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    1. 2022-11-18 [morning of] one solid dream

      by , 11-18-2022 at 07:01 AM
      pretty good sleep: fitbit 7:16 sleep, 87 score: time 42/50, deep/rem 24/25 (2:01 REM, 2:00 deep) , restoration 21/25 (76% below resting, 7% restless)

      00:17 - 08:24, time awake 51 mins

      awake at 08:00 (look at watch), probably awake since 07:30

      tons of sugary stuff in the evening (cheese cake, ice cream), late dinner (22:00)

      Just one, late dream recalled (there were earlier ones, but they faded)

      + parallel parking a car on a city street, it takes me many attempts to position the car at just the right location, son S1 is outside and is going to hand in a large (old-style) desktop PC to me through the front passenger's window. I'm concerned that passers-by may see? [DS!] One guy tries to grab two precious boxes (son S2's coin collection box and something else), he's trying to pull them from the hands of (my mother?) who's sitting in the back seat right side, I'm then in the back seat leaning out the window pulling our stuff back in, then trying to fight him off, my whole torso is leaning out the window, and I'm trying to pick up rocks and throw at him with enough force to hurt him, but my throws are all ineffectual. I also yelled to son S1 to help (?). Eventually I kill him? I take his (head?) around the front of the car into the street and grind his skull (which looks like a lizard skull? Watched Jurassic Park 2 before bed) into the ground, saying something about "the joker".

      + [vague] something about people, faucets?