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    1. Dream - Stick Strife

      by , 05-14-2017 at 03:37 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 14 MAY - 2017

      One Dream Combat Championship Challenger: DEFEATED!!! There are now 6 challengers remaining in this round... Do you and Dreamy WB have what it takes to get to them in time and reign victorious?

      Dream No. 113 - Stick Strife
      Lucid Dream 6

      Although I've forgotten exactly how I became lucid, I do remember that there was a change of awareness in me. I was now consciously aware that I could change some aspects of my dream. I was in my house, in the front room, when I said to myself, “I want to find the area and fight that pot plant now”. That's when the dream camera shifted over to an image of a bowl with fuzzy, tangled vines in it, almost like very thick strands of knotted hair... But that's not what I was facing.

      The dream camera then went back to the front room, which claimed to be my arena, although it didn't look like an arena in any way. There was now a stick laying on the floor, just laying there like a normal stick in a backyard would. The only special feature about this stick was its two, long-shaped black eyes on the top. I thought that to defeat the stick, I'd break bits off it until it came to nothing. The only problem is, every time I'd break the stick for the first time, it's “head” would keep “regenerating”! At the same time, my mum was sitting on the couch and she was trying to tell me what I should do but then she was also distracting me. It's like the dream was using her to break me out of my lucidity and the pot plant (stick) task at hand. I told her I knew what I was doing and so she eventually stopped and minded her own business.

      I was frustrated and frightened because I was still breaking the stick for the first time and it was still growing back. And so I yell out, “Dreamy WB! What's going on here? Do something!”. In this dream, Dreamy WB wasn't physically there but rather, she was an invisible force. A subconscious message came to me that I had 30 seconds to break down as much of the stick as possible. In the dream, I found myself counting out loud to 30 and when I hit 30, the stick became rigid again. So the stick was about ¾ way broken when it decided it would now “attack” me.

      The dream camera had showed a close-up of my eye and these was now a toothpick going vertically up it, like someone trying to keep you awake. The phenomenon was that the stick had put the toothpick there to cause a lump on the outer socket, intentionally causing injury. So I was in no condition to handle the stick. The dream somehow subconsciously suggested to get Dreamy WB and that she would place her finger on the lump to heal it. Once that idea was expressed, I had some sort of warm, fuzzy feeling surrounding me. I noticed that the lump had disappeared and so I continue to handle that stick.

      I then thought to myself, “You are going to pay dearly”. I noticed I had control of my 4 elements. I used fire on the stick but that did nothing. Earth was next and that didn't do anything either. Electricity was the third try but had no effect. Last of all was ice and that's what ended the life of the stick, making it shrivel up and shatter. Surprisingly, that's the only dream I remember from that night.

      There will be a "Behind The Scenes" entry for this dream.
    2. Making Salad (I think)

      by , 01-12-2015 at 12:05 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I hear some noises in the kitchen and walk over there. I see a young lady throwing lettuce everywhere. Fist fulls at a time. Reaching deep into the bags of lettuce and giving it a full strength pitch. Sometimes at a salad bowl, other times, well, I'm not really sure what she is aiming for. Lettuce covers just about everything now, all over the counter top and floor, and even filling the salad bowl amazingly. I think I see some shredded carrots fly through the air at one point.

      I wake up thinking, "I should eat more salads"
      And then I did.
    3. Accidents in the freeway

      by , 09-28-2011 at 06:24 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Accidents in the freeway (Non-lucid)


      I was driving in the freeway. Most of the times, I had first person view, but at some points, I had aerial view. I saw a lot of accidents in the freeway and cars crashing. Suddenly, a guy hit me, but my car was a red motorized skateboard. He smashed it a bit. The guy got out of the car and walk towards me, trying to fight. I adviced him he better paid for the damages. The guy ignored me so I wrote down his plates.

      I drove to my apartment. It was decorated with Buddhist decor. I had a big table with some brass bowls. I grabbed one bowl and played it. The singing bowl made an amazing music.
    4. The coloured bowl of water

      by , 06-27-2011 at 10:54 PM (The journey of JussiKala)
      This is a dream that happened a while ago, but I was away from the internet, so I didn't mark it up. Decided I could just post it here now.

      I had joined a camp the purpose of which was to learn the art of using magic. Housing was a single big building with a living room type room in the center, with two hallways going in each direction, holding roughly 7 rooms each. Each room held 2 or 3 people.

      Each night, the master would come to check the rooms we slept in and check if we could turn a mass of water in a bowl into a solid colour. The others succeeded, with some trying. I couldn't do it. So I tried to cheat for 3 nights straight. I took some color powder and put it in the bowl. The master detected this and always smashed the bowl in front of me.

      Last night on the camp, I finally succeeded in using magic to change the colour of the mass of water in the bowl. I made it dark blue. I was happy that I succeeded, and somehow I think that my master was too.

      Wasn't a particularly long dream, really. So this is a short entry