goat form, as well as conjure objects.

      I also remember taking a shopping cart from one world to another, and seeing alternate versions of my family.
      lucid , memorable
    2. 22-05-08 Dad's New Girlfriend & Walking on Water

      by , 05-08-2022 at 03:03 PM
      I was basically reliving the years when my mom had dad had just divorced and I lived alone with dad. We barely talked. He had a new girlfriend (black girl, kind of cute) almost immediately, which I despised. He called me down for dinner, but when I got there he just placed two plates for him and his GF, and ignored me completely as if I wasn't even there. I said, "fine, if it's going to be like this, I'm headed back upstairs". I did. At some point, while heading downstairs for dinner, I came across some pretty deep water. I decided to try and walk on water by running really quickly. It worked, I only sank an inch of so into the water, but made it across.

      In the next dream I was with a girl, engaging in some foot fetishist sex. She enjoyed it.

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    3. Weird school assignment and guy at work.

      by , 05-08-2022 at 02:31 PM (Dream-quest by UnknownKadath)
      I dreamed I was in school, as in college. But it was a weird school and I forgot quite what class I was taking. And I had an assignment to go pick a certain type of plant that grew wild in the area(the 'school' itself was a cabin somewhere I think I had classmates but I don't remember them well).
      So I went out to pick the plants, but the as I drove up to the field I was going to take them from, I saw that a storm was coming. The sky got darker and darker and I saw streaks of lightning. I wasn't lucid but I was aware enough to know that I, picking the plants in that field, would be the tallest object around and that was dangerous. So I shot a quick video on my phone showing the sky and lightning and explaining that would not be completing the assignment on time(it was due that evening for some reason) because it just wasn't safe.
      Back at the school, I showed the video as evidence to the teacher, who said I could it later, no problem. A classmate who had gone somewhere else to pick the plants gave hers to the teacher. I wandered away to play with a small dog on the cabin's porch.
      Cut to me at my retail job. I was still somehow in the cabin but it looked a little more like a storefront now. I went to the register to ring a guy up. I forgot what he was buying aside from a magazine. The guy was friendly and quite good-looking and I was talking to him, I forget about what. Then I noticed that the magazine was called Transmasc, short for trans masculine. So am I. I wanted to strike up a conversation based on that, but I wasn't out in the dream just like in real life, so I kept quiet within earshot of my coworkers. For the last few seconds of the dream, after the guy had left, I was staring at the magazine display and trying to figure out an excuse for buying a remaining copy of Transmasc that wouldn't look weird.
    4. Victoria crowned pigeon or Goura victoria

      by , 05-08-2022 at 04:51 AM
      100,000th post!-crown.jpg

      So I'm chilling in kikos house, I go outside to feed some plantain to the bird feeder. As I exit the house I notice there were two new birds in the corridor but on the right side of the house, not by the feeder. So I go inside the house to not scare them, the birds were big and veryy beautiful, the colors were of all the phases of blue and purple, I googled them and found out it's called the Victoria crowned pigeon, they had a very beautiful blue crest on their head, they were very exotic birds indeed. So I'm inside the house spying on them and so is my uncle, so I whisper to him to bring me my cellphone so I can record them, and so he does.
      I get my cellphone, I peak outside the house to record them and one of them says "Hello", I look over to my uncle and he says that he didn't speak. I look back at the birds and the bird says "Yes, I'm talking to you", I got scared for a bit because a bird was talking to me.
      I said: "Heello (shaky voice), please don't go, I won't harm you"
      Male bird: "Yes, I know you won't"
      And so our conversation started.
      I started asking questions, and the first obvious one I asked was:
      me: "How can you speak in spanish?"
      Then both of the birds started talking to me,
      Birds: "We are special beings from another planet, we have lived on earth for many years now and we learned how to speak with humans and with birds. We really enjoy your planet earth so we like being here, we know how to speak really good spanish "
      My uncle disappeared, we were us three speaking. They never told me why they visited me.
      They also told me their names, their names reminded me of the greek alphabet but their is no way I could remember this.
      Me:" from where do you guys come from?"
      Birds: "We come from another planet, we travel through portals."
      Portals just like you see in the movies.
      Me: "how do you make the portals?"
      Birds: "They told me the name of a very weird material that they used to make the portals, it was something from their planet that made it possible to open the portal."
      Me: "Does your planet have a sun?"
      Birds:"Yeah, of course"
      Me: "How is your sun, yellow like mine?"
      Birds: "It's actually more orange than yours."
      Me: "Is the oxygen of your planet like earth?"
      Birds: "Yeah it is, you could actually go to our planet and breath normally"
      Me: "What is the predominant or superior species of your planet?"
      Birds: "It's us, my species, in our bird form, we also have an ability to transform into different creatures but we like the human form. With our intelligence our species is the most powerful one of our planet, our planet is about 500 (light years or something) away. The only way humans can get there is by using the portal. One time we saw a human in our planet but we think he was astral projecting because he disappeared suddenly or maybe he died."
      Me: "Can you guys speak with the bird species of earth?"
      Birds: "yeah we can, we can speak in their language"
      Me: "Do birds speak to each other when they tweet at each other?"
      Birds: "All birds of earth speak the same language, an eagle can speak with a pigeon, when you hear a bird tweet it's actually a secret phrase, it's actually a coded message that only the same species knows and the tweet actually means a long sentence. For example a short tweet can mean - go away fast that they are hunting us"

      Then both of them transformed into their human form, I couldn't see the process in which they transformed to humans, I only saw them as humans, it was a man and a woman.
      Then they explained to me that they needed to to a ritual in order to conserve their energy and to recharge their energy so they could maintain their shape and open portal, this ritual consisted of something with hugging a lot and being very close to each others bodies.
      They showed me a portal, I could see through the portal and the other side in their planet, I saw the portal but I was scared of entering it because maybe I couldn't return to my body.

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    5. Blue horse (March 7, 2022) - Precognitive dream

      by , 05-08-2022 at 02:07 AM
      I'm at a beach, I've never seen this beach before but the ocean didn't have blue water, it was more like the cartagena beach.
      I was at this beach with a dance partner (Julissa) and we were walking in the water but the tide was really low so we could see the ocean floor, although there was nothing really interesting to find on the floor. Me and Juli grabbed a shell so we could keep it as a souvenir.
      We then decided to walk towards a local park that was very near, it was an ecological park that had many animals, it was like an animal zoo. To get there we had to go through a forest, we start our journey and I notice that the floor was infested with thousands of crabs, white/pink crabs all crawling around the forest floor. As I'm walking over the crabs I was being very careful that a crab didn't bite me because I had sandals on and I was worried for my feet.
      After completing the journey across the crabs we come to an open road inside the forest. We follow this path and as we're walking I notice that ahead of us some weird footprints start appearing out of nowhere. The floor was wet so you could easily see the shape of the footprint, and it was from a horse. The footprints started going faster away from us, I came to the conclusion that it was a ghost horse or something like that and it was going fast, we couldn't see it because the horse was transparent but we could see it's print.
      I told July to take out her phone and to start recording the scene, in the video you could clearly see how the footprints were being formed out of thin air, at this point we were running behind the prints. After chasing him a little bit more the horse went to a stop, then I could clearly see it's silhouette. I saw it's silhouette because I noticed it had an BLUE aura around him, it was a very bright blue aura, a blue like the color of a horse, a very beautiful blue, I loved that color of the horses aura. Then after I saw it's aura the horse turned visible again, you could see the horse now and it was a black horse, a very big and beautiful black horse.
      I was that we had made it to the entrance of the park we were going to, we left the horse behind and entered. We go in the park and it was a total chaos inside. All the animals had escaped, the tourists were running from the animals, everything was crazy, people screaming, we went inside, ran a bit to the right side of the park and ended up in a small wooden cabin. Inside the cabin there were many kittens!
      There were 2 adult cats and 4 small kittens, we played with the little kittens. They were so adorable! I was playing with them, they were really small, I carried them around and petted them. Juli notices that one of the cats had a pattern of stripes, I analyzed them and realized it was a baby leopard! I was playing with a small baby leopard. I tell her that we have to take him to a guard that can care for him. I'm going outside the cabin and as I'm going outside the door I see a big adult tiger outside looking at me right in my eyes.
      This tiger had a collar so he was from the zoo but had escaped. I look at him and he jumps at my to try to eat me, I quickly close the door so we stayed locked inside. The tiger was very beautiful, amazing orange and black stripes, big and alpha but he wanted to eat me jeje.
      So we look outside through the window to check when the tiger was gone, as soon as he left we go outside the cabin. We come across a path were we saw all sorts of birds passing by, Ducks, turkeys, and all sorts of the duck family. The dream ends with me trying to find a guard to hand over the small leopard.

      Two weeks later I visit a farm that had the exact birds I was on this dream, the farm was in támesis.