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    1. lvi.

      by , 10-22-2018 at 12:19 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at about 7:40, I was very hot, remembering a non-lucid as I came out of it; initially wasn't going to make note of it but did so on my phone, remembering more detail than expected but quite tired so some details missed. Then I woke up again at around 11:00, with a non-lucid dream in memory that started fragmenting but didn't disappear as I got up.

      Dream 1:
      Was dreaming I was walking through a supermarket store with my partner (H) and it was a bit busy. The shop had a weird layout and looked like it was just in an old warehouse; the floor was a mix of large tiles and bare concrete? It was day outside and some light could get in through corrugated plastic that was only partly translucent. The place didn't look all that clean.

      Got to the other end and there was a tourniquet and a guy watching over it behind a counter. Somehow H had a ticket, it looked green and bulky. I asked if we should both go through at the same time but instantly I thought this wasn't a good idea with the guy watching so closely even if it was busy.

      I tried asking the guy about getting a ticket and he wasn't very interested in helping me and gestured to a machine. I ran up to it as some other people were slowly getting up to it too. I got in line first and probably annoyed the others; I couldn't read the screen properly because it looked like a calculator's liquid crystal display and it was small and dirty. Background was typical dry yellow-green and black letters.

      I faffed about with the controls because I couldn't see or reach properly. I felt twisted trying to use the machine. A kid with a yellow cap helped me and I thanked her and gave her a pat on the cap saying "thank you, you're a good kid" and I think she smiled.

      Struggling to get my wallet out from my (left?) pants pocket. I got it out and it was the wallet I have in waking life; there was a flat bit on the machine and I opened the coin bit and dumped it over the flat area and a lot of junk came out; there was a tiny blazon thing, some rocky/gravel fragments, and other things I don't remember. The total money I had that I could use was about 1.14 or something, and I apparently needed 1.73 or so for the machine.

      I put the crap back in my wallet and inserted what money I had somewhere into the machine and got the ticket and ran back to the tourniquet and H had already gone past it. I tried passing too now with the ticket but it wouldn't work and the guy at the counter said it didn't have enough money in it, I said "I know it doesn't but I don't have enough cash on me" to which he replied "you can pay with contactless...". I said "I didn't even notice any card payments" and I was hoping he'd pity me or feel sorry for me at least and be kind but I tried asking him to just sort it out with me here and now, but he ignored me and eventually told me to go walk around and get back to him.

      H come back but it wasn't H anymore but a friend from my childhood M, and I asked him what happened to him, as his nose was all bloody. I remember him smiling but don't remember his answer.

      I walked around and watched people in the shop getting milk and so on, and as I walk along, this black teenager has a trolley that acts like a spider or something; as he comes past me I smile awkwardly because somehow I think it's amusing and he was smiling too. I remember thinking he'd modified the trolley himself.

      Going through a cheap art prints section, it's very busy, and I appreciate seeing some of the art pieces anyway. I get to the end of the aisle and it's a corner of the building, so there's only a left turn, which I take and there are some vases with big-ish plants in them, like small palms. I start heading back to the guy at the counter and the tourniquet and then this bouncy beach ball appears and is going towards the vases; I see it hit one and I watch until it's just about to hit the ground, turning my head back in the direction I was walking and it makes a thud noise, presumably not breaking, and I hear people sigh in relief.

      Then the tourniquet guy accuses some youth and me as being responsible; I say I don't even know this guy and I was walking around like he'd told me in the first place and get pissed off, feeling like punching him in the face. I wake up sweating and too hot.

      Dream 2 (in pieces):
      I was in some unknown place, it was night and there were ancient Egyptian buildings. It was dark but I remember some creatures or some danger, and there was a pick-up truck thing, which someone was driving; they told me to get in the back and I remember climbing over in a rushed manner and sort of fumbling into the back.

      We drove away I think. Transition?

      In a building nearby, ancient. Dark inside, some faint blue glows. I remember previous parts of the dream where I was collecting some blue glowing stones, and here was a final one or something; this was a fourth stone.

      In this building there were two tiers, the ground level and a higher level on a bridge. There was some sort of lift mechanism to go up. I went up to the bridge, made of glass and maybe some metal, and there was a door at the end; glowing blue, faintly, with 4 square sections, for the stones. Dream implied I placed them and transition, unsure where to, but maybe I remember a dark hall next. Some sort of pet creature, a cat? Dream is too fragmented at this point and there are several possible fragments that could fit here, but not enough detail for them...

      At some point at the ground floor of a tall building, modern, day time, lots of glass, light coming in from outside. Some sort of levitating lift platform, my mom is nearby I seem to remember, but I break the platform trying to use it. A guy gets annoyed at me and I say "look it's fine, I can fix it" and I see there's a circuit board and I inspect it looking for an issue; it's snapped at one of the ends but it actually doesn't seem so important that it can't just be jumped with a new lead and some components moved; I do it somehow and it's fixed but the guy wasn't happy anyway.

      Transition, at the top of the same building, arrived in some sort of elevator. A much smaller room, but still like a big office hall, but glass all around still. I really need a wee and ask someone to use the bathroom, they tell me to go to a horizontal cylinder near one of the windows; apparently this thing is the toilet... I get inside this plastic tube thing, it is really uncomfortable inside, and I start getting pain hypersensitivity because there are sharp plastic edges and I ask for help to get out because I can't manage on my own; I give up on the toilet idea and am annoyed by the fact that these people aren't sensible to just have a bathroom that's actually a room.

      There is a big door. Reminds me now of a level transition door from STRAFE's final levels. I remember going through, different feel to this area. Isolated, darker, but still bright. There's someone else here, some sort of boss? But they're hidden, and I remember walking around at a calm pace, exploring. It looks like some sort of game level, there are conveyor belts and pick ups and dark pits. I see some glowing green panels, again, like STRAFE. I don't remember what I did next or what happened but woke up soon after.

      Some notes:
      • Dreams from which I wake up too hot I think have an inverse cause-effect relationship. I think I'm having those dreams because I'm too hot, as when my body temperature regulation goes bad I start to get a lot of mental side-effects (if I'm awake and body temperature goes awry I start getting "fever-dream" effects).
      • The kid that had the cap, the cap was like ones I've seen (and worn) in my childhood, when I was very young and we went to the beach, for one example.
      • Though I wasn't aware of it at any level in the dream, there were actually a lot of elements in the last part of the 2nd dream that reminded me of a mixture of STRAFE and certain malls I've been to.
      • The other glowing blue stones weren't just dream memories, I had actually dreamed those bits too, but most of that was too vague and of little visual detail for me to be able to put into words.
      • Overall the 2nd dream was very long.
      • I've started noticing a pattern/dream sign with these two dreams, which I think has only started occurring recently; the feeling of being twisted using the ticket machine, struggling to get into the back of the pick-up truck and the cylindrical sharp edges plastic "toilet" thing. In all of these, there was a heightened sensation of struggle and pain to reach for things or to move. This may be related to something that is going outside the dream world...

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 52.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 5.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream * 2: 2.0
      ++ Buy something: 1.0 (the ticket)
      ++ Ask for advice * 2: 2.0 (asking the ticket guy for help; asking for the bathroom)

      = Total score thus far: 57.0
    2. Fedoras and Flatulence

      by , 08-16-2014 at 11:21 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #231: Fedoras and Flatulence

      I wake up feeling disappointed that I didn’t manage to have a lucid dream. Well, too late for that -- Wife and the kids are up and getting ready and my folks are here too. I feel grumpy and sorry for myself, but I get started with the day. Lots of mundane stuff happens and eventually we all wind up sitting at a cafeteria table across from a pedestal.

      The pedestal fascinates me. It has the vague outline of a statue on it, which will fade from looking fully physical to almost completely invisible. It’s a statue of Artemis, and I know that nobody can see it but me because I’m the only lucid dreamer in this whole place. As I’m staring at this statue, a brown-haired woman in her early 20s sits down in the chair next to me, a little closer than appropriate. She touches me on the shoulder flirtatiously and leans in. “Hi! What are we looking at?”

      I feel uneasy about how close she’s getting but also attracted and flattered. I feel like I don’t know how much information I should reveal about being a lucid dreamer, so my answer is guarded: “That’s supposed to be a statue there.”

      “Well, what do you see?” she asks.

      The truth: “It’s a statue of Artemis. I can see it because I’m a lucid dreamer.”

      “That’s amazing!” she says. She makes a few more comments about lucid dreaming and then stands up. Her inner thigh brushes my left hand as she gets up and I again get that mix of attraction and discomfort. She smiles. “You should call me if you ever want to talk to me about it.”

      I think that I’d have no way to call her because I don’t have her phone number. I’m about to ask her what it is but stop when I realize how bad that would sound. This all feels strange to me now. I look to my right and my family isn’t here with me. It’s just me. I take the nose pinch reality check and I blow right through, becoming semi-lucid but just not completely convinced. .This feels so real, am I sure? I hit a second nose pinch and
      now I’m fully lucid.

      I get up from the table and move into an adjacent room, remembering my intent to summon Dreamer. My go-to method has been transforming an existing DC into her, so I look around at the few dream characters wandering this scene and confidently grab the nearest one. It’s a short, pudgy Asian male, overall a really abysmal candidate for this transform into Dreamer. I want to be confident though so I go right ahead with trying to transform this dude.

      I press my hands along his scalp, spreading Dreamer’s purple hair color along his scalp. He’s smiling and kind of chuckling at this, seeming to find it funny. The purple is coming out but whatever paint is coming out of my hands feels really clump and uneven. The guy’s scalp is kind of sweaty, too, and the purple paint even starts running down his face. His hair isn’t even half purpled before I get frustrated after a long time trying. Okay, maybe he looks too different, try changing the face. I start mashing on his face with my hands, trying to change his look into Dreamer. He seems to be getting kind of pissed at me for this and the whole thing just becomes awkward.

      Okay, move on. I leave and walk into another room with a strange, gently wavy floor. I try the behind-the-back summon, narrating that “I feel Dreamer’s hand over here,” but I feel this doubt like I’m not doing things properly. I call out “[Dreamer]!” (using her real name) and vaguely hear a response, and I decide that she must be up ahead in some nearby room. I decide to use my old trick of demanding that the dream show me the way, and now when I call for Dreamer, a doorway glows with bright yellow light.

      I continue moving through another series of 3-4 doors this way, demanding to be shown the way and the dream complying. I wind up in a large, cavernous room filled with DCs. There is a group of nuns near one side of the room that are dressed in unusual red habits. A large number of adults wander the room (more women than men) and close to the center of the room there’s a shallow pit where a large group of children are playing together. I ask the dream to show me where Dreamer is, but the glow effect always seems to be slightly out of view, frustrating me. I demand out loud that “Everybody point to where [Dreamer] is in this room.”

      Every character in the scene turns toward a young, blond girl that’s playing in the pit. She’s about 6, her hair much shorter and lighter than I would have imagined, but I feel like this is her. I walk up to the child, who looks up at me with a goofy, slightly crooked-toothed smile. I place my hands on the sides of her head and say, “This is you, you’re [Dreamer].” As I say this, she grows to full height and now she looks completely like herself, apart from the fact that she has the little girl’s short, blond hair.

      “Thank you for finding me!” she says. Dreamer puts her arms around my neck and we briefly hug. Almost immediately, all of the DCs in the room move toward, all of them smiling at her, greeting her, and wanting to interact with her. Some of them congratulate her. I stand by a few feet to the side, interested and amused. As each of the DCs greet her in turn, at one point a man comes up with a tiny fedora and placed it onto her head as if he’s crowning her.

      The happy throng of DCs congregate around Dreamer as they all walk toward one of the room’s exits. I feel sad to see her leave the dream scene so early but all of this feels very natural to me, so I don’t resist it.

      Once I find myself alone, I walk through another exit into an office scene with lots of people working at desks. It looks like we’re high up in a skyscraper. I make some mischief in here with telekinesis, throwing a plastic sign, tossing a desk, picking up one poor guy who’s just trying to get his work done. The office workers start seeming uncomfortable with my presence, so I look for an exit.

      Off to the side is a platform with a waiting helicopter, so I climb aboard. Another DC tries to get on with us, and there’s a brief argument about who should get to come aboard. The pilot says (referring to me) “He can do whatever he wants,” and we take off. We fly over the city for a good while and I spy a few buildings that look reminiscent from spots in Breaking Bad. Eventually the helicopter hovers over a forest clearing near a building and I jump out. The helicopter flies off and I’m alone again.

      I remember that I have a lucid dare from Dreamer that requires me to perform a Super Advanced Fart (one which is “very long, loud, and powerful”). At first I feel like this will be impossible. My body isn’t giving me “the signal” that anything can be conjured up. I know that this is a dream, though, so I convince myself that a bubble of pressure is forming in my stomach. Once that’s there, a good push sends me into a full eruption. The emerging fart is ultra loud and super powerful, lifting me gently into the air. It feels like there’s a hand or a platform under my butt lifting me upward. I wobble around unsteadily in the air, leaning left and right and bobbing a bit. It feels like I have a jet pack on.

      I’d hoped to have enough propulsion to reach lower earth orbit, but I never get more than 15-20 feet off the ground. As the “event” ends, I settle back down to the ground. Dare achieved!

      I’ve still got some dream left, so I decide to find Dreamer again. I ask the dream to show me where she is, and a door glows on a nearby building. I head for the door but before I reach it,
      I have a false awakening at the foot of a bed. Wife is lying on the bed, completely unclothed, writing on a notepad. I feel extreme sexual attraction and I curl up next to her. The moment that I kiss her neck, though, her clothes reappear. Then she shows me that she’s making a list of personality quirks that makes her good at Jeopardy questions. I’m still trying to figure out how to turn things frisky when my dad walks by on the way to the kitchen. The mood is officially ruined, so I get up for the day before waking up for real.
    3. 7/19/2014

      by , 08-03-2014 at 04:43 AM
      I was in China and was making fun of some girl. I got on a bus and left somewhere. I was with my cousin and while we passed through a bridge, we saw a Ferrari parked on the road. We thought it was gonna get hit by a bus. When we got off the bus, my body had a workout meter that would glow throughout my body showing heart rate and other workout stats. It glowed a neon green when activated. When it was active, people would know where I was and they'd come to get me. I walked through a field and saw water so I asked "Why am I in China?", counted my fingers, and looked at my watch. Everything seemed normal so I ran to a bus stop and got in and was part of some zombie apocalypse.
      Most of the people were dead or zombies but a few people and I camouflaged with them while they looked for survivors. A girl kept talking to me which attracted zombies but I told her to shush. We then left to look for the other survivors and I ran like a zombie up some stairs. Before I made it into a room where survivors were, I got bitten by a dog. The bite felt painful I shot the dog and went into the room. Knowing that I was soon going to die because of the bite, I taught some kids how to use my guns and after a while, a few zombies burst in saying that they wanted us alive. I killed them with a desert eagle and there was only one girl that wasn't bitten but she didn't want to leave alone. She reminded me of Sarah from the Walking Dead game.
    4. DC Wants a Piece of Me

      by , 09-23-2012 at 08:37 PM
      This was my first encounter with a hostile, physically violent DC. Great learning experience, I think. I also wound up giving an LD mini-seminar in dream, which was interesting to say the least!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #18: DC Wants a Piece of Me

      I hurry into a grocery store to pick up some items, passing my friend R on the way in. (The only IWL friend I have that regularly LDs.) I say hey and we catch up about the time he's been spending in Seoul, South Korea. I'm in a hurry so I tell him I have to run.

      As he's leaving, I call back to him and ask, "R, what city are we in right now?" He thinks for a moment and then says that he doesn't know. How can we both not know? Something's off. "Buddy, aren't you supposed to be in Seoul? I've never been to Seoul." We agree that it's strange neither of us know where we are and I
      realize that I'm dreaming. "I figured out what's going on, R. I'm dreaming. Well, one of us is, I guess. Probably me." He congratulates me and agrees that it's "probably" me having the LD and not him. I clap him on the shoulder and head into the store.

      I walk through a set of automatic doors and casually explore the store, taking my time marveling at the items on the shelves, the level of detail, and the sheer number of dream characters buying food for the week. I spend several minutes just enjoying the people and texture in the place. One DC, a bulky man in a football jersey and baseball cap, gives me a slightly unfriendly look, but I ignore him.

      A more serious confrontation is next. I'm approaching the frozen foods section when a fat, enormously tall man locks eyes with me. His many chins quake with rage and his fists are balled up for a fight. The huge man strides toward me, flaring out his arms like an obese grizzly bear. I hear him grinding his teeth. The sound is awful, like ice cubes being crushed against one another.

      My own temper starts to smolder but I catch myself and say, "Wait. You're not upset with me. You're angry about something else. What can I do to help you?" He stops and drops his arms to his side, mouth hanging open in surprise. Sheepishly, he says, "Drumstick." I point to one of the cases in the freezer aisle and it begins to give off a warm glow. "The ice cream's in there," I tell him. "I made this place. That means it's my fault it didn't have what you needed. I'm sorry for your trouble." He smiles broadly and waves, turning toward the ice cream.

      I walk further down the freezer aisle, studying the ice cream and shelves full of frozen dinners. (My subconscious seems to mostly produce lasagna and meatloaf.) At the end of the aisle, I come to a door that leads into a hotel banquet hall with a view high above the city. (What city? Still don't know.)

      I'm barging in on some sort of convention and the well-dressed DCs act shocked to see me. They protest at first but I inform them that all of this is my lucid dream, so they'll just have to be patient until I'm through. They become very interested, peppering me with questions. A small crowd of well-dressed young professionals gathers around me, asking me why I keep rubbing my hands together and prodding at my arms. I explain a bunch of LD concepts to them, starting with stabilization, going through how I enter an LD, etc. None of it feels like a waste of time. If these DCs represent some part of myself, what could be better than reviewing the basics?

      I tell them that I have to find the Cretaceous sea. I hold my hands out and will the Cretaceous sea to illuminate. A chunk of the horizon starts giving off a warm glow (just like the ice cream!) I try to push through the window, which fails, and then try to punch it. It acts like plexiglas, wobbling and vibrating but refusing to break. I finally grab a chair and knock out a smaller panel.

      I squeeze myself through to the outside of the building. The wind is fierce, tugging at my clothes, and the ground looks far, far away. I cling to the building, suddenly more afraid than I was prepared to be. I start to calm myself
      but it's too late -- I'm awake.

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    5. July 2, 2012 - LUCID DREAM: "Glowing Tentacles"

      by , 08-24-2012 at 01:39 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      around 7 to 8 a.m.:

      I felt like I was pulled through my toes while I'm lying down. I see a lot of glitters. Sparkling. Not bright but distracting. I thought "Finally, I'm aware as I am about to fall asleep!" The feeling of dragging stopped. I smiled. I knew i'm in a dream now. I "woke up" in a strange place. My feet is hanging from the knees down on a cabinet. The rest of my body is "lying" on thin air. I said this is a dream, so I should be able to go through the wall. I pushed "up" with my face, but got stuck. I can't go through the wall. Starting to lose awareness. Told myself I'm aware while I'm dreaming. Not very helpful.

      "Blacked out" due to lights, i.e. moving sun. Still got glimpses of light and images. Tried to morph my hands. The most it did was glow white and more fingers. Tentacly. Losing awareness. Decided to just observe. Still no good. Glow. I asked Master Zombie to appear and teach me. I saw the Isetann grocery where I did that test yesterday. Fell asleep.

      Dream: Dorm. Travel. Orange. Glow.
    6. Lucid Chains, Lions, and Evasive Olympic Dreams

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:04 PM
      Tonight was my first chained lucid dream (achieved via DEILD.) The first lucid segment was induced via SSILD. I chained from this one into my second with DEILD. This was a very cool experience but it came with a price: I lost almost all memory of how I became lucid in the first dream!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #11: Lucid Chains, Lions, and Evasive Olympic Dreams

      I'm standing in the vast courtyard of a Shinto-style shrine. There are signs to guide me but they're all written in Japanese. It's early morning and the sun is just beginning to rise. Dream characters mill about peacefully in the courtyard.

      I walk by a dream character that I recognize as DK, a very old friend that I grew apart from in childhood. I had not thought of him in a long while. We shake hands and exchange pleasantries, reminiscing about the past (especially the "Quest for Glory" game series.) However, when I ask DK what he's doing with his life and what sort of career path he took, he will no longer answer me. He looks guarded and embarrassed.

      We walk to the edge of the courtyard and find a waterfall. Next to this is an enormous rollercoaster here that goes along a track which is somehow made entirely of water. I leave DK behind and grab on to the roller coaster. It immediately starts rocketing along the track, spraying water on me and rushing alongside the temple wall. I realize that the roller coaster car has no seat but only tiny handholds that I must cling to for dear life. Feeling completely exposed and unsafe, I jump off, falling about 30 feet to the ground.

      A nearby sign is in Japanese but has a tiny bit of English text warning me (in big red letters) that this is a "Nature Preserve". A few feet away from the sign, a dangerous-looking lion has his eyes locked on me. I try to remember what you are supposed to do when you're close to a lion. I have no idea, so decide to try backing slowly away. This isn't good enough and the lion charges at me, knocking me to the ground. The jolt is enormous but I'm seemingly unhurt. I choose "flight" over "fight" and run back toward the temple wall, the lion charging after me. He bashes me again just as I'm running through a door into a poorly-lit room with a single table in the middle of it.

      I wake up but don't open my eyes. I decide to try to chain back into another lucid dream via DEILD. I think about that little room for a while and seconds later, I am lucid again. The room's better lit now but otherwise the same. I decide that I'm going to try for the Olympics again. There are four exits from the room and I command the dream to show me the one that will lead me to the Olympics. Obediently, one of the exits is illuminated and I step through it into an auditorium full of howling spectators. There's a table tennis table in the middle of the auditorium -- so table tennis it is, then!

      After approaching the table, I find that rather than a proper paddle, I have an old, deflated latex balloon in my hand. I put it out of sight and will it to turn into an excellent paddle with top-notch rubber. This works. My opponent comes bounding down the stairs and the crowd goes wild for him. They're all cheering for him rather than me in my own dream! Ah well, doesn't matter. This is my dream, so it will be his butt receiving the shellacking.

      The crowd starts performing this ridiculous, choreographed rump-shaking dance in celebration of my opponent. I command them that "You will stop doing that stupid dance!" They obey but my opponent runs up into the stands, whoops once, and starts doing laps, refusing to come down to face me. I'm exasperated by his obnoxious behavior and soon
      wake up.

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    7. Driving Danger; Alien Golf

      by , 06-13-2012 at 04:40 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Driving Danger

      I was in a car with a couple friends; a girl was driving. We were going to my house and we were close, but somehow she took a wrong turn and we were immediately in a very bad part of town.

      By a false memory, I recognized where we were. I told her to be careful and don't stop for any of the people on the street. We There was debris from trees all over the street as though there had been a storm and city workers had piled it up into huge piles.

      The street was littered with debris. We drove over the leaves and came to a pile that I wasn't sure we could get by. The pile was about 10 feet high and took up almost the entire road. There were 4 or 5 guys talking by it and we had to drive by them. They were drug dealers. They were the guys I was afraid of.

      We made it past them and kept driving. There were more piles of leaves everywhere, and the street was still full of debris.

      Alien Golf

      I was in a restaurant at night. It was a weird floor plan as though it were in the trees and you had to take narrow walk-ways to get through the restaurant.

      There was something going on but I can't remember it really. I just remember coming out and there was a guy standing in the center of a circular platform in a sheet that made him look like the statue of liberty. It was a guy that I met at a softball game IWL. He had a red shirt on at the game. Outside it was day time.

      I thought it was weird that he would be standing there in that sheet, and I thought it was weird that it looked like stone, just like the statue of liberty. I looked more closely to see how it worked and saw a pattern on the sheet. It was little orange things. Maybe they were rabbits.

      Now I looked up to see what he was looking at. There were two construction cranes. On opposite sides of statue-man, their long booms reached out. Things were attached to the booms as if welded on until the cranes formed a circle around statue-man. The things welded to the cranes were metal circles, but they were more artistic than simple discs. There were lots of figures of different sizes, but as the circles met at a certain point, there were just these jagged discs until the circle around this city square was complete.

      The man and I looked up at this towering thing. Where the two objects met, the cranes were now as arms creating metal golfers a hundred feet tall. They were getting ready to put.

      Now the putters were little smurfy alien type creatures, no a golf course, and it was night again. The balls were glowed green. The course seemed to be all lit up by the glowing balls in holes around the course. It also seemed as though there were glowing bushes, but only a few, because the balls seemed to be the major lighting force. It was a beautiful course all lit up at night.

      One of the alien things took a ball out of a hole. The ball belonged to another alien. The alien was upset because the balls cost about $500,000.00.; the dollar amount was completely out of context vs. the alien's net worth however.

      The alien that was just ripped off decided to go home. In his little villiage, he was outside his hut and decided to go home. His place was glowing also, and since his pool was glowing (I didn't actually see the pool), an alien who didn't live there said, "Time for LOVE IN THE POOL!"

      The alien who owned the home looked distrought because his day was going so badly.

      Dream skip

      I'm in a kind of class room. I have a bunch of albums, some new. I bought them, but I have no idea what the new ones are. The class is discussing how everyone is saying that something is not popular when it is. I chimed in how it was like Syd Barret. Everyone says he's not popular, but everyone keeps talking about him.

      Then I start singing one of his songs Opel. Statue-man is by me but acting more normal. I think he was wearing the same red shirt he was wearing at the softball game.

      When I would get stuck on a line, he would finish it, though it was obviously me finishing the line as a dreamer because I was having trouble creating the line for the guy in the red shirt...as a dreamer.

      Dream skip

      I'm watching a soap opera in real life? There was a building you might see in a Mexican/Spanish soap. There was a fancy structure with wrought iron designs that you could see through into a courtyard.

      The building was on fire, though I didn't see the fire. The wrought iron was broken away from where it was supposed to connect. There was a space about six inches to get through.

      A big, hansom man went through the tiny space to save someone. I noted how ridiculous it was that he could get through that tiny space. He went through, and then helped a man get out of the structure.
    8. August 23, 2010

      by , 02-25-2011 at 06:00 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I'm at home and there is something about my mom ripping people's info as in she has some info on them(I think it was me actually). We needed to shred them, because I didn't want to get in trouble so I took the black book and knew I had to tell them I took it, so, maybe by write an email?

      I'm somehow at the DC. I'm in a building, in a large hall at the entrance of the DC. There are large replicas of some structures, possibly some animals as well, all different colors and there is some info panels near them explaining what they are. I wasn't able to read the text/read it but can't recall. The doors are transparent and I decide to walk through. Some people follow me into the DC. There are only two computer desks dark oak-colored, one in each of the top two corners of the room and a lot of tables in the middle like in a restaurant. The computer on the left had two chairs, some guy asked me about my name, believe his name was Mohammed.

      I start telling him when some group of girls walked in and started staring at me. I start to get confused because the room is very different from what I recall. I leave again but return twice only to find more people there the second time. They are all dressed in formal cloth and the second time, there were more of them and they were playing with
      a tennis ball. I was afraid that they were gonna break something and almost did. I believe I picked up the stray tennis ball as well. I take my coat and bag and look outside the window.

      I see a university sign right outside on the lawn below with a sidewalk facing to the west. How come the DC is in the university now? At this point, it dawned on me that I might be dreaming and I become lucid. Looking at my hands, one had cards in it, the other was invisible. I tried to make my invisibile hand visible and somewhat succeeded. I wanted to make it glow, so, I focused on it and it turned very white. It was transparent so the while glow gave it a nice outline, it looked amazing. I had a J card in my other hand and wanted it to change to Q, so, again, I focused on it, it did. I decided to change location and thought about having the building just disappear. I closed my eyes and woke up!

      Thoughts: Had this LD when I took a quick nap for maybe like 5-10 mins way back in August. Finally was able to type it up, pretty interesting that I can still recall a decent portion of it as well

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