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    1. competition #15 night #5

      by , 10-23-2013 at 02:17 PM
      00:00 Tues 2013-10-22
      ~ 01:30 (?) bedtime
      1) Getting out of bed turning on the air conditioning. The A/C is a big grand piano with multiple covers not a single cover. I have to open one of the multiple flaps to get the A/C working. Wife can’t get cool she’s not comfortable. I feel the coolness of the A/C air and say “see, it’s cold, the A/C is working.” I or she says “it must be a cultural thing.”

      F1) Standing outside in a large area, a truck is approaching along a long road. Truck arrives and zips around in a wide open area, I try to catch it.

      F2) Receiving a medal.

      2) Staying in a cheap motel. Motel is typical rectangular upside-down-U-shaped structure built around a central parking lot on some street in some city, along a busy street full of strip-malls. I’m staying on the first floor in a room at the upper right “corner” of the upside-down U, right next to the manager’s office. There is a gate between the area outside my door and the parking lot. My room is shallow but extremely wide, easily 3-4 typical motel rooms wide. The room is full of my things, stacked all over the place, it’s like I’ve moved my entire home into this room. There’s a big bed. I’m running the A/C really high. The room is cold in the morning. I have a Playboy magazine on the table, I turn it facedown. I come outside and two guys come out of the manager’s office and approach me. Sort of Hispanic looking. We go into my room. They say “your A/C is on high it’s unbalancing the whole system, you can’t do that.” The owner of the motel is there, too. I’m shocked/outraged. I say “I’ve never in my entire life had anyone in a hotel tell me that I’m using too much A/C!” I then ask, “OK, then just what is the maximum allowed setting I’m allowed to use?” They don’t answer. We leave the room, go outside. I and one of the guys, a technician, head back into the room. He’s walking in front of me. We start jumping along the tops of progressively higher series of cement domes (mushroom shaped). We’re jumping on them like a side-scrolling video game. I’m making a sound effect of “hwip Hwip HWIP!” and “blblblblblbl-BEEP-BOOP!”, “huah Huah HUAH!” the guy copies me making these sounds, too. We reenter my room. The guy start digging through my magazines, turning them over face up and looking at the covers. I say “If you keep doing that you’re going to find an ‘interesting modern magazine.’”

      F3) with high school friends.

      06:19 17C in room, feels pretty cold. WILD attempt, alarm goes off in 1.5 hours from now.
      07:28 took a long time to relax my mind for sleep while anticipating the WILD. Eventually did and started seeing dreamlets. Wife was snoring. Time to get up now, make breakfast for family, WBTB.
      ~ 09:00 BTB. On the couch. Another WILD attempt.
      Dreamlets: people walking down a hill, a woman’s face, cars on a road. Felt close to making it in but didn’t. WILD attempt on back, ND came on left side. Eventually feel asleep into ND:

      3) Lying on some grass (parents’ house backyard? DS) with older son (as a 9-year-old boy) next to a big air mattress with a towel on top of it. Someone has stuck a twig through the towel into the air mattress (to keep the towel in place?). As soon as I approach I see the twig. I knew what the result would be. I pulled out the twig and all the air came out of the mattress. (WL, last night, the plug popped out of my air mattress while I was lying on it positioning for BTB). Next to son are two little girls on my right. On my left are an unknown older woman and man (couple). I ask son, “did you do it?” He said “no.” I turned to girls, asked “did you do it?” They didn’t answer they just looked at me with big eyes. The woman on my left commented how I was improperly interrogating the kids, called me something like “nazi.” I turn to talk to the woman, I say “I have every right to learn who ruined this very expensive air mattress!”. Her husband next to her stands up in a confrontational manner. I also stand up and step up to him, I’m not going to let him intimidate me. I step back a bit deciding a fight is not worth it, and I repeat, “I have every right to know, it is very reasonable.” The man and woman walk away. .

      4) How the story was written. A famous author is sitting triumphantly in a rocking chair on the top of a hill shouting out to the people below , “For the very first time in literature, the villain has made his appearance!” He is throwing rocks down the hill. I’m DO standing down the hill a little looking up at him. There is an emotional and triumphant finale presentation where the original actresses who acted a long time ago in the story appeared and was introduced. Each one had a special name. The first one was “Kea 2 Sea” and was wearing like a lunchbox-sized-and-shaped medallion on a chain around her neck, her name was inscribed on the front of the lunchbox inside a big heart. They all approached me to be recognized, I held up my foot straight out and they touched their lunchbox amulets to the bottom of my foot, and then they bowed to me. I was incredibly touched by this special moment. There were 4 or 5 of the actresses. There was an extra actor who was also there didn’t have a special name. He was there in case they needed another actor.

      F4) passing something through a small window to people in a room.
    2. Bikinis & Dead Babies

      by , 05-09-2011 at 10:00 PM
      One of the first things that I remember is being in a clothing store. The guy behind the desk tells me that I can pick out a bikini for free for some kind of event that was going on tomorrow, like a concert or something. I had a bad feeling about him, that he was just being nice so that he could see my body. I looked around the store anyway, for a pretty long time because I felt uncomfortable with showing off so much skin. So, I found this blue tie-dye shirt with a black lace back to put over my bikini. After I decided on the shirt, I appeared all of a sudden in my mother's red van & I remember seeing one bag already full of bought clothes that my mother must have gotten & an empty bag. I stuck the shirt in the empty bag because I didn't want to pay for it (it was way too expensive). Then, I appeared back in the store & found a blue tie-dye bikini. Soon after, my mother came to tell me that they caught me on the security camera stealing the shirt, but I convinced my mother & the guy behind the desk that I didn't steal anything & that I was just setting the shirt down until I got everything together, & then I would have payed for it. The guy behind the desk either said that he'd forgive me or that he believed my explanation. He then gave me this globe thing that glows, spins, & changes colors. I thanked him. All of a sudden, I was in my bed with the globe thing set on my nightstand & my mom lying next to me telling me that I ruined it when she was the one messing with it the whole time. I then decided to twist it & it started to work again.

      I woke up naturally at 3:45 am & went to the bathroom. When I fell back asleep, I was in a different dream entirely.

      There was a sort of family gathering going on. I remember seeing nearly all of my close relatives on my mother's side of the family. For some reason, in the room that we were in, there was an old pinball machine & my Japanese teacher standing next to it. We decided that we would work on it together & get it working again. It was implied that he had worked on the same exact machine before. The next thing I remember is my mom handing off my aunt's half-black baby to me while on a balcony (she doesn't really have a half-black baby). At first she just set the baby on the arm of a plastic, dark green patio chair. I saw the baby's head flop & it nearly toppled over. I picked up the baby, who was particularly squirmy, & watched from what I thought was a safe distance at what was going on below the patio. Well, the baby ended up squirming out of my hands & over balcony. I immediately jumped after. As I was falling, I saw a gigantic air mattress, which I missed, but I thought maybe the baby might have landed on it. I remember lying there on the ground, pretty much perfectly fine just a little out of breath & lightheaded, but I acted like I was dead when I saw my mom, who came down & sat in a chair & cried. Then, I acted like I miraculously snapped out of it & went upstairs. I looked at everyone's faces, especially my aunt's. I asked if the baby was okay. She (I think it was a she) didn't survive & no one wanted to talk about it anymore. I remember getting my first look of my aunt's significant other at this point. I was surprised for some reason that he was black. Then, everybody left room, except for my aunt. I sat down next to her on the couch & I hugged her & apologized & let her cry on my shoulder. Then I remember writing, "I love you," on the spine of the book that she was reading. The next thing that comes to mind involves a pillow that I had just sewed. It was coming apart, so I went to put it in my aunt's car so that it wouldn't get damaged further & made a mental note to fix it later. When I got to the car, there was this mentally challenged teenager (male). He was trying to do something in the trunk of the car (or maybe I was) & a big machine of sorts fell & what I assumed to be my aunt's dog went completely nuts. The leash was somehow attached to the car & the dog set off, pulling the car along with ease, while the mentally challenged teenager was trying to steer. In the meantime, I tried to jump out of the car before it really picked up speed. I remember getting out but the dog chased after me. The next thing I know, I'm in Chicago or a city equal to it. I was there because I was trying to avoid my family because I had already killed the baby & now I fucked up my aunt's car, lost their dog, & probably left the mentally challenged teenager to die (I'm still not sure if he was also one of my aunt's kids). At one point, I was looking out from the second-story window of a shop & I could see my family walking around on the sidewalk looking for me. Then my cousins looked up & saw me but I tried to disguise myself by making funny faces & crawling away on all-fours. At this point, I was hiding behind a hat rack & I see two people from my Japanese class. I immediately put on a Gilly Hicks hat (as a sort of disguise) that was pastel-colored with hair-like yarn attached to it.

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