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    1. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 3

      by , 10-18-2016 at 03:31 AM
      2 pts- non-lucid
      2 pts- wbtb
      10 pts- wild
      1 pt- reality check
      2 pts- interact w/ dream character
      5 pts- super speed
      10 points- Advanced Unsummoning/Banishing
      5 pts- my character was from a tv show(she was the warden on Wentworth)
      5 pts- Super Speed
      10 pts- Time Control
      = 52 pts total

      D1: Dream recall was too fuzzy
      Did wbtb
      D2: Dream recall was yet again fuzzy
      Did wbtb
      D3: Mike & I were staying in a nice hotel. We were there w/ a group of ppl who were family members. I'm wanting to leave & go talk to my mom w/o Mike knowing. I gather some of my stuff & sneak off down the hall to my parents room. We are on a cruise ship. My mom tells me to stay & hang out w/ her but she no sooner said that than Mike came to the door w/ my dad & sister Kayla. We all are now in the hallway. I need to the bathroom & find what looks like a small sitz bath. I poop in it & am very embarrassed when others find out. Now we are fishing off the deck & laughing about how funny we find that the beds don't move on the ship. I'm talking about the kids on the deck & how it makes me nervous that they will fall over board.
      My alarm went off for my next wbtb.
      D4: I was in a prison that looked like the set of Wentworth. It's Australia's version of Orange is the New Black. So some of the characters were from that show. Something happened & the prison malfunctions & the prisoners, me included were trying to escape & stay away from the guards & other violent prisoners. I get stuck in some stupid revolving door. It seemed to go on forever. I was mad at Mike for not being here to help me get out. We were all hiding stuff like prisoners do & going back & retrieving them strategically to help us escape. It looked like everyone had escaped except me. A guard told me that I may never get out. I told him that I didn't need to get out because I was trying to clear my name & not have a record.
      My alarm went off for my next wbtb.
      D5: I was back into the same dream. But now some of the scene has changed. I'm excited because I'm now lucid. My brain is doing cartwheels because of the chain & lucidity. I know my first tasks is to do a reality check. Check. My scene is changing & I'm outside in a bog or swamp like place but there are still guards everywhere. There is a woman laying in a swamp & she is dangerous but she tells me she helped me escape, which was in the previous dream but I forgot to write it down. We worked together for a while. But then I didn't want anything to do w/ her & remembered my first task of my 3 step goals. I banished her & the bog/swamp/water that she was in. Great, now she's gone & so is the water. Step 2 superspeed. I start running from the guards like I was Speedy Gonzalas. I was darting everywhere & laughing. When I finally stop I remember step 3 is time control. I kept freezing them & slowing them down & speeding them up. I lost lucidity trying to remember the whole "I'm a vampire" thing. But all in all a good night.
    2. Night of August 10, 2016

      by , 08-11-2016 at 08:53 PM
      This dream was very choppy, to say the least. I only remember bits and pieces:

      - I was very close to a body of water the whole time.
      - I was with a boy who kept diving into the water, and at one point almost jumped hundreds of feet into the ocean below the small pool of water we were at. At one point I was walking a bit close to the water and a wave shot by water cannons swept me away. I was terrified I would be pulled into the ocean, but I managed to break out of the wave.
      - The setting wasn't the typical beautiful, tropical beach. It was more like a jungle or a swamp. Dark, with thick vegetation in the murky water. I saw three turtles swimming with each other, one in front of the other, and I touched them. They separated.
      - Possibly in a beach house or some other room close to that location, I got 3 free packs of makeup from a basket. Not sure how this fit.
      Tags: beach, dark, swamp, water
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    3. [27-06-2016]

      by , 06-27-2016 at 11:36 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      A strange dream caused by turning on TV by someone in the morning (I often dream about anything I hear during sleeping).

      I was in my house, in my room. It was late evening, two sisters with mother were tidying my room. There was a TV turned on, someone talking about a brexit and all that political nonsense. I wandered around the house - it still looked like it was before renovation, as if nothing really changed. I went to another room and saw mother again, and few more people too. They were brother's pals that work abroad, first they talked about their works and then they went for politics. I left the room and found myself in a swampy area near a river. Someone was talking about a touristical attraction of that place.
    4. [31-01-2016]

      by , 01-31-2016 at 12:01 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      Everyone was preparing for brothers wedding. We drove to some kind of swamp, where we prepared everything on floating lilly pads. We even slept on those. When everything was ready, we wanted to fall asleep. It was really dark and we couldn't see a thing. To get toour beds we had to jump into the water and swim to our pads. I jumped and swam for a while, until I realised that I can't swim. I floundered in the water and barely got to my pad, but I climbed on it and fallen asleep.

      Second & third dream

      I was a witness of a car accident. Car hit a girl, and drove away. I saved her, and later on when she was in hospital, she wanted me to visit her. I drove there, first floor looked really similar to my previous school. From the entrance I went left and found a staircase. It was impossible to go there though, as path was blocked. I went back and moved right from the entrance, and found a way to the upper floor. Finally I got to hospital on the second floor - white wall, gray tiles and... suspiciously looking police officers. One was a receptionist. I went to him and told that I want to visit that girl, but he said that it's important government project running there, and that I should leave her a message and go away. I written a note quickly, and the dream faded away.

      When I woke up, I realised that it's a recurring dream. Notable differences are that the first floor in the original dream was a hospital, not a school, and reception was already on first floor. Next difference is that in original dream, I broke through all the guards and saved that girl from a secret government project. I fallen asleep and tried DEILD to recreate it.

      I found myself at second floor again. It was really dark. I had to move around blindly, until the guard turned on the lights. I heard a voice behind me. I turned around - that suspicious police officer closed way outside. He smiled to me. I received a feeling of lucidity, without realisation that it was a dream. I managed to say "Son of a bitch." and the dream faded away.

      Fourth dream

      Everything looked like an old DOS shooter game. I was running around an abandoned shipwreck. My pal was somewhere there too. It was full of ghost and strange monsters. We had weapons, and killed every monster on our way. Then we split up - he went to search for exit, while I delved deeper into the ship. Behind one doors, I found a cultist ghost. He was floating around and screaming. Behind other doors, I found wraith of ships captain. It was an evil, vengeful spirit. My pal called me to go out, and fight with the captain in the open air. I had a quick duel with him and defeated the ghost. Then we moved on to destroy a city while escapnig from cops.
    5. 20/01/2016

      by , 01-21-2016 at 03:11 AM
      First i dreamt about being in square where some girls where throwing balls. Then i take a bus, and i get down like inside a shoping center. I see Pedro in my dream. Then my mother leaves the shopping center, which was like a maze, and i go to bathroom and my sister as well. She goes to the ladies bathroom to take a shower and she said she would come out immediately, i said alright i'll go to urinate, and she said, no, don't do that, you can't, bla bla bla, while she was showering, and i was already in the bathroom peeing, and i was thinking how awful would it be to ask for permission to do such thing. Then i woke up at about 8:54 AM.

      I tried to do a WILD, as soon as i felt i was falling asleep i thought i was in dream, maybe it would be a false awakening, so i did a reality check and no, i was still awake just very relaxed. But then i fell asleep and failed to WILD. I dreamt about being in a flight. Suddenly something of the plain just dismantles and it is just the cabin, like a space ship. The plane was going really fast, and we were at a low altitude, like street altitude. I thought we were going to crush and i was going to die, but the plane managed to slow down very fast and suddenly it stopped. I couldn't believe it. We had the speed to travel to another continent pretty fast and we just stopped all of a sudden.
      There was a guy travelling who had to get into a international meeting, he was from the US. But we go outside the cabin (we were on a mountain) and there was a guy exactly like him. So one of them was not real. So both of them got tied in a rope, sliced in their belly and put in a big luggage, and they closed it. Then i don't know what happened but they were going to get transported.

      Then i dream about being kicked of by my aunt Lidia from her house, insulting me. So i went out of the house, there was furniture by the door, and i moved it and was about to go out when she said, i didn't really mean it, and i knew that she did mean it. So i got out and climbed down the mountain. I took a boat and started to get out of that swamp through a door that was on a corner, which led to another swamp. When i was on the door my sisters and my mother come out, and my younger sister came walking through the water, and i was amazed since i used a boat, and she gave me a pill from a request of our mother. Then i grabbed the can with pills to take a couple more for the trip just in case and all of the pills were different [i should have done a reality check there] so i put them in the can again and went on.
    6. Motion OST + DA + CMood + YWave + DILD

      by , 12-13-2015 at 06:57 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am living in India, it appear to be night as I look around the wide field of the desert. I kept my body lying down on the ground for a form of cover as I am expecting snipers to take their shot when they see me. I do routine check ups to make sure I have not been followed. I look around and realize my eye sight is beginning to get blurry. I soon couldn't see a thing, this is bad I thought. I want to get down there so that the power there could be obtain. However I decided to retreat and assume this could be an enemies attack.

      I go down from the hill and back to my base. There was an elderly woman seeing on a couch telling me she is tired of complaining about her life. I told her I am done for the day and went in to a room as she continues to want television. The dream scene has now change in to the room I am usually in. It is dark and from the shades from the curtains covering the window I can tell it is night. I had awoken from the usual leaf blowers who carry the loud machines. I decided to went for him to be done however he began banging at the window.

      And demanded that I let him in. I had a feeling something like this could happen and notice that the window was beginning to crack. I got up and tried to go to the living room, I then continue to open the bathroom door and lock my self inside. I hear him bash through the door with a weapon and for some reason the restroom tiles kept making sounds with my feet against them. This allowed him to know where I have been hiding. My eyes stare at the door handle as he uses some ping pong racket to phase through the door handle.

      That didn't make any sense to me but he's here and I begin to tense myself for a fight. To my surprise the door opens up to a boy who looks 13 years old wearing a purple hoodie and khaki shorts. I get out the restroom and demanded what is going on. He looks at me expecting me to stay still but I push him aside and can see my family inside a car while the front door is opened. The boy look at me as he prepares to attack but I ignore this and walk outside. I am still frustrated but is now more curious to why everyone is outside. It seems they were preparing to leave, the sky is now sunny which is odd considering it has been dark not too long ago.

      I go back inside the house as I just remember the boy was still inside. I look for him and can see he is in the kitchen making himself something. I prepare to grab him but he quickly pulls out a knife. I told him to calm down and that I wasn't going to try anything. I then check my father room and notice he has stolen some of the pages in my dream journal.

      More irritated than before, I turn around to go look for him no longer caring that the boy is wielding a knife. However no one is in the house, go outside the front door and see that everyone has left. The sky is now dark with a couple of bright red showing the sun set was just ending. I begin to think maybe I can still catch up to the car even though I didn't know where it was. I begin running anyway and soon notice that the pathway around this area is now different from how I remember it. This isn't right I said, I soon realize I am in a different location. This place look very expensive and the people around here were all well dressed. I see railings and a fence, so I ran to it but realize as I got directly in contact with it that it was much bigger close up. I look down one of railings and can see I am on the top floor. I tried finding a way down passing through a couple dancing and see a slide that looks like the mouth of a sea creature. I slid down it thinking it was odd.

      I walk pass other people going through a small tunnel , one guy pointed at this board we were all near to and said all the numbers mix with words were quantum mechanic. Some were debating with his assumptions as me and others struggle to get through the line. I manage to get out and enter this weird grocery store, I decided to get a couple of things since I was on my own now. That is when I met up with the kid who stole some of my dream journal. He continue to follow me through out the store. He then grabs my head and makes funny gestures. I turn around ask what did he want. He tells me to be quiet and continues to put his hand on my head. I told him why did he rob me? He replied that it didn't matter and that he just did it to do it. I yelled out that wasn't good enough and demanded to know why again. He decides to say that he has robbed me plenty of times before and that it has become a habit for him.

      I told him I had been aware of numerous items going missing lately. It made me angry that he didn't have a good reason for stealing. I snap and threw all the grocery items I had in the cart in the air. I told him I am ready to fight as he begins to tear up. I couldn't believe this, suddenly a woman working in the grocery store came to his aid asking what is wrong. He drops to the floor and continues to cry. I grab the child by the neck telling him he should know better. The woman grab my arm trying to throw me off the boy. I elbow her and could hear a lot of people beginning to hear the situation. I then ran off from the store. Passing a police officer while looking for a car.

      The sky was now grey and partially raining. I find a car and enter inside and continue to drive off. Many of the cars were driving fast and some were trying to slow down as the rain made the road very slippery. I tried driving up to the next lane however due to how fast I am going I lost control and landed on a muddy swamp. My car wouldn't move anymore and I had now transition in to third person point of view. The car took a turn for the worst as it was getting suck in to the muddy swamp. I can feel myself getting out of the car and having trouble breathing through the piles of mud. I started thinking I should try to wake myself up now. But I manage to get all the rocks and mud off of me before drowning.

      Another car had lost control and landed in to the swamp as well. He however was too far in the swam to even get out of it. I decided to leave and run up the road, however the road seem to have been slice off making me drop down. I landed on some grassy rocks and continue to walk from there.

      That is when I saw this very odd building. There was this voice in my head telling me that I had to go up there. I decided to listen and went up there. There was this weird creature that told me if I am ready for the next challenge. I didn't give an answer and woke up.
    7. Monstrosity from swamps

      by , 11-13-2015 at 07:24 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      The swamps took enormous territory. All the nature around was dead, no vegetation except almost dying trees, no animals, it was a watery wasteland. It all started with an expedition sent towards swamps. There was a small village in central part of the swamp. There were many ruined buildings, but the most interesteing of them was a chapel. It was smeared all over with dried blood, and cross inside was turned sideways. Abandoned for many years, the village was just recently took as a warehouse for one of national companies. Workers appeared quickly to fix buildings, and a priest was sent to clean out the chapel. They didn't know that they have awakened a demon. I was that priest. One evening, the demon just ran out of chapels basements, and slaughtered everyone except me. I had to pray, and try exorcisms to weaken him, then I took a shovel and finished the demon.
    8. Fear of heights

      by , 11-12-2015 at 06:28 AM
      I dreamed my boyfriend and I took his friend's 12 year old son to a theme park. I needed to get somewhere in the park (maybe the bathroom?) and the only way I could find was a very thin ledge along the edge of a cliff, with a sheer drop of hundreds of feet. The ledge was only maybe a foot wide at some points, sometimes with no hand-holds, sometimes with a very rickety railing, and a whole bunch of people were also trying to inch along it at the same time. I was shocked by how dangerous it was.

      Anyway, once I reached my destination, I realized that there was another path there that was a nice, wide dirt path through kind of a swamp area.
    9. [08-04-2015]

      by , 04-08-2015 at 04:54 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Killing crabs

      I was a mercenary. I wanted to get a higher rank within a brotherhood, so my master gave me mission. I had to go to the swamp, and kill a beast. It was dark afternoon. The sky was overcast, and dense fog covered the horizon.

      I was moving on the wet ground. There was thick vegetation, making it harder to move. I went around flooded ruins of a castle, walked on a wooden log to the other side of river, close tot he waterfall, and finally faced the beasts. Huge, brown crabs with powerful jaws. I took a mace, and with a few well placed strikes killed one.

      I did the same with the rest. Despite their appearance, the crabs weren't such a big threat. I turned back, and slowly went back to my master.

      School - Video about cat

      I was in school, close to the classroom doors. The group of classmates were just about to enter, when one girl ran towards them. She was really excited. She told us that our teacher is ill, and we can go home. Some of classmates hesitated, but the girl persuaded some of them to go.

      I stayed with a small group, and chosen a sitting place. Then the teacher appeared, and used the projector to show us a video about cat one girl prepared. I also had such video, my sister asked me if I can deliver it. We watched the movie.

      Forgotten lucid?

      I was sitting in a bus. I was watching the scenery through the window, and thinking about a lucid dream I just get, despite recalling nothing from it.
    10. Little Big Planet Hell, Sneaking in the Swamp

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:51 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Little Big Planet Hell (DILD)


      Imagine this guy below, albeit inverted with red ogling eyes set out to drain as much of your health as possible before you can complete a random level with mixed environment settings.

      Throughout the dream, I get a poking feeling in my back that if I donít finish the level as fast as possible, heíll catch up to me and try to kill me. But the problem was trying to conceptualize the whole level without being caught in some kind of booby trap, which irritated me because there wasnít enough time for that, unless I was patient enough for the dream scene to keep resetting itself.

      After going through a few tries, which was inevitable, I finally managed to get close to completely the level, but the little guy gets me. The dream shifts where Iím suddenly inside a building thatís very spacious, and has that 1800s feel to it that continues to exist in what feels like how it is in waking life right now in the 21st century. Thereís all sorts of demonic entities around, and some of them are in monk outfits ranging from red to black.

      I canít recall what Iím doing, but I seem to be holding my own for the time being before spacing out, and I guess moving on to the next dream.


      Sneaking in the swamp (DILD)


      Iím half naked wearing a swamp military pants along with a rugged pair of black boots that allows me to traverse in almost any environment. Iím have two black straps around the sides of my chest connected to the top of the pants as well, and Iím wearing some kind of headband on my head that consist of some kind of muddy color.

      The swamp environment itself is very foggy, and itís hard to conceptualize whatís inside of the water. Iím holding a black pistol in my hand, and Iím currently at the apex of a small slope that leads into the water that would probably be waist to chest deep. I knew that this environment would be filled with surprises, and random entities that had a mťlange of body compositions that would be completely alien in relation to the swamp itself.

      I spent more time trying to figure out the controls of actually controlling myself for some reason. In other words, I seem to be simultaneously being aware of playing a game with me in it along with the person Iím playing as trying to figure out how to move. It was very perplexing, and before going into the water, I took the time to go to the edge of the slope, and sit down for cover so no one would spot me.

      I take out a small electronic device thatís rectangular, gray, and has a cool metallic sensation to it. I see that it says ďPCX2,Ē which I presumed to be akin to the PS2 emulator for the PC. Iím thinking to myself on how to set up the controls, and I go into the configuration menu to go to ďGamepad 1.Ē

      There was an option for ďDefault,Ē and I was thinking on whether or not to use this, or make a customizable control setup instead. In between this decision making, there were flashes of me engaging in random acts throughout the swamp, but itís been a few days since I decided to recall this dream. However, I felt the reason why I chose to sit down and hide was because nothing in those previous attempts were working out for me.

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    11. Unusual Lucid Dreaming and Magic Swamp

      by , 10-22-2014 at 08:15 AM
      1st. So I had a false awakening where I began to go back to bed. As I fell back asleep, I could feel myself going into the dream so I thought I may as well just WILD it. It felt like I was doing flips and moving around my room, slowly it began to settle downed I tested to see whether I was in a lucid dream. So I went directly to the mirror in my bathroom, I was only about 4feet tall and had pale blue/blondish hair, my face was also a different structure with my bones being a lot sharper and harsh to look at. After this my dad came in and I though about posts when people said that they would tell their dream characters that they are actually in a dream, so I did exactly that although I cannot remember what happened after that.

      2nd. So there was me and a little girl as well as my little brother. We were in this small circle sized area with a few other people and were surrounded by plants and fauna, most of these were normal looking. The girl began looking through one side of the bush where there was high shrubbery although an adult began telling her that she should not be doing that.. She then began going through another area where the ground was softer and almost marsh like and the plants were sparser and taller. Most of these were about half of my height. She began stepping on them, splitting them in the process. This would let her walk around without touching the ground. I thought that this could potentially be dangerous so I stopped her and she went somewhere else, while she was exploring somewhere else I became curious about what was outside of this circled off area so I began taking the path that she had taken using the same process of splitting the top of the plants. The plants became shorter and looked as if someone had already split them, so now the whole ground was practically covered. They also began to gain this weird purple colour. Suddenly the ground gave way to a massive pond. The pond was a very very dark green in colour and was covered in these gigantic lily pads with the length of a bed, the whole place had this kind of magical vibe to it. I started stepping on these although they gave way and flooded me up to my knees. At some point I decided to turn back after getting a bad feeling about the place, although I didnít head back the way I came in, I went through this kind of swamp area with the same lily pads as before, although here the feeling of something being wrong went to dread and anxiety. I reached the shore in time although now everyone else was trying to do what I had done. I tried to warn them but they would not listen. This is all I can remember.

      3rd. I was in a large track area although instead of running track there was a forest to replace it. Here I was chasing my little brother or my dog (Canít Remember). As we came around the corner I could see that there were a group of people clustered together. There was my step-dad there and my sister. On the ground there was a iPhone6. In real life I am actually waiting for my iPhone to arrive so I was excited when I saw this in the dream world. I immediately asked my step-dad whether I could open it, he said yes. When i lifted the top I noticed that it was the black model, had some sort of case already half attached to it. The iPhone itself was pure black, thicker and felt generally not like an iPhone6. I put it back in the case and told him I would prefer the white model and would gladly wait.
    12. 1/24/14 - tribal tyrant

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:35 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm and african man in this drream, i'm sitting next to some other tribes people. It looks like we are in africa. The tribes leader comes to the crow infuriated and says he wants me and my friend dead, so me and the man run. This pisses the tribe leader off and he gets on this canopy covered machine that sways when it walks, and he chases us with it. We hide in a group and he can't see us, he never really got a good look at us to begin with. Now he's using this huge flame thrower and burning everyone who won't move, everyone in his path. I see people trying to climb a fence but getting burned down and so we all run towards the swamp where the trees and rocks are. we all gather there because we can't cross it because there are alligators in there and the green crap on top you can't see where they are. Then the tribe leader comes and decides to make a game of it, he forces us one by one to run jump or swim across the swamp, so he pushes the first man, and he makes it even though and alligator jumped at him and almost got him. This infuriates the tribe leader. Then he sends this woman to go, she jumps but then falls in and swim's fast enough but gets bit on the back of her neck. The tribe l;leader laughs at her. Then he sends a rather skinny fellow, her tries to jump from rock to rock but and alligator trips him with its tail and he falls in head first and he never comes back up after we see a struggle and alligator tails flailing, we all hang our heads in sorrow while the tribe leader laughs even louder. Now he sends me, I try to run across as fast as possible but then I fall into a very deep part of the swamp and I struggle to swim I know the gators are every where but someone drags me out from the other side and I hear the tribe leader scream in anger, then I run some more to get away from the swamp I feel the gators will come out and get me.
    13. Apocalypse wasn't so bad

      by , 12-23-2013 at 10:37 PM
      End of the world is happening. Earthquakes, explosions, people screaming etc. Me and a little kid whom I don't know decide to hide in the basement. I am thinking "well this is it, these are my last days. And I am going to spend them with a kid I don't know in a cold concrete basement.

      As we walk through the basement I notice bags of groats on the floor. "I guess I will need to eat those to survive longer." We decide to take a nap. There was an old rag on the floor. It was laying in a very narrow aisle between a pipe and wall. We turned the lights off.

      Suddenly we heard a noise. Someone was coming to the basement. I whisper to the kid to attack the stranger when he comes close. We waited. When the stranger got close, the kid jumped on his back punching the stranger which started repeatedly screaming "I'm good, I'm good." I told the kid to knock it off.

      The stranger told us he has his own secret basement. He was prepared for the apocalypse. He then knelt down and started peeling layers of tin from the floor. There was a secret passage to another room. We all got down there.

      To my surprise there was a TV. The stranger turned it on. TV was working perfectly, it was showing very clearly. There was some furniture too. On he shelf I noticed few fresh apples. I was happy that I will spend my last days at least comfortable. The stranger then opened a door next to us...

      Bright light came in. I saw a wonderful beach. It was sunny and warm outside. There were lots of people having fun. All that looked like some kind of paradise. I couldn't believe my eyes. I stepped on the sand and started running across the seashore. It felt like I had freed myself from something.

      I ran into some kind of "beach boy". He was hiding behind the rocks. The beach boy asked me to tear out some grass which was growing out of sand.
      -Do you want me to tear out it with roots? -I asked him.
      -Just a little. -he told me.
      As I gave him the grass he started to grind it. Then he gave me a pill and a straw full of that ground grass.
      -Eat the pill and then chew the straw. -he said.
      I knew it was some kind of drugs and was afraid to overdose. I decided not to consume it. After beach boy had swallowed the pill and chewed the straw he ran somewhere. I headed for an opposite direction.

      The beach seemed very crowded. I was wondering where is my mother? I was searching for her, going deeper and deeper into the territory. Suddenly I realized the surroundings have changed a bit. The beach was not so beautiful as it was before. The were lots of garbage on the sand, and the sun was not shining anymore. Most people around me were homeless. They smelt bad, they swore a lot, they were drinking and using drugs. I began to feel unsafe in this place.
      Then I came across to a swamp with few houses. They were wooden and very old. There was no one here. It was very quiet. I felt like I am in the medieval times. I came into one of the old houses and headed to the bathroom. To my surprise there was my female friend. I felt I hadn't had sex in ages. I became horny as hell. She had her leg on the bathtub and was touching her skin. Her body looked amazing. You guys know what happened next
      Finally i woke up.

      Spoiler for Pics:
    14. 13rd Sep 2013 Fragments

      by , 09-14-2013 at 12:00 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some game and there was something about zombies, and also some cargo area.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some 2D platformer and there was one part where i had to fall through level while dodging text.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was in some city in swamp, there was something about a witch, some weird stuff going on and searching for book about a specific video game, which also contained some list of achievements. Then later we were checking out another house which was guarded by some weird creatures.
    15. 8-11-2013 and 8-12-2013 A person who cares

      by , 08-13-2013 at 03:37 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I didn't log that night...hehe sorry

      The Wrong Lane:
      It's night, and i'm driving on an elevated highway near a swamp village in the middle of nowhere. I get to the top of a hill, i'm driving pretty fast. However, i run off into wrong lane and i hit a ramp which sends my car into the air. I hit some wooden supports as i fall. I then land on a wooden platform. This man then starts chasing me, i run and jump into the swamp below. I make it to a ladder connected to the nearby village land. I climb up and then start lifting weights with some weird guy from the cartoon ed, edd and eddy.

      A person who cares:
      It's night ( lol it's always night! xD ). I arrive at some dojo i've never been to. There's some people i don't know. As class starts, they line up in some weird fashion and i get really confused, i don't know if they're lining up by rank or height. This frustrates me a lot. I then come back later that night and steal some of their souls! Next thing i know, i'm at my house with some kid. We're outside and it's still night ( yep more sexy night time ). We look in the distance and see search helicopters looking for something.

      This gets me worried, i'm afraid something may have happened. The kid then picks me up in an atv, i quickly tell him to stop because i have a bad feeling like a murderer is on the loose or something. I then see my dad and start talking to him. As i do, i see more search helicopters in the background. Something is definitely going on. Then suddenly, my dad picks me up and rushes me inside the house. He must have saw something behind me i thought.
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