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    1. 2022-11-11 [morning of]

      by , 11-11-2022 at 09:48 AM
      Long night of sleep (yay), lots of dreams, early recall a bit spotty due to no recording

      + walking outside at night, with views of the moon

      + I'm outdoors in daylight walking somewhere, suburban surroundings, I have some goal in mind. A car pulls up in front of me, front to my left, rear to my right, I'm facing driver's side. (There are no doors and I can see clearly inside.) A goth woman is driving, and a goth girl is in the back seat. They offer for me to join them. At first I'm very reluctant, as I have other plans. Then I decided "what the heck," and get in the back seat with the girl. We begin nuzzling. I nudge her left ear with my nose, and nibble on hear ear lobe, gently, running my teeth along the edges up and down. (I think she squirms because it tickles).
      Spoiler for ST:

      + in an office, see a printer?


      + walking outside daylight with people, open park/urban area, think/talk bout pathways [location/path awareness, woohoo], talking about new convenient bike paths that have recently been opened, I see/imagine them ahead and to the right

      + toss a toy on the ground that breaks when walking with sister, it was a toy that is supposed to roll on the ground. It's like a horse's head, I pick up the various pieces and hold them in my hands looking at them. come up to boundary area with lots of food kiosks, and I wonder if the others in my group will cross over the border

      + approaching a small building, intending to pass through and go out the left side exists, the doors close in front of us, I'm with a mother and her daughter, known to me, we begin singing "hail mary" prayer song, the mother (standing to my left) is singing not quite the right tune, which I recall clearly, and I'm stumbling a bit for the right words, and start to remember both words and tune.

      + in a gift shop I want to buy a surprise gift for my [1st] wife to present her after the end of our vacation. Looking closely at the objects on a shelf [DREAMSIGN!!!!], there are some fascinating self-morphing animated objects that are transforming and rotating as I watch, I think these are really interesting. There is a set of small earrings that I think is perfect, not carrying jewels but some other small unusual objects (that represent our vacation here?). There is also a cut geode, I look at the two halves expecting to see sparkly purple quartz, but there is none, just something uninteresting, like small brown bits of cardboard confetti-like flakes.

      + at a buffet, crowded with people, a group of girls crowds right in front of me, there's an older teen girl who brushes by me, I think about engaging with her but decide against it, it's a dessert bar, I see plates with a "mars" bars (special flavor) ice cream dish, a traditional mars bar ice cream treat, see girl with 4 chocolate ice cream bars on a plate spread out like a fan. The mars bar dishes have mars bars in their wrappers with one side opened, they're swimming in a liquid of ice cream sauce.