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    1. Competition night #5 guest starring car flipping take two!

      by , 08-01-2014 at 03:30 PM
      Dream one:

      I'm arriving at the Gables [my grandparents' house] with a couple of others (family members?) And it's somewhat empty because my grandparents are planning to sell up (and move to a smaller house, probably)

      I accidentally stomp mud all over the freshly hoovered carpets from my big boots and go to look for the "hodduddudduh" to sweep it up. The carpet sweeper is as useless as ever, just spreading the mud around.

      Mum comments that she'd love to live here and I doubt she could afford it because it's much bigger that armoury gardens.

      Dream two:
      I've been kidnapped to make drugs like in Breaking Bad. Walter White is asleep in a bed and I try to wake him up to get him to help me. The man who's coercing me into making drugs explains that he's drugged and not likely top wake up soon. I also feel very heavy limbed as if I'm recovering from being drugged. I get dressed and can't find any socks because I didn't pack any as I wasn't expecting to stay.

      Dream three:
      I'm in a spherical spaceship with three competing/cooperating factions controlling their own sectors of the ship. I'm inside the ship with the other two captains, trying out some gizmos. There's one that lets us mimic each other perfectly (like a holographic disguise with voice simulation)

      The three factions are stereotypes, one of them is a very by-the-book character, which I rib him about when I mimic him. I touch the left of his three eyelids (on my face while I'm disguised as him) and he gets very angry, apparently there's some kind of cultural taboo I'm breaking. He grabs my arm and tells me he'll break it of I don't stop, and rip it off altogether of I do it again.

      I stop.

      Then we look at some close combat weapons, one in particular grabs my attention, it's a glove with razor sharp blades, hooked at the end. It's labeled the 'killingpriest". It reminds me of Vega from Street Fighter.

      There's also a selection of smaller hook like things with sharp ends which the third captain uses to rip the helmet off my face, scratching my nose in the process. Ouch.

      Lucid dream one!
      I'm arriving at some kind of jacuzzi establishment with a posse of friends. I climb into a jacuzzi booth through tinted cellophane windows that are supposed to make marketing photography more realistic. There's no water in the jacuzzi bit there is a round table about 8ft across. I sit at the table with a random chap. A couple of girls look on like they're going to join us but decide to go for the overcrowded both next door instead. I laugh and comment that nothing feels like rejection as much as girls preferring to be cramped with old folk than sit with us!

      Another couple of girls come into our booth and we start spinning the table which spins the both too, like the teacups at the amusement park. One of the girls has her feet sticking right out into the slave inner the table where I want my feet. I'm not sure if o should be irritated or if she's trying to flirt.

      Pizza arrives! I'm not sure if were supposed to get food here but we tuck in anyway. I notice my buddies outside of the booth sitting at a bar eating together, so I get up and join them. Steve G has a plate stacked high with various cured meats and comments that one of them in particular is almost pure salt. I all if I can try it and he offers me the slice. It's like the basin equivalent of a single malt whisky, full of deep rich unexpected flavours. I ask him where he got out from and he days there's a charcuterie exhibit on down the road, so I go to investigate.

      I wander through the stalls in a dimly lit exhibition hall, most of which are giving out free samples, but I somehow end up at one that's charging for samples and don't have s penny on me :-(

      I head back to the jacuzzi place (to borrow some money from a friend?) but realise that there were stalls giving out free samples so I go back down the hill again.

      I'm waking into the town centre like area with a swarm of other people milling around trying to get to wherever they're going, most going in the same direction, but stone going elsewhere and I'm feeling a little frustrated by having to squeeze through the crowd, so the possibility of floating over them cones to mind (I've been using visualisation of floating and environment manipulation as a daytime practice, which seems to have worked!)

      I GET LUCID!

      I float up above the crowd as an RC and start to think of what I should do with my lucidity. I remember that flying faster is an aim of mine and might count as advanced flying for the competition. I try a variety of swimming like manoeuvres to accelerate with limited success, I get a sensation of speed (wind in my face and the ground blurring) but I'm not covering ground any faster, so I don't think it counts. I try going higher instead to get the advanced flying goal. With a series of *whooshes* I rise up to about fifty metres, then maybe 500, then just below cloud level. I decide that's high enough to count and close my eyes to feel the sensation of flying . I'm a little nervous that this might destabilise the dream but that doesn't seem to happen.

      I decide that while I'm up here I might as well try the"fall from a great height" dare and realise it combines well with the "gain invulnerability" goal. I allow myself to fall precipitously to the ground, feeling the wind rushing past me more and more urgently, falling with a splintering sound through a tree and hitting the ground with a damp thud. The tree feels uncomfortable but the ground seems to be quite soft, like really well hydrated soft soil.

      I get up unharmed and opening my eyes (realising I probably should have fallen with my eyes open) to see a girl trying to fix a gate in front of her house, looking a little frustrated and despondent, like she's been trying for a while and is worried about the security of her house of she can't fix it. I think this night be a chance to get basic summoning by conjuring up a spare part to fix the gate, but it seems she just needs to tighten a bolt and doesn't have a spanner or the finger strength to so it by hand. I tighten the bolt for her (my left arm is uncooperative so I have to lean right in to do it - perhaps I'm sleeping on my arm?) Her mother is just arriving home and they're both grateful. I say they're welcome and mumble something about it not being perfect but it should do for now.

      I look around at the street and think about what I should do next. I think of my three step task (supper strength, basic summoning, eat something) my plan is to flip cars over, then summon and eat a bar of chocolate (with the possibility that the chocolate might be magic and transform me into the incredible hulk)

      I spot a car park across the road and fly over to it. It's night time now (it's been a sunny day so far) I land heavily on the bonnet of a car, denting it badly, jump onto another couple of cars, and then land on the ground next to another, which I kick. (I'm just enjoying being destructive with no consequences!)

      I pick a smallish car (a Micra, perhaps?) And lift out onto its side - it leaves the ground slightly in the process. I'm not happy that the strength require is superhuman enough, so I do the same with a larger car. With the third car, I concentrate on being stronger, rather than lifting harder. I consider making the car light but that surely counts as cheating. I manage to get this one to land on its other side, having rotated 270 degrees.

      I realise that I've been rolling cars in the downhill direction, so I decide to do one last car uphill. I spot a yellow skoda truck that appears to be something to do with fixing street lighting. I stand on the downhill side, grab the don't-drive-under-me rail, muster some imagination momentum, and manage to flip it onto its roof.

      Satisfied that I've been suitably superhuman, I decide to move on to the summoning part but just then my alarm goes off and I realise this entire dream happened between my alarm and the first snooze -10 minutes!

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    2. 1/28/14 - parachuting into rich peoples property

      by , 01-28-2014 at 10:37 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my cousin are on a grass hill. With further inspection it seems we are on the hill that has the Hollywood sign. We are just sitting in the grass picking little yellow flowers and soaking up the sun. My cousin shows me a funny camera eye position like in a game to do on the hill, so I try it and I go into first person and roll on the grass and the world spins in circle in my vision, I see sky grass sky grass sky grass, and we both laugh as we're rolling along the side of the hill. Then my cousin stands up and jump out in the air away from the hill and begins to sore down and glide almost, and then she pulls a parachute, so I do the same and jump out and sore towards her and then pull my parachute. Then we slowly float over the expensive homes. We go over the one home only floating a couple feet above the roof and land in the back yards jacuzzi, and then turn to see a girl in a brown bikini on a reclined beach chair with glasses on and drinking from a pink drink. She had a look of shock, then she screams something at the glass door on the back of her house. Me and my cousin are to chill to get out of the jacuzzi, so we just stay there, and then this man with salt and pepper colored hair runs out and smacks us with a blue net stick thing, but me and my cousin just sit there and take the beating with a relaxed facial expression, and we ask the girl to pass the sun screen so we won't burn, but the girl gives us an angry ass look, but then she ends up tossing it to us.
    3. 8/11/13 - big spiders/perv/jacuzzi

      by , 08-11-2013 at 09:28 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in the backyard of my childhood house, I for some reason decide to hop the fence so I do, I land into a backyard that is between my backyard and the people who live behind us's backyard. It's pretty small, there is nothing but dead grass and a jacuzzi in the right corner. I try to get back over the fence but I can't for some reason, so I decide to get into the jacuzzi, it feels nice, but I get the urge to look to my left and there I see some dude looking through a window at me, he quickly retracts his head and I see his curtains fly back in place because he was caught I look back straight, then I look back to the window and he's looking again and he tries to hide again but is not fast enough, so this time I just stare at the window, then he gets a chair and sits down on it with a cup of something that he's is drinking and acts like he's not looking over at the jacuzzi. So I get annoyed with that fucker so I get out of the jacuzzi and look for a way to get back over the fence, I'm sure my sister is looking for me by now, which she is I can hear her. Then I see this gigantic huge fucking tarantula climb up over the fence where I had, and I expect it to crawl down the side of the fence but it doesn't, it walks out into the air, I change my angle, and then I see it, a huge giant web canopied over this little backyard, I'm shocked that I don't get caught in the web when I jumped over. Then I realize there is another tarantula asleep on the web that I didn't see before, then the awake one walk off over another fence. I look around for something, anything that could help me and I see this flame thrower leaned up against the fence behind the jacuzzi so I run and get it and I blow the web and the sleeping spider to flames and the the fire quickly goes out. I want to get out quick before the other spider comes back and see's what i have done, then I see my sister climbing over the fence, I yell "no!" as she does this but its too late, she's over the fence, so we chill in the jacuzzi for a bit as we decide how we get over the fence and I tell her about the spiders and the web and how I somehow avoided the web.
    4. 29.06.2012

      by , 06-30-2012 at 03:26 PM
      Date: 29/06/2012
      Place: Friend's sofa bed
      Time of getting into bed: 11.11pm

      I had terrible problems writing these dreams down, my memory was terrible, my notes were short and made no sense. I vaguely remembered having trouble writing them down in the night. Perhaps because I have stopped taking B6 tablets? I will start again tomorrow and see if my dream recall improves.

      Dream 1 - non lucid

      Friend R and myself got to R's house after being somewhere. We are sat in his living room, discussing his carpet and debating weather to change it or not. There is an advert somewhere in this dream (on the telly maybe?) for a band that is playing a gig in Thailand.

      Dream 2 - non lucid

      I am staying at the house of an incredibly rich person, who has a large garden / acres of land. I'm walking around the house, we are guests, and I think it is a party. I get in the jacuzzi, or some sort of similar water with a floating tea set, (with tea inside) The owner of the house is present. There is some sort of secret meeting.

      Dream 3 - non lucid

      The first half of the dream is missing, I didn't write it down fast enough and forgot it. My mum is sunbathing in the garden, on a brightly coloured deck chair. There is no sun. My brother is also outside, cooking sausages on a BBQ, he is wearing nothing but an apron and is using a dustpan (like dustpan and brush) to cook with. He is also singing loudly. I sit inside the house with my dad, watching TV. It is some sort of documentary about people at a party, all the people are fat. I am waiting for someone I like to come on the TV, my dad tells me 'The south is dry heat, so you can never get sunburnt here.' I tell him I have been sunburnt before, and he says 'you have gone pink, you can never get sunburnt.'

      R is decorating his house at the moment.
      I went to Thailand a year and a half ago
      Watched a film about a rich gangster before going to bed.
      My mum loves to sunbathe
    5. A mess of fragments

      by , 02-20-2011 at 09:26 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      This week has been pretty boring for dreams. Nothing but a mess of fragments.

      - A body out lined in chalk
      - My sister wanted me to send money on paypal to some random place because her payment failed
      - Big girl sitting on a glacier
      - Houses built on stilts in a kind of swamp area, a feeling that it was somewhere in the southeast region on Asia
      - Me about 8 months pregnant (with a girl - I have boys) sitting in a jacuzzi talking about the baby, immediately followed by images of a steaming (bubbly from the oven) cherry pie. Looking over I notice a girl that was there without her boyfriend, which I find odd.