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    1. Sunday, September 9

      by , 12-29-2018 at 02:43 AM
      I am staying with Melissa at her house (though it looks different). Iím going to be sleeping on the floor right next to her bed. I am upstairs, while she is downstairs. Throughout the night, I wake up a few times with a disconcerting feeling. When I wake one of the times, I discover that Iíve broken her glasses. I have no memory of doing so, but I know it mustíve been me. One lens is out of the frame and cracked. I notice that the other lens is also heavily cracked, which I hadnít noticed before. I wonder if sheís been wearing them like this. It still saddens me to think of accidentally breaking them, and think about buying her a new pair. I also remember her other pair. I look up now and see her in this dim room. Comforted by her presence, I hug her. I relay to her the disconcerting feelings.

      Iím with Melissa at some food place. We get to the counter and look up at their large menu. It seems to be Mexican food. Melissa orders a few tacos, then I step up to order. I ask the guy for a certain taco, but he says he only has a steak one. I can see the taco I want on the menu, but I donít care too much, telling him thatís fine. I also add a burrito. He gives me a little container of red hot sauce. He also grabs a bottle of a more orange looking hot sauce. He squirts some towards me, most hitting the counter, but some landing on the floor between my feet and a little bit on my shorts. He seems nonchalant but also like heís getting a kick out of it. Iím not exactly mad, just a little put off that it got on my shorts.

      I am in a parking lot, where Mom has gotten into a verbal fight with Ashley (from the preschool, the one Melissa also worked with). They are yelling at each other, over something unknown, as I reach out to hug Mom and then attempt to do the same to Ashley. She doesnít let me, so I desist. I then contemplate taking Momís side and fighting back. I go over to her silver SUV and tap it a few times with my fist. There is an unstated knowing in her hesitation as I walked over to it that I had intent to damage it.

      I am driving up a narrow and winding road on a hill and through a small neighborhood (pretty much a house on each side of the road, i.e. no more than two deep). Iím calling it Stead, even though it looks nothing like it. I hear Dad on the phone with Matt. Dad is declining going to a party tonight - ďweíre party people, but just not tonight, period.Ē
    2. being handed glasses

      by , 11-25-2017 at 02:56 PM
      We were sitting in a couch. The room was filled with the weak light of day. He kept trying to hold me. "Stop," I said. "What I'm not allowed to hold you anymore?" I shook my head, "You can hold the tablet." He scoffed, " So I'm only allowed to touch the tablet then?" I couldn't help smiling. He tried to show me something but I remembered I didn't have mine on. For some reason he was wearing a pair and handed them to me. "Here try these on they might be a similar perscription as yours." As I slid them onto my face I slowely drifted awake.

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    3. Festival frolics and cheese

      by , 11-05-2015 at 07:33 PM
      Dl1 - Driving past a long university building on a dark and dreary day. I need to get to the office the other side to collect some planks of wood and a gigantic semi-circle of blue cheese (you know how it is when ya get the muchies).
      Dl2 - At a wooden table with a friend. Talking to someone looking into their eyes, they are looking intently at me (ds). They have long brown hair and blue eyes with long-ish lashes, little make-up, they are smiling. I lean forward and we kiss, it is warm and pleasurable. We repeat the process, many times. I smile and we are both happy. Their eyes sparkle. The other person at the table tells them I have a partner and I inwardly freeze. I leave.
      - It is a festival and the sun is out. People are gathered milling about in a large area in front of a manor house, a company owned building. Mr B is there and I have to fix something. I go over to the steps near the main doors and fiddle with something near the door bell.
      Mr Tyler now apparently wants me and I head off round the side of the building to a larger modern warehouse behind the main structure.
      I enter and find my cheese behind a section of wall to ceiling shelving. Adults are sat at banks of computers, they eye me suspiciously. It is a strange feeling being treated like I am not staff. I ignore them and move on. I am told that if I find someone kind and ask nicely they will cut my planks for me. I head along the main aisle to the DT department at the back. They're are people in white coats and protective glasses., they're are lots of lathes and other machinery. Someone cuts my planks into small squarish sections. I am told they may use the circular saw to cut my large cheese, I ponder thinking it will make a mess of the machinery.
    4. dark shopper

      by , 11-02-2015 at 06:32 PM
      I'm in a supermarket, there is almost total darkness except for some emergency lighting shining from one corner of the ceiling. Giving a green tinge to everything. I am shopping but i am not along. There is a couple shopping also. A woman and man with lank hair, glasses and moustach.
      They go to leave. A worker uses a flashlight to see what they have bought and workout their bill. In the light he sees the man has an ice cream wrapper at the bottom of his other basket. He has been scoffing stuff secretly. The worker in a floursent jacket and cap, glasses, radios security to tell them the man has not been eating a balanced diet.
    5. Sparrow

      by , 08-18-2015 at 08:52 PM
      I watch the magician enter a building. Unusually, he's dressed in modern clothing and wearing round glasses with very thick lenses, and I make a point of remembering to write that detail down after I wake up. As I'm thinking about it, I wonder what dream interpretation would make of those glasses. The assumption here is that interpretation is the wrong way to go about it and will lead to mistaken conclusions.

      When he returns, he's ridiculously tall and wearing armor I associate with the temple of Mythal - less about Mythal, more about the temple - which is also unusual but in the opposite direction from before; the mental association is that he's dropped a disguise I'm used to seeing, though this one isn't exactly not a disguise. He asks me about various things I don't remember, and I answer as if I'm providing a status report. He's troubled by my responses.

      He tells me to wait for the sparrow. There's a sense that this is a reference to folklore or a fairy tale.
    6. Missing and broken glasses

      by , 06-19-2015 at 03:15 PM
      As the dream starts,I'm standing in a room with some girl I don't know and another I have a rl crush on,Lily. The two of them were talking. I was glad to see Lily was alright after some unfortunate circumstances. She had on a black tank top and dark jeans. She was wearing glasses,but not the ones she usually wears. Lily asked the other girl if she knew what had happened to her other glasses. "They told me after the accident they were picked up by two guys,Joey Edwards and Bugg," I heard the first name and it set something off in me. I growled loudly,not caring how weird I looked at that point. Lily asked if I knew him and I told her about him telling me to back off trying to get with her. "Yeah,he told me you might say something like that," she said. From the tone of her voice,it didn't sound like she believed him. I stood there a moment,formulating a plan in my head to go on Facebook and hit the guy up,asking him to return the glasses. If he wouldn't,then I was determined to track him down and do what I had to,regardless whether it was just him or him and this guy "Bugg",whoever that was.

      The next part,I'm laying on my couch asleep. I hear noise in the room next to me. Two dogs come running out of that room,past me. My nephew and his wife were over for a visit and I guess they had brought their two dogs along. I looked at the stool next to me where I had set my phone and glasses while I slept. I noticed a square reflective object. I picked it up and looked at it. It was a lens from a pair of eyeglasses. I picked mine up and looked at them. The left lens was broken out and this,I realized,was a piece of it. I looked up at my sister and said,"Really? I gotta wake up to this??" She explained what had happened,that they had gotten knocked off and accidentally stepped on. I thought about calling the shop where I had gotten them to see about getting them replaced but I wasn't sure if they would since it had been longer than six months since I got them. I knew I had my old glasses I could still wear until they were fixed,but I didn't want to do that if it could be avoided.

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    7. Lewd Guy in Elevator

      by , 06-04-2015 at 05:05 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I took an elevator going down, but I almost missed pressing the (G) button. A guy entered. He looks big, overweight, and dark skinned (at least darker than me). He started moving his hands all over his body, making lewd sounds, while looking at me. I kindly told him to stop doing it. He retorted that he wasn't doing it for me, at the same time the elevator opened on a higher floor (33 or 34 although I was going to the ground floor), and a woman (office attire, wearing glasses) entered, so he said it's not like we are the only two people there. I told him we were. I was partially annoyed.

      I eventually ended up in the lower ground floors and the maintenance room or something.



      - Slept at around 4 a.m. Woke up around 10:30 a.m.
      - Was making green jokes the day before
    8. Movie Madness HZP + (2)DILD

      by , 06-03-2015 at 05:51 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I have just enter father room. I proceeded to sit down on the bed and realize that bread crumbs were scatter on top of the blanket. I don't remember doing this, there near by was the unfinished corn bread on the bed. I didn't think any more of this and decided to turn on the television. The TV volume was very loud, I tried to lower the volume but this wasn't working. I found loud noises to be unpleasant and began feeling a strong headache.

      I tried turning on the lights but that was also not working. I soon began feeling myself panic so I abandon the room to gather my thoughts in the living room. The lights weren't working, must be a reason. I decided to an RC and notice that my left hand middle finger was side ways and had slightly grown more than it should from the other fingers. I gain some lucidity but it some how disappeared as quickly as it came. Feeling confuse, I thought getting water would be a good idea to remain calm.

      I went upstairs to my brother and mother to collect some water but they both told me that they had no more. I could see beside my brother was a few spare bottles in a crate and ask him if I could have some. He told me he didn't want to share, I then close the door and thought this wasn't good. I then told myself to be calm and try to solve the problem. I enter back inside my father room. The volume was still very loud, I quickly attempted to lower it which it work this time.

      I sat back down on the bed and started listening to song a I never heard or had any playlist before. It wasn't bad at all, however my enjoyment didn't last long. The song and TV both cut off. I began feeling paranoid again, I tried again but it seems the TV refuse to come on. Technology really doesn't like commands I guess. Not long after it came on by itself and feature 1 man sleeping by the front door of an apartment. He was then awoken by two other men that seemed like his friends.

      I started having a difficult time thinking and my eyes were becoming blurry. The two friends had taken his glasses and started playing with them. The man who had just woken wanted them back, somehow one of them toss it out of the screen to where I was able to take them. I place them on and I could see much better. But soon my vision with in the lenses started creating mirror effect of seeing the same thing over again. Causing more confusion I threw the glasses on the ground.

      My vision constantly started transitioning from blurry to decent. I check my fingers and realize I am dreaming. Though I couldn't get off from the bed. The man who had loss his glasses told his two friends they better not lick on it. I wake up shortly after. Lucidity Time: 8 seconds

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    9. 7/6/2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 11:10 PM
      I was at the apartments working out when I saw one of the work vans there. I parked it, got out, and walked around towards a group of people. They were my old classmates from Venezuela and a few new people. There was a pretty asian/mexican girl with black hair and I went up to talk to her. I was gonna give her a handshake but she wasn't interested. She walked away without shaking my hand and I followed behind her making small talk. She had a few papers she was holding and I don't know what happened but she gt them tangled in her hair. I offered to help and I gently untangled the papers, hurting her a few times. After I finished, she started talking to me. Joel hooked up with a girl and we all started clapping for him. I left and went to a car place to have something in my car worked on but realized that while working on it, they dropped something on the car and busted it up, which made me angry.

      I was in a room looking at my scored from MEPS. I was wearing glasses and when I took them off, my vision was blurry. I was mad because they were making my eyesight worse. I complained to some girl and she told me it would help with aiming my pistol. We went outside and engaged some CTs. We lost the first few rounds but after, we started winning.
    10. Day 10 - Weekend stress

      by , 05-10-2014 at 04:19 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * Not much time to think about it...

      ...I see a 3D animation of a cross-section of the body of a bull, and what happens with it during bullfighting...
      ...some aluminum cans and bottles are set on a little mound, ready for shooting...

      .../I'm in my grandparents house and realize the gas valve was not closed in the kitchen. I hold my breathing to getn in and close it. I hope nobody turns a light on. It looks like it was open the whole night. I open the windows to clean the air...

      .../Multimillionaire people in the news that controlled what happened to be said on the other side of the hemisphere...

      .../I'm with the musician who composes folk songs and we worked together for the carnivals on the year 2011. There's a kid who cannot play some piece of music. Now they are working on a new project. I bring my acoustic guitar that is broken. I want to participate too. I hear the melody and start to figuring out how does it goes on the guitar. I get to play the melody. It's interesting but the kid doesn't want to play it because of he thinks it will mark him for life. I know there's something wrong in his statement although I don't realize what is it, then I try to explain that it's a matter of the carnivals and of course he will remember that as a good experience. It would be worse to remember that he lost that opportunity! The song is a sort of tribute to a guy who exceptionally played the quena. I see and hear him playing that "r" sound in a quena. I remember a fake artist who refused to collaborate in a project and lost his opportunity because of his vanity, then I use his example to explain the kid that he shouldn't be afraid of participating in the project/...

      * I woke up with the melody in my head and write it down...

      ...a beggar's bed on the stairs of the house...

      .../I'm in my school bathrooms. The kids have made a nasty mess up around. I let the water flow to clean some of it/...

      .../My glasses are broken and I give them to somebody who wants to explain something in front of a class. I see there's dirt on one of the lenses. I pick them back to clean it. We talk about something and she says: Does it still work?

      * Alarm clock goes off

      ...Let's go walking, let them go...

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    11. Remembering

      by , 04-28-2014 at 08:02 AM
      Last night I dreamed and I could remember my dreams clearly (or more clearly than yesterday).

      Dream 1
      The dream was about a mummy of some kind, their was a sphere like a movie about a mummy (where you are finding one or defeating one). The surroundings were a combination between a neighborhood I know and Egypt (bit like Aladin). We were with a team of four, trying to defeat the mummy. There was a boy with special powers, the main character, lets call him A (because he has no name XD). Than there was my sister, she was just part of the team and last a boy who was kind of our guide through the Egypt/familiar neighborhood territory, lets call him B. And of course I was there as a team member
      We were running in streets to get to a battle field. and the battle field was also a mix between a 'lake' I know and Egypt. A was fighting of the mummy.

      Dream 2
      I was in a really big house. It was a mixture of my aunts home and an unfamiliar home. Four friends were their, that I knew by name, but there were more friends, but I couldn't remember their names. And only my uncle and nephew were there (not my aunt).
      One friend, Elianne and I were going to get food for us (everybody there). It was raining really hard, but we still went cycling. We didn't get wet or even cold. I can't remember or I didn't dream the cycling ride or picking up the food. I remember just getting our bikes and getting back with loads of food. We went inside and got the food to the table. *

      Fragment 1 of dream 2
      I think my dreamed about the food on the table etc. and than all of the sudden I was seeing a discussion or in a discussion with my uncle and father aobut a fesival were you dress like a character of book/movie/series or just fantasy creature. My uncle said he liked the festival. We went their, but I can only remember the sandy parking lot.

      I can't remember for sure, but I think I was lucid for just 'a couple of seconds'. Because when I walked into the house after we gone and got the food, my glasses fogged up (don't know if you say it like this), because of the warmth and cold difference. I remember thinking, this has to be a dream, because there was no cold and there is no warmth and everything looks kind of off. But then I didn't do anything and just dreamed the dream.
      I where glasses (or lenses) IRL, that is not a dream sign or anything weird...!

      The following I wrote after I dreamed this and woken myself up and wrote these 2 dreams and fragment down. After that I went back to sleep again and when I woke up 1 1/2 hour later I wrote this down:

      Fragment 2
      I was with my friend Elianne and we were shopping in a shop that looked like a store I knew, but that store isn't a supermarket, but the store just sold food. I was not in school (I am not in school right now, we have vacation, but I don't have to go to school anymore, because I just have to learn for my exams and in couple of weeks I will take those exams), but apparently every other student in the store (a lot of people I know and are in my class) including Elianne were in school. I bought something in the end, but I never got something of the racks or really looked at any products with the thought of wanting to buy them. Elianne bought cookies and than somehow my other friend, Jessy, was also there. And she bought candy that I believe she doesn't like IRL, but I like a lot.
      After that I bumped into another classmate/friend Lauren and she was with other people who are friends of me, but I couldn't see them clearly. Lauren asked me something about a series we both watch and I answered her and she walked away, but I don't know what she asked or what I answered. It was like the sound was set on mute for a minute.

      After I paid I left my friends and roller-bladed home, don't know were I got my roller blades, but I had them on. I found my sister and a good friend of her talking to a woman with four kids. One of the kids a girl was 'picking' my sisters bike, it was weird. My sister wanted to lift her up, but I said she shouldn't do that. She did it anyway, so I took the girl from her and put it next to the mother. The girl looked different, she was really 'bird' like and had red hair and a lot of freckles. My sister and her friend left and I was left alone with the woman and the children. She told me she didn't like me picking up her child. I told her I would not ever do that, but my sister was dangerously picking her up, so I had to take the child and carry her to you. My sister was standing with her bike, she could have fallen. The woman agreed with me. I walked, or skated, with the woman around the neighborhood and than went home.
    12. Naked Boat

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:07 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      August 2, 2013

      I was in a mall. I was naked with some people. We were holding something up with our hands raised up. I think it was a boat. Like a dragon boat. We were in one line. A guy behind me tried to push his crotch behind me. I resented that and pushed him away. He might have felt my annoyance and left. We continued with the 'parade.'

      I was in school or a place where we were watching a film. I went to the comfort room. Some guys were naked. I had to take a leak but the urinals were removed. Yellowish light. I had to pee on the floor in the corner. I went out and realized I can barely see. I left my glasses in the comfort room, so I went back and took it. When I returned to my seat, I realized that my glasses were there as well. I 'combined' them by hiding them from sight and then showing them again as one.
    13. Getting Some; Theft

      by , 09-30-2012 at 01:54 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Getting Some

      I was with a young lady in a house. She wasn't really naked, but she needed some underwear and I gave her my briefs. I still wasn't missing my underwear.

      There were other people in the room, but I touched her leg near her vag. She lifted up her underwear and I touched the outer part of it. I was afraid to get in trouble for doing this with people in the house, so I quit, but I did this again. She lifted her underwear again and I touched her again. It was nice.


      I was with someone, walking down an outdoor corridor at what appeared to be a school. We were breaking in. I had my Falcons hat on. I ended up stealing a pair of prescription glasses. The were typical glasses from the 50's and 60's with thick, black rims. the prescription was so weak that I could see fine with them on. I don't wear glasses IWL. Why I wanted them is beyond me. I took nothing else from this place.

      Later, we went back. I thought about how dumb it was to be stealing anything in the first place. I thought about video surveillance, and then saw the video of me walking in to steal the glasses on the first trip. My Falcons hat wasn't much of a disguise. I think I had the glasses as part of my disguise already.

      I didn't quite look like myself, but for the most part, yeah. You could tell it was me. This time, I was there, again, with some DC, and the DC wanted to get some checks from the person I stole the glasses from.

      I saw the DC pretty well. After waking up, I don't remember him perfectly, but he looked like Richard from Damion Omen II, only younger.

      He was explaining that he just wanted to take a few checks. He wanted to get just a little money from this person. It was no vendetta. This target was already hit, and so he was also the current target. I felt really bad for the victim, and thought that taking his checks was not right.

      Then someone pulled into the parking lot. We decided to split up and leave the area. I walked away and there was now a street fair going on. I saw lots of food and different crafts. I can't remember them well, but it was pretty cool.

      I talked to a vendor giving change and helping many customers. I commented on how I should have gotten some food at the fair.

      Dream Skip

      I was at a yoga class or some other type of soulful self-help class. I was really into this class. The leader was rapping up the class and did her closing thing by saying, "On three, say bye. One...Bye!"

      I don't remember her counting off completely, but I knew I had to say "Bye" with the teacher, but I got lost in the count, and she said it, but I missed it.

      I put my forehead in my hands and complained that I always missed her saying good-bye. I got some attention and sympathy from a female DC for wanting to participate. I went on in detail about how it always happened one way, then another, then the first way again. I explained it in detail. I liked the attention, but I did want to participate in the "Good-bye" ritual, and it was a mentally healthful exercise, so it wasn't as stupid as it sounds.
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    14. Sun Sep 23

      by , 09-23-2012 at 07:02 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Morning Showers

      Groggily, I stumble to the showers of the hotel where I'm staying. I can't seem to think straight or keep my eyes open for more than a split second, so it's a moment before I realize I'm standing under the water, holding a paperback book. A book! Quickly, I walk a few steps away and set the book on a shelf, hoping the water damage won't be too bad. I go back to the shower and stare at the wall for a few seconds. Suddenly I wonder if I'm wearing my glasses--are those its rims that I can see around the edge of my vision? I put a hand to my face. Yep, I'm wearing them. Wow, I must be really tired. I take off the glasses and put them in a basket nearby. I continue with my shower for a few minutes, but something's bothering me. I feel like there's some part of the showering process that I've forgotten, maybe something that I forgot to wash. I look down at myself. I'm wearing pants. Argh.

      I [falsely] wake up in a hotel room. While I'm still in bed, my sister comes in to talk with me about lucid dreaming. I tell her that in a dream last night, I was scrolling through tumblr. She seems surprised, but she believes me. "So there really is a tumblr in there," she says. ("There" refers to "the dreaming world.") She's been trying lucid dreaming herself, but apparently she still has trouble believing how closely dreams can imitate real life. Right now she seems to be imagining all of the things she could do while she's asleep, all of the stuff she could get done. "There's so much time," she says. "You could fill out forms." She's always seemed rather results-oriented to me.

      My sister starts getting ready for the day, but I keep lying in bed, thinking about how much I DON'T want to take a shower. I know I'm being lazy; I just really, really do not want to take a shower. Internally, I wonder how long it's been since I turned off my alarm at 7:00. [IRL: I meant to get up at seven, but when my alarm went off, I decided I was just too tired.] Out loud, my sister says in a surprised voice that it's already 11:00. Dang, that's late. It's time for me to get moving, whether I want to or not.

      I enter the long, windowed hallway that leads from my room to the showers. Sullenly, I consider taking off my clothes and walking there naked. It seems an appropriate punishment for the world that made me get up when I didn't want to. But I don't do it. I reach the end of the hallway, which dead-ends in a pair of double doors. Confused, I realize I must have missed the turn. When I start going back the way I came, I look through a window and see a dome-shaped structure off to the side of the hallway up ahead. That must be the showers. I vaguely recall that the architecture looked dome-shaped from the inside.

      Soon after, I actually do wake up. I'm amused to note that I'm actually NOT strongly opposed to the idea of taking a shower. And it's only a little after 8:00.
    15. Hey You, Pikachu!

      by , 09-07-2012 at 12:38 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I recalled two vague fragments from last night - one about checking my tumblr dashboard, another about browsing reddit.

      I also had a fairly vivid dream later. In that dream, I was playing my N64. Instead of being in my bedroom, though, it was set up in the living room. I donít remember what game it was, but, for some strange reason, it was played with two controllers. While I was playing, a young, blonde-haired boy, perhaps nine or ten years old, came up to me. I asked if he wanted to play, and he said yes.

      ďHereís the player one controller, hereís the other controller, and here are the games,Ē I told him, motioning to the two controllers and then the box of games. ďAnd hereís the microphone if you want to play Hey You, Pikachu!Ē

      Well, he did want to play Hey You, Pikachu! He didnít play mine, though; heíd brought his own cartridge. It was a limited edition version in which you could also have a Raichu. I thought that was pretty cool. Iíd never seen that version before.

      For some reason, I got up and went to the kitchen (in my house, itís connected to the living room; we have a combined living room/kitchen/dining room area). The sink and counter looked like it does in the bathroom, though. I grabbed two pairs of my (most recent) old pairs of glasses and several Triforce earrings. I thought it was odd that I had so many identical earrings when Iíd only remembered having one pair (the glasses didnít strike me as odd, though), so I did a reality check. My favourite is the hand RC, so I glanced down at my hand. Five fingers, normal. Something just lookedÖ different, though (as in, my fingers werenít quite straight, and they definitely werenít parallel - there was a huge gap between my middle finger, leaning way to the left, and my ring finger, leaning over to the right). I counted again to make sure. I still had five fingers. I concluded I was, in fact, awake (when I replayed the dream in my mind after waking up, I literally facepalmed when I got to this part).

      I picked up the boyís other, identical limited edition Hey You, Pikachu! cartridge, went back to the living room, and returned the game cartridge to him. He thanked me for returning it - as he didnít know where it was - and left.
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