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    1. Celebrities

      by , 06-07-2017 at 04:05 PM
      Holy shit, I dream a lot about celebrities, fuck hahahah
      Anyways, I forgot to update yesteday, also don't remember any dreams from last night.

      I was on the phone with a friend of mine explaining him I think how Yezi's song "Anck Su Namun" is everything CL wanted to deliver for her american debut but couldn't. I also explained why I was virgin, but now I don't remember what I said. There's this famous korean celebrity called T.O.P who recently has been caught into a marijuana scandal (in real life), so in my dream, I saw his pocket full of marijuana, but in the dream, marijuana looked like little pink hairs; then I look at my hoodie and there's marijuana all over it, I got scared of people thinking I was doing drugs too.


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    2. 161015: A Game of Go Followed by a Bomb and Ritual Sex Magic?

      by , 10-16-2015 at 01:17 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: Board Games at a Party
      I'm playing chess at someone's house party it seems, I'm in a room where there are only a few people talking on a sofa behind me. I get up and see a teacher of mine, he is a fairly simple kind of guy. He asks me if I play a lot of chess and I say yes, and I also occasionally play the board game Go. He asks me what the game is and I try to describe the rules. As I describe the whole idea of surrounding, he mentions that he feel like he can already play the game, as if the rules transcend human concepts. I think that's pretty insightful. He proceeds to drink a glass of water only using one half of his mouth. I mention that there's a girl from a rough neighborhood here at the party and I hope to be able to show her how to play the game. I try to talk about her in a way that does not sound condescending.

      Dream 2: A Bomb and a Weird Sex Ritual?
      I'm on a pier like in LA, the sun is just about to start setting. Ben Stiller is in a role trying to get Jonah Hill to go to prison to save his girlfriend. They are both dressed in ridiculous 80's clothes, Jonah Hill has a crazy mullet and a handlebar mustache. It feels like a movie. Ben Stiller is a cop and that's why he can't go to jail himself. Jonah Hill says no one will believe that he would go to jail, especially if his friend was the one to lock him up.

      I walk past them to the pier. A bomb goes off, there is pandemonium. I look around, I see the destroyed target, a trailer that was on the pier. I go under it and find the terrorist who were responsible. Now they have to go into hiding, a young women asks if she can join them, she is young and easily persuaded.

      I'm in a dark, church-like place. A middle-aged woman is having sex, she is lying on the edge of a table. I see something vague, I'm not sure if it's that I can't remember or if it was just hard to make out. I see a line of creatures, the size of fingernails(were they actually fingernails?!?!). They have something to do with the sex.

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    3. Daniel Tosh and Carrie Underwood

      by , 03-26-2015 at 03:06 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I did a quick WBTB coffee and had a super vivid dream. Even though I didn't get lucid, it was still really fun.

      I am playing some sort of board game that requires you to enter various DOS commands in order to carry out certain actions on an old computer. I am play with an older group that includes my parent and others who are pretty computer illiterate. I decide to somehow convert everything to a Windows platform so that it will be easier for them. I get lost staring at an icon and the screen zooms in, pixelates, then whites out.

      I am ice skating someplace and I notice the ice is getting slushy and melting. Then Carrie Underwood comes along to give me some pointers, but Daniel Tosh replaced my skates with a child's version. Somehow it makes my legs to where I can't striaghten them out. I feel like my movement and skate abilities has been severely reduced. Carrie is trying to get started and I can't find my other skates so I just do the best I can do. The ice rink is now my living room and I see Tosh outside my window just as he places a webcam to the glass and sneaks away. I'm really annoyed, but I let it go for now. I skate around and feel like a child as Carrie lifts me up under my arms and helps me skate. It's embarrassing, but hey, I get to be up close and personal with her. I'm so girl celebrity crazy in my dreams lately. The ice starts melted and we begin skating on hardwood. It's not working too well so we decide to stop. My mother-in-law is standing to the side with arms crossed. She seems upset she didn't get her turn. I take the skates off and go outside to retrieve the webcam. I make a fist at the lens and act mad but I'm just joking. I'm actually a good sport about it and thank him for letting me be on the show. I'm sure it will be super funny whatever he does with it. As I come back in the house, I see the computer I was working on earlier on a cart on the porch. I feel like I am missing something (lucidity!), but I decide I'll think on it later. I see Carrie still waiting around so I go over to talk to her. I wake up.

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    4. ISIS Hates Megan Strait

      by , 12-07-2014 at 09:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #387 - DILD - 5:32AM

      I went to be late at midnight and had planned to take Galantamine at WBTB around 4AM, but at 2AM I had a horrible nightmare that made me think about the waking life implications. I have been taking 5-HTP pre-bed for depression and it's really been giving me powerful vivid dreams, though non-lucid. I was actually excited to see how Galantamine would work for me now but my thoughts kept me wake for over an hour so I decided it wasn't the night. I felt restless legs starting and I got up to take 1mg Melatonin and 400mg Ibuprofen. I considered trying an induction technique, but I really just wanted to fall back to sleep and stop thinking about stuff. I used randomness to quickly pass out, hoping at least, desire would catch the dream.

      Much later, I am on a road trip with some 'friends' (their faces aren't anyone I know IWL) and we come to some city. Springfield? Someone mentions that it should be close to time for them to start filming SNL and they all really want to go. I look at the clock and see it's 4:30. I figure we have an hour before it starts but I realize we aren't that close to New York and something about the time feels wrong. Still, I have a strong urge to go alone so I ignore this.

      Somehow I end up in a room with a stage. There are very few folding chairs scattered about in clusters and even less people sitting in them. I think this is very odd, but I continue to take a seat. Amy Peohler is on stage talking with another unknown person. It is some sort of pre-show and they point to a guy in our group. They set up some agreement that he would somehow be apart of some skit. This guy looks vaguely familiar and is wearing a yellow shirt with camouflage pants and combat boots. He has thick curly black hair and looks like a person with a sense of humor. He stands up, salutes, and says, "Yes commander."

      I have a memory gap, but find myself lucid from doing some form of awareness/mindfulness. I think I forgot most of this, but I recall that I have been watching the show for what feels like a long time. Amy is gone and there is some other celebrity on stage talking. She looks a lot like Megan Trainor with brown hair wearing some light blue prom dress. As I watch her drone on, I feel like the dream is becoming unstable because I feel like can't hold all of this in my head for much longer. The concentration of sitting here idly while trying to remember all that has been said is way too much for me. I have the idea that I really need to be doing something active to keep the dream stable. I try to think what to do knowing that I should have a goal, but I can't be bothered with it right now. Suddenly feeling outrageously rebellious, I have an idea. I leap up from my seat, run to the stage, plant a hand on the edge, and vault myself in front of the woman. Without hesitation, I grab a hold of the front of her silky blue dress, and pull down. This surprising reveals her naked breast to everyone. I am not sure what I thought would happen but this really does surprise me. She stands there for a moment in shock while I admire her cleavage. I have a mild temptation to have some fun, but I quickly resist and turn away.

      I return to my seat and make a grand gesture to the now growing audience. The woman is still standing there unashamed and laughing as everyone else erupts with excitement. As I watch, I purposefully look only at her face and not her bare breasts. Suddenly, blue text appears as an overlay to the stage. It appears social media is blowing up because of what is happening on live television. I can see the comments on Twitter and all of the tagging of other people, @soandso @thisguy @somebody (I can't remember the names). Then hashtags appear #something #lookatthis. Again, I don't recall the actual words and I think was mostly gibberish anyway. I laugh at bit, but but start to really really bad for the woman. It feels like shame and embarrassment and something inappropriate. I don't like the feeling so I decide that I want something really hilarious to show up. As I gently will the dream to respond, I think these words and they appear clearly in front of the stage alongside the rest. I am not sure how this showed up, but its more like my subC put it out there for me: "@ISIS hates Megan Strait. #ISIS" I get the feeling that these people would really hate knowing this woman bared her breast on live television. It's not really funny to me, but I decide this will be DJ entry title. The dream quickly fades.

      I have an FA where I am trying to recall the dream and how I even got lucid. I remember as I see the funny camo guy holding a milk carton with the word 'Ninja' on it. He tells me that this was 'Ninja Juice' and as soon as I saw the word 'Ninja', BAM I was lucid. Then, I actually wake wondering if this is true.

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    5. Mixed-up celebrity dreams

      by , 10-20-2014 at 08:40 PM
      Morning of October 20, 2014. Monday.

      In my first dream, for some inexplicable reason, a new “MacGyver” television series is produced. Somehow, a younger Carol Burnett (around 40 or so in contrast to her present age of 81) plays MacGyver. After the first episode airs, I read a review in which it is said that she is “too polite” as the new MacGyver. The dream seems fairly long but I do not remember the overall plot of the in-dream show.

      My next dream is even more ridiculous. Dean Norris is the only recognizable celebrity in the “movie” although this time it is like a “real” setup on scene, which seems to be the porch of either the Barolin Street house or Loomis Street, or a composite of both and it seems later at night or before dawn. Even though there seems to be a (fictional, likely science-fiction) movie in progress, the people in it are somehow actually miniature, only about four inches tall. I am there watching and so is my wife. I guess we have something to do with the filming. The miniature people have to contend with “giant” cane toads, about five of them in different areas of the porch. There is a dramatic scene where Dean Norris gets hold of a (miniature) gun (taking it from someone else, I think) and shoots most of the “giant” cane toads. The camera zooms in on him when he is in a group of people standing around (in what seems somewhat like a bank queue) with some sort of suspenseful music playing.

      Near the end, only four miniature people are left. I watch them walk south over the area where railroad tracks used to be in my Cubitis backyard, there being a lot more shrubs and various larger weeds, other than the somewhat sandy “path” left over from where the tracks mainly sat. This is unusual only in that I normally become fully lucid when I see miniature people, but here, I do not. Looking down, I watch them travel from my left to my right as they waddle along. There is a vague sense of the concept of elves, but they are “ordinary” people other than having been shrunken somehow.

      In one other dream, I am trying to read the comic strips in a newspaper, but the paper is transparent so that the comic strips on the other side (of at least two pages) are blended (in reverse imagery) to the ones on the side intended for reading (similar to when you hold a page up against a brighter light) so that the page is an ambiguous composite of normal and mirror-imaged comic strips layered together.

      The dream turned out to have the usual trivial short-term precognitive layer (this time relative, as usual, to something regarding precise style, movement, etc. in terms of expectation - why it always seems so obvious and stands out as such makes me wonder what is going on with the rest of humanity in not noticing this in their own lives - particularly as such layers stand out as more defined when looking back with almost every single dream). I have always been interested in the hows and whys, ultimately, especially regarding why the events are often so trivial, although usually reflecting (in a precognitive sense) the “most unusual” aspect of waking life within a particular time. “Normal” humanity baffles me, and this (continuous trivial and impersonal precognition, yet its being so precise) is the main reason why.
    6. School, Military, Vampires, and a WILD

      by , 08-04-2014 at 05:57 PM
      School Dream 1:

      I was at my old high school but it was a University. I was attending some kind of writing class with one of my buddies and we were about to take some kind of test/give a presentation I'm not sure which. I wasn't worried about it though. The teacher asked us, "Do any of you know how to RhymE?" nobody raised their hands but me, odd. "GOOd, do any of you know how to RAP?" These two guys in a corner raised their hands. "GOOD, we will now have a RAP BATTLE". How unconventional, I thought. I woke up.

      School Dream 2:

      Back at the same school, I was walking around the classroom when I saw these papers on the ground. They had my name on them so I picked them up. A teacher walked over to me and said, "Oh, those are mine". I handed them over. She said that she and a couple other teachers were going to evaluate how awesome I am, well, not in those words but basically that's what she said. I suddenly felt this strong urge to shit, like I was going to have violent diarrhea. I ran to find a bathroom and I saw the men's bathroom next to the women's bathroom. I thought to myself, "If only this was a dream I could go explore the women's bathroom >: D. I wonder if it's the same as in my dreams". I went into the men's bathroom and there were a dozen guys in there shitting violently, poop was everywhere, was disgusting. There were also no stalls, just toilets that were overflowing and covered in shit. I woke up, didn't really have to poo, just a weird and gross dream.

      Military Dream 1:

      I was at some kind of military convention in a large, domed building. They were preparing us for going to war. We were all given guns and tanks and special, secret technology. Near the end of the convention this lady was making people put on a new eye technology that was supposed to be like google glass but with contact lenses. It hurt when she put it in. She also had a cute Asian assistant that kept flirting with me. I talked with the cute assistant for a couple minutes after the eye technology was installed and I noticed that she had a guilty look on her face. The convention was over and everybody went outside, it was night time, the air was cold and crisp. Street lamps lit up the parking lot with an eerie orange glow. For some reason those lights make me feel uncomfortable. I looked around for a car and noticed that I had no car there. I decided it was time to walk home, wherever that was. These two other guys were walking the same way as me when they started talking about how hungry they were for Blood. It started to snow. One of the guys began devouring the other in the most brutal way, biting his face off and chewing on him while he licked the blood up. The screams were terrible. I started climbing over fences to put as much distance between myself and that bloody scene as I could. The dude that ate the other guy broke into a house and started playing with the owner's dog, he was really happy.

      I kept walking until I got to an outdoor mall. There were beautiful, bright, multicolored lights everywhere and large neon signs. Outdoor food vendors, clothing vendors. It reminded me of Hong Kong for some reason, or maybe the shopping district in the beginning of Final Fantasy 7. I noticed that I was turning into a vampire too, it was the eye technology that the woman installed. I looked around and saw a group of other military people that had been damned as well. I joined them. We talked until I woke up.

      Military Dream 2:

      This dream started in the countryside. There were golden fields off in the distance with a few green trees dispersed randomly. We were waiting for a train to pick us up. I noticed that a lot of my old friends were with me. We were all dressed up in this uniform
      School Filters-1386946338002-2012marine-camo.jpg
      They were all cheerful and jovial; joking, laughing, playing. The train arrived, except it was just a really long minecart. We jumped in and it took off. One of the guys lit up a cigarette, another lit up a joint. Some of the guys acted as though they didn't want to be around it so they moved to the other side of this long minecart. Then they all jumped out and started walking on water, I decided it must be ice. They lit their own cigarettes with the water then started running after the minecart. Only one of them made it back, he had been one of my best friends in childhood. We kicked back and relaxed. The minecart began to go under these tremendous caverns. Their interiors shimmered with turquoise and gold. I decided that I wanted to live in one of them. My friend said that he would live in a neighboring one. I felt like I was in a real world minecraft because of the impossible structures and how colossal and magnificent they were. I woke up soon after we passed the impossible caverns.

      Lucid Dream 1:

      I was getting pretty frustrated at this point because I had been trying really hard to MILD all night long so I decided it was time to go for the sure thing, a WILD. The first thing that came into clear focus was actually the dreamviews homepage. I saw that and then jumped back from the computer and did a little fist pump. Now that I was in the dream I thought to myself, okay now it's time to find a famous dreamer. It was night time but all the lights were on so that was good. The first person that came to my head was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (he was a dreamer, right?). So I started walking around my house, asking random people where martin luther king was. I started to notice that some kind of party was happening since there were at least 30 people walking around. The first guy I saw told me, "He's not here right now". I went in the backyard and accidentally slammed the door on one guy's dog (I didn't hurt it, I just trapped it inside). I told him, "It's okay man, it's just a dream!". I made a can fly in the air just to be sure. But anyways, I asked a group of people that were sitting at a table outside and one of them said, "He was just here 10 minutes ago, he'll be back". Everything turned black, dream ended, DEILD'd. Still in the backyard, so I went to the front yard and Tom green was there smoking a joint with other comedians. I asked them where Mr. King was and they just laughed. I then mentally pled to my dream master, Mr. God, "Please help me on this one Mr. God". I turned around and there was a shadowy figure standing in a bush. Stephen King walked out. I said to him, "Mr. King! I love your books very much" and I gave him a big hug. He just nodded and smiled then acted like he had places to be so he hurried inside to the party. I was content with that, after all he writes his books based on ideas he gets in dreams and he describes his writing process as a wakeful dream state.

      With a big grin on my face I casually walked down to the street, still looking for martin luther king. A bunch of famous black actors started showing up in limos and 50k$++ clothes. I asked them where martin luther king was and they just ignored me. I saw one guy that had his back turned and thought, this might be it! The guy turned around and he was Mike Tyson. I said to him, "You're not martin luther king >: (". A little frustrated, I decided to mess around with the DC's a little. I made time slow down for one lady that was dancing, looked pretty cool actually. Then I made her speed up really fast and left her like that. I saw another lady that had completely ignored me before and I made flames erupt out of my hands and I set her dress on fire. She didn't seem to mind, she just looked at me as though I was some kind of weirdo. A little tired of my search, I just saw down and relaxed while I watched all the beautiful people going into the party. Eventually woke up, half-heartedly tried to DEILD for a couple seconds then got up.
    7. friends with miley cyrus. HELP!

      by , 05-12-2014 at 02:23 AM
      location: my school (gym class)
      time: around 11:30am


      so it was a typical day for me. my dream felt so real by the way. im supposed to go to my gym class (im wearing jeans and navy blue flannel and black leather boots) but when i came to the gym, the entrance was way too crowded and so i wondered what the heck was going on. little did i know that miley cyrus was inside the gym.

      (FACT#1 I was a miley fan when i was 14 but now that im old im not her follower anymore. i used to know everything about miley before. but now i really dont think so. i still like listening to some of her music and i still do adore her inspite of how porn she has become. i just love every bit of her soul. i know she's still the same miley that i knew)

      so i pushed through the crowd and managed to get inside. i called her out "Miley!" with a huge smile on my face. she looked at me and waved. i approached her and asked if i could take a picture with her. she was so polite and said yes. so we took a few pictures and we were laughing and having fun. (the gym btw is huge. but there were only a few of us inside. miley and i and some (four) of her friends. her friend said that they have to leave and get some stuff so they asked me if i could stay with miley for awhile. i was so happy they asked me and i accepted their request. so i started to introduce myself to miley and she was very responsive. all those time my heart was pounding with excitement. i just cant believe that im talking to a celebrity! (miley was wearing white crop top/ white shirt, something white and HW shorts. her hair is short and blonde, was wearing a little make up and she was smiling the whole time). we became really close that we were hugging each other and touching each others hands and arms like what i used to do with my best friends. we acted like we were sisters in just a short period of time. i cant remember most of our conversation except for one..

      while we were strolling around the football field (still in our school) in a hot summer day with the green green grass of the field, i was surprised that we were the only people inside the school! so we talked in a deep manner. i told her "you know what miles, i dont care what people say about you. i love you since hannah montana and now that everything has changed, i still love you the same. i support you in everything that you want to do. as long as you're happy. just take care of yourself okay? i cant believe your leaving soon " gosh i cant believe how cheesy i sounded! but yup. thats what i said. she "awww :")" and then smiled and hugged me and kissed my forehead. then she started talking about me and my dreams that im going to make it all happen just like how she did it herself. the only thing i can remember she said is that "dont worry. ill see you very soon. we will see each other again! " then we walked down the hallway holding each others hand just like what bff's do.

      ~end of dream

      ****************** ALL MEMBERS READ THIS ******************-o-miley-cyrus-crop-top-570.jpg

      i googled the meaning of my dream and it says about reaching my dreams or the opportunities that i blew for making me famous. i cant understand. PLEASE HELP ME. i really wanna know the meaning of my dream..

      recently i shared a message to 300+ young people for the first time. and it was a dream come true for me- to inspire people my age and bring impact to their lives, to be an encouragement. speaking at the summer camp last may 5th was a dream come true for me.

      can that experience help or kind of relate to my dream?
    8. The moon and things that change while you're sleeping

      by , 02-27-2014 at 11:53 PM
      I walk through a door and come out in my IRL yard, thinking about how to get out of this situation (what that situation was, I no longer remember), when I remember this is a dream. I start flying, which I think of as a useful way of escaping that situation - my first instinct is to continue the dream storyline. Then I realize that since this is a dream, there's no reason for me to continue to deal with that situation at all. I'm looking up at a gibbous moon (it's in a different phase IRL. Also it was night in the dream; and there was no snow on the ground, though the trees were bare; and there was a bush that IRL was cut down years ago). Looking at that moon, I immediately (and accurately) remember two lucid goals that have to do with the moon, and I decide to fly up there. However, I get distracted thinking about those two different goals - the second one doesn't necessarily have to be done on the moon, and I wonder if trying to focus on both at once could throw me off.

      Slight memory gap. While flying, I've somehow wound up getting entangled with some Christmas lights my IRL neighbor put up near the power lines - red, white and blue ones - and I've managed to damage the string of white lights. Although I'm still aware I'm dreaming and still intend to fly to the moon, I've lost some lucidity - I think I have to fix these lights first.

      But after accomplishing that,
      I find something else that distracts me - a Bowie album called 'evil on sale' - and lose lucidity entirely.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a child who's the young, orphaned, lord of an estate. He's been asleep or unconscious for some days after some incident that put him in danger, and now that he's woken up he's found that his servants - one in particular, who's also a magician or something similar - have changed things about the house while he was unconscious. This house used to be full of secret, magical things - taking care of them was part of the duty of the lord of this particular estate - and now they've all been removed, for his own protection. The lord doesn't like this at all. He's run down to the cellars, where a locked door used to open onto a place where they kept a pair of unicorns, which are no longer there - that magician servant is here in the hall outside that locked door, up on a step ladder, dusting a lamp. The lord's talking to a young, blonde servant girl who'd been the one to inform him about the changes in the first place, he's desperately hoping that she'll tell him the unicorns are just outside in the fields, but he knows that won't be the case - they're gone.
    9. Riding With Rock Stars

      by , 10-08-2013 at 08:39 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was riding down the street, either on a bike or motorbike with lead singers from Blink 182 and the lead of Metallica. I said to everyone that all we needed was the drummer from Blink 182 (Travis Barker), and we all the band would be complete. I saw someone coming from the distance to join us, I think it was Travis. I started singing a Blink 182 song. The lead singer from Metallica, looked at me and shook his head. I don't think he liked their type of music.
      The Digital Underground-blink182.jpg
      Blink 182 - Tom, Travis and Mark
      The Digital Underground-matellica-lead-singer.jpg
      Metallica - James

      I was now sliding on the ground, getting pushed by one of the Blink 182 singers (Tom Delong) while he was on his motorbike. I wasn't in control of the situation and was coming up to a red light, when Tom kept going straight through the light. Luckily the cars had seen what was happening in the distance and let us by.

      I saw a police car going in the opposite direction as it passed us. I figured it would have done a U-turn and came back after us. I think we were getting chased by police now. Tom sped up and gave it all he had. I wasn't sure if we would be able to lose them, but I think we pulled away to some extent. I said to Tom that he could use me as bait so I could give him a free ride out of trouble. I don't think he was willing to do it, and I kept insisting.

      I was a bit worried about the police taking the number plate down so we could get tracked down later. We were heading straight towards a gate which was closed, and was worried I would be hurt and wouldn't break through. As I went through it, I did it with ease. Tom dropped me off just passed the gates. I was looking around for a hiding spot, for when the police arrive. I noticed a bin which I was thinking of getting in.

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    10. Skate Park

      by , 10-01-2013 at 04:50 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at the local skate park in my home town. I was with a few people and we were building an extra ramp.We left the skate park not long after.

      My local skate park.

      I decided to come back with Kayley, and continue what we started off. I noticed a table top in front of me that was made out of timber. I think it was something we had worked on earlier.

      I looked into the distance and saw a group of people, only to recognise a few of them. They were just standing there, looking at us. I waved them over I think.

      Eventually the group of people made there way over to us. I was talking to Pete R about what was happening. He's friend Bryce Gibbs (AFL Player) had did a mono and accidentally bumped into Pete. Pete kind of gave him the look of WTF.
      AIM users-temp-file.jpg
      Pete Radivo (somewhat famous BMX rider) - Bryce Gibbs (Australian Rules Football Player)

      I was going to start finishing off a few things on a ramp we were building earlier, but made sure I didn't leave anything around the skate park to be taken without me knowing. I noticed I had left a few tennis racquets under a chair?

      I made my way towards, where the community centre was in real life, but it wasn't there in my dream. I walked up onto the platform leading to where we were building earlier. It was a long narrow hallway looking obstacle. I proceeded to walk to the end with Kayley. I was looking around to what I could do. I saw pieces of timber laying on top of the nailed down timber, so I was trying to move that out of the way before continuing.
      I realised that I didn't really have the right sized nails to use to hammer into the timber, only a couple were the perfect size. I saw a scene of where I was looking at nail gun nails?

      I saw a black man coming our way, he looked South African. I showed him what we were doing here.

      Someone had pushed the wall at the far end down, as if they were doing what happened in the movie ''What Dreams May Come'', where Cuba Gooding. Jr had pushed the wall down, showing Robin Williams a new world (I had watched this movie last night for the first time).
      AIM users-what-dreams-may-come.jpg

      I was looking around and noticed that we were building in between 2 house fences, which gave us about 5 metres in width to work with. I saw houses in the distance that I've never seen before.

      I saw an old lady come over from next door. I started to feel a little bad, thinking I may be building on part of her property. She began to start mowing the lawn where we were building. She reached the area where there was a platform, and she tried lifting the lawn mower on top of it. I offered her a hand with lifting the lawn mower, as she was struggling a bit. She didn't want any help. I had a good look at her, and she had an unreal amount of muscle on her for a older women. I looked at her T-shirt she was wearing, it was white with 3 layers of photos on it, 1 under another. I knew the 3 people that were in the photos but only remember 2, which was Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in 2 of the pics. DJ was inside a wrestling/boxing ring in both of his photos. 1 of his photos he had longer hair, compared to the other. I could now see a scene in my head of the picture, but it formed into a full blown moving scene. DJ was fighting Mixed Martial Arts against someone. He was doing very well at the start of the fight, getting some good shots in. The tide turned when his opponent gave him some punishing shot back. The strikes were pin point, one after another. DJ was all over the shop, he was on the verge of getting knocked out, but showed great heart to stay on his feet. The ref (Big John McCarthy, MMA Ref) had a look at DJ closely, and noticed that the lights were on but no one was home, and stopped the fight, he thought he had taken enough punishment and saved him any unnecessary shots.
      AIM users-dwayne-johnson.jpg
      Dwayne Johnson (The Rock Wrestler, Actor)

      I heard someone mention that a mod or member from Dream Views had chosen to see a movie (Harry Potter) over an important meeting or something, regarding dream view staff. They had mentioned that he really wanted to do a certain thing in his next lucid dream, that happened in the movie. I could see a scene of what exactly he was intending to do. There was a cartoon looking character (similar to a character in angry birds), it was shooting itself out of a cloud into another cloud across the sky. It was continuing this process, from cloud to cloud. Someone said that this is where he stuffs up. The cartoon character was losing momentum and was on the decline.
      AIM users-angry-birds.jpg
      Angry Bird

      I had a brief moment when I was thinking about morphing myself into a character or a body part (something like that..) to surprise the people I was with.

      I started to feel as if I was wasting my time with the building. Nothing was really getting done. I said to Kayley that we should just pack it up for the day. She looked at me with disbelief, which made me re-think about what I should do. I think I continued, until I woke up.

      Side Notes: I tried to DEILD when my alarms would go off but I kept swallowing and focusing on it too often.
    11. Throw Back (13.9.13)

      by , 09-15-2013 at 08:21 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at my old house in Blacksland. I was sitting on the couch in the lounge room. Sitting next to me was a celebrity named Dannii Minogue.

      Some other celebrity mentioned that Dannii was a throw back, as a joke. I asked them what did you mean by throw back? Dannii or the other celebrity told me that a throw back was someone who quits something. Dannii took the joke to heart and didn't feel too good about it.

      The whole dream felt like it was a TV logie night (TV award show).
    12. The Space Tale and the Whale's Game

      by , 08-29-2013 at 11:02 AM (My Humble Collection of Somnigraphies)
      August 29 2013 - Dream Fragment #1 I remember suddenly being jolted awake at my house. I didn't do an RC (very odd, as I've been setting pretty strict rules about how much I reality check, and I hoped that this rigorous schedule would help) and so I went on in an nLD. I remember in some way getting to this flattish house that was very, very luxurious by my standards in waking life but very normal there. One of my friends from WL was there and he asked me what game I wanted to play. I said "Block War" (or something along those lines) and he said, "Teach me how to play Block War!" I carefully explained it to him. (I cannot for the life of me remember the description but it had to do with a whale at the end for some reason) So we played that for a while and then he wanted to go check out my PC, so I showed it to him. I realized there was no mousepad so I tore up the house looking for one and I found it. I remember leaving and then going somewhere but getting murdered before I could do anything.

      Dream Fragment #2 I remember having to go retrieve something and my vision flashing, "Episode 1". I went to this YMCA-type place near where I live IWL, more or less, except everything was different. When I got there I saw some people that I hate from school throwing around a frisbee on an extremely steep dirt hill. I was wearing flip-flops and had to walk down it to see where I wanted to go. I almost wiped out a few times but I managed to get to the bottom. I was then thrown into a few trivial tasks that I cannot remember but at some point aliens invaded and completely destroyed this mansion next to the YMCA and used it as their base. I saw I couple of celebrities walk down from above and come over next to me. They looked like they wanted to fight the aliens, and I agreed, but I said I want to talk to them first (WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I'M NOT A DC!) so I walked up to the front door of the mansion. The door opened into a makeshift council room of sorts. There were about eight normal-sized aliens in the room and like 2 bigger ones, probably about seven and a half feet tall. I asked them what they wanted. Not a good idea. It got me eaten my one of the bigger ones, while the famous people started fighting them. I woke up and laughed really hard at my dream action. I think it was form listening to the newest podcast about treating DCs with respect before bed lol.
    13. Plastic Crystal: Too Good to be True

      by , 06-27-2013 at 08:09 PM
      Bedtime: ~ 12:30
      WBTB: No
      Aids: None
      Recall: Medium
      Vividness: High
      Awesome Factor: Medium

      I'm in what looks like a high school gymnasium, minus the bleachers, with a bunch of other people. I don't know why we are there, but I don't think we are actually attending high school. The only person there with me that I think I recognize is a middle-aged woman, C, whom I'd had some classes with in grad school.

      I think people have sleeping bags and/or are just hanging out on the floor. There is a television at one end of the room, and someone puts on The Avengers. In the dream I don't own the movie yet, and am super excited that it's already out on DVD/Blue-ray.

      Suddenly Tom Hiddleston-as-Loki is there in real life, performing his confrontation with Odin in Thor, except that Odin isn't there and Tom/Loki is facing us. He's only a few feet away and I realize, to my delight, that I've basically got front row seats. I'm sitting just behind C. I'm pretty sure we're sitting on the floor. The weird thing is that we're sitting on the stage and Tom is performing from where audience would normally be. (I don't think my dream self considered this weird, though.)

      Tom is dressed pretty much the same as Loki in the movie, except he has a neck brace with writing on it, as if friends had written on it like people do on casts in school. Anyway, I feel so lucky to be there, and I'm totally feeling his performance. I actually get shivers. My attraction to him is secondary to the fact that I'm getting to see this amazing actor perform live and so up close.

      Tom is gone now, and I realize that I've been resting my forehead on the back of my former classmate's shoulder. I'm disappointed that instead of enjoying Tom's performance fully and maybe getting some eye contact, I've been hiding my face. I'm also distraught about what the C must have thought about the close contact -- we barely know each other, after all. She has gone somewhere, but I decide that when she comes back I'll apologize and tell her I was tired or had a headache.

      Next, I'm outside. It is nighttime, and it looks like I'm on or very near a college campus. There's an abandoned building made largely of glass, which I enter. The ground is earth, and I'm excited to see that it is littered with beautiful crystals. I'm particularly in awe of this huge quartz crystal that must be at least 2/3 my height. It is lying flat on the ground. When I come closer to take a look at it, I see that there is a beautiful, large blue topaz crystal inside the giant quartz, maybe six inches from the point. I decide that I must take it home, worrying if I'll be able to carry it, but when I touch it, it feels like plastic and I'm disappointed.

      There is a cluster of topaz or aquamarine lying on the ground nearby. These are attached to the matrix, so I'm sure these are real. However, I don't want to dig it up with my bare hands, so I leave to get some kind of tool.

      Outside, I meet a college girl. She says I shouldn't be walking around alone at night, though she's doing the same thing. When I tell her or she sees that I'mgoing to the abandoned building with the crystals, she says she knows it, and seems excited to accompany me. (I don't remember if I got a tool or not.) As we approache the building, however, three female employees from a nearby store are keeping watch over it, since people aren't supposed to be entering.

      Key thoughts/emotions: Elated, Uplifted, Impressed, Embarrassed, Disappointed

      Interpretation: I think this dream says a lot about my beliefs regarding my acting career, or just creativity and self expression in general. I'm watching one of my favorite actors peform; he's totally in the flow, and I'm feeling it as well. I'm on stage, and yet I'm hiding my face.

      If the quartz crystal were the human body, the blue topaz would be in about that same region as the fifth chakra, which is seen as blue and associated with creativity and self-expression. I think it's too good to be true (feels like plastic), so I focus on some more realistic mediocre crystals. Yet I don't want to get my hands dirty, so I go looking for a tool and end up locked out and without any crystals.

      My original interpretation is that I don't believe that I can really have what I want: an exciting, fulfilling career that puts me in the spotlight (the big quartz with the topaz inside), but I don't want to settle for a mundane job or getting little reward for my efforts (not wanting to get my hands dirty getting the smaller cluster).

      Dream dictionary entries, however, suggest that plastic can means not being true to oneself. This would change the interpretation from simply not believing I can have a successful career to not being meant for great things , but not wanting to settle for less.

      Both are pretty gloomy interpretations for a dream that initially left me smiling.

      Updated 06-27-2013 at 10:43 PM by 63380

      non-lucid , memorable
    14. To The Digital World!

      by , 02-07-2013 at 02:28 PM (Dream Tales)
      Originally dreamed on 23.05.2012:

      In this dream Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds was a teacher and I was one of his students. His class had just finished and as everyone filed out of the room I opened up a large cardboard box on one of the tables and, after looking inside, began to laugh hysterically. I think there was a Nintendo Wii inside but I’m not sure.

      I then went outside and started jogging away because I didn't want a particular group of boys to see me but they cornered me in a block of houses a short distance away. They started threatening me and I burst into tears. One of the boys claimed I’d punched him in the arm and I told them I hadn't. Another boy grabbed me by the collar of my top and lifted me up.

      I don’t remember what happened after that but next thing I knew I was riding in a buggy-type vehicle with a foreign woman. She said something to me and suddenly the vehicle sped up and turned invisible. It was also able to phase through things so we shot down the road without a care in the world.

      Somehow I wound up in the Digital World and the boy who claimed I had hit him was there too. I passed by a dark cave full of really powerful, evil Digimon and end up in a grand hall sort of place with a bunch of good Digimon.

      We started talking and the boy got really upset and decided to leave because apparently nobody liked him (I hated him but I don’t know about everyone else). I told the good Digimon that I hoped the evil Digimon in the cave wouldn't take him because they’d kill him, though really I knew they’d use him to become even more powerful.

      The boy did go to the cave but then the scene changed and I found myself back at the school. I vaguely recall snuggling up to Reid and then I went outside and saw that it was dark. One of those big sixteen-wheeled trucks pulled up and I thought it was for me but it was actually for Reid because he’d been chosen to go to the Digital World.

      Then John Barrowman pulled up in another car that could go invisible and he took me back there too. Along the way I got a yellow Digivice and a menu screen popped up with three potential Digimon partners on it. A chime sounded when I hovered over a yellow Munna from Pokemon and I was a little disappointed because I'd wanted the Digimon at the bottom of the screen.

      “At least it’s cuter than my last partner”, I said, hugging the Munna.

      The last thing I remember is sitting in a waiting room with a small group of other people who had also been chosen to come to the Digital World. Reid was near the back looking rather downcast.
    15. Two men

      by , 10-25-2012 at 12:22 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I know I had other dreams last night. I just forgot what they were, but something tells me they were sexually related.

      Anyways, I'm at Charlie Sheen's house, or maybe this random DCs...I'm not sure. But either way she's hot, and she wants us both, but I was thinking Charlie had the edge until we got to speak in private and she was telling me how hard her nipples were and that she wanted me. She tried to send Charlie on a beer run, but they were talking right at the door, and he wouldn't shut up. I decided to lay on the couch and pretend that I was going to sleep. I guess the convo went back and fourth between them for a while, and then he came back in living room, looked at my feet. They were all the way against the shoulder. He asked me why I did that, and I told him to keep my legs straight. At this point, I think I really just wanted to sleep, because I don't know what happened to the girl.

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