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    1. Lost in Pinocchio’s Cave (paranormal) - Christmas 1972

      by , 12-25-1972 at 01:29 PM
      Morning of December 25, 1972. Monday.

      This is a dream from Christmas morning of 1972. At the time I was certain that I was sleeping on the floor of the hallway during several false awakenings (I was actually sleeping on the living room floor fairly close to the Christmas tree and did not remember how I got there) - but of course, that would not have made any sense based on what I was seeing - a very strange and vivid state.

      In my dream, I am pondering, over a very long time (seemingly several hours) on how a new Pinocchio book was sitting on the record shelf along the north wall, being the outermost book (it was actually a record shelf for 33s, not for books) - “It’s probably an unwrapped Christmas present,” I am thinking - but I am too tired (in my dream) to cheerfully get up and check everything on this Christmas morning. I feel dazed (years later, I learned this was precisely a jet-lag feeling I was seemingly experiencing). I was seeing it in a sort of vague half-aware state yet still saw it “clearly” in one sense. Pinocchio was shown from above the waist and seemed to be holding a violin or something (it was actually Hank Snow holding his guitar) - although I sometimes get the impression it is a large wooden mallet. This turned out in real life to be the cover of “The Best of Hank Snow” record album that my hypnopompic states were warping somewhat whenever I opened my eyes now and then and through false awakenings unrelated to the earlier hypnopompia.

      It is also not realistic that I could have even seen this view from supposedly lying on my back in the hallway, fairly close to the back door.

      Over time, a dream within a dream (and more vivid) unfolds, I have the recurring “mystery girl” dream (no mystery - this was the girl whose birth I sensed in 1968 and ended up marrying - from a great distance across the ocean to the other side of the planet - that area and Port Kembla are almost perfectly parallel in a diagonal mean and in each case, the hospital within the same close distance to the beach).

      She seems sad and on the right side of a fictional doorway in the hallway. The doorway leads into a dark fictional room which is reminiscent of a cave - I have had several variations of this dream. I see the glow of a television which seems not bright enough to be a television even in a dark room. Later I am aware it must be the oven in the real-life kitchenette on the other side of the wall. (Ovens sometimes “replaced” dragons in childhood dreams.) We seem to be in some sort of intimate intended “meeting of minds” but it is mostly uneventful - I simply know she “is my wife”, yet I do hear her “mother”/“dragon” growling and snarling in the room with mostly human-like vocalizations. It is as if the girl is “trapped” by the manipulations of her mother even as an adult who wanted to have her own life (this turned out to be true in every way years later). She is beautiful but it is not the “time” - she is very young in real life at the time. My “jet-lag” makes me feel somewhat embarrassed (even this turned out to be true many years later).

      I begin to curiously seem to be in two dreams at the same time (the most has been four simultaneously, to my knowledge). From there, I begin to pantomime the song about Miller’s Cave (only the title for the most part is relevant in this case). Doing a sort of embarrassing pretend-march (rather than just implied normal walking - why march in a cave?) and rather pointless arm movements (almost as if pretending to be a marionette) I look through two sets of eyes at the same time - a very odd awareness - one being “me” there and then in that dream within a dream - the other looking at the supposed Pinocchio book on the shelf thinking I am waking. The echo of the girl’s mother’s growls fade a bit. I sense that she is working on a marionette that I sense is me (first had a similar dream at around age six). Being in the doorway of the “dragon’s” room/cave very briefly I get the impression that Pinocchio is being created in a steel mill in a distant land in the “sizzling fire of the oven”. (Precognition again, my wife’s real father worked in the infamous “Bloodhouse” in Port Kembla.)

      My wife’s mother’s maiden name was Miller (more precognition or telepathy in this case).

      Finally, I wake into a completely different orientation, location, and position than what I thought I was in. I am somewhat disoriented. But I am happy it is Christmas morning.

      This dream confirmed several important elements of my future path in exact detail.

      The real, original version of “Pinocchio” is much different than the heavily “watered-down” Disney movie of which I still like. Part of this dream was almost as if to say “Disney represents modern mainstream ‘ignorance is bliss’ (a common consensus play in general - including "Fantasy World and Disney Girls” I mostly heard by the Captain and Tennille); the real Pinocchio story is very cruel and even he is - his feet are even burned off while sleeping at one point.

      Synchronicity and other connections:

      Hank Snow died on my birthday in 1999 in Madison (Madison is another recurring pattern throughout my life and is a play on Maidstone). However, it was Madison, Tennessee, not Wisconsin. I did not get a Pinocchio book that Christmas, but I did get a View-Master set of the non-Disney story which had the scene of a large snake threatening Pinocchio.

      The “Blue Fairy” of the Pinocchio story is intriguingly like my “Blue Pearl” event (which actually resolved into the Blue Fairy in early childhood - the first time being in Christmas of 1969).

      Does Hank Snow really look like Pinocchio? No…I do not think so (when awake that is)…

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    2. There’s a Bear Outside

      by , 12-17-1972 at 06:17 PM
      Morning of December 17, 1972. Sunday.

      A bear is wandering around in the area near our home in Cubitis. There are no clearer thoughts of my parents or addressing my concerns to them about the bear, as if I do not perceive them as being present (though this is not logical - though many of my childhood dreams were erroneously rendered as such, which may be a natural but vestigial dreaming element, as my parents never left me home alone in reality). I worry about it getting into our house (though this dream has no nightmarish element, only lesser trepidation). At times, it seems of a duller orange coloration, though I think it is a lighter brown (or meant to be) in most scenes. There is a concern which seems to last about a full day and night and there is what seems like at least one “reset”. Throughout this seeming passage of time, I am not aware of any other activities or events.

      Finally, the bear finds her three cubs in our backyard (an event which seems to be taking place early in the morning) and the mood of my dream changes completely into a beautiful sense of peace and love as the bear then seems to radiate a sort of light or light rays like the sun (even though it logically seems as if she would have found them before unless they had recently just strayed into that area coming into the backyard from elsewhere). Two of the bear cubs are in the area between our house and our neighbors’ to the south. The third is closer to his mother on her right side.

      This dream combines two forms of waking symbolism, sunrise waking symbolism and coalescence waking symbolism.

      This dream is a wonderful example of rendering two contrasting ideas in the same scene. The mother bear of course represents my mother (especially as it is this dream’s preconscious factor). The cub directly to her right (in the foreground in my viewpoint of the scene) represents me. Farther to the right in this scene, another cub (in the pair of cubs closer to the neighbors’ yard) is also me, but with the third cub representing Lisa. The two of “us” in this pair farther from the mother bear relates to a real day-to-day activity, though the mother bear is still watching them. (This is really not that different from seeing two versions of someone in a dream, or in fact, seeing oneself in a dream as if invisible or incorporeal or seeing two or more versions of the same pet at the same time.) The bear also remains, in the final scene, in the area where my mother hung clothes in real life.

      “Seeing” my mother as a threatening figure from the viewpoint of my dream self (prior to resolving the association in the last act) is really not that unusual. However, there were a number of dreams where the animal symbolism was not resolved as such and seemed limited to biological factors, that is, being “warned” about a potential animal-related event as a biological safety mechanism rather than having an “interpretation”. (I am fairly certain that if a dog dreams about being pursued or attacked by a large animal that the meaning is literal and preparatory, not symbolic.)

      There was a precognitive thread in this dream as well. About a day after this dream, I had gotten, from my older sister Carol, a package containing a number of plastic model kits. One of them was “Black Bear and Cubs”. There were two cubs in the kit, and the bear was not golden, but the associations where very similar.

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    3. Atlas Confused

      by , 12-02-1972 at 10:51 AM
      Morning of December 2, 1972. Saturday.

      I am at some sort of business possibly on the second floor, in a large room, which seems like some sort of larger composite that includes my Cubitis bedroom. The orientation seems to be that I am looking south throughout my dream, associating it with my classroom as well (to a lesser extent).

      Behind an unknown older male in a darker blue business suit who is standing near a large desk (about four times bigger than office desks I have seen in television shows and at school) is a very large wall-spanning map of the world. It looks a bit different at different times. There is also a large globe on the left that reminds me of a recent one I received as a combined birthday and Christmas (December 20th and 25th) package in the mail from my sister Carol.

      The concept of whatever is going on is not very coherent. It is something to do with the “real” Atlas - the giant man that supposedly holds the planet Earth on his shoulders. I am not sure this is literal or some sort of metaphorical model but what I do know is that there is some sort of potential problem regarding the business (due to not operating twenty-four hours a day or some such) and something related to how the countries are to be displayed. This seems to be in regard to some sort of rental payment required to be displayed or acknowledged on the globe. At one point, the globe seems to be mostly only wire-framed and missing most of the surface detail due to the business doors being closed for Christmas vacation. I am not directly involved in anything.

      There is a sense of misdirected wariness that this business may be making Atlas irritated so that some countries or regions may experience problems such as earthquakes or floods or that Atlas may become annoyed at having to observe long business meetings from wherever he actually is. Again, I am not sure how literal this association with the “real” Atlas is. However, the main theme seems to be that Atlas was doing fine until certain people “invaded” his day to day duty and turned it into a profiteering venture. There is even a lesser idea that a “rotational tax” has to be paid by everyone to keep the world turning on its axis, since they are the ones that claim they are keeping the world rotating (this seems to be in conflict with the static image of Atlas holding up the world - as such, how would it rotate?).
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    4. Odd “half-cocked” precognitive dream (giant anteater)

      by , 11-06-1972 at 05:06 PM
      Morning of November 6, 1972. Monday.

      This 1970s event was hilarious on one level in my opinion. It is one of those dreams where, although it is obviously precognitive (or remote-viewed) it also provides a clever lesson in how the various “filters” in remote viewing and precognition work.

      The nuances, as usual, are far too close in detail to have any potential for coincidence. What is intriguing though, is that the usual precise nature of remote viewing or precognition was altered seemingly “on purpose” by the Source. In my dream, humanity is saved from the alien insect invasion by the giant anteater whereas in the real Warren story, they kill it before knowing what it is.

      The dream itself came a short time before the validation (as is often the case), but as I said, it was not quite correct. The giant anteater in my dream coming up from the ocean is a distortion caused by the association with the “ocean” of the unconscious mind (otherwise the plot is mostly the same).

      In my dream, I am reading a black-and-white comic magazine of the type that Warren publishes (such as Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, etc). I did not read this issue at the time (and had not gotten the previous issue) in real life and I could not have known about it.

      I seem to be hovering over the comic magazine story at various distances and over different pages rather than turning the pages. (My bed is in the southwest corner, aligned to the west wall.) It has a very similar mood and awareness as to remote viewing dreams (as with the “more dishes less dishes” Nancy comic strip event). The story features a spacecraft with talking alien ants that invade Earth. They kidnap various people and they speak in an unusual “electronic” voice (possibly implying that they are either robotic or using some sort of electronic translator).

      In my dream, a giant anteater emerges from the ocean. I see it eating all the human-sized alien ants and this is the last panel in the story. There is a smaller inset with text implying irony and repeating the words the “conqueror ants” had said midway through the story about how they would take over the planet and not be stopped. This is how my dream ends - with reading phrases the ants had spoken and which are now only invalid concepts in the wake of their destruction (in being eaten by the giant “aquatic” anteater, which had come from a large meteorite of many years back).

      After my dream, I was given a black-and-white comic magazine in reality (without having known I would be getting it), which had the same basic idea, and this was “Eerie” issue number 45 - the relevant story being called “The Mound”. However, the alien insects were not fully humanoid and the top panel on the last page is actually that of a dead anteater that was killed by the humans due to them thinking that the meteorite contained an enemy or an additional problem as the creatures they were already dealing with. Thus my dream echoed help from a “bigger power”, hope, and salvation, while the reality expressed the nature of human ignorance, suspicion, and acting without thinking about the consequences.

      I still have very fond feelings about this experience, which also teaches me that people who are “psychic” for profit are not being realistic, because what they are seeing may have a completely different outcome in reality.

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    5. Cage from the Sky with new comic

      by , 11-04-1972 at 05:04 PM
      Morning of November 4, 1972. Saturday.

      This seems like an “experienced” event even though it is mainly a life-sized cartoon outside of my window and viewed from my bed.

      An airplane flies over my home in Cubitis. I am aware of seeing its underside as it flies from north to south, just slightly west of my house, though realistically, this perspective would not be at all accurate from where I am in bed (especially as the cage lands not that far from my west windows).

      A cage, either a purposeful delivery as a “gift” for me from an unknown sender (though there is a slight association with my “mystery girl”) - or possibly accidental, falls from the airplane and lands a few feet east of about the middle area of our front yard. It is a cage just big enough to hold the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character were he about my height or a bit taller. He growls and waves his arms, although he is actually a Pepto-Bismol pink color (an unusual color that stood out only in certain dreams mostly around ages eight to twelve). As such, he does not seem all that threatening and not much else happens as I look through my jalousie window. He does not get out of the cage or even seem very threatening. (There is soon even a mild sense of amusement.) There is also an eventual but somewhat vague idea “he” is female (possibly only as a result of the odd color).

      There is a very subtle association with my “mystery girl” - as if her essence had been briefly linked to this scene. (After coming to Australia, we saw a real Tasmanian Devil.) My bed was correctly positioned in my dream as its metal-barred head being to the south wall (at the southwest corner) and my bed being lined up lengthways to the west wall.

      In terms of native meaning (as well as the obvious layered dream sign of being in my bed and looking out my window) there is a typical flight symbol, the airplane flying away being the waking precursor. The cartoon character, not being a real being, represents my preconscious state dissolving on a few different levels, including “coming down” from the sky (returning to waking consciousness). This should probably be viewed as “resolved flight” rather than “failed flight” even though the fall (transmuted biological waking mechanism as anything coming down in a dream represents by utilizing subliminal projection other than when it is direct hypnopompic consciousness displacement) may have been implied to come from the plane accidentally. (Though again was possibly also a deliberate gift from my “mystery girl”.)

    6. Lobstergeddon

      by , 11-03-1972 at 03:15 PM
      Night of November 3, 1972. Friday.

      This dream has a very eerie atmosphere and there is almost a sense of nausea in-dream at a couple points. Human civilization will be challenged by a possible “end of the world” scenario, but it only means that most people will have to go into hiding and have far more secure homes. This involves something to do with smaller white lobsters.

      At one point, I walk over a mostly featureless landscape to the northwest although there is a small library in the region. I see a couple downward-half-sphere holes in the ground (of the type that look like they were made for campfires) that are filled with small white lobsters but I am not sure if they are alive. They seem randomly “piled” on top of each other.

      Tina L (a female classmate around my age, perhaps a few months younger) is at the library. There are sustained moods of tentative fear. For some reason, she has a thicker English accent (recurring). (I am not quite sure why she appeared as such in certain dreams, as I am fairly certain she was American for the most part but she did seem to deliberately try to sound English every now and then.) There are only a couple white lobsters in the library so far, on a couple of the shelves about four feet up from the floor.

      We need to escape from the area due to there being more and more of these small white lobsters which may have a disease or pose some other sort of threat. There is this very clear idea that we will be able to escape sooner than everyone else and eventually leave (with the promise of being “safer than anyone else”). However, as we go easterly, we are blocked by an extremely deep canyon running north/south. Looking down, the canyon is so deep, that the raging river below is only barely visible. In real life, though, there would be no such land features in Florida.
    7. The Snake that Followed Me Home

      by , 10-13-1972 at 03:59 PM
      Morning of October 13, 1972. Friday.

      A pinkish (Pepto-Bismol-colored, recurring to a lot of dreams in my youth) fairly small and skinny snake is trying to follow me home from school as I travel northward to my home in Cubitis. It hides in different areas such as roofing timbers, above lockers, and so on. I get the impression it is a relative that had been transformed (or perhaps even reincarnated) unwillingly, perhaps a supposed (but fictional to real life) uncle. As I walk home, the longer time I spend outside from there, the less I notice it. No one else notices the snake. I stop at a few other buildings, being inside for a short time on my way home.

      As stated several times in my online journal, I believe a snake in dreams often represents the human intestine due to its shape and how it can “coil”. In this dream, it was even more obvious, I think. I had a fairly mild stomach ache prior to sleep, the snake was the color of Pepto-Bismol (a stomach-ache remedy), and it was “above” me (beyond my control) as well as following me. However, there was no stronger fear - in fact, my dream had a sort of comedic mood for the most part. Also, after I had evaded it, my stomach ache was mostly gone (I had not taken Pepto-Bismol during this period, though had at other times, before and after.)
    8. “The Martian Highway” or “Thundering Road”

      by , 10-10-1972 at 04:10 PM
      Morning of October 10, 1972. Tuesday. (Resupplemented for clarity on Tuesday, 5 September 2017.)

      “Giant” trucks go by our house in Cubitis - as there is apparently a new and bigger highway now. They go fairly fast at times and I watch shingles and tar paper being ripped off the roof by the wind they make in passing, most vehicles heading north. I watch the event from a distance, seemingly from the other side of the highway (the original Highway Seventeen), yet also with the idea I am in my bed and viewing this scene while incorporeal. Our house seems farther south in overall imagery and awareness, though I am still clearly aware that it is our home. I am eventually vaguely lucid and the scene becomes somewhat peaceful.

      My original title for this was “The Martian Highway” even though there was no clearer awareness or idea of aliens being present. However, the trucks did seem to be much larger than normal, though sometimes this seemed more relative to distorted perspective. The idea that they were or could be “Martian giants” was not really defined as such. Later titles for this dream (while I was transferring thousands of my dreams to larger and more convenient binders) were “Thunder Road” and “Thundering Road”.

      The shingles blowing off our roof in the wind may relate to a preconscious factor (though wind usually relates to the passage of time), the roof symbolizing a particular state of consciousness in transition and its cessation. More relevant in this case however, may be the association with my blanket coming off while sleeping, or the need for the blanket to come off before getting ready for the day. This may additionally be validated by the engines of the oversized trucks, which are akin to growing neural and physical energy. Additionally, I was likely subliminally focused on the sound of passing semi-trailer trucks at times.

      Years later, in real life, after we moved, there actually was a very large wide highway that came fairly close to our old home (though on the opposite side), the house still being there. My wife Zsuzsanna, when a child, sometimes had a fear of large trucks.

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    9. Sally’s Autograph

      by , 10-07-1972 at 09:13 PM
      Morning of October 7, 1972. Saturday.

      Sally Struthers, the actress, visits me in my Cubitis bedroom in my dream. She mostly stands at the south end of the room near the head of my bed (dressed informally in blue jeans and a sweater) as I am supposedly “half-asleep” in-dream. She seems to be younger, as young as sixteen, and is telling me about the work she will be doing in the future related to helping people in poverty via PSAs and how it (her activism) will be more important than her acting.

      She had been doing the voice for “The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show” (the television cartoon series) as Pebbles. She had also been in the Jack Nicholson movie “Five Easy Pieces” and the newer (at the time) “All in the Family” television series (which I watched regularly - even though I was probably too young to understand it all). She had also been a regular on “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” (as a lesser known dancer, apparently), which I never really cared that much for as I grew older.

      She wanted to sign her autograph for me on my dream journal page (which was open in both my dream and in real life on my nearby desk near the head of the bed) apparently to “prove” she had really been there in my room. That morning when I was awake, I was astounded to see that “she” had actually written something on the right-hand page, lower right side (of course that was not really the case). It was not her name; it was the word “sepia” instead. I had probably written her “name” in my half-sleep but wrote that instead. (I had not heard the word that much in real life prior to my dream and was not even fully sure what it meant.) There were also a couple false awakenings where I thought I had confirmed the signature, thereby confirming the visit.

      This dream was somewhat precognitive relative to what she did in real life later on, concerning charities and such - at least relative to what I had personally known at the time.

      Sepia: A dark brown ink or pigment originally prepared from the secretion of the cuttlefish.

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    10. The Marble Giant

      by , 09-13-1972 at 02:03 PM
      Morning of September 13, 1972. Wednesday. (Wife’s birthday before we made real-world contact.)

      In a fairly long dream, the first version being from sixth grade, I am in New York. The Statue of Liberty comes to life but is made of lighter-colored marble. She seems sad rather than being a threat as some people think. At one point, she is wading through the harbor, seemingly endangered by the depth of the water and seemingly wanting to drown herself - I see her getting lower in the water and get a sense of her saying goodbye - at least for a time. There seems to be some sort of ominous message in the dream (even a warning) regarding the giving of human attributes to statues - though that is only one lesser facet.

      For some reason, there is also a background story in the dream, almost like a secondary obscure movie, about Sandra R, a female classmate I was somewhat romantic with (not in a more intimate way). Interestingly, I did not ever see her again after this school year, and I never asked anyone else about her.

      For some reason, I am also very vaguely aware of the “Solid Tin Coyote” cartoon (possibly because it seriously “creeped me out” as a young child I guess because it was the first show I ever saw on the big screen - at a drive-in in 1966 I think, just before an Elvis movie - “Spinout?”, yet it remains my favorite Roadrunner cartoon). The original title (as here) in the first documented version was “The Marble Giant” which I later changed to “The Iron Giant” (even though it is mostly copper, I think) in a related summary (even though again, the one in the dream was of marble). This was coincidentally the name of a very interesting animated film I bought for my oldest son when he was little.

      Because of the nature of the female statue coming to life and meticulous research, I believe this dream was animating the concept of my yet-to-be wife’s energies long before I met her. This tends to link directly with similar dreams where statues came to life and represented an aspect of myself (or possibly also of my firstborn son), such as this one: Sentient Flood (on son’s birthday long before he was born)

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    11. The Moose In My Front Yard (in Cubitis)

      by , 08-27-1972 at 02:27 PM
      Night of August 27, 1972. Sunday.

      I had been sleeping (in my dream) in my bedroom in Cubitis, with my bed along the west wall (as it is in reality). I hear a noise outside, possibly from near the entrance to our carport. I look out and see a large moose in our front yard, more to the north and facing south and not that far from the front of our house. There is a vivid awareness of it. Even though it is late at night and dark, I am still aware of its form, though it mostly appears in silhouette. It seems to be chewing on Spanish moss or possibly has a “beard” of Spanish moss. I do not see it as any sort of threat. Even though I find it curious, I eventually “go back to sleep” without waking from my dream.

      Rather than pretending that the moose in this dream is some sort of “omen” or “symbol” (though most people probably know what I think of the nonsensical superstitious type of dream “interpretation” by now), I know it was mainly influenced by the cover of “Peter’s Moose” (by Hughie Call, originally published in 1961), a book I had read again prior to this dream. It was usually on my bookshelf near a copy of “George Washington’s Breakfast”. My best friend Toby also had these two children’s books in the tiny bedroom of his family’s mobile home west of Highway Seventeen. As the emergent consciousness factor, it directly relates to the awareness of reading a book and the critical thinking skills of which do not viably exist in the non-lucid dream state.

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    12. Devil Dog

      by , 08-19-1972 at 03:17 PM
      Morning of August 19, 1972. Saturday.

      I am deep within an amazingly vivid lucid dream state and in my Cubitis home’s backyard. It seems to be late morning. Being in this state and knowing I am dreaming, I decide to go and visit Lisa in the house next door, to the immediate south. However, when I near the southeast corner of my house, on my way to cross diagonally to her front yard, a large orange dog, which looks sort of like a Labrador Retriever, emerges from behind the corner and growls menacingly and starts to pounce upon me, waking me up with a bit of stress and frustration, but not quite a full-on nightmare due to the lucidity it was not “real”. For a few years, on and off, many of my lucid dreams as a boy were “interrupted” by black or rust-colored dogs attacking me and it annoyed me more in the long run than bothering me in other ways. I did not experience any trauma with dogs when younger and I was not afraid of them in reality. It was only later when my brother Earl owned a black Lab named “Gypsy”.
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    13. Running…and the Tower (apex lucidity experiment)

      by , 08-13-1972 at 02:13 PM
      Morning of August 13, 1972. Sunday. (Online entry extensively expanded for additional background and clarity and resupplemented on Friday, 1 September 2017.)

      This dream, from age eleven and during summer break after completion of fifth grade on June 2nd, occurs in the state of apex lucidity, where my dream self is fully corporeal, including in weight and momentum, with all the physical dynamics and augmented senses as in waking life. In this state, full control can be maintained by the conscious self identity. Since age four, I had been involved in my own continuous experiments with the dream state, including, on some days, several hours of specific affirmations (and other types of preparations) prior to sleep.

      In reality, I am sleeping on my back, my feet southward. The foot and right side of my bed are against walls with tall jalousie windows with the head of my bed being open into my room. The entrance to my room is to my left, on the opposite side of my room. Although it is daylight, my eyes are covered with a pillowcase (of an additional pillow than the one my head is on) from behind my head.

      Surprisingly, there is still some vivid hypnagogia, where I am still able to willingly return to the dream state. The hypnagogic virtual “slideshow” is slow enough to eventually choose the setting that I want to “step into”. However, because it is morning and circadian rhythms dictate that most of my sleep cycle is over, most of the settings (cycling at about one per second) display primarily featureless fields, though there is still the residual essence of water (which symbolizes sleep dynamics and the metaphorical tidal aspects of dreaming that seem to be based more on the glymphatic clearance pathway rather than always correlated with Earth’s tidal dynamics). I step into a setting without surrendering my conscious self identity.

      I step onto slightly damp ground, somewhat marshy and squashy. The grass is nearly up to my knees, though sparse in some areas. I decide to see what would happen if I run with my eyes closed. Would my dream change?

      I start happily running barefoot and I feel as if I have a lot of energy. I keep my eyes open for a few minutes. The open field is slightly less marshy over time (the “water lowering” waking symbolism precursor, which has been documented hundreds of times since childhood and still works as such over fifty years later).

      I continue to run, now with my eyes deliberately closed, through the slightly muddy grassy field. The marshy ground is bordered by drier ground with denser and shorter grass as I run joyfully, with an incredible sense of freedom and appreciation. The sound changes slowly over time, from my footfalls producing shallow splashes of water (which I find wonderful) to the slaps of drier ground. There are no buildings visible anywhere, including in the distance.

      Eventually, I decide to open my dream self’s eyes to see where I am now. Despite the continuous vivid perception up until now of cheerfully running through an open field in mid-afternoon, I now suddenly find myself at the top of a tall ivory tower, looking out over mostly featureless grassy ground. (The tower mostly resembles the Sather Tower, which I have never been inside in reality.) I puzzle over this change. I do not recall running up a winding staircase (or changing direction as such, which would have been required in the implied smaller area) which my present location would seem to indicate (though I do not know what the inside of the Sather Tower is like).

      My puzzlement increases and I decide to leave my dream (though remaining curious about the results of my experiment), which I do deliberately by phasing out of my dream self’s body, phasing through the wall of the tower behind my dream self’s body, and flying up and out of my dream (a recurring way I deliberately left the dream state by way of my conscious self identity, more so in my childhood and teenage years).

      In post-hypnopompia, I realize that the tower was the rendering of my emergent consciousness, the symbol of my growing conscious self identity (which is sometimes personified as another character just as the preconscious sometimes is though I was the only dream character in this case), watching over the dream state, which relates to the experiment analogy (just as a person would look over the setup of their experiment). Additionally, there was an influence from Cathy Carr’s recording of “Ivory Tower” (from 1956). I actually feel as if I had been running for a long time, as my legs feel slightly tired (though there is no evidence I had been moving my legs or moving at all in reality).

      Despite this dream being a result of apex lucidity, I can relate it to some waking life elements, one prescient. I began sixth grade August 28th (which was to be held in a different building), about two weeks after this dream, thus there may be a “testing” of seeing myself in a higher position. However, there is ambiguity with that concept in that, although my three middle school years (fall 1972-summer 1975) took place in a one-storey building, my earlier grade classes took place on the second floor (though that relates to physical dynamics, not emotional).

      In terms of prescience, the specific date marker (which remains unexplainable in terms of what people understand about the perception of time, as same-date prescience occurs far too often to be coincidental) was based on never having been in a tower in real life until much later during a middle school summer break, with my sister Carol (older half-sister on my mother’s side) and her husband Mel, which I had never expected. (I did not even know they would be coming to Florida until about a week before their visit.) This was a journey to the top of the Lake Placid Tower in Florida, which was a wonderful day for me.

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    14. The Pink Machine Gun (Augmented Revision)

      by , 07-29-1972 at 03:29 PM
      Night of July 29, 1972 to morning of July 30, 1972. Saturday night to Sunday morning (my dream had at least two “resets” and recurrences).

      Finding things or validating unfamiliar scenes directly after dreaming specifically of them (typical precognitive and remote viewing hybrid) and with additional meaningful synchronicity:

      Additional notes: While doing more research on my important clarifications and revisions (due to it being one of thousands of records that for me validate remote viewing and precognition hybrids - the main governing purpose of dreams), I discovered an additional oddity. This dream was obviously, in part, influenced by “War of the Worlds” (1953), seen earlier this day (July 29), as well as part of the “Miss Universe Beauty Pageant” prior to sleeping. What I found was that “War of the Worlds” originally premiered on July 29, 1953 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, my seeming placement in New Jersey at one point in my dream may actually be due to my association with Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost’s supposed “New Joisey” accent, and the television station likely showing it on this date purposely as an anniversary tribute (otherwise the odds are 1 in 365 by chance alone). Even so, it does imply synchronicity for me, albeit, in a more subtle way.

      The Pink Machine Gun:

      In my dream as a boy (age eleven, and during summer break), I had a toy machine gun that I was somehow able to defend myself with against invading hostile aliens (even though it did not fire “real” ammunition in-dream - it just made that clacking sound) - though the events sometimes seemed to be in the early 1950s (I do note 1953 on one billboard) as if out of a movie - and at times, perceived from a secondary perspective (for example, I watch myself look over a precipice at one point, viewing this from a lower perspective). At one point, the aliens seem to be “invading” a beauty pageant, yet remain mostly unseen. They are more human in appearance than the ones from “War of the Worlds”.

      The toy machine gun had that pinkish Pepto-Bismol color like certain other features that were in my dreams at times (often the result of a mild stomachache during sleep), but eventually was a darker green. That (having a toy gun or even a real one and fighting the “enemy”) is probably a fairly common dream theme for a boy (or for that matter, anyone). However, my dream introduced a certain special feeling, an overwhelming curiosity about the real world relative to a certain location and the realization there were areas close-by I had not fully explored. I was also walking through a large round culvert as if going between towns or safer locations (though the one near our house in reality, you could only crawl through with difficulty).

      I suppose aliens actually represent everyman from my view - or “normal” people and mainstream consensus. Because of my continuous so-called unusual and unexplainable experiences over every day of my life, even more so due to their continuous additional validations (thus discounting the typical “imagination” or “coincidence” cop outs), it makes sense that I see a greater part of the human race as “alien”.

      In real life, solely due to my dream, I was compelled by the dream “residue” to explore our culvert in Cubitis. I had never been down to and certainly not inside the one in the front area of our house but I decided to try it. In the very middle (and I had to crawl in - my mother warned me later not to go in there again due to possible pesticide runoff) and found a section of a toy machine gun; the handle and some other parts that looked fairly old and a larger spring, the remains of which had the “presence” of what I had actually felt in my dream. I kept it for a few weeks out of curiosity but eventually threw it out. How it got in there, especially that far, I have no idea, probably a boy that had lived in the area years prior - an engraved date on one piece was 1953. The concrete block house itself was fairly new, newer than the culvert and highway.

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    15. Indoor Ziggurat Tomb

      by , 07-08-1972 at 01:08 PM
      Morning of July 8, 1972. Saturday.

      I seem to be in an unknown area of town (Arcadia) or perhaps a bigger nearby town though later, by the time my dream fades, it seems “right” that I had been in Chicago the whole time (however, at one point, a fictional “Long Pond, Chicago” is “known” as if Chicago was a state instead of a city). (On another level, the whole scene seems somehow bilocated in the Cubitis living room, though the ceiling would be too low for this to resolve as such in reality.) It is primarily part of a very large clothing store in an area where many other connected stores line the street. Inside the main building, which for some reason seems to be a part of Walgreens, but with sort of jewelry-store-like glass counters in most parts of the huge room, is a sort of “model” (but still at least twelve feet high or more) ziggurat near the center of the room that almost reaches the very high ceiling, made mostly of lead and iron and of mostly black, but with darker gray and red shades, with sparse truncated silvery ledges, though a bit more towards a more fuller square pyramid with steps (of about fifty-five degrees inclination but no more than that) all about the structure seemingly on all four sides. I later see the view from above. A presumably deceased male of about thirty, in a black business suit, is in a casket-like structure directly connected to the inner area of the very top of the “ziggurat”. There seems to be a reason for this regarding the man being a manager of the stores or something along those lines. As I am looking at the scene from above and seeing myself in my physical form as I am in my “orb” form, I notice that I only get about halfway up the steps before my dream starts to lose cohesion. There is uncertainty in the purpose of the act of climbing to the top almost as if it may be a “mistake”. Coincidentally, Walgreens was, according to one source, founded in Chicago in 1901, the year my father was born, though we had never lived in Chicago. I had no idea who the man was and I did not “get” any name by that point. The idea of “revival” comes to mind, but I cannot decide if it is relating to music or bringing someone (the business man) back to life somehow. In a “duller” dream a bit later in the morning (that seems slightly related), there is something about confusion over the name Irving and the act of carving (as in carving a tombstone or perhaps a totem pole). This sets off a “game-like” song about Washington Irving (the writer) and George Washington Carver (the scientist). Vaguely, somewhat uncomfortably, I am trying to force myself to “remember” what the fictional act of “irving something” (such as wood or stone) means. It may be a type of carving, but with thinner layers, I reason.

      Additional historical notes (added in April 2014): “Concert 10 was a rock concert at Pocono International Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania on July 8 and 9 of 1972. The event attracted an estimated 200,000 people who were met with cold inclement weather, replete with rain and mud. The general atmosphere of the concert was compared to the Woodstock Festival of 1969. Concert 10 represented a successful revival of the American summer rock festival after the repeated failure of U.S. festivals during the previous two years.”

      “Concert production was handled by Concert 10, Inc. First time concert producers Irving Reiss, vice president of the Candygram Company…”

      My dream self climbing the steps indicates a subliminal effort to return to consciousness. The presumed corpse at the top of the structure is a subliminal distorted perception of my sleeping body (a dream sign of the first level).

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