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    1. 2022-11-16 house, fender bender, dealings in a town, lots of fragments

      by , 11-17-2022 at 04:53 PM

      + walking around (passing on right) a large-ish house, look inside through windows, see a young-ish woman there (standing at the window looking out at me), I know she's the caretaker of the house, and I know that she is very well suited for this

      + rear ender: I stop at a city intersection stoplight (my brakes don't work very well? [DS]). I see a large truck coming up too quickly in my rear-view window, I think he won't stop in time, I pull out into the intersection and a bit to the left trying to avoid it, the truck does hit me but it's a fairly light tap. I continue around to the left, then another left, and I'm talking to a cop there who says I ran the light. I say "how do you know?" He says that because he hear the sound of a car at the right time and then knew that it had happened. I admitted it them, and swore, "f^&*", "oh, pardon my french, but that's the 2nd time I was hit at that intersection [false memory], it has terrible markings, it's not clear at all what to do," then the cop goes off to try to verify this. I move over to a railing and look down to an area one floor down, where there are a number of different intersection models built: markings on the pavement, and some have high piles of (rubber?) blocks. In one of them a man is tasked to shuffle quickly along a portion of the pavement. The cop concludes that I am right, that the intersection is very poorly marked, and (I'm let go without any citation?)

      + I arrive to a city. I'm looking at street signs. Later I'm walking through a neighborhood, there's some festival gathering(?), people sitting around a table? [most of the rest of the dream scenes are in this environment]. (fairly decent amount of content here, mostly forgotten)

      + [f] I'm leaving the celebration, walking past an office with some celebrants still in it, they're drinking red wine (?)

      + [f] me and some friends arrive to the LHS high back patio, where there is a party/celebration planned. We do not have invites, and we furtively peek around the corner, not sure if we should continue fully on to the patio or not. (My dad invites us just to go on in?)

      + [f] a group of worshippers (and the priest?) is exiting from a Greek Orthodox Church across the street after a liturgy. They are all singing "Hail, Mary" in Greek. I/we (the people with me) start singing it in English and it's sort of a singing contest/competition.

      + [f] I see a row of trash cans (small, office-sized) lined up along a wall (about 4-5 of them), the last one contains my [false] blue leather coat all bunched up and stuffed into the can

      + [f] looking at and thinking about a wooden deck. I'm thinking about whether or not it's fire proof (someone says something?)

      + [f] I'm talking to a doctor, asking about what's up with my right pinky, why it gets "stuck" sometimes [true], the doctor answers that it's a "finger curling syndrome" and I get the impression that it's fairly rare and only old people generally have it