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    1. 2011-03-10F | nonlucid

      by , 03-12-2011 at 08:52 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am at my college but the campus is not even close to the real one. I am walking around and
      eventually find myself at the entrance to a stadium on the edge of campus. I see a person who
      tells me that I missed a concert for an ensemble that I am in. I walk around a bit more and find
      myself back at the stadium where the person tells me I am missing the university choir concert.
      I am unable to get there but a short while later everyone gets back. I see a girl from college who
      is in choir walking back and then I see Dr. Boyle ( The choir director ). I expect him to angry but
      he doesn't seem to notice me or say anything. I walk around campus a bit more but I can't
      remember what I did next.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Friday, March 3-4th, 2011 - (3 Dreams)

      by , 03-04-2011 at 06:54 PM
      Glasses Classroom (Non-lucid)


      Log: 11:00pm Friday, march 3-4th, 2011
      Hours: 7:00m Alarm: 6:00am Natural Awakening: 4:30am

      The first dream starts out as i walk into a class late. I had my flippy glasses on and as i sat down the teacher told me to take them off. I took them off and we got started. After a minute, he told me to take them off, and i was confused because i thought i did... But i didn't apparently. It happened one more time and by now, i was laughing and so were the other kids inthe class, and the teacher. It was funny. Then it ended.


      Choir Running Singing (Non-lucid)


      This second dream started in the hallway near the band and choir rooms. All of the choir plus Jacob was there, and we were all running and singing at the same time. We sang one song, then starting singing Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I remember specifically singing it, it was weird... But we kept going and kept singing until we got to the ramp. We went down it and into the West Atrium. There were many people, and they were confused about why we were singing, but they also started to realize and get happy about the fact that they got a show. Jaocb wanted to sing a specific song, so he needed someone's phone to look it up. He got someones, and it was fancy and big, and he searched and found it, and the one he chose was that which contained a funny Japanese man singing a very annoying tune, but as it played, and my brain comprised a song to play, it was more of a techno song and i could never hear the Japanese man. And then it ended.


      Hugs and Warmth (Non-lucid)


      The was one of the best dreams i have had in a while, it was so simple, yet so amazing. I was in my room with Izzie, and we had been hanging out or something previously. It was casual and nothing was really going on, but it was nice. It seemed as if it was time to go now, and we were heading out. I was giving her a hug, and it was nice, but i said, " Oh, come on, you can do better than that!" So i squeezed her tight and she squeezed back and it was very close, and very warm. We both smiled and walked dowstairs. Jacob and Megan were in the basement and they were talking about how Megan needed to get home and she might have to take the bus, we were simpathetic and all trying to figure out how we could get her there. We thought of going with her on the bus, but we didn't. I cannot remember the dicisionwe finally came to. And then the dream ended.
    3. More Cooking and Some Peanut Butter

      by , 08-06-2010 at 06:19 AM
      I now have a dream goal: I will sing in a Renaissance choir.

      Robby's house. Lots of people over. Why??? Can't remember. They stayed overnight so I wanted to make them breakfast, but Robby had no real food in the house. I looked all through his fridge, freezer, and pantry.

      OMG I tasted something! First time that's happened. We were all chatting about taste in dreams before the last class. It was peanut butter. I think. Tasted like peanut butter, right consistency, but a little too light and it had sesame seeds in it. I'd say tahini but definitely tasted of peanuts. I actually tasted it to find out what it was.

      Anyway, I brought bananas around to the guests. There weren't many so they got half bananas. Lloyd was there. There were two bunches of different ages, but they were joined at the top. Which is impossible 'cause one was fresh and one was old. In fact when I started peeling an old one it turned out they'd rotted from the inside. They were mostly liquid (and sesame seeds, for some reason).

      Food prep was taking a long time and I felt bad (second time that scenario's happened in the past two weeks). I couldn't find anything useful.

      I went into a space behind the kitchen. It was like a barn. And the drawer with all the condiments was way up high. When I looked again it was not a drawer but rather a trash can suspended with bungee cords. There was another trash can on the floor that I used as a step stool to get to it. I was in heels so it was very difficult.

      I was frustrated by the impracticality and disorganization of Robby and his family. I'd happ8ily cook for everyone but with all these people coming over meals should have been planned and shopping lists executed. They'd probably just order delivery. Crap food for too much money.

      There was an earlier dream that I've almost completely lost. I woke up right after it and thought, "What an awesome, epic dream. I should write it down right now." Then I went to sleep and promptly forgot the whole thing. All I remember is that I was on a tall building. It was cold, and there was a woman with a sword. I remember flying in some kind of ship that was about to crash. So epic and exciting but totally gone.

      At one point I read and the words were not at all garbled. I was reading the Wikipedia page on IRC commands. I remember the letters in the heading of each section being bold and clear. Next time I'm reading, I'll remember to do a RC.

      Missed dream signs:
      -Sesame seeds in bananas.
      -Drawer transformed into trash can.

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    4. July 25, 2010

      by , 07-26-2010 at 03:50 PM (Book of Dreams)
      I'm so ticked at myself! I woke up after a few dreams last night but I was too lazy to record them down in my journal, thinking I would just do it in the morning. Now I can't remember them. I only remember the most recent one I had.

      I am in choir talking with Alla, a girl I haven't spoken to since middle school, and ask her if she'll be continuing choir this year (which is weird, because she isn't, and never was, in choir to begin with). She says she's only doing concert choir this year, and we take our seats. The choir director has written a list of songs we are going to sing on the board, one of which is Pretty Women from Sweeney Todd. My friend Jessica and I sing along, and I see this kid Matt, also not in choir and I haven't been friends with him since freshman year, and he's watching me. I start singing a little too loudly, and the music stops. I am staring at my lap, and look up to find everyone, including the director, staring at me and giving me a dirty look.
      Tags: choir
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