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    1. lvi.

      by , 10-22-2018 at 12:19 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at about 7:40, I was very hot, remembering a non-lucid as I came out of it; initially wasn't going to make note of it but did so on my phone, remembering more detail than expected but quite tired so some details missed. Then I woke up again at around 11:00, with a non-lucid dream in memory that started fragmenting but didn't disappear as I got up.

      Dream 1:
      Was dreaming I was walking through a supermarket store with my partner (H) and it was a bit busy. The shop had a weird layout and looked like it was just in an old warehouse; the floor was a mix of large tiles and bare concrete? It was day outside and some light could get in through corrugated plastic that was only partly translucent. The place didn't look all that clean.

      Got to the other end and there was a tourniquet and a guy watching over it behind a counter. Somehow H had a ticket, it looked green and bulky. I asked if we should both go through at the same time but instantly I thought this wasn't a good idea with the guy watching so closely even if it was busy.

      I tried asking the guy about getting a ticket and he wasn't very interested in helping me and gestured to a machine. I ran up to it as some other people were slowly getting up to it too. I got in line first and probably annoyed the others; I couldn't read the screen properly because it looked like a calculator's liquid crystal display and it was small and dirty. Background was typical dry yellow-green and black letters.

      I faffed about with the controls because I couldn't see or reach properly. I felt twisted trying to use the machine. A kid with a yellow cap helped me and I thanked her and gave her a pat on the cap saying "thank you, you're a good kid" and I think she smiled.

      Struggling to get my wallet out from my (left?) pants pocket. I got it out and it was the wallet I have in waking life; there was a flat bit on the machine and I opened the coin bit and dumped it over the flat area and a lot of junk came out; there was a tiny blazon thing, some rocky/gravel fragments, and other things I don't remember. The total money I had that I could use was about 1.14 or something, and I apparently needed 1.73 or so for the machine.

      I put the crap back in my wallet and inserted what money I had somewhere into the machine and got the ticket and ran back to the tourniquet and H had already gone past it. I tried passing too now with the ticket but it wouldn't work and the guy at the counter said it didn't have enough money in it, I said "I know it doesn't but I don't have enough cash on me" to which he replied "you can pay with contactless...". I said "I didn't even notice any card payments" and I was hoping he'd pity me or feel sorry for me at least and be kind but I tried asking him to just sort it out with me here and now, but he ignored me and eventually told me to go walk around and get back to him.

      H come back but it wasn't H anymore but a friend from my childhood M, and I asked him what happened to him, as his nose was all bloody. I remember him smiling but don't remember his answer.

      I walked around and watched people in the shop getting milk and so on, and as I walk along, this black teenager has a trolley that acts like a spider or something; as he comes past me I smile awkwardly because somehow I think it's amusing and he was smiling too. I remember thinking he'd modified the trolley himself.

      Going through a cheap art prints section, it's very busy, and I appreciate seeing some of the art pieces anyway. I get to the end of the aisle and it's a corner of the building, so there's only a left turn, which I take and there are some vases with big-ish plants in them, like small palms. I start heading back to the guy at the counter and the tourniquet and then this bouncy beach ball appears and is going towards the vases; I see it hit one and I watch until it's just about to hit the ground, turning my head back in the direction I was walking and it makes a thud noise, presumably not breaking, and I hear people sigh in relief.

      Then the tourniquet guy accuses some youth and me as being responsible; I say I don't even know this guy and I was walking around like he'd told me in the first place and get pissed off, feeling like punching him in the face. I wake up sweating and too hot.

      Dream 2 (in pieces):
      I was in some unknown place, it was night and there were ancient Egyptian buildings. It was dark but I remember some creatures or some danger, and there was a pick-up truck thing, which someone was driving; they told me to get in the back and I remember climbing over in a rushed manner and sort of fumbling into the back.

      We drove away I think. Transition?

      In a building nearby, ancient. Dark inside, some faint blue glows. I remember previous parts of the dream where I was collecting some blue glowing stones, and here was a final one or something; this was a fourth stone.

      In this building there were two tiers, the ground level and a higher level on a bridge. There was some sort of lift mechanism to go up. I went up to the bridge, made of glass and maybe some metal, and there was a door at the end; glowing blue, faintly, with 4 square sections, for the stones. Dream implied I placed them and transition, unsure where to, but maybe I remember a dark hall next. Some sort of pet creature, a cat? Dream is too fragmented at this point and there are several possible fragments that could fit here, but not enough detail for them...

      At some point at the ground floor of a tall building, modern, day time, lots of glass, light coming in from outside. Some sort of levitating lift platform, my mom is nearby I seem to remember, but I break the platform trying to use it. A guy gets annoyed at me and I say "look it's fine, I can fix it" and I see there's a circuit board and I inspect it looking for an issue; it's snapped at one of the ends but it actually doesn't seem so important that it can't just be jumped with a new lead and some components moved; I do it somehow and it's fixed but the guy wasn't happy anyway.

      Transition, at the top of the same building, arrived in some sort of elevator. A much smaller room, but still like a big office hall, but glass all around still. I really need a wee and ask someone to use the bathroom, they tell me to go to a horizontal cylinder near one of the windows; apparently this thing is the toilet... I get inside this plastic tube thing, it is really uncomfortable inside, and I start getting pain hypersensitivity because there are sharp plastic edges and I ask for help to get out because I can't manage on my own; I give up on the toilet idea and am annoyed by the fact that these people aren't sensible to just have a bathroom that's actually a room.

      There is a big door. Reminds me now of a level transition door from STRAFE's final levels. I remember going through, different feel to this area. Isolated, darker, but still bright. There's someone else here, some sort of boss? But they're hidden, and I remember walking around at a calm pace, exploring. It looks like some sort of game level, there are conveyor belts and pick ups and dark pits. I see some glowing green panels, again, like STRAFE. I don't remember what I did next or what happened but woke up soon after.

      Some notes:
      • Dreams from which I wake up too hot I think have an inverse cause-effect relationship. I think I'm having those dreams because I'm too hot, as when my body temperature regulation goes bad I start to get a lot of mental side-effects (if I'm awake and body temperature goes awry I start getting "fever-dream" effects).
      • The kid that had the cap, the cap was like ones I've seen (and worn) in my childhood, when I was very young and we went to the beach, for one example.
      • Though I wasn't aware of it at any level in the dream, there were actually a lot of elements in the last part of the 2nd dream that reminded me of a mixture of STRAFE and certain malls I've been to.
      • The other glowing blue stones weren't just dream memories, I had actually dreamed those bits too, but most of that was too vague and of little visual detail for me to be able to put into words.
      • Overall the 2nd dream was very long.
      • I've started noticing a pattern/dream sign with these two dreams, which I think has only started occurring recently; the feeling of being twisted using the ticket machine, struggling to get into the back of the pick-up truck and the cylindrical sharp edges plastic "toilet" thing. In all of these, there was a heightened sensation of struggle and pain to reach for things or to move. This may be related to something that is going outside the dream world...

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 52.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 5.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream * 2: 2.0
      ++ Buy something: 1.0 (the ticket)
      ++ Ask for advice * 2: 2.0 (asking the ticket guy for help; asking for the bathroom)

      = Total score thus far: 57.0
    2. Trying to Get to Teraluna, The Villian at Work, and More

      by , 04-07-2011 at 04:23 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was at work. It was daytime. There was a customer in there being a giant douchebag to everyone. He turned out to be some super villian, kind of like The Penguin in Batman. I was trying to ignore his antics, when I spotted him trying to pick a fight with another customer by the door. I yelled
      "Hey! HEY!"
      He, and everyone else in the shop, got silent and stared at me. I continued to yell
      "We don't treat each other like that here. If you're going to, then you can get the fuck out!"
      I turned around and walked away, fuming. My voice had sounded a little hoarse, but I think he (and everyone else) got the point. People started clapping and cheering.

      Then, I turned around, and the guy was vomitting on the carpet. He was doing it to be a douchebag again. He acted like he was actually sick. His vomit was green and vile-looking. I gagged.

      Then, I saw one of my friends, Katie, walking in the parking lot towards the shop. She looked happy, and was walking a little dog. I turned to whoever I was standing next to and said
      "How much you wanna bet Katie's gonna see that and throw up?"
      Katie came in, saw the vomit on the carpet, and she gagged.

      Then I remember talking to someone about how the villian was my neighbor, and my dad was a villian too, but he acted normal. It was weird. I talked about him going over to talk to the neighbor, and acting all normal about it, as if I didn't know what was going on.

      Then, I felt myself transition into another dream. I then knew it was a dream. I was in the bonus room of my house, and decided to take charge of the dream, and try to get to Teraluna. I rubbed my hands together, and the dream got more vivid. I had never tried that before in a dream. I asked my dream guide, whom I still have yet to meet, to help me get to Teraluna. I started drawing a portal with my finger in midair. The edges didn't meet, so I had to fix it so the edges met. I tried to walk through it, and it got dark for a minute, but I was still in my house.

      I then decided to try creating a portal on the wall. I thought that may be a bit easier. I drew a portal with my fingers, and touched it, concentrating on where I wanted to go. The portal rippled, then glowed with a white light. When the light disappeared, the portal was a golden door with intricate patterns carved into it. In the very middle, there was an eye. It looked like a real eye. I would compare it to a glass eye set in the middle of the door. I touched the top left corner of the door and concentrated on where I wanted to go. I then touched the eye.

      The door didn't open, but I was then in the catacombs of some ancient Egytptian structure. There were other people there too, running around. There was also fast, Egyptian-style music playing. It was slmost kind of video game-esque.

      Well, it's not Teraluna, but I decided to explore anyway. The room was dimly lit by torches on the wall. I ran through the bottom of this catacombs, and decided I needed to look the part. I looked down, and was wearing sandals on my feet, and Egyptian robes fluttered as I ran. Too awesome, I thought. Too awesome. I tried to enlongate my hair by feeling the ends and trying to imagine more hair, but for some reason, I couldn't do that.

      I then remember seeing msyelf in a mirror. My robes were red and off-white. They were very flowy. I thought that was really neat, and I started to dance. I danced for a little bit, then decided to keep going.

      I then remember being on a different floor of this catacombs-type place. I was looking over a balcony that went to the bottom floor. Things were a little more well-lit. On the bottom floor, I could see Chinese acrobats making a human pyramid. The floor down there was white. I decided to float down to the bottom. I felt like I was getting closer to my goal.

      Then, I was standing in front of another door. I started to feel myself wake up. I did not want to, so I started to imagine myself on a beach on Teraluna, with the ocean spray in my face. Everything was black, as I felt the sensations I was imagining. I tried to open my eyes, but my real eyes started to open instead. I quickly shut them, and was then in small room with royal blue-tiled walls that had black markings in the middle of the tiles. It had tall ceilings. I saw a Coke machine on the left wall. Strange.

      In the middle of the room stood Hyu. I walked up to him and gave him a hug. I looked at his face. It was so detailed. I looked into his eyes, and they were a very clear blue, almost turquoise. I started to see the glare in the corner of my vision, indicating that I was going to wake up. I did not want to again, and refused to by covering up the eye that the glare was coming from. The glare went away, and I was fully immersed in the dream again.
      "You smell spooky"., said Hyu.
      I told him that made sense, since I had been in the ancient Egyptian place. We continued to hug.
      "Don't go nattin' on me.", he said, whatever that meant. I understood it to mean "Don't kiss me,"or something. I laughed and said he didn't have to worry about that. I was just happy to see him.

      Then, I awoke. I could still feel us hugging.


      I remember being at my old piano teacher's house. I then remember seeing some weird interstate exits, but they were only smaller, artistic models of them. They looked like slides with moving conveyer belts, and some blocks randomly placed on them. 2 girls slid down them, and hurt themselves as they hit the blocks that were in the middle of them.

      I then remember seeing some old warehouse behind Goody's (clothes store). It was being advertised as a great place for kids to have birthday parties at, becuase you could put anything you wanted in them. I saw a skateboard ramp in there, and some arcade games.

      Then, I walked around and saw my old friend, Alex, laying on a couch. he was wearing a grey sweat suit. I asked him if he was ok, and he said he had been sick. I told him to feel better, but instead of calling him Alex, I called him Dawson. I didn't realize my mistake until later, and I texted him and told him I was sorry for calling him the wrong name.

      Then, I woke up in a car. I looked at my phone. it was it was 4 o'clock pm. I knew I was dreraming, because that was ridiculous. I got out of the car, and was in a city that was overlooked by hills. I approached a female DC who was walking down the street. I asked her a question, and she started to answer. Unfortunately, during her answer I woke up.

      I quickly went back to sleep and re-entered the dream. I was still with the DC. Everything was black and white at first, then filled with color. I told the DC I was sorry, I was back, and she could continue talking. I remember flying at some point.

      Then, I got distracted and lost lucidity and did who knows what till I woke up.

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